We pick up where we left off at the finale of Black Alice. Mary Bromfield suddenly appears in Evergreen City. She’s confused and a little angry. She takes a moment to get oriented when she realizes that she’s in Evergreen City. Nearly every business in this town begins or includes the word “evergreen” which is a dead giveaway.

She steps out of the alley and walks down the sidewalk. She’s never been here. The words the elders spoke come to her mind.

“Only the bright star of Evergreen City can help you now.”

How is she supposed to know who the bright star of Evergreen City is? She realizes she’s hungry and spots a burger place across the street, so she takes the crosswalk to the other side when in front of Evergreen Bank, she spies a newspaper stand and on the cover of the morning paper in big, bold letters, “ALL-STAR SAVES 32 CHILDREN FROM BUS CRASH”.

“The bright star,” Mary says to herself. Now all she has to do is figure out where to find this All-Star. She continues past the bank to Evergreen Burgers and orders some food and is about to sit down to eat when a scream is heard.

She sets down her burger and rushes out of the restaurant when she sees something fly by her.

We catch up to All-Star who has the purse snatcher in hand as she flies him back towards the owner of the purse and hands it back to her before dropping the thief off at the police station.

All-Star flies from the police station towards her home where she sneaks in through the window on the second floor completely unaware that someone has followed her home as we see Lady Marvel hovering in the air.

Birds chirping, cars driving, children playing. These are the sounds that are heard as the scene opens up in a typical suburban neighborhood. Most of the houses look exactly the same down the street except for a slight change in color. Some have white fences, some have chain link fences, but nothing too high and perhaps meant only to keep pets inside.

The camera focuses on a single home, through the front door as we see children getting ready for school and gathering around the table preparing to eat some food before they head out for the day.

Grubby hands reaching for a few pancakes and pouring syrup on the stack.

“That’s way too much,” says the mother as she takes the syrup away and hands it to a teenage girl sitting on the end of the table. The syrup is accepted and a little poured on the single pancake on the plate as the girl’s voice begins to narrate.

“My name is Olivia Dawson. I’m a high school junior and I have a major history test today. But, waking up this morning, I don’t think anyone was aware that the apocalypse was near.”

She takes two bites of the meal before taking the plate over and dropping it in the sink.

“That’s all you’re eating? And you know the plate goes in the dishwasher,” says mom.

Olivia does a u-turn and heads back to the sink. Picks up her plate. Drops the leftover pancake into the trash and places the plate into the dishwasher.

“I would have eaten that,” says the little brother.

“There’s isn’t much you won’t eat, which is why you’re getting fat,” quips the teenage girl as she reaches for her backpack and heads out the door, ignoring the protests of her brother and the light scolding of her mother for picking on him.

The sounds inside are silenced as the door closes behind her.

“I love my family. But, I don’t dare tell them my secret. It was only a few weeks ago walking home after band practice and it was just turning dark…”

The flashback scene begins with Olivia walking down the sidewalk. The streetlights are just starting to flicker on as dusk approaches. She’s carrying her school bag over her shoulder when something flies in front of her and lands in the bushes next to her, nearly causing her to jump out of her shoes.

“What the heck?” she asks as she gets to her feet. She yells, “Watch where you’re throwing stuff!”

“Be quiet!” someone yells back.

She grumbles under her breath and is about to walk off when a glowing inside the bushes catches her eye. She sets her book bag on the sidewalk and approaches the bushes and spreads the branches apart to peek inside and she finds a rock. She reaches in to grab it, but it’s hot to the touch, so she immediately pulls back her hand. “What is this?”

She looks around and then grabs her book bag and reaches inside for her gym shirt and wraps it around the heated rock and places it back into her bag.

Once she gets home, she doesn’t think much of it until after dinner when she goes to get her homework started and the rock falls from her bag and onto the floor.

Curious now, she reaches down and brings the rock up onto her desk but as soon as she places it on the surface, the rock disintegrates into a pile of ash.

“What in the world?”

She shakes her head, feeling like that was a waste of time as she grabs her wastebin and starts to wipe the dust into it when something sparkly catches her eye. She slowly spreads out the dust and finds a very shiny metallic bracelet. She lifts it up and sets it to the side before brushing the rest of the soot into the wastebasket and setting it down.

She reaches for something from her hamper and sits down at her desk and begins to clean up the bracelet.

The next morning, she’s about ready to leave for school and she spots the bracelet and grabs it, wrapping it around her wrist before heading out the door.

