Global Fight Night 12: Shadows vs. Rossi

Intro/ADS – 0:00 – 1:00 PRELIMS WOMEN’S BANTAMWEIGHT BOUTKiiara (1-2) vs. Anastasia Ivanovich (0-0): 01:11 – 4:08 LIGHTWEIGHT BOUTJoe Ravvi.

Orphan Finale

Recap of everything up to this point, including the kidnapping of Barbara Gordon by David Cain which ended episode three..

Splatacular: The Second Voyage

Official Theme Song for Splatacular: The Second Voyage“Elephants” – The Snuts From the video, the scene cuts to the Splatterhouse.

Orphan #3

Recap of everything up to date, including the mysterious phone call made from David Cain that ended the previous episode..

Orphan #2

Recap of episode one ending with the death of Jefferson Johnson in the arms of Cassandra Cain while rain pours.

Global Combat Championship 11: Rivera vs. Aguero 2

Intro: 0:00 – 1:00 PRELIMS WOMEN’S BANAMWEIGHT BOUTAkira Young (0-1) vs. Rachel Spruce (0-2): 1:11 – 7:44 LIGHTWEIGHT BOUTFabiano Bonucci.

Orphan #1

The scene shows a baby being born and immediately a man takes the baby away as the mother cries out.