The Murder Game

Cold open sees bodies lying all over the floor of a darkened room. A closer look will tell you that all of the bodies are female. What little light there is provides little clues to who they are or why they are here. As we focus on one individual, identified as Danielle, her eyes slowly […]

The Restaurant #2

“I can’t find Twill. Where do you think he is?” asks Douglas Frost as he stands on one side of Dante Schumer’s desk. Dante was looking out of the window and had turned to look at Douglas as he entered.  The question isn’t answered by Dante who just looks at Douglas as several awkward seconds […]

The Restaurant #1

Five Years Ago It’s snowing outside. Not much. Some flurries. A younger Douglas Frost is walking down the road, past one streetlight, then onto the next. He walks slowly. He is tall, has dark hair. As we get a closeup of him, we see a drop of blood that has traveled down his cheek. It’s […]

GCC 14: Ward vs. Shadows

PRELIMS HEAVYWEIGHT BOUTEaton McDonalds (1-1) vs. Bobby Page (0-0): 1:13 – 7:26 LIGHTWEIGHT BOUTBrandon Anders (0-1) vs. Vlad Jarca (0-1): 7:27 – 13:11 HEAVYWEIGHT BOUTKyle Young (1-3) vs. Evander Themis (0-0): 13:12 – 16:34 WOMEN’S FEATHERWEIGHT BOUTKali (2-3) vs. Aliyah Almonte (1-1): 16:35 – 20:39 THE RESTAURANT AD: 20:40 – 21:09 MAIN CARD LIGHTWEIGHT BOUTAwut […]


We pick up where we left off at the finale of Black Alice. Mary Bromfield suddenly appears in Evergreen City. She’s confused and a little angry. She takes a moment to get oriented when she realizes that she’s in Evergreen City. Nearly every business in this town begins or includes the word “evergreen” which is […]

Adi Gold – Let’s Get Eggy

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen…. ADI GOLD!! The infamous sax solo from “Baker Street” hits as Adi Gold comes out waving her hands at the small crowd. She grabs her microphone and starts it. Adi: Hey, how is everybody doing tonight? EGGcited are we? EGGcelent! That makes me EGGtremely happy. All these EGG puns are making […]