“Little did I know that the bracelet gave me the ability to have energy, enhanced strength and flight. So, it wasn’t long before I put together a costume and was out fighting crime in our little city.”

Little did I know that one day, everything would change.

“Zatanna, what obstacles are left in our path?” asks the male voice as we see Zatanna, eyes glowing red, observing something through a levitating crystal ball. She turns to the voice, “Still two obstacles.”

“And why can’t we find them?”

“Not clear enough yet. Something is distorting my view…”

“Try and clear it up! Rodor, Paige, how is the machine coming along?”

We see Aristotle Rodor and Violet Paige, also with glowing red eyes as they appear to be hard at work putting together some sort of invention.

“We need a few more days,” says Rodor as he reaches for another tool and goes back to work.

“What’s the hold-up?”

Paige looks up from her computer, “Waiting on some supplies from Isis.”

“Okay… just keep at it.”

From the side, Lisa Newman enters and hands a part over to Rodor, “This quantum analyzer is finished.” Rodor reaches for it, “Good. How long before we get the amplifier finished?”

“I’m going to start on it now.”

Eyes also aglow, Lisa Newman walks back to her workstation.

The camera moves through an entryway to a large cavern where Bonfire and Zip Kid are moving around. Zip Kid is using her laserbeam to draw something onto the ground, while Bonfire is following behind her using fire though it can’t be made out what’s being done exactly.

They also appear to be under some sort of mind control.

Finally, Sheila Sorrell enters, carrying a large number of rocks and drops them in the cavern as well before turning and heading back out.

We finally see the former Hard Drive, Governor Jeremy Horton overseeing everything. He has put the whammy on everyone as they are all doing his bidding while he waits for it all to be completed.

“The right crew with the perfect powers. Thanks to Zatanna, it’s the perfect time and place. Once we eliminate the last two obstacles, the world will be mine,” he begins to cackle as he sits back and watches everything unfold.

Olivia Dawson is on her way to school as she does every single weekday when she is suddenly grabbed and dragged into the bushes, hand over her mouth. A female voice says, “Don’t scream, okay? I’m not here to hurt you or anything. I need your help. You’re Olivia, right?”

At hearing her name, Olivia nods her head, turning to see who the other woman is who grabbed her. “Who are you?”

“My name is Mary. Mary Bromfield and I’m from Cole City, but I was told I should come find you.”

“Why me? What’s going on?”

“You have some sort of powers or something? I feel like I was sent to you because you have some sort of powers.”

“I…” Olivia starts then abruptly stops. She doesn’t know this girl. She’s been very cautious about telling anyone about her power.

Mary can see the girl is conflicted about telling her secret so she gets up and takes a few steps back and says…


Lightning falls from the sky and a much older version of Mary is standing there in a red costume, complete with a skirt and boots and a top with a yellow lightning bolt down the front and a white cape behind her.

Olivia’s eyes go wide as she watches the transformation. Lady Marvel rushes over and squats down. “I’m not a nut. Do you, or do you not have powers?”

Olivia nods. “I do.”

Marvel nods her head, “I don’t know what’s going to happen but I know it’s bad. Very bad. Like, earth threatening bad.”

Well, that’s not comforting, Olivia thinks to herself as she asks, “Where are the others? There’s gotta be others?”

Marvel shakes her head, “It’s us. I’m not sure why or how, but we are the only ones who can apparently stop this from happening.”

“I gotta go to school, so can this wait until after?”

Marvel had no answer for that.

As Olivia Dawson hurries down the sidewalk towards school, hovering in the air undetected is the mighty Isis watching her. Mary Bromfield comes out of the bushes and Isis turns her attention to the other girl and follows her.

Andrea Tomaz was a college professor, teaching archeology when on an expedition, she discovers the amulet of the mighty Isis. While wearing it, she can turn herself into Isis who controls the weather and the earth.

Currently, Isis is on a mission of another concern as she stays up and out of sight as she follows the Bromfield girl towards the mall. She watches as the girl meets up with a second girl.

“He’s waiting for you…”

Isis spins around and sees Zatanna floating there.

“I was coming.”

Zatanna looks past her to the two teenagers outside of the mall. “Are those the obstacles?”

Isis shrugs, “Isn’t that your job?”

Zatanna turns her attention back to Isis when she suddenly realizes, “You’re no longer under his power…”

Isis is about to respond when Zatanna begins to cast a spell. Isis summons a strong gust of wind that topples Zatanna heel over head, sending her off into the distance. Isis knows it won’t be long before she tells him.

