The Triple A #4

THE TRIPLE AEPISODE FOURFIGHT GATOR, FIGHTSEASON FINALE Opens on an exterior shot of the ol’ house on 210 Kramer Street. Atara can be seen napping in her bed. Beside her is an alarm clock radio saying 7:59am… Suddenly the radio turns 8:00am and Jefferson Airplanes SOMEBODY TO LOVE blasts via the wake up alarm. ~LAUGH […]

Black Alice Finale

Recap of the three episodes of Black Alice so far, ending with the kidnapping of Lori Zechlin. The screen is black. Slowly, light begins to filter in, though everything is a bit blurry. “You’re awake. Let me make this brief,” says Felix Faust. “You have something that belongs to me. I plan to remove it […]

Season 2021 Preview Podcast

We discuss everything upcoming in Season 2021 for Splat. We also discuss some other things that are going on, all the feds that are a part of fed and a thank you to everyone for supporting Splat. DISCLAIMER: I haven’t been a professional speaker in 25 years. You get what you pay for. Enjoy.

GFN14: The Global Ultimate Fighter Finale

Intro: 0:00 – 1:00 LIGHTWEIGHT BOUTSuban Bashir (0-2) vs. Nikoli Volkov (0-0): 1:12 – 8:08 MIDDLEWEIGHT BOUTIvaan Reddy (0-2) vs. Danny Cross (0-0): 8:09 – 16:01 MIDDLEWEIGHT BOUTEsteban Garcia (0-0) vs. Anurak Chanthara (0-0): 16:02 – 17:12 LIGHTWEIGHT BOUTJessie Wilde (0-0) vs. Arius Pagonis (0-0): 17:13 – 20:27 TRIPLE A AD: 20:28 – 20:58Black Alice […]

The Triple A #3

THE TRIPLE AEPISODE THREETRIPLE DATE Opens on an exterior shot of the ol’ house on 210 Kramer Street. We cut into the inside where Atara and Adi are both sitting on the sofa eating a plate of scrambled eggs. Adi looks at Atara and pouts. Adi: Please… it will be SO MUCH FUN!! Atara: Nope… […]

Black Alice #3

Recap of the first two episodes ending with Black Alice and the Red Whirl floating high above the sky, just realizing who the other happens to be. “What are you doing….?” Mary starts to ask when she realizes the same question will be asked of her. “You’re the Red Whirl?” asks Black Alice. The struggle […]

The Triple A #2

THE TRIPLE AEPISODE TWOTHE BIG ACCOUNT Opens on an exterior shot of the ol’ house on 210 Kramer Street. We cut inside where we see a dressed up Atara is cleaning up the living room with a duster. She seems in a hurry trying to get everything clean. This is when Adi walks in with […]

Black Alice #2

Recap of the first episode, ending with the revival of Kull, Black Alice roasting three teenage jocks and Lori seeing Black Alice in the mirror as she was about to take a shower. Knock knock. “You okay, Lori? I heard a scream.” Lori is sprawled in her bathtub, legs hanging over the side, water is […]

GCC13: Rivera vs. Hanson

Intro/Ads: 0:00 – 1:00 WOMEN’S BANAMWEIGHTMila Petrov (1-2) vs. Anastasia Ivanovich (0-1): 1:27 – 6:16 HEAVYWEIGHT BOUTShazir Khan (3-0) vs. Ronan (1-3): 6:17 – 12:46 WOMEN’S BANAMWEIGHTCassie Santi (1-0) vs. Dame Raven Williams (1-1): 12:47 – 15:03 Black Alice ad: 15:04 – 15:32The Triple A ad: 15:33 – 16:02 MAIN CARD LIGHTWEIGHT BOUTIndigo Greene (4-3) […]