The Batman Chronicles – Part 2

Batman: Batshit Crazy Mad Scientist “GOTHAM POLICE DECLARE WAR ON BURGLARIZING BATMAN” and “BATMAN INJURES NIGHT WATCHMAN” are just some of the headlines in the Gotham Gazette that Batman reads in the Batcave. Batman talks to Tim Drake. Batman Somebody’s setting me up. There were two burglaries in other pharmaceutical companies this week. Nobody hurt […]

The Batman Chronicles – Part 1

Batman: Good Grief  A man with dyed yellow hair puts envelopes into a mailbox labeled “WAYNE” outside of a manor, one of the envelopes is green with a black question mark on the front. A man, in a black tuxedo and black bowtie, with black hair comes out of the manor and gets the mail […]

GFN 8: Revenko vs. Jones

Intro 0:00 – 1:00 PRELIMS Jake Rogers (1-2) vs. Francis Myles (0-0) – 1:07 – 06:15Robby Nitro (1-4) vs. Charlie Leonardo (0-0) – 06:16 – 9:59Rylan Whittaker (0-0) vs. Ambrus Themis (0-0) 10:00 – 18:52 Advert for Batman: 18:53 – 19:25 MAIN CARDSanoh Ngam-Chit (1-1) vs. Da Eun Sin (0-0) – 19:26 – 25:16Cinzia Rossi […]

Prison City Finale: Checkmate

There is a recap, ending with the shot of Tila killing Lince and then bleeding out on the sidewalk, and then Never’s betrayal of Cam as she hits her from behind with a pipe wrench and then kneeling before Killjoy as if offering up her sacrifice and the recap fades to a flashback. “Moore! Goddamnit! […]