The Question #2

2019 My name is Vic Sage. I’m on a task to expose the corruption in this city, no matter how high it goes. Eel O’Brien and his henchmen are at the center of it and I found out yesterday that the Chief of Police may be involved. On top of it all, there’s a lady […]

The Question #1

2019 My name is Vic Sage. Yes, that Vic Sage. The one on your television every night at dinner or before you go to bed. I am Hub City’s favorite news anchor and that’s not me being conceited. The ratings prove it. The polls prove it. It’s just the way it is.  The scene opens […]

GFN 10: Malkasian vs. Hanson

Intro: 0:00 – 1:00 PRELIMS WOMEN’S BANTAMWEIGHT BOUTRachel Spruce (0-1) vs. Osira Themis (0-1): 1:12 – 7:39 LIGHTWEIGHT BOUTJoe Ravvi (1-0) vs. Kenny Kimura (1-0-1): 7:40 – 13:31 WOMEN’S FEATHERWEIGHT BOUTKatherine O’campos (1-3) vs. Sanoh Ngam-Chit (1-2): 13:32 – 19:49 QUESTION ad: 19:50 – 20:19 MAIN CARD WOMEN’S BANTAMWEIGHT BOUTMila Petrov (1-0) vs. Serena De […]

Best of Friends

WARNING: The following film is rated TV-MA. It contains language, violence to people and animals. No person or animal was harmed in the making of this film. Viewer discretion is advised. The scene opens outside in the pouring rain. Ambulances and police cars are outside. Paramedics are using a gurney to wheel out someone. “One […]

Dream Wrestle #1

There’s a recap of Episode 0 that tells the story of Dream up to this point, including the cliffhanger where a mystery opponent challenges Hurricane RUKA for the number one contendership for the Champion of Dreams title. The recap fades to black. As this episode opens, it’s a slow-motion scene where fans are cheering, on […]

Young Heroes in Love: Finale

We start with a recap of everything so far in this season, ending with Off Ramp and Frostbite having an altercation that ends with Off Ramp shoving Frostbite to the floor as Thunderhead is walking into the garage. “I’m not sure what’s going on in here, but Frostbite just stay down and let this end […]