GDWA MVP 6-29-1997

Promos from Medusa Rage, Micki Duran, Big Ma Porter, Yukon Jane and more.

OWA Championship Wrestling 6-8-1997

Traci Lane defends the OWA Championship against Stacks Coltrain; Davey Scott challenges Diamond Brett Robbins to an Ironman Match; Danny Bouchard and Danny Maxx battle for a spot in the PYL tournament and Virgo defends the OWA TV Championship against Taleis

OWA Championship Wrestling 6-1-1997

OWA TV Champion Virgo defends against Miguel Thunder; Mariko gets a rematch with Crimson Scorpion; Adam Sanchez takes on Consuelo Salyards in a non-title match; Shogun battles Anthony Hazard; Billy Smith takes on Davey Scott with the winner advancing to the PYL tournament. *This card was delayed. No missing cards between 5-18 and 6-1