GDWA Saturday Night Tease 8-30-1997

Promos from Daisy Butterfly, Radhi Ananda, Burning Rain, Sally McClane and more.

UCP The Gospel Truth 8-29-1997

Rebranded and restarted, the UCP will remain in the OWA timeline. Reintroduction of several athletes into this new phase of the promotion

GDWA Tuesday Night Catfight 8-26-1997

GDWA Internet Champion Micki Duran defends against Daisy Butterfly

GDWA Friday Night Tease 8-23-1997

Promos from Sierra Browne, Daisy Butterfly, Keiko Mita, Marrisa Monet and more.

GDWA MVP 8-3-1997

Promos from The New Browne Girls, Burning Rain, Chelsea Vandervilt and more.