Splat is looking to add to their roster of efeds.

We look at it like your show will be streamed on our service, but if you look at the button we have made for both Overpowered and Epic, you’ll see those links go directly back to their web pages. We do not hold any content on our server so that you have direct control over your product.

There are a couple things we would like to ask, if you choose Splat as your streaming service:
1) If you happen to fold, we would love to add your archive to our archives.
2) You help promote Splat projects.
3) Your product is on time. (More specifically, date. Time is not so much an issue)

We are looking to fill in the gaps for streaming product. So, if you run on a Sunday, Tuesday, Saturday or Wednesday, we currently have spots available. If you run bi-weekly on a Friday we would be happy to take you if you stream on opposite weeks that Overpowered runs.

The other way to keep our attention is to be an affiliate. As an affiliate, you would be added to our advertising pool. We keep a banner at the bottom of our website and we include advertising in our product. We would add you to both. We would just ask that you help promote our projects as well.

Splat is going to change the way we do business here in the near future and only retweet feds that are a part of Splat. We used to retweet everyone’s shows. Unfortunately, there are so many feds out there that it’s difficult to continue to retweet product. So, unless you’re an affiliate with us or you’re streaming with us, we will probably no longer be retweeting your product.

If you’re interested in becoming a streaming partner or an affiliate, please drop us a line on Twitter (@wearesplat)