Isis was never really under the control of the master. She knew he was up to something dastardly so she played along until she could figure it out. The technical aspect of his plan wasn’t really her wheelhouse, but she knew that whatever it was he had in mind it would have a global effect.

She also knew that somehow, someway those two teenagers were the key to ending this catastrophe.

She summoned a large cloud to conceal her from Zatanna as she disappeared into it.

“So, what’s your deal?”

Mary is about to take a bite of a burger when the question is asked. She lowers it, “What do you mean?”

Olivia is squeezing out a packet of ketchup onto a napkin, “I mean, how did you find me?”

“I mean, you can choose to believe me or not but some old god-types told me about you. They said you were the only who could save the world.” She finally takes that first bite.

“Wait. Me? Why me?” Olivia asks as she drops some fries into the ketchup and takes a bite. “I’m just a kid. I stop purse-snatchers and shoplifters. I don’t save the world.”

Mary takes her straw and pops it from the wrapper before jamming it into her drink, “That’s what we gotta figure out. Whatever is going on, it’s got something to do with you. That’s the impression I got about it from those old guys. They like to speak in riddles.” She brings the drink up to take a swallow.

Olivia reaches for her own burger, “It doesn’t make any sense. I mean, nothing… and I mean absolutely nothing happens here in this town. We don’t have supervillains or serial killers or anything around here. We get the occasional idiot who does something stupid.”

Just then a woman walks up with a tray of food, “If you’ll let me join you, I can probably shed some light on what’s going on.” She takes a seat, “My name is Andrea.”

“We have a problem,” says Zatanna as she returns to the cave.

Jeremy glances as she arrives, “What’s the problem? Have you found the obstacles?”

“Possibly, but that’s not the issue at hand…”

Horton slams his fist on the table, “That’s the utmost importance. We cannot succeed with this plan until the obstacles have been removed, isn’t that what you said?”

“That’s what I said, however the problem now is Isis. She isn’t and maybe never was under your power.”

Horton scoffs at that, “Preposterous. She was absolutely under my power.”

Zatanna shakes her head, “If she was, she’s not now. I tried to bring her in, but she escaped.”

Horton looks around at those doing his bidding and finally nods towards Lisa Newman, “Take her and bring them all back.”

Zatanna bows as she steps back. “As you wish,” she says before turning towards Newman.

Andrea is sitting at the table in the mall food court explaining the situation to the two teenagers.

“So, all I know is that he’s building some sort of powerful weapon that will allow him to brainwash billions of people at one time. He’s recruited some of the most brilliant inventors by using his brainwash technique. It’s apparently the same technique that he used to get elected as governor. He needs someone who can replicate some of the earth’s natural energy sources such as fire, light, water, electricity and wind in order to make this work. He has fire, light and water. I was going to be his wind element and I’m not entirely sure where his electricity element was coming from either.”

Olivia looks over at Mary, “Isn’t that your power?”

Mary nods, “Yes, but I’m not under his mind control. I mean, how many super powered types have electricity power?”

Andrea shakes her head, “There’s no one there like that now working with him. So, I’m not entirely sure what his plan is but you need to be careful. If he manages to sink his mind-control tactic onto you, then he will definitely use you. All he wants is power over the entire planet. He doesn’t care who he has to kill to get it.”

Olivia asks, “So, what’s the plan? How can we help?”

“We need more help but I’m not sure where we are going to get it. I’ve reached out through channels with no response so getting help is out of the question. It’s going to have to be up to us,” Andrea says. “If we…”

She stops speaking as screaming is heard coming from the other end of the mall. “That doesn’t sound good,” says Mary as all three rise from their table and run towards the sound of the screaming.

As the three round the corner, they’ve all changed into their superhero personas of Isis, Lady Marvel and All-Star. They also come face to face with Zatanna and Scylla.

Scientist Lisa Newman was working on a chemical compound that would splice certain aquatic animals’ DNA into human DNA. However, when she came face to face with Jeremy Horton and came under his spell, he caused her to inject herself with the unstable formula and she became Scylla, the sea creature.

“What the hell is that?” asks Lady Marvel as they round the corner.

“That is Scylla and be careful. She’s stronger than all of us combined. If she gets her hands on you, there’s not stopping her from tearing you to shreds,” says Isis.

“Lovely,” retorts All-Star as they move in slowly.

“I had a feeling something was off with you, Isis,” yells Zatanna as she begins to chant, but a gust of wind sends a few artificial trees in her direction that she has to duck.

