The Fortunate Teller

THE FORTUNATE TELLER The scene opens up flying over a carnival. As we go through the entrance, we see a sign that says “Grand Opening Today!” We see a Ferris wheel and different rides, booths, and lots of people milling about. As we go to ground level, we see kids winning prizes, lined up to […]

Splatacular Uno

Christine Donahue: Welcome to the very first Splatacular! I’m Christine Donahue and joining me at ringside is none other than “The Voice” Biff Franklin.  Biff Franklin: Took you long enough to introduce me. Christine Donahue: We are excited to be here tonight as you can plainly see. We have two incredible matches that will take […]

The Question Finale

A recap of the events of episode 4 are shown, leading up to Renee giving in to her desires with Elicia with Flay looking on from behind the two way mirror. “What the fuck are you doing, Montoya?” Renee’s eyes blink open as she lies in bed alone. Standing over her is Vic Sage. He […]

GFN 11: Bjarnasson vs. McCarthy

Intro: 0:00 – 1:04 PRELIMS WOMEN’S FEATHERWEIGHT BOUTSassy Vega (1-0) vs. Aaliyah Almonte (0-0): 1:05 – 02:41 WOMEN’S BANTAMWEIGHT BOUTFeloni DeMeans (0-1) vs. Kiiara (0-2): 02:42 – 09:40 WOMEN’S FEATHERWEIGHT BOUTRenegade Kali (1-2) vs. Kylie Moore (0-0): 09:41 – 10:55 ADVERT QUESTION FINALE: 10:56 – 11:30 MAIN CARD HEAVYWEIGHT BOUTTommy Ward (2-2) vs. Ronan (1-2): […]

The Question #4

We open with Renee Montoya draped over the fallen body of Vic Sage.  “Don’t you fucking die…” she demands as she shakes him.  He slowly moves an arm and touches the smartwatch at his wrist as a cloud forms around them.  With that same hand, he reaches up and removes the mask from his face. […]

The Question #3

Warning: There is a scene in this episode that involves a suicide by hanging. If you are sensitive to this, viewer discretion is advised The scene opens in the dead of night. The faint sounds of sirens begin to get louder as they get closer. The alley is dark, except for the small amount of […]

GCC 10: Jones v. Vourture

PRELIMS Intro/ADS: 0:00 – 1:06 MIDDLEWEIGHT BOUTJohnny Farmer (0-0) vs. Ivaan Reddy (0-0): 1:07 – 2:44 WOMEN’S BANTAMWEIGHT BOUTBrooklyn Amor (2-3) vs. Dame Raven Williams (0-0): 2:45 – 8:49 HEAVYWEIGHT BOUTShazir Khan (2-0) vs. Sergei Radmonivich (1-2): 8:50 – 14:16 LIGHTWEIGHT BOUTAwut Somaskul (4-4) vs. Andres Cruz (0-1-2): 14:17 – 20:24 Question: The DC SAGA: […]