WSCW Primal Rage/Thanksgiving Special

Virgo defends the WSCW TV Championship against Godiva Rage; Mr. America and a mystery opponent challenge Pretty Boy Monty and Stacks Coltrain; Shiva battles Fantasia and Davey Scott takes on Monica Brant

UCP Primal Rage 11-23-1997

Major press conference as it pertains to the future of the UCP; Traci Lane defends the UCP Championship against Taleis; Asian Invasion tangles with Virgo for the TV Championship; Anthony Hazard tries to get back into the running as he takes on Rachel Ryan; Monica Brant battles Fantasia and Mr. America takes on Godiva Rage; […]

UCP The Gospel Truth 11-16-1997

Shiva battles Stacks Coltrain in the main event; Virgo, Monica Brant and Rachel Ryan are also in action; This week’s episode is hosted by Davey Scott

Halloween Horror 1997

Traci Lane defends the UCP Championship against the winner of a match between Adam Sanchez and Monica Brant; Consuelo Salyards defends the North American Championship against Executioner; UCP TV Championship is defended as champion Taleis takes on Virgo; The Wheel of Torture tournament for 1997 with the winner to get a championship match at Deck […]