“I thought you were stronger than to let that megalomaniac control you, Zatanna!” shouts back Isis. “I won’t let his plan come to prosper. We will stop him.”

Zatanna laughs as shakes her head. “You can’t stop him. We’re only missing the final piece to the puzzle and that is you. That and to get rid of these two obstacles you’ve aligned yourself with.” She nods to Scylla who charges the trio.

Lady Marvel flies towards Scylla at high speed only to be swatted away by a giant arm that sends her crashing through the glass of a juvenile jewelry store. Scylla lets out a loud shriek as she turns her attention to All-Star who holds her hands out in front of her and sends a sharp beam that hits Scylla knocking her back a few feet, but Scylla puts her arms up in front of her and begins to move toward the hero.

Isis and Zatanna meet up higher as Isis shakes her head, “This isn’t you. You need to snap out of this.”

Zatanna smirks, shaking her head, “You’ve no idea what I’m about. Right now I’m all about making sure the master completes his mission and in order to do that, I have to complete mine.”

She waves her wand and the ceiling fan above Isis comes to life and reaches down to wrap itself around her.

Keeping her cool, Isis draws a wind that begins to whip her around and around until the blades of the fan snap and fall to the ground. She uses the momentum to fly right for Zatanna, who wasn’t expecting this offense from the regal warrior as Isis drives her down into the floor of the mall.

Scylla continues to move forward though the beam coming from All-Star is starting to cut into her scaly skin. She reaches for a heavy planter and throws it at All-Star, knocking her from the sky.

Scylla doesn’t get much of a repreive as she’s grabbed from behind by Lady Marvel who zooms through the mall with her arms wrapped tightly around the beast and out the doors to the outside of the mall and then she just swerves up and flies straight up in the air.

Scylla finally breaks free of Lady Marvel’s grip and begins to plummet towards the Earth when suddenly, she just stops.

“She can fly too? What the heck?!” cries out Lady Marvel as she goes after the monster.

While inside the mall, Isis and Zatanna are getting up from the rubble created when they landed on the floor of the mall. Suddenly, Isis just slaps Zatanna right across the face and then grabs her and just like Marvel, she soars up, crashing through the skylight and into the air.

Zatanna finally pushes herself away and as she’s about to cast a spell, Isis summons a lightning bolt that strikes Zatanna, causing her to fall from the sky only to be caught by All-Star who arrives on time.

All-Star carries her to the ground and Isis joins them as a smouldering Zatanna wakes up, “What happened?”

As Isis begins to explain, we hear, “A little help over here!”

All-Star leaves Isis with Zatanna as she flies over just in time to see Scylla send Lady Marvel crashing into a tree and then she just disappears out of sight.

All-Star helps Lady Marvel up to her feet, “Aren’t you supposed to be strong or something?” she asks with a grin.

Marvel grumbles under her breath, “I am, but that one had something more than super strength about her. I’ll get her next time I see her.”

“She what?” demands Horton as Lisa Newman changes back from Scylla.

“Isis was able to snap her out of your control,” she says as she sits down on a chair, a blanket over her. “This is going to be a problem. You need both Zatanna and Isis in order for this invention to work.”

“I know quite well, thank you very much,” snaps Jeremy Horton. “Rodor, how much longer?

An entranced Rodor looks up from his work, “At least 24 hours now.”

“But we still need the powers of Isis and Zatanna to make it work,” adds Violet Paige.

Horton rubs at his temples, obviously frustrated. He looks at Newman, “Take Bonfire, Zip Kid and Mother Panic and go bring them back. All of them, including the obstacles.”

Olivia, Mary and Andrea are at Olivia’s house. Zatanna is lying on top of Olivia’s bed.

“We can find out more once she wakes up,” says Andrea.

“I’m awake,” Zatanna mutters as she struggles to sit up. “Who’s got some aspirin?” she asks, rubbing her head.

Mary helps her sit up.

“Are you okay?” asks Andrea. “Sorry about the lightning, but you were out of control.”

“I know, I know. It’s fine.” She looks at Mary and Olivia, “You must be the obstacles.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” asks Olivia.

“Horton’s been using me to see into the future to perfect his plan to take over the planet. I saw two obstacles, but I couldn’t make out who they were. They have to be the two of you,” Zatanna explains.

“I was sent here to stop his plan, if that’s what you mean. I was told to find Olivia to make it happen,” Mary says as she looks around to the three of them. “I was also told that things aren’t always as they seem.”

