Splat Multiuniversal Championship

Splat! Multiuniversal Championship

The Splat! Multiuniversal Championship was created by Splat in its continued efforts to bring together the efed community. The champion will travel to different feds to defend the champioship as well as defend the championship on Splat specific PPV events.

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    Sierra Silver

    Sierra Silver defeated Angel Kusanagi in the finals of the Tournament of Mystery to become the first Splat Multiuniversal Champion.

    February 27, 2020
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Multiuniversal Championship: Silver vs. Kash

splatadmin – 28 March, 2020 / 11:12 pm
NFW Trauma - 3/14/20Footage Courtesy of https://nfw.boards.net “Long live the reckless and the braveDon't think I want to be savedMy song has not been sungSo long live us” “The Reckless and the Brave” by All Time Low plays through the arena speakers. The fans erupt…
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Tournament of Mystery Finale

splatadmin – 27 February, 2020 / 7:00 pm
El Hijo Del Filadelfia vs. Escanor (Yellow Bracket Finale) Mango vs. Kuro Ryu (Pink Bracket Finale) Tournament of Mystery Final Match
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