The Final Battle: Amazon Woman vs. Freddy Fever

Amazon Woman takes on Freddy Fever; The winner must place their opponent in a casket and push the casket out of the building in order to win; Loser must retire.

Holiday in Hell 1996

4 on 4 elimination tag team tournament; OWA Champion Executioner defends against Traci Lane; Chaos battles Mr. America in best 2 of 3 falls

OWA Championship Wrestling 12-15-1996

Anthony Hazard tries to regain the OWA Championship as he takes on Executioner; Members of the eight teams for Holiday In Hell battle each other

OWA Championship Wrestling 12-8-1996

OWA TV Champion Mariko defends against Shogun; Traci Lane goes one on one with Stacks Coltrain; Rainbow Warrior tangles with Mr. America and the fallout for Monica Brant after Behind Enemy Lines

OWA vs LAW: Behind Enemy Lines

The OWA vs. LAW five on five elimination tag match; OWA Champion Executioner defends against North American Champ Monica Brant; LAW Champion Zodiac defends against Tundra; OWA TV Champion Mariko defends against Miguel Thunder; The Professional goes for the LAW TV Championship battling champion Big Russ Gator; OWA Tag Team Champions Brawlers Inc take on former champions the Chiefs; LAW International Champion Venus defends against Masked Plague