OWA Championship Wrestling 2-29-1996

Freddy Fever addresses his title shot at Caged Fury; Amazon Woman returns to the ring against Gustaffson

OWA Championship Wrestling 2-22-1996

Sabin Figaro demands a rematch against Freddy Fever

ICWF Saturday Showdown – 2-17-1996

ICWF Intercontinental Tag Team Championship is defended as Fury takes on Wildside.

OWA Championship Wrestling 2-15-1996

Traci Lane defends the OWA Championship against Anthony Hazard; Amazon Woman returns to the OWA at the request of the Femme Fatale

OWA Championship Wrestling 2-8-1996

Pretty Boy Monty tries to reclaim gold as he goes after Anthony Hazard’s OWA TV Championship

Endurance’s Evil Challenge 1996

Endurance’s Evil Challenge Tournament; Pretty Boy Monty defends the OWA Championship against Traci Lane; OWA TV Championship rematch as Anthony Hazard defends against former champion Colt