Andrea nods, “That’s true. So, what do we do now? I still don’t think with the four of us, we have enough firepower to stop him.”

Zatanna struggles to get to her feet, “He’ll send the others to bring us back. We’re going to have to be ready.”

“I imagine we should probably not be in Olivia’s house.” Andrea says as she turns to the teenager, “Your parents know about your extracurricular activities?”

Olivia shakes her head. “I haven’t told them. They’d probably freak out.”

Zatanna nods, “We should probably vacate this household then to be safe. Is there someplace else we can hold up until we figure out a plan?”

Mary smirks, “The mall’s out of the question.”

Everyone turns to look at Zatanna, who looks back at them. “What?”

“Where were they last?” asks Bonfire as the quartet moves into Evergreen City.

“The mall, but no doubt they’ve left there long ago,” answers Lisa Newman who rides behind Mother Panic on her cycle.

Zip Kid is flying with Bonfire on her back as they enter the city limits. “It’s a good place to start…” says the hero in pink.

But as they get closer to the mall, there are first responders there and so they stop. Mother Panic touches a control on her suit and her face mask disappears, “No need to get any closer. The ones we’re looking for aren’t around here.”

“We could check the school…” says Bonfire.

“Or we could follow them,” says Zip Kid as she points to the group of heroes flying off in the distance.

“Looks like they’re heading towards the lair,” notes Newman as Mother Panic spins her cycle around and they all head in that direction.

As All-Star, Lady Marvel, Isis and Zatanna fly towards the large scenic mountain just outside of city limits, Lady Marvel stops flying for a moment. She turns and sees the heel quartet heading their way.

“What’s up?” asks All-Star as she also stops as the others do too.

“We have company,” Marvel says as she points.

Isis nods, “We knew they were coming. It was just a matter of time. Let’s get ready.”

The four head towards the ground and wait on the arrival of the others as the sound of Mother Panic’s cycle gets closer and closer.

“Prepare yourselves, ladies,” says Isis as the other four come to a stop several feet in front of them.

“He wants you back. Now,” says Bonfire.

“Ain’t going back,” says Zatanna. “And we’re not gonna let you make us either, so you can go back and tell him that, or you can try and take us there. Neither one is gonna work out for you.”

As Lisa Newman dismounts the back of the cycle, she begins to change into Scylla. Mother Panic is right after her.

Zip Kid scowls, “Fine by us. We’ll make you alright.”

Aristotle Rodor is the only one of the brainwashed left inside the lair as he twists a few knobs on the contraption they’ve built. “It’s finished,” he announces as he reaches to one last button and gives it a push. The entire machine lights up.

Along with the lights on the machine, Jeremy Horton’s eyes light up as well. He rushes over and looks at this fancy machine. “Explain it to me,” he demands.

Rodor nods and walks over to where the diagram was being laid out on the floor by Bonfire and Zip Kid. “The different types of energy provided by the heroes will flow through this diagram that has been carved into the ground and be fed through this line and into the machine. The machine converts the energy which sends the converted energy to this helmet that you’ll wear and the antenna on top of the mountain which is nearly completed will send out your brainwaves all over the world.”

“Good. Good. We will cleanse this planet with fire and rebuild it from scratch to my liking and then we will be rid of crime once and for all with everyone living in harmony as I see it,” says Horton as he nods behind Rodor when a fist reaches out and knocks him out from behind, sending him to the ground.

“The antenna is complete,” says Sheila Sorrell.

“Tie him up and out of the way. Once the others return, we will get started.”

“Yes, sir,” she says as she reaches down and grabs Rodor’s leg and drags him off.

Zatanna uses her magic to lift up Scylla and sends her crashing into a tree.

Bonfire flares up some fire, aiming for Isis who deflects with a wind storm, blowing the fire up into the air.

Zip Kid and All-Star are up in the air, dodging each others’ laser beams.

Lady Marvel swoops down and spears Mother Panic who manages to conjure a shield from her nano-tech suit.

Fatigue is starting to set in as the heroes are wearing down battling each other.

Suddenly, All-Star slips away from Zip Kid who chases after her, “Come back here, you…”

All-Star circles Marvel and there’s some sort of exchange between the two as All-Star swoops up high into the air with Zip Kid in as All-Star gets into position high over everyone, she yells, “NOW!”

Lady Marvel suddenly yells out, “Shazam!” as lightning strikes from the sky.

Horton is pacing back and forth. “They should have been back now. It’s been hours.”

Suddenly, a laser narrowly misses him as he jumps to the side. “You piece of shit!” yells Zip Kid as she swoops into the lair.

Horton quickly flees to the other side where he has to jump to avoid flame from Bonfire, “You promised never to brainwash us again. I’m gonna fry you to a crisp!” she says as she chases after him.

He runs right into a small twister that spins him around and around causing him to get dizzy enough for him to walk right into a right cross from Sheila Sorrell and her stone fist.

Zatanna casts a spell which seals him up in a cage, “You can call that my own version of a Faraday cage. None of your stupid telekinetic powers can escape.”

Horton wraps his hands around the bars of the cage, “But.. my plans! How?”

Mother Panic uncovers her face with the touch of a button, “A sacrifice of a teenager, that’s how.”

Earlier, as All-Star swoops down near Lady Marvel, “When I say the word, you say the word, you understand.”

“I understand,” says Lady Marvel as she readies for another attack from Mother Panic.

All-Star swoops upwards into the air right above Lady Marvel with Zip Kid coming right behind her. All-Star yells, “Now!”

“Shazam!” yells Lady Marvel, but instead of being enveloped by lightning, All-Star moves into the path and holds out her arm and suddenly a cosmic ripple occurs as the lightning shatters the magic jewel that gives All-Star her powers. The ripple knocks every hero down, but it also shakes them free of Jeremy Horton’s mind control.

All-Star, however, crashes to the surface.

As the heroes deliver Jeremy Horton to the authorities, “There’s no way I could have been beaten by a teenager!” he screams from inside his cage. “There’s no way!”

Violet Paige, Zatanna, Sheila Sorrell, Aristotle Rodor, Mary Bromfield, Andrea Tomaz, Anne Fletcher and Stacy Taglia all watch as the doors swing shut and are locked and the vehicle drives away.

Two weeks later.

A ceremony begins to unveil a statue that will be displayed in the center of downtown. The roads have been blocked off and a marching band is playing in the background as folks from all over Evergreen City are gathered to pay their respects.

The mayor stands before the crowd, “Evergreen City was never a high crime place, but all in all we had our very own hero. All-Star was here when we needed her and she was here until the very end. She gave her life so that we could keep ours. So, the city council has decided that today and every year on this date, we will commemorate the life of All-Star. And on this square today we dedicate this statue in the memory of All-Star.”

The covering is pulled down to see a larger than life statue of All-Star as people in the audience clap, cheer and cry. In the audience, we see Andrea, Mary, Anne, Zatanna, Stacy, Violet, Aristotle and Sheila sitting and clapping.

A few hours later, the ceremony has long been over. The heroes are still staring at the statue. “I can’t believe she’s gone,” says Mary.

“I’m right here,” says Olivia Dawson as she approaches them from behind.

Andrea chuckles, “I think she means that All-Star is gone.”

Olivia nods her head as she looks up at the statue, “Being All-Star was pretty special. I can’t say I’m not gonna miss it.”

Zatanna walks up and puts an arm around the teen, “Regardless, you did the right thing. Who knows what the maniac was going to do. Without you, he might very well be in control of the planet.”

Stacy nods her head, “I know that is All-Star up there, but it’s also you because you were All-Star. Don’t ever forget that.”

“Just because you don’t have powers anymore, doesn’t mean you aren’t that hero. Absolutely,” says Anne.

Aristotle nods in agreement, “I know someone who has no superpowers who is a hero every single day. Perhaps one day I can introduce you to her.”

Mary is deep in thought, “You know, I know how I got my powers. Perhaps I can share them the same…”

Everyone jumps as lighting and thunder happen close by.

Mary yells, “I was just joking!”

Everyone laughs.

“I could go for one of those great burgers we had a few weeks ago,” says Mary as everyone nods in agreement and begins to walk away from the All-Star statue as the camera pans higher up as we watch them go into the diner.


Olivia Dawson/All-Star ADDISON McKINLEY
Mary Bromfield/Lady Marvel ARIEL MADDEN
Andrea Tomaz/Isis ATARA THEMIS
Lisa Newman/Scylla GAIA GALANOS
Anne Fletcher/Bonfire DANIELLE ANDERSON
Violet Paige/Mother Panic ASHLEY MARIE CHASE
Stacy Taglia/Zip Kid ELLIE FAITH
Sheilla Sorrell KENZIE GARRETT
Aristotle Rodor JAN VAN DER ROOST

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