Championship Rules


The Splat Multiuniversal Championship was created to help bring the efed community together. In addition to Splat events, the Multiuniversal Championship will be defended at other feds throughout our universe. Any fed that would like to have the champion come defend the title is welcome to shoot a DM to @wearesplat on Twitter.

Here are some things you need to know.

1) The championship is what some might considered 'angled', however it's not a really good term for it. We take each match on an individual basis. The build up, promotion, Twitter banter and even angles are all considered when determining outcome. The biggest factor is instinct. Knowing when to change the champion is really based on feeling. Would this person be the best representative to be the company's champion? Has the current champion had time to establish themselves as champ? Has the current champion been an active, carried the championship proudly.

2) There may be OOC/outside circumstances to determine if a championship should be changed to another person.

3) Finally, the build. Did the build to the match warrant a title change?

Feds are being allowed to determine their own challengers for when the champion visits their promotion. During Splat events, the champion will defend against the winner of the previous tournament.

If the champion is defeated, the new champion will take the place in future set championship matches.


1) All championship matches will be to a 40 minute time limit. If a draw is determined, then a rematch will be granted with a longer or no time limit.

2) There are no countouts, per say. If a referee determines that someone cannot continue, then the match will be awarded to the other party. But a match will not be stopped on a count out technicality.

3) The championship can change hands on an intentional disqualification. If the referee determines the disqualification was not intentional, then the title will not change hands.This is to prevent the champion from getting themselves intentionally disqualified.

All matches are written my us at Splat!

If there are any additional questions regarding the rules for the championship, contact @wearesplat on Twitter.