Tournament of Mystery Finale

El Hijo Del Filadelfia vs. Escanor (Yellow Bracket Finale) Mango vs. Kuro Ryu (Pink Bracket Finale) Tournament of Mystery Final Match

Tournament of Mystery #3

Bracket Semi-Finals The Phoenix vs. El Hijo Del Filadelfia The Green Goose vs. Mango Escanor vs. White Tiger Mask Kuro Ryu vs. Muneca Jenova

MHW Throwdown #30: The Final Episode

EPISODE THIRTY Sunday, February 16, 2020Magness ArenaDenver, ColoradoStreaming LIVE on Splat! Sports A security guard stands in front of an entrance into the Magness Arena, around the backside of the building. Ginger Knox heads towards the door and is stopped by the big man. Security GuardWho are you? Ginger Knox looks very offended. Ginger KnoxI’m […]

GFN 6: Ward vs. Rivera

Intro 0:00 – 1:00 PRELIMS Kenny Kimura vs. Andres Cruz 1:17 – 8:53 Cayden Redfield vs. Manu 8:54 – 15:45 Alexia Amauri 15:46 – 23:07 AD MYSTERY TOURNAMENT/KAN TAI PANDA 23:08 – 23:43 MAIN CARD Lyla Nitro vs. Mia Stevens 23:44 – 29:41 Erik Johansen vs. Jay Aguero 29:42 – 34:19 Johnny Graves vs. Leon […]

OW Havoc #10: My Bloody Valentine

Location: Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Portland, OregonFebruary 14, 2020Paid Attendance: 7,881 “MY BLOODY VALENTINE” SUPERSHOW As soon as the show comes on the air, we see a video with “Recorded Earlier Tonight…” on the screen. CJ Cross parks his rental car, and starts to head into the building before he is attacked from behind with […]

Tournament of Mystery #2: Pink Bracket

Episode 2 of Tournament of Mystery: First Round of the Pink Brackets Green Goose vs. Osito Muneca Mango vs. Militia Suicida vs. Kuro Ryu Witch’s Bane vs. Muneca Jenova

Riding Shotgun with Jansen Myrrh on the Road to the MHW Ultimate Championship

Narrator: September 19, 2005. It’s a day that would change the course of Jansen Meir’s life. She woke up as she would any other day. She was eight years old. Her parents sat her down and explained to her that her uncle Donald Meir had died in an automobile accident the previous night.  Young Jansen […]

Tournament of Mystery #1: Yellow Bracket Round 1

First round in the Yellow Bracket of the Tournament of Mystery.Begins at 8PM EST. Ama De Casa Obstinada vs. Phoenix El Hijo Del Filadelfia vs. El Perdador Adorable Escanor vs. The Shogun Godess vs. White Tiger Mask