Young Heroes in Love #4

YOUNG HEROES IN LOVE “HUNGRY! HORRIBLE!” cries out Grundomu as he stomps towards the heroes. “Monstergirl, armor up! Zip-Kid, grab Junior! Off Ramp, get ready to pull us out on my word and Thunderhead,” Hard Drive yells out, “Get ready to rock n roll, brother!” ELLIE FAITH As everyone springs into action, Thunderhead pulls a […]

GFN 9: Galanos vs. Amauri

ADS- 0:00 – 1:00 PRELIMS Leah Wilkins (0-0) vs. Kiiara (0-1) – 1:22 – 8:46 Indigo Greene (2-2) vs. Andres Cruz (0-0-2) – 8:47 – 16:38 Mia Stevens (1-1) vs. Katherine O’Campos (1-2) – 16:39 – 23:22 ADVERT FOR YOUNG HEROES IN LOVE: 23:23 – 23:52 MAIN CARD Renegade Kali (2-1) vs. Atara Themis (1-0) […]

The Triad Challenge

The typical disclaimer is shown, warning folks about piracy. As it fades out, the drum intro to “World on Sticks” by Sam Phillips begins to play. As it continues, video clips of all the participants for the Triad Challenge are shown in the ring. Then clips of all the confrontations between Sierra Silver and Angel […]

The Triad Challenge (Pre-Show)

“World on Sticks” by Sam Phillips plays as the Triad Challenge logo is shown on the screen. It fades away as the music continues to play in the background as the Splatterhouse Gym Arena is seen. It’s a very small intimate arena that looks to hold about 1,000 people. However, fans are just now beginning […]

AK Presents: YUHlapalooza! – May 17, 2020

There is a brief pyrotechnics display in the open Kettering University arena  which the crowd seems to really be into. After one final blast of fireworks, the arena darkens right down as a video package rolls on the YUHtron and the sounds of the Flint fans anticipation steadily building more and more are readily apparent. […]

Young Heroes In Love #3

Recap from last week’s episode ending with Frostbite storming off. Bonfire catches up with her, “Please wait, Frostbite.” From behind, Thunderhead is confused, “How come everytime she sneezes, you run after her…” ALASTAIR FROST All of a sudden, Thunderhead lifts up and is thrown through the air and crashes into the wall, cracking it as […]