A multi-fed event featuring stars from WISE and other promotions.

[The shot is of a jam-packed Los Angeles Sports Center. As the camera pans through the capacity crowd we see a veritable sea of signs. “STARBIRD FOUNDATION”, “AS EXTREME AS WE WANNA BE”, “MARRY ME YURI KAIO”, “IT’S ME” and “WHERE’S THE BEEF?” are the ones that stand out most. As the camera continues to pan across the fans, we come to an announce table area up in the crowds, just off the ramp, where JP Winslow, a handsome man in his later thirties or early forties, wearing a dark blue blazer with the A&A logo over the left breast stands alongside Jack Spector. Spector is a larger man, obviously an ex-wrestler. He is wearing a pair of black leather pants, with a chain-link belt. His muscular chest is covered by an Angels & Amazons T-shirt cut into a tank top. Over this he wears a black leather vest. His face sports a fine goatee and his bald head is covered by a skull and crossbones bandanna. His eyes are covered by a styling pair of Raybans and his is wearing a smile that goes from ear to ear.]

JP: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Angels & Amazons! We are packed to the rafters here at the sold out Sports Center in Los Angeles! I am JP Winslow and I am joined here at ringside by my good friend Jack Spector! And we are here for two days of the most intense and diverse female wrestling action in the world!

JS: No doubt about it Winslow! And let me say this…I am stoked from top to bottom to be here! Even if it means I gotta sit beside you for two stinking days.

JP: [Laughs] Indeed Jack, but you and I have it easy here. We will stay up here and pass the match calling duties off to each feds broadcast team who will be at ringside.

JS: Speak for yourself Winslow. I will be at ringside without a doubt of the 30 Women’s Rumble later tonight!

JP: Indeed Jack, you have been spending sometime in Las Vegas with the VCW of late. How do you like it?

JS: Let me just say this. You ain’t there, so it is heaven on Earth!

JP: Indeed, the Vegas Championship Wrestling organization will be sponsoring two matches at Angels & Amazons, not the least of which is the 30 Women Rumble for the Vacant New Wave Wrestling Women’s Title later tonight! What a match that is going to be Jack Spector.

JS: Yeah the best of the best will be climbing in there for a shot at glory. Now quit yer yapping and let’s get down to the first match.

JP: Indeed Jack you have a point. Let’s head down for what sounds like a tremendous match from Wildcat Wrestling. Our first match of the show. Take it away Wildcat Wrestling.

[The camera pans across the arena as spotlights swoop around. The view pans in and out from the fans, catching small groups cheering and screaming into the camera.]

Male Voice Over: Welcome to the Los Angeles Sports Arena!! Welcome to history!! A capacity crowd on hand to watch as Wildcat Wrestling crowns its first ever Championship Title in a Triple Threat Chaos Match!!

[The camera cuts over to ringside to where we join Wildcat announcers Todd Barker and Gator Williams. Both men are impeccably dressed in black tuxedos, with Gator sporting his traditional green bandana with the word “Gator” emblazoned across the front. ]

Todd: Our thanks to JP Winslow and Jack Spector. Welcome everyone! I’m Todd Barker, and, and as always, my broadcast colleague is the +Master+ of the backbreaker, the legend himself, Gator Williams! Gator, you *feel* the electricity from these fans!!

Gator: I can feel it, cause I’m PUMPED, Barker! Tonight, my gal Candi Bratton gets to put her hands around that no good Nina Miyagi AND the gold!

Todd: A lot could happen in a Triple Threat Match were the rules are, for the better part, tossed aside like day old doughnuts, Gator!

Gator: I used to love wrestling in these types of matches! Take the fight to the outside, grab a chair, and beat the living snot out of your opponent! That’s the way wrestling was meant to be seen!

Todd: And, unfortunately, one of our scheduled participants will not get the chance to live it. Word reached us late last night that Samantha Triumph would not be able to attend tonight’s matchup. As you know, Gator, tonight had been planned as Samantha’s Wildcat debut. Unfortunately, Samantha has prior commitments to attend to before she can begin her tenure, and, Gator, this has to throw the other competitors off in some way.

Gator: Well, she hadn’t wrestled a match in Wildcat yet, so it’s not like Bratton and Miyagi had anything to scout with. But, hey, didn’t I tell you and everyone that Triumph had a yellow streak down her back as wide as that fat lawyer on The Practice?

Todd: You did, and in response I told you that that just was not the case. Samantha Triumph is a tremendous wrestler, and I’m positive we’ll see her in a Wildcat ring at some point.

Gator: Yeah, whatever, Barker. So, is this match going to be just between Miyagi and Bratton, or did President Bantock find another sacrificial lamb?

Todd: There is indeed a new entree into the match, and I believe you’ll enjoy the choice.

Gator: Really, who is it? Heidi Leick?

Todd: No, it’s Goblyn!

Gator: WHAT!?!?! What the hell do you mean it’s Goblyn?!?!?!

Todd: What’s to understand, Gator. Goblyn’s volunteered to wrestle in Samantha’s place.

Gator: That psycho jobber tried to maul me the last time she wrestled! President Bantock is purposely putting my life in danger by putting her into this match!

Todd: That may be! While our Ring Announcer Cory Pratt makes his way to the ring, let’s take a look back at the feud that’s been forged between Candi Bratton and Nina Miyagi!

Flashback: Candi Bratton vs. Nina Miyagi

[The scene cuts back in time to the Friday Night Prowl on February 19th. Main Event: “Tattle Tail Candi Bratton vs. “The Arcane Nina Miyagi. Candi Bratton has just kicked out from a lateral press from Nina Miyagi…]

Todd: NO! Miyagi _still_ can’t put it away!

Gator: C’mon Candi! Quit screwin’ with this girl and knock her off!

Todd: Miyagi pulling Bratton up to her feet. Oh oh! Miyagi planting Bratton’s head between her legs, and I think we’re going to see The Mask of Ultimate Suffering!!

Gator: I don’t think so, Barker!

Todd: Waistlock pickup…NO! She can’t get her up! Miyagi’s back gives out, and Bratton REVERSES!! But Miyagi hangs on!! She slides down Bratton’s back, and. . . . Hooks her for a sunset flip! Bratton fighting to stay up!!

[Candi reaches out, trying to stay on her feet.]

Todd: Bratton fighting, and… . She grabs the Official!! Bratton was reaching out to stay up, and she grabbed the Referee’s shirt!! Bratton hanging onto the Referee for all it’s worth… Miyagi re… OH NO!! OH…

[Nina lets go of Candi, and since Candi was desperately hanging onto the Referee, the move results in Candi springing forward and nocking heads with the Referee!!]

Todd: Bratton took out the Referee!!

Gator: Good for her!!

Todd: Bratton still up on her feet, but she’s losing it… Miyagi spins her from behind… Kick to the midsection… She hooks an arm… FISHERMAN BUSTER SUPLEX!!!!

[Crowd *POP*!]


Ref: …….

Gator: YES!! The Ref’s out!! Miyagi won’t get away with a cheap win!!

Todd: What are?

Gator: You saw it, Barker! Miyagi made Bratton hit the Ref on purpose!!

Todd: Of all the… It was an accident!

[Nina, laying across Bratton, slaps the mat in frustration.]

Todd: Miyagi getting up to her feet, and she walks over to the Official, who’s starting to rouse. And Miyagi finally gets the Referee… CRADLE FROM BEHIND!!!!!!

Ref: …….1!



Ref: ……3!

Todd: NOOO!


Cory: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the match…

[The crowd heavily boos!]


Todd: Bratton with a cheap victory!!

Gator: HAHAHAHA!! A win’s a win, Barker! You can’t be picky about how to get ’em!

[The view cuts to the instant replay, showing footage of Candi cradling Nina to the mat. Candi’s fistful of Nina’s tights are clearly visible. ]

Todd: Look at that!! Bratton blatantly cheated! The Referee never should have counted that!

Gator: Tough titties, Barker! What the Ref doesn’t see, he can’t do nothing about! He can’t reverse his decision, no matter how much you and these bleeding hearts in the audience want it!

[The replay ends, and cuts back to the live footage.]

Todd: Miyagi just sitting in ring, she hasn’t moved from the spot she was pinned at. Miyagi not even showing any emotion, she’s just sitting there staring into the crowd.

[Bratton, who rolled out and made to look like she was leaving, ducks back around the ring and shoves the time keeper off of his chair!]

Todd: Wait a second! Bratton taking a chair, and now she’s sliding back into the ring behind Miyagi!! OH NO!!

[Candi steps up, winds back, and brings the chair down in full force over Nina’s head!!]


Todd: NO! Bratton attacking Miyagi from behind!! Bratton winding back up… NO! NOT AGAIN!





Todd: Miyagi is hurt… Bratton finally tosses the chair aside, and… OH NO!! CONFESSIONAL!! Oh… NO! SOME STOP HER!!

[The crowd watches on in horror (I’m sure there are a few people who are enjoying this) as Bratton cinches on her crossface chicken wing finishing hold!]

Todd (voice over): Nina Miyagi took a tremendous beating that night, however, she got her revenge on the next Prowl! Candi Bratton had been scheduled to compete in a Triple Threat Submission Match against Maggie McGuire and Sonia Mann. However, Bratton announced that she had no intention in fight in such a match! As she was leaving, Bratton was assaulted by the mysterious Lightnin! As Gator went to Bratton’s aid, Nina Miyagi swooped in!

[The scene cuts back in time once again, this time to the March 5th Prowl. Maggie “Firestar” McGuire and Sonia Mann are fighting in the ring while near the entrance Gator is trying to help Candi Bratton up…]

Todd: Clothesli- NO! McGuire ducks and sprints to the opposite ropes. Mann off the ropes… McGuire off the ropes… FLAME-THROWER!!! McGuire nails Mann with that flying forearm smash!!

[Crowd *POP*!] [The camera cuts over to the entrance where Gator is standing over a still hurting Candi Bratton. Suddenly, another figure all in black appears out of nowhere! ]

Todd: McGuire firing away at Mann with chops to- NINA MIYAGI!!! IT’S NINA MIYAGI!!!

[“The Arcane” Nina Miyagi grabs Gator by his shirt collar and throws him to the ground! Candi looks up just in time to see Nina smash a steel chair into her face!! ] [MEGA CROWD *POP*!]

Todd: OH NO!! Bratton getting attacked again!! Nina Miyagi nailing Bratton over the head with a steel chair!

[Nina throws the chair aside and pulls Candi up to her feet. Nina casually plants Candi’s head between her legs, lifts her up, and ++POWERBOMBS++ Candi *HARD* into the metal entrance platform!! ]


[Nina stares down at Candi and spits down at her. Nina shoots a brief glance at the crowd and casually walks away from the scene. The view returns to the LA Sports Arena. ]

Todd: Tremendous bad blood already spilled by both women! And tonight, it all boils to a head! “Tattle Tail” Candi Bratton, “The Arcane” Nina Miyagi, and Goblyn, get set to collide!

[The view shifts into the ring where Ring Announcer Cory Pratt is poised, microphone in hand. Just like everyone else, Cory’s wearing a Tux. ]

Cory: LLLLLLADIES AND GENTLEMEN! BOYS AND GIRLS!! CHILDREN OF ALL AGES!!! Wildcat Wrestling PROUDLY welcomes you to the Los Angeles Sports Arena for the first match of Angles & Amazons!

[Crowd *POP*!]

Cory: Fans, at this time I would like to make two announcements! First, due to a scheduling conflict, Wildcat wrestler Samantha Triumph will not be able to participate in tonight’s festivities…

[Mixed crowd *POP*]

Cory: Therefore, her place will be taken by Goblyn!

[Mixed *POP*!]

Cory: And SECONDLY, I would now like to introduce to all of you our +SPECIAL+ GUEST REFEREE!!

Gator: WHAT?!?

[The house lights dim and the arena is filled with flashing red and blue lights. The crowd jumps to their feet and pops hard as they hear the PA blaring out that familiar question, ” What Ya’ Goin’, What Ya’ Goin’, What Ya Goin’ Do?” As ‘Bad Boys’ by Inner Circle begins to play, the house lights come up and the camera focuses on a commotion in the crowd. We see the small figure of a uniformed police woman that could be none other than the former GDWA World Champion, Officer May Order, slapping high five’s with the fans as she moves through the crowd towards the ring. She stops and poses for a snap shot with two small kids before jumping over the safety rail. ]


Gator: Who’s that woman, Barker?

Todd: That woman, Gator, happens to be one of the most respected and greatest wrestlers in this sport!

[Double O jogs up the ring steps and then turn around to wave at the camera before back flipping into the ring. Once there she give the fans one last wave and then nods toward the announcers table. ]

Todd: We had absolutely no prior knowledge that May Order would be here tonight. Order has been a mainstay of what is now known as WISE. Due to injuries she hasn’t been able to compete for some time, but her presence here has to raise the obvious question that comes to my mind, Gator. Is Order coming to Wildcat?

Gator: Don’t ask me, Barker! I’ve only been calling women’s matches for a month now. The only wrestler I know or care about is Candi Bratton! Everyone else is dog fodder as far as I’m concerned!

Todd: Fans, while we have the chance, let’s catch some words from our combatants!

Nina Miyagi

[Every conceivable ounce of her compact, powerful body aches…Her senses weaves in and out of consciousness as every second passes, but in a puzzling and abstract way, she has never felt more alive in all of her waking life. Using her heavily taped right hand to push back the stray wisps of long raven-hued hair from the recently scratched and bruised facade of her Oriental features, ‘The Arcane’ Nina Miyagi, still dressed in her plain black T-Shirt, tight black leggings and thigh-length boots of the same shade, nods her head slowly towards the camera lens in recognition of its presence. Ultimately, however, the fighter from the Far East refuses to direct her stare wholly upon the aforementioned “window” in front of her. With a backdrop of seemingly unending rows of silent steel lockers enshrouding her, Nina straightens her standing posture to its fullest height and begins to break the silence with her whispering but strangely melodic and soothing vocal tones. ]

MIYAGI: “We are but a few minutes removed from one of the most intensive and agonizing crawls through emotional and physical distress that I have ever known…and to speak the harsh truth, the experience has only fueled my malevolent desire to push both myself and my poor, unfortunate victims onto higher plains of discernible anguish.”

[Nina pauses in her deliberations for a moment, but still her sparkling emerald green eyes do not fix upon the object that she is verbally addressing. With a slow and somewhat amused shake of her head, ‘The Arcane’ continues to speak. ]

MIYAGI: “Heidi Leick, you are truly a Hardcore Legend who is befitting of the honorary albeit intangible title bestowed upon you. In addition to this prestigious accolade, you can also take pride in the fact that you were the courageous individual that has once again freed the inner Demon that lay inexplicably trapped within me and breathed into it a new sense of unending purpose. For that unwittingly kind gesture, my thanks is forever eternal.”

[A hint of a malicious smile flits briefly across Miyagi’s lips, baring her white teeth into a momentary semblance of a snarl. With an unsettling abruptness however, the expression is gone, leaving us unsure of whether we really saw it the first place. ]

MIYAGI: “Suffice to say, I look forward to warring with you once more at a later point in time, ‘Diamond Girl’, and you can rest assured that when we do indeed furiously clash again, there will be no time limit. One of us will not walk away from the scene of attrition under their own power, Heidi, so our ‘next time’ could conceivably be your ‘last time’ in this sport…Take that profound musing into your nocturnal slumbers, my victim, and discover how well you now rest at night.

[Involuntarily, Nina begins to clench and unclench her hands in a slow rhythmical fashion, which exudes a certain sense of focused anticipation.]

MIYAGI: “However, for the interim, I must now focus my resources into desecrating the respective souls of Bratton and Triumph, in a ‘Chaos Rules’ Triple Threat match for the ownership of Wildcat’s ICC Championship belt.”

[ This time, there is no doubt…The Oriental openly scowls and with this, she directs the full intensity of her hateful gaze upon the aforementioned camera lens. ]

MIYAGI: ” ‘Tattle tail’, at the last Friday Night Prowl, you did taste just a fraction of the suffering that you will endure at my hands upon the date of March 20th, at the Multi-Federation Angels and Amazons event. You have no one else to blame for your punishment but the specters of your own foolhardy actions perpetrated against me, after the first match fought between us. Bratton did begin the motion, and now Miyagi [she places her right fist upon her chest, covering the area over her strongly beating heart] will unequivocally finish it. There is no other destiny lying in wait for we two warriors…”

[Gradually, the scene in front of us fades out to an ominous hue of blackness. Despite this fact though, the native of Tokyo continues to talk. The tone to her voice is now more chilling than originally realized. ]

MIYAGI: “Triumph…with the greatest of respect…the same destructive fate as Candi does also await you. The beast within me has been unleashed once more, and only your Gods can intervene to save you from your annihilation. The countdown to your obsolescence does begin now…”

[Fade out. The scene cuts backstage to the locker rooms. A Reporter knocks on Candi Bratton’s dressing room door. Candi opens the door and grumbles. ]

Candi Bratton

Candi: Get out of my [censored] way!

Reporter: Candi! It’s your first title opportunity in any league… wha…

[Candi brushes past the reporter on her way to the ring.]

Candi: I said, ‘Get out of my [censored] way!’ Are you deaf, or just stupid, you ugly son of a [censored]! Now… stay out of my [censored] way or I’ll hurt you…

[The reporter quickly steps aside and Candi heads to the ring. The scene quickly cuts back to the ring and Cory Pratt. ]

Candi Bratton vs. Nina Miyagi vs. Goblyn

Cory: The following contest is a special Triple Threat Chaos Match! There is NO time limit, NO countout, NO disqualification, and pinfalls can occur from anywhere in the building!!

[Crowd *POP*!]

Cory: Introducing the first participant! She hails from Bovill, ID, and weighs in at 185 pounds. Here is “TATTLE TAIL” CANDIIIIIII BRAAAAATTON!!!!!

[“Sex and Candy” begins to play across the arena, as “Tattle Tail” Candi Bratton steps through the curtain. She looks to be about 180 pounds of hard, tough woman. She has a bulky look, that doesn’t make her look fat, but stocky. She stops mid-aisle to tie the back of her hair up into a ponytail… she sneers at the audience and give them the bird. She steps close to some of the ringsiders and steals someone’s soda… then tosses it into the air as it rains all over the audience, as we hear a few squeals from some of the female audience members over getting soaked with coke and ice. Candi is wearing a black singlet, which is covered with an oversized T-shirt that reads “I vacationed in LA, and all I got was carjacked!” She jaws to a few of the fans as she finally makes her way towards the ring. She walks over to the ring, and grabs the cord for the mic and jerks it out of the ring announcer’s hand, causing a few loud thumps and a squeal to emit from the loud system. Candi looks out at the audience and begins to speak.]

Candi: So this is LA… huh?

[Crowd *pops*]

Candi: I guess that explains the [censored] smell!

[Crowd boos loudly.]

Candi: At least I don’t have to watch lousy baseball! We all know that LA sucks at baseball!

[Crowd begins to toss their empty drink containers down towards ringside…]

Candi: At least we know that people in LA have no [censored] manners! Of course, you have no parents either! I’m not here to make any [censored] friends… I’m here to win my first title… and let me tell you something… I’ve already buried that [censored] candyass, Nina Miyagi… so she’ll be lucky to even show up! And I’ve been waiting to get my hands on that bitch, Susan Triumph… but she’s been hiding in the shadows, avoiding Candi Bratton cause she knows I’m gonna beat her ass! So get those pansies out here and let’s start this [censored] show!

[Candi slides into the ring and waits.]

Todd: I think someone should tell Candi that Samantha isn’t here.

Gator: Don’t concern yourself with Candi, Barker! She’s ready.

Cory: Introducing the second participant! From Tokyo, Japan! She weighs in at 147 pounds: Here is “THE ARCANE” NINNNNNNNNNNAAAAA MIYAAAAGI!!!!!!

[With an abruptness that proves to be disorientating to the fans in the arena, the lights suddenly cut out to an eerie all-encompassing darkness. As some spectators scream in excited anticipation and others feverishly spark their cigarette lighters into action, the black void partially lifts, when a soft blue light merges into the atmosphere. Accompanying the strangely unsettling aquamarine hue, an abstract but somehow soothing keyboard wash emerges from the state-of-the-art PA system, which then suddenly mutates into Lionsheart’s bluesy but brooding musical creation that is named “So Cold”. Upon the instance when the bass, guitar and drums lock together and work as one, a turquoise-tinted spotlight behind the transparent material of the connecting curtain bursts into life, revealing a silhouetted compact, female form standing perfectly upright with her hands resting comfortably upon her hips.

In exact unison with this happening, the Video Wall above the entrance also comes alive to depict one simple word that is projected against a pitch black backdrop in a 3-D icy-white shade…That word is:

             ____________________   __ ____
            /\  []  /  __ /   \  \ |  |  _ /
           /0 \    /_ |__/ []  \  \|  | |_
          /    \     \   \     |      |  _|
         /__/\__\_|\__\___\_|\_|__|\__| |_

With the crowd now rising quickly to their collective feet and cheering at the top of their voices, the “silhouette” pauses in her motionless stance for a few seconds more, before stepping forward into the fray. …This fighter can only be one woman…She is the impassive and unrelenting facilitator of the devastating “Mask Of Ultimate Suffering” …She is…NINA MIYAGI…

The dark-haired, 147lb athlete from the Far East wears a simple black T-shirt [that sports a design across the chest that bears an exact resemblance to the scene depicted on the aforementioned video wall] upon her upper body, while tight, black leggings and thigh length boots of an identical color hugs her lower extremities. Added to this, her usual ensemble, there is thick, dark-hued insulation tape that tightly encircles both of her wrists and spreads out to envelop the entirety of her respective fists. The tape has been applied to her in the faultless manner that is reminiscent of how all Professional boxers fasten their hands up, before they don their gloves. From this simple and almost understated detail, it is now patently obvious to all that Nina is no stranger to the genre of ‘No DQ’ fighting.

With her emerald green eyes afire with a very real sense of defiance and an intimidating, all-encompassing sense of seething hatred infusing her entire body, Miyagi slides under the bottom rope and seemingly glides to the center of the ring. Immediately, she raises her right hand high into the air, and the fans react to this gesture with another deafening wave of positive noise.]


[The crowd *POPS* as Candi flies into Nina with a flurry of punches and forearm shots!]

Todd: Bratton wailing away- AND MIYAGI FIGHTS BACK!! Both women throwing punches at one another! Order stepping in to- AND Bratton shoves her to the mat!!

Gator: Good going Candi! The cop wannabe got what she deserved for sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong!

Todd: Bratton and Miyagi tying up one another along the ropes now! Both women fighting for any leverage they can get! And Bratton shoves Miyagi across the ring! Tremendous strength- SPEAR!! MIYAGI SPEARS BRATTON!!

[ The crowd *POPS* wildly as Nina shrugs off the toss, flips back up to her feet, and flies headlong into Candi with a vicious spear! ]

Todd: Miyagi punching Bratton in the face repeatedly! Cover!!!

May: ………1!


Todd: KICKOUT!! Bratton trying to sit up, but Miyagi shoves her back down. Elbow smash! Bratton up- NO! Miyagi puts her back down! And a vicious knife edge to Bratton’s throat!

Gator: Hey Barker, where’s Goblyn? Isn’t she supposed to be in the ring?

Todd: You’re right, Gator. Goblyn hasn’t made her entrance yet! I don’t recall hearing the bell either? Has this match officially started yet?

Gator: I didn’t hear the bell ring. What’s Order waiting for? Ring the damn bell and count that freak Goblyn out!

[Nina pulls Candi off the mat and whips her into the ropes.]

Todd: POWERSLAM! Miyagi with a textbook move, and now a chin lock! I’m not entirely certain how Order should proceed here. I don’t think she’s even realized that the bell hasn’t gone off! Bratton and Miyagi started off so quickly that I think it threw everyone off.

Gator: Bratton getting up to her feet. Waistlock.  . .BACKDROP!

Todd: Both women slow to their feet… Bratton over to Miyagi, and she tosses her through the ropes!

Gator: Here we go Barker! Now’s where the fun begins!

Todd: Bratton following to the outside. Bratton grabbing a chair out from under one of the ring attendants!

[Candi swings the chair at Nina, but Nina ducks the shot!]

Todd: Bratton misses! Miyagi with a kick! Waistlock….BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX ONTO THE FLOOR!!!

[Crowd *POP*!]

Todd: May Order over by the timekeeper’s table. I think they’re discussing what to do.


Gator: Are they stopping the match or starting it?

Todd: No one’s making any move to stop the match, so it looks like Order won’t wait for Goblyn to show. This match is official started, I guess, Gator.

Gator: I don’t like being confused, Barker! Order should go back to being a meter maid and leave the Officiating to the professionals!

Todd: May Order is an official Police Officer with the San Francisco Police Department, Gator. There’s nothing false about her. Miyagi trying to wrench Bratton’s right knee with a leg twist. Release, and a hair pull pickup. Suplex- NO! Bratton blocks! Kneelift! And an axe handle to the back of the next puts Miyagi down!!

Gator: Candi pulls her up and drags her over to the timekeepers table.

Todd: Bratton plants Miyagi’s head between her legs… Waistlock lift… OH!

<!*! CRUNCH!*!>


[The crowd *POPS* wildly as Candi puts Nina through the small timekeepers table with a ‘Razor’s Edge’ crucifix power bomb!]

Todd: Devastating move by Bratton!!

Gator: I love it Barker! By the time Candi’s finished with her, Bantock will need a sponge to soak up what’s left of Miyagi!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

[The crowd turns towards the main aisle as a figure heads down.]

May: ………..1!


Todd: NO! Bratton can’t put Miyagi away! Hang on a second… Who’s that?

[The camera cuts to the aisle to show the unpredictable Goblyn pulling a flatbed cart +loaded+ with odds and ends!!]

Todd: It’s Goblyn!!

Gator: And she’s come prepared!

[Goblyn is a white female with wild, long purple and green hair that looks like it hasn’t been washed once in the last decade. Goblyn’s wearing a torn and stained purple singlet over bright green tights that are also torn and soiled, revealing black nylon underneath the spots that are ripped, as well as purple boots and fingerless gloves. As for the cart that Goblyn pulled along, well, it’s got a ton of goodies! There’s a metal garbage can that’s full of mops, brooms, plastic containers, and other items that can’t be seen yet. Also on the cart is a rubber tire from a car and a metal pail. ]

Todd: Bratton firing away on Miyagi with punches to the face…

Gator: Goblyn’s got a bucket!

Todd: Goblyn from behind…. OH!

[Goblyn dumps the contents of the pail over Candi’s head, and then smashes the pail over her head!]

Todd: Bratton covered in… I don’t know what that is. It looks like a mix of ketchup, mustard, relish, and mayonnaise.

Gator: Ugh, that’s it is, Barker! I can see the pickles and special sauce!!

Todd: Goblyn wailing away on Bratton with that metal pail! Wait, Miyagi grabs Goblyn from behind- OH!!


[The crowd *POPS* as Nina whips Goblyn into the garbage pail that _was_ filled with the brooms and such!]

Todd: Miyagi grabbing a broom from the wreckage and starts whacking Goblyn across the back with it!!


Gator: But Candi hits Miyagi from behind with the timekeeper’s bell! She knocked her out cold!!

Todd: Miyagi out on the floor, and now Bratton pulls her the ring apron and reaches under the ring! She’s pulling out a table!!

Gator: Candi setting up the table in the aisle. Oh yeah! She’s spreading Miyagi onto the table, Barker!!

Todd: Miyagi in a world of trouble here! Bratton up onto the ring apron…

[Candi flips off the crowd and then takes a running leap off the ring apron!]


Todd: RUNNING ELBOW DROP THROUGH THE TABLE!!!! Bratton connecting, and destroying the table in the process!!

Gator: This is great! Candi’s kickin’ ass!

Todd: Bratton slowly getting up from the mess-


Todd: OH! Goblyn smashes Bratton over the head with that garbage can!!! Bratton down, and Goblyn dragging her onto that flatbed!

Gator: What’s she doing? I don’t like this, Barker! That woman’s a living death trap!!

Todd: Goblyn wheeling Bratton up the aisle! Good Lord, where is she taking her!

[The crowd cheers on as Goblyn pushes the flatbed, with Candi, up the aisle and through the entrance. Nina is slowly pulling herself from the table wreckage and, seeing that Nina is okay, May sprints up the aisle in pursuit. ]

Gator: What’s happening? I can’t see anything on my monitor!

Todd: Do we have any cameras back there? We. . . Fans I understand we have someone backstage.

[The view shifts from the ring area to the underground parking lot. Goblyn still has Candi on the flatbed and is pushing her faster and faster . . .]


Todd: OH!! Goblyn just drove Candi and the flatbed into a bunch of light stands! Bratton buried beneath all that metal!!

Gator: This isn’t good! It’s not supposed to be going like this, Barker! Goblyn’s not even supposed to be here!!

Todd: It’s out of our hands, Gator. Goblyn sifting through the wreckage and pulling Bratton free- LOW BLOW BY BRATTON!!

Gator: ALRIGHT!!

Todd: Bratton with a waistlock, and BACKDROPS Goblyn back into that mess of lights!! Both of these women are putting one another through hell!!

Gator: C’mon Candi! Pin her and get your belt!

Todd: Bratton pulling Goblyn up. Goblyn being dragged across the lot, and, GOOD LORD NO!!


Todd: BRATTON JUST SMASHED GOBLYN FACE FIRST THROUGH A WINDSHIELD!!! She just destroyed one of the emergency Ambulances parked down there!!

Gator: Bantock’s going to have to make an appearance on Win Ben Stein’s Money to pay off the damage that’s happening here!

Todd: Bratton pulling Goblyn free from the window and shoves her to the concrete. Here the COVER!

May: ……..1!




Gator: That was the slowest count I’ve ever seen! A comatose quadriplegic baboon could count faster than Order!!

Todd: Give Goblyn some credit, Gator. She’s taken the fight to Bratton and she’s taken it back in turn!

Gator: You’ll see me married to Playboy Ronnie D before I give that woman any credit! She a menace to society!

Todd: Bratton’s making her way around to the rear of the ambulance. What’s she. . .

Gator: She’s got a stretcher, Barker!

Todd: Indeed she does! Bratton setting up the stretcher, and she’s putting Goblyn on it!!

Gator: I smell some payback!

Todd: Bratton climbing up onto the hood- she’s going onto the roof! What’s she going to do from there!

Gator: She’s going to squash her back to whatever hole she crawled out from!

Todd: Bratton perched up high and- WAIT!! Miyagi’s there! Miyagi climbing onto the ambulance as well! And we got a fight!!

[The crowd roars as they watch on the big screen as Candi and Nina trade punches on the roof of the ambulance!]

Todd: Good lord! I never thought I’d see a wrestling match on the roof of a- OH! BRATTON AND MIYAGI FELL OFF THE ROOF AND SMASHED ONTO GOBLYN AND THAT STRETCHER!!!!!

[Crowd *POP*!]

Gator: That’s it! It’s over! Candi’s got it!

Todd: No one is moving, Gator. Not even Candi Bratton!! All three women are collapsed in exhaustion! Good lord. Order looking over the wreckage. There’s not much she can do in this situation either. She’s a spectator for the most part.

Gator: I don’t like her, Barker. She just looks like she’d stab her own grandmother for a drink!

Todd: I guess, Gator, it’s too much for me to expect you to show some proper respect for a former World Champion.

Gator: She’s no Candi Bratton, and that’s all there is to it! Candi’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. She’s a real humanitarian!

Todd: After we’re though here I’m going to have to look at that dictionary you’re using because your interpretations are seriously questionable!!

Gator: Admit it! You’d stab your own mother in the back too, wouldn’t you, Barker!

Todd: I’d never lay a hand on my mother, and I resent the implication!

Gator: I knew it!

Todd: Getting back to _reality_, Bratton looks like she’s the first to get up.

Gator: I can smell the gold, Barker, and so can Candi!

Todd: Bratton stumbling away from the mess and over to a crowd of onlookers that have formed back there. OH! Of all the- Bratton just grabbed a fan and pulled him out of his wheelchair!

Gator: It’s war, Barker! He had it coming to him!

Todd: He had nothing- I can’t believe what you’re saying, Gator! Bratton has that poor man’s wheelchair! I think she’s going to try to use it as a weapon!

Gator: Don’t listen to them Candi! Do what you have to do! Winning is all that matters!

Todd: Miyagi up and leaning against the side of the ambulance. Bratton swings the chair- MISSES!! Miyagi ducks the shot! And now Miyagi with a kick to the stomach!

[Candi drops the wheelchair and Nina plants her head between her legs.]

Todd: Miyagi setting up Bratton! Waistlock.  . .She’s got her up! Powerbomb- no, she falls back and drops Bratton across the hood of the ambulance! THAT’S HER FINISHER!!! THAT’S THE MASK OF ULTIMATE SUFFERING!!!

[MEGA crowd *POP*! Nina drops down onto Candi and hooks a leg! ]


May: ……..1!






[MASSIVE CROWD *POP* as May lifts Nina’s limp arm up!]


Cory: Ladies and gentlemen! The winner of this Triple Threat Chaos Match, and the _FIRST_ /EVER/ WILDCAT INTERNATIONAL CARNAL CLASS CHAMPION: “THE ARCANE” NINNNNNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA MIYAGI!!!!!!!!!!

Gator: No no NO!! It’s not supposed to happen like this!!! That’s Candi’s belt!

[A Wildcat official hands over the newly minted ICC Championship Belt to May Order, who happily hands it over to Nina Miyagi. Nina hunches in a ball on the floor with the belt clutched underneath her. ]

Todd: Wow. This just been an incredible match. All three women gave it their all. Nina Miyagi stands not only as the victor now, but as the first ever title holder in Wildcat Wrestling history. The World Heavyweight Title will be awarded in April at the Spring Hunt PPV, but right now, Nina is the best in Wildcat!

Gator: Wait… That’s right! Since Miyagi won tonight, it means she won’t be able to wrestle for the World Title! That means Candi will be the first World Heavyweight Champ!

Todd: It’s too early to make that statement, Gator.

Gator: NO! She’s going to win it! Don’t you see? The she didn’t win here tonight because she’s destined to become the World Champ! It’s destiny, Barker!!

[May helps Nina to her feet, and Nina proudly hoists the Title above her head, which draws a great cheer from the fans!]

Todd: WAIT A SECOND! Bratton’s up and she shoves Nina to the floor! And ORDER SHOVES BRATTON AWAY!!

[Crowd *POP*!]

Todd: Bratton trying to lunge at Order, but security quickly swarms in and holds her back! May Order takes her responsibilities seriously, and it’s a mistake for anyone to test her resolve!

Gator: If Order’s smart, she better NOT show her face in Wildcat, or Candi will eat her alive!

Todd: Fans, our time is coming to an end! It’s been a tremendous honor for all of us to be here! On behalf of everyone in Wildcat, we hope you enjoy the rest of the evening’s festivities! For Gator Williams, I’m Todd Barker! We hope to see you on April 2nd for the next Friday Night Prowl! Good evening!!

[We see “The Arcane” Nina Miyagi as she offers a bow to the camera…] [We cut back to the Angels & Amazons broadcast position. There we see Jack and JP.]

JP: Wow! What can I say but wow! And of course congratulations to “The Arcane” Nina Miyagi on that incredible win! Wow.

JS: How many times can you say that tonight Winslow? If it more than that many, I’m gonna have to throw you all the way from here to the ring. Got it?

JP: Jack Spector, no need for excess aggression here tonight…

JS: Aggression? This is a wrestling event Winslow! Are we so high that your toupee glue is killing brains cells faster?

JP: Well folks the action just keeps on going here at Angels & Amazons. And what a match we have coming up for you. Jack?

JS: In the past Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance was considered the end all and be all of women’s wrestling. Not by me mind you, I’ve always been an LPWL fan myself, but hey who am I to judge the masses. Recently they closed down and were reborn as Women’s International Sports Entertainment, or WISE for short. Well now we get to see how wise they are.

JP: Let’s head down and join the WISE team at ringside.

[Camera turns its attention to ringside where the WISE announce team has taken their place.]

Ed: Thank you for that warm welcome! WISE is ready to rock the house tonight as part of the Angels and Amazons PPV! This weekend, WISE has sanctioned two championship matches for your viewing pleasure. I’m Ed Bagel, and with me tonight are Sam Mutt and Sonya Blade. Tonight, we will see a WISE Lightweight Title match pitting current champion Rachel Edwards against rookie sensation Maggie McGuire! Sam… Maggie has yet to be pinned in active competition… her only loss was in a three way ladder match that crowned Rachel as champion. Prediction?

Sam: Heh… after Rachel Edwards’ astounding performance during that match, as well as her defeat of Hannah Blue… I don’t see anyone derailing Rachel Edwards.

Sonya: I have to disagree. No one is on a hotter streak than Maggie McGuire… she didn’t let that non-win in the ladder match detour her from her goal, which is to become the WISE Lightweight champion. I don’t consider that ladder match to be a defeat, no matter what the records say. Maggie McGuire has yet to be pinned in WISE and tonight will be no exception… she will defeat the “Ice Queen”, especially after her actions just three weeks ago against Hannah Blue, where she exposed her true color.. Yellow.

Ed: And tomorrow night, we will feature a match that pits current WISE Universal Champion, “The Show” Sierra Browne against “The Hardcore Queen” Heidi Leick. However, Sierra Browne was allowed to pick the stipulations for this match and it will be a strict scientific matchup. No punches. No kicking with the toe. No deliberately throwing her opponent out of the ring

Sam: This match is tailor made for Sierra Browne. I gotta go with her. Heidi is a ‘hardcore’ girl and will be totally outclassed here by Sierra Browne.

Sonya: I have to agree. However with Heidi Leick now associated with Andrea Chandler… I have to wonder if this is all a set up for the biggest screw job in wrestling history. It could spell trouble for Sierra Browne in the end.

Ed: However, up tonight, the Lightweight title match, so let’s go down to the ring where ring announcer, Christine Donahue is standing by.

[Camera fades to the ring, where Christine is standing, waiting.]

Christine: Ladies and gentlemen in the arena, and people watching all over the world on PPV. WISE is /in/ /the/ /house!/

[Fans pop loudly!]

Christine: I’ve got only one question for you… Are you ready to tear the house down?!?

[Crowd *pops* for Christine.]

Christine: I’m afraid I can’t hear you… I need some NOISE!

[The crowd gets louder…]

Christine: C’mon Los Angeles… MAKE MY EARS BLEED!!

[The crowd is almost deafening, as Christine grins from ear to ear.]

Christine: Then LET’S GET IT ON!

[The music from ‘Violet’ by Savage Garden starts…”If there’s a way that you could be everything you want to be, would you complain that it came to easy?”]

Maggie McGuire

[The camera fades in

Maggie is seen bent over, tying the laces of her wrestling boots, Huachuca is at her feet.

Hannah enters, “Hello Maggie, sorry I’m late but my plane got in late.”

Maggie looks up, “Hannah! I’m glad you could make it. Have you heard that crowd? It’s going to be a great match tonight.”

Hannah moves to lower herself onto the bench by her tag team partner, “I did, I found my seat before I came back here. I’ve got a fantastic seat near the front.”

Maggie finishes and straightens, “You missed some of the great matches they’ve had so far. I’ll catch you up when I finish mine….well partner, wish me luck.”

Hannah holds out her hand, “Go get her, girl. How about melting that “Ice”?

Maggie returns the handshake, “You know I’m going to give it my best shot. Who knows, maybe Miss Edwards is in for a rude awakening.”

[Camera fades out

WISE Lightweight Championship: Rachel Edwards vs. Maggie McGuire

Christine: This match is for one fall with a 45 minute time limit, and it is for the WISE Lightweight Championship! Introducing first… being led to the ring by her tag team partner, Hannah Blue… here is the challenger… weighing in at 120 pounds… she has never been pinned in her pro wrestling career.. Here is the “Firestar”… Maggie McGuire!

[The crowd *pops* as Maggie steps out wearing black wrestling boots, black fingerless gloves, black briefs, a sleeveless shirt-black at the bottom with flames rising from the blackness to reach up the shirt as the black lightens to a sheer black fabric over the shoulders. Her hair is pulled back into a French braid. She pauses for a moment, flashing a smile and waving to the crowd before she starts down the aisle, slapping hands with fans who reach across the guardrails as she makes her way to the ring. Huachuca follows at her heels, taking his place outside the ring as Maggie enters. Hannah Blue steps through the curtain behind Maggie and follows her as she heads to the ring. The song continues as she enters the ring. “I’ve got a dream to take you over, exploding like a super nova, I’m gonna crash into your world and that’s no lie.” She moves to her corner, pulling against the ropes to do a final stretch of her muscles as she awaits Rachel’s entrance.]

Christine: And introducing… the champion…

[The opening chords of “Nutshell” by Alice in Chains fill the arena, and the crowd erupts in a decidedly heel pop, though there are a few cheers. The lights go down, and a dark blue spotlight hits the entrance.]

Christine: She weighs in at 128 pounds… and she is the current WISE Lightweight Champion… please welcome… Rachel… “Ice”… Edwards!

[The crowd continues to, for the most part, boo, but Rachel doesn’t appear. The crowd becomes impatient, when suddenly, the lights come up, and Rachel’s lovely face appears on the widescreen. She’s still dressed in street clothes, and doesn’t seem to be prepared to wrestle, though the WISE Lightweight Championship _is_ draped over her right shoulder. She smiles, then chuckles slightly, shaking her head.]

RE: Maggie Maggie Maggie…

[She continues to shake her head.]

RE: Dear, here we are, in front of one of the largest audiences for a female wrestling pay per view in history, and there you are, expecting to get a shot at the WISE Lightweight Champion.

I suppose you’ve changed your strategy slightly since my little outburst against Hannah Blue, your new special friend. Well, Maggie, guess what?

I’m still the champion. And she’s not.

And if anybody has a problem with this little equation, well then, let them come talk to me about it. I’d be glad to put two and two together for them. But you, Maggie…

Do you have a problem with this? Well, sweetie, if you do, that’s too bad. Because you see…

I don’t know if I’m in the mood to defend this title against you.

[The crowd erupts in boos.]

RE: I mean, seriously, what credentials do you have that deem you worthy of a title shot? What makes you think you are worthy of getting a shot at the WISE Lightweight Title, against the queen of the Cruiserweight division? The woman who single-handedly knocked GDWA great Officer Order straight onto the disabled list. The woman who not only defeated but _humiliated_ your friend Hannah Blue just 3 weeks ago. What makes you think you are even worthy of lacing my wrestling boots, not to mention step into the ring against me with my WISE Lightweight Title on the line?

[Rachel chuckles. All the while, the crowd continues to boo and Maggie McGuire begins to look impatient.]

RE: Oh Maggie, Maggie, Maggie… I’ll let you bring up your win over me. But first off, _that_ was in the GDWA, when I was a little less experienced, and a lot more out of touch with the truth. Second, Maggie, I was feeling a little under the weather. The doctor told me that I wasn’t to wrestle, but I refused to listen…

[By now the constant heel pop has reached enormous heights, almost drowning out Rachel. Maggie McGuire is shaking her head.]

RE: You look bored, Maggie. Is there something wrong?

[She laughs, and the crowd reaction actually gets louder and more hate-filled.]

RE: Oh, I don’t know Maggie, I don’t know why I even bothered to give this little interview. I don’t know why I didn’t just stay in San Diego and no show for this little event. Oh yeah, now I know…

Because toying with your minds and seeing your personal torment is only too much fun. This game is a little too much fun. Maybe that’s why I’m carrying it on for so long. But Maggie, you don’t look like you’re having any fun. Why’s that? Is there something wrong? Do you want me to come out there and fight you? Is that it?

[The crowd begins to cheer at the thought of finally seeing a fight. Maggie motions for Rachel to come out, but Rachel only begins to laugh more.]

RE: No, no, it’s not quite that easy. You see, you have to prove that you deserve this title shot. Once again, we go back to where we started. Personally, I see Jenny Grier as the number one contender… oh wait, I already beat her without any trouble. Hannah’s already out, I slapped her around like a red headed stepchild. I crippled the elder legend Officer Order, so she’s out too. I’d fight Lady Tiger, but she all of a sudden disappeared. Amanda Knight’s the North American Heritage Champion, so she has a good reason to stay away from the queen of the Cruiserweight division. Then there’s the “Big Smooth” Stephani Weathers…

[Rachel begins to crack up.]

RE: No, I think I’ll leave that one alone. And Lady Luck sure as hell isn’t lucky enough to get a win, not to mention face me.

So, unfortunately, I guess I’ll have to step into the ring with you sooner or later. You’re all that’s left. I beat you, and we can successfully renamed this title the WISE Ice Queen Title. Since that’s what all of you fans like to call me, isn’t it?

[The fans start up an “Ice Queen” chant, and Rachel stops, biting her lip slightly, before continuing as the chant grows.]

RE: You fans really are pathetic, you know that? You’re sad, sorry idiots.

[The boos, as well as the “Ice Queen” chant, grow louder.]

RE: Well Maggie, since I have to fight you to become the premiere lightweight, as well as the most beautiful, in the WISE, I guess I will.

[Fans cheer, and Maggie starts to look up a bit.]

RE: Oh no, not tonight. No, I won’t fight you tonight. Why should I? I mean…

Ed: Hold on one second… Rachel Edwards, climbing over the guardrailing… she’s definitely ready to wrestle… and she has the Lightweight title in hand…

RE: (on screen) … We’re here at Amazons and Angels, in front of a huge audience, most of whom could, quite frankly, kiss my <bleep>…

[Crowd erupts in boos. Rachel, title in hand, slides into the ring behind Maggie.]

RE: But still, this is a big forum, a great way to showcase my incredible talents, so maybe Maggie, just maybe I’ll fight you. As a matter of fact, I think I will. Get ready Maggie. Five… four… three… two… one… Houston, we have a problem.

No Maggie, come to think of it, just you have a problem.

[Hannah Blue turns around and spots Rachel attempting a sneak attack and points it out to Maggie who turns around just as Rachel tries to nail her with the belt, however Maggie ducks and Rachel’s swing is a wild one that doesn’t connect, but Maggie NAILS her with a spinning heel kick! The crowd POPS loudly!]

Sonya: Rachel set that all up and it backfired, thanks to Hannah Blue! She learned her lesson during her last encounter with Rachel, when the champion shed her skin and revealed herself for the snake that she truly is.

Sam: What are you talking about? She’s no snake… that’s Medusa Rage. Rachel Edwards is just misunderstood!

Ed: Maggie McGuire with a series of chops that forces Rachel into the corner. She sets up Rachel for the ride into the far corner… and charges in.

Sonya: Rachel ducking out of the way and spinning around to nail Maggie with a punch, and Maggie ducks and lifts Rachel up and out of the ring with a back drop and Rachel stumbles into the steel railing..

Sam: I think she knocked herself out! Maggie should be disqualified for that.

Sonya: For what?!?

Sam: For throwing Rachel over the top rope!

Sonya: That rule has been discarded long ago, Sam.

Ed: Rachel slowly getting to her feet… and trying to get her bearings back… she rolls into the ring and immediately offers her hand to Maggie McGuire..

Sonya: She wants to be friends now… how quaint.

Ed: Maggie looking out into the crowd, and down to Hannah who is shaking her head… Maggie shakes her head and starts to back away, but Rachel jabs a thumb to the eye and Maggie is blinded!

Sam: Sucker… I used to think Maggie was cute, but I’m not so certain she’s all that bright.

Sonya: Rachel with a headlock, and she pulls Maggie to the rope and runs her forehead across that top rope! Rachel with a clothesline and Maggie goes down!

Sam: And Rachel is putting the boots to Maggie… she walks over and says a few things to Hannah who does NOT look pleased… Like Rachel cares.

Ed: Rachel pulls up Maggie and locks her in. BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX that plants Maggie into the mat. She gets up and has a few words with some of the wonderful Los Angeles residents in attendance.

Sonya: Maggie is slow to get up… but Rachel is off the ropes and catches Maggie with a neckbreaker… cover… one… two… KICKOUT by Maggie.

Sam: Rachel pulls up Maggie and hits a beautiful snap suplex… and covers her again… one… tw… another kickout by McGuire.

[The crowd begins an “ICE QUEEN” chant.]

Sonya: That strikes a nerve with Rachel. She’s not happy about that at all. Rachel off the ropes… and DROPKICK! NO! Maggie drops down, and Rachel completely misses that dropkick and Hannah urging Maggie on.

Ed: Maggie gets to her feet… and NAILS Rachel with a springboard Bulldog! Maggie locks in a suplex… no… Looks like a Fisherman Suplex… NO! She modifies it into a Fisherman Brainbuster! Cover by Maggie… one… two… KICKOUT by Rachel.

Sam: Rachel is still in this one… she’s pulling herself up by the far ropes. Maggie off the ropes… CROSS BODY BLOCK! HAHA! But Rachel pulls down the top rope and Maggie soars over and to the floor! Classic!

Sonya: That was low. Maggie in a sitting position on the floor. She’s holding her right shoulder. She must have banged it against the guardrailing or the floor.

Ed: Rachel Edwards going out of the ring… Hannah trying to go over to help Maggie, but the stern warning from the ref and she stays in her corner… Rachel grabbing a steel chair and NAILS Maggie on the shoulder.

Sonya: She’s really working on that shoulder now. In the past, everyone has focused on Maggie’s knee, but failed in getting a win over her… so I think Rachel is attempting a different tactic. She whips Maggie into the steel ring post.

Sam: More damage to that shoulder area… Rachel rolls Maggie back into the ring, sliding in afterwards. Rachel with a kick. NO! Maggie catches the foot… but Rachel counters with an enzuigiri kick! NO! Maggie ducks and Rachel hits the mat.

Ed: Rachel quickly to her feet, but she is met with a thrust kick to the chin! Rachel staggers back into the ropes. Maggie pulls her back and locks her in for a NICE gut wrench power bomb! She holds the cover! One… two… KICKOUT by the champion.

Sonya: Maggie mounting a comeback here. She’s still favoring that shoulder. Maggie springboards off the ropes and flips over onto Rachel with a MOOONSAULT!

Ed: Maggie is up and tapping her forearm for the audience. I think ‘Firestar’ going for the “Flamethrower”. She springboards off and NAILS a forearm smash! That’s the “Flamethrower”! But the force of that move hurls Rachel through first and second ropes and she goes to the floor.

Sam: I think Maggie is going after her. Let’s see some dirty stuff for a change, Maggie!

Sonya: Cut it out. Maggie to the outside. She rolls Rachel back into the ring. Rachel is begging off into the corner. Watch out, Maggie. Hannah Blue is yelling it too.

Ed: Maggie moves in and delivers a kick to the midsection of Rachel, then a spinning karate kick to the side of the head of Rachel and she is on woozy street now..

Sam: I’ve been there a couple of times, after a few brews anyways.

Sonya: Maggie is setting up for “Phoenix Rising”. She sets up the surfboard… and turns it upside down for an upside down surfboard… and Rachel is in a lot of pain!

Sam: Maggie loosens the arms… and Rachel is hanging by her knees! Referee is asking if she wants to submit… but Rachel is shaking her head… Rake the eyes or something, Rach! Don’t give up!

Ed: Maggie’s face a picture of determination, however she’s having trouble holding Rachel up. Rachel continues to shake her head. This is Maggie’s finisher and she’s gotten a few wins with it.

Sonya: Rachel trying something… she’s trying to arch out of it… but to no avail. OH! Maggie can’t hold her up any longer. And the hold is broken! I must admit that Rachel was very resilient there.

Sam: She’s a goddess! And she’s still the champion!

Ed: For now… Maggie getting to her feet, but she’s met with a right hand into the gut and she staggers back. Rachel NAILS Maggie with a drop kick. Maggie getting up and Rachel bounces off the ropes and hits a nice swinging neckbreaker.

Sam: Maggie again to her feet… and Rachel NAILS her with the ‘Icekick’ to the chin! It’s over! She’s going for the vertical DDT… she calls it “The Freeze”… and she NAILS it! Call in a coffin… it’s OVER!

Sonya: Rachel dusting her hands off signifying that this one is over. Nonchalant cover by Rachel. One… two… three… NO! Maggie gets her shoulder up at the last possible moment! Rachel is pissed!

Ed: Rachel is up and in the ref’s face. She wants to be declared the winner and Maggie is not moving on the mat. Rachel pushes the ref and he pushes back! From behind, Maggie rolls up Rachel! One… two… thre… KICKOUT by Rachel!

Sonya: Rachel is up and stomping on Maggie… she is furious! Hannah Blue encouraging Maggie on… Rachel with a crosswhip. Maggie hits the corner and Rachel comes in after her. But Maggie nails her with an elbow smash!

Sam: Maggie on the second turnbuckle and BULLDOG! Maggie calling again for the “Phoenix Rising”! She’s hooking it in.


Ed: We have a bell?

Sonya: What’s going on? Maggie heard the bell and she looks a bit confused. The referee is conferring with the timekeeper. Then Christine Donahue…

Christine: Ladies and Gentlemen. The 45 minute time limit has expired…

Sam: It’s been that long already?

Christine: the referee has determined that this match is a draw.

[Fans begin to boo at that announcement.]

Christine: Therefore… Rachel Edwards retains the WISE Lightweight Championship.

[Fans begin an “Ice Queen” chant, as Rachel slowly moves to a sitting position and Maggie looks a bit disappointed. She exits the ring and begins to walk back with Hannah.]

Sonya: Maggie was a few minutes away from winning this thing… I’m sure of it.

Sam: Are you kidding me? Rachel had Maggie rocking and reeling.

Ed: Regardless… Rachel Edwards retains the Lightweight Title, and we can be sure that there will be a rematch somewhere down the line. We’re going to turn it over to the next crew, but we’ll be back tomorrow for the WISE Universal Title match! Enjoy the rest of the card!

[We cut away to the crowd…] [We pan to the Angels & Amazons broadcast position and Jack & JP.]

JS: Well that was a bit disappointing.

JP: What are you talking about Jack? That was a tremendous contest of light heavyweights! How was it a disappointment?

JS: Draw? Draw? That referee should be taken out back and beaten. In fact I think I just might after we are done today. I wanted to see a winner and the fans did too! I mean 45 minutes and no winner? Come on!

JP: I would like to apologize to the wrestlers and front office and officials of WISE for the comments being made by Jack Spector at this moment in time. These comments do not reflect the thoughts of the front office of Angels & Amazons.

JS: Hardy har rug head. Who put you up to that, yer boss…I mean wife…Madame President? Let’s just introduce the next match funny guy.

JP: Well we were scheduled to have a match from the International Female Wrestling Federation, pitting Jacki “the Jailbird” Frost against Nikki Foxx. But according to our backstage people they are not here. So I guess that means we step up things and move to the next scheduled match which is from the EFW. Any comments Jack?

JS: You know what I think of Extreme wrestling. So let’s not get into it, I wouldn’t want you to have to make another speech.

JP: [Laughs] Alright then, let’s head to ringside.

[We cut to a shot of ringside and Jerry Styles and Paul E Furiously.]

Jerry Styles: Hello Wrestling fans and welcome to the EFW’s portion of Angels and Amazons. We’ve seen some Hardcore Action earlier in this program, but I promise you… None will be as ~Extreme~ as the two title matches you are about to see…

Paul E. Furiously: That’s right Jerry. We’ve got 2 title matches on tap here at Angels and Amazons… With The British Bad Girl Lisa Drake defending against ” The Extreme Bytch” Kieran Erotticka, in a ‘ Anything Goes ‘ match for the EFW Woman’s World Title tomorrow, and now, we have Lil Cheetah, defending her newly won Extreme World Television Title against former EFW Woman’s World Champion.. The woman known as The Dragon, the Legend… Neko Daisuke. Jerry… I do believe you have a date with The EWTV Champ, Lil Cheetah in a few moments… but first, some pre-recorded comments from the challenger… Neko Daisuke…

Neko Daisuke

Neko is walking into the arena through the back freight entrance. She is wearing a long black coat over her ring attire. Her left eye, as always, is hidden beneath a small silk eyepatch. Hanging from her shoulder is her sword, kept safe in its sheath.

Jerry Styles: Neko! Neko, can I get a word with you real quick?

Neko: (who keeps walking, her eye remaining focused on some distant point) Yeah…

Jerry: You recently fought Lisa Drake to a time limit draw in an attempt to regain the EFW Women’s World Title. Now you face Lil Cheetah for the EFW World TV Title.

Neko: (still walking) Your point?

Jerry: Um…do you see this as your last chance to win championship gold?

Neko pauses at the inner door of the arena. She turns and looks back over her shoulder at Jerry Styles.

Neko: Title shots…Title reigns…they come and go. I’ve had more of both than I can even count. ‘Last shot’? Hardly. But I will say this; Lil Cheeta’s short-lived run as TV Champ ends tonight. And Lisa Drake, don’t you forget…that’s MY belt you are sporting around your waist. Luck and a mild amount of cunning have kept it in your grasp thus far. But all things move toward their end…on that you can be sure.

Jerry: This is going to be a falls count anywhere match. What do you have planned for tonight?

Neko’s face twists into a grin, her teeth seeming a little too sharp, her eye gleaming a little too bright.

Neko: Jerry…I plan to enjoy myself.

She turns and slips through the door in one fluid motion, leaving only the trail of her black coat, and her purple hair in her wake.

Li’l Cheetah

***Jerry Styles is backstage with Li’l Cheetah. ***

Styles: “Well, what do you have to say about being the Extreme World TV champion and defending it against Daisuke?”

Li’l Cheetah: “Very simple. It was fun, fun, fun `til my daddy took my T-Bird away.”

Styles: “Huh?”

Cheetah: “I’ll cut to the chase. It was fun to win that title and outdo the other 9 women. But they were nothing but second-rate valets. I’m the best of the valets and part-time wrestlers, I guess, and I can live with that. And I was expecting that I’d have a few defenses against other fighters like myself. But Daddy, or the EFW suits, decided to take my T-Bird, or my title reign, away by scheduling my first defense against Neko Daisuke. She is the only woman here who does this full-time. I’ve said this many times before — I won’t fight her because I know she’ll kill me. She has more skill than I do and definitely is just better at this thing than I am. So I won’t fight her.”

Styles: “Are you saying you won’t fight her?”

Cheetah: “Didn’t I just say that? I’ve said that many times before, and nothing has changed since then. If it means I have to forfeit the title, so be it. If it means that everybody calls me a chicken, so be it. I’d rather classify it as “Discretion is the greater part of valor.” But to keep it short, I’m not fighting Red Neko and if that means I forfeit the title, then so be it. Here’s the title.” She drops the title belt on the ground and says, “You give that to the EFW suits. Let them decide what they want to do with it. But I won’t fight Neko. No friggin’ way.”

*** Cheetah leaves a shocked Styles. ***

JS: Oh my god…. Did she just do what I think she just did? Forfeit the title… and walk away from Neko… Again?

** Styles picks up the belt **

EFW World TV Championship: Li’l Cheetah vs. Neko Daisuke

PEF: Well… this is a strange way to start things off…. This was supposed to be a street fight. And Cheetah’s walking out… Wait… ~WAIT~… I have word from backstage…. There’s something going on… do we have a camera there yet… We do!!… Jerry Styles is backstage. And we’re going to him… LIVE!!…. We’ll broadcast it on the Jumbo Tron for our fans IN the arena… Take it away Jerry…

Jerry Styles: Lil Cheetah’s went back to her dressing room… I just informed Neko the match was off. And the belt was ~probably~ hers in a forfeit… and Neko went ballistic… Then took off towards Cheetah’s dressing room… We’re following Neko… and as soon as we turn the corner… maybe we’ll see what’s going on.

(Cheetah is on her way out of the building, bag in hand… The cameras are in the back, following her as she leaves the dressing room. Suddenly, Neko leaps from the shadows, still dressed in her long coat, and her sword still on her back)

Neko: (clutching Cheetah by the throat) Hey girlfriend…remember me? Falls count anywhere Missy-Moo, and they count here too!

(Neko throws her against a metal door, breaking the latch, causing Cheetah to fly into the next room.)

Neko: I’ve been waiting a long time for this, playmate. Last time you stood me up. But there will be no missing the fun THIS time…You’re MINE, dead girl.

JS: OH MY GOD!! She GOT her! We’ll cover the action from here…. Neko’s in after her… Cheetah trying to get to her feet…. Neko assists…. and then headbutts her and Cheetah back to the floor… wow… Neko grabs Cheetah by the back of the pants, and the hair, and tosses her out here to the hallway again… Cheetah face down…. OH MY GOD! Neko with a Mop Bucket… she throws it at Cheetah! Hits her square in the head!!…… Cheetah trying to get up. She’s scrambling away on all fours… Neko follows her… catches up… grabs Cheetah by the hair… turns her around… Cheetah with an Uppercut! Again… staggers Neko… grabs her head… Jawbreaker! Cheetah buys herself some recovery time… Neko on the floor… Cheetah drags herself to her feet… here comes a referee… It appears we ~have~ a match… Cheetah’s grabbing and screaming at the ref… Saying she forfeited the title… that there is no match… Neko Daisuke would beg to differ, Cheetah with a series of kicks into Neko’s midsection while Neko was on all fours…. Neko rolls over… Now Cheetah’s… She’s walking away!!… She’s going towards the parking lot… she’s leaving! She goes out the door! and Neko to her feet and running after her!!..

*** The cameraman runs after her, Jerry Styles on Neko’s heels… Neko busts through the doors and grabs Lil Cheetah who’s trying to get into a black Chevy Blazer… Lil Cheetah’s bodyguard, Tall Troll is behind the wheel Security is holding back a slew of fans who couldn’t get in the arena ***

Jerry Styles: Cheetah and Daisuke trading blows…. Oh my god! They’re throwing closed fists! Neko slams Cheetah’s head into the door of the Blazer… she staggers backwards… Neko grabs Cheetah… Sidewalk Slam… Onto someone’s Jaguar!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

** The camera zooms into the license plate… the word DRAKE is on it… **

Jerry Styles: That’s Lisa Drake’s Jaguar!!… She’s not gonna be too happy… Neko dragging Cheetah up on the car… they’re on the hood!!… POWERBOMB!!… OH MY GOD! They just shattered the windshield after Neko powerbombed Cheetah on the roof!!!! Cheetah rolls off… and to the floor… Neko cut a bit from the windshield glass… Tall Troll out of the Blazer, and he’s helping Lil Cheetah to her feet… Neko dives towards them… Suicide Plancha off the car roof!!… Takes down Cheetah and Troll!!…. All three down on the floor…. Troll rolls over… he’s crawling back towards the Blazer… Neko and Cheetah getting up now… Neko punches Cheetah… blocked! Cheetah rakes the eyes…. Scoops up Neko… Slams her ONTO the hood of the car!!… Cheetah drops an elbow… RIGHT INTO THE THROAT OF NEKO!!… Troll tosses Cheetah a baseball bat out of the truck… She catches it… Swings!


Jerry Styles: MISSED! Neko rolled out as she saw it coming… and Cheetah’s hands went numb as she hit the hood of the car with that bat! Neko dives… CLOTHSELINE takes Cheetah and Neko back to the concrete once again!!… Neko, to her feet… steps back for a moment and checks out the damage she’s caused.

*** Neko Looks into the camera ***

Neko; “Heya Lisa. Brisco Brothers Body shop…be there!”

JS: That’s uncalled for!!! **laughs** but it was kinda funny… And now she gives a big thumbs up to the camera…. as Cheetah DIVES at Neko… taking her down… Cheetah pounding away on Neko’s face with fists… now slamming the back of her head into the floor by her hair…. Cheetah to her feet… dragging Daisuke with her… A chop to the throat… now another chop to the throat draws a WHOOOO! From some of the fans… Neko stumbles away… now Cheetah following her?!? I guess this one really IS on! they’re moving towards the front of the arena…. Cheetah dives on Neko… and OH MY GOD! They just went through a glass door! Both women are bleeding now… and they’re in a stairwell… Cheetah landed back first on the escalator up… and she’s going for a ride!! Neko crawling to her feet… She’s on the escalator as well… Cheetah and Neko both up now… and they’re going at it, tooth and nail on the escalator!!… Neko with a sidekick… and sends Cheetah backwards and off of the escalator… onto the first level landing… there’s a group of fans here that have emptied out of the arena to see this battle firsthand… Daisuke and Cheetah in the hallway now… Neko throwing Cheetah against a steel garbage can… Neko grabs Cheetah…. Bulldog attempt… Cheetah pushes Neko off… and Neko lands hard on her backside…. Cheetah stumbles towards the concession stands… she grabs a garbage can lid… Neko runs over… Cheetah Turns… and NEKO SPEARS CHEETAH!!! She speared her against the T Shirt stand… Neko rolls over… Cheetah clutching her ribs… Neko grabs a T Shirt, and OH MY GOD!

Neko: “Here Cheetah, a gift from me to you! Wear it in good health”

**Neko shouts while cramming a ‘Neko: Beware the Night’ t-shirt down Cheetah’s throat**

Jerry Styles: Now Neko drops an elbow across Cheetah’s throat!!… Again… and again… Cheetah tosses the T Shirt away… Neko up, goes over to the food vendor… She’s grabbing burgers and pizza…. and OH MY GOD! She’s shoving it in Cheetah’s mouth, what’s she saying now?

Neko: “Here’s some lunch for ya. You seem a little hungry. How about some soda to wash that down?”

JS: WHOA! Neko bounces a plastic bottle of Coke over Cheetah’s head… Cheetah throws the food to the side… Neko drags Cheetah to her feet… BIG RIGHT HAND by Neko… staggers Cheetah… another… and another… and CHEETAH rakes the EYES! Kick to the midsection… STANDING DROPKICK Sends NEKO through a set of doors… and OH MY GOD! Into the Men’s Room!!…. Cheetah looks at the MENS Sign, pauses for a second… then goes right in afterwards!!… The fans here start a “That’s Hardcore” Chant, and we’ve got a serious brawl on our hands… Neko enters the Men’s room there’s a sea of people fleeing the bathroom… we’re following her… Where’s Neko!?? Cheetah can’t find Neko… she’s looking in the stalls… Cheetah kicks open a stall door… OH MY GOD! There’s a man in there!! What a look of terror! And what a smell!!! I guess you can say he isn’t constipated to say the least! Or at least not anymore… Cheetah musta scared the crap outta him… LITERALLY!! Cheetah kicks open the 2nd stall… empty… the 3rd… And Neko dives out at Cheetah!! Both women go crashing to the floor… Neko and Cheetah are bleeding profusely… and all over this bathroom floor… we haven’t had one pinfall attempt yet… and I predict the first woman to make a pinfall will be the Extreme World TV Champ… The EFW’s west coast fans here in L.A. have started an E-F-W-!! Chant.

Fans: E-F-W!! E-F-W!! E-F-W!! E-F-W!! E-F-W!! E-F-W!! E-F-W!! E-F-W!!

JS: Neko up, dragging Cheetah towards the stalls… an attempt to slam Cheetah’s head in the stall door fails… Cheetah blocks it… Neko tries again… and now she hits!! There goes that man! Pants around his ankles… can he say… “Hi Mom”!?!?! Now Neko dragging Cheetah towards that bowl… Oh My… No… We’re not even THAT Hardcore! Are we?!? …. She trying to give Cheetah a “swirly”! She’s attempting to dunk Cheetah’s head in the bowl… Cheetah pushes off… Neko slams into the wall face first… staggers back…INTO A BELLY TO BACK Suplex by Cheetah and both women are down again! This is Extreme… This is hardcore… this is E-F-W-!!! Cheetah staggers out the restroom doors… Tall Troll is out there. She’s telling him to get Neko… He’s looking at Cheetah’s cuts and bruises… but listens… he heads towards the door… it swings open… and catches Tall Troll in the head!!!.. Neko came barreling through that door… and it plowed right into Tall Troll… he’s down! Cheetah heads for the main arena… Paul… we’re headed your way!!…

** Cheetah, then Neko come staggering through the door and the crowd lets go huge cheer! The fans mob around Daisuke and Cheetah as they stagger towards the ring. **

JS: Neko following Cheetah… she dives… and tackles Cheetah down that last flight of stairs to floor level!… Both women bloody… both beat up… both battered… both exhausted… Cheetah grabs a metal folding chair… Neko does the same… they turn and swing…




JS: DEULING CHAIRS!! Neko swings down… Cheetah dives onto Neko!! And both women go over the guardrail, into the ringside area… the timekeeper and cameraman had to scatter on that one! Cheetah to her feet first… she’s dazed… the loss of blood is affecting both women’s balance now, and things are getting to the point where we ~may~ have to stop this match if it isn’t ended in a hurry..

PEF: Jerry… We’re gonna let this one go till they can’t go no more…

JS: And Cheetah grabs Neko… rolls her IN the ring… Cheetah follows, forearm to the back… again… and again… Cheetah with a Powerbomb attempt coming up…. Cheetah lifts Neko… OH MY GOD!

PEF: Neko REVERSED IT! HURRANCANRANA!! Cheetah landed on her head!!… She’s OUT! But Can Neko make a cover?!? .. She’s not moving either~!~!…the fans are going berserk stomping their feet on the ground and cheering these women on!

JS: Neko and Cheetah both start to move… luckily, as the referee had started a 10 count… he’s at 8…. And Neko gets to her feet… The ref breaks the count… Neko staggers over towards Cheetah… Cheetah headbutts Neko… She winds up for her “Heart punch”… She swings!

PEF: MISSED!! NEKO fell to her knees! Pulls Cheetah, gut first into her shoulder… Neko with a Powerbomb attempt… she gets Cheetah up… she… SHE SWITCHES Positions… She’s got Cheetah in a Piledriver Position! She’s signaling for her finisher…… If she hits this…




PEF: But Neko doesn’t go for the pin… she rolls out of the ring… She’s grabbing the camera from the cameraman!!… She’s taking it into the ring…. What in the world?!?!

JS: OH MY GOD!!!!!!! She’s rolling Cheetah in the cable….. She has Cheetah tied up in the cable… Neko sits on Cheetah….. The ref with the count…. Can Cheetah kick out? ~!?!




PEF: Your Winner… and NEW EFW EX-Tremeeee World Television Champion… THE DRAGON… NEKO DAISUKE!!!

JS: We’ll be back tomorrow with the Lisa Drake-Kieran Erotticka Match….But can it top THIS one?!?!

[Pan away from the ring and back up the crowd…] [We come back to the Angels & Amazons announce area. Jack and JP are still with us.]

JP: Now Jack Spector even you have to admit that was a pretty intense match!

JS: Listen Winslow. I am not a big hardcore fan, and I know we have more hardcore at this event, but even I have to say that was pretty extreme. I may just have to adjust my opinion. Here I was expecting some Garbage Wrestling with exploding rings and barbwire ropes. That was just mean stuff, and lord knows I can appreciate mean!

JP: Mark this day on your calendars ladies and gentlemen, Jack Spector has changed his mind on the air no less!

JS: Yuck it up fuzz ball.

JP: Well Jack, it seems we have another no show. This time it would be the ICW and there is no explanation at this time. So once again I guess we fast forward to our next scheduled match. Jack?

JS: Alright next up we have the kind of match I love. A Texas Tornado Match. Expect loads of craziness in this one kiddies. The IWWA is many things, and one of them is action packed. I am gonna enjoy this!

JP: Let’s head down to ringside.

(The camera cuts to a ringside table where a man in a tuxedo and bow tie adjusts his headset. Alongside him a woman in a flamboyant sequined red dress and matching feather boa is standing on her chair and playing up to the capacity crowd. After a few moments the well-manicured man tugs at the hem of the woman’s dress and she turns toward the camera. She jumps down off the chair and plops into her seat as the boa drifts into the face of her announcing partner.)

John: (sputtering as he spits feathers from his mouth) “Well folks if the lady in red has finished her floor show we’ll be bringing you all the IWWA action for this evening.”

Maxine: “Just having a few words with my fans John. They’re spread from coast to coast…you should be used to it by now.”

John: “They’re spread pretty thinly Maxine. Ladies and gentlemen let me first say what a pleasure it is to be here at the Angels and Amazons extravaganza…”

Maxine: “Yeah, yeah…enough with the nice nice. Tell me John, are we getting paid overtime for this gig or is this one of those ‘for the good of the league’ jobs that won’t even pay my dry cleaning bills on this dress.”

John: “I’m sure you’ll be adequately compensated Maxine (whispering) although that dye job might come out of your own pocket.”

Maxine: “What was that?!?”

John: “I said this is the wrestling world’s hottest ticket and we’ll be presenting the first of two IWWA events here in a few moments.”

Maxine: “Well let’s get this over with. Willie gave us a weekend pass and I’m planning on spending tomorrow soaking in some California sun.”

John: “Uhm…Maxine. The Angels and Amazons show is a two day event. We’ll be here tomorrow broadcasting the Featherweight title match…”

Maxine: “What?!? I’ve already made plans! I’ve got invitations to some of the biggest parties…dinner at Spago’s…”

John: “I’d keep it down if I were you Maxine. Willie might cancel that company credit card of yours.”

Maxine: “Well I have half a mind to…”

John: “There’s something we agree on. Wrestling fans, we’ve got quite an event for you here. A grudge match to end all grudge matches. A four way dance between some of the IWWA’s finest…”

Maxine: “…and Aimee Morgan.”

John: “Ahem…its Texas Tornado rules between four IWWA superstars who’ve had a history of nothing but trouble between them. Aimee Morgan, Brandi Lynn, Amy Devlin, and the Atomic Blonde have crossed swords more times than I can remember and tonight all four will go head to head until only one remains.”

Maxine: “I hate to spoil the suspense for you John, but there’s only two who even have a chance here tonight. Texas Tornado is a brawler’s paradise so the Atomic Blonde should have a field day punting these puny runts around the arena. On the other hand, it’s no disqualification which gives the clear edge to Amy Devlin.”

John: “Well Maxine, Blondie has certainly made a career out of those fists of hers…”

Maxine: “And ended a few along the way.”

John: “…and Amy is as underhanded as they come, but the heart and determination of Brandi Lynn is something you can’t put a number on and no one gets the elevation of Aimee Morgan when it comes to flying around the ring.”

Maxine: “Yeah, she’s gonna get plenty of elevation when the Blonde gets a hold of her and tosses her into the third row…of the balcony.”

John: “Well our cameras caught up to Aimee Morgan after her tag team match last week and she had plenty to say about this matchup. Let’s roll the tape.”

Maxine: “Oh boy, this should be good. Morgan is about as profound as an episode of Baywatch. Hey! What was that about a company credit card…?”

Aimee Morgan

(The scene fades out and cuts to pre-taped footage. The picture opens on a small gymnasium along Clarke St. in San Diego. There are people working out and using the gym boxing facilities to train. Aimee Morgan is working out on the speed bag. Her punches are quick and accurate and she prances back and forth hitting the bag with intensity. INN reporter Candy Martin and her camera operator approach from the side.)

Candy: “Hi Aimee, catch you at a bad time?”

(Aimee punches the bag one last time and then stops and smiles at Candy)

Aimee: “I’ve always got time for you Candy, what up?”

Candy: “Well, first off, congratulations on defeating the Storm last week. That was a great match, Alissa and Talia really gave you a run for your money.”

Aimee: “You can say that again….”

Candy: “Alissa and Talia……”

Aimee: “Oh stop it… Lethal Storm are fantastic wrestlers, they just made one mistake.”

Candy: “What’s that?”

Aimee: “Underestimating the SweetHearts. Everyone thinks that Jenny and I are these push-over fluke Champions. And we have defeated everyone that has been put in our way. We have earned those belts. The fans know it. Why don’t the other wrestlers know it?”

Candy: “Maybe they are jealous? You are the champions after all.”

Aimee: “Jealous? Maybe, I just want to be respected by my peers. Jenny and I work very hard to keep the belts in the Body Shop stable. We train almost every day and go over films and…That stupid Alissa said I wasn’t focused on Tag-Team wrestling…Well I showed her, stupid Marilyn Manson reject.”

Candy: “Wow….Aimee, you don’t seem to like Alissa.”

Aimee: “I just don’t like people who don’t respect what the SweetHearts have accomplished, that’s all. If she gave us one ounce of credit, I would be happy, but I guess we got the last laugh.”

Candy: “Speaking of last laughs, you meet the woman who tried to end your career in less than a week.”

(Aimee smiles and grabs the Speed bag, she turns it around, hidden from the camera’s view is a picture of Amy Devlin, taped to the bag.)

Aimee: “I know, I face the woman who put me into the hospital in October of last year, I remember her brutal attack and I have learned from it. She will not get a second chance to injure me. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.”

Candy: “Don’t you feel, you’re a little out of your element in this match. No DQ, No time-limit, no countout, falls count anywhere. You’re in there with the best singles wrestlers in the IWWA. Brandi and the Atomic Blonde have had some brutal matches. Amy is also a tremendous wrestler and is willing to do anything to gain the win.”

Aimee: “Don’t remind me. Heck, if you had told me two months ago, that I was getting into the ring with those three, I would have asked you for the last rites.”

Candy: “Yes, I suppose so. Brandi has certainly changed gears in the past months. She cost you a shot at the World title and then she helped the SweetHearts win the Tag-Titles by preventing Devlin from interfering. What are you going to do if it ends up being you two remaining in the match?”

(Aimee pauses for a moment and smiles)

Aimee: “Brandi made some dumb choices, she realized her mistake and left the people who were just using her. I know what she cost me, but I think I have gained more now. This is going to sound strange but…I trust her.”

Candy: “Really? After she cost you the World Title, the most prestigious belt in the IWWA. After those brutal chair shots she gave you…and you still trust her?”

Aimee: “Yes, I have seen her eyes, she’s a changed person. I know it’s hard for some people to trust one another and Brandi doesn’t trust anyone. Well, I am going to show her that she has a friend in that ring and I am going to make sure that the Blonde and Devlin don’t get a chance to team up on her.”

Candy: “So, you’re going to treat Brandi as a team-mate, like a tag partner?”

Aimee: “Kinda, I will make sure that I deal with either the Blonde or Devlin, I’ll let Brandi decide who she wants to fight, I’ll take the other one.”

Candy: “Aimee, what if Brandi goes after you?”

Aimee: “She won’t catch me… hehehe… I mean, I will make sure to deal with a certain overrated CEO that is in desperate need of a reality check. But if Brandi says the word, I’ll take on the Blonde… I’ve pinned her before.”

Candy: “Yes you have, not many people can make that claim. Do you think she’ll be out for revenge?”

Aimee: “The Blonde is only out for one thing…The Blonde. She has an ego the size of Kansas. She is a great wrestler, if she ever just stopped talking about herself and wrestled, I would be a lot more worried.”

(Aimee punches the bag and it spins around. Candy breaks out laughing when she sees Aimee’s target on the bag)

Candy: “Nice Picture.”

Aimee: “She’s my inspiration.”

(The camera zooms in on a picture of Amy Devlin’s face. The paper is all crumpled from the many blows Aimee has put into it)

Candy: “Anymore pictures around?”

Aimee: “Yup, I have pictures of the Blonde and Devlin posted all over this gym. Every time I pick up a barbell, or hit the treadmill, I see their faces and it makes me train even harder.”

Candy: “Every time I see the Blonde, I want to run faster too.”

Aimee: “She has that effect on people, I wonder if she has any real friends. The same goes for Devlin. I wonder if any one of those corporate stooges would be her friend if she didn’t have all that money. They don’t realize the strength you can gain from having your friends cheer you on. They have forgotten what the crowd does to you when 10,000 screaming fans are cheering your name. I pity them sometimes. Then I remember all the horrible things they have done to people in this fed. To me!!! Sometimes, I just want to strangle the life out of those… sorry.”

Candy: “No worries Aimee. Nobody would blame you for being a little bit mad about what Devlin did to you. Or what the Blonde gets away with. Just don’t let it get to you.”

Aimee: “Thanks Candy, you’re a good friend.”

(Aimee hugs Candy and smiles.)

Candy: “Eeeeeew!!! Aimee, you’re all sweaty!!!”

Aimee: “Ooops, sorry. Let me get you a towel.”

(Aimee grabs a towel from the bench and hands in to Candy. She wipes some of her cheek and rubs the towel over her shoulder)

Candy: “Well, any last words for the fans….?”

Aimee: “OK, this Angels and Amazons things in going to be totally cool. I mean, all the top wrestlers from around the world are going to be there, and I have been given the honor of representing the IWWA. I take great pride in that, and I promise not to let my fans down. I am going to show those two cheaters that this SweetHeart doesn’t play around. And if they want to play rough, then I will show them what rough is really like…San Diego style.”

(Aimee makes a Surf Diva’s hand symbol and smiles into the camera)

Candy: “And what about Brandi?”

Aimee: “Brandi, listen close. You have a friend in that ring next week. I don’t care about what you did to me in the past. It’s a clean slate as far as I am concerned. Both of us have our own reasons for getting at Devlin and the Blonde. I’ll let you choose which one you want to go at. I’ll take the other, and after we dispose of the twin egos, perhaps I’ll show ya that this Surfer girl can wrestle…country style.”

(The scene fades out and back to the ringside table where John and Maxine are looking at a monitor. John smiles and Maxine shakes her head with her arms crossed in front of her.)

John: “One of the best athletes in the business…”

Maxine: “Million dollar body and a ten cent head John. I mean correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t she just announce her strategy for this match?”

John: “Uhm…well…I don’t think…”

Maxine: “Of course you don’t, and neither does the surfer apparently. Morgan wrestles like Keanu Reeves acts…badly!”

John: “Aimee Morgan is an accomplished wrestler Maxine. She is one half of the IWWA tag team champions the SweetHearts, but if you’re talking acting then it’s the Atomic Blonde you’re referring to… especially if you’re talking bad acting.”

Maxine: “Watch it Goode. Blondie hasn’t been so easy going ever since the DoD broke up and if she heard you talking like that you’d be doing your commentary through a straw.”

John: (frowning at his commentating partner and pressing on his headphones.) “I don’t even know what that means Maxine. I’ve just received word that Roger Stone is in the back with the Corporate CEO. Let’s see if he can’t get a few words with Amy Devlin before things get started.”

Amy Devlin

(The scene cuts to the parking lot at the back of the arena as an Oscar Meyer Wiener-mobile pulls around the corner and slides up to the curb. Amy’s personal assistant Duncan slides out of the front and moves around to the side of the traveling hot dog where he opens the door and prepares the steps for his employer. In the foreground Roger Stone steps into the shot dressed in an INN blazer and holding a microphone.)

Roger: “Well folks we’re only moments away from the four way dance but Amy Devlin has just arrived at the arena’s rear entrance. Let’s see if I can’t get a few words before the show.”

(PJ Lawrence pops her head out of the Wiener-mobile and jumps to the ground like she just got off the space shuttle. The Corporate Partner wears a schoolgirl outfit complete with saddle shoes and bobbysocks. Behind her emerges Amy Devlin who descends the stairs as elegantly as one can from a Wiener-mobile. She is dressed in a gray pinstripe suit and takes a long drag from her cigarette holder as she reaches the asphalt parking area.)

Roger: “Ms. Devlin! Roger Stone from the Independent News Network. I was hoping I could get a few words with you before the show.”

(Amy gives Roger a quick glance and moves over toward him while Duncan retrieves a briefcase and cone shaped object from the Wiener-mobile.)

Amy: “Go ahead Roger. Make it quick though, that machine doesn’t move too quickly and we’re running a little late.”

Roger: “I suppose not. I’m a little surprised to see you traveling in such…uhm…style Ms. Devlin.”

Amy: “Well Roger, it would seem that when I put PJ here in charge of transportation she managed to sign a contract with Oscar Meyer which my lawyers tell me I’m legally bound to uphold…for the time being anyway.”

(PJ gives a wide a proud grin as she rocks back on her heels and puffs out her chest.)

Roger: “Well Amy…uhm…Ms. Devlin, you’re in for quite a test tonight. A Texas Tornado match against three worthy opponents. What are your thoughts on going in against this trio?”

Amy: “Roger, when I first heard about this match my reaction was ‘what? Again?’ I mean I’ve faced off against these three time and time again and I can’t remember the last time one of them got the drop on me. Heck, it was only last week that I put Brandi Lynn in a world of pain that she can call all her own. I doubt very much that she’ll even make it to the ring after the beat down she took and even if she does she’ll think twice about laying hands on this CEO.”

Roger: “There are reports that Brandi is in the arena Ms. Devlin, but I also believe she is being attended to by the IWWA medical staff.”

Amy: “She’ll probably come to the ring with an IV in her arm Rog. The Texan just doesn’t know when to quit.”

Roger: “With all due respect Ms. Devlin, you have to be worried that you’re going in against three opponents who have suffered in the past at your hands…”

(The INN reporter is cut off by an over exuberant PJ Lawrence who blurts out a response in a childlike voice before anyone can cut her off.)

PJ: “Amy’s twice the man you are Roger!”

(The CEO rolls her eyes and does a slow turn to face PJ as Duncan stifles a laugh in the background. Amy reaches down and picks up a large, cone shaped hat with the word ‘Dunce’ written along its side and plops in on PJ’s head, nearly obscuring her vision.)

Amy: “Thank you PJ…that’ll be enough out of you.”

(PJ gives a childish grin and pops a lollipop in her mouth as Amy turns to Roger once more.)

Amy: “Well Roger it’s the suffering these three have had at my hands that pretty much guarantees that I’ll be walking out of here with a win tonight. The Blonde, the Texan and the surfer are three of the dimmest wanna-bes I’ve ever encountered. But it doesn’t take much for them to understand what to stay away from. Even the dumbest dog will eventually learn not to whiz on an electric fence. Now these three have been shocked enough times to know better than to mess with the Corporation. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised at a couple of no shows for this match, and anyone who does make the ring is just there to lay down for yours truly.”

PJ: “I don’t get it Amy…so are you the whiz or the dog?”

(The CEO lets out a sigh and rolls her eyes as Duncan whispers in PJ’s ear and Roger suppresses a chuckle.)

Roger: “Well Ms. Devlin, I’ll not take any more of your time. Good luck to you.”

Amy: “Luck is for morons Stone. Give it to PJ.”

PJ: “Yeah Roger! It’s the Mormons who are lucky so don’t…ouch!”

(The CEO takes hold of PJ Lawrence by the ear and drags her off camera closely followed by Duncan as Roger collects himself and turns toward the camera.)

Roger: “Well there you have it folks. The CEO is as confident as ever but she’ll certainly have her hands full tonight. John, back to you.”

(The camera returns back to the ringside camera with John and Maxine. The lights begin to dim and a buzz comes over the crowd as they prepare for the introductions.)

Maxine: “You know Devlin would probably still be IWWA champion if she didn’t have quality help like PJ backing her up.”

John: “I’ve never fully understood what brought those two together Maxine, but we’re nearly ready to start this match folks and you can feel the tension in the air. Candy Martin is currently backstage with the Atomic Blonde whose career has been a roller coaster as of late. She’s been juggling wrestling with her film role in Raging Blonde 2 Maxine, and in my opinion neither one has gone all that well as of late.”

Maxine: “That’s exactly the kind of attitude that’s gonna get you left out of the film John.”

John: “Well a straight to video release isn’t really my idea of career success Maxine. I see the round mound of sound is in the ring getting ready for the introductions so let’s see what the Blonde has to say before this big bout gets underway.”

Atomic Blonde

(The camera pulls back to reveal Bill Hitchcock in the ring flipping through his index cards before the picture cuts backstage to a close-up shot of Candy Martin, smartly dressed as always in her dark blue INN blazer, her white blouse and skirt neatly pressed. Her long blonde hair hangs over her shoulders and her irritatingly perky smile crosses her face. She tightly clutches onto her microphone which she raises to her mouth.)

Candy: “Thanks John. Folks I am back stage here with the one and only Atomic Blonde…”

(Candy turns to her left and the picture pulls back. Next to the petite blonde reporter stands a statuesque woman, 5ft 10ins in height, with her blonde hair done up. She is wearing a low cut sequined black evening gown split down one side to reveal her leg and in one arms rests a replica Oscar statuette.)

Candy: “Blondie… we’re just moments away from the Texas Tornado match which will pit you against some of your career long rivals in women’s wrestling what are your thoughts at this time?”

Blondie: “Well Candy, let me first say how proud I am to be taking part in this Angels and Amazons event here in Los Angeles, which is bringing together some of the all-time greats in women’s wrestling… (She smiles a confident and arrogant grin)… I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it to you before Candy but I have held many titles in my career…”

Candy: “Yes Blondie, you have mentioned it two or three… (Under her breath) /hundred/….. times…”

Blondie: “My career has been immortalized on celluloid, the film of my career, Raging Blonde, has received critical acclaim all over the world…”

Candy: “(Raising an eyebrow.) Yeah, the acclaim was certainly critical…”

Blondie: “(Her disposition changes instantly to threatening.) Pardon?”

Candy: “Errr… I said… uhmm… that Raging Blonde was… certainly pivotal…”

Blondie: “(Confused now.) Huh? (She shakes her head in disbelief.) Well it doesn’t matter what you think, you’re just unimportant…”

Candy: “(Hurt and deflated.) Oh?”

Blondie: “(Continuing unconcerned.) Yes Candy you see I, /the/ Atomic Blonde, the greatest woman wrestler ever, have had my greatness recognized by an Academy Award! (She looks down at the Oscar statuette.)”

(Candy’s eye’s bulge, her mouth drops open and she stares at the replica Oscar statuette.)

Candy: “(Gasp.) A /Academy/ Award! An Oscar! (Shocked disbelief)… Raging Blonde has received an Oscar from the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences!!”

Blondie: “(Looking deeply confused.) Who? The American Academy of what?”

Candy: “… Motion Picture Arts and Sciences… you know they give out the Oscars…”

Blondie: “(Still looking blank.) Never heard of them… no this is the Chuck Norris Academy of Action Movie Acting! (Smiles happily.)”

Candy: “(Astounded.) Chuck Norris huh? Wasn’t he the guy who asked directors to give him less dialogue in his films because he couldn’t remember his lines?”

Blondie: “Lines, Candy, lines? Raging Blonde is a /wrestling/ movie! The only lines needed are the screams of pain (she smiles cockily) as I send my opponents into oblivion with the BlondieSlam!”

Candy: “Okay Blondie, but Raging Blonde records your early career in wrestling when you were young….”

(The Atomic Blonde snarls and Candy jumps.)

Candy: “… I mean when you were younger… errr…. not that you aren’t young now… I mean okay… so you’ve put on a few pounds and you’re not as fast as you used to be but… errr… (The Blonde puts her face forward into Candy’s face and looks threatening)… I wish I hadn’t started this now.”

Blondie: “(She snorts aggressively.) Older huh Candy?  Older and /meaner/, (she clenches her fist and shows it to Candy) heavier huh Candy ?… heavier and harder hitting… no Candy the Atomic Blonde has more than enough destructive power left in her to make sequel after sequel to Raging Blonde…”

Candy: “(With a sense of cinematic horror.) They’re gonna make sequels to Raging Blonde!”

Blondie: “Lots of them Candy and tonight is going to feature in them, because tonight I will show the world that the Atomic Blonde is once again at the top of her sport… tonight I assert myself over those who would dare to challenge my standing…”

Candy: “You’re mighty confident Blondie….”

Blondie: “It’s a walkover Candy, my opponents have dogged my tracks but none of them have been able to take me one on one….”

Candy: “But Blondie, in Detroit at the IWWA’s Mayhem in Motown PPV Brandi Lynn fought you to a standstill in that Texas Death Cage Match, she pinned you five times in a row !…”

Blondie: “(Shakes her head.) Candy, I /walked/ away from that match… they had to carry Brandi Lynn away from it…”

Candy: “But Blondie the ring collapsed and…”

Blondie: “So what! I’m the one who got up, Brandi Lynn is the one who stayed down…. besides,… odds are the yellow rose of Texas won’t show her face this evening… she has a habit of taking a powder before big PPV matches…”

Candy: “Well okay, Brandi didn’t show for the tag team match at the IWWA’s Winters Edge PPV but…”

Blondie: “No buts Candy, she’s yellow, she left me standing on the apron…”

Candy: “But Blondie, Aimee Morgan pinned you at Winters Edge in that tag match…”

Blondie: “Tag match !… it was a complete travesty, what with Brandi and that referee it was a handicap match,… three against one, Aimee and her two sidekicks against me. I sent two of them back to the dressing room and was beating the tar out of Morgan until that referee saved her!”

Candy: “Errr… he saved her by counting your shoulders down for a 3 count…”

Blondie: “Rubbish!”

Candy: “But… oh never mind… (sigh of resignation)…what about Amy Devlin then?”

Blondie: “Devlin?!… without her little army of lights out sneak attack merchants Devlin is just an out of shape clown in a business suit…”

(The music “Hooray for Hollywood” starts to play in the background.)

Blondie: “Huh? I gotta go, mark my words Candy Martin, tonight is gonna be the highlight of Raging Blonde II, think about who you want to play your part in the movie…”

(The Atomic Blonde sweeps away from Candy Martin towards the entranceway where a group of men in evening suits are waiting.)

Candy: “Oh well John, it’s back to you for the moment… (she thinks for a moment)… do you think they could get Gwyneth Paltrow?”

(The picture returns to ringside and John Goode and Maxine Gibson.)

Maxine: “Paltrow!?! I’ve got dibs on Paltrow! Candy Martin is the role a bubblehead like Pamela Anderson was born to play. Paltrow is taken.”

John: “Well I’m sure Gwyneth will look forward to the hours she’ll have to spend in makeup in order to mimic your…uhm…features.”

Maxine: “Watch it John! I understand you’ll be played by Bobo the Chimp.”

John: “From what I’ve seen he’s got a better chance at winning an award than the Blonde, Maxine. We’re about to get underway here folks! Let’s go to Bill Hitchcock in the ring for the intros.”

Falls Count Anywhere/Elimination Match: Atomic Blonde vs. Aimee Morgan vs. Brandi Lynn vs. Amy Devlin

Bill: “Laaaaaadies and Gentlemen! Our next match is a four wrestler elimination contest with Texas Tornado rules! Falls count anywhere, there are no countouts, and no disqualifications. Once a wrestler has been pinned or submitted she must return to the locker room until only one woman remains standing!

Introducing first…from Hollywood California and weighing in at 150 pounds…”


(‘Hooray for Hollywood blares over the arena speakers and a statuesque blonde appears at the top of the ramp decked out in an elegant black sequined evening gown with matching feather boa and an ‘Oscar’ statuette in her grasp. The fans react with a mix of cat calls and boos as a tall, dark and handsome man in a tuxedo emerges behind the Atomic one and she slides her arm inside his. A group of five gentlemen in tuxes run out from the curtain and follow the Blonde and her companion each flashing a camera repeatedly as she makes her way to the ring with a sparkling fake grin on her face.)

John: “Well, well…I’ve seen it all now. (Sarcastically) I’m ready for my close up Mr. De Mille.”

Maxine: “Pipe down John! I don’t want you ruining my chances for a part in that sequel! Besides, how do you know the cameraman’s name?”

John: “Cecil B. De Mille was a director, the quote is from Billy Wilder’s Sunset Boulevard…”

Maxine: “Never heard of them… did they work on Raging Blonde?”

John: (Shakes his head in dis-belief.) “…never mind…”

(The Atomic Blonde reaches the ring steps where her entourage begins flashing their camera with abandon as her suitor takes her hand and guides her up the steps. In the ring the Blonde parades around with the statuette in her grasp while the fans boo continuously. The Blonde hands her award to her tuxedo clad attendant and waves to the fans one last time before unzipping the length of her evening gown and allowing the sequined dress to fall to the canvas. The Blonde steps out of the pile of sequins wearing a plain black singlet and blows kisses to her paparazzi.)

John: “This is absolutely unbelievable. The blonde has really gone off the deep end this time. I mean she has about as much chance of winning an Oscar…”

Maxine: “As you do making the cover of GQ. I’m sure it’s a lifetime achievement award anyway.”

John: “If it is it’s for making so many actors look good in comparison.”

(In the ring Bill Hitchcock shuffles his cards as Billy Wade moves in and removes the Blonde’s discarded dress.)

Bill: “Introducing next…from San Diego California and weighing in at 130 pounds…she is one half of the IWWA tag team champions the SweetHearts…


(The bass tones of ‘Oh Yeah’ by Mellow Yellow blast from the arena speakers and the crowd instantly joins in with rhythmic clapping as the spotlight circles the arena entrance.)

Maxine: “Goodie two shoes looks like she missed her bus.”

Bill: “Wait a minute…here she comes! Right through her throng of fans!”

Maxine: “Oh brother.”

(The crowd parts as Aimee Morgan emerges on her way to the ring. She wears a silver bikini and matching boots with ‘Wipeout’ written on the sides along with a SweetHearts baseball cap. Aimee slaps hands with the many fans wishing her well and while she doesn’t stop to sign any autographs she does lift a little girl into her arms and carry her down to ringside before giving her a kiss on the cheek, setting her down and plopping her baseball cap onto the little fans head. Aimee vaults over the railing and rushes to the ring. She slides under the bottom rope and rushes up the turnbuckle. The fans ignite as she stands on the top turnbuckle waving to the crowd and they pop once more as she performs a backflip into the center of the ring.)

John: “A perennial crowd favorite and it’s obvious why. Aimee Morgan lights up an arena every time she comes out.”

Maxine: “Yeah, I can’t wait for the Blonde to light up Aimee myself.”

(In the ring Morgan waves to all the corners of the arena as The Blonde leans back in the corner unimpressed. She waves off the surfer as Aimee looks into the corner and shakes her head in disdain. Aimee’s enthusiasm isn’t effected by the surly Blonde and she goes on waving to the fans as she takes her position in the corner opposite to the Atomic one. Suddenly a rattlesnake’s rattle fill the air and the lights fade low as ‘Bad Company’ by Bad Company begins to play. An ‘A8’ carved in black in a white spotlight fades into the ring.)

Bill: “Introducing next…from Fort Worth Texas…weighing in at 137 pounds…”


(The crowd begins to swell as a spotlight hits the entrance. For several seconds nothing happens as the music is stopped and the house lights come back up.)

John: “What on earth is going on?”

Maxine: “Ha! We’ve seen this before! The damn coward is running again!! She is petrified of the Blonde!!”

John: “Hang on, we have Candy Martin backstage outside Brandi Lynn’s dressing room.”

Brandi Lynn

(The picture cuts to show Candy Martin standing outside Brandi Lynn’s dressing room. She opens the door and the picture shows Brandi Lynn dressed up in a black ‘Aces and Eight’s’ T-shirt, boots, and blue jeans. She is steaming as she paces back and forth, albeit a bit gingerly. Two medical personnel are standing behind her.)

Candy: (Tentatively.) “What’s the matter, Brandi?”

(She motions to the two guys)

Brandi: “Those two jackasses over there say I can’t wrestle!”

Attendant One: “Ms. Lynn may have broken ribs and therefore would not have clearance to wrestle tonight.”

Attendant Two: “But, she won’t let us X-ray her to find any possible fractures.”

(Brandi stops and thinly begins to smile)

Brandi: “Tell you what, Tweedle Dee and Dum, if you can’t X-ray me you can’t stop me from wrestling. So Adios, you little twerps!”

(She opens the door and almost runs into Stephanie Harper. A look of surprise registers on her face.)

Brandi: “What are you doin’ here, Harper?”

Stephanie: “I should ask you the same thing. What on earth do you think you’re doing here, Brandi?”

Brandi: “Don’t you read good? I have a match tonight. It’s on the damn marquee outside. Now, if you’ll excuse me…”

Stephanie: “You sure are determined to kill yourself, aren’t you?”

(The two stare down each other on opposite sides of a door jam.)

Stephanie: “This self-destructive attitude isn’t going to get you anywhere, Brandi. I know, I was on the same road you were on.”

Brandi: “Harper, you don’t know. You’re not the one who’s been called yellow regardless of how many nights you’ve spent in the hospital. (She points at a suddenly very uncomfortable Candy Martin.) You haven’t had dumbass reporters asking you questions about why I walked away that night.”

Stephanie: “That’s how I knew you had your self-respect back. Now, you’re going to risk your body to prove a bunch of loud mouths wrong?”

Brandi: (very softly) “It’s what I do.”

Stephanie: “Maybe you should take a break from it today.”

(Brandi gets a little more irritated and speaks harshly.)

Brandi: “I can’t. So, get the hell out of my way.”

(Stephanie sighs.)

Stephanie: “I was afraid of this. Well, the way I see it, we have two choices. One, you try to get by me and we beat the hell out of each other.”

(Their eyes remain locked as Brandi quietly asks.)

Brandi: “Or two?”

(Stephanie slowly lifts her hand for a handshake.)

Stephanie: “We walk out together and I make sure that you only have three girls to worry about tonight.”

(Brandi stares hard at Stephanie for several seconds before slowly grasping her hand. The two then walk down the hall towards the ring aisleway. As Candy steps in front of the camera.)

Candy: “There you have it. Looks like Brandi Lynn, the IWWA’s loose cannon, may have just formed a pact with Stephanie Harper! Back to you, John.”

(The camera comes back to John and Maxine as the lights begin to fade again and the music comes back to life. The ‘A8’ symbol fades into view again over the ring.)

John: “Looks like Brandi’s coming out now!! She is going to participate against doctor’s orders!!”

(The two Texans, Brandi and Stephanie come out to a chorus of cheers. Stephanie waves at the fans, as Brandi is seemingly unaware of the throng’s noise.)

Maxine: “Look at this. Brandi can’t fight her battles on her own so she has to get a friend to help.”

John: “Like Amy Devlin fights her own battles?!? I for one am proud to see Brandi in with a better crowd than her old DoD cronies.”

Maxine: “Apples and oranges, John, apples and oranges. You are going to see the real Brandi Lynn tonight. Look at her, she’s so scared she can hardly stand up.”

(Brandi moves swiftly down the aisle with Stephanie close at hand. Lynn winces with each stride and bites her lower lip to contain the pain before climbing the ring steps and ducking gingerly through the ropes.)

John: “Brandi looks to be in bad shape Maxine. Those ribs are heavily taped, she’s clearly not recovered from that beating she suffered last week at the hands of Amy Devlin’s Corporation.”

Maxine: “The very fact that she’s out here goes ta show that she hasn’t recovered from her mommy dropping her on her head when she was a baby. She’d have a better chance of surviving if she wrapped her lips around that peacemaker she carries around that ranch of hers and pulled the trigger. Going in against Blondie and Devlin healthy is dangerous enough. Doing it with an injury is pure suicide.”

John: “Brandi has something to prove here Maxine. It’s about pride and I wouldn’t expect you to understand.”

(Brandi leans heavily in the corner holding her ribs as all three women look up the ramp and Bill prepares to introduce the last competitor.)

Bill: “And finally…from Chicago Illinois and weighing in at 133 pounds…she is the Corporate CEO and former IWWA World Champion…”


(The crowd begins to boo at the mention of the Corporation and Bill Hitchcock has to shout Amy’s name over them. ‘The Feeling Begins’ by Peter Gabriel pumps over the arena speakers and at the top of the ramp Amy Devlin steps out wearing a canary yellow leotard and matching armlets with black leather boots that glitter in the arena lights. Alongside her appears PJ Lawrence, trumpet in hand and dunce cap on her head. She blasts out a cavalry charge with her trumpet and tears off toward the ring. Amy slowly follows behind her and the crowd lets out bemused cries to PJ’s antics.)

Maxine: “Why are you still sitting down John? You should be paying your respects.”

John: “Oh for crying out loud Maxine! Sit down and stop sucking up. Amy Devlin and the Corporate loon making their entrance. PJ seems to be doing her best to get the fans to clap their hands for Amy.”

(PJ removes her dunce cap and uses it as a makeshift blow horn as she circles the ring leading cheers for Amy. The Corporate CEO climbs the steps under the watchful eyes of all three competitors. The fans respond as she reaches her corner and points slowly to her opponents in each corner and then finally turns down her thumb before leaning back in the ropes.)

John: “Whoa! Amy Devlin serving notice early on and letting her feelings for her opponents be known here at the start.”

Maxine: “Amy was always better at making money than making friends.”


John: “Well folks there’s the opening bell. Billy Wade will try to control the action on the inside while Bobbie Luce will be your ref. outside the ring.”

Maxine: “Not a functioning brain cell between them. Come to think of it you can say the same about Brandi and Aimee too.”

(As the sound of the bell resonates around the ring the fans swell and Amy Devlin pulls on the ropes in the corner before turning toward her foes.)

John: “Uh oh! Devlin is in the corner and instead of a circus start it looks like the Blonde, Morgan and Lynn have a bone to pick with her first!”

Maxine: “Hey! What’s going on in there?!? This isn’t fair!”

John: “Devlin is motioning for the Blonde to take notice of Brandi standing right next to her, but the Atomic one just shakes her head and beckons the CEO to come out of the corner.”

Maxine: “I don’t like the looks of this!”

John: “And neither does Amy! The CEO is hiding behind Billy Wade and trying to keep the ref. between her and her opponents. They’re not having any of that as Brandi pushes the former lumberjack aside and Blondie moves in after Devlin! Amy turns to make a break for it… but Aimee grabs her by the arm as she was ducking through the ropes and pulls her back in!”

Maxine: “It’s three against one! The ref. should disqualify those cheaters!”

John: “Amy might agree with you but this is a no disqualification match and Devlin might just have to pay the piper!”

(Big OOOH! from the crowd as Amy Devlin swings a low kick into Aimee Morgan to force her to release her grip.)

Maxine: “Amy’s fighting back, you show ’em Amy!”

John: “Desperation tactics from Devlin, she’s going for the ropes again to run away…”

Maxine: “No! Blondie’s got hold her, Amy’s struggling, but the massive Blonde just hurls her back into the middle of the ring! EEEEEK!!…”

John: “Straight into a clothesline from Brandi Lynn, which nearly chops Devlin’s head off, she crashes down to the canvas…”

Maxine: “This ain’t fair, John…. it ain’t… it’s three against one, those ain’t fair odds…”

John: “That’s true Maxine, but how many times has Devlin led or orchestrated 2, 3 or 4 against 1 beat downs by the Corporation? She’s sown the wind, and…. (shakes his head) she’s reaping the storm!”

Maxine: “Brandi Lynn pulls Amy Devlin to her feet by her hair, IRISH WHIP… and Amy slams back first into the corner… she’s hanging helpless in the ropes…”

John: “Referee Billy Wade is lecturing the Atomic Blonde, telling her to start the match with some action against Aimee or Brandi, she pushes him aside and moves in on Devlin…”

Maxine: “Amy’s trapped in the corner and the Atomic Blonde is relentlessly laying into her with forearms to the chest!”

John: “Blondie climbs to the second rope and pummels Devlin! The crowd is on their feet as the CEO is finally getting some of the treatment she has had the Corporation dish out in the IWWA…”

(The Atomic Blonde raises her fist to the crowd with Amy Devlin trapped below her and the fans count along as she rains down the blows.)

Crowd: “One…Two…Three…Four…Five…Six…Seven…Eight!!!”

John: “It’s the eight fist attack that she made famous and the Blonde jumps down as Amy stumbles out of the corner…”

Maxine: “Right into a RUNNING DROPKICK from Morgan!”

John: “It’s a rain of pain for the CEO! Brandi follows up with a running shoulder block that keeps Amy in the corner…”

Maxine: “Oh my God!!… Blondie charges across the ring at Devlin hanging in the corner…. BLONDIESPLASH!!!… and Amy Devlin is pancaked into the turnbuckles!”

(The crowd builds up a head of steam as the big Blonde charges across the ring and delivers a huge corner splash onto Amy Devlin.)

John: “Devlin just felt a stock market crash of her own and it all came down on her chest.”

Maxine: “This isn’t right! Those three hate each other!”

John: “But not nearly as much as they obviously want revenge on Amy Devlin. I just can’t believe how badly Devlin has miscalculated here, she thought the others would fight each other rather than her, after /all/ she has done to them…?”

Maxine: “The CEO is in serious trouble already in this one. She stumbles out of the corner…OUCH!”

<*>–<*> S^P^I^N^N^I^N^G_B*A*C*K_B`L`O`N`D`I`E`F`I`S`T <*>–<*>

(The crowd ignites as the Atomic Blonde spins around and nails the CEO on the jaw with the back of her hand as she stumbles out of the corner, sending Devlin tumbling through the ropes and out to the arena floor.)

John: “Devlin is sent sprawling to the arena floor as the Atomic one laid her out!”

Maxine: “It’s the safest place she’s been in this whole match!”

John: “Not for long. Brandi is on the ring apron and Morgan is making her way out of the ring after Devlin. Brandi’s waiting for Amy to struggle to her feet… DOUBLE AXE HANDLE OFF THE RING APRON!!!”

Maxine: “Amy goes down on the outside as the match follows her to the floor. Hey PJ! Make yourself useful!”

(PJ whirls around, her face covered in cotton candy that she ‘borrowed’ from a ringside fan. Seeing her boss in trouble she rushes across and helps Amy up the ramp.)

Maxine: “It’s about time!”

John: “PJ is digging something out of her pocket…she’s giving Amy a foreign object!”

Maxine: “Ah ha! Amy wheels around on Brandi with a…Lollipop?!?

(The crowd erupts in jeers as Amy Devlin gets a look at her weapon and flings it over her shoulder as she sprints up the aisle.)

John: “Brandi pursuing the CEO…She’s got her! The two are exchanging blows on the runway…a right by Brandi staggers Devlin!”

Maxine: “What’s this? Brandi taking a swig of Bud Light from a fan?!?”

John: “And she spews it right in the CEO’s face!”

Maxine: “Ugh…I’m pretty sure that’s not Amy’s brand.

John: “The CEO is blinded! She’s trying to get away but she’s staggering back toward the ring! Wait a minute…PJ is looking for another weapon…she’s got a pair of brass knuckles!”

(The crowd responds as PJ manages to find her weapon in her bobbysocks and rushes up the aisle to give it to Amy only to be intercepted by Stephanie Harper.)

Maxine: “Hey what’s Harper doing?!….”

John: “She’s stopping outside interference…. this is a four woman only match…”

Maxine: “But… but… but…”

(As the 5 foot 2inch PJ Lawrence dashes across to help Amy Devlin the 6 foot 2 inch Stephanie Harper catches her around the waist and drags her away as though she were a naughty child. She forces PJ to sit down in a chair and then sits on her holding her there as PJ struggles and kicks.)

John: “Amy has nearly made it to ringside and Brandi is on her… WHIPS her back first into the guardrail…”

Maxine: “Where’s the rest of the Corporation? Devlin is getting wiped out! Where are they?”

John: “I think they’re in Daytona Beach where Amy Devlin sent them for the IWWA’s Spring Break ’99 PPV…”

Maxine: “Brandi is beating on the helpless Amy Devlin, Amy’s hanging on the guardrail as Brandi rocks her head with punches… sheessh… Brandi whips her across into the ringsteps…”

John: “And here comes Blondie out of the ring, she’s got an evil grin on her face, she draws her thumb across her throat as she approaches Amy Devlin… hang on… what’s happening ?”

Maxine: “Yes! Aimee Morgan is blocking the Blonde’s way… little Miss Goodie Two Shoes has seen enough, she doesn’t want any more of this beat down on Amy, thank goodness for Aimee Morgan !”

John: “(Shaking his head.) I hope we’re recording this, because I never thought the day would come when I’d hear those words coming from you…”

Maxine: “NO! Blondie shoves Morgan aside, Aimee comes back at her… Brandi intercepts her and pulls her back…”

John: “The big Blonde just heaves the barely conscious Amy Devlin up onto her chest, what’s she doing?”

Maxine: “Oh my Lord… NO! For God’s sake NO!”

(The Atomic Blonde heaves Amy Devlin up into her arms and across her chest, she turns towards the commentators and the camera and charges forward.)

John: “She’s coming this way….. MOVE!!!!….


(Screams from the crowd as the big Atomic Blonde hurtles forward and powerslams Amy Devlin through the commentators table as John and Maxine dive to the side.)

John: “(Stumbling to his feet.) This is incredible, our table, it’s monitors, everything, is a splintered mess, in the middle of which lies the Atomic Blonde on top of the broken body of Amy Devlin….”

Maxine: “(Hanging back onto the guardrail.) We better not get charged for that! Devlin is completely out of it, she’s just lying there, blood coming from her mouth, her body twisted… the Blondes going to carry on, she’s getting up… someone stop her, someone…. yes, it’s Aimee !”

(Aimee Morgan, having got free of Brandi’s grip sprints across and leaps into a flying tackle taking the Atomic Blonde down and away from Amy Devlin.)

John: “Here come IWWA security and paramedics… and PJ, Stephanie’s let her go…. meanwhile Blondie tosses Aimee Morgan to one side…. only to be met with a charge from Brandi Lynn….”

Maxine: “RUNNING LARIAT Brandi by the knocks the Blonde off her feet. OH MY! PJ is up and enraged! She attacks Brandi with a flurry of fists.”

John: “Aimee Morgan is trying to drag Lawrence off the Texan…SHE BIT HER!”

(The crowd roars and Aimee Morgan screams out as PJ Lawrence takes a bite of the surfer’s arm before security intervenes and drags the Corporate Partner away.)

John: “An unbelievable turn of events here folks, Amy Devlin is being strapped to a stretcher right in front of us as this match has become ugly early…DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE FROM THE BLONDE!”

Maxine: “She levels Brandi and Aimee in one stroke!”

John: “And she goes right after the Texan! Blondie raises Brandi to her feet…kick to the belly doubles her over and she applies a front facelock. The Blonde throws Brandi’s arm over her shoulder and grabs the tights…she’s got her up for a suplex!”

>!< G!O!U!R!D!B!U!S!T!E!R O!N T!H!E S!T!E!E!L G!U!A!R!D!R!A!I!L >!<

(The crowd lets out a collective moan as Brandi is lifted up vertical and dropped forward landing with her bad ribs across the top of the guardrailing.)

John: “OH MY LORD!!!”

Maxine: “Well if they weren’t broken before they certainly are now. Brandi is stuck on the guardrail, hanging over it like an old pair of overalls.”

John: “Brandi is in a bad way. She’s not moving and the Blonde is turning her attention to Aimee Morgan. The surfer is on her feet and she rushes across with a Drop Kick!!”

Maxine: “The Blonde was waiting for her and just swatted her aside! Blondie yanks her up…she drags her over to the timekeeper’s table…”


John: “She slammed her face first into the ring bel1! The Atomic Blonde is cleaning house here and I haven’t seen her this vicious since…well ever!”

Maxine: “These girls bring out the best in her. Aimee Morgan looks dazed sitting on the arena floor…Blondie grabs a television cord and wraps it around the surfer’s neck!”

John: “She’s choking out Morgan! Aimee’s sputtering and trying to pry the cord from around her neck but the Blonde has a healthy grip and isn’t about to let go!”

Maxine: “Blondie looks like she’s ready to keep the paramedics busy all night at this rate.”

John: “The Blonde releases the cord and yanks Aimee to her feet. Morgan is grasping her throat and struggling for air as Blondie lifts her up…”

(> !!!BLONDIESLAM!!! O-N T-H-E S-I-D-E O-F T-H-E R-I-N-G!!! <)

(The crowd ‘oh’s’ as The Atomic Blonde gets Aimee Morgan up and runs her toward the ring, slamming her back into the ring apron and dropping her to the concrete floor.)

John: “The Blonde is a one woman wrecking crew! Amy Devlin has been carried out on a stretcher unable to continue… Brandi is nursing sore ribs and Morgan is all but out on the arena floor!”

Maxine: “Blondie has her Oscar!!!”

John: “OH NO! Morgan is motionless leaning up against the ring as Blondie wields that statue like a club…”

(*!*> R!U!N!N!I!N!G_C!L!O!T!H!E!S!L!I!N!E <*!*)

(The crowd pops as Brandi rushes across and catches the Blonde across the throat with a lariat, sending the Blonde to the arena floor and sending the Oscar rattling across the concrete.)

John: “Thank Goodness!”

Maxine: “I was just starting to enjoy that. Brandi keeps on the Blonde…she pulls her up by the hair and *SLAMS* her face into the ring apron above Morgan!”

John: “Brandi rolls the Blonde into the ring and slides under the bottom rope herself. Blondie struggles to her feet…Kick to the belly doubles her over…”

Maxine: “She bounces off the ropes…FLYING BULLDOG PLANTS THE BLONDE’S FACE IN THE CANVAS!!!”

(The crowd ignites as Brandi comes off the ropes and rides the Blonde head first into the mat.)

John: “She rolls a limp Blonde to her back lays across her for the cover…”



John: “Kickout by the Blonde!”

Maxine: “It’ll take a heck of a lot more than that.”

John: “Brandi still hurting and she grimaces as she gets to her feet. She pulls the Blonde up by the hair and stands her up straight. Lynn scoops her up for a Bodyslam!!”

Maxine: “NO! She can’t hold her! Those ribs give out and Brandi drops the Blonde back to the mat holding her belly!”

John: “Blondie stays right on her and *fires* a kick into Brandi’s side. Brandi drops to a knee and the Atomic one moves in behind her…OCTOPUS HOLD!!!”

Maxine: “Brandi made the mistake of coming out here with an injury and Blondie is taking full advantage with an abdominal stretch that’s twisting the Texan’s ribs like taffy!”

John: “Brandi screams out in agony as the Blonde digs her elbow into her side. Billy Wade asks for the submission and right now I’ve got to think it might be wise for Brandi to give in.”

Maxine: “If it’s the wise thing to do then you can be sure Lynn won’t go for it.”

John: “Brandi shakes her head ‘NO’ and cries out. She’s taking all the punishment those ribs can absorb.”

(The crowd swells as they sense the Texan giving in. Billy Wade moves in to ask once more and Brandi balls her hand in a fist and struggles against the hold.)

John: “Brandi isn’t done yet. She shakes off Wade and tries to get some momentum by rocking in that Octopus hold!”

Maxine: “The momentum is all Blondie’s now John. Brandi’s gonna pass out from the pain and Morgan is still trying to figure out which way is up.”

John: “Aimee is on her knees on the outside and holding her back. Brandi is still struggling to hang on…she digs deep…AND SHE DELIVERS A HIP TOSS TO THE BLONDE!!!”

(The crowd pops as Brandi is able to break the abdominal stretch and hip toss the Blonde to her back.)

John: “It took all she had and the Texan falls to her back as the Blonde gets to her feet.”

Maxine: “She’s out of the frying pan, but the Blonde looks like she’s starting a fire.”

John: “Blondie stays on Brandi and yanks her up…Irish whip into the corner and Brandi goes in hard, slamming her back into the turnbuckles!”

Maxine: “She follows her in with a full head of steam!”

<——> !!!B~L~O~N~D~I~E~S~P~L~A~S~H!!! <——>

(The crowd lets out a collective moan as the Blonde rushes across the ring and throws herself across the Texan, squashing her in the corner.)

John: “YIKES! The Blonde not letting up at all as she crashes across the Texan’s already injured frame. Brandi stumbles out of the corner and falls to her belly on the canvas.”

Maxine: “I told ya she should have given up already.”

John: “The Blonde moves in right away. She grabs a leg and drops down with a Single Leg Boston Crab…she plants her knee in Brandi’s back and yanks back to stretch those ribs farther!”

Maxine: “The crowd senses this is it and Billy Wade drops to one knee to check on Brandi…”

John: “She grabs his arm and pulls herself away from the Blonde! She’s got the Blonde off balance and is crawling toward the ropes!”

Maxine: “Brandi takes advantage of the slow witted ref. and manages to escape to the ropes. Hey! Morgan is making it to her feet on the outside!”

John: “Brandi reaches the ropes and Billy calls for the break. The Blonde catches sight of Morgan and speeds up her attack on the Texan. She yanks her to her feet and grabs an arm…Irish whip across the ring…REVERSED!!!”

Maxine: “Blondie goes into the ropes…Brandi catches her coming off and pushes her up over her shoulder…HOT SHOT ACROSS THE TOP ROPE!!!”

(The crowd pops as Brandi is able to grab the Blonde coming off the ropes and falls back, dropping her neck across the top rope.)

John: “Blondie is down holding her throat and slumped in the ropes as Brandi struggles over to her. She’s still hurting but she’s got to follow up while she has an advantage.”

Maxine: “She stands the Blonde up…Aimee Morgan is heading toward the ring. Kick to the belly by the Texan doubles the Atomic one over…Brandi throws her arm across her shoulder and hooks the tights…SNAP SUPLEX PUTS THE BLONDE ON HER BACK!”

John: “Brandi is trying to keep the momentum as Aimee struggles up the ring steps. She yanks the Blonde up and slaps on a standing side headlock.”

Maxine: “Morgan is on the ring apron…Blondie throws Brandi off and into the ropes…RIGHT INTO MORGAN!!!”

(The crowd groans as Aimee Morgan is propelled off the ring apron and comes down hard on the outside, bouncing off the guardrail.)

John: “Brandi comes off the ropes toward the Blonde…She opens her arms wide and catches her in a…”

(>-<) !!!B!I!G! B!L!O!N!D!I!E! H!U!G!!! (>-<)

(The crowd lets out a collective moan as Brandi comes off the ropes and lands right in the arms of the Blonde who lifts her off the canvas and squeezes the life out of the Texan.)

John: “Brandi screams as Blondie applies pressure once more to those injured ribs!”

Maxine: “That’s it Texan! Waste your breath now.”

John: “Brandi is in a bad way. Billy Wade asks and Brandi shakes her head ‘NO’ behind a mask of agony.”

Maxine: “This is over! Brandi’s out of it and Billy Wade has to call this one.”

John: “Brandi’s head lists to the side. She’s not responding to Billy now and he checks on her. He lifts her arm to her side…it drops limply back down.”

Maxine: “For crying out loud, ring the bell already.”

John: “Billy checks again. Again, no response from the Texan!”

Maxine: “It’s over! Billy holds up two fingers and moves in to check for the third time…”

John: “He raises the arm, and it drops…Wait! Brandi makes a fist and holds it up! And she uses it to pummel the Blonde! Brandi’s still in there! OH MY!”

<_!_> REVERSE A!T!O!M!I!C DROP!!! <_!_>

(The crowd builds to a frenzy as Brandi fights the bearhug and lets out a huge groan as the Blonde drops to one knee, bringing the Texan’s tailbone down on her outstretched thigh.)

John: “Bone Jarring Atomic Drop from the Atomic One! My Goodness! She lifts Brandi up again…INTO ANOTHER ATOMIC DROP!!!”

Maxine: “That’ll shake those broken bones around.”

John: “Blondie throws Brandi to the mat and lays into her with kicks to her side. She’s forcing the Texan to her feet as she continues the assault on Brandi’s ribs.”

Maxine: “Blondie takes an arm and whips Brandi into the ropes…CROSSBODY BLOCK FROM THE TEXAN…CAUGHT!!!”

John: “Blondie catches her coming off…BRUTAL SIDEBREAKER BY THE BLONDE!!!”

(The crowd swells as Brandi sails through the air and lets out a heel pop as Blondie catches her and drops to one knee, driving her knee into the Texan’s thigh.)

John: “Devastating blow by the Blonde! Aimee Morgan is up on the outside and making her way toward the ring once more.”

Maxine: “She’s just in time to see the pin. Blonde pushes Brandi off her knee and rolls her to her back. She plants both arms on Brandi’s chest and Billy Wade makes the count!”

! 1 !

! 2 !

! 3 !


John: “She got her! Stephanie Harper slides under the ropes and into the ring to help Brandi as Blondie gets off of her and delivers one last kick to the ribs!”

Maxine: “Morgan is climbing up to the ring apron!”

John: “Blondie sees her and rushes the ropes! She Slingshots Aimee Morgan over the top rope and sends her sailing in to the ring!”

Maxine: “Harper is getting Brandi out of harm’s way and here come the paramedics. You might as well stick around boys! Morgan will be leaving with you in a couple of minutes!”

John: “Aimee’s been dazed ever since she had her head slammed into the ring bell.”

Maxine: “Oh I think it goes back a lot farther than that John.”

John: “Blondie yanks up the surfer and backs her into the ropes. Kicks to the midsection soften her up…Irish whip across the ring and Morgan comes off…”

<*> B^I^G B*L*O*N*D*E B.O.O.T K!I!C!K!!! <*>

(The crowd hails boos at the ring as the Blonde sends Morgan into the ropes and catches her with a high kick to the face coming off.)

John: “This crowd is growing restless as the Blonde is having her way with all three opponents.”

Maxine: “Remind me to point this out the next time you mention the Blonde’s age John.”

John: “Well she’s certainly rejuvenated today Maxine! ELBOW DROP finds its mark in the surfer’s chest!”

Maxine: “It’s all Blonde as she yanks the surfer to her feet. She’s looking to end this match now. Blondie throws her arm over her shoulder and yanks her up by the tights for a suplex…”

John: “She walks her over to the turnbuckles and sets Morgan on the top rope!”

Maxine: “Blondie climbs to the second rope and hooks the surfer’s head…we’re looking at a SUPERPLEX here John!”

(The crowd swells as the Blonde hooks Aimee’s tights and starts to lift her up for the superplex.)

John: “Blondie looking to put an end to things right here…she gets Morgan up…NO! Aimee hooks the top rope with her feet!”

Maxine: “Blondie can’t get her up! Morgan won’t let go and the Blonde sets her back down on the top turnbuckle. She sends a fist into Morgan’s belly…”

John: “Amy rolls back and KANGAROO KICKS THE BLONDE OFF THE TURNBUCKLES!!! She sent the Blonde down to the mat on her back…”


(The crowd erupts as Aimee shoves the Blonde off the ropes with both feet, springs to the top turnbuckle and jumps down onto the prone Blonde, landing with both feet on her opponent’s chest.)

John: “A huge turn of events as Morgan comes down full force on the chest of the Blonde!”

Maxine: “I can’t believe it! Morgan pulls the Blonde to her feet, still grasping her chest. Aimee sends her into the ropes with an Irish Whip!!!”

<>!<> S^P^I^N^N^I^N^G H^E^E^L K^I^C^K!!! <>!<>

(The crowd pops as Aimee elevates herself and spins around, catching the Blonde in the face with the back of her foot as she comes off the ropes.)

John: “Aimee Morgan lays the Blonde out and springs to her feet. She’s quick as she bounces off the ropes…and she *drives* a knee into the Blonde’s temple!”

Maxine: “That knee drop stunned Blondie, but she’s scrambling to her feet here…”

John: “Kick to the midsection doubles the Blonde over. Again Morgan bounces off the ropes…”

—->!!! F^L^Y^I^N^G S’C’I’S’S’O’R’S K!I!C!K! !!!<—-

(The crowd ignites with cheers as Aimee comes off the ropes, jumps in the air and drops the heel of her boot across the back of the Blonde’s head.)

John: “Morgan puts the Blonde face down on the canvas once more. Blondie taking a pounding for the first time in this contest!”

Maxine: “Morgan drags the Blonde to her feet by the arm and backs her into the ropes. Knee lift takes the fight out of the Atomic Once and Aimee whips her across…REVERSAL!!!”

John: “Morgan goes into the ropes…CROSSBODY BLOCK COMING OFF!!! She catches the Blonde with a high cross body and grabs a leg for the pin!”

* 1 *

* 2 *

* 3

John: “Kickout by the Blonde saves herself!”

(The crowd pops as Aimee is able to use her momentum to force the Blonde to her back for the cover and moans as she is able to kick out before the 3 count.)

Maxine: “Too close! I think the Blonde is winded from beating the snot out of these three girls!”

John: “The Atomic Blonde is slow to get up. She’s expended a lot of energy…Aimee charges her as she gets to her feet…FLYING LARIAT PUTS THE BLONDE ON HER BACK!!!”

Maxine: “Morgan makes a Bee line for the top rope! Blondie looks dazed on the mat as Aimee sets up on the tope turnbuckle.”

(Aimee draws a cheer from the crowd as she raises her arms and measures up the Blonde.)

^_*!*_^ G-U-I-L-L-0-T-I-N-E L’E’G D!R!O!P!!! ^_*!*_^

John: “MISSED!!!”

(The crowd swells and moans as the Blonde is able to roll to the side and Aimee connects hard with the canvas.)

Maxine: “Fatal error by the surfer!”

John: “Blondie may have been playing possum there. She rolls to her feet and pulls Morgan to her feet. Blondie scoops her up…BIG BODYSLAM!!!”

Maxine: “She planted her back in the mat!”

John: “And the Blonde drops a leg across the surfer’s throat!”

Maxine: “Blondie on the offensive once more. She pulls Aimee up…Kneelift doubles her over! Blondie underhooks both arms…”

$-_^_-$ DOUBLE UNDERHOOK SUPLEX!!! $-_^_-$

(The crowd lets out a heel pop as the Atomic Blonde whips the surfer over her head and plants her back in the mat.)

John: “Blondie whirls to her feet and pulls up Aimee. She forces her head between her legs and locks her arms around her waist!”

Maxine: “Blondie has her up!!!”

<*>___<*> B!L!O!N!D!I!E! D>R>I>V>E>R!!! <*>___<*>

John: “The crowd holds its breath as Blondie drives the top of Aimee’s head into the canvas! The Blonde leans back against the surfer and Billy Wade delivers the three count…”

^ 1 ^

^ 2 ^

^ 3 ^

Maxine: “It’s over!”

John: “NO! Morgan with a foot on the ropes! Billy Wade holds up two fingers and the Blonde looks annoyed!”

Maxine: “I’m not too happy myself.”

John: “This crowd seems pleased enough for you Maxine. Morgan is still in a ton of trouble here though. Blondie yanks her up and drills her with a right hand, staggering Morgan backwards.”

Maxine: “Another one puts Aimee near the ropes. Blondie moves in as Morgan’s knees look like they’re going to give way…”


John: “Ducked by Morgan!!! STANDING DROPKICK!!! Morgan sends Blondie tumbling out of the ring!!!”

(The crowd pops as Aimee is able to duck under the Uraken by the Blonde and they shout out as she goes vertical, knocking the Atomic one through the ropes and onto the arena floor.)

John: “Morgan trying to make it up the turnbuckles…she’s taken an awful lot of punishment in this one already!”

Maxine: “Blondie getting to her feet on the outside…LOOKOUT!!!”

^_*!*_^ T^O^P R-O-P-E P<L<A<N>C>H>A D!I!V!E!!! ^_*!*_^

Maxine: “SHE CAUGHT HER!!! Into a b~a~c~k~b~r~e~a~k~e~r d~r~o~p!!!”

(The crowd builds to a frenzy as Aimee goes off the top rope and falls deathly silent as the Blonde catches her coming off and drops Morgan’s back across her knee.)

John: “Brutal brutal move! Blondie rolls Morgan off of her and gives the crowd a sneer. She’s in complete control and she yanks Morgan to her feet once more.”

Maxine: “Morgan has made a fight of it but this one is all but over.”

John: “Irish whip by the Blonde sends Aimee back first in to the steel guardrail. She’s targeting Aimee’s back like she did Brandi’s ribs.”

Maxine: “Smartest thing she can do. And if Morgan had half the brains Blondie does she’d quit now.”

John: “Again the Atomic Blonde moves in. She yanks Aimee up and grabs her by the arm…Irish whip and Morgan goes *hard* into the corner post!”

Maxine: “No mercy from the Blonde here. Morgan slumps alongside the ring and the Atomic Blonde lays a boot in her throat to choke some of the life out of her.”

John: “Billy Wade and Bobbie Luce are helpless to stop her in this no disqualification match. Blondie pulls the lifeless body of the surfer up and rolls it into the ring.”

Maxine: “Blonde on the ring apron…she ducks through the ropes and stalks Morgan. Aimee struggles to her feet along the ropes as Blondie has a talk with the fans.”

John: “This crowd has seen just about enough and is letting the Blonde know just how they feel about the action they’ve seen thus far. Debris is being hurled into the ring at the Blonde as she moves in on Morgan.”

Maxine: “Blondie slides in beside the wobbly surfer and takes her around the waist…Blondie gets her up…”


(The crowd moans and continues to boo as Blondie whirls Aimee over her head and brings her down to the canvas on the back of her head and neck.)

Maxine: “That’s the end of this one as Blondie plants both hands in Aimee’s chest and Billy Wade drops for the count…”

> 1 >

< 2 <

> 3 <

John: “That’s…NO! Two! Two! Billy Wade holds up two fingers and Aimee Morgan was able to get her shoulder up!”

Maxine: “Billy Wade not doing Morgan any favors there John. She’s practically out.”

John: “Blondie is plenty fed up with her. She kneels on Aimee’s chest and delivers a blatant choke! Billy Wade trying to get in there to break it up.”

Maxine: “Morgan isn’t doing much to stop it.”

John: “It’s been a brutal match thus far. Both women are covered in perspiration and the Blonde drags Aimee to her feet. She stands the surfer up and signals to the crowd. She draws her thumb across her throat and a swell of boos comes out of the crowd here.”

Maxine: “Morgan must think the ring is the ocean. The way her knees are wobbling it looks like she’s having trouble fighting the tide.”

John: “Blondie makes her move. She steps in beside Morgan, throws her arm across her shoulder and grabs her around the waist…another Back Drop Driver and the paramedics will be making another trip out here to the ring.”

Maxine: “Blondie looking to put the surfer away here…wait a minute?!?”

John: “Side headlock by Morgan and she rushes toward the corner…Aimee runs up the turnbuckles with the Blonde in tow…”

^_>!<>!<_^ T^O^R^N^A^D^O__D!D!T!!! ^_>!<>!<_^

(The crowd ignites as Aimee is able to force the Blonde to the corner and swings around with the side headlock, driving the Blonde face first into the canvas.)

John: “OH MY!!! Morgan out of nowhere!”

Maxine: “She’s in just as bad of shape as the Blonde is though. Morgan is trying to commit suicide as she heads for the corner!”

John: “Aimee climbs the turnbuckles on wobbly legs and signals to the crowd! The fans are in a frenzy…but the Blonde rolls to her back! Aimee leaps!!!”


John: “WIPEOUT! WIPEOUT! WIPEOUT!!! She nailed it and this crowd is on its feet! Billy Wade drops for the cover!”

Maxine: “NO!”

– 1 –

– 2 –

– 3 –

Maxine: “The Blonde kicks out!”

John: “It’s too late!!!”

(The fans in the crowd leap to their feet as Billy lays down the three count and Aimee Morgan rolls off the Blonde. Aimee covers up as Blondie holds her belly and Bobbie Luce climbs into the ring to check on the wrestler.)


John: “That’s it! Aimee Morgan pulls a stunning upset and derails the Blonde juggernaut!”

Maxine: “NO! That can’t be! Someone check the judge’s scorecard! This is a travesty of justice!”

John: “A well-deserved win for the surfer as Morgan stuns this capacity crowd!”

(In the ring Billy Wade raises Aimee’s arm in victory and she climbs the corner turnbuckles as the Blonde slides out of the ring and the crowd begins to chant ‘AI-MEE…AI-MEE’)

John: “Aimee Morgan has brought this crowd to life Maxine.”

Maxine: “Well she’s *killing* me.”

John: “That’s all from us here in the IWWA folks. We’ll be back later in the card for the Featherweight Triple Threat challenge match!”

[Pan back up to the crowd…]

30 Women Invitational Battle Royal

[We cut back to the Angels & Amazons position. JP and Jack are still there, looking alert. Though many empty Styrofoam cups are in front of Jack.]

JP: That was just intense and crazy! I am impressed ladies & gentlemen.

JS: I wonder if that Atomic Blonde likes a nice Classic Indian.

JP: Jack Spector! The term is Native North American!

JS: Not the people pigeon head, the motorcycles. I was wondering if I could give her a ride as a consolation for losing.

JP: Well ladies and gentlemen it is time for the 30 Women Invitational Over The Top Rope Rumble! Are you ready? I hope so because we are set to go!

JS: And I am set to get down to ringside. See you later cutey.

[Jack gets up and takes his headset off. He begins heading towards ringside.]

JP: Jack Spector on his way to ringside. I will be back tomorrow ladies and gentlemen, along with Jack and day two. So until then, take care. Now let’s head down and join the team that is there.

[Cut to a shot of ringside. Rich Mullen and Trevor Doley are seated at ringside, dressed to the nines.]

TD: Thank you JP Winslow. And yes fans we are only moments away. Can you feel the electricity in the air?

RM: I can Trevor and let me say that I am very pumped up for this event.

TD: As Jack Spector makes his way to the ring, let’s take you to some prerecorded comments from some of our participants.

Akira Khan

[Cut to…The segment begins as the camera shows the following on the screen. “The complete essence of ‘EVOLUTIONAL EXPRESSION’ is that there should be no method of fighting, only the expression. There should only be tools to use as effectively as possible. The highest art is no art, the best form is no form.” The camera then fades in to a shot of Akira Khan standing in front of the Angels & Amazons Logo wearing a navy blue & red J.I.W.W.A T-shirt with the words ‘Kamikaze Hearts’ written in white Japanese writing on the back along with black Nike jogging sweats, and navy blue & white Air Prime running shoes. Akira’s long black hair is worn down as she gives a concentrated stare into the camera to speak.)

Akira Khan: “Well the sands in the hourglass of fate has run out as the Angles & Amazons PPV has taken shape and many of my fans will finally get to witness the debut of my new fighting art ‘EVOLUTIONAL EXPRESSION’. As I enter the ring against 29 babies, everyone will quickly realize why I am the phenomenon of women’s professional wrestling. Everyone that is in this rumble is confined by styles & systems that only limit your expression and that is a great pity. I on the other hand plan on using this rumble as my own info commercial to display the credibility of my fighting technology. So it really doesn’t matter if it’s 3, 4, 10, 15, 20 25, or even over 30 wrestlers because this technology is effective against anyone, no matter how good you are or think you are. After I win this 30 woman rumble I will be selling my 3 volume tape set “EVOLUTIONAL EXPRESSION” for $39.95, but only for a limited time, so make sure you are the first in line.

Now just to wet your appetite, I will give you some things to look out for in this rumble. Number one look for the Kikosho (Double palm strike), the hit & off angle attacks, the wedge, the body weight movements, and the lower line destruction attacks. These are just a few of what you can expect in this rumble. Also look out for what I call the flow progression movements. This is just a fraction of the cutting edge technology that 99% of wrestlers don’t have or don’t even know exists. It’s funny because most wrestlers in the business of professional wrestling think they are world class, but in reality when they face the wrestlers of my standards & level (and believe me, there are very few on my level) their pride becomes reduced to humility. The same lesson will be taught to 29 babies tonight. Remember: “ALL SHALL FALL TO WISDOM”.

Arielle Starr

[Cut to “Alluring” Arielle Starr standing in front of the Angels and Amazons logo. The beautiful model wears her silver bikini that shows off her gorgeous figure. She completes the ensemble with silver boots and kicking pads. Her long, blonde hair falls down her back.]

Arielle: “It’s great to be back in action. I’ve been away from wrestling for far too long. Now I’m back and everyone is going to know it. All of you ladies had better watch out because ‘Alluring’ Arielle Starr is winning this Rumble. You had better believe it. And with the support of these wonderful fans I can’t possibly go wrong.”

[Cut to “The Small Package” Ashlyn Diamond standing in front of the A&A logo. She wears black spandex shorts, a gray sports bra, and has her hands and wrists wrapped in off-white cotton wraps. Her curly brown hair is pulled back into a ponytail. She stands with her hands on her hips, and she is obviously very hard bodied and fit. She smiles her trademark drop-dead smile and speaks.]

AD: Well, here I am, ready to take on twenty-nine other women. I’d be a liar if I said I wasn’t nervous, but that doesn’t mean I’m afraid. There’s a big difference. Those butterflies in my stomach will only help me float like a butterfly, and ask any woman in VCW, and she can tell you how I can sting like a bee. I know there are bigger women in this rumble, not to mention women with more experience and former champions, but I’m no pushover, ladies. There are some that may think so, like, oh, say, Stevie Power. Stevie, I’m still a little sore over you hitting me with that chair and ruining my title match with Amanda Reese, so you’d better hope you get nowhere near me in that ring. I don’t know if you’ve got something planned with Cheryl, but listen to me, Cheryl. Stay away from Stevie and I, this is between us, not you. I also know that Yuri Kaio and Kaori Kasaya are coming down to the ring. Kaori, I wish you’d break this hold that Yuri has over you. You tripped me in my title match, and I’m willing to forgive that, but only that. One more incident, and I’m going to assume you’re just as bad as Yuri. Yuri, you and I have never liked each other, and the last time we met, you were knocked out on the mat. Get near me (clenches her left fist) and it’ll happen again. Finally, one last word about someone else in this rumble. Anais…remember what happened at New Year’s Revolution? Yeah, you got the DQ win, but I was the one who had you out cold in the center of the ring. If you want more of the same, just bump me.

Nina Miyagi

[Cut to… Inwardly, a wholly overwhelming sense of defiant fury seemingly envelops every tangible recess of her compact and muscular frame, as she stands under the harsh glare of the spotlight that hangs high overhead…But despite the sensations of adrenalin-riddled anticipation that dwells within, the expression upon the smooth Oriental features of Wildcat Wrestling’s “THE ARCANE” NINA MIYAGI remains disturbingly stoic in its intent. With the obligatory and impressive Angels and Amazons logo acting as the visual backdrop for her interview, the dark-haired fighter from the Far East, dressed in a black T-shirt that bears her promotion’s name, tight black leggings and thigh-length leather boots of the same shade, breaks the somewhat ominous silence that had imperceptibly risen to the fore.]

Miyagi: [her voice barely a whisper] At last, after many cycles of mental and physical anguish, the insidious specters of fate have seen fit to reveal to me the first test towards my realization of my very much desired destiny…In but a short time, within this very arena, I will participate in a thirty warrior Rumble to decide who will be the possessor of the esteemed NWW Women’s Title…

[Unconsciously, Nina straightens her posture the merest fraction, and brushes a stray wisp of her long, raven locks from her countenance as she does so.]

Miyagi: While most would balk at the task set in front of me, I personally perceive it as a challenge that I welcome…and whomever seeks to courageously cross my path in a rebellious stance will fall to the seething tempest of my unholy rage. It matters not who has the fortitude to oppose me, be they the likes of Bloody Mary, Stevie Power or Akira Khan, for they will all endure the same agonizing fate…I must not be denied and only the grasping fingers of eternal slumber will pry me from the grip that I intend to take upon the Gold. In the name of Wildcat, the Mask of Ultimate Suffering will mete out its most powerful effect…

[The native of Tokyo finally tears her gaze from the camera lens and bows her head.]

Bloody Mary

[Cut to… Bloody Mary is in the back halls of the arena in Los Angeles having just finished an autograph and fan meeting session. She is dressed in her trademark two piece red outfit with red boots, her long wavy blonde hair worn loose. She wears black elbow and knee pads, her left leg is still ace wrapped under the pad. She seems to be in an uplifted mood as she addresses the camera.]

Bloody Mary: I am so happy to be here in Los Angeles at the Amazons and Angels PPV and so honored to be among those selected to represent my promotion, WISE! Mostly I’m so happy to be back in the ring after more than 3 weeks. For those of you who don’t know, I suffered a leg injury in my match with my old friend Sierra Browne who won her match making her the last GDWA Heavyweight Champion and the first WISE Universal Champion. With friends like that who need enemies, huh? (Mary looks down at her leg then removes the knee pad and ace wrap, then the other knee pad and elbow pads, tossing them aside) Ah, I never need these, they get in the way of a good knee lift or elbow drop. I see I have some friends and umm enemies here tonight and a lot of wrestlers I’ve either never heard of or just briefly met. I see Sierra Browne is here, along with Heidi Leick, another old friend Candi Bratton. Boy! Myself and them in the same building, that’s like putting gasoline and fire together! Who knows what’s going to happen tonight! Well, I’m just going to have me some fun in the 20 woman over the top battle royal. Miko Azai, I’ll let one of the others take care of you, you’re too easy. I’ll try to break a sweat with some of these other ladies. (Mary is gleaming with an evil grin) I can’t wait to get to the action!!

But first I just wanted to do some well-wishing. Sierra, Heidi, I want to wish you both good luck. Sierra, I think you’ll need it! Heidi is crazier than the both of us put together! I’ve wrestled both of you and she’s one of the few that seems to enjoy getting the pain more than dishing it, very frustrating when you’re trying to put the pain on someone. You try to ruin her leg and it’ll be interesting to see how she takes it. Gasoline and fire!! Candi Bratton, not even a phone call after I bailed you out of jail? After all the good times we had trying to kill each other!! Oh, I forgot the phone message, I guess there was a thank you somewhere between the four letter words. All, I can say is I don’t envy the two women going against you tonight, Just don’t kill them too bad, okay? (Mary winks) More gasoline and fire, kaboom! One other person I see on the card tonight is Jessica Starbird, the number one most popular e fed wrestler of all! Well, well, well, we finally get to meet, maybe! Y’see I’ve tried to corner Jessica for some time now, but she doesn’t return calls, doesn’t acknowledge letters. Y’see she doesn’t stink like the rest of us apparently and even the number 10 most popular wrestler, myself can’t seem to make a challenge. I do see she’s been wrestling the Chandlers, same ilk as far as I’m concerned. Maybe tonight we can meet face to face if you don’t run as fast as you switch feds when danger lurks. (Mary smiles with an evil smirk) See ya, Jessica, if not tonight, well, it’ll be a surprise then. Do I smell, gasoline, did I hear a match, Jessica!? Have to get ready, buh bye!

[Cut to the locker-room with two ladies.]

Miko Azai

Shelly Marks: I’m here with the “Tokyo Thriller” Miko Azai of WISE. How you feeling this evening Ms. Azai?

Miko Azai: I’m doing great shelly, I’m here to enter the ring with the very best in women’s wrestling, I have no friends in this match but I will be watching my back

Marks: Do you think that you can become the champion?

Azai: Yes, only if God give me the strength and encouragement I need I’ll be the last one standing.

Marks: If you win the title tonight will you challenge anyone?

Azai: Yes, because I fear no one I might take a beat down but I will come out with respect and my head held up.

Marks: Good luck Miko.

Azai: Thanks

Tara Smith

[Cut to a shot of “Tornado” Tara Smith standing in front of the Angels & Amazons Logo. She is wearing a white leotard, white knee pads and white wrestling boots. Her long, red hair is pulled back in a ponytail which falls to the small of her back. She is carrying a water bottle and has a towel draped over her right shoulder. She smiles as she looks at the camera.]

Tara: We have 30 women fighting for one prize. The New Wave Wrestling Women’s Title and a shot at the VCW Women’s Title await the winner. I am just one of the 30 participants and a relative newcomer at that, but I am fully confident of my abilities in the ring. Not only are the top wrestlers from the VCW Women’s division in this rumble, but some wrestlers from other leagues as well. It doesn’t matter to me what number I draw, because I’m looking forward to the opportunity to test myself against these women.

[Tara takes a drink of water.]

Tara: However, this will not be all fun and games. There is a title at stake and I intend to be the one to win it. In a match like this, all feuds and friendships go out the window. Anais Exotica and Yuri Kaio, I will have my eyes on the two of you. Yuri, I don’t like the rumors you have spread about me and Anais, you claim to be the show, but you are just another wrestler to be eliminated. See you in the ring.

[Cut to back to ringside, where Trevor Doley, Rich Mullen, and now Jack Spector sit. Doley has what appears to be a checklist in his hands.]

TD: And now, ladies and gentlemen, the main event of the evening is upon us. As you can see, I have here in my hands an empty checklist. We do not know what order the 30 women will be coming out tonight for this battle for the New Wave Wrestling Championship and a shot at the VCW Women’s champion.

JS: But we do know that many women who were scheduled for this competition pulled out.

TD: Indeed we do. And let me take this moment to welcome Jack Spector here at ringside. But you may have a point Jack, because the whole complexion of this match changed when just a week ago, Yuri Kaio defeated Amanda Reese for the VCW Women’s championship.

JS: It’s Upset of the year in my book, Doley, and proof that on any given day, anybody can get lucky. But it threw one hell of a monkey wrench into this match.

RM: No doubt! By my count, at least 10 women pulled out of this Rumble, but NOT Yuri Kaio!

TD: Rich Mullen is correct, of course, as replacement wrestlers from VCW and around the globe were hurriedly offered spots in the Rumble, we will make note of those women as they come out.

JS: Let’s face it, you two. This Rumble was as much about being a shot at Amanda Reese as it was about the VCW title, if not more. A whole lot of women simply figured it wasn’t worth getting their heads kicked in for an hour if Reese wasn’t waiting for them at the end of it.

RM: That’s your opinion, Jack.

JS: No, it’s the truth, Bruce. Just ask Amanda Reese.

TD: And what about Yuri Kaio electing to stay in the Rumble?

JS: Unbelievable arrogance. Instead of waiting for “Double or Nothing”, she’s going to try and unify the belts. She may have had a shot in this thing before, but with a big target painted on her head, she’s not getting out of this thing alive. This is a dangerous kind of match, Doley, and so much depends on the luck of the draw.

TD: Indeed it does. Just to review the rules for everyone at home. This is a staggered-entry battle royal, commonly called a Rumble. The thirty participants have drawn numbers to determine the order of entry. The match will start with two women in the ring, every two minutes after that, another woman will enter this match. To be eliminated, you must go over the top and touch the floor with both feet.

RM: We’ve got a referee on each side of the ring to make sure that when someone goes over the top, they can verify the elimination. It’s luck, skill, stamina, and brains, and after almost an hour, anyone can be the winner.

JS: Bruce hits us with his grasp of the obvious once more. These matches are always wild, and I for one am VERY interested in seeing some of these women compete.

TD: I would like to point out that the “Khali rule” is in effect. Named in honor of the infamous Prince Khali, who way back in the 1994 Independence Day Bash Battle Royale dragged that match out, it wasn’t even a Rumble, mind you, he dragged that match out to 60 minutes plus by rolling under the third rope and going into the stands with half the men in that Battle Royale, fighting away from the ring where they could not be officially eliminated.

JS: And the Khali rule is that if you leave the ring without being eliminated, the officials have the discretion to put a ten count on you and eliminate you from the match. These women are going to have to spend their time in the ring, no easy outs here.

RM: I can’t wait for this. Who do you think is going to win it?

TD: These matches are almost impossible to call, so much depends on the luck of the draw. I have to stay loyal to the company and perhaps the hottest competitor in VCW right now, “The Small Package” Ashlyn Diamond.  She may not have the size, but she’s got great spirit, a great fighting heart, and with a good draw I think she can go all the way.

RM: Well, I’m going with the woman I think is just devious enough to get this win, the new champion Yuri Kaio. She showed us she has championship ability, she’s on a roll, she’s tricky, and she can get Kaori Kasaya to run interference for her.

JS: That’s assuming she and Kaori are even in the ring at the same time, Bruce, and like I said, as the champ, she has a big target painted on her head. I think it’s interesting you both went with small women who have the stamina. A late draw for one of the bruisers in the field, and we have a few, could give them the win. But, I had the opportunity to talk to some of these women backstage. No one told me the numbers they drew, but you learn a lot by body language, and I think I want to put some money on Cheryl Reese. This girl has been living in her big sister’s shadow for far too long, and there is nothing she would like more than a chance to take the belt that her sister lost.

TD: There you have it ladies and gentlemen, let’s go to “Big Tim” and the New Wave Wrestling Championship Rumble is ready to start.

“Big Tim”: Ladies and Gentlemen, now for tonight’s main event! [The crowd pops] The 30-woman, over-the-top Rumble for the New Wave Wrestling Women’s Championship and a shot at the Vegas Championship Wrestling women’s champion at the “Double or Nothing” Pay Per View!  Two women will start in the ring. Every two minutes thereafter, another woman will come to the ring until all 30 women have entered. A participant is eliminated by going over the top and having both feet touch the floor. The winner will be the last woman standing.  Introducing first, the woman who drew number one —

[Soft Asian music plays as rose petals fall from the ceiling. The music then picks up into a lively Asian techno tune and purple lights swirl around the arena. Out steps a very small young Japanese woman. Barely 5 feet high, she looks 15 or 16. She is wearing a lavender leotard with a tutu like fringe, purple kneepads and lavender boots. She looks a little embarrassed, but also determined to continue. The back of her leotard reads “Yuri Kaio #1!”.]

TD: Kaori Kasaya has drawn #1!!!!

RM: Oh that poor girl. Look at what Yuri is making her wear.

JS: Tough luck on the kid. Sorry Bruce, I think your pick for Yuri Kaio is shot to hell now, Kaori ain’t lasting more than 2 or 3 minutes.

RM: We’ll see.

“Big Tim”: And the woman who drew number two –

[The majestic swell of the Fourth movement of Dvorak’s “Symphony for the New World” breaks through the PA system.]

JS: It’s Athena!

[Athena is extremely tall, standing 6’2″ and in immaculate shape. She is lean and athletic, wearing a black, muscle tank top, black spandex pants, and black boots. Her platinum blonde hair is cut short like Bridgette Neilson. Her face, while aging, is still beautiful, that of a true warrior.]

TD: Athena once a dominant force in women’s wrestling.

RM: I had such a crush on her.

[Athena comes to the ring with grim determination. She seems extremely focused, knowing she has a bad draw.]

JS: That was then, and this is now, boys. Athena here is facing forty right after the turn of the millennium, and she knows this may be one of her last shots at the big time.

[Athena is in the ring, and Kaori Kasaya is circling her. The size difference is amazing.]

RM: God. Look at that. Athena has a foot and a half on her!

TD: More like a foot and a quarter, but it is still very impressive.

[Kaori launches herself to the ropes, and leaps right into a big boot by Athena. The crowd groans in sympathy.]

JS: Well, this is a scary mismatch. If you want to really be scared, think about how much muscle Athena has dropped these last few years. When she owned women’s wrestling in the late 80’s, early 90’s, she was massive. The Ultimate Female Warrior, pride of the Amazonian nation. She must have dropped 30-40 pounds since then.

[Kaori shook off that blow and continues to use speed to look for an opening on her much larger opponent.]

TD: Both these women somewhat tentative in the early going.

RM: They’ve got 54 minutes to go before everyone else is even in here.

JS: Assuming either one of them makes it that long.

TD: And Kasaya goes to the legs! A series of quick martial arts blows to the right leg of Athena and she’s trying to get the big woman down!

JS: But if she gets Athena off her feet, how the hell is Kasaya going to send her over the top rope?

[Athena goes to one knee and Kasaya bounces off the second rope behind her and dropkicks Athena in the back of the head.]

TD: I don’t know but it doesn’t seem to be stopping Kaori Kasaya right now. Athena rocked by that last move but will not go down. Kasaya to the far ropes, spin wheel kick and that knocked Athena to the mat! Kaori Kasaya springs to the second rope, Asai Moonsault!

[The crowd pops as Kasaya springs right back up and rushes to the ropes again.]

TD: Kasaya on a dead run, Senton splash – Athena got the knees up!

[The crowd groans as Kasaya slams back first into the upraised knees of Athena.]

RM: I think she broke her back.

TD: Both women to their feet slowly. Athena lays in with a big right hand. And another. Kaori Kasaya being rocked here.

JS: Don’t play with her, throw her out.

RM: She’s not playing with her, she’s catching her wind.

TD: Athena measures Kasaya in the corner and chokes her with the big foot. Athena obviously trying to slow down the bundle of energy that is Kaori Kasaya, “The Japanese Sensation” here in VCW.

JS: She needs to get rid of her now, before someone else comes in.

TD: Athena may be ready to do just that.

[Athena grabs Kasaya by the hair and runs her across the ring to the ropes.]

RM: Here goes Kaori!

[As they get near the ropes, Kasaya drops to the ground and slides under the third rope.]

RM: She got out of it!

TD: Kasaya with a great move to avoid elimination.

JS: And she’s right back in, Doley.

[Kasaya slides right back in the ring before the confused Athena can react, and start to leverage the big woman up.]

TD: She’s trying to eliminate Athena!

[Athena kicks Kaori off with her leg, sending the little Japanese woman tumbling to the center of the ring.]

JS: And Athena swats her aside like a fly.

[The crowd chants with the timer that appears on screen.]

Crowd: 10 – 9 – 8 –

RM: Who’s next?

TD: Athena’s got Kaori again!

[Kaori Kasaya is tied up in the ropes, hanging on for dear life as Athena tries to get her over.]

Crowd: 2 – 1

[Out of the back runs a young woman, about 5’3″, not very big but in great shape. She has a youthful air and a winning smile. Her curly brown hair has blonde streaks here and there and falls down to her shoulders. She’s wearing a simple one piece purple bathing suit/singlet with black boots.]

RM: It’s Larissa Roux!

TD: One of the young women trying to climb that ladder in VCW, and a replacement for Miho Watanabe of the JIWWA, who no-showed this event. A big break for her.

JS: looks like she tried to match Kaori’s outfit.

RM: She’s going right for Athena!

[Roux unloads on Athena from behind. Kaori takes advantage to drop to the apron and roll back in.]

TD: And Larissa Roux obviously viewing Athena as the greater threat here.

JS: Naah. It’s obvious she and Kasaya are on the same team, just look at the color scheme.

TD: Irish whip by Roux, reversed by Athena –

[Athena reverses the whip and follows it in hard with a clothesline, sending Roux over the top and to the floor.]

RM: Roux is history!

[Roux looks angrily up at Athena and slams the apron. Athena shrugs. Suddenly, Kaori Kasaya charges in with a dropkick to Athena’s back. Athena reels forward into the ropes.]

TD: And Athena might be joining her!

JS: Don’t bet on it, Doley.

“Big Tim”: Larissa Roux has been eliminated at two minutes, twenty-one seconds.

TD: Kasaya trying to leverage the big woman over.

RM: I think she’s got her!

TD: And Athena puts a stop to that with a big chop. Just too much power for Kaori Kasaya to deal with.

RM: But Kaori keeps trying, and I think she may get Athena out here.

JS: Dream on, Bruce.

TD: Athena looking for a clothesline, Kaori under that. Kaori Kasaya so quick, such good balance. Kasaya ducks a big boot and leaps to the second rope, flying spinning back fist punch!

JS: It’s the only way she can reach Athena’s head! You know, if she keeps leaping to the ropes like that, it is only a matter of time before Kasaya slips up and pitches herself over the top.

TD: Very possible, but right now she is unloading with more kicks to the legs of Athena. Kaori Kasaya again to the ropes, leap to the second, cross body – caught by Athena!!

[The crowd gasps as Athena simply catches the hurtling Kasaya in midair, and then presses her over her head.]

JS: Say goodbye to Kasaya.

[Athena heads to the ropes, but Kasaya slips free and rolls down Athena’s back, into a sunset flip-style takedown.]

Crowd: 10 – 9 – 8 –

[Kasaya rolls out of a grab by Athena and spins away on the mat, keeping low.]

TD: Kasaya showing that tremendous balance that has characterized her in VCW.

JS: Shades of her mentor, “The Gyroscope”

Crowd: 3 – 2 –

TD: Former NAWA champion, Masahiro Shimono.

RM: And number four is….

[Out comes a solidly built Japanese woman, in simple wrestling togs. She’s 5’5″ and reasonably muscular.]

RM: “Tokyo Thriller” Miko Azai, from the WISE promotion.

TD: And the “Tokyo Thriller” going right after Athena with some hard chops!

JS: Well, obviously the mood in the ring right now is get rid of the big woman. Sure, a big woman like Athena is never going to last too long in this, but she can be so dangerous while she’s in there.

TD: The Japanese women have obviously agreed on some kind of alliance in there. Double Irish whip to the ropes.

[Azai takes Athena down with a drop toe hold, Kasaya comes off the perpendicular ropes almost immediately with a senton.]

TD: Great double team maneuver!

JS: Best move for them. If these two Shelia’s don’t double team her, Athena is going to knock one of their heads clean off.

TD: Double Irish whip – double Savate kick!

RM: They missed it!

[Athena hooked the ropes as she came off, stopping herself short of the double strike. She then powers forward.]

TD: BIG double clothesline!

RM: The crowd liked that.

[Athena drops Azai with a boot, then a knee to Kasaya.]

JS: I told you she could damage them. The crowd may not be sure of a lot of the women here, but they are starting to warm to the pure power of Athena.

[Athena scoops Kasaya up and runs her to the ropes, flinging her over.]

TD: And there goes Kasaya!

RM: NO! She hangs on, wrapping herself around that rope like a lemur!

JS: Like a lemur?

RM: It’s a primitive primate.

JS: So are you, I try not to bring it up in public.

[Meanwhile, Azai took advantage of the break to lay in some kicks to the legs of Athena and take some control.]

TD: The Tokyo Thriller in charge again, suplex attempt coming up.

Crowd: 10 – 9 – 8

RM: Athena’s too big. She can’t get her over.

[Athena begins to reverse the move, Azai breaks the hold, gives a swift kick to the stomach and — ]


Crowd: 2 – 1 –

[The buzzer sounds and out comes a statuesque black woman to the mild response of the crowd. She does a quick hip-hop inspired dance and wears black Adidas workout pants with white stripes down the side, a white top, and white boots. She wears a black Adidas jacket to the ring that has her name written across the back. ]

RM: It’s Ms. Bea Haven!

JS: Poor thing.

[Haven slides into the ring and just PASTES Miko Azai with a hard right hand.]

TD: Ms. Bea Haven a VCW superstar who feels she is lacking some respect from this industry. And she goes right on the offensive! A kick for Kaori Kasaya who just got back in. A right hand for Athena! Another for Azai! [Crowd “ooohs” as Kaori Kasaya literally rolls herself into Haven’s left leg from behind, chop blocking her down.]

JS: And that’s the end of that.

TD: Haven and Kasaya on the mat as Athena goes to work on Azai in the corner. It’s been pretty fast paced so far.

JS: Which will cost all these women. They’ve got to start settling down to just wearing each other out and putting people over the top, or none of them is surviving very long.

TD: Athena in the corner, trying to leverage Azai over, but Azai’s been in this sport a while, and is keeping low, under the ropes.

RM: And over in the other corner, Kasaya is having her head stepped on by Haven.

JS: Well, we’ve got two big women in there now, right over the 6′ mark, with Haven and Athena. They could well just clear the Japanese girls out.

[Athena manages to get away from Azai and stumbles back a bit to the center of the ring. Haven lets up on Kasaya and charges her.]

RM: Ms. Bea Haven just flattened Athena with that clothesline to the back of the head!

JS: Now we’ll see if the old lady still has anything left.

[Athena gets to her feet as Haven yells at her to get up. Athena gives the young powerhouse a weary look. Meanwhile, Miko Azai heads over to Kasaya and tries to fireman’s carry her over the top. Kasaya hooks the top rope though, and fights for leverage.]

RM: We’ve got the Amazons out in force here!

TD: And Miko Azai is trying to get rid of Kasaya here. But Ms. Bea Haven wants a test of strength!

[The crowd pops as Haven raises up her hand for the test of strength. Athena checks the crowd response, they want to see the two women go at it.]

JS: C’mon, old woman. See if you still got it.

TD: There was a time when no woman alive would dare match up with Athena in a test of strength.

JS: That was 1992, Doley, and Ms. Bea Haven wants to prove a point.

RM: Ms. Bea Haven is cravin’ respect.

[The two women lock up and go chest to chest. Kasaya seems to have slipped under Azai and is trying to leverage her over now.]

TD: Test of strength in the middle of the ring.

RM: I think Athena’s weakening!

[Athena begins to bend backwards, she suddenly drops to her knees, releases the left hand, slides it under Haven’s body, and then shoots to a standing position and falls back, turning this into a Samoan drop. Big Crowd Pop.]

JS: She suckered her! The old lady still has some tricks for the youngsters to learn!

TD: And the fans here can appreciate that gambit by a former world champion!

[Athena gets to her feet before the fallen Haven. “You want to play, girl? We’ll play.”]

TD: And Athena with the arm of Bea Haven. Whip to the corner!

Crowd: 10 – 9 – 8

[Athena follows the whip in with a big clothesline into the corner. Haven slumps in the corner.]

RM: Haven in trouble here.

Crowd: 5 – 4 – 3

[Athena glides over to where Azai is trying to get out Kasaya and seems to be deciding who she should help.]

Crowd: 1 –

[Through the ropes steps a tall, beautiful and powerfully muscled Caucasian woman in her mid-twenties. Her dark brown hair is long and flows freely down to a few inches below her shoulders, and her eyes are brown. Her ring attire consists of a black sports bra, mid-thigh length tights and wrestling boots, all of them black with gold detailing and “Yorke” scripted in golden, flowing letters down the right leg.]

RM: She’s HUGE!!!!

[Taking her time getting to the ring, this woman is indeed huge, measuring 6’3″ and solid muscle.]

TD: Brittany Yorke, ladies and gentlemen, also of the WISE promotion.

RM: She must weigh 200 pounds!

[Athena is staring at Yorke as she approaches. Behind her Haven has tried to get both Kasaya and Azai over the top, and the two Japanese women are now fighting back.]

JS: Take a look at this. You can just see it in Athena’s eyes. This was Athena 14 years ago when she started in this business. That’s the young, powerful body she used to have, maybe even more. This is her past and her future staring her in the face, and she can’t stand it.

[Yorke sneers once at the audience in disdain from the apron, and Athena charges her.]

TD: Athena just dragged Brittany Yorke into the ring by her hair! Athena unloading with rights and lefts on the rookie!

RM: I think Jack called this one. Athena is all over her.

[Suddenly Kaori Kasaya seizes the opening and dropkicks Athena. Athena reels back and Kasaya tries to use momentum to get her over the top. Yorke looks to recover, and Haven manages to get Azai off with an elbow to the head.]

TD: The Japanese Sensation trying to get Athena over the top, they’ve been in since this thing started. And Ms. Bea Haven stepping up to Brittany Yorke now!

JS: She’s giving up an inch or so, and some 20 pounds, but this is still a battle of big women.

TD: And Ms. Bea Haven shoves Yorke down! Yorke looks shocked to be assaulted in such a manner! We’ve got two young, rookie powerhouses ready to go at it here, blows raining fast and furious!

[The two women just throw punches at first. The crowd pops at the massive catfight in the middle. Miko Azai tries to sneak Kasaya over the ropes, but Athena nails Azai with a forearm and Kasaya with an elbow.]

RM: Yorke is too strong for her!

TD: Yorke takes control – blocks another punch by Ms. Bea Haven – [crowd pops as a vicious forearm actually spins Haven around.] What a punch! Full nelson applies by Brittany Yorke! Dragon Suplex!!!!

[The crowd pops for a maneuver looking vicious on two women that big.]

JS: She calls it the “Brittany Plex” Doley.

RM: She just suplexed a 180-pound woman with ease!

[Kasaya nails Yorke with a spin-wheel kick out of nowhere. Yorke does not go down.]

JS: And Sheila Kasaya just bounces off of her! I like this Brittany Yorke.

[Yorke scoops up Kasaya and delivers a backbreaker drop, holding it into a cross-knee backbreaker for a moment before dumping her to the side.]

TD: Good lord, what a move!

JS: It’s the Brittany Drop.

RM: Here comes Miko Azai.

[Yorke is beckoning Miko Azai on as the Japanese woman circles.]

TD: Miko Azai slip into a top wristlock, using technique here.

[Yorke spins out of the hold and turns it into a short-arm clothesline that drops Azai to the mat.]

TD: Gods what power!

RM: Another full nelson. This is gonna hurt.

[Yorke sets the full nelson, and then falls forward into a vicious face slam, driving all her own weight onto Miko Azai.]

JS: The Brittany Slam!

TD: This woman really loves herself, doesn’t she?

JS: What’s not to love?

[Yorke poses in the ring, getting quite a few cheers for her dismantling of everyone. Athena has been resting on the ropes during this, waiting.]

RM: Brittany’s pointing to Athena.

TD: Yorke calling Athena out here. And Athena is stepping forward and applauding. I think Yorke is enjoying the praise.

[Athena finishes applauding and nods. “You and me, girl.”]

TD: Yorke’s punch is blocked! Athena rocks her with a right hand! And again! And again! Athena with the whip, reversed by Yorke, big powerslam!!!

RM: I suppose that’s the “BrittanySlam II?”

JS: No Bruce, that’s a powerslam, didn’t you hear Doley?

TD: Brittany Yorke has laid everybody out and is enjoying the spotlight.

JS: Yeah, but she isn’t throwing anyone over the top. She’s got them stunned, finish them off. Showboat when the ring is clear.

TD: Brittany Yorke admiring herself some more. Kasaya with an Asai moonsault!

RM: Yorke caught her!!

[Britany Yorke catches Kasaya over her right shoulder. Yorke then drops to one knee, delivering a right shoulderbreaker.]

TD: Shoulderbreaker! What the – ?

[Yorke pops right back and delivers a left shoulderbreaker to Kasaya, only to pop back up again and drop into a piledriver.]

JS: It’s the Brittany Driver!!!

RM: I think Kasaya is dead!

[Yorke raises her hands in triumph only to be met by Haven and Athena coming off the ropes.]

TD: And a double clothesline flattens Brittany Yorke!

Crowd: 10 – 9 – 8

RM: Yorke is down and all three women are working on her!

JS: They sure as hell better.

Crowd: 4 – 3 –

TD: Miko Azai with a flying fist drop. Both these women from the WISE promotion, Azai knows what this youngster can do.

[The buzzer sounds and through the curtain steps a beautiful, Caucasian woman with red hair cascading halfway down to the small of her back and green eyes. She is athletic, but not butch. She is 5’8″ tall and weighs approximately 135 pounds. She wears a blue leotard, white knee pads and white wrestling boots. Her hair is tied back in a ponytail. As she makes her way to the ring, she slaps hands with the fans, but has a look of determination on her face.]

RM: “Tornado” Tara Smith is in the Rumble!

TD: Tara Smith one of the hottest wrestlers in VCW right now.

RM: And you know she is here to make a good showing of herself.

JS: No, she’s here to suck, Bruce. Moron.

TD: And Smith right to work with some martial arts blows to Miko Azai. We have passed the 10 minute mark.

RM: And over here we’ve got the three Amazons battling in the corner, I think Athena and Yorke have teamed up to try and eliminate Ms. Bea Haven!

TD: Where’s Kaori Kasaya?

JS: She’s there in the middle of the ring.

[Miko Azai catches a side kick from Smith and turns it into a Dragon Screw leg-whip. Azai then starts working on the leg of the fallen redhead.]

TD: Kaori Kasaya trying to recover from that devastating move by Brittany Yorke. We’re over 10 minutes in now, we’ve only had one elimination, Larissa Roux, who went out at the hands of Athena seventeen seconds after entering the match.

[Yorke suddenly turns and clotheslines Athena. Haven takes advantage to slam Yorke with a forearm and then drive the head to the turnbuckle a few times. Athena gets up and kicks Haven in the side.]

RM: Wow, they’ve really split up, haven’t they?

TD: It seems all the powerhouses are duking it out in the corner, and the smaller women are over on the opposite side of the ring.

JS: Hey, if I’m one of the smaller Shelia’s, I stay as far away from the bruisers as possible, let them beat each other up, and then move in to pick up the pieces.

[Kasaya breaks up Azai’s beating on Smith.]

TD: Look at Kaori Kasaya. The smallest woman in this Rumble, she drew #1, she has been in there with what might be 3 of the biggest women in this match, and she is still out there fighting.

JS: Yeah, it makes you wonder how badly she is going to be injured by the end of all this.

RM: You’re sick.

TD: Double whip by Smith and Kasaya on Azai, nice double dropkick. Where does Kasaya get the energy? Smith moves to take advantage on Azai – nice snapmare by Azai to stop that! And Kasaya with a kick to Azai again.

JS: Looks like the VCW girls are working together here.

[Haven comes over and blasts Smith and then Kasaya with punches.]

TD: I don’t think all the VCW women are on the same page.

[The women are obviously tired, resting by trying to leverage each other over the top. Yorke is trying to get position on Athena, but the veteran has dropped below the third rope and wrapped herself in the second, Yorke isn’t getting anywhere. Haven is in the corner leaning into Smith with her shoulder. Azai whips Kasaya to the ropes.]

Crowd: 10 – 9 –

TD: Nice back bodydrop by Miko Azai!

RM: She’s going for the elimination!

Crowd: 4 – 3 –

[Azai flings Kasaya over the top, but Kasaya grabs the top barely and manages to spin herself down to the apron.] [The buzzer sounds and in comes a very attractive Sioux woman. Wearing a white headdress and wrestling togs with a hint of her Sioux heritage, she is slight of build, and not very tall.]

TD: Little Dove, of Wildcat wresting, heading to ringside.

RM: Athena’s out!

[The camera switches back, to where Athena is on the ring mats on the floor. A referee is signaling frantically.]

JS: She went through the second, Brittany just shoved her through the ropes in frustration, no elimination there.

TD: Little Dove right to work on Tara Smith in the corner now. Miko Azai with a nice spinning takedown on Brittany Yorke! Ms. Bea Haven takes Kasaya down with a clubbing forearm.

RM: Athena’s slow to climb back in.

TD: Remember that the referees won’t let her stay too long on the outside or she will be disqualified, but she is going to take whatever rest she can, she’s been in there since this thing started 12 minutes ago.

[Little Dove whips Tara Smith to the corner and hits her with a beautiful dropkick.]

TD: Little Dove showing us the fresh legs as she works on Tara Smith. Miko Azai is doing a good job trying to keep Yorke on the ground where she isn’t dangerous.

JS: But you can’t eliminate her from there.

[Haven can’t get Kasaya over the top, so she pulls her back to the mat and then Irish whip her across the ring.]

TD: Whip by Kasaya, back body drop by Haven over the third –

RM: What the hell!

[Kasaya is back body dropped by Haven and lands in a sitting position on the third rope, she bounces off back up half a reverse somersault to land her ankles around Haven’s head and then spins forward into a flying headscissor takedown that sends Haven over the top to the floor.]

RM: Kasaya hung on!

[Haven is on the floor stunned. Kasaya is hanging by her arms on the third rope and quickly slides back under the bottom rope into the ring. The crowd pops crazy big for the unbelievable move.]

TD: Absolutely amazing, Kaori Kasaya eliminates Ms. Bea Haven!!

RM: And Yorke has Kasaya by the throat!

TD: Athena saves her with a boot to the ribs!

RM: Piledriver by Miko Azai on Tara Smith, and Little Dove hits Azai with a flying forearm!

“Big Tim”: Ms. Bea Haven has been eliminated at twelve minutes, forty-nine seconds.

[Haven is stalking angrily to the back, as Little Dove tries to eliminate Miko Azai. Tara Smith is against the ropes as Kaori Kasaya tries to push her over. Brittany Yorke has shoved Athena away to the middle of the ring.]

TD: Yorke with a big boot on Athena, I think she’s setting for a suplex – blocked by Athena! Breaks the hold with a quick elbow. Chokeslam by Athena!!

[Crowd pops]

RM: Wow!

JS: Yeah, but she was too far from the ropes, or she could have sent Yorke over the top right there.

Crowd: 10 – 9 –

TD: Athena taking it to Brittany Yorke now. Irish whip by Athena, reversed by Yorke –

Crowd: 6 – 5

TD: Tilt-a-whirl shoulderbreaker by the English powerhouse!!

[Crowd goes nuts for the move.]

JS: I’m telling you, Brittany Yorke is everything Athena was years ago and maybe more. This kid is very impressive. Athena just doesn’t have what it takes anymore to match up with power like this!

[Yorke blasts Little Dove with a quick boot, hits Kasaya with a forearm, and then nails Azai and Smith with a double clothesline.]

RM: They can’t stop her!

TD: And here comes Janey Dean, and she goes down from a big boot!

[Janey is a big woman, about 5’9. She’s pale and has a good build. Her face is rugged, and she has a scar under chin which goes to her lower lip. Her short black hair has gel in it making it look rather greasy. She wears black jeans ripped at the bottom and the knees with a black tank top. She has black army boots and bikers gloves to complete the look.]

RM: The tough brawler, Janey Dean, a replacement for the Black Queen of EFW.

[Yorke picks up the fallen Dean, and brings her up in a delay vertical suplex position.]

TD: More tremendous power on display from Brittany Yorke…

[Yorke lets Dean go, but drops her straight down instead of falling back into a suplex. Yorke stays standing.]

RM: She dropped her on her head!

TD: A vicious suplex drop by Brittany Yorke who once again revels in the center stage.

[Athena suddenly comes off the ropes.]

RM: Flying shoulderblock by Athena and Yorke goes down hard!!

JS: Yorke keeps laying everyone out but she then likes the spotlight too much. She should just pitch them out when they’re all smacked up and can’t wiggle free.

TD: Brittany Yorke has been very impressive but is still a rookie.

[Yorke is on the mat shaking the cobwebs loose, Athena is breathing heavily nearby on hands and knees. Little Dove and Kaori Kasaya are locked up in a corner, Miko Azai and Tara Smith are working Janey Dean over with kicks.]

RM: I think that if Yorke and Athena would team up, they could clear this whole ring. No one else here is even near their size.

JS: Not going to happen, and if they aren’t careful, everyone else here is going to figure that out and team up on them.

Crowd: 10 – 9

TD: Athena with a headbutt on Yorke, Yorke fires back with a weakened right hand. The pace really slowing down here, as these women have taken a beating.

Crowd: 3 – 2

RM: Janey Dean trying to fight free of the corner over there.

[Dean manages to get free of Smith and Azai for a moment, but the both grab her.]

Crowd: 1 –

[The buzzer sounds and the crowd boos. Out steps a super-cut power-house of a woman. Black chaps, black G-string, black biker-bitch boots. Black fishnets under the chaps and G-string. Black leather vest, with a skin tight black sports bra underneath, more like a tube actually. The only color is the thin strap, red, white and blue tie around the headband. She is just under 6′ and obviously a power body-builder. She charges the ring.]

RM: It’s Stevie Power!

[Power hits the ring just as Janey Dean is hitting the ropes from a double Irish whip. Power lashes out with an arm, hooks the throat and basically clotheslines Dean over the top while Power is still standing on the apron.]

TD: There goes Janey Dean!

JS: And the girl ain’t even in the ring yet. Here we go with the rag dolls again.

TD: Little Dove with a flying body – [Crowd “Ohhhs” as Power catches the Sioux native.]

RM: Look at the power, um, by Power!

TD: Oh Great Scott!

[Power hurls Little Dove, sending her head first into the second row over the safety rail. The crowd shrieks its approval.]

JS: Lawn Dart!!!

TD: Stevie Power is here with a vengeance and she’s pointing to both Yorke and Athena!

“Big Tim”: Janey Dean has been eliminated at sixteen minutes, two seconds.

JS: Stevie’s all about being the toughest on the block, let’s see these three go at it!

TD: Stevie Power bowls them both over with a shoulder charge! A right hand for Yorke! A right hand for Athena! A knee to the face of Yorke! A back kick on Athena!

RM: She’s a house a-fire!!

“Big Tim”: Little Dove has been eliminated at sixteen minutes, fifteen seconds.

RM: Little Dove is hurt. She isn’t moving.

[Power leans both Yorke and Athena up against the ropes and then tries to clothesline them both over simultaneously.]

JS: She’s tossing them both out!

TD: No! They’re hanging on!

[Athena and Yorke are too big, and Power can’t develop enough power to knock them both over.]

RM: Can we get a camera on Little Dove?

[The camera split screens, a circle of fans has formed around Little Dove, security holding the concerned throng back. On the other side, Power can be seen trying to push both women over from a choke position while they claw back. Suddenly Power lets them both go and they slump to the mat gasping for air. The screen goes back full to the ring.]

TD: Kaori Kasaya is attacking Stevie Power!

JS: That’s amazingly stupid.

[Kasaya obviously tried to chop block Power from behind the knee, but barely moved her. Power grabs Kasaya and sort of hip-tosses her over the top.]

JS: Bye-bye!

RM: She hung on!

[Kasaya again manages to snare the top rope, and is sort of hanging on by her arms as she tries to find the apron under her feet. Power charges her and hits a savate kick, sending Kasaya careening off the apron and into the security railing.]

JS: I +said+, bye-bye.

[EMT’s can be seen heading down the aisle to check on Little Dove.]

RM: We’ve finally got some emergency people here for Little Dove. And we might need some for Kaori Kasaya now!

TD: Power is running amok in there, double clothesline on Azai and Smith!

[Azai and Smith go down as part of a failed double team attempt. Power grabs Azai and runs her to the ropes.]

RM: Here goes Azai!

“Big Tim”: Kaori Kasaya has been eliminated –

[Power stops short, drives her knee into Azai’s head, and then throws Azai over the top.]

“Big Tim”: at seventeen minutes and twenty-five seconds.

TD: Was that necessary?

JS: No. But it was cool.

RM: Power caught Yorke with a boot coming in! And catches Athena’s leg!

[Yorke goes down from the shot. Athena’s sneak kick was caught by Power and Athena is now hopping on one foot.]

“Big Tim”: Miko Azai has been elimin –

Crowd: 10 – 9 –

TD: She’s backing her up.

[Athena is pushed backwards, still hopping and off balance, by Power, towards the ropes…]

Crowd: 6 – 5 –

TD: Enzuigiri by Athena and Power goes down!!

“Big Tim”: — seventeen minutes and forty-four seconds.

[Athena, Yorke, and Power are all in the middle of the ring trading punches randomly among the three of them. Tara Smith is seated in a corner away from them, trying to catch her breath.]

RM: They’re just mauling each other!

[The buzzer sounds and out steps a tall Japanese woman with brown eyes & long black hair worn in a ponytail. She has an athletic kickboxer physical build, and is probably the same height as Power, although nowhere near as built. She is wearing a navy blue tank top with a red & black ying-yang symbol on the front of the tank top. She has black Muay Thai boxing shorts with the saying “ALL SHALL FALL TO WISDOM” written in red Japanese writing on the right side of the shorts. Both of her feet are taped with black tape and she wears black gripping gloves.]

RM: Here comes Akira Kahn, of the JIWWA.

[Akira Kahn approaches the ring patiently, surveying the situation. As she approaches, the EMT’s go past with Little Dove.]

TD: Little Dove being rushed to the back by the EMTs. We hope to have an update shortly. Kaori Kasaya seems to have gotten up under her own power, but will be helped to the back anyway, she looks to be all right. A brave effort by that young woman, going almost 20 minutes since the very beginning.

[Kahn rolls in and takes a corner next to the one Smith is in. The three powerhouses continue to slug it out towards the middle of the ring.] [Kahn rolls in and takes a corner next to the one Smith is in. The three powerhouses continue to slug it out towards the middle of the ring.]

RM: She’s just sitting there.

TD: Akira Kahn known for her patience, known for her stamina, known for her tactics in the ring. I think she’s simply assessing the situation.

JS: And as long as she isn’t being attacked, it looks like Tara Smith is willing to leave Akira Kahn alone.

[Kahn and Smith eye each other. Suddenly Kahn explodes into motion with a series of solid Muay Thai knees on Brittany Yorke.]

TD: And Kahn leaps into action!

JS: She wants the big one!

TD: Akira Kahn has apparently decided that Brittany Yorke is her target and here we go.

RM: Athena and Power still clawing at one another.

JS: There’s no love lost there. Athena and Amanda Reese feuded for years, and Power was mixed up in all of that. Stevie and Amanda may have their problems, but NEITHER of them is going to turn around and start liking Athena.

TD: And it looks like Tara Smith will join Kahn in working on Brittany Yorke.

JS: Let’s face it, they better start doing some teaming on these muscle women, or they aren’t going to make it.

[Smith and Kahn have Yorke in the corner and are alternating raining Martial Arts kicks on the muscular rookie. Athena seems to be trying to leverage Stevie Power over, but can’t seem to get the job done.]

RM: Look at Smith and Kahn go!

TD: A testament to the power of teamwork as Kahn and Smith work over Brittany Yorke. They have effectively neutralized the young British lioness.

[Athena gives up on Power and comes over to the far corner.]

RM: And Athena puts a stop to that!

TD: Big forearms from Athena to the back of the head of Akira Kahn, and to Tara Smith!

JS: You need eyes in back of your head for something like this.

TD: Athena trying to throw Akira Kahn over now. Stevie Power with a big knee to the midsection on Tara Smith out of nowhere.

JS: Akira Kahn is known for being a slow starter, but with great stamina, I think Athena has the right idea trying to put her out quick.

RM: But Brittany Yorke nails Athena!

TD: A break for Akira Kahn as Brittany Yorke takes Athena out with a blow to the ribcage. And Kahn goes right back to attacking Brittany Yorke!

RM: Look at those knees, what a back fist! Akira Kahn is a machine!

TD: Akira Kahn definitely working methodically here.

[Stevie Power abandons Tara Smith, who tries to struggle to her feet. Athena is breathing hard in the corner, buying time. As Kahn continues the martial arts assault on Yorke, Power charges and throws a clothesline at Kahn.]

TD: Kahn ducks a clothesline, but gets a fist from Yorke for the distraction.

JS: Time for payback.

TD: Brittany Yorke with another forearm that rocks Akira Kahn, just so much power in this woman. She’s got Kahn now, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker!!

RM: Man, oh man that has got to hurt.

TD: Yorke pounding away on Akira Kahn here, and Athena mows her over! Stevie Power with a running knee on Athena! And a dropkick from Tara Smith from the second rope sends Power down!

RM: We’ve got a five-woman pile up in the middle of the ring!

Crowd: 10 – 9

RM: And there’s more on the way!

[Smith is the first up, and she and Kahn drag Power to the ropes to try and get her over. Yorke and Athena are slow to get up.]

TD: Kahn and Smith seem to be working as a team a bit here on Power.

Crowd: 2 – 1 –

[The buzzer sounds and out steps a tall, solidly built woman in a mink stole and designer sunglasses. She tosses them off to the side, revealing a sleek looking, designer black and gold wrestling outfit. The gold trim on the boots has little dollar signs subtly integrated. She looks like she just stepped out of a salon, dyed blonde hair perfectly coifed.]

RM: It’s “The Biatch” Christie Morgan!

TD: Christie Morgan of the LPWL, to see this proud member of the Morgan family turned into someone like this, it breaks my heart.

JS: Well, she just broke Smith and Kahn’s heart, because Power is saved and they are taking some punishment!

[Morgan rolled right in and started on Smith and Kahn. She settles into a stomping a mud hole into Tara Smith in the corner. Akira Kahn eats a fist from Power, and Power then goes over to try and push the exhausted Athena over the top rope. Akira Kahn is met with a furious Brittany Yorke.]

TD: Six women in the ring, six have been eliminated, and everybody is still fighting for their lives here.

JS: And they’ve got a long way still to go.

RM: Can you believe it, Athena has been in there for over 20 minutes!

TD: It’s been a very impressive display from a legend.

JS: I guess dropping all that weight has improved her stamina. It used to be that she would be sucking wind after 10 minutes easy.

[Christie Morgan has Tara Smith taken down with a modified armbar, and is grinding her knee into Smith’s shoulder. Akira Kahn is trying to stick and move to keep away from Brittany Yorke’s power and keep control of the center of the ring. Stevie Power is unloading with more punches on Athena in the corner.]

TD: Christie Morgan putting a bit of a clinic to young Tara Smith in there. It’s a shame to see a great second-generation wrestler like that abandon all that her family has stood for for so long.

JS: Hey, Doley. “Mr. Money” Jarred Milton gave her the good life, and Christie simply realized that the good life is a hell of a lot more fun than some farm in Edmonton with your dumb as dirt brothers.

TD: Once again the pace slowing down here, and– Akira Kahn really rocking Brittany Yorke here with those blows! An elbow to the head! Yorke is reeling, Kahn’s going to try and take her over!

[The crowd strains in empathy as Akira Kahn tries to get Brittany Yorke over the top. Yorke digs in with considerable power, and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.]

JS: She’s not going here, Doley.

[Christie Morgan nails Kahn with a kick to the back and Yorke is free. Smith is on her knees, rubbing her shoulder, when she gets a boot to the ribs from Stevie Power.]

TD: Power working over Tornado Tara Smith! And look at Morgan and Kahn!

[Morgan locks Kahn up in a top wristlock, Kahn reverses out and shoots out a throat jab that Morgan slaps aside.]

JS: We’ve got a skill contest here!

TD: Morgan drops to the single leg pick up, roll out and kick counter by Kahn, but Morgan drops the leg to get away from that. Morgan to the arm, spinning back fist by Kahn stops the hold but doesn’t connect.

RM: It’s a chess match.

JS: Christie spent all those years in Japan, she may not use the strikes, but she knows how to counter that style.

[Tara Smith is working on Athena in the corner, Athena tries to fend her off. Yorke has Power in the corner and is ramming a shoulder into the rib cage. The battle of counter hold and strike continues between Morgan and Kahn in the center.]

TD: Back and forth they go, what a display of skills we have here.

[Athena gets a leg under Smith and shoves her into the center of the ring, where she collides with Kahn and Morgan.]

TD: Smith shoved in, all 3 women go down! Athena put an end to that, and Athena goes over to join Yorke in hammering Stevie Power!

RM: Looks like no one is happy with this change.

TD: Christie Morgan takes Athena by the hair and drags her back! Akira Kahn with a stabbing blow to the throat of Brittany Yorke! And Tara Smith nails Stevie Power with a dropkick to the chest in the corner!

JS: Looks like Smith has a death wish.

RM: I don’t know, she looks in control here.

[Smith is working on Stevie Power, who is slumped in the corner.]

TD: Tara Smith trying to keep Power from getting that vertical base, trying to keep that awesome strength from being applied here.

JS: Christie has Athena tied up in knots there, working that shoulder joint. I like this Akira Kahn’s mean streak. She’s just cutting the air off from Yorke’s lungs with those chops and blows to the throat and chest.

Crowd: 10 – 9

TD: Akira Kahn has Yorke to her knees. Measuring the big woman.

Crowd: 7 – 6

TD: Side thrust kick by Kahn – Yorke caught it! Yorke saw it coming. And look at the power!!

[Yorke catches the kick by Kahn and then quickly stands up, grabbing Kahn’s waist as she rises. Yorke hoists Kahn up and falls forward into a modified power bomb.]

JS: Kahn has been planted!

TD: Raw power by Brittany Yorke!

[The buzzer sounds and out comes a smallish wrestler, a little over five feet tall, and solidly built. A Japanese woman in her early thirties, she has a friendly smile and rather large eyes. She has her hair pulled back into a bun on the back of her head and neck. She wears hot pink tights with a matching boots and pads. Her top is of the same color with black sleeves which end at her elbows and black around the midsection area.]

RM: Mariko Jones coming to the ring.

JS: And Yorke exploding in it!

TD: Brittany Yorke drops a leg on Akira Kahn! Clubbing forearm on Morgan! A shot to Athena! She nails Tara Smith! And a shot for Jones as she enters!

RM: Mariko is replacing Starmaker of EFW.

JS: Stevie’s up!

TD: Power hits Kahn with a clothesline, Kahn almost goes out! Yorke pitches Morgan to the ropes! Yorke’s got Jones, Power has Tara Smith!

JS: Double elimination, coming up.

[Both power houses charge to the same side, running Jones and Smith to the ropes and then flinging them over.]

TD: There goes Jones and Smith!

RM: Tara hung on!

[Indeed, Tara Smith grabs the top rope going over and is hanging on for dear life, keeping her feet from the floor.]

JS: Not for long.

[Brittany Yorke goes to pry Smith’s hands free and gets a forearm to the back for her troubles.]

TD: A shot by Stevie Power! She spins Brittany Yorke around, belly-to-belly over the top rope, Brittany Yorke is history!!!

[Crowd pops as Power hits a release belly-to-belly to send the monstrous British woman to the floor.]

“Big Tim”: Mariko Jones has been eliminated at twenty-two minutes, thirty-nine seconds.

[Tara Smith skins the cat and leverages herself back in as Yorke storms angrily outside the ring. Smith turns right into a Stevie Power clothesline that almost sends her right back out.]

RM: Stevie Power is unloading here! She’s caught Kahn with a powerslam!

TD: And Athena with a spinebuster on Morgan! Athena and Power eye to eye!

[The center of the ring is the two powerhouses once again, and they start unloading with vicious punches on one another. The crowd chants for blood.]

“Big Tim”: Brittany Yorke has been eliminated at twenty-two minutes, fifty-one seconds.

RM: It’s just straight power now, I don’t think Athena can hold up, she’s been in there from the start!

[Sure enough, Power begins to get the advantage, driving Athena against the ropes. Athena desperately tries to hang on as Power begins to inexorably leverage her over the top.]

TD: I think you’re right. Athena fading here, Stevie Power has her up, I don’t think Athena has any leverage to fight back with.

Crowd: 10 – 9 –

JS: Bye-bye, Athena, you ain’t top dog anymore.

Crowd: 7 – 6 –

RM: Wait a minute, it’s everyone else!

[Morgan, Smith and Kahn rush the two grappling behemoths and pull Stevie Power’s legs out from under her.]

Crowd: 4 – 3 –

TD: Power and Athena both eliminated!

[Power nails Athena with a shot on the outside in frustration after both women land and then shoves one of the refs.]

RM: We’re down to three!

[The buzzer sounds and through the curtain comes a tall blonde woman. Almost unhealthily thin for her height, her breasts are way too big for her body. She is in a hot pink halter-top and short, shorts bottom.]

RM: Make that four, it’s “Triple C” Justina America!

JS: Athena and Power are STILL going at it!

“Big Tim”: Athena and Stevie Power have been eliminated at twenty-three minutes, fifty-seven seconds.

[The crowd is hollering for her as Justina America climbs up to the ring and to the third buckle.]

RM: Justina represents the GWNW, and what is she doing?

TD: Superkick attempt from the third rope!

[America launches the superkick at Tara Smith, but Smith dodges it and then clips out Justina’s leg with a legsweep.]

TD: We’ve got Morgan and Kahn going at it, and Smith and “Triple C” locking up.

JS: Yeah, but Athena and Stevie Power are still going at it in the aisle!

[The camera cuts to Power and Athena, still struggling, shoving off security personnel. Power tries to whip Athena into the railing, but Athena reverses it. Power hits a boot to the midsection when Athena comes in.]

TD: This is crazy, these women simply won’t give up on a chance to hurt one another.

JS: Hey, Stevie is mad that Athena hung on long enough to get her eliminated is all.

[Suddenly the crowd pops. From behind the curtain comes Amanda Reese in a t-shirt, jeans, and sunglasses.]

TD: It’s Amanda Reese!

RM: And she’s got a chair! It’s payback time for Power!

[Reese charges to the two women. Power has seized control again, and hasn’t noticed Reese yet.]

TD: And Reese – just NAILED ATHENA!!!!

[Athena goes down and Reese and Power have a long stare.]

RM: What the hell? Power hit her with a chair just a few weeks ago.

JS: You don’t understand anything about relationships, do you Bruce?

TD: Amanda Reese coming to the aid of Stevie Power. What is going on here?

[Reese seems to say something and points to her shirt.]

TD: I think she’s trying to convince Power of something, something about “the way it was?”?

[We catch a glimpse of Reese’s t-shirt. It’s old, worn, and faded. The writing can be barely made out, and whatever color it had is long gone. It says “Power & Freedom” in big letters, underneath is “… you have to beat people up.”]

JS: I know that shirt, Doley. Back when they were working full time as a tag team all around the world, they were Power & Freedom.

[Power doesn’t seem to be too sure about this, eyeing the chair warily. Reese drops it, and is pleading with her. The microphone catches a bit of the conversation.]

Amanda Reese: — to be strong. I know I let you down, I wasn’t there, I wasn’t there in my head. You need —

RM: That was back when Reese wasn’t wrestling under her real name, right?

JS: That was their motto, whether you wanted gold, respect, money, whatever in this business, you have to beat people up.

[Power is obviously angry, but moved. She draws herself up, her eyes locked with Reese’s.]

JS: This is it. Either a partnership is re-formed or we get one hell of a kick-ass brawl right now.

[The two women embrace, hugging closely. Reese breaks the hug and kisses Power on the forehead.]

RM: They made up? I guess Reese and Power made up.

JS: Wow, Bruce, your keen grasp of the obvious never ceases to amaze me.

TD: Amanda Reese, the former VCW champion, is heading this way.

[Reese is a very tall, athletic woman, with a lean, powerful look. Her blondish hair is tied back in a ponytail, and her face looks expressionless behind her sunglasses. She’s in jeans, black boots, and the t-shirt mentioned above. Stevie Power heads to the back, the officials have already helped Athena away. Reese approaches the announce table. As she does we see the back of her shirt. “Line forms to the right.” Is what it says.]

Amanda Reese (AR): You. Mullen. Go.

RM: What? I’m announcing –

JS: I’d do it, Bruce.

[Mullen reluctantly stands up and hands over his headset to Amanda Reese.]

TD: Apparently we have a new broadcast colleague.

AR: Yes, you do. I figure I’m the person best qualified to comment on this battle of the losers. Nice to see you, Jack.

JS: Nice to see you, too. Nice shirt.

AR: Sometimes you gotta go back to your roots, and back to the basics, you know that Jack. So who the hell is in here right now?

TD: We’ve got Akira Kahn trying to leverage Christie Morgan over, and Tara Smith just got hit with a spin kick from Justina America.

AR: A one-dimensional Japanese wrestler, a Morgan gone bad who’s lost all her skills, a ring-rat who’s let one lucky break go to her head, and I thought they didn’t allow wrestlers who were more than 50% plastic?

TD: Harsh words from Amanda Reese. Meanwhile, we are almost at the half-way point of this Rumble, and are down to 4 women right now.

[Crowd pops as Justina America tries a springboard move and gets picked out of the sky by a dropkick from Tara Smith.]

JS: Justina America’s taking all kinds of risks.

AR: She’s stupid, and what the hell is a girl that thin trying to be a wrestler for anyway? She’s an arachnid. She’s almost 6 feet tall and I swear she can’t weigh much over 100 pounds, less if you take out the silicone.

Crowd: 10 – 9 –

TD: Number 15 coming up, we will be halfway through this thing.

Crowd: 6 – 5 –

JS: Morgan with a nice Side Russian Legsweep on Akira Kahn!

AR: It’s nice to see she’s not so whacked up on candy Milton bought her that she’s forgotten –all– of her wrestling.

[The buzzer sounds and out steps another buxom blonde. Dressed in what appear to be black vinyl high-cut short-shorts that zip up the side, knee-high black bitch boots, and a baby-doll t-shirt that says “New Wave Hookers”, the new entrant does a highly suggestive shimmy for the crowd.]

TD: “The Showgirl” Anais Exotica, brings us to the halfway mark!

AR: Oh great, more slut action. Nice t-shirt, I’m so happy she holds this belt in such high respect.

JS: You could say she was making a comment on her wrestling ability.

AR: Right Jack, I’m sure that’s why she chose it. “Last of the Hookers” takes on a whole new meaning when you’re talking about Anais.

[Justina America goes down from a hip toss by Tara Smith and then Smith goes to the ropes for momentum, only to get a kick to the back from Exotica as she enters.]

TD: Anais Exotica going right to work on Tara Smith. There is no love lost there.

AR: Look, Exotica got embarrassed by the ring rat, she intends to get even.

TD: Exotica with a kick to the midsection on Smith. Here comes “Triple C”, double rocker dropper on Tara Smith!

[The crowd pops as the two blondes hit the double team move. They then stand up and get a good look at one another.]

JS: Wow, a Vegas high-roller’s trashy fantasy.

AR: More like “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the sluttiest of them all?”

TD: I don’t think they like each other.

[Anais screams something and then does a VERY suggestive shimmy and feel, fondling herself for the crowd’s benefit. The crowd appreciates it.]

JS: Oooh baby, that’s what we like!

[Justina looks to the crowd and they scream for her to match it. She starts to gyrate and eats a spin-wheel kick from Exotica.]

TD: And Exotica has no intention of letting anyone else try to match her… unique… in-ring attitude.

[Exotica does a slow grind over the fallen blonde, only to be tapped on the shoulder by Tara Smith, who then unloads with a big right hand.]

TD: And Tara Smith letting The Showgirl know she hasn’t forgotten her! Smith hammering away in the corner on Exotica!

AR: I love the fact that while all this nonsense is taking center stage, the crowd is ignoring a clinic in counter-wrestling being put on by Akira Kahn and Christie Morgan.

JS: Well that clinic might be over soon, because it looks like Kahn is going to take Morgan over the top here.

TD: Christie Morgan in a dangerous situation here, and Kahn drops her as she’s hit by a kick from “Triple C”.

AR: I have to know, what the hell does that stand for?

TD: I have no idea.

JS: Don’t look at me. I could be nasty, but I’ve given that up for lent.

TD: Whip to the ropes by Tara Smith, Exotica comes off with a flying forearm!

JS: Nice springboard legdrop by “Triple C” onto Akira Kahn. But Morgan gets her from behind.

[Christie Morgan snatches Justina America and snaps her back with a German suplex.]

TD: Textbook move by Christie Morgan, and now into a leg grapevine to take away the high-flying tactics of Justina America.

Crowd: 10 – 9

AR: The ring rat’s going out.

[Tara Smith is wrapped in the ropes, hanging on as Exotica tries to push her over.]

JS: And Akira Kahn breaks that up with a driving shot to the shoulder. She’s got the meanest strikes I have seen in ages.

Crowd: 4 – 3

AR: And now slut queen is in trouble.

TD: Akira Kahn trying to eliminate Anais Exotica here, but the Showgirl hanging on. Rakes the face.

JS: Good move.

[The buzzer sounds and down the aisle comes a vision. Tall, wearing a silver bikini with matching kick boxing boots, this blonde has fashion model looks. She is very receptive to the fans, and then sprints into the ring.]

TD: “Alluring” Arielle Starr, an independent, enters the ring.

[Starr quickly unloads with shots in all directions.]

TD: Starr taking advantage of being fresh, attacking everything in sight.

JS: Bad tactics, she should have just tried to toss someone right now.

AR: When the hell did it become so important for everyone to try and be so damn pretty? I swear, the only one in there who looks like she’s actually a wrestler is Akira Kahn.

TD: Arielle Starr locked up with Christie Morgan now, nice drop toe hold by Morgan. Akira Kahn unloading with kicks on Justina America in the corner.

AR: Actually, Akira Kahn looks like a 2 dollar Tokyo whore, but that’s ok, because those whores do know how to wrestle, right Jack?

JS: I plead the fifth. Besides, I never spend just 2 bucks on anything.

TD: Tara Smith gets her face raked by Anais Exotica, superkick connects!

[The kick sends the pretty redhead into the ropes, but she falls too early and gets stuck between the second and third ropes, half in and half out of the ring.]

JS: Bad place for Tara Smith to be.

TD: Anais Exotica under the third rope as well and just hammering down on Tara Smith with punches. Justina America pushes them both out!

JS: Under the third, they aren’t eliminated.

[The two women keep fighting on the outside, distracting the referees.]

TD: They better be careful, if they don’t take it back to the ring, they will be disqualified.

AR: I don’t know if Anais knows how to be careful.

[In the ring, Justina America leaps up to the second rope and launches a springboard clothesline onto Christie Morgan. Arielle Starr is using her speed to try and stay away from Akira Kahn’s deadly feet.]

JS: You’re in a mood on Exotica.

AR: Please, Jack. Look. Exotica’s a damn fine wrestler. She took me to the absolute limit that first time we fought, and she’s barely been in the sport half a year. She’s got a natural sense for wrestling. But the exhibitionism, the whole slut thing, and lots of other things about her personality really tick me off.

[Kahn connects with a shot to the midsection that buckles Starr. Smith gets whipped into the ring steps by Exotica. Justina America comes off the second with an Asai moonsault.]

TD: Moonsault by Triple C, nobody home!

AR: Arachnigirl is just stupid to keep going for moves like that, especially against Chrissie Morgan.

Crowd: 10 – 9 –

TD: Morgan with a side suplex on “Triple C”.

Crowd: 7 – 6

[Smith has been rolled back in by Exotica, who follows her in.]

TD: Akira Kahn misses with a knife-edge, and Arielle Starr turns it into a Death Valley Driver!

[Crowd pops big for the cool move. Starr immediately tries to pick Kahn up and take her over the rope, but the Japanese woman drops down to a kneeling position, too low to be moved.]

AR: Kahn does know her tactics, how long has she been in there?

[The buzzer sounds and through the ropes steps a slim, young Japanese woman. Not large, she is wearing black full length tights with some red and white Kanji on the side… she’ll also have a striped black and red halter top which goes down to her belly button with a loose white half shirt over the top.]

TD: It’s Yuri Kaio! The very woman the people in the ring are fighting to get a shot at, the VCW champion!!!

JS: Well, –this– should be downright interesting.

[Yuri heads to the ring very slowly, shooting glances at Amanda Reese all the time.]

TD: We’ve got tension here at ringside, ladies and gentlemen. The VCW champion, the woman who beat Amanda Reese just a week ago for that title, is coming to the ring for this Rumble, and I don’t think she is at all happy to find Amanda Reese at this broadcast table.

JS: I told you her agreeing to stay in this thing was the height of arrogance. And I think she’s about to find out how stupid an idea it was, isn’t she, Amanda?

AR: Maybe so. But not from me. I’m here as a commentator, not a wrestler. She has absolutely nothing to fear from me tonight.

[Kaio is very hesitant going up the steps. All six women have sort of congregated to the middle of the ring right now. Kaio slips in as Exotica whips Starr and Kahn whips Smith.]

TD: Double Irish whip, and a double superkick!

[Crowd pops at the synchronized maneuver. Exotica immediately turns and nails Kahn. Morgan is catching a breather, and Justina America turns to Yuri Kaio.]

TD: And now “Triple C” has her sights set on the champion!

JS: Does him saying that bother you at all?

AR: Nope. For now it’s the truth.

TD: Justina America moving in on Yuri Kaio, and I don’t think Kaio likes it!

[Justina moves in with a sexy shimmy, and Kaio raises her hands in disgust and rolls out of the ring.]

AR: What a champ.

[The crowd pops as Justina gives a teasing gyration to Kaio, who is arguing with a referee about it.]

TD: Yuri Kaio has never liked certain kinds of behavior. Wait a minute, Anais Exotica measuring “Triple C”.

[Justina America turns around to find Exotica right there and–]

TD: Superkick! Exotica eliminates America!!

JS: Right flush on the jaw and Triple C is over the top and gone!

TD: Exotica celebrating, hurricanrana from Tara Smith! Tara Smith has been in there for over 20 minutes now and she’s still fighting!

AR: Ring rats are famous for their energy.

[The referees have made Yuri Kaio get back in, she is trying to look inconspicuous in the corner. Smith is taking tired shots at Exotica. Akira Kahn just nailed Arielle Starr in the corner. Christie Morgan then takes a shot on Kahn.]

“Big Tim”: Justina America has been eliminated at thirty one minutes, three seconds.

TD: It’s obvious that Yuri Kaio’s plan is to try and avoid being in contact with anyone for as long as possible.

JS: It’s a good way to win a Rumble. Not exactly compelling, but effective.

TD: Christie Morgan and Akira Kahn caught up in the corner. Kahn has been in there for almost 15 minutes now, an impressive run for her as well. And here comes Arielle Starr after Yuri Kaio!

[Kaio tries to slide under the third rope, but Starr is quite fast, and grabs her leg.]

AR: Look, the Barbie doll caught the anime character.

TD: Starr pulling Yuri Kaio back into the ring so that she can be eliminated.

[The crowd oohs as Tara Smith misses a spinwheel kick on Exotica, who proceeds to drop elbows on the fallen redhead.]

TD: Arielle Starr with a whip, fireman’s carry into a modified bulldog on the champion! And Starr with a quick legdrop.

[Christie Morgan snap-suplexes Akira Kahn into the center of the ring, where Exotica continues to drop knees across Tara Smith’s head.]

Crowd: 10 – 9 –

TD: Christie Morgan blindsides Arielle Starr, is Starr going over??

[Arielle Starr hangs on for dear life, wrapped in the ropes. Kaio takes the opportunity to slip out of the ring. Morgan tries to get Starr over, and is joined by Exotica.]

TD: Anais Exotica out to help Christie Morgan here. I think the “alluring one” is going to be eliminated.

Crowd: 4 – 3

AR: This will teach a model to get in the ring, she’s going to get thrown out by a Bitch and a Slut.

TD: Yuri Kaio taking to the outside again.

[The buzzer sounds and out shoots a young woman with shoulder-length dark hair. Clad in a simple dark-green singlet, she’s about average height and build, absolutely nothing dramatic. She’s got matching kneepads and boots with an outline of Texas on them, containing a star.]

TD: It’s Dallas Star! The Texan great in as a last-minute replacement for Chain of the IFWF.

AR: I thought she retired to the trailer park?

JS: Great, now we’ve got two people named Star in the ring, unless bikini-babe goes out.

[Morgan and Exotica are still trying to get Arielle Starr over the top. Dallas Star goes right for Yuri Kaio.]

TD: Dallas Star with a right hand to Yuri Kaio! And another!

[Tara Smith dropkicks Exotica and Morgan in the back and Starr, Morgan, and Exotica all flip over the third rope.]

JS: Smith just knocked them all out!

TD: No, all three women too tangled up in the ropes, they haven’t been eliminated yet.

AR: Ring rat’s trying to change that.

[Smith runs to the far ropes and comes charging in, only to hit stiff throat strike out of nowhere from Akira Kahn.]

TD: Kahn damn near took her head off right there!

JS: And the threesome in the ropes are extracting themselves, no one eliminated.

AR: But miss trailer park has the songbird back in.

[Sure enough, Dallas Star has Yuri Kaio trapped in the corner, and is hammering away with punches and knees.]

TD: Kahn with methodical blows to Tornado Tara Smith.

AR: Who do we have in there now?

TD: Kahn and Smith, who have been in the longest. Christie Morgan’s on the and Arielle Starr over in the near corner, Morgan’s been in almost as long as Kahn, Starr only about 5 minutes now. Yuri Kaio and Dallas Star in the third corner, they just got in. And Anais Exotica taking a breather there, she’s been in for seven or eight minutes now.

JS: Things are getting a little crowded now that the big girls are done. I don’t think we have any more real powerhouses left.

AR: Tsunami is in it, but anyone too dumb to figure out how hairspray works properly doesn’t count.

TD: Arielle Starr with a fireman’s carry on Morgan, Morgan rolls out of it, quick kick, nice gutwrench backbreaker by Christie Morgan!

JS: Starr is fast, but she’s out-classed on technique with Morgan in there.

TD: Tara Smith trying to get away from that corner with Akira Kahn, and Yuri Kaio whips Dallas Star right into Kahn and Smith!

JS: And here comes Exotica to get her licks in on Tara Smith.

AR: And there goes Yuri Kaio to the outside again, taking a breather. Have you noticed she seems to not want to roll out of the ring right here in front of us?

TD: Dallas Star trying to brawl with Akira Kahn, and that’s not a smart idea.

[Kahn quickly drives knuckles into the sternum of Dallas Star and drops the Texan. Behind them, you can see Exotica whipping Tara Smith to the ropes.]

TD: And a big spin-wheel kick by Anais Exotica!

[The referees are making Yuri Kaio get back in the ring. As she steps on the apron, Christie Morgan hits her with a forearm.]

AR: The Bitch wants a bit of attention from Yuri.

[Morgan brings Yuri up for a suplex, and then just drops Yuri stomach first on the third rope, leaving her there to dry.]

TD: Half a slingshot suplex from Morgan, and Morgan shoves Yuri back over to the floor, Yuri Kaio has been eliminated!

[Morgan is nailed by Akira Kahn with a knee to the back. Arielle Star hits Kahn with a stiff kick and then a DDT. Exotica is choking Tara Smith in the corner.]

AR: Wait a minute, Kaio is yapping.

[Yuri Kaio is arguing with the ref, who seems to be agreeing with her, but can’t seem to make her understand that he isn’t trying to argue.]

JS: I think Yuri may not be out of this.

AR: Ring Rat might be soon, though.

[Anais Exotica has Tara Smith part way up. One leg of Smith’s is over the top, but she is trying to hang on to the second rope with her arms twined around it. Exotica is trying to break her grip.]

TD: Tara Smith under assault from The Showgirl, it’s been an impressive run, I believe she may already have passed Athena’s endurance mark.

AR: Yuri’s back in it.

[Yuri slides under the third rope just as both Arielle Starr and Dallas Star meet her with a series of kicks. Christie Morgan has a short-arm scissors on Akira Kahn in the middle of the ring. Smith has lost grip of one arm, but is still hanging on with the other.

“Big Tim”: Yuri Kaio was not brought fully into the ring before being sent over the top, and therefore the officials have ruled that she has NOT been eliminated.

Crowd: 10 – 9 –

TD: Akira Kahn trying to find a way out of that hold by Morgan, and both Stars really taking it to Yuri Kaio here.

Crowd: 5 – 4

JS: I think Exotica almost has Tara Smith here.

TD: She’s not out yet.

Crowd: 2 – 1 –

[The buzzer sounds and out steps a small vision of a woman. She is wearing a gray sports bra, short black tights, white boxing hand wraps and black boots with the initials “AD” written in blue on the tops. Her dark brown curly hair s pulled back into a pony tail. Not too tall or muscled, but obviously in fabulous shape. She sprints down to the ring.]

TD: And here comes “The Small Package” Ashlyn Diamond!

[Ashlyn slides under the ropes, and Exotica lets go of Tara Smith to meet her.]

TD: Diamond exploding with rights and lefts! Furious fists and Exotica cannot stand there and trade punches!

JS: I don’t know Doley, I’ve heard she’s into pain.

TD: Irish whip by Diamond, Exotica off the ropes with a flying forearm and Ashlyn goes down! Both women up quickly, Exotica with the thumb to the eye.

JS: (clapping) I’ve got to applaud that, Doley.

TD: Whip by Exotica.

[Exotica whips Diamond to the ropes and loads up a superkick. But as she kicks, Diamond steps aside and unleashes an uppercut right into the thigh of Exotica.]

AR: Thatta girl!

TD: Tremendous boxing counter by Ashlyn Diamond!

JS: Exotica’s on a bum wheel.

TD: The Showgirl to the eyes once again, and she’s nailed by flying kick from Tara Smith!

JS: You know, Exotica just isn’t very well liked.

[Diamond and Smith each take one leg of the fallen Showgirl and then flip over, snapping the leg as they fall.]

JS: I could make a comment about them spreading her legs open like that.

TD: But you won’t.

AR: We’re on PPV. Go nuts, Jack.

JS: The moment is gone.

TD: The double team continues, Anais Exotica is in big trouble here.

[Diamond punches out the leg while Smith hits a spinwheel kick on Exotica, snapping her down hard.]

TD: They’ve got her by the hair! And there goes Anais Exotica over the top rope!

[Exotica hits the outside hard after Smith and Diamond toss her over the top rope together.]

JS: And Anais goes down! An expression that is said more often than not in Vegas.

TD: Arielle Starr using her speed to stick and move through the ring, and hits a nice side kick on Yuri Kaio that has the champ reeling!

[Starr starts working on Kaio in the corner with martial arts kicks. Smith slumps in a corner gulping air. Diamond has locked up with Christie Morgan while Kahn seems in control of Dallas Star.]

“Big Tim”: Anais Exotica has been eliminated at thirty-four minutes, fifty-two seconds.

TD: Arielle Star still trying to take out the champ here. Starr tries to pull Yuri Kaio over the third, Kaio slips free and starts raining blows on Starr!

JS: Wow, Kaio is giving up about a half foot to Starr there.

AR: Here comes Ring Rat.

[Smith charges in and grabs Kaio from behind.]

TD: Smith has Kaio! Starr to the second turnbuckle.

JS: Taking a risk.

[Starr comes off the second with an axhandle, but Kaio manages to drop and fling Tara Smith into Starr as she comes down.]

TD: Kaio escapes and both women collide!

Crowd: 10 –

TD: Dropkick by Yuri Kaio connects and Starr goes over the top to the floor!

AR: Give the assist to the ring rat.

Crowd: 6 – 5

TD: And Yuri Kaio throws Tara Smith over the top, but Smith hangs on, great balance by “Tornado” Tara Smith.

JS: I call it Gumby-luck.

AR: Don’t jinx yourself.

[The buzzer sounds and through the ropes steps a tall, lanky woman in a silver unitard with black trim. Her hair is bleached white, with a silver tinge, and falls to her shoulder blades. She has silver wristbands, and black elbow and knee pads. Her boots are ankle-high silver and black. She is quite pretty in a severe, arresting way. She strides purposefully to the ring.]

TD: Silver Sphinx, who competes in the LPWL title match tomorrow against Adrianna McIntyre?

“Big Tim”: Arielle Starr has been eliminated at thirty-five minutes, fifty-two seconds.

[Silver Sphinx rolls into the ring. Christie Morgan stops trying to throw Ashlyn Diamond over the top and rushes over to Sphinx.]

TD: Morgan going right after Sphinx!

JS: This could be good, two solid technicians there.

TD: Morgan with a dragon screw leg whip on the left knee, and she’s just pounding that knee into the canvas!

AR: She wants that wheel gone, and Morgan has the tools to dismantle you.

TD: Morgan is all over Silver Sphinx’s leg!

JS: And you know that Morgan’s stable mate is Adrianna McIntyre, both working for Jarred Milton, I smell “Mr. Money” at work here.

[Morgan has Sphinx’s leg wrapped around the bottom rope, and is standing on the ankle, using the top rope to pull down on for more leverage.]

TD: This is simply brutal. Morgan with no goal other than to cripple Silver Sphinx here.

AR: Hey, this is what you get when you mess with Milton. Trust me, it can be worse.

TD: Here’s Akira Kahn, Akira Kahn just pitched Christie Morgan over the top!

JS: Morgan was too focused on Sphinx, and wasn’t paying attention to the rest of the ring.

AR: She isn’t done.

TD: Christie Morgan pulling Silver Sphinx along the apron, and she slams that knee into the ring post.

[The officials are trying to get Morgan to back away. Instead, Morgan slams the knee into the post again.]

TD: Christie Morgan just destroying the left knee of Silver Sphinx, and the officials can’t stop her!

[Christie Morgan shoves one of the referees down, and he calls the other three over. Meanwhile, Morgan sets up a round-the-post figure four leg-lock on Silver Sphinx.]

TD: Good lord, she’s going to break Sphinx’s leg!

“Big Tim”: Christie Morgan has been eliminated at thirty-six minutes, forty-three seconds.

[All four officials are trying to break the ring-post figure-four as Sphinx writhes in pain. Yuri Kaio can be seen in the shot, she has obviously taken advantage of the lack of officials to go outside the ring and enjoy some rest.]

TD: Somebody break that hold!

AR: Ahh, I never liked Sphinx much anyway, way too disturbed to be any fun.

JS: I think Morgan didn’t give a damn about the New Wave belt, she just wanted to cripple Sphinx.

TD: The officials finally prying Christie Morgan off of Silver Sphinx, what a vicious display.

[Morgan walks to the back, hands held high in triumph, escorted by two officials.]

TD: And of course, action continues inside the ring. Ashlyn Diamond working on getting Tara Smith over the top, and Dallas Star trying to fend off the relentless, patient assault of Akira Kahn.

Crowd: 10 – 9 –

JS: Where’s Yuri?

AR: Hiding on the side, waiting for the refs to notice her.

TD: An official now admonishing Yuri Kaio to get in the ring.

Crowd: 5 – 4 –

[Yuri slides into the ring, as two other officials check on Silver Sphinx. She seems to be holding her knee while shaking her head emphatically.]

TD: We’ve gone through 20, it’s the final ten starting now!

[The buzzer sounds and through the curtain comes Gwen Stefani, lead singer of No Doubt. At least this person looks a hell of a lot like her. She is wearing a pair of Doc. Martin’s, Plaid Bell Bottom Hip Hugging Pants and a tank top that says “GrLz On ToP!” She also has a lovely piercing in her belly button and the make-up dot on her forehead. She also looks quite a bit like Amanda Reese.]

TD: It’s Cheryl Reese of the IWWA!

[Cheryl Reese rolls in and plows right through Ashlyn Diamond with a clothesline. She then whips around and kicks Tara Smith in the stomach, and whips her into Dallas Star and Akira Kahn. She catches Yuri Kaio with a kick to the stomach, and then hits a gutwrench bomb on her.]

TD: Reese exploding on everything in sight!

AR: You go, sis!

JS: Hey! Silver Sphinx is rolling in.

[Sphinx has slid under the third rope, and is trying to stand, leaning heavily on the ropes for support. The officials can be seen trying to talk to her, but she just shakes her head.]

AR: I told you that girl is disturbed.

TD: Silver Sphinx apparently ready to carry on, and Cheryl Reese continues to pound on Ashlyn Diamond!

JS: Well, Diamond and Power have history. Now that you’re back with Power, does Diamond pay the price?

AR: Ashlyn can handle herself.

TD: Silver Sphinx standing painfully in the far corner. Reese and Diamond. Dallas Star with some sharp kicks to Akira Kahn while Kahn was on Yuri Kaio, who is trying to get up in the middle of the ring.

[Star grabs Kahn as she gets up, hooks one arm in an underhook, and locks that hand around her other arm, which is in a front face lock. She then drops into a DDT.]

TD: Vicious DDT modification by Dallas Star!

JS: It’s “The Alamo”, the DDT variant taught to her by Col. Jack Sheppard. I got hit with it enough times before he retired to know.

AR: That reminds me, when are you going to get your dusty ass back in the ring, Jack?

JS: Maybe I’m done, Reese. Or maybe not.

TD: Dallas Star nails Cheryl Reese and that frees up Diamond. Tara Smith has Akira Kahn up, trying to get her out. And look at Yuri Kaio.

[Kaio is kicking away at Silver Sphinx’s leg as the wounded woman tries to hop away.]

JS: It’s called opportunism, Doley. If Sphinx wants to be in there, she has to take her lumps like anyone else.

[The crowd boos as Kaio connects with the bad left knee. Sphinx reels in pain and then hits a thumb to the eye.]

TD: Silver Sphinx fighting fire with fire.

[Sphinx stumbles forward and turns Kaio over to hit a vicious inverted DDT.]

JS: Snakebite DDT! Ever since “The Viper” left the game she’s the only one who does that move where it looks that mean.

[The crowd pops as Sphinx hits the move, but it is obvious the effort caused her too much pain as she writhes on the mat. Kaio is down, seemingly out. Cheryl Reese is in the corner, with Dallas Star and Ashlyn Diamond trying to leverage her over. Akira Kahn leans against the ropes tiredly.]

TD: Ashlyn Diamond and Dallas Star trying to eliminate Cheryl Reese here.

JS: Everybody we picked at the beginning is in now, Doley. You had Diamond, Bruce had Kaio, and I had Reese.

AR: Really? Smart boy, Jack.

Crowd: 10 – 9

TD: Akira Kahn with martial arts strikes on Star and Diamond, saving Reese.

Crowd: 6 – 5

TD: Diamond inviting Akira Kahn in, boxer vs. Martial artist!

JS: Cheryl with a headbutt on Star.

Crowd: 2 – 1

[The buzzer sounds and out steps a medium sized woman with a nice, solid wrestling build. She has a severe haircut, and a strong, Teutonic face. Dressed in a black singlet and black boots, she has finger-less black gloves and black kneepads.]

TD: Katerina DeGraff, an Independent in to replace Samantha Page of the IFWF.

[The buzzer sounds and out steps a medium sized woman with a nice, solid wrestling build. She has a severe haircut, and a strong, Teutonic face. Dressed in a black singlet and black boots, she has finger-less black gloves and black kneepads.]

TD: Katerina DeGraff, an Independent in to replace Samantha Page of the IFWF.

AR: DeGraff’s looking a little more severe than the last time I saw her, you’d think the sagging Euro is depressing her.

TD: We’ve got a mixed martial arts competition going on here between Akira Kahn and Ashlyn Diamond.

[Kahn and Diamond are circling. Diamond is up in a boxer’s stance, dancing and feinting. Kahn circles in a modified Muay Thai stance, moving gracefully on the balls of her feet.]

AR: This isn’t the smartest thing Ashlyn can do. She’s a boxer, and isn’t going to be ready for those kicks.

[Kahn throws some feint punches, which Ashlyn reacts to, and then unloads with some brutal kicks to the shins that send Ashlyn down hard.]

AR: <wincing> Told ya.

TD: Katerina DeGraff hammers Akira Kahn after her kick-boxing victory. DeGraff with some power in those punches.

JS: Kaio’s in trouble.

[Cheryl Reese has Yuri Kaio up in the ropes by the turnbuckle.]

TD: Reese on the verge of eliminating Yuri Kaio! Can Cheryl Reese eliminate the woman who defeated Amanda Reese?

[Reese gets frustrated trying to push Kaio over and just starts unloading with the point of the elbow into the ribs of Yuri Kaio.]

AR: Maybe not, but she can break her in half.

TD: And Reese hit with a forearm by Silver Sphinx.

[The hobbling Sphinx uses the ropes to swing herself forward into her punches since she can’t stand on her left leg.]

AR: What is that psycho doing?

JS: I think she’s trying to end her career.

[Cheryl Reese lashes out with a kick to the left knee of Sphinx, who crumples to the mat.]

AR: Cheryl will do that for her.

[Yuri Kaio drops to the apron and rolls under the ropes to the floor right in front of the announcer’s table.]

AR: Oh look, company.

TD: Wait a minute. You said you were just here to do commentary!

AR: I’ve got a “comment” or two for her.

[Yuri spins around and sees Amanda, who has stood up. The crowd pops for something in the ring. Yuri jumps back under the third rope and back into the ring.]

AR: That’s right, you better stay in there.

JS: Maybe the refs should have you at ringside to enforce the Khali rule.

AR: Too many of the wrestlers would be wrestling scared, doesn’t make for good TV.

TD: Ashlyn Diamond hammering the ribs of Katerina DeGraff in the corner. And I have just been informed that “Tornado” Tara Smith has been in there for over 30 minutes.

JS: And I’ll give the girl credit for it. She’s taken a beating, and she’s still there scrapping, trying to get rid of Akira Kahn.

[Smith and Silver Sphinx are trying to leverage Kahn over, but the Japanese woman has an ankle wrapped around the bottom rope, and isn’t going.]

TD: Akira Kahn’s been in there almost 25 minutes herself, and Silver Sphinx is on one leg.

AR: Pride makes you do strange things in a wrestling ring, Doley. You can’t understand that unless you’ve been in there.

[Crowd pops as Dallas Star hits a sweet dropkick on Cheryl Reese.]

TD: We can admire that gumption as much as we want –

JS: Gumption?

TD: — but the question isn’t how tough you are during the match, it’s can you make it to the end? Who’s got legs that are fresh enough to do it? I’m not too sure Tara Smith, Akira Kahn, or Silver Sphinx can even get to the twenty-fifth entrant.

AR: C’mon sis! Take her over!

[Cheryl Reese has gotten under Dallas Star as if going for a Samoan Drop and is trying to squat press the Texan over the top.]

TD: Dallas Star looking for any kind of hand-hold to stop this. And Ashlyn Diamond with a right hook to the wide open ribs of Cheryl Reese. There’s some bad blood there.

AR: Ashlyn’s still mad at Stevie, and taking out on Cheryl. I understand that. Besides, it is every woman for herself in there.

Crowd: 10 – 9 –

[Katerina DeGraff rakes Akira Kahn’s face along the top rope while Silver Sphinx throws an elbow into Tara Smith’s face.]

Crowd: 6 – 5 –

[Yuri Kaio throws a quick enzuigiri onto Dallas Star while Reese hits a solid knee to the sternum of Ashlyn Diamond.]

Crowd: 2 – 1 –

[The buzzer sounds and out steps a tough-looking woman, standing about 5’9″ and in solid shape. She wears her slightly below shoulder length wavy blonde hair loose. Obviously in her mid-30’s, she walks slowly to the ring, trying to evaluate the competition. She is wearing a two-piece red muscle outfit with the WISE logo in white written across the front of her top. She has white laces, white socks, black knee and elbow pads and red boots.]

TD: Bloody Mary, a major contender in the WISE promotion.

[Mary rolls in carefully, surveying the scene. Kaio is in the corner catching a breather. Cheryl Reese and Katerina DeGraff are trying to push Dallas Star over the ropes. Silver Sphinx is choking Tara Smith at mat level. Akira Kahn and Ashlyn Diamond are tangled in the ropes.]

JS: So many targets, —

AR: So few brains.

TD: Bloody Mary stomping away on both Smith and Sphinx!

JS: Pick off the weak, a hunter’s tactic.

TD: Bloody Mary has Smith up, almost over – Katerina DeGraff nails Mary from behind!

AR: So stupid, DeGraff never was known for ring smarts.

TD: Cheryl Reese heading across the ring, and she takes a hard shot at Akira Kahn! Reese beats Kahn down with the help of Ashlyn Diamond! She grabs Diamond, short-arm clo – NO! Diamond was ready for it, kick to the midsection, some sharp jabs, and big right cross sends Reese to the mat.

JS: And Mary is playing opportunist.

TD: Bloody Mary with a knee to the back of Cheryl Reese, flashes a thumbs up to Ashlyn Diamond. Mary with a big forearm to Diamond when her back was turned!

JS: Hey, there’s something about Mary I like!

TD: Mary throws Cheryl Reese over the top!

AR: She hangs on! That’s it, sis, skin the cat!

[Reese does indeed skin the cat, flipping herself back into the ring as Akira Kahn takes down Bloody Mary with a sharp blow to the back of the knees.]

TD: We’ve got 9 women in there, and the action is confusing. Yuri Kaio is laying in some shots on Katerina DeGraff. And here in front of us, Silver Sphinx is trying to keep Dallas Star down.

JS: Not with that bum leg. Sphinx just can’t get enough force in her blows, and you can see that every move is agony for her.

[Silver Sphinx is leaning on the second rope, resting on her right knee, her left in the air. She punches down on Dallas Star, who is trying to get to her feet.]

TD: Reese and Kahn both working on Ashlyn Diamond in the corner. Bloody Mary and Katerina DeGraff brawling away. Tara Smith has Yuri Kaio in trouble, but Kaio fighting back.

AR: Hey look, the trailer park trash has a mean streak.

TD: Dallas Star hammering away with punches on that bad knee of Silver Sphinx. Dallas Star getting to her feet by attacking that knee.

JS: All’s fair in love and war, and in wrestling, there is no such thing as unfairly taking advantage. Between the bells, wrestling hurt is your own damn fault.

TD: Ashlyn Diamond trying to fight her way out of the corner, unloading with rights and lefts on Reese and Kahn. Diamond is a scrapper, and keeps on fighting, much like the ultimate scrapper this evening, “Tornado” Tara Smith!

Crowd: 10 – 9

[Dallas Star has Sphinx up, and keeps taking shots at the knee whenever Sphinx starts to fight back.]

TD: Smith misses an elbow drop on Yuri Kaio!

[Kaio snaps an elbow drop on Smith. DeGraff comes over and drops and elbow on Smith.]

TD: Tara Smith in trouble here. Bloody Mary levels Kaio! She levels DeGraff!

Crowd: 4 – 3

TD: And now Mary drops an elbow on Smith herself!

Crowd: 2 – 1

[The buzzer sounds and out steps a creature of nightmare. Some 5’3″ or 5’4″, somewhat stocky, her head is tossed back in a primal scream as she stands in the aisle. She is encased from head to toe in some sort of leather patchwork nightmare costume. Swaths of mismatched red and black leather form a pattern that somehow suggests claw-marks and blood. Triangular, dagger-like incisions of black cut into the rib-cage area, which is mostly red. The face is black with red irregular streaks that come down over the eyes like some kind of perverse harlequin. The eyes themselves are hidden by bug-like faceted lenses. It seems to be a female figure, although somewhat stocky across the shoulders and torso. A long plume of jet-black hair comes out of a topknot in the costume and reaches the small of the back.]

TD: It’s Jiki Ketsu Gaki! The mad woman who has been terrorizing VCW!

AR: Ok, I’ll admit it, now THAT is a costume. Happy freakin’ Halloween.

JS: Dallas Star just threw Silver Sphinx out!

TD: A brave effort by a wounded Sphinx. And this demon woman is charging the ring!

[Sphinx can be seen using the railing to stand, an official coming to help walk her out, as Jiki-Ketsu-Gaki charges down the aisle, up the steps, and right up the outside ropes to the top turnbuckle post, from which she launches herself into the middle of the ring, crashing into Smith, Kaio, DeGraff, and Bloody Mary with a spinning body attack.]

TD: Flying attack by Jiki-Ketsu-Gaki and half the women in the ring go down!

[The crazy woman gets up, and leaps with a spin-wheel kick, taking down Ashlyn Diamond.]

TD: Down goes Ashlyn Diamond!

“Big Tim”: Silver Sphinx has been eliminated at forty-four minutes and one second.

TD: Jiki-Ketsu-Gaki bouncing from woman to woman like a human pinball. Springboard clothesline on Yuri Kaio and Akira Kahn! Jiki-Ketsu-Gaki taking all kinds of chances leaping to the ropes constantly!

AR: You can tell she’s got a firm grasp of the rules, right, Jack?

JS: It matches her fashion sense.

TD: Jiki-Ketsu-Gaki running from rope to rope, Asai moonsault onto Tara Smith!

JS: Have you noticed she is focusing on the VCW women? She only hits the others when they happen to be in the way.

TD: I think you’re right, Jack Spector – Akira Kahn nearly took her head off!

AR: That –almost– looked like a competent superkick.

TD: And Jiki-Ketsu-Gaki ran right into it. Katerina DeGraff picks her up for a big backbreaker!

AR: Well, that slowed up the walking suicide machine.

[After being hit with the backbreaker, the strange masked woman rolls to her knees and cocks her head to look at DeGraff, as if examining some kind of curiosity.]

TD: I don’t think that backbreaker fazed her much. OH MY GOD SHE’S BITING DEGRAFF!!

JS: Doley, calm down, you act like you’ve never seen a woman bite someone before, don’t you go on dates?

AR: She may be nuts, but she’s willing to do what it takes to win.

TD: Jiki-Ketsu-Gaki is a ball of terror in there, to the ropes, a punch for Ashlyn Diamond, back across the ring,

[Jiki-Ketsu-Gaki tears towards the opposite side, where Dallas Star and Yuri Kaio are locked up on the ropes.]

TD: Flying cross-body into Kaio and Star, all 3 women over the top!

AR: <applauding> Bravo. You have to admire raw, determined stupidity. Good job.

JS: Cheryl Reese trying to take out DeGraff here.

TD: But that is broken up by Akira Kahn.

[On the outside, Jiki-Ketsu-Gaki extracts herself from the heap of fallen women first. She stands up and begins to stomp on Yuri Kaio.]

TD: Jiki-Ketsu-Gaki not stopping! She ıs assaulting Yuri Kaio. And she turns and nails Dallas Star as the Texan tries to stand! This woman is crazy!

JS: Did you just figure that out now?

TD: Officials trying to pull Jiki-Ketsu-Gaki off of the other women here. A headbutt to one official! A kick to the groin for another, and she flees the scene!

[The officials are left stunned as Jiki-Ketsu-Gaki runs off to the back, not going in the back entrance, but to the side towards the maintenance area.]

TD: Some order restored, as Jiki-Ketsu-Gaki heads to the back, but not before assaulting both Yuri Kaio and Dallas Star.

“Big Tim”: Jiki-Ketsu-Gaki, Dallas Star, and Yuri Kaio are eliminated at forty-five minutes, four seconds.

TD: And just like that, we are down to six. Tara Smith still in there, more than 35 minutes now for her. Akira Kahn, who has been in almost 30 minutes herself. Cheryl Reese, Katerina DeGraff, Ashlyn Diamond, and Bloody Mary.

JS: I’m pretty impressed that Tara Smith is still there. Akira Kahn is known for her stamina, I’m not that stunned that she can go half an hour, or even a full hour, but I didn’t expect it from Smith.

Crowd: 10 ­ 9

TD: Mary and DeGraff trying to eliminate Diamond.

Crowd: 6 ­ 5 ­

TD: Mary turns on DeGraff and hits her with a sharp clothesline, but DeGraff won’t go over the top!

Crowd: 2 ­ 1

[The buzzer sounds and out steps another bruiser woman. Almost 6’ tall, she wears a simple one piece full black bodysuit with a giant brown web design on the back. It zips up from the back and has a hood/mask attached to it. The mask covers her whole head and has venom fangs drawn around her mouth area (which is the only place with skin showing). She almost looks bulky enough to be a man.]

TD: Itıs Spider Lady, replacing Darque Angle of EFW.

AR: There is someone who obviously applied to the Random Gimmick Generator before launching her career.

JS: She ıs big. And she was lucky enough to draw this late so her famed lack of endurance might not hurt her that much.

TD: Spider Lady right to the attack. A big clothesline flattens Katerina DeGraff! A forearm to Bloody Mary! A kick to Cheryl Reese! Spider Lady using her power advantage. Whip on Bloody Mary, reversed, and Bloody Mary with a big powerslam!!

[Crowd pops for a solid move. Mary quickly brings Spider Lady to her feet.]

TD: Bloody Mary waves over Cheryl Reese. Double Irish whip on Spider Lady ­ Mary turns and clotheslines Reese!

AR: That double-crossing bitch!

JS: And Ashlyn Diamond taking advantage.

[Ashlyn Diamond is right on Cheryl Reese, hammering down with punches in bunches.]

TD: Diamond and Reese have been taking almost every opportunity to attack one another, perhaps somewhat to by broadcast colleague’s displeasure.

AR: They need to do what they need to do.

TD: Bloody Mary blindsides Akira Kahn as Kahn works over DeGraff. And Spider Lady just nails Tara Smith with a boot to the head!

AR: I think we’re seeing the end of the ring rat.

TD: Big bodyslam by Spider Lady. And she drops the knee.

JS: Dumb move, if she can pick Smith up, just walk to the ropes and toss her out.

TD: She may have heard you, Jack. Whip to the buckle by Spider Lady. And now she just starts choking Smith with her boot in the corner.

JS: Spider Lady needs to just use her power and clean some house, she’s not wrestling smart here.

TD: Meanwhile DeGraff and Kahn locked up on the ropes. Bloody Mary is pounding Ashlyn Diamond, and Cheryl Reese hits both of them! Tara Smith trying to fight out of the corner now!

[Tara Smith unloads with some quick martial arts knees to Spider Lady that rock her back.]

TD: Smith with a cross-corner whip, reversed by Spider Lady and Smith hits hard.

JS: Smith is too worn out after being in there so long.

[Spider Lady raises her fist and then charges in for an avalanche. Smith ducks and backdrops Spider Lady over the top and to the floor!]

TD: Great reflexes by Tara Smith and there goes the Spider Lady!

[Spider Lady pounds the apron in frustration as Smith slumps down in fatigue.]

TD: And Tara Smith is still in this thing.

JS: But she is exhausted. Look at her compared to Akira Kahn, who looks like she’s just cruising along. Kahn is still got gas in the tank, Smith is fighting on adrenaline only.

[Akira Kahn and Cheryl Reese are working on Bloody Mary with kicks. DeGraff and Ashlyn Diamond are tied up by the ropes elsewhere.]

TD: But sometimes adrenaline and emotion are enough.

“Big Tim”: Spider Lady has been eliminated at forty-seven minutes, twenty-five seconds.

TD: Tara Smith right back into things with a rake of the back of Cheryl Reese. Bloody Mary jabs the throat of Akira Kahn and gets away from her.

Crowd: 10 ­ 9

TD: We are up to entrant #26! These are the final 5 entrants into this Rumble. Itıs the home stretch!

Crowd: 2 ­ 1

[The buzzer sounds and out steps a woman in a ripped white t-shirt over a black sports bra, and torn jeans shorts with a black leather belt. Her hair is buzz-cut to stubble on her head, with one tail of black, blue and red going from the bottom of her skull to the middle of her shoulder-blades. She has piercings in her nose, tongue, and right eyebrow. She wears torn, fingerless batting gloves.]

TD: Marika Michaels, of the LPWL, in there replacing Alexandria Zamfir of IFWF.

JS: We’ve got a fair number of replacements in this thing so far, Doley. Hell, right now Michaels and DeGraff are in there as replacements. Smith and Diamond are from VCW. Kahn is from JIWWA, Reese is from IWWA, and Mary’s from WISE. Quite a spread.

TD: Marika Michaels goes right after Katerina DeGraff ­ these two have something of a history.

JS: And Bloody Mary takes Diamond down with shoulderblock.

[Mary picks up Diamond and unleashes a vicious bolo-like heart punch that drops Diamond to the mat.]

TD: Iowa Heaven punches from Bloody Mary and Diamond goes down!

AR: Bloody Mary can be dangerous. She’s been around the biz so long, she knows what she needs to do in there.

TD: Bloody Mary up, sets up for a DDT ­ and she’s nailed from behind by a kick from Cheryl Reese.

AR: Take her out, sis!

TD: Cheryl Reese runs Bloody Mary to the ropes, Mary puts on the brakes by grabbing the top rope! Elbow to the side of the head on Reese, and she hip tosses Reese over the side!

AR: On the apron, she’s on the apron, don’t get excited.

TD: Cheryl Reese still in this thing.

JS: Michaels is going to town on DeGraff here.

TD: Indeed, Michaels with a snap suplex, and drops an elbow, and another.

[Suddenly Tara Smith dropkicks Cheryl Reese, almost sending her out.]

TD: Tara Smith on the offensive! Tara Smith taking it to Cheryl Reese here. A series of punches, Irish whip ­ spinwheel kick and Reese goes down.

JS: Tara Smith turning it up a notch here.

TD: Snap dropkick by Tara Smith and Reese is down again. Body slam by Smith! Suplex attempt coming up ­ blocked!

AR: That’s my girl.

TD: And Cheryl Reese rakes the face to get out of that hold.

JS: They can sense that they’re in the final stretch here, people are digging deep for this.

TD: Akira Kahn in the corner being choked by Bloody Mary. Ashlyn Diamond pulls Mary away.

[Ashlyn drags Mary off of Kahn by the hair and shoves her, then raises her fists and invites Mary in.]

JS: Diamond wants to box. I don’t think she’s happy about being leveled with that punch earlier.

[Bloody Mary slowly raises her fists. They circle.]

TD: Looks like we have a bit of a boxing match.

[Mary swings, Ashlyn dodges under it, snaps two quick jabs to the head and flattens Mary with a right cross.]

TD: And itıs a bad choice for Bloody Mary! Ashlyn Diamond with that strong boxing background is too much for her!

AR: I could have told you that.

[Akira Kahn has risen to her feet, she grabs Diamond and throws her into the corner and then unleashes a flurry of elbows to the head and jaw.]

TD: And Akira Kahn takes advantage! She’s just ripping into Diamond!

JS: Things are getting ugly in there.

Crowd: 10 ­ 9

[Katerina DeGraff hits a spinebuster slam on Marika Michaels.]

Crowd: 7 ­ 6 ­

[Cheryl Reese hits a side suplex on Tara Smith.]

Crowd: 4 ­ 3 ­

[Bloody Mary kicks Akira Kahn in the back while Kahn is working over Diamond.]

Crowd: 1 ­

[The buzzer sounds and out steps an average-sized wrestler in a green unitard. She has medium-length blonde hair and a wholesome look. She jogs down to the ring eagerly.]

TD: Sharon Skittlethorpe of VCW, a replacement for Casey Collins of EFW.

JS: Can I ask you something, Doley?

[Tara Smith hits a series of martial arts kicks to a reeling Cheryl Reese.]

TD: Certainly. What do you want to know, Jack?

[Smith comes off the ropes and leaps up into hurricanrana position, but Reese manages to block it and pitch towards the ropes.]

AR: That’s it!

TD: Reese blocked the hurricanrana, and she dumps Tara Smith to the outside! Tara Smith is out!

[Reese gives Tara Smith the finger as the exhausted redhead struggles to her feet outside the ring.]

TD: And the crowd applauding a gutsy performance from Tara Smith, who drew number 7, and went it must be 40 minutes.

AR: But didn’t get it done when it counted, Doley. Bye-bye, ring rat. What did you want to ask, Jack?

JS: EFW is a hardcore league, right? So why the hell did ++every single++ EFW wrestler no-show the Rumble? Don’t you think those hardcore types would LOVE something like this? People hitting you from everywhere, having to be tough just to have a shot in this thing?

“Big Tim”: Tara Smith has been eliminated at fifty minutes, fourteen seconds.

TD: I don’t know why they didn’t show up, Jack.

[Skittlethorpe unloads with some punches on DeGraff.]

AR: It probably isn’t Extreme enough for them, you’d have to add something.

[Ashlyn Diamond is lacing right hooks into the ribs of Marika Michaels until Akira Kahn hits her with a chop to the throat.]

JS: I got it. You surround the ring with tables.

AR: Two sets of tables.

JS: Right. You stack em.

[Bloody Mary clotheslines Skittlethorpe out of her boots.]

JS: Two sets of tables stacked up around ringside, and barbed wire on the ropes. You are only eliminated if you go through two tables to hit the floor. THEN the hardcore people would show up for this.

TD: Are you done?

JS: Pretty much, yeah. I was gonna make a plasma donation joke, but it seems redundant now.

TD: We’ve still got action in the ring, ladies and gentlemen. Twenty-seven names have been called, seven women are still in there, and three more are waiting in the wings, there are only ten women who can win this.

[Diamond hits DeGraff with a kick, and then quickly turns her over so that DeGraff is face-up. Diamond double underhooks the arms and straddles the head, for an inverted Pedigree-like position.]

AR: Ashlynn’s got DeGraff in a bad situation.

[Diamond drops down, drilling DeGraff into the mat.]

TD: The Facial! DeGraff may be out cold!

[Skittlethorpe comes off the second buckle with an axhandle, only to get a punch to the midsection by a side-stepping Mary. At the same time, Marika Michaels is slammed by Cheryl Reese.]

AR: Cımon Ashlyn, drag her over the top now.

[Akira Kahn stops Diamond with a kick to the knee.]

JS: Kahn just keeps picking her shots, she’s been solid.

[Bloody Mary hoists Skittlethorpe up into a front face-lock, then up into a delay suplex with the head a little lower than usual.]

Crowd: 10 ­

TD: Impressive display by Bloody Mary.

[Mary drops Skittlethorpe straight down, grabbing her head along the way and dropping, turning the whole thing into a sort of delayed-suplex DDT.]

TD: The Lightning-Rod DDT on Skittlethorpe!

AR: I __hate__ that move!

Crowd: 4 ­ 3

JS: Itıs the Headhunter’s old finisher, “The Coup De Grace”, of course you hate it.

TD: Mary’s taking Skittlethorpe over!

[The buzzer sounds and out steps a short, stocky, Japanese woman. She has long, jet black hair, which falls freely about her broad shoulders. Her classical Japanese features are marked by piercing emerald green eyes that give off the unmistakable aura of complete and utter intensity. She wears a plain black, sleeveless T-shirt with the word ‘Arcane’ emblazoned across the chest in a glimmering golden color. Tight black leggings hugs the curves of her lower body, and flat soled, thigh-length black boots complete the rather unique ensemble. Her hands and wrists are heavily taped.]

TD: Itıs “The Arcane” Nina Miyagi!

JS: And Skittlethorpe is gone!

[Indeed, the camera shows Sharon Skittlethorpe on the mat, where Bloody Mary just sent her via chokeslam.]

TD: Miyagi representing the Wildcat promotion.

[The Arcane slides into the ring and delivers a high spinning kick that nails Bloody Mary, the momentum sends Mary crashing into the ropes.]

TD: Close call for Bloody Mary, she almost went out right there.

“Big Tim”: Sharon Skittlethorpe has been eliminated at fifty-two minutes, two seconds.

[Katerina DeGraff swings a clothesline at Miyagi, but The Arcane is too fast, and ducks under the move. Before DeGraff can react, Miyagi spins around with a back elbow shot to the base of the cranium, following right into a neckbreaker.]

TD: Great chain wrestling and deceptive speed from Nina Miyagi.

JS: She’s quick.

TD: And Nina Miyagi dumps Katerina DeGraff over the top.

AR: And the new freak takes the center of the ring.

TD: Similarly to what Akira Kahn was doing earlier, Miyagi is taking the center of the ring and beckoning people to come to her.

“Big Tim”: Katerina DeGraff has been eliminated at fifty-two minutes, twenty-eight seconds.

JS: And she’s calling out Kahn right now.

[Akira Kahn and Miyagi circle slowly in the ring, obviously aware of each other’s ability. On one side, Marika Michaels and Cheryl Reese can be seen locked up while Bloody Mary is trying to leverage Ashlyn Diamond over the ropes, but she seems solid.]

AR: Kahn is got about a half-foot on her, maybe more, I don’t know about this reach advantage.

[The two Japanese women explode into action. Kahn leads with a series of kicks that Miyagi blocks before responding with some kicks and strikes of her own that force Kahn back.]

JS: I have no idea who’s winning.

TD: It looks like a fairly even exchange right now. But I don’t know if Kahn can keep up a pace like that, not after being in there for over half an hour already.

[The two women continue to look for an opening in an impressive display, when suddenly they are mowed over by Bloody Mary, Marika Michaels, Ashlyn Diamond, and Cheryl Reese in a four-woman charge.]

JS: The wrestlers have had enough of that karate crap.

TD: All six women brawling in the center of the ring!

[The pile up slowly sorts itself out. Reese and Kahn end up with Ashlyn Diamond. Michaels and Miyagi end up with Bloody Mary.]

TD: We’ve got a couple of two-on-one’s here.

AR: I’m not sure why, but Akira seems to have had it in for Ashlyn.

[Nina Miyagi backs off of the ropes where Mary and Michaels are struggling, and returns to the center of the ring, waiting for someone to come take a shot.]

TD: “the Arcane” Nina Miyagi fully intending to stay in the center of the ring for as long as possible.

JS: You can’t eliminate anyone from there, but itıs a great place to just pick people off.

TD: Ashlyn Diamond trying to box her way out of the corner here.

[Diamond explodes with some furious punches on Kahn and Reese, but a shot at Kahn results in Kahn blocking it and dropping into some kind of joint lock.]

TD: A vicious hold applied by Akira Kahn here! A superkick by Cheryl Reese!

[The superkick snaps Kahn back and she and Diamond both fall through the second rope, breaking the hold.]

AR: So close!

TD: Both women through the ropes, I’m sure Reese wanted that to connect a little higher.

Crowd: 10 ­ 9

[Marika Michaels whips Bloody Mary cross-corner.]

Crowd: 6 ­ 5

[Miyagi runs a bit alongside Mary and then hits a drop toe hold which sends Mary crashing face first into the top buckle.]

JS: Vicious move by Miyagi!

[Miyagi immediately grabs Mary and hits a release overhead belly-to-back suplex on her.]

TD: What a move by Nina Miyagi!!

Crowd: 2 ­ 1

[The buzzer sounds and an absolute tank of a woman steps through. Probably around 5ı10″, she must weigh well over 250 pounds of fat-sheathed muscle. She is Japanese, with her face hidden behind a bizarre lattice-work of blue-green paint. Her hair rises in an elaborate crest, blue with green tips. Her costume is a black full wrestling togs with pants, with blue and green highlights in swirling patterns. She has fingerless black gloves and black boots.]

TD: Itıs Tsunami! Multiple time former PRWW champion!

AR: She’s a bruiser and a half, I oughtta know. Too bad she wasn’t out earlier with Brittany Yorke, that would have been interesting.

[Tsunami slides under the bottom rope and levels Marika Michaels with a short clothesline. She lashes a foot out and knocks down Ashlyn Diamond with a side kick. She then waves Miyagi on.]

TD: Tsunami a replacement for Angie Johnson of the IFWF.

JS: She wants Miyagi.

[Miyagi delivers a series of lightning-swift kicks to the ribs which seem to stagger Tsunami a little.]

TD: Miyagi with lightning kicks, and Tsunami slams her over in a belly-to-belly suplex!

[Cheryl Reese comes out of nowhere with a superkick that rocks Tsunami and drops her to one knee.]

TD: Superkick only staggered her!

[Bloody Mary slaps on a choke from behind.]

JS: That’s one way to attack someone like this.

TD: Maybe not enough though.

[Tsunami staggers backwards and crushes Mary against the turnbuckle.]

AR: If they’re smart, these people are going to get rid of Tsunami now, because she will just break them all into pieces otherwise.

TD: I think you’re right.

[Tsunami grabs Mary by the hair out of the corner and flings her, spinning into the center of the mat.]

JS: Airplane spin by Tsunami!

TD: Tsunami whips Michaels to the ropes,

[Tsunami leaps into Michaels as she comes off the ropes, crushing her with both arms, a-la Vader.]

TD: Down goes Michaels. Clubbing forearms on Cheryl Reese.

[Ashlyn Diamond leaps off the ropes.]

AR: Look out Ashlyn!

TD: Diamond is caught in mid-air by Tsunami! Fall-away slam and she sends Diamond right into Akira Kahn, both women are down!

JS: Is there anybody up? Tsunami is a monster.

TD: Bloody Mary with a shot to the back of the head.

[Mary signals the other women to join in.]

JS: Itıs a pile on!

[Tsunami shrugs Mary off, but is met with a flying forearm from Marika Michaels.]

TD: Michaels eats a fist but here is Ashlyn Diamond! A series of rapid-fire body blows, using that boxing skill! A headbutt takes Diamond down as well. Cheryl Reese with the superkick and Tsunami rocks back! Akira Kahn with a superkick and Tsunami’s in the ropes! Nina Miyagi with a superkick and Tsunami is slumped against the ropes but will not go down!!

AR: Pile on, girls!

[Everybody moves in, all 6 women trying to eliminate the massive Tsunami.]

TD: Can they get her over?

[Tsunami chops down, knocking off Reese, but Reese gets right back up.]

JS: She’s going.

Crowd: 10 ­ 9

TD: Tsunami still struggling, Diamond takes a shot to the jaw but hangs on!

Crowd: 6 ­ 5

TD: I think they’ve got her!

[Tsunami struggles but no longer has any leverage, and her great strength is useless. With a final mighty shove, the Japanese mastodon falls to the floor.]

TD: Tsunami is out!

Crowd: 2 ­ 1

[The buzzer sounds and out walks a slim, strange woman. Almost 5 and a half feet, she is dressed in flimsy gray rags that cling awkwardly to her rail-thin body. Her hair is a gray-white, as if she hasn’t seen the sun in ages. Her skin is ashen, and dark circles are under her wild, staring eyes. She has flat slippers over gray stockings. She clutches a well-worn fuzzy bunny stuffed animal. Staring back and forth in confusion at the crowd, the gaunt figure shuffles towards the ring.]

TD: Number 30 is —

AR: Oh my god, it’s Thin Lizzy!!!

TD: Yes. An independent replacement for Tigress of the EFW.

JS: I thought she was dead?

AR: I wished she was dead. This girl makes that Jiki-Ketsu-Gaki woman look like a picture of serenity.

[Thin Lizzy puts the bunny down on the apron and climbs into the ring. She then proceeds to hold her arms out and spin wildly in a circle, singing softly to herself.]

TD: What the hell? Is she related to Wacko?

“Big Tim”: Tsunami has been eliminated at fifty-five minutes, fifty-seven seconds.

[The other wrestlers seem a little put out by this, and not sure how to react.]

AR: They better get her out of there quick.

TD: She seems harmless.

AR: This is the woman who once brought a CHAINSAW into a match, Doley, she’s scary nuts. Don’t do it, Ashlyn!

[Ashlyn Diamond taps Lizzy on the shoulder. Suddenly Lizzy hisses wildly and claws at Ashlyn’s face.]

TD: Oh my god!

[Ashlyn pushes her away and hits a three jab combination and then a right cross that sends Lizzy over the top and to the floor.]

JS: Nice punch.

[Lizzy seems panicked, and then grabs her bunny. The words “luv bunny” can be seen singed into the fur. Lizzy slowly wanders away.]

TD: I’ve never seen anything like that.

AR: You just hope she makes it to the back before snapping, or the audience is in danger. Who the hell booked that lunatic, anyway?

“Big Tim”: Thin Lizzy has been eliminated at fifty-six minutes, and twenty-four seconds.

TD: Ladies and gentlemen, everyone is in and we are down to six women! One of these is going to be the next New Wave Women’s Champion!

JS: Gut check time for all of these women right now.

TD: Ashlyn Diamond blindsided by Marika Michaels! We’ve got a triple team now!

[Diamond is nailed by Michaels, and then Michaels whips her into Reese and Akira Kahn. Bloody Mary can be seen trying to fend off the attack of Nina Miyagi in the background.]

TD: Double clothesline and down goes Diamond!

[Ashlyn is down and gets a kick from Reese. Reese signals for Akira Kahn to do the same, and as Kahn turns, Reese nails her with an elbow to the head.]

TD: Reese turns on Kahn!

AR: Every woman for herself, Doley.

JS: Bloody Mary over the top!

[Mary is thrown over the top by Miyagi, but lands on the apron and rolls back in.]

TD: Ashlyn Diamond trying to fight off Cheryl Reese here, and Diamond is nailed by a shot to the ribs by Marika Michaels. Michaels and Reese have Diamond in the ropes!

[Ashlyn Diamond desperately tries to cling to the top rope as Michaels and Reese combine forces to push her over.]

JS: She’s going, we’re going to lose the last of the VCW people here.

[Suddenly, Nina Miyagi nails Michaels with a roundhouse kick. Then she hits Reese.]

TD: Nina Miyagi with the save!

[Miyagi pivots, hooks Michaels in an armlock and sort of hip-tosses her over the top rope.]

TD: And there goes Marika Michaels!

[Miyagi looks at Diamond briefly, and gives an almost imperceptible bow before retreating to the center. Diamond looks at her warily as she backs to a corner.]

JS: We’re down to five. And there’s certainly no alliances here. No friends, no mercy.

“Big Tim”: Marika Michaels eliminated at fifty-eight minutes, seventeen seconds.

[All 5 women have separated out, catching breath, knowing this is the final run. Miyagi has taken her place in the center of the ring, circling slowly, daring anyone to come and try to take her. Akira Kahn is the tallest woman still in the ring. She is breathing hard but evenly, seeming to still have energy despite being in there the longest. Ashlyn Diamond is in the opposite corner, panting hard, obviously pumped up by the crowd. Cheryl Reese is to the right of Diamond, scanning the others for a weakness. Bloody Mary is in the last corner, opposite Reese. Her face is set in grim determination, prepared to gut out these last few minutes.]

TD: My, oh my. These five women, sizing each other up. Ready for the final confrontation. Look at Miyagi, just standing in the middle, taunting all comers.

AR: Don’t knock the strategy, if you aren’t near the ropes, you can’t go over. It’s basic, but effective. She only needs to hold the center until there is only one woman left, and then she can move to the ropes to try and eliminate.

TD: Akira Kahn, in there for over 40 minute now, she has gone longer than Tara Smith and still looks strong.

[The crowd is clapping rhythmically, wanting one of these women to do something. The tension mounts.]

JS: This is almost a game of human chicken here. If you move from your corner, you put yourself at risk, but you can’t win unless you move.

[Ashlyn Diamond explodes out of the corner towards Miyagi and the crowd roars its approval.]

TD: Diamond charges in –

[Diamond turns suddenly and takes down Reese with a spear as Reese was leaving her corner, avoiding Miyagi completely.]

TD: She spears Reese!

JS: It was a feint and Cheryl Reese fell for it!

TD: Diamond hammering away on Reese!

[Akira Kahn sees Miyagi distracted by the move by Diamond and comes in with a sharp knuckle jab to the throat on Miyagi.]

TD: Kahn takes Miyagi down, and Bloody Mary in to join her! Mary and Kahn stomping away on Miyagi in the center of the ring. Mary turns on Kahn!

[Mary hits a sharp elbow to Akira Kahn from the side, and then slaps on the front facelock.]

JS: She’s going for that lightning rod DDT!

[As Mary tries to cinch it up, Kahn wriggles free a little and delivers some high-impact knees to the midsection of Bloody Mary.]

AR: She’s out of it.

[Miyagi kicks the feet out from Kahn, dropping her to the mat. But Miyagi is vulnerable, and Mary grabs her hair and quickly snatches Miyagi into position for –]

TD: DDT! Just snapped it down on Miyagi!

[Reese claws Diamond’s eyes and staggers away from her, only to back into Bloody Mary.]

TD: Now Mary has Reese! A forearm shot! Reese ducks the next one, kick to the midsection, and gutwrench suplex by Cheryl Reese on Bloody Mary!

JS: And we’ve got Kahn working with some kind of nerve punches on Miyagi. Here comes Diamond!

[Ashlyn Diamond nails Akira Kahn. Kahn whips around and hits Diamond with a flurry of blows to the neck and shoulder. ]

TD: Kahn’s got too much in her arsenal. Miyagi from behind! Miyagi hooks both arms around Kahn, and delivers a series of headbutts to the chest of Akira Kahn!

JS: That has GOT to hurt on a woman.

TD: Belly to belly suplex from that position by Miyagi!

[Ashlyn diamond follows that up with a legdrop on Akira Kahn.]

TD: Good teamwork here by Diamond and Miyagi. And Reese dropkicks Diamond!

JS: no one gets more than a second advantage here, Doley.

TD: Miyagi turns to Reese, and gets a rake of the face from Bloody Mary!

[Reese has Diamond in the corner and is stomping away on her. Bloody Mary has dragged Nina Miyagi off a bit and has her in a choke or sleeper hold. Kahn is getting up by Reese and Diamond.]

TD: Bloody Mary dragging off Nina Miyagi. Miyagi the freshest competitor in there. Cheryl Reese and Ashlyn Diamond have been going at it hard this whole time. Akira Kahn nails Cheryl Reese wit a stiff shin kick!

[Reese is caught by the move, and Akira Kahn tries to leverage her over the top rope.]

TD: Kahn trying to eliminate Cheryl Reese here, and Diamond is up to join her!

[Ashlyn Diamond gets up and joins Kahn in trying to push Cheryl Reese over the top. Nina Miyagi has broken the Bloody Mary’s hold by falling into a jawbreaker, and both women are down on the canvas.]

TD: Reese clawing away, but she’s got no more leverage, over she goes!

[Cheryl Reese spills over the top and to the floor. Kahn immediately turns and hits an elbow on Diamond. Reese leaps to the apron and grabs at both of them, but Kahn is much taller. Reese’s arm wraps around Kahn’s throat and drags her over the top to the floor as well.]

JS: Cheryl’s not happy. And Kahn goes out with her! Reese still trying to get back in!

[The officials swarm the apron as Cheryl again tries to leap up. Kahn is indignant as well, knowing she was eliminated by someone already out. Suddenly, the sound of a headset hitting the desk can be heard.]

TD: Amanda Reese just left the broadcast position!

JS: This could get ugly.

[Amanda Reese joins the officials in restraining Cheryl. Akira Kahn reluctantly heads to the back. ]

“Big Tim”: Cheryl Reese has been eliminated at fifty-nine minutes, fifty-one seconds.

[Amanda has Cheryl by the shoulders, obviously trying to get through to her. Her look softens and they hug.]

JS: Awww… sisterly love.

“Big Tim”: Akira Kahn has been eliminated at fifty-nine minutes, fifty-four seconds.

TD: We are down to three women. Ashlyn Diamond with a punch on Mary, a shot to Miyagi. Irish whip by Diamond on Bloody Mary, dropkick and Mary goes down. Irish whip on Miyagi, reversed, Ashlyn ducks a kick, back the other way, oh what a move!

[Miyagi catches Ashlyn in the beginnings of a hiptoss in the center of the ring, and half-way up drops straight down into a sort of piledriver variant.]

JS: Hell, I’ll even applaud that, Doley. Nina Miyagi drew # 28, she’s only been in there about 8 minutes, she may have the gas in the tank to take this home.

[Amanda Reese can be heard putting on the headset again.]

TD: Miyagi catches Bloody Mary coming in with a sharp open hand strike. Two more, and a jawbreaker!

AR: Looks like “The Arcane” is on a tear. C’mon Ashlyn!

TD: Nina Miyagi with a whip to the corner on Bloody Mary! She picks up Diamond. And Diamond with a punch to the back of the knee!

AR: Good move, break down the balance.

TD: Ashlyn Diamond with a sharp uppercut on Miyagi. Now Miyagi is the one that’s reeling. Hurricanrana by Diamond and Miyagi is down!

JS: Bloody Mary is out of the corner.

TD: Irish whip by Ashlyn towards Mary – she telegraphed it!

[Mary ducks her head too early for the back drop. Miyagi smoothly puts on the breaks and grabs Mary’s hair. Mary scoops both legs in a double-leg pick up and drops Miyagi on her back.]

JS: It was a trap for Miyagi!

[Mary has both legs in her arms, as if getting ready to catapult Miyagi or turn her over for a Boston crab. We’ll never know as Miyagi whips her whole body over, using her torso and leg strength to flip Bloody Mary over and break the hold.]

AR: And she reversed it right back!

TD: Miyagi looking strong here! Diamond in, Miyagi sidesteps, hiptoss, float-over DDT by Diamond plants The Arcane!

[The crowd pops. Diamond is exhausted on the mat, slowly getting to her knees. Mary is also climbing to her feet. Miyagi is down for the moment.]

TD: Big Iowa Heaven punch from Mary misses! Diamond with series of jabs and Mary blocks the right cross! Mandible claw!

[Bloody Mary slaps the jaw claw hold onto Ashlyn Diamond, who starts flailing in pain.]

JS: She might put her out!

TD: And Miyagi with knife-edge chop to the throat of Mary!

AR: That’ll break that up in a hurry.

TD: Roundhouse kick to the kidneys by Miyagi! Another to the head! Bloody Mary is out on her feet! Spinning sidewalk slam!

[Ashlyn Diamond is crawling to her feet, using the ropes to help, still choking from the claw hold. Nina Miyagi is on her knees, gathering her strength. Bloody Mary is on her back, not looking well at all.]

AR: They’re just hitting everything they can think of right now. There’s no strategy, there’s no plan. Raw cunning and wrestling savvy is all they have going for them.

[Diamond is leaning against the middle of the ropes, shaking the cobwebs clear and staggering a bit towards the center of the ring. Miyagi is to her feet now, and begins to pull Mary up.]

TD: Miyagi signals Diamond! Irish whip by Miyagi, backdrop and Mary goes up and over!

[Mary goes up and over Diamond but falls on the third rope, bouncing over and falling back through the ropes as she gets tangled up, ending up on the outside apron.]

JS: Not yet she ain’t.

[Ashlyn drops into a quick baseball slide kick and sends Mary to the floor.]

TD: There she goes! It’s Diamond and Miyagi!

[The crowd goes nuts as the two women clash in the middle of the ring. There’s no fancy moves right now. Both women are about the same height and are trading blows, knocking each other towards the ropes.]

AR: I don’t know about the way Mary went over.

TD: Diamond and Miyagi locked in combat! Boxing versus the martial arts, close quarter fighting! They’re tied up in the ropes!

[Miyagi and Diamond are now locked up, each with one arm entwined with the other, trying to jockey for position with the free arm. Diamond appears to have slightly better leverage, maybe Miyagi’s knee is still sore from earlier? By the apron, Mary can be seen talking with the outside official, gesticulating wildly.]

TD: Diamond with a bit of an advantage [the crowd noise rises in anticipation] but Miyagi fighting it off! Miyagi trying to get position now, Diamond being moved!

JS: What the hell is Bloody Mary doing? Is she hanging around to see which one goes out?

[Mary is at the side where the two other women are fighting. One of the officials is saying something in a firm tone to her. Mary nods, eyes locked on the other two women, as if waiting for something.]

TD: the officials obviously handling the situation.

AR: Not the way you might think, Doley.

TD: Diamond fighting back to a solid base. Both women still locked together, leaning hard into the ropes –

[As soon as both women are leaning hard, Mary takes a running leap under the third rope, clipping both of their legs out from under them. Miyagi and Diamond pinwheel over the third rope to the floor and Mary stands up in the ring!]

TD: — they both go over! Mary knocked them out, this can’t stand!

[Miyagi and Diamond look stunned as “Midnight Rider”, by the Allman Brothers, begins to play. The officials are talking to both women.]

TD: I don’t understand what happened.

“Big Tim”: Nina Miyagi an Ashlyn Diamond have been eliminated at sixty-two minutes, two seconds. The winner, and NEW New Wave Wrestling Women’s Champion! BLOODY MARY!!!!

[The crowd is a mix of boos and cheers, not everyone happy with what just transpired.]

TD: I want to see that again.

JS: Somebody hit the tape.

[We see Diamond backdrop Mary again. In slow motion it is clear that Mary lands on the top rope and falls back in and then through to the apron.]

TD: It’s a good call by the officials.

JS: Isn’t that a sign of the apocalypse?

[Back live. Bloody Mary is in the ring, exhausted but happy. The crowd saw the replay, and it seems a few more are cheering, although some seem unconvinced. Mary waits as an official steps through the ropes with the belt.]

TD: Bloody Mary went through the ropes, not over. But Ashlyn Diamond didn’t turn around until Mary had landed on the apron, and naturally assumed she went out.

JS: And that’s why you should never assume anything in wrestling. Ashlyn’s the chump, and Mary is the champ.

AR: I guess the champion should be crowned then, right?

[Once again, the sound of a headset hitting the table can be heard.]

TD: Amanda Reese has once again left the announce table. She’s heading to the ring!

[Amanda Reese slides under the bottom rope as the official presents the belt to Bloody Mary. The crowd gets higher pitched as the official steps behind Mary to put the belt on her. Amanda Reese stops him.]

JS: I have the feeling we are about to see Rumble, part two, right now.

TD: You may be right, Jack Spector! Amanda Reese has the New Wave Belt and Mary doesn’t know she’s behind her!

[Amanda Reese looks at the belt carefully. A long, slow look, while the crowd builds to a fever pitch. She then raises the belt up high.]

TD: Reese has snapped! She lost the VCW belt, none of her friends won this belt, and she’s going to take it out on Mary!

[Reese lowers the belt and attaches it around Bloody Mary’s waist.]

TD: She put the belt on!

[Mary turns around and is suddenly face to face with Amanda Reese. She takes a step back.]

JR: We not be out of this yet, Doley. Reese has a devil look in her eye, she might snap at any moment!

[The two veteran wrestlers take a long, hard look at each other. Reese is taller, a couple of years younger, and still fresh. Mary is breathing hard, her body starting to register the abuse she just put it through. But she is the champion now, and doesn’t flinch in the face of Reese’s cold stare. Reese extends a hand out.]

TD: Is this a display of sportsmanship and respect from Amanda Reese here?

JS: No, it’s a trap. Don’t you pay attention?

[The crowd is going nuts, not sure how to react, not sure what to expect. Mary takes Reese’s hand, and Reese raises Mary’s hand in victory.]

TD: It’s respect! Amanda Reese raising the hand of the New Wave Champion! Bloody Mary will go on to meet Yuri Kaio at “Double or Nothing” in April!

JS: Not if Amanda Reese has anything to say about it Doley!

TD: Ladies and gentlemen, for Jack Spector and all of us here, we are glad you could join us for Day One of Angels & Amazons. We are out of time, but we will see you tomorrow.

[The opening shot is of the jammed packed Los Angeles Sports Center. The fans are on their feet and cheering as a graphic pops up in the lower left hand corner of the screen that says “Angels & Amazons- Day 2: LIVE”. As the camera pans through the crowd we see signs that say things like “REESE WAS ROBBED!” “HARDKORE WORLD 4 LIFE” and “STARBIRD TELL MY FUTURE”. Just as we pan down by the ring a voice comes over the PA.]

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, at this time I would like to ask everyone to please stand for the presentation of our National Anthem!

[The few spots of fans who weren’t already on their feet stand up, putting down their signs and taking their hats off. And then the booing starts…]

Announcer: Tonight’s presenters are accompanied by the _Intergalactic_ Manager of Champions AND the host of Wildcat Wrestling’s popular program ‘Revelations’, ‘The Evangelist’ Matthew Zahn!

[Heavy heel *POP*!]

Announcer: Here to sing our national anthem are Sheriam and Taliah, collectively known as THE ZAHN CHOIR!!

[Matthew holds the ropes apart as his Choir enter the ring. Sheriam and Taliah are identical twins; both have their straight blonde hair cut at the exact same length below the shoulders and both wear identical outfits, consisting of long white robes that are trimmed with thin gold and silver script and white leather sandals Matthew shoots a disgusted glance at the ringside fans who continue to boo him and the Choir. Matthew is dressed rather nicely in a black suit with a white shirt underneath and a black tie with tiny gold championship belts dotting it. Matthew sports thin gold rimmed glasses and cradles a thick leather bound book in his left hand. The Choir take their place in the center of the ring where a pair of microphones are standing, and after giving the crowd a moment to calm down, begin their rendition of Stars & Stripes, sans music. As the pair sing, the audience viewing at home are treated to relaxing, patriotic scenes of the United States…]

… Young children standing at attention while listening to the anthem at school…

… A young couple walking hand in hand through a clean park…

… A young girl laughing as she’s lifted in the air by a soldier in full combat gear…

… A family standing before the Washington War Memorial…

… An eagle perched in a tree…

[Other scenes flash in between and after these images… The crowd starts to clap and, surprisingly, cheer as the Choir’s rendition comes to an end. Matthew claps rather emphatically at the nice presentation his girls performed. The Choir step away from the microphones and thank the crowd by lightly bowing to them. And then Matthew takes one of the microphones from its stand…]

Matthew: Yes!! Let’s hear it for my Choir!!!

[The crowd reluctantly claps.]

Matthew: I realize a great many of you here have never seen or heard perfection before, so being in the presence of my Choir must truly be a life affirming event for you all!

[Crowd begins to boo!]

Matthew: Yes, our appearance here tonight proves that light and good /can/ exist where darkness and evil frolic without restraint! Remember this moment, for your pathetic and misdirected lives have, but for a speck, been treated to greatness!!

[The booing picks up in intensity.]

Matthew: Now then, before we depart, I would like to offer some “good luck” to my good friend, and truly one of the greatest wrestlers to ever exist, the talented Sonja Victory, who will undoubtedly leave tonight with the IWWA’s Featherweight Championship around her waist! Kick some ass Sonja!!

[Crowd keeps booing!]

Matthew: And. . . . I would like . . . no, I must, once again, point out the filth and disease that has infected this event. She is a Cancer on professional wrestling! Her very name repulses me, and her appearance turns the good and pure like us to stone! No, she’s worse than the fabled Medusa, she’s worse than anything ever seen before.

[Matthew takes a big gulp and straightens his tie.]

Matthew: She is. . . . . Jessica Starbird.

[MEGA CROWD *POP*! Fans start chanting “STAR-BIRD!” “STAR-BIRD!” which doesn’t please Matthew at all.]


[Arena security start to circle the ring.]


[Matthew notices the security officers entering the ring and drops the mic. Like a drunken bolt of lightning, Matthew dives through the ropes and high tails it back up the aisle along with his Choir, all the while screaming “SHE WON’T GET ME!!!”]

JP: Are we on?

[Cut to the Angels & Amazons broadcast booth up in the stands, where JP Winslow and Jack Spector stand. They both look unprepared.]

JP: Hello wrestling fans and welcome back to Day 2 of the Angels & Amazons super card. I’m JP Winslow along with Jack Spector. And Jack what the heck was that?

JS: Well Winslow that looked like a good old fashioned bible thumping if you ask me!

JP: Well certainly it was not what we expected and we would like to extend our apologies to Jessica Starbird for what Mr. Zahan had to say.

JS: No, you would like to…I don’t.

JP: (In no mood for an argument) Let’s waste not time and get down to action, up first we have a match from Hardkore World. Jack?

JS: Yeah check this out, Sailor Jupiter against Alexandria Macabre. Now Macabre has a rep as a decent wrestler coming into this. Sailor Jupiter is a cartoon character, so this is anyone’s guess.

JP: She is not a cartoon character Jack, she is a wrestler.

JS: You ever watch Sailor Moon?

JP: No.

JS: Then shut up.

JP: Let’s head down to ringside and the Hardkore World announcing team.

[Cut down to ringside and the announcers.]

Guillermo O’Bannon: Hello everyone, welcome to the Hardkore World representation to the Angels & Amazons. My name must be he ain’t shit, ’cause every time I’m rollin’ in my car bitches be like “he ain’t shit”; I am Guillermo O’Bannon, and to my right is my compadre in non-legal activities Mr. Richard William Brown.

Sweet Dick: Hi, I’m “Sweet Dick” Willie Brown….pornographer. You may remember my names from such films as Star Whores: Phantom Penis, Hope’s Floater, and Black On Black Cum Shots Vol 14. I’m pleased as Kool-Aid, smile and all, to be invited here to show the world what Hardkore World’s Women’s Division is all about.

Guillermo O’Bannon: Coming up from Hardkore Japan, it’s former Hardkore World Champion Ms. Alexandria Macabre and Sailor Jupiter in an exhibition match. Both ladies are at the top of Hardkore Japan’s ranks and both top contenders for that Hardkore World Championship, currently held by “Sexy” Anjanette Turner.

Sweet Dick: For those of you who don’t know Sexy Anj is the consummate underdog, entering even her own title defenses expected to lose. Alexandria Macabre hasn’t only held Hardkore’s Women’s Title, but has also managed some of Hardkore World’s legends to their greatest nights in the ring. Sailor Jupiter…Well, Sailor can bake one hell of a batch of brownies!

Guillermo O’Bannon: We are standing by with comments from Ms. Alexandria Macabre who is backstage:

Alexandria Macabre

(Video fades to the interview area at the LA Sports Center. Ms. Alexandria Macabre is dressed in a black leather dominatrix attire, with her hair cut in a curly new style. She is holding a leash that is connected to Sadiopath, also dressed all in black leather, with a leather mask with zippers slits for eyeholes. He is licking all over his mask & staring wildly through those zipper holes)

Alexandria Macabre: Hello LA, right in the backyard of the true capital of American wrestling, Palm Springs, comes Ms. Alexandria Macabre. You’ve all heard about me on the internet; you’ve seen Hardkore Highlights tapes with my high spots. And now you get to watch me perform in front of the rest of the female wrestling world. With Sailor Jupiter, the most talented new recruit of Hardkore Japan. And what we are going to prove, whoever wins, is that Hardkore World is the true dominant force in wrestling. With regions in America, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Europe, and Japan we are the true international belt. And the Hardkore World Championship that I held, oh so long ago, is the standard in female sports entertainment. I’ve got the moves, the mic skills, and the embarrassingly unmatched skills, to win this match Jupiter. And I will, because, this is my time to shine. I’ve defeated greats like Victoria Von Arnheim from Europe, and Sayo Arakawa & Masami Yatsushi in Japan, and Sailor Jupiter will be no different. Sorry to steal the show girls, but for the past three years, I’ve been going through competition like Richard Gere goes through hamsters.

(Video fades back to “Sweet Dick” Willie Brown & Guillermo O’Bannon, ringside at the LA Sports Center)

Sweet Dick: ….meow.

Guillermo O’Bannon: Ms. Alexandria Macabre is trying to make an impression on the international PPV audience. They are 16 other female promotions here tonight Willie.

Sweet Dick: 16 companies, but there’s only one promotion Guillermo.

Guillermo O’Bannon: Right you are my friend. Several Hardkore fans showed up tonight, since we are based mostly in the Palm Springs/LA area. I see several fans wearing Hardkore World shirts with one kid in the front row wearing a Cupcake Crew T-shirt. That’s the stable that Sailor Jupiter is a part of. I think we are ready to get underway with this Hardkore match.

(“Lava” by Ministry plays and the Hardkore fans that attended begin applauding. Smoke billows out through the curtain, and then Ms. Alexandria Macabre walks through the curtain down to the ring with Sadiopath crawling on his hands and knees attached to a leash attached to his studded dog collar. Macabre is wearing a black leather mesh dominatrix outfit, with stockings and thigh high leather boots. Sadiopath mugs the camera man and the PPV audience at home get a close look at his wild eyes through the zipper holes in his leather mask. Macabre lashes his back with her cat o’ nine tails for his independence)

Guillermo O’Bannon: There goes the woman who held the Hardkore World Championship for so long, Ms. Alexandria Macabre. Sadiopath is also a former Hardkore World Champion.

Sweet Dick: Sailor Jupiter is in for a fight tonight Guillermo. Macabre has more experience in her 9 inch spike heels then Sailor has in her entire Easy Bake Oven body!

Alexandria Macabre vs. Sailor Jupitor

“Wild” Bill Kasal: “Ladies and Gentleman, Hardkore World and “Hardkore” Jonnie Valentine, are proud to present this contest, scheduled for one fall, 30 minute time limit, under Hardkore rules. Your referee is David Grey. Featuring first; accompanied to the ring by her man slave, Sadiopath!!” (The familiar audience cheers Sadiopath, but Macabre pulls on his choke collar to bring him to his knees) “Hailing from Point Venuti, California…” (The fans from Point Venuti cheer and applaud) “Standing at 5 feet 8 inches tall; Weighing in at 118 pounds; former Hardkore World Champion…MS ALEXANDRIA MACABRE!!!”

(The Los Angeles fans applaud out of good word of mouth, while the Hardkore fans begin a chant of “Hard-kore World!!! Hard-kore World!!! Hard-kore World!!!”)

Guillermo O’Bannon: It’s good to see so many Hardkore fans showed up for this Angels & Amazons card.

Sweet Dick: What else would they do; there isn’t a Trek Convention or rave within’ 500 miles of LA.

(The arena lights fade to a deep green and the fans stand up and look towards the entrance. “Adrenaline” by Rosetta Stone soars through the PA, and strobe lights cue up with the music, flashing so they light up the entire arena, making it look like one of those old reel based films. From the entrance comes Sailor Jupiter, dressed in a white one piece wrestling attire topped over with green lace, a loose vinyl green skirt, a big pink bow over her bosom and another on her lower back. Her brown hair is tied back into a pony tail, and her forehead is adorned by a metal tiara. She stands at the top of the ramp, surveying down the ring. Eerie Von, Jupiter’s rumored boyfriend of Hardkore World, dressed in black weightlifting pants, a black leather vest, and a Devilock haircut, and Jupiter’s manager, Mistress Amy, who sports an elegant and sexy vinyl minidress that ties up the front along with a pair of platform boots, both emerge behind Jupiter. Cued with the drums of the music, green and white pyrotechnics flare up on either side of her. After the few seconds of a fire display end, Jupiter makes her way down the ramp with her compatriots in tow, the arena still bathed in green light. The audience seems unsure what to make of the strange looking crew)

Guillermo O’Bannon: Sailor Jupiter has been undefeated among the elite of Hardkore Japan. And these fans who have never seen her moves are in for a treat.

Sweet Dick: The Cupcake Crew, a former faction of pro wrestling’s true menace The Thorn Cult, looks pretty intimidating by her side Guillermo.

(Sailor Jupiter flips over the ropes into the ring and motions for the house microphone.)

Sailor Jupiter: Direct from the realms of Hardkore comes Hell and high water all in a nicely wrapped package, namely… me! Certainly I find it a great honor that Jonnie V let me demonstrate to the rest of the world the supremacy of the Hardkore Women’s Division to all you peppy little cheerleaders that call yourselves wrestlers, but more importantly, I get to make a name for myself in front of the world from Los Angeles. All feuds set aside, everything else stripped away, and now it’s just Jupiter and Macabre, Lita and Alexandria, Hardkore chick against Hardkore chick, the best and the best.

(She paces around the ring, looking at the huge crowd. Finally the lights return to normal from their earlier greenish state. Jupiter spots a young man out in the crowd with a Cupcake Crew long sleeve shirt on. It reads “Have a cupcake…” on the chest, and has small cupcakes pictured down the sleeves.)

Jupiter: Hey you, kid… yeah you… stand up for a second would ya?

(She motions for that dude with the Cupcake Crew t-shirt on to stand up, and he complies to do so. He raises his arms shouting, causing Jupiter to get a big pop as she’s climbs the ropes, her foot poised on the top. The kid turns around revealing that the back of the shirt reads “…die fucker die!!”)

Jupiter: Hehe, now that’s a smart fellow if you ask me. Too bad the Starfuckers and Death Gojira couldn’t be here today for you guys to see live. It’s really something… Tux’s ego hits you in the face like a fat woman hits a baked ham on Jerry Springer. Damn straight. The Cupcake Crew’s slowly but surely taking over in Hardkore Japan, led by she who has brains, skill, and a kickass pair of legs… me! I’m that good, and you know it Macabre. I know you were champ for a hell of a long time, and I respect that, but to say the least, I’m in a damn good mood, and you aren’t getting out of this one with a victory sweetie. Come feel the thunder.

(She tosses the microphone back to “Wild” Bill Kasal)

“Wild” Bill Kasal: “And her opponent; accompanied to the ring by Eerie Von and her manager, Mistress Amy; the Cupcake Crew!!!” (The Los Angeles Sports Center applauds some of the Cupcake Crew) “Originally from the planet Jupiter, resided in the Moon Kingdom, and now lives in Olympia, Washington; Standing at 5 feet 10 inches tall; Weighing in at 135 pounds…SAILOR JUPITER!!!”

(Jupiter hops up & down in joy and the LA audience applauds at least her good looks)

Sweet Dick: I’m glad to see shameless shallow vanity still breeds like a germ in the Petri dish known as Los Angeles.

Guillermo O’Bannon: Sailor Jupiter is going to try and show all the female wrestlers here, how Hardkore Japan is one of the top places in the World for action.

(The bell rings and Eerie Von, the ring announcer, Sadiopath, and Mistress Amy leave the ring)

Guillermo O’Bannon: The two lock up and Alexandria Macabre gets the advantage with an arm twist. But Sailor Jupiter grabs Alexandria by the wrist and monkey flips her.

Sweet Dick: Macabre comes back at her, but Jupiter arm drags her.

Guillermo O’Bannon: Jupiter applies a fujiwara armbar now on Macabre.

(Referee David Grey checks in on Macabre who refuses to submit, so Jupiter readjusts into a double arm rings of Saturn!! Macabre cries out in pain while Jupiter wrenches back)

Guillermo O’Bannon: Earrings of Jupiter!! Macabre is already in trouble with Sailor Jupiter!!

Sweet Dick: Sailor Jupiter working down the arms of Macabre early.

(Alexandria Macabre hooks her foot around the bottom rope, and David Grey forces Sailor Jupiter to break the Earrings of Jupiter. Jupiter Irish whips Macabre into the ropes and goes for a spinning DDT but Macabre catches her and flapjacks her!! Jupiter bounces off her face)

Guillermo O’Bannon: Flapjack out of a DDT by Alexandria Macabre!! Alexandria Macabre now climbs to the second rope facing the audience. She grabs the top ropes and then hits both legs on the top rope spread eagled so she backflips back into a split legged moonsault splash!!

(The LA Sports Center applauds the ability of Alexandria Macabre. A kid in the front row forces a sign reading “Hardkore World: No Legdrop Allowed Bitch!” in front of the camera; he flips the sign revealing the back “Unless It’s Through Two Press Tables!”)

Referee David Grey: 1… (Kickout by Sailor Jupiter)

Guillermo O’Bannon: Macabre Irish whips Sailor Jupiter and then spikes her into the mat with a spinebuster!

Sweet Dick: At the risk of sounding like Tony Robbins whoring his infomercial; you don’t get that cat fight shit in Hardkore World. You get spinebusters, powerbombs, and tiger suplexes…I think Jonnie once fined someone for an eye gouge, but I could be wrong.

(Macabre climbs to the top rope from the inside of the ring, she backflips into a moonsault leg drop, but Sailor Jupiter rolls out of the way!! The audience winces as Macabre hits the mat with her legs)

Guillermo O’Bannon: It wasn’t an eye gouge Willie, it was a ropeburn, but who’s counting. Sailor Jupiter dodged a bullet there!! Jupiter pulls Macabre’s head into her legs and ties up her arm with a crotch tie. She lifts Macabre up in a pump handle, turns her over to she’s looking down on the mat and drops her in a spinning inverted tiger bomb!!!

Sweet Dick: She calls that Greetings from the Planet Jupiter!!!

Guillermo O’Bannon: Thank you, please come again!

(Sailor Jupiter crotches Macabre on the top turnbuckle steel cable hook, and then climbs to the middle rope. Jupiter facelocks Macabre and then grabs her leg in a cradle suplex position)

Guillermo O’Bannon: Super Fisherwoman’s Buster by Sailor Jupiter!!

Sweet Dick: She picks Alexandria Macabre up by the hair and Northern lights suplexes her!

Referee David Grey: 1…2… (Kickout by Alexandria Macabre)

(Sailor Jupiter pulls Macabre up in an atomic drop, and crotches her on the top turnbuckle steel cable hook, facing the crowd. She inverted headlocks Macabre)

Guillermo O’Bannon: Sailor Jupiter pulls her back into a reverse superplex!!

Sweet Dick: Sailor Jupiter dropped her right on her nuts, er, guts!

Guillermo O’Bannon: Sailor Jupiter runs up the ropes and backflips into an Asai moonsault, but she corkscrews around onto Macabre’s shoulders, and then she takes her down with a helicopter rana!! Magnificent!!

(The Los Angeles Sports Center applauds the ariel skills of Sailor Jupiter!! Jupiter then pulls Macabre up to her feet and fireman’s carries Macabre up on her shoulders. She then crotches her on the top turnbuckle again. Jupiter climbs to the middle rope and scoops Macabre up)

Guillermo O’Bannon: Sailor Jupiter tombstone piledrives Alexandria Macabre of the second rope!!!

Sweet Dick: That was the move that Masked Anarchist, or Matthew X, used to win his first Hardkore World Championship from Tosh Marley.

Referee David Grey: 1…2… (Kickout by Ms. Alexandria Macabre)

Guillermo O’Bannon: Jupiter climbs to the top rope from inside of the ring and backflips with her feet together, swan diving with her arms, into a gorgeous moonsault splash!!!

(The Los Angeles Sports Center lights up like day with flashbulbs from the audience as Sailor Jupiter gets incredible hang time by her arching and then crashes down across the chest of Macabre!!!)

Guillermo O’Bannon: That was the most beautiful moonsault I’ve ever seen!!!

Referee David Grey: 1…2… (Kickout by Ms. Alexandria Macabre)

(Macabre rolls out of the ring to the apron, but Jupiter runs into the ropes and knees Macabre’s head through the ropes, stunning her. Sailor Jupiter steps through the ropes onto the apron with Alex Macabre)

Guillermo O’Bannon: The flatliner off the apron onto the concrete floor!!!

Sweet Dick: Now that’s….HARDKORE!!!!!

(The LA Audience “Oooooooohs” in sympathy, and Jupiter does not let up. She crotches her on the guardrail and then golden arm bombs her into the audience!!!)

Guillermo O’Bannon: Alexandria Macabre is out in the seats now!! Sailor Jupiter making her way to the broadcast audience.

(Sailor Jupiter takes Guillermo O’Bannon’s headset)

Sailor Jupiter: All that and I still smell pretty.

(Jupiter tosses the headset back to Guillermo O’Bannon)

Guillermo O’Bannon: Hello? Hello? Ok, I’m back on, (sniffs) Hmmm, now the headset smells like Joop.

Sweet Dick: Now that’s….Sassy!!

(Sailor Jupiter rolls Alexandria Macabre back into the ring, and crotches Macabre on the top turnbuckle again. Jupiter steps on to the middle rope with her back facing Macabre. Jupiter military presses Macabre over her head while standing on the middle rope)

Guillermo O’Bannon: Sailor Jupiter jumps off the second rope and spins her into a quebradora con hilo backbreaker across her knee!!! Jupiter Thunder Dragon!!! That move is amazing!!!

Sweet Dick: This could be it.

(The fans jump in amazement of the Jupiter Thunder Dragon and give Sailor Jupiter a standing ovation as she covers a writhing Alexandria Macabre)

Referee David Grey: 1…2…3!!!

(“Adrenaline” by Rosetta Stone plays and the LA Sports Center erupts in applause. The Cupcake Crew rushes the ring to congratulate Jupiter. Macabre rolls around the mat in pain, as Sadiopath tries to console her)

Guillermo O’Bannon: You’re right again Sweet Dick; Sailor Jupiter gets a decisive victory over the former World Champion, Alexandria Macabre.


(Rosetta Stone’s “Adrenaline” continues to wail through the Los Angeles Sports Center as Sailor Jupiter celebrates with Eerie Von and Mistress Amy)

Guillermo O’Bannon: Sailor Jupiter gets a huge win in front of an international Pay-Per-View audience of 16 female wrestling federations from all over the World.

Sweet Dick: Better yet Guillermo, the audience of 16 female wrestling federation’s just witnessed the best in sports entertainment bar none!

(Alexandria Macabre gets to her feet and shakes Sailor Jupiter’s hand, and then raises Jupiter’s arm to a standing ovation)

Guillermo O’Bannon: What a great show of respect by both ladies. Fans, thank you for allowing Hardkore World to participate in this who’s who of wrestling companies. If you would like to be part of any of Hardkore’s American, Mexican, Canadian, Puerto Rican, European, or Japanese regions please email IRA…@AOL.COM.

Sweet Dick: Don’t believe what the rest tells ya, Hardkore World 9 years and going strong….

{Cut back to Jack and JP at the A&A booth. Jack is looking really, really, really bored.]

JP: Wow! What a tremendous Hardcore match that was! I was on the edge of my seat! What about you Jack Spector?

JS: You were on the edge of your seat because you thought your rug was falling off. You know I was starting to like Hardcore. But that wasn’t hardcore. That was a good old fashioned fight. I cry foul JP Winslow! I wanted to see chair shot after chair shot! I wanted to see someone dragged out of here on a stretcher!

JP: God knows you were never one to shy away from using chair when you were a wrestler.

JS: As my mentor said, win if you can, lose if you must but always cheat!

JP: Nonetheless, we now go to ringside and the Ringstars associations last every match. What can we expect here Jack?

JS: Well first it is pronounced RINGST*RS, not Ringstars you dumb sack of Montana trailer trash. And secondly you are going to see what many feel is the finest form of wrestling on Earth today, Puroreso. Though I am sure I am pronouncing that wrong as well.

JP: Well let’s head to ringside.

(Cut to a young Japanese women wearing a black blazer and white shirt with ruffled collar. She smiles and looks to the camera.)

Woman: “Hello, my name is Yuka Nagata representing RINGST*RS here at the Angels and Amazons mega-event! Joining me are my broadcast partners. First Puroresuring Nikki Magazine reporter Yuki Obarra.”

(The camera pulls back to reveal Obarra. She is a cute little button of a girl wearing a shimmering gold and silver top. She smiles and waves to the camera.)

Yuki: “Hello! I am so excited to be here! Especially since I am sitting next to one of my all-time favorites….DIAMOND KENYUKI!”

(The camera pulls back to show former R*S and current JIWWA competitor Diamond Kenyuki. She smiles at the ball of nervous energy that is Yuki beside her and nods politely towards Yuka. She is sans her usual black face-paint, and wears a white t-shirt with the RINGST*RS logo in purple on the front.)

Kenyuki: “Thank you Yuki and Yuka…”

(Yuki giggles a bit.)

Yuki: “Look at us…Yuka, Yuki and Yori…”

(All three laugh a bit, and Yuki stifles herself by covering her face with her hands.)

Yuka: “We are very thankful to have you as our guest commentator Yori, since you can give us insight into both women, having fought them, and having trained with Suzuki.”

Kenyuki: “Hai. Though I am sad to see RINGST*RS end, this should be a fitting and glorious battle to mark the occasion.”

Yuka: “Let us take you now to this press conference held earlier in the week.”

(Cut the video footage of a small room in which a large group of reporters and photographers sit on folding metal chairs facing a platform on which a podium, two tables, and an array of microphones sit. Behind the podium a large purple and white banner is draped with the RINGST*RS logo splashed across it. The reporters fill the room with a buzz of hushed conversation and then fall silent as R*S director Kuniko Yamada enters the room and walks up to the podium.)

Yamada: “Hello and thank you all for agreeing to come to this press conference. As you all know, RINGST*RS is closing.”

(Yamada bows her head for a moment and then continues as cameras flash)

Yamada: “However, there will be one last match for R*S, and it will take place at the Angels and Amazons Supercard.”

(The reporters buzz excitedly at the news.)

Yamada: “Allow me to introduce the participants in this match. First making her return to Japan…Hitomi Yasuda.”

(Yamada motions toward the door and the cameras flash as Yasuda walks into the room. She is dressed rather casual, in a golden button down shirt and black slacks. Her dark brown hair is pulled back into a pony tail. She smiles and walks to the podium. She shakes hands and bows to Yamada and then sits down at the table to the left of the podium.)

Yamada: “Her opponent, defending her Japanese National title…Misae Suzuki.”

(Suzuki enters all smiles, her long black hair with red high-lights flowing behind her as she walks to the podium. She wears black dress slacks, black high-heels and a red velour blouse. She carries the JNW Title in her hands. She sets the title down on the right hand table and shakes hands and bows to Yamada. She then sits down.)

Yamada: “It is fitting that these two women fought in the first R*S match, and now the circle will be complete as they fight in the last R*S match. You may ask your questions now.”

Reporter: “Ms. Suzuki and Ms. Yasuda, what does the future hold for you following this match?”

Suzuki: “Well, I feel that I should concentrate on this match first. I do not want to lose this title as it means a great deal to me. I am still not decided on what my future holds after that.”

Yasuda:”I would have to agree with Suzuki-san.This match is the main thing on my mind now and I am not going to look passed an opponent like her. It has been quite some time since we fought and I know we have both changed quite a bit. Training for this fight is like training for a whole new opponent and I am giving it my full attention.”

Reporter: “Ms. Suzuki, you have not wrestled for quite some time that has to be a disadvantage to you yes?”

Suzuki: “Yes, it is true I have not been in the ring for many months…It seems like forever to tell the truth. However, I have been training and I will give my best effort in this match. It represents so much to me.”

Reporter: “Ms. Yasuda, how does it feel to be back home?”

Yasuda:”It feels great! (Smiles) I have a lot to catch up on. I have been working on agreements with several promotions here, both women’s *and* men’s. I also have to catch up with Suzuki-san here… I’ve seen her photo book and I’m jealous! All the men will be after her now!”

(Yasuda breaks into laughter, followed by the whole room of reporters. Suzuki blushes and buries her head in her hands only peeking out when the laughter dies down.)

Reporter: “Ms. Yasuda, the last time you fought Misae, the match was a draw. Do you think you can defeat her this time?”

Yasuda:”I’m not concerned with possible outcomes right now. If I win, I win, and if I lose, I lose. Hats important is giving the best match I can. But I AM gonna win!”

(Yasuda looks sideways toward Suzuki and grins. Suzuki responds by sticking her tongue out playfully. Both laugh again.)

Reporter: “Ms. Suzuki what about your reported relationship with Neon Bushido member Blue Panic.”

(Misae blushes a bit.)

Suzuki: “I have no comment about that at this time.”

Reporter: “Then Ms. Yasuda, what about your reported relationship with G-Pro star TORA Wanizame?”

Yasuda:”I will not make a statement regarding my personal life…Except to say that it’s true (Smiles).

(The room murmurs at the last response and Yasuda also blushes slightly)

Reporter: “How does it feel for each of you to be picked for this last match?”

Suzuki: “It is the greatest honor Yamada-sama could give to me. R*S was my home, and now I have a chance to represent it as champion in the last match. I am struck with sadness and joy in this moment. Knowing it is an ending, but knowing it can be a glorious one.”

(Misae wipes a stray tear from her eye.)

Yasuda:”I can’t put it any better than Suzuki-san has. Although I have not been with RINGST*RS for some time, it is no less an honor to be involved here.”

(Yamada steps forward and speaks into the podium microphone.)

Yamada: “I want to once again thank you all for coming here today. I know that these two women will allow RINGST*RS to go out in a blaze of glory!”

(The gathered media applauds and cameras flash as Yamada brings Suzuki and Yasuda together by the podium. Suzuki raises her fists for a moment, and then smiles and laughs. Yasuda too strikes an exaggerated fighting stance and then sticks her tongue out. Suzuki then gets the JNW Belt and she takes one end as Yasuda takes another. They hold the belt outstretched while Yamada stands between them and they pose as multiple cameras flash and the scene fades to black. Fade in on the ring as ring announcer Chizu Yamada stands dressed in a purple tuxedo with white shirt and purple bow tie. Standing in the corner is R*S director Kuniko Yamada, the acting referee for the match, and she is dressed accordingly in white t-shirt R*S t-shirt, white shorts with purple piping, purple and white Asics and black kneepads. “Apple” by Cibo Matto plays and the camera cuts to a shot of the entrance curtain as a young Hitomi Yasuda walks to the ring wearing a shiny two piece red and black outfit, the top is tank top style with a V collar, the bottoms bicycle short short cut. Yasuda also has on red boots, kneepads and shin guards. She steps into the ring and stands in the, appropriately enough, red corner. She lets out a long breath and does some last minute stretches.)

Yuka: “Yasuda looking focused and ready for the tough task ahead.”

Kenyuki: “Hai. She is very tough and talented. She has a great chance against Suzuki.”

Yuki: “Tomi was a member of the National Judo team in high school, and nearly made the Olympic team before she became interested in Puroreso.”

(“Born To Be Wild” by Neon Bushido plays and Misae Suzuki runs down the aisle, slapping hands with the fans. Her long black hair with red high-lights streams behind her as she bolts to the ring. She wears a one piece purple and white bodysuit that leaves her arm and left leg uncovered. She also wears white boots, black kneepads, and white tape on her wrists. She also wears the Japanese National Women’s Title around her waist. She enters the ring and steps into the blue corner. She hands the belt to Kuniko Yamada and bounces from foot to foot, full of nervous energy.)

Yuka: “This is Misae’s first match in several months. She has to have butterflies.”

Kenyuki: “Hai, but once the bell sounds, that will be over.”

Yuki: “I am so excited!”

Hitomi Yasuda vs. Misae Suzuki

Chizu Yamada: “The following match is set for one fall with a one hour time-limit and it is for the Japanese National Women’s Title. It is also the…LAST BATTLE OF RINGST*RS!!”

(Fans applaud)

  1. Yamada: “Red corner…The challenger…At 132 pounds and hailing from Kanegawa…


(The fans cheer and red streamers fly into the ring as Yasuda steps forward and raises her arms in the air. Juniors scurry in and clear the ribbons from the ring.)

  1. Yamada: “Blue corner…The champion…At 105 pounds and hailing from Tokyo…



(Purple and white streamers fly into the ring as Suzuki steps forward and raises her arms into the air. The juniors quickly clear the ring.)

  1. Yamada: “Referee….KUNIKO YAMAAADAAA!!”

(Kuniko gives a smile to Chizu as she steps out of the ring and the fans give a round of applause to the R*S director. Kuniko calls for both women to come to mid ring. She calls for a handshake and Yasuda and Suzuki shake hands and then back away to their corners as the fans applaud. Kuniko calls for the bell.)


Yuka: “We are underway quickly as Suzuki charges out of the corner!”

Suzuki: “AIIIIIEEEEE!!!”

(Suzuki attempts a running Lariat, but Yasuda quickly side-steps lands a stiff kick to the back of Suzuki’s leg. Yasuda fires in with three more quick snapping kick to the back of the leg, and the fans “ohhhh” as Suzuki stumbles back to the ropes. Yamada is quick to keep Yasuda back as Suzuki rubs her leg and scrunches up her face in pain.)

Yuka: “Suzuki trying to use her speed to good advantage early, but Yasuda was ready for it.”

Kenyuki: “Hai. Suzuki must still use her quickness however against Yasuda’s size and strength.”

Yuki: “Tomi going after the legs of Suzuki, trying to limit that quickness.”

(Yasuda stands in mid ring, her guard up, waiting for Suzuki to make a move. Suzuki slowly circles her opponent, and then lunges in and they lock-up. Yasuda quickly sends Suzuki over with a modified Ipponzei Judo Throw, and then attempts to lock up the arm for a Juji Gatmae, but Suzuki quickly squirms away and rolls to her feet as the fans “ohhhh”.)

Kenyuki: “Ahhh, Yasuda already attempting the Juji Gatame. Suzuki felt it coming and wisely escaped.”

Yuki: “If she had gotten it locked it, poor Misae may have lost the title that quickly.”

Yuka: “Hai. Both women up now and circling each other. They lock-up, but Suzuki is quick to spin around into a waistlock.”

Crowd: “OHHHH!”

Yuka: “Yasuda counters by rolling down into a Knee Scissors!”

(The fans cheer as Suzuki’s eyes grow wide with surprise and pain. She quickly pulls herself towards the ropes and the fans applaud as she grasps the bottom strand.)

Yamada: “Okay! Break!!”

(Yasuda complies and quickly rolls to her feet. Suzuki stands and shakes her head.)

Yuki: “Misae seems frustrated.”

Kenyuki: “Nothing has worked for her so far, she has to come up with a different strategy.”

Yuka: “Yasuda is showing great confidence. It is almost as if she is the champion and Suzuki the challenger.”

(Yasuda waits for Suzuki in the center of the ring once again and Suzuki slowly walks towards her, and then suddenly explodes into a Dropkick that sends Yasuda staggering back to the ropes. Suzuki rolls to her feet, and Yasuda rushes her, but Suzuki leap frogs over her. Yasuda comes back off the ropes and Suzuki catches her with an Armdrag takedown. Both women quickly scramble to their feet, and Yasuda charges again, and this time Suzuki catches her in a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker!)

Yuki: “OHHHH!”

Yuka: “Awesome attack by Suzuki, and Yasuda is down.”

(Suzuki yells out to the fans, and then runs, hops over Yasuda, lands on the second rope and springs back for a Quebrada, but Yasuda rolls clear.)

Crowd: “Ohhhh!”

Yuka: “Suzuki attempting her Suzuki-Sault, but Yasuda was ready. La Majistral…Into a Juji Gatame!!”

(The fans applaud as Yasuda attempts to lock in the Juji Gatame, but Suzuki manages to keep her hands locked, and begins to scoot to the ropes. She reaches them and the fans applaud.)

Yamada: “Break…Break!”

(Yasuda releases the hold and rolls to her feet. Suzuki pulls herself up using the ropes, and Yasuda rushes in, catching Suzuki with quick knee strikes to the midsection.)

Yuka: “Yasuda being very aggressive now with those strikes as Suzuki is up against the ropes. Now European uppercuts by Yasuda.”

Yuki: “Oh! Look at Misae’s head snap back. Owww.”

Kenyuki: “Yasuda showing the aggressive nature she needs. The killer instinct.”

(Yasuda whips the stunned Suzuki to the ropes attempts a roundhouse kick, but Suzuki ducks under it. Suzuki comes flying back off the ropes, and Yasuda pushes her up for a back body drop, but Suzuki turns it mid-air into a Hurricanrana and then as the fans “ohhhh”, spins into a Juji Gatame.)

Yuki: “Ohhh! Wonderful move by Misae!”

Kenyuki: “Hai, but Yasuda is blocking the hold now, and preventing Suzuki from extending the arm.”

Suzuki: “Ahhhhh….AHHH!”

(Suzuki pulls back with all her might, but Yasuda has her hands locked tight. She begins to swing her legs around, and finds the middle rope. Yamada breaks them up as the fans applaud.)

Yuka: “Suzuki stomping the mat with frustration, and now she pulls Yasuda up and rams her head into the top turnbuckle!”

Kenyuki: “Now it is Suzuki who shows her aggressive side. Just as Edo taught her too.”

Yuki: “Both Yori and Misae trained with the legendary Sake Edo at the Monster Island Dojo.”

(Suzuki fires in with a flurry of palm strikes and then sends Yasuda across the ring and crashing into the opposite corner. Suzuki raises her arms and yells out to the fans. They applaud and cheer she charges across the ring and launches into a Handspring, but Yasuda comes forward and catches Suzuki as she leaps up for her signature Elbow and the fans “ohhhh” as Yasuda drives Suzuki down with a German Suplex.)

Yuka: “Yasuda rolls to her feet…Another German Suplex! She has Suzuki up again…”

Yuki: “Oh, I can’t watch.”

Yuka: “Locomotion German Suplexes by Yasuda as he hits a third, and she has her up again…”

(The fans “ohhhh” as Yasuda releases the waistlock and hooks Suzuki’s arms. Yamada waves her hand in front of Suzuki’s face checking her. Suzuki’s eyes are glassy as Yasuda falls back.)


Yuki: “Oh no!”

(Suzuki lands on her neck, and remains in that position for a few seconds, and then falls over onto her side. Yamada drops down to check her as Yasuda pulls up her shin guards and whips some sweat from her eyes. She then crawls over and covers the prone Suzuki.)

1 . . . . 2 . . . .

Suzuki: “AIEEEEE!!”

(Suzuki bridges out of the pin attempt and the fans applaud and cheer. Yasuda quickly spins up and into an attempted Juji Gatame and the fans “ohhhhh”.)

Yamada: “Give up?”

Suzuki: “No!”

Yasuda:”GIVE UPPP!!!”


(Suzuki frantically drags herself towards the ropes as Yasuda levers back further.)

Yamada: “Suzuki!! Give up?!”

Suzuki: “Ahhh…NOOOOOO!!!”

(Suzuki finally manages to hook the bottom rope with her foot, and the fans applaud and cheer. Yamada forces the break, and Yasuda rolls away, and smacks the mat in frustration. Suzuki cradles her arm and staggers to her feet.)

Yuka: “Yasuda firing at Suzuki with kicks to the leg, and now knee strikes and Suzuki falls back to the corner.”

Yuki: “Tomi is letting loose with slaps, elbows and kicks, and poor Misae can’t seem to fight back.”

(Yamada backs Yasuda out of the corner, but Yasuda pushes her aside, and charges back in…Right into a quick Uraken Spinning Backfist from Suzuki. The fans “ohhhh” as Yasuda staggers back, shaking her head. Suzuki charges out of the corner and nails a lariat, but then collapses to the mat, holding her arm.)

Kenyuki: “Yasuda dealt damage to Suzuki’s arm, and now she is without a weapon.”

Yuka: “Suzuki will have to rely on her high-flying skills it would seem.”

(Yasuda rises to her feet, shaking off the effects of the Uraken, and catches a slowly rising Suzuki with a kicks to the shoulder. Suzuki staggers back, holding her arm, and Yasuda directs another kick to the arm, and another. She steps back and yells out before attempting yet another stiff kick, but this time Suzuki catches her leg.)


(The fans “ohhhh” and applaud as Yasuda spins to the mat and clutches her knee, and cries out in pain. Suzuki gets to her feet, and quickly goes out to the apron and up to the top rope. The fans buzz with anticipation as Suzuki waits for Yasuda to rise. Yasuda gets to her feet slowly, favoring her left leg.)

Yuka: “Suzuki…OH! Missile Kick to the knee!”

Yuki: “Tomi has to be hurt after that.”

Kenyuki: “Suzuki has found a weakness, and now she is exploiting it. Like as shark who smells blood.”

(Yasuda rolls on the mat, grasping her knee as Suzuki rises, and runs toward the ropes and springboards off the second before landing her Suzuki Sault right across the knee of Yasuda. Suzuki covers.)

1! . . . . . 2! . . . . . Yuka: Kickout by Yasuda!

(Fans applaud as Suzuki quickly scrambles up and pulls Yasuda to her feet. She attempts a waistlock, but Yasuda drives an elbow down on Suzuki’s arm breaking up the attempt. Yasuda spins around, locking Suzuki up for a German Suplex, but Suzuki hits a back kick to the knee that forces her to release the hold. Suzuki then runs off the ropes.)

Yuka: “Dropkick to the knee!!”

(Yasuda crumples to the mat, and then quickly rolls out to the floor. Suzuki gets to her feet, and calls out to the crowd who cheer her on. Yasuda attempts to stand, but collapses to the floor. A junior helps her to her feet.)

Yuki: “Misae leaps up…Springboard Plancha!”

(The fans “ohhhh” as Suzuki takes out both Yasuda and the junior. The fans applaud as Suzuki gets to her feet and raises her hands in the air. She pulls Yasuda up and rolls her into the ring. Suzuki rolls back in, and lifts Yasuda up and pushes her back to the corner. She begins to fire in with kicks and palm strikes as the fans “ohhh” and “ahhh”.)

Yuka: “Suzuki able to hit her high-risk move, and now pummeling Yasuda in the corner.”

(Suzuki suddenly stops her assault, and covers her face with her hands. She staggers away from the corner. Yamada has a concerned look on her face as she approaches Suzuki. Suzuki merely stands there, here body almost convulsing. Yasuda shakes off the effects to Suzuki’s assault, and stares out at her and Yamada.)

Yuka: “Suzuki just stopped her attack…”

Kenyuki: “I do not understand this at all.”

(Yasuda moves across the ring at Suzuki, but Yamada cuts her off. Yasuda then pushes Yamada aside, and hits Suzuki with a knee to the midsection. Suzuki falls to the mat like a shot, and then rolls out to the floor. The camera gets a close up to reveal that Suzuki is crying, tears streaming down her face.)

Yuka: “Suzuki…Is seemingly overcome with emotion.”

Yuki: *SNIFF* “This is so sad…”

Kenyuki: “Hai.”

(Yamada rolls outside and begins to talk to Suzuki, but Suzuki just shakes her head and sobs. Yasuda suddenly rolls outside, and pulls Suzuki up and fires her into the ring. Yamada tries to restrain her, but Yasuda climbs back in and shouts down at Suzuki.)

Yasuda: “SUZUKI! Why are you crying??!! You are the champion!!! This is a championship match! Fight me Suzuki!!!”

(Yasuda lays in a stiff kick to Suzuki’s back that draws a shocked “ohhhh” from the fans. Yasuda once again kicks Suzuki in the back, and now pulls her up and pushes her back into the corner.)

Yasuda: “FIGHT!!”

(Yasuda slaps Suzuki across the face. She does it again, and again. The fans are muted, not understanding what they are seeing. Yasuda connects with another hard slap to the face and suddenly Suzuki lets out an anguished scream and then grabs Yasuda and sends her into the corner.)

Yuka: “Suzuki now unleashing with a barrage of slaps and kicks on Yasuda! She is back in this match.”

Kenyuki: “It took a beating from Yasuda, but Suzuki’s mind is right again.”

(Suzuki sends Yasuda across the ring into the opposite corner and shouts out to the fans.)

Yuka: “Handspring Elbow by Suzuki!”

Yuki: “Yea!!”

Yuka: “Suzuki sends Yasuda across the ring to the other corner and hits a second Handspring Elbow!!”

(Yasuda staggers out of the corner, and falls to the mat as Suzuki pumps her fists, and then steps out to the apron. She climbs to the top and spins her hands in the air.)

Yuki: “OHHH! She is signaling for the Sky Twister Press!”

(Suzuki leaps off and the fans explode with cheers as she connects with her Sky Twister Press. Yamada drops down and the whole arena counts with her.)

1!!! . . . . . . 2!!!! . . . . . . 3

Yuka: NO!!!

(The fans let out a loud “OHHHHH!” and then stomp and cheer as Yamada holds up two fingers. Suzuki falls back into a sitting position and pushes her hair out of her face. Her tear filled eyes stare at Yamada with disbelief.)

Suzuki: “THREE!!”

(Yamada shakes her head and holds up two fingers. Suzuki scrambles to her feet, and pulls Yasuda up. She hooks in a Hammerlock on Yasuda’s right left arm and begins to hook a Half Nelson on the right.)


(Suzuki attempts to lock on the hold, but Yasuda suddenly spins free, and drives a shocked Suzuki to the mat with a Wakigatame.)


(Suzuki shrieks out in pain and reaches out desperately as Yasuda levers back on the hold. Yamada drops down.)

Yamada: “Give up?! Give up?!”

Suzuki: “AHHHHHHHH!!! NO!!!”

(Suzuki drags herself ever closer to the ropes, her fingers stretching out.)

Yamada: “Give up?”

Suzuki: “Ahhhh…Uhhhhh…”

(The fans break into excited applause as Suzuki reaches the ropes. Yasuda releases the hold, and rolls away from Suzuki, covering her face with her hands.)

Yuka: “Suzuki showing great spirit by fighting the pain and making it to the ropes.”

Yuki: “She is so brave.”

Kenyuki: “Her body was forged on Edo’s anvil of pain. She can resist much. I should know.”

(Suzuki lays against the ropes clutching her shoulder. Yasuda rolls to her knees, and she is clearly beginning to cry. Suzuki looks back at her and she calls out.)

Suzuki: “Hitomi…Fight! Fight!”

(Yamada drops down to check on Yasuda, and she waves her away. She pounds the mat as she her tears fall freely down her face. Suzuki struggles to get to her feet. She staggers over to Yasuda and once again the crowd grow eerily quiet.)

Yuka: “It is now Yasuda who feels her own emotions overflow in this match.”

Yuki: “It just shows you how much RINGST*RS means to these girls…To all of us.”

Kenyuki: “Hai. It is too much for them to bear.”

(Suzuki pulls Yasuda up to her feet. She stares out her, tears starting to flow again.)

Suzuki: “Now you cry Yasuda.You don’t want to win??!! Get up and fight!!”

(Suzuki slaps Hitomi across the face. Yasuda staggers, but does not defend herself. Suzuki slaps her again.)


(Suzuki then spins around attempting an Uraken, but Yasuda ducks under it, catches Suzuki and takes her over.)

Yuka: “EXPLODER!!”

(Both women lay on the mat as Yamada drops down to check on them. She calls for them to rise, and now it is her turn to shout.)

Yamada: “Fight!”

(Suzuki staggers up, wiping tears from her eyes. She gathers her strength as Yasuda rises. Suzuki attempts yet another Uraken, but Yasuda ducks it once again, and attempts an Exploder, but Suzuki fights her off with elbows to the side of the head. Suzuki spins around for another Uraken, but Yasuda catches her.)


Yuki: “OHHHHH!”

(The fans echo Yuki’s comments with a loud “OHHHHHHH” in sympathy as Suzuki lands directly on her head. Yasuda gathers every ounce of strength she has left and locks a limp Suzuki into Juji Gatame.)

Kenyuki: “It is over.”

(Yamada almost immediately sounds for the bell.)


(Yasuda releases the hold and both women stay down on the mat. Red, purple and white streamers fly into the ring as Chizu Yamada hands the JNW belt to Kuniko.)



(More streamers fly into the ring as Yamada kneels next to the two women. Neither have moved. Yamada, tears now flowing down her face, attempts to give the belt to Yasuda, but she shoves it away. Juniors enter the ring, and apply ice spray to Suzuki’s neck and elbow and to Yasuda’s knee.)

Yuka: “A tremendous and highly emotionally battle, and a new champion is crowned. A truly glorious end to the saga of RINGST*RS.”

Yuki: “It was so sad, but they kept fighting and…I am so happy for Tomi.”

Kenyuki: “Both of them showed true warrior’s hearts.”

(Yamada again tries to give Yasuda the belt, but she shoves it away. Suzuki then pushes past the juniors and takes the belt. She presents it to Yasuda, bowing down to the mat as she does so. Yasuda stares at the belt, and Suzuki, and finally takes it. She then pulls Suzuki up to a kneeling position and they both embrace as the fans cheer and more streamers are thrown into the ring.)

Yuka: “Yasuda and Suzuki where there in the beginning and now the end. The circle is complete.”

Yuki: “Hai.”

Kenyuki: “Hai.”

Yuka: “For all us at RINGST*RS, we wish to thank all the fans, wrestlers, staff…Everyone who made R*S what it was. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Thanks again the promoters of the Angels and Amazons event for allowing us to write this last chapter in R*S history.”

[Cut back to Jack and JP at the A&A control desks. Jack looks wide awake and super pumped.]

JS: Wow! That was incredible! I gotta get my ass over to Japan!

JP: So I guess you like that match up Jack.

JS: Match up? How cares, I knew Hitomi would win going into it. I mean those commentators. So…so…perky!

JP: Well Jack buckle up because it is time for the EFW’s second match here at Angels & Amazons, and after what we saw yesterday, this should be a treat.

JS: Sure, but I don’t think it can top what I just saw.

[Cut to ringside and…]

Paul E Furiously: Paul E here with some more ~Extreme~ EFW action as Our World Champion, The British Bad Girl Lisa Drake, takes on EFW Rookie… but not by any means a rookie to the Wrestling ring… The Extreme Bytch… Kieran Erotticka… Let’s go to Jerry Styles… he’s backstage with comments Lisa Drake… after some pre-recorded comments from Kieran Erotikka

Keiran Erotikka

[The scene opens in the nondescript bedroom that Kieran Erotikka shares with her fiancée, “The Handler” Liam Rogan, in Rogan’s humble country home. The room is pretty dark and gloomy … pitch black wallpaper, dark satin sheets and pillows on the bed, and even black curtains. An open suitcase sits atop Kieran’s bed as she nonchalantly throws clothing, from her dresser drawer, into the ‘case. She momentarily stops what she’s doing and looks up at the camera…]

Kieran Erotikka: I’m only moments away. I’m only a few short … measly … buggery … moments away from my very first shot at prestigious EFW gold and what may very well end up being the biggest smeggin’ night in my rather short career.

[Kieran puts a pair of jeans and a night gown into the suitcase and closes it. She zips it up and smiles at the camera.]

Very shortly… I get a shot at one of the most important women’s championship titles in all of professional wrestling, the EFW Woman’s World Title … in a potentially grueling match where I face a woman who is, quite possibly, the most talented woman in EFW. Under these circumstances, you’d automatically assume that I’m worried. Guess again, chappies! There are no worries at this end. No bloody worries at all.

[Kieran pulls the suitcase off the bed and places it on the floor. She takes a hair brush from her dresser and sits on the bed … brushing her hair as she speaks…]

You may consider me a newcomer to EFW but, with that said, I have taken this place by storm. I’ve only been _wrestling_ professionally for a few months now but I’ve been in this business for very well over three and a half years. In those three years, I’ve been temporarily blinded, piledriven, DDTed, knocked into guard rails, done frog splashes while my body was wrapped in barbed wire, and that’s only a list of what happened to me in 1998!! I’ve taken more punishment than any other man or woman presently in the EFW and I’m still standing … and I will still be standing tall and proud after this big match at “Angels and Amazons” but, if I have my way, it will be with that EFW Woman’s World Championship belt around my waist.

[Kieran grins sarcastically at the camera…]

Lisa Drake is stepping into the ring with a woman who will do _anything_ it takes to win a bloody title here in the EFW. ANYTHING!! I don’t care what vicious harm it brings me or my body. I could care less about what kind of punishment my body endures in this match. I’ve become immune to pain with the passing of time. The only thing I care about is winning this title … not for me but for a greater good … for the memory of my mother.

[Kieran looks away in the distance. The expression on her face becomes very somber.]

My mother never got why I wanted to get into professional wrestling. She didn’t understand most of the business, like the roles of managers, valets, or whatever … and she as sure as bloody hell didn’t like __watching__ wrestling. She always said it was too violent. She hated violence. My mother only got to see my early days in the business back when I managed my ex-fiancée, “Bruiser” Bob Todd, when we both were part of a regional London wrestling promotion called the BCW. She wasn’t happy with my decision to become a manager in this business but she grinned and bared it because she saw that I was happy. She only got to see my first month in the business because she died soon afterwards. On Christmas Day ’92, cancer took my mother… the only parent I ever knew in my life … away from me, away from my life, and away from any possibility of seeing me make anything of myself.

[Kieran wipes a small tear from her eyes.]

I don’t think any of you could possibly understand how frustrating that has made my life. Never being able to make something of your life … to make your mother … your goddamn best friend in the world … proud of you. Now, don’t get me wrong. She didn’t expect much from me. She was happy if I was happy. But still … it would’ve been nice if she could’ve lived long enough to see me succeed.

[Kieran stands up … grabbing onto the handle of her suitcase and pulling it off the ground.]

I may very well succeed in my match with Lisa Drake. I may come back home with my very first championship belt in this suitcase. If I do, you can be rest assured that I won’t be doing it for myself … or for the money … or for the fame … or even for the recognition of the fans of EFW. I will be doing all of this… I will be putting my body through the tortures of hell… I will be giving my __ONE HUNDRED AND TEN BLOODY PERCENT__ for the memory of my mother. She may not be alive to sit in the crowd for this big match but, hopefully, she’ll be watching all of this from the heavens above. I’m doing this for her … for my Mum. I failed miserably at my first shot of greatness in the ICW but I will be DAMNED if I’m going to repeat that failure here in the EFW.

Liam Rogan: [voice only… coming from downstairs] KIERAN!! Our ride for the airport is here! Let’s get a move on!

[Kieran walks towards the door, carrying the suitcase. She pauses for a moment and looks back at the camera.]

Kieran Erotikka: Lisa Drake … dear … you’re stepping into the ring with a woman who has a dream to fulfill, a very special memory to honor, and no care in the world for her wellbeing. Let’s see you overcome THOSE obstacles. I’ll see you in hell.

[Kieran does to leave the room again. She pauses once again and looks back at the camera, this time with a smile on her face.]

Oh yeah. Are you ready, Lisa dear?


[Fade to blood red…]

Lisa Drake

(Fade back to the dressing room, where EFW commentator Jerry Styles is standing outside a dressing room…apparently, this is the dressing room of “British Bad Girl” Lisa Drake, as a British flag adorns the dressing room door.)

Jerry: Good evening, fans…in a few minutes, you will witness the EFW Women’s World Champion, Lisa Drake, in action as she takes on a new arrival to the EFW, “The Extreme Bitch” Kieran Erotticka. Kieran made her first appearance at the EFW’s Extreme Heartbreak pay per view, and tonight, she has the chance to become the Women’s World Champion…, Unfortunately… tonight, Kieran has refused to comment on this match… saying she’s already said all that’s needed to be said. And she also slammed the door in my proverbial face so to speak… but… I’m outside Lisa Drake’s dressing room… and I’m sure she’ll speak on what Chance Kieran has…

(At that point, the door suddenly opens…Lisa Drake stands in the doorway, wearing her usual white jacket with the British flag on the back…it is unbuttoned, and you can see her wrestling attire, a singlet with a British flag design, and the EFW Women’s World title around her waist. She looks pretty angry, as she has obviously heard Jerry talking about Kieran.)

Lisa: A chance, you say, Jerry?

(Jerry abruptly turns, a little surprised.)

Lisa: Yeah, she has those proverbial bloody two chances…slim and none…and slim just left town! So, now we have somebody who calls herself an extreme bitch, showing up in my stomping grounds and thinking she is going to be the one who takes my title away. Jerry, she’s going to be just like everyone else who has set foot in the ring with the British Bad Girl…she’s going to go home as a bloody loser! I told everyone…and I mean EVERYONE…that I would be the World champion…that I’d conquer the bloody EFW…I haven’t been wrong yet, have I, Jerry?

(By now, Jerry has recovered from his surprise earlier, and addresses Lisa.)

Jerry: I’ll be the first to admit you have backed up your words, Lisa, but aren’t you worried about getting over-confident…the EFW has had new talent surface each day, and it certainly can’t get any easier for you as you defend that title.

(Lisa scowls at Jerry.)

Lisa: Do you think I WANT things to get easier as I defend the bloody title…that’s the last thing I want…Kieran has some talent, I’ll give her that…but if she thinks she’s the Extreme Bitch of the EFW…she better think again…because the British Bad Girl has proven to be deadlier and more dangerous than any woman wrestler the EFW has ever seen. I sure hope she isn’t easier than the wrestlers I’ve faced before, because I don’t want it getting any bloody easier. But rest assured, easy or not…I WILL be the EFW Woman’s World Champion when the Angels and Amazons show is over.

(Jerry turns to the camera.)

Jerry: All right, fans, there you have it…

(Lisa reaches out and yanks the microphone away from Jerry.)

Lisa: Jerry, don’t you conclude my interviews until I say so…I have one other thing to address…and that’s to Neko Daisuke…I know you had a title shot of your own last night… but I don’t care whether you won or not… because I’m not satisfied with a match that has no decision. And I’ll make you pay… in blood… for the damages to my ~rental~…. Neko… Know this… You and I are going to meet again…because I bloody well said so…and the next time, I won’t accept a time limit draw, a no contest, or any other damn decision like that…I want a bloody winner! Just keep your eye on what happens to Kieran…and then…get ready for another dose of the British Bad Girl.

(She tosses the mic back to Jerry.)

Lisa: NOW…this interview is over, Jerry!

(She slams the door as Jerry takes a step back. He then turns back to the camera.)

Jerry: Well…as I was about to say…Lisa Drake obviously believes things won’t be a problem tonight…and so much…she’s challenging Neko Daisuke again!

(He walks away as the camera fades out.)

Death Match: Lisa Drake vs. Keiran Erotikka

Paul E Furiously: Jerry’s on his way to the ring… and We’re ready to get this one going… but can this ~Anything Goes Deathmatch~ be as Extreme.. or more extreme, than last nights All Out Hollywood Street fight?

:: There’s a mild pyrotechnic explosion of red fireworks by the entrance curtain. “Never Ever” by All Saints begins to play over the PA system. The crowd comes to their feet as the music blares and ….”The Handler” Liam Rogan emerges from behind the entrance curtain. He looks around at the crowd with an evil looking grin on his face. He looks back as Kieran Erotikka comes running out from behind the curtain. She looks around at the crowd with a crazy look in her eyes. As Rogan leads the way, she slaps the hands of a few fans before finally sliding into the ring. ::

Jerry Styles: The Following Matchup is an “Anything Goes Death Match” and is set for ONE fall to a positive finish… and no time limit… Now introducing … in the ring at this time… The Challenger… from parts unknown … weighing tonight at one hundred and twenty-two pounds and standing five foot six inches… lead to the ring by “The Handler” Liam Rogan … She’s the self-proclaimed “GODDESS OF EXTREME”…. “THE MOTHER OF VIOLENCE” … and known round the world and EFW as the “EXTREME BYTCH” here she is… KIEEEEEERAN EROTIKKA!!!

(“I Want More” by Chumbawumba plays over the speakers as laser lights shine on the entranceway, and “British Bad Girl” Lisa Drake emerges from behind the curtain… she is wearing her white jacket with the British flag on the back, and underneath is her usual singlet with a British flag design on it. She has the EFW Women’s World title around her waist. She raises her arms in the air to a mixed reaction from the crowd…and then she takes her jacket and throws it off, then comes running down the aisle to the ring, unfastening her belt as she does. She slides into the ring, raises up her belt, and charges at Kieran Erotticka, slamming the belt into Kieran’s head and knocking her down… Jerry Styles and Liam Rogan slide out of the ring…)

PEF: Lisa on the attack early… Lisa drops the belt and the ref clears it out of the ring… Lisa backs Kieran into the corner… Chops her to the throat… again… and again… Whips her to the opposite Corner… Lisa pops out… BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX~! ~.. Now Lisa up… and stomping and kicking away on Kieran’s hard.., she shouting to her that she’s the “true extreme bitch.”

JS: Lisa’s resorting to a lot of brawling early in the match, as she drops down to her knees and plants a closed fist to the face of Kieran… Kieran rolls over towards the ropes clutching her jaw…. Lisa up runs to the ropes… back… baseball slide sends Kieran out to the floor… Liam Rogan is there by her, quickly at her side… Lisa Drake arguing with him as she gets out of the ring after Kieran and he shoves Lisa away!!! She shoves him back… and he shoves her to the floor… HARD… AND OH MY GOD!! .. HERE COME THE DRAKES!!

PEF: This is trouble for Liam and Kieran… they ~had~ an advantage here… and the Drakes, who are Former EFW Tag Team Champions current EFW Extreme Six mat Tag Champs with their sister quickly go to the aid of Lisa as Liam backs away in a hurry.. , Kieran behind him… Edward Drake pointing at Liam… while Jacob tends to Lisa, who shakes him off… Now Lisa up… and she’s Challenging Liam Rogan?!? Liam’s going nuts… he can’t believe this… Lisa runs forward… Liam with a clothesline attempt… MISSED… Lisa dives… Cross body Press on Kieran… CAUGHT! Jacob and Edward Charge Liam… Double Clothesline takes LIAM down!!

JS: Kieran drops Lisa into a backbreaker… RIGHT on the knee… WOW, that has to hurt, she’s not letting go… she’s applying pressure… and Kieran’s trying to make Lisa submit… Jacob and Edward watch on as the ref clears them and Liam away… Kieran lifts Lisa again… and RAMS her back into the steel ringpost! Again!! And again! Kieran’s at home on the outside of the ring… and she’s proving why now… Kieran drops Lisa throat first over the guardrail… and Lisa falls backwards grabbing her throat now… Kieran going for a chair… she just threw the Angels and Amazons timekeeper out of his chair and folded it up… and BRINGS it DOWN hard over the back of Lisa Drake!!

~!!!!!!!!!THWACK!!!!!!!!!!~ …..

PEF: Kieran discards the chair… and grabs Lisa by the hair… tosses her over the guardrail … INTO the crowd… yes folks… Kieran and Lisa promised to make this more Extreme than Cheetah and Daisuke… and we’re about to see if they can do that in this Deathmatch, Kieran sets up a chair… hops onto it.. Onto the guardrail. Balanced herself… then lands on Lisa with a THEZ PRESS!!!! Triple Jump Suicide Thezs Press!! And Kieran’s throwing the closed fists now….. But Lisa Fighting back with fists of her own! all we can see is bodies rolling, and hair and fists flying.. And… By the guardrail… behind the Drakes… it’s NEKO!!

JS: OH MY GOD!!! She just whacked Jacob over the head with her sword! Lucky it was sheathed! Edward turns… into a full swing on Neko’s sword!!… Liam Rogan backs away from the scene quickly… as Neko turns towards him… Well that knocked Jacob and Edward out. Lisa headbutts Kieran and gets up… she looks over and sees her brothers laid out… and starts yelling at Neko, Neko, bandaged up… simply smiles and laughs.

PEF: What’s Neko doing now? She’s headed this way… she better put that Sword away…. and Lisa’s still yelling at Neko… and Kieran scoops slams Lisa onto the floor…

Neko: Hi Guys!!… I figured I’d ~show off~ my ~new~ belt, and provide some ~expert commentary….. Hey! Lisa needs to pay attention to Kieran, there.

JS: Neko… what in the world are you doing attacking the Drakes with a ~sword~!?

Neko: Hey It’s not MY fault her brothers…um…backed into my sword. It’s a good thing I keep it stashed in its sheath. Someone could get hurt, y’know”

PEF: Kieran drags Lisa up again… Lisa rakes the eyes… Forearm to the back… European Uppercut to the face … now a Headbutt has Kieran staggering!

Neko: “Oh! Whattamanouver! That had to be the biggest move in the history of our sport! Oh yeah.”

JS: Lisa with a Fireman’s Carry… into a Death Valley Driver!!!… Lisa with a cover…




PEF: That was close… Kieran sure pulled that one out of her hat…

Neko: “Good GOD almighty!” and “Good Lord! Momma had a heart attack!”

JS: Momma had a Heart attack?

Neko: “No…Not really. It was just a pointless angle where they found a cheesy fake doctor to say she was poisoned. Then the whole storyline was dropped with no conclusion or explanation. But hey, at least it wasn’t as bad as her feuding with a cast member of MadTV.”

PEF: Lisa up… and grabs a chair from a fan… she’s placing the end right in the throat of Kieran… choking her worth it!

Neko: “Stop the match, dammit! Stop the damn match! What the hell! I swear, back in Oklahoma they’d never allow this! Dammit! Good God!”

JS: Oklahoma? Neko… you’ve lost your mind…

Neko: Ok, Ok.., so sue me… I meant Kansas… Look at Lisa… she’s dropped the chair and going for the sharpshooter….”Hey Lisa! The leg goes the other way! *tsk* The OTHER way! Noo…gash!” (Frustrated)

PEF: Now she’s got it applied… but quickly releases it… Lisa backs up… BIG Legdrop onto the back of Kieran’s head…

Neko: “Geez, she’s like a British Hogan with breasts.”

PEF: I ~seriously~ doubt that… Lisa has the sharpshooter hooked on and the Drake boys are coming to their senses… Liam Rogan over… and lays a few kicks in on them…

JS: Lisa drags Kieran up by the hair this time…and drags her up the stairs… the fans are going wild… these West Coast fans are starved for EFW Action… and this gala showcase event is just what the EFW Women’s Division ~needed~.. And what the fans out here ~wanted~ as shown by the reaction the last two days… Lisa with an elbow to the face of Kieran… Side Russian Legsweep…and Lisa rolls over onto Kieran and starts with the fists again… she’s busted Kieran open… and the blood is starting to flow,

PEF: The Drakes are getting to their feet… Edward is saying something to Jacob…

Neko: “Who books this stuff?! If I see Don King wandering around here I’m gunna grab him by his funky hair and…oops. Gotta go!”

JS: Neko makes a quick exit through the crowd as Edward and Jacob try to grab her. She’s running up near Lisa and Kieran… and now … Neko stops… turns, and starts to do the Diamond Cutter hand signal?!? Wait… she stops, looks slightly confused, and darts out the door… I tell you… she’s the most psychotic woman I’ve met… Since Heidi Leick…

PEF: meanwhile… back at the battlefield… Lisa’s got Kieran set up for a powerbomb… Near the stairs… if she hits this… it’s over… She tries… No… Kieran won’t go… she tries again… Kieran moving her legs like she’s running a track meet… Kieran back down… and a back Body Drop by Kieran sends Lisa to the concrete floor on her butt! Kieran gasping for air… Lisa shaking off the effects of landing on her tailbone… gets up… into a DDT by Kieran!!… Can Kieran make the cover…? Yes… We may have a NEW Champ…


TWO! ~~!!!!!!!!!!!

THREE… NO! Shoulder up!

PEF: That was closer than close… Kieran just made a sloppy cover, otherwise she may have been the NEW EFW Women’s Champion… and Kieran knows it… Lisa’s busted open as well now… and Blood is covering Kieran and Lisa’s faces… these two Babes know how to get it on… Lisa from England… Kieran may be from Ireland I’m told… this could be ~more~ than just a wrestling match… it could get ~political~!!!

JS: Kieran drags Lisa up by the hair, hammers a few forearms to the back of Lisa Drake… sets her up… for a Neckbreaker!!… WOW! Lisa’s in pain… and Kieran’s getting her wind back… this spells trouble for Lisa Drake, who was in charge most of this match, especially if Kieran comes on strong now, and if Lisa has nothing left in reserve… Kieran grabs Lisa… and TOSSES HER DOWN THE STAIRS!! OH MY GOD! Lisa Drake was lucky… as her fall was broken by those Cotton Candy and Ice Cream Vendors!! There’s Cotton Candi and Ice Cream everywhere!!… Kieran stumbles forward, down the stairs, towards Lisa… Lisa up… Kieran grabs her, and Lisa smacks Kieran over the head with that piece of Wood that the Cotton Candy vendor was holding the Cotton Candy with!!…. Again… and again… sends Kieran to the floor!!… Lisa grabs that other vendors Metal Ice Cream container… and brings it down on Kieran’s side!!!…

PEF: Lisa stomping away on Kieran now… Lisa drags her to her feet, and brings her towards the guardrail… Kieran pushes Lisa off… and Into the Guardrail… Lisa turns… Kieran with a Flying Clothesline! And BOTH Women go over the railing!! Kieran and Lisa on the floor… Jacob and Edward Drake watching Liam Rogan… Liam just watching on… The ref checking both women, there’s blood all over them… and both women are on their backs…. Kieran sits up… she’s by the guard rail, using it to help herself stand back up… Lisa Drake rolls over and uses the ring stairs for support… Lisa moves forward… Kieran comes towards her… Lisa drops… Step Toe hold drops Kieran face first into the Ring stairs!!…

JS: OH…~ MY…~ GOD…~ Lisa Drake with the timekeepers chair… the one that was used earlier, what’s she going to do with it? Wait… she drops it on the floor… grabs Kieran… OH MY… INVERTED RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP… THAT’S CALLED NOVA~CAINE!!

PEF: Lisa could just pin her now… Kieran’s not moving at all…

JS: But Lisa’s dragging the steel chair out from underneath her… Liam Rogan runs forward… but Jacob and Edward Drake take him down… This one’s going to be fought by the women… win or lose… Lisa brings that chair down across her back… Once… Twice…, Now Lisa grabs Kieran up and rolls her in the ring…. Lisa throws the chair in… And then follows herself… Lisa grabs Kieran… Swinging Fisherman’s Buster takes Kieran down… her body is limp… Lisa sets her up in the center of the ring… She’s going to the top rope with the chair….. She’s signaling for her patented Frog splash…






JS: KIERAN EROTIKKA ROLLED OUT OF THE WAY! Lisa Drake landed hard on the mat, Steel Chair under her… she may have broken some ribs!! Kieran getting to her feet… They’re going to have to change the canvas on this ring after this match, there’s blood everywhere… Kieran staggers over towards Lisa… grabs her… Up for a suplex… into a Brain buster!!!…. Kieran and Lisa down… where in the world did Kieran get that strength from!?!?! Kieran rolls her body over… drapes an arm over Lisa… This could be it!!!….




PEF: NO!! Foot on the rope! Lisa has her foot on the rope! Kieran thinks she’s won! She’s on her knees with her hands in the air!! The ref is trying to tell her that Lisa had her foot on the rope… Lisa Drake now rolling over clutching her ribs, grabs the Steel Chair… Kieran in the ref’s face asking for the belt… The ref refusing… Kieran asking why… Lisa behind Kieran…. BIG SWING BY LISA!!!


JS: KIERAN DROPPED LIKE A ROCK!! Lisa Drake… going up to the top rope again… What’s she going to…..? OH MY GOD!! 450 Splash!!!






<Ding -Ding- Ding>

JS: You’re Winner… and STILL EFW Women’s World Champion… The BRITISH BAD GIRL… LISA DRAKE!

PEF: Well Fought match by Kieran… she’s got Heart… and she’ll be a champion someday… just not today… as Lisa Drake retains… that’s all for the EFW Crew… This is Paul E, for Jerry Styles, signing off… and turning control back to the Angels and Amazons team…

[Cut back to Jack and JP at the command center. Jack is looking bored again and JP is minty fresh.]

JP: Interesting match. Wouldn’t you agree Jack Spector?

JS: The chick with the sword was cool. Otherwise move on.

JP: Yes but what about the tremendous athleticism of Li…

JS: I said move on.

JP: Yes well. Alright ladies and gentlemen at this time we now go to the second match of the WISE promotion. This one to be fought under strict rules. I guess this will be an old fashioned wrestling match. Wouldn’t you agree Jack?

JS: Shut up JP.

JP: Well let’s head down to ringside.

JS: I want to go home.

[Camera pans down the ringside and the WISE announce crew.]

Ed: Welcome to the second day of Angels and Amazons. Tonight, we have a special WISE Universal Title match pitting current champion, “The Show” Sierra Brown against former Extreme TV Champion, Heidi Leick. Let’s not waste another minute… let’s go down to ringside and to WISE Ring Announce, Christine Donahue.

WISE Universal Championship: Sierra Browne vs. Heidi Leick

Christine: This match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WISE Universal Championship. This match is being wrestled under ‘scientific rules’. There can be no cheating, or severe blows to the head. No moves off the top or second turnbuckles, and no fighting on the outside of the ring. Introducing first…

Heidi Leick

[The wide screen cuts on and the camera cuts to Shelly Marks, WISE reporter, who is standing by backstage with “The Diamond Girl” Heidi Leick. Shelly has on a jacket with the WISE crest emblazoned on it over her clothes, and Heidi is in her wrestling gear, the cutoff at the midriff, sleeveless gold and black “Triple Threat” T- Shirt that she’s been wearing lately, her cutoff denim shorts, blue kneepads, and blue wrestling boots…Heidi’s wrists are taped up.]

Shelly Marks: Hello wrestling fans across the world. WISE reporter Shelly Marks here with the former WISE Extreme World Television Champion “The Diamond Girl” Heidi Leick… who tonight, at this super event called Angels and Amazons, will get a crack at Sierra Browne and her WISE Universal Title, in a match that favors the champion heavily.. One may think that Heidi here does not have a chance in winning… a scientific rules match… Heidi… I know your match is in just a few moments, and there’s a LOT of other things regarding you going on in WISE, but can I get some comments from you on Sierra, the title, and the match.

“The Diamond Girl” Heidi Leick: Excuse me… Miss ‘Whatsyourname’… Jerry Styles is the ~only~ person who I give interviews to. Speaking of him… where is he?

[Heidi looks over Shelly’s shoulder, then behind her and all around.]

Heidi: Where’s he at… Hiding somewhere? Hmm? Here Jerry, Jerry, Jerry…

Shelly Marks: Heidi… I’m sorry… Jerry’s ~not~ here, and he’s probably over in the EFW area… they do have their own set of matches, WISE sent ~me~ over to do your interview… is that OK with you?

Heidi Leick: Are you sure? *puts her hands on her hips* Heather ~KNOWS~ that I ~ONLY~ give interviews to Jerry… *looks at Shelly* but… *sigh* I guess you’ll ~have~ to do… go on… ask away.

Shelly Marks: Thanks for the vote of approval *sarcastically* But… *confused* Heidi… I already asked you the question.

Heidi Leick: Well, that wasn’t very nice of you… Jerry would have ~never~ done that… I can see it now… WISE stacking the deck against me… first they take away my interviewer, now they put me in some crazy match where I can’t ~hit~ anyone…

Shelly Marks: Ok… Heidi… I’ll repeat the question, one more time… can I get some comments from you on your title shot vs. Sierra, and the rules of this match.

Heidi Leick: How dull. You don’t want to know about me? About my career? About me being the FIRST ever WISE Extreme World Television Champion and the hard fought matches I had to wrestle to establish it? *sighs* Oh well… maybe you can learn how to do a ~proper~ interview from Jerry one day… but for now, feel privileged, because I’m in a good mood.. And… For today… I’ll give you what you want… On one “I ate the whole damn show ” Sierra Browne, the ~golden~ girl of WISE… *filled with disgust* She has things ~handed~ to her on a silver platter… first she gets too fat to wrestle as a cruiser weight, she ate herself right out of contention for that title you know.. *giggles* Then…*laughs* then she gets a shot at Black Lotus… a week before Bloody Mary who was looking to retire, and I ~really~ don’t think Black Lotus’s heart was in it at all.. And then… then, Heather, with what must have been the ~LONGEST~ ~TWO~ count, in history, robs Bloody Mary of the title… and ~that’s ~ who I should be doing battle with… Mary… a ~real~ Competitor… Not this ~fraud~… Sierra…

Shelly Marks: But Heidi… wait… didn’t you assist Andrea Chan…

Heidi Leick: Learn one thing, and learn it fast… ~NEVER~ interrupt me when I am speaking… now ~The Fraud~ gets stuck in a corner, and finds out she has to wrestle the sexiest and most dangerous woman in the world, ~ME~. *smiles with the smile of a Cheshire cat* so what does she do? She runs to Heather… saying *in a mousy voice* “I’s be’s da champ, I be da show! Dat means I’ba gets to deciba da rules”.. *giggles as Shelly makes a disapproving face* and Heather lets her… so, what does she choose? Scientific rules… Now. Everyone ~knows~ that I’m ~not~ a Scientist… and either is she… so that just shows you how ~dumb~ she can be… after all, no one’s ever accused her of being the smartest pig on the farm, have they?

Shelly Marks: But Heidi, scientific rules does not mean you have to be a scientist to…

Heidi Leick: Strike TWO… *stares at Shelly* only one more chance Shelly. Use it well… Sierra, you may be the WISE Universal Champion in name… but I don’t respect that, and I don’t respect you… You may call yourself the Whole F’n Show… But Sierra, if you really are the whole F’n show then we’re really, really selling people short here at WISE… I’m was the first Extreme World Television Champion, The Queen of Extreme, and I’m coming for that piece of tin you covet so much Sierra… I’m “The Diamond Girl” Heidi Leick… and Diamonds… just LEICK me… are FOREVER… Beat me if you can Sierra. Survive, if I let you… *Heidi out of camera range*

Shelly Marks: WOW… talk about a rough assignment, for me… and for Sierra… sheesh, how in the world does that guy Jerry deal with her? *shakes her head*

[Out in the arena, “Little Crazy” by Fight begins to play across the arena.]

Christine: She weighs in at 135 pounds… she is the former WISE Extreme Television Champion! Here is one third of a group known as the Triple Threat… here is “The Diamond Girl”… Heidi… Leick!

[Heidi steps past the curtain and heads down to the ring.. she has a few words with the fans as she steps by.. she slowly makes her way to the ring, and steps inside.]

Christine: And her opponent…

[The houselights go dim. The laser lights flash, spelling “The Show” on the mat of the ring. Then the beat starts. The synthesizers run their loop. The baseline begins to thump and the snare drums kick in. “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down (remix)” gets the crowd jumping. This is it. This is the match.]

Christine: She is being led to the ring by her manger, Dalbello Rage… and her videographer, Indigo Browne. She weighs in at 138 pounds… here is the WISE Universal Champion… here is “The Show”… Sierra Browne!

[The crowd begins to pop as the curtains part. Out comes Dalbello Rage and Indigo Browne with her camera, but instead of filming the entranceway, Indigo has her camera pointed skywards. A bright gold figure comes diving from the rafters, heading headfirst for the ring. At the last moment she is snatched up by the bungee cord bouncing back up into the rafters before coming back down to a stomp. Indigo and Dalbello quickly free the WISE champion from her harness and Sierra leaps in one fluid motion onto the turnbuckles, holding her WISE championship high for the crowd to see. Sierra, decked out in long liquid gold tights and matching knee-high boots with gold kickboxer’s pads, a small liquid gold halter top and a single black glove, basks in the crowd’s hot response before she hops down to the ring, staring at Heidi Leick. She is ready. She is set. Ladies and gentlemen, you have just seen the Show.]

Ed: This match has been on the burner for quite some time and now we shall see if Heidi Leick can truly keep up with Sierra Browne.

Sonya: Browne is a master of trickery and I have a feeling this match won’t last very long… I don’t see Heidi keeping her cool… or her cheating tactics to herself for very long.

Sam: I think Sierra will win this one, but I also think that Heidi will surprise a lot of people here tonight.


Ed: There’s the bell… referee has instructed both wrestlers and then checks Sierra for foreign objects… he turns and checks Heidi, but Sierra just spits on Heidi who clenches a fist and starts to go after Sierra, but the referee stopping her, warning her about the rules.

Sam: Heidi’s going to have to keep her head in this one, or she’s going to end up disqualified.

Ed: They are circling. Lock up… Sierra quickly with a headlock… and a takeover… Heidi with a handful of hair pulls Sierra into a leg scissors.

Sonya: Dalbello outside the ring, yelling at the ref about the hair pull… in turn, the referee is asking Heidi who denies such a thing.

Sam: Like she’d admit it? The Universal title is on the line! She’d be DQ and be the laughing stock of WISE!

Ed: Sierra maneuvers out of the leg scissors and applies the headlock again… bringing Heidi to her feet… Heidi pushes Sierra into the ropes and Sierra shoulderblocks Heidi and Heidi goes down. Sierra off the ropes… HIP TOSS by Heidi… NO! Reversal by Sierra, who hip tosses Heidi in return.

Sonya: Heidi is up… dropkick by Sierra… and another… and a third and Heidi slides out of the ring for a breather… and Sierra in the ring showboating for the fans who pop for “the Show”.

Ed: Sierra is primed and ready tonight. She has been waiting for this match… and she’s looking forward to meeting Bloody Mary at Crime Spree in May. Heidi rolling back into the ring… she complains to the ref about Sierra pulling her tights.

Sam: Sierra will deny it, of course.

Sonya: I sure didn’t see her do it.

Ed: Another lock up? No! Heidi with a forearm shot to the chin of Sierra… legal shot as long as it’s the forearm and not a fist. Heidi drills her with another. Heidi with a whip… Sierra off the ropes and Heidi nails her with a clothesline to the chest!

Sonya: As long as it’s not to the neck, it’s legal. Referee in there making sure she knows it too… Heidi’s been schooled a bit, I think.

Sam: Sierra back up, and Heidi goes for another clothesline, but Sierra ducks and rolls her up! One…

Sonya: Sierra grabs the tights!!

Sam: two… KICKOUT by Heidi! This time she complains to the ref about Sierra pulling the tights and the ref isn’t so sure to believe her!

Sonya: And Sierra looks as innocent as an angel. She leans against the ropes and waits for Heidi to get up to a vertical base. Heidi finally gets up.

Ed: What’s this?

Sam: Hey Dalbello! Hey Indigo…

Sonya: What are they doing here? And what are they doing with our table?

Sam: They’re moving it closer to the ring… they need a place to sit, Dalbello says…

Ed: So we have no table now… Dalbello and Indigo are sitting on it closer to the ring… in the ring, Heidi and Sierra lock up for a third time… leg trip takedown and Sierra clamps on the right leg of Heidi…

Sonya: Heidi reaching out for the rope… but Dalbello pulls it away! The referee warning her, and she releases it… Heidi grabs it… and the referee forces Sierra to break.

Sam: Heidi up, but immediately Sierra takes her down again with another leg trip… but Heidi quickly escapes and gets to her feet. Sierra grinning at Heidi and Heidi gives her the finger.

Sonya: How quaint. Flashbacks of Candi Bratton…

Ed: Heidi with a headlock… and Sierra pushes her off into the ropes and Heidi lays into her with a running forearm smash! Sierra is down! Heidi with a cover… One… KICKOUT by Sierra…

Sonya: Heidi NAILS Sierra with a back spin kick… which is legal due to the flat of the foot… another cover by Heidi… one… tw… another KICKOUT by Sierra.. and Sierra up, but Heidi catches her with a hurricanrana.

Sam: That was close! Heidi pulled Sierra all the way over onto her back… had she landed on her head, this one would be over! Cover! One… two… SHOULDER up by Sierra.

Ed: Heidi off the ropes… Sierra ducking… BACK BODY DROP! Heidi flips over the top rope… Dalbello and Indigo scramble as Heidi goes through the table!

[Crowd *pops*]

Sam: Was that intentional?

Sonya: The referee apparently doesn’t think so… but he’s questioning Sierra who is trying to catch her breath… she’s shaking her head… Referee begins to count Heidi… who is very slow to get to her feet.

Ed: Heidi slowly getting to her feet… she crawls up on the ring apron and rolls into the ring, where Sierra is waiting and she grabs the leg and pulls Heidi into the center of the ring and clamps on a single leg Boston crab!

Sonya: Apparently, Dalbello receiving a phone call and she’s handing the phone to Sierra! What’s going on here?

Sierra: Hello? Oh, hi mom, enjoying the match? Yeah, me, too. Okay, I gotta run. Call you right back.

Sonya: And she tosses the phone back to Dalbello! Sierra is far too cocky for her own good!

Sam: Referee is asking Heidi if she wants to submit… and Heidi shaking her head. Sierra releases and pulls up Heidi and delivers a devastating side suplex! Cover by “The Show”… one… two… th… KICKOUT by Heidi Leick!

Sonya: Heidi up… Sierra puts on a headlock, but Heidi with a nice belly to back suplex! She pulls Sierra up and clamps on a headlock of her own and moves away from the ref’s sight… and jams a thumb into the throat of Sierra!

Sam: Sierra drops, holding her throat, trying to get some air into her lungs… the referee is over asking Heidi if she jabbed the throat and Heidi making a show of saying she hit with an open hand…

Ed: Heidi picks up Sierra and hits her with a nice backbreaker… and an atomic drop! Cover by Heidi! One… two… th… KICKOUT by Sierra Browne.

Sonya: Heidi quickly up… she whips Sierra into the ropes… Sierra off the ropes with a kick to Heidi’s midsection… and the Sierra SLICE! She NAILS Heidi with the stunner!

[Crowd *pops*]

Sam: Sierra signaling for the end… hold on… here comes Frankie Starr… what’s he doing down here? He’s on the ring apron! Referee is over talking with Frankie… and Sierra with a single leg suplex… into a cross leg breaker… into a DRAGON SLEEPER!

Ed: Where’s the ref! Heidi’s in a lot of pain!

Sonya: The ref is over with Frankie… hold on! Triple Threat coming from the crowd! Andrea Chandler and Brittany Yorke! They are met by Dalbello Rage and Indigo Browne!

Sam: We have a brawl in this nice wonderful scientific matchup… on the outside at least… inside Heidi is looking to be ready to tap out… HEY! Who’s that?!?

Sonya: Someone from the crowd slides into the ring and comes off the ropes and NAILS Sierra with a clothesline! That’s MICKI DURAN!

Ed: STUNNER by Duran! And Micki slides out of the ring! Outside we have a HUGE brawl! Frankie Starr hops from the ring apron and the referee turns around and looks at both competitors out on the mat!

Sam: He’s gotta count…

Sonya: Referee begins his count… one… two… three… four…

Ed: Heidi’s sitting up…

Ref: six… seven…

Sam: Heidi to her feet… she staggers a bit… but pulls up Sierra… she scoops her up…

Sonya: NO! Roll up by Sierra! One… two… three!


Ed: Sierra retains! Sierra to her feet… she looks down to ringside, noticing the brawl, then scoops up Heidi… she’s going for the Michinoku DRIVER! She NAILS it on Heidi!

Sam: She’s gonna add insult to injury… Sierra off the ropes, but Duran TRIPS her and pulls her out of the ring and NAILS her with another stunner… Micki grabs a chair and NAILS Sierra across the forehead!

Sonya: Micki Duran back in action… she slides into the ring… officials coming down to help Sierra… and Dalbello and Indigo moving over to assist as well… Chandler and Yorke are helping Leick from the ring.

Micki Duran

[Micki rolls back into the ring under the bottom rope. She is wearing black Doc Martens, jeans, a black sports bra, and a black Dodgers cap. She waves to the fans as they chant, “Micki! MICKI! MICKI!”]

Micki: Hello, Los Angeles!

[The fans give a big pop.]

Micki: As you can see, the Brazilian Bitch is back, and all hell’s comin’ with me.

[Another pop.]

Micki: See, I was sitting at home, minding my own business, kind of enjoying being in retirement, when what do I see? Stupid, silly little bitches running around doing all sorts of nonsense and invoking the name of the Legend. Sierra Browne with the World title. (She clicks her teeth.) Now that’s something I just can’t abide. Now Sierra, before you go off on some kind of self-aggrandizing tantrum about how Micki Duran is always in Sierra’s spotlight and can’t get no heat of her own and la la la, let’s get something straight: If it wasn’t for the fact that you’re out here parading around with Andrea’s belt, I’d be looking past you like you were a stop sign. Actually, a YIELD sign, since your legs have been spread more times than Skippy.

[The fans pop.]

Micki: So all I’m gonna say to you is give me fifteen minutes to take back what doesn’t belong to you, and you can go back to sellin’ that rotten poonanae for two bucks a poke at Mommy Rage’s Trinidad Cathouse. You’re old, your half-assed bootie bouncing bullschtick is played out like Parker Brothers, and now that I think about it, aren’t you about due to start checking someone into the Smackdown hotel? Oops. I’m sorry. I’ll know my role and shut my mouth. If you’re gonna copy someone, at least pick someone good. At least you got over your little anorexia problem, you pathetic piece of <censored>. Bitch, you’re dismissed.

[She brushes a lock of hair from her eye and continues.]

Micki: What I’m really out here to address is one little punk ass pootbutt named Daisy Butterfly. Jobberfly, you ain’t <censored>, never been <censored>, and the only reason your ass isn’t CRIPPLED right now is that ten months ago, ‘Dre took pity on your sorry ass, said to me, “Micki, don’t hurt her. We can help her. Let’s put her over.” So I did. I HANDED your pitiful ass the Intercontinental title, and don’t you *ever* forget it. You come out and tell these people that the Syndicate is dead? The Syndicate is Micki Duran. It’s Andrea Chandler. It’s Melissa Maw, Amy Jo and Amber Johnston, Brandee Thompson and Jessica Lee Milburn. The Syndicate is Julene Renee, Lisa Vale, Crystal Lewis and Courtney Rene Howe. It’s Ellen and Wendy Yates, it’s Sachie Yokohama, Napualokelani, and Beth Bragalone. The Syndicate is the mother<censored>ing Kingpin. Bitch, you don’t *get* to say when the Syndicate is dead.

[She points at the camera.]

Micki: I do.

[Huge fan pop.]

Micki: And you only *thought* I was mean before. You have exactly seven days to return Andrea’s belt and shut your whining <censored> cakehole, or I’m gonna break your leg in places you didn’t know you had. And of all people, you know that when I say that, I mean it, and I can <censored> do it.

[She points out at the crowd, then right at the camera.]

Micki: Ring the bell. School’s back in.

(She throws the mic up in the air, and it lands with a thud as she fluidly drops into a crouch, begins a Capoeira step, and launches into an incredible display of kicks, slips, and punches. She caps it off with an amazing double-plant aerial kick, and slides out of the ring to chants of her fans.]

Ed: The fans here in Los Angeles are electric! Sierra Browne retains the Universal Title… and Micki Duran makes a stunning return to the world of women’s wrestling!

Sam: *snifflin* She’s really back! I’m /so/ happy!

Sonya: Disgusting display by Micki Duran! But she has come back with a vengeance!

Ed: We’d like to thank the promoters for allowing us to perform tonight, and WISE’s next PPV will be on May 15th in Baltimore MD and it’s called, “Crime Spree: Justifiable Homicide”. For everyone at WISE, enjoy the rest of the card!

[Cut back to the command center. Jack is sitting bolt up and looking alive and well. JP is his ever perky self.]

JS: Now I want every Hardcore or Extreme fed out there to take a look at that last match again and again until they figure it out! That match was beautiful! It had everything! Great wrestling in the ring! Heart stopping and brutal out of ring action! I do not need to see people put through tables in middle of the ring and not hear the ref call for a bell! This is not the last person standing…this is pro-wrestling! Just ask some of those champs how hard it is to just wrestle night after night! You do not need to kill yourself as well! And for the fans who think that hardcore is the only way to go, all I can say is this. Grow up. Quit jacking off to Big Titted Biker Babe magazine and move out of your parents basements!

JS: Once again I would like to express that the comments of mister Spector do not reflect the feelings of this announcer or anyone else at Angels & Amazons.

JP: Coward.

JS: I understand we are now going to go to the ring for what was supposed to be the finals in the LPWL World Title Tournament. Let’s go to our ring announcer, Brent Higgins.

[Cut to a shot of Brent Higgins. He is wearing a tux and is a middle aged man.]

BH: Ladies and gentlemen at this time it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you the President of the Ladies Professional Wrestling League, a former 5 time World’s Heavyweight Champion and a legend in this sport… Sandra Bullet!!!!!

[Sandra Bullet begins walking to the ring. She holds her hand up and gives the fans a wave. They cheer her on, but not too much. She is an older woman, in her early 40s and still in respectable shape. She has blonde hair, pulled back in a ponytail and she is wearing a red ladies suit, with a red plunging neck shirt underneath it. She is quite well endowed. She has the impressive and large LPWL World title over her shoulder. She climbs into the ring and takes the microphone.]

SB: Thank you for that warm welcome. As you know the LPWL was supposed to have a title match here today to crown our latest champion. But in the New Wave Wrestling slash Vegas Championship Wrestling rumble one of those contenders was put on the disabled list. I am talking of course about Silver Sphinx. So what I would like to do right now is call down the other woman from the title match, “Nature Girl” or whatever you call yourself these days Adrianna, please come down to the ring right now.

Adrianna MaCintyre

[“Money” by the Flying Lizards begins to play. The crowd pops. Stepping through the curtains is first “Mister Money” Jarred Milton, a handsome blonde haired man in his early 40s and dressed in one hell of a nice crew neck suit. He also has a gold topped walking stick as he heads to the ring. Beside him is “The Bitch” Christie Morgan. She too is dressed to the nines. As they step aside and hold their arms out to present “The Natural” Adrianna MaCintyre. She steps through the curtains to a tremendous heel pop. She is a 6 tall blonde, with platinum hair that is cut in a page boy. She looks to be in her late 20s or early 30s. She is wearing a robe that would make The Man proud. It is green, with about a zillion rhinestones embroidered onto it. Her chest is obviously enlarged, with a certain gravity defying quality to them. She smiles a broad grin as she walks casually to the ring with her arms held high. The fans can’t get enough of her…but they still hate her.]

SB: Well Adrianna I see you brought the whole entourage with you.

[MaCintyre walks over to Bullet and takes the microphone from her.]

AM: Why don’t you shut the hell up you has been and let the real champ talk. (Heel pop) Now I know all of you were hoping to see me, the greatest female wrestler…no wait…scratch that… The greatest WRESTLER of all time kick the crap out of Silver Sphinx right here in the middle of the ring. (Fan pop for Sphinx) Well that isn’t going to happen now because Sphinx is out with a bum wheel and can’t make the match tonight! So I guess that makes me the Champion by default. Oh well, any way you can get it right? (She smiles at her joke and hands the mic to Milton.)

JM: You know folks when you are Mister Money there is only one thing you can do and that is hire the best! The best that money can buy and I have the best right here in these two ladies, “The Bitch” Christie Morgan and The New Three Time Heavyweight Champion of the World….”The Natural” Adrianna MaCintyre!

[The fans are booing their heads off. Bullet takes the microphone back.]

SB: Jarred, you are right. I am here to award this title to Adrianna as per the LPWL rules about failure to attend.

[Huge heel pop. The fans are not happy about this. Milton grabs the belt from Bullet and fastens it around Adrianna’s waist. All that gold does look good there.]

SB: But I’m not finished. Adrianna you may be the champion, but on the next televised LPWL card, you are going to face the number one conte4nder for that title.

[Crowd pop!]

AM: (Leans into mic. a smug look on her face) But Sphinx won’t be ready to wrestle by then, I can assure you.

SB: You are right Adrianna. Silver Sphinx will not be back in fighting shape by then. So as the President of the LPWL I am naming a new number one contender for that title. The new number one contender is…

[She smiles a big grin as she says this.]

SB: “The Bitch” Christie Morgan!

[The crowd pops big. They love this. MaCintyre, Milton and Morgan all flip out. They are arguing with each other. Milton grabs the mic.]


[Bullet just smiles and takes the microphone back.]

SB: I can and I did. Deal with it Jarred.

[Bullet drops the microphone and rolls out of the ring. She heads back up the ramp to the cheers of the fans. Milton and crew give chase, but they just disappear behind stage as they follow. Cut back to the control center.]

JP: What a development Jack Spector! Can you believe this craziness?

JS: When your wife is involved…or should I say Madame President, I can believe anything. She should be careful, MaCintyre’s first World Title came from around the waist of Sandra Bullet. Come to think of it, so did Amanda Reese’s and Miko’s…Hmmm…Is that why Madame President retired Winslow? Because she is a glorified jobber?

JP: I don’t think anyone who is a former 5 time World champion can be called a jobber Jack.

JS: Whatever.

JP: (Obviously flustered) Well let’s take you now to our second to last match of the night. This on comes to us from the IWWA and it is a Triple Threat Match. Any comments Jack?

JS: About your wife?


JS: Then I’m cool. Proceed.

JP: Let’s just go to ringside.

[The picture transfers to a ringside commentary table where John Goode and Maxine Gibson are sitting. John is dressed in his dark tuxedo and bow tie while Maxine, a statuesque woman dressed in a tight fitting white T-shirt and blue jeans, sits quietly scribbling away on a notepad with a pencil.)

John: “Hello again wrestling fans, and welcome to the IWWA’s second match on the Angels and Amazons card…”

(He looks around to Maxine who continues scribbling and ignores the camera.)

John: “Err… Maxine… aren’t you going to say hello to the fans?”

Maxine: “(Looks up uninterested.) Uh-huh…”

John: “(Shrugs slightly.) Okay, well I’ll just tell the fans about this match to decide the IWWA’s Featherweight title shall I then?”

(Maxine grunts something which sounds like agreement.)

John: “Folks, the IWWA’s Featherweight title has only been in existence for two months but it’s already changed hands three times. Following a battle royal it was initially awarded to Lady Amanda Knight but that decision was overturned and the belt awarded to PJ Lawrence, who subsequently lost the title to Sonja Victory. However following her failure to show up for a title defense against Cheryl Reese at the IWWA card in Montego-Bay on March 8th Sonja Victory was stripped of the title which was awarded to Cheryl.”

(Maxine stops scribbling on her pad.)

Maxine: “Hang on a minute John, you’re going too fast for me, I’m trying to get this down, so that I can work out who the true IWWA Featherweight champion is….”

John: “That’s easy Maxine, IWWA records show that Cheryl Reese is the champion…”

Maxine: “Hmmm… has she ever beaten anyone to win the title?”

John: “No, she was awarded the title…”

Maxine: “I see… (she scribbles on her pad)… so does she have possession of the title belt?”

John: “(Peering over trying to read what she is writing.)… Err… not exactly, IWWA officials tell me that Sonja Victory has refused to return the original belt, but a replacement belt has been given to Cheryl Reese.”

Maxine: “(Sucks on her pencil for a moment.) I see… so there’s more than one belt in circulation huh? Does Amanda Knight have one?”

John: “Well no, I don’t think so…”

Maxine: “Ah hah!!”

John: “Yes?”

Maxine: “(Throws her pencil and pad down on the commentators table.) I’ve got no idea! Could be any of them…”

John: “(Shaking his head.) Well it’ll only be one of them after tonight, whichever one of them wins this triple threat match will be the undisputed IWWA Featherweight champion…”

Maxine: “Undisputed huh? we’ve heard that one recently… Willie Donovan isn’t related to Don King is he by any chance…?”

John: “I have no idea…”

Maxine: “So I’m not the only one…”

John: “Pardon?”

Maxine: “With no idea…”

John: “I… I…. oh for goodness sakes, why do I bother? Folks let’s hear what Cheryl Reese, the official IWWA Featherweight champion had to say about this match earlier this week on INN’s RingWrap program…”

(The picture cuts to a pre-taped segment and opens on a lovely Malibu beach house. As the camera pans up it shows Cheryl Reese, in a plaid bikini and Stevie Power in a black one piece. They are lounging on the deck. Reese is using her title belt as a reflector for the sun as she tans.)

Reese: “Oh me oh my. It is so hard to be a champ. Oh the phone hasn’t stopped ringing since I won. Television. Movies. MTV. Vogue. Everyone wants a piece of Cheryl Reese. Oh my. What’s a girl to so?”

(She shifts her position and then smiles broadly for the camera.)

Reese: “Sonja, what were you thinking? I mean really. Did my little betrayal hurt you that much? Were you so intimidated by my evil genius that you couldn’t bear to face me again? How bad do you suck?”

(She whistles at Stevie, who leans over and begins applying zinc oxide to Cheryl’s nose.)

Reese: “Lady Is A Tramp Amanda Knight. What rock have you crawled out of to get this title shot? I mean who have you beaten lately? Have you beaten me? No. Have you beaten Sonja? No. So technically, you have Fionna’s title shot. Hmmmmm…Well one stupid Wild Knight is as good to beat on as the other. So tell you what, bring that sexy little Rose McGowan clone with you and maybe we can make a trade, you get an ass kicking and I get her for the weekend or something.”

(She rolls over and looks at Stevie, providing the camera with a view of her spectacular butt.)

Reese: “Hey don’t you have a match at the IWWA Spring Break ’99 Pay Per View?”

(Stevie shrugs and lays back on her sun bed.)

Power: “Who cares? I get a shot at the title or something. Don’t care. Just want to beat the living bejeesus out of whoever is the champ when I get there. Once I win, you want that belt?”

Reese: “Sounds good to me.”

Power: “All right then, once I am champ, I’ll lay down for you.”

(Cheryl rolls back over and looks at the camera. She lowers her sun glasses and mouths the words “Oh My Goad”. The she looks back at the splendid Stevie and then back at the camera. She smiles wickedly.)

Reese: “Okay have to go. Only hours of sunlight left to catch. Ciao babies. Mrrrrowwwww!”

(As the picture fades both ladies break out into giggles as Cheryl pounces on Stevie. The pre-taped segment stops and the picture focuses in again on John Goode and Maxine Gibson at ringside.)

Maxine: “So tell me again, how many of them have got belts?”

John: “(Sighs.) Well apart from the belt Cheryl has, Sonja Victory still has one she refused to return when she was stripped of the title… here’s her comments taped earlier…”

(The picture leaves ringside and opens on a hotel room. Sonja Victory is sitting on the couch watching a replay of the INN RingWrap show. She is wearing jeans and a T-shirt, her hair is pulled back into a simple twist. The TV image is paused on Cheryl Reese holding a title belt.)

Sonja: “Wow, amazing. Cheryl must have borrowed Amanda’s charge card from Big Bob’s Trophy shop. That fake belt must have put her back a pretty penny. Now she’s going to have to cut down on her hair die and that’s a shame, because now we’re all going to be stuck seeing her dark roots.”

(Sonja picks up the IWWA Featherweight Title belt from the cushion beside her and holds it up for the camera to close in on and get a good view of it.)

Sonja: “As you can all see, the genuine belt is still with the genuine champion. Not the Pretender Cheryl Reese. Cheryl, you can run around telling people all the lies you want, cause you know in your heart that you cannot take me. You could hire mercenaries. Heck, you could get the 5th Marines and you still couldn’t beat me.

Why do you need to constantly drag that over inflated goof with all the needle tracks around? Because you are too insecure to go into a match by yourself. Loser.

But speaking of insecure wannabees. That leads us right to Amanda Knight. This isn’t tag team wrestling you know. Try fighting your own battle some time. I mean you can’t go into a match without Cheatin’ Fionna O’Bleetin running around trying to help you cheat your way to a win.

Funny though. The only match I ever seem to remember either of you winning was against… umm… hmm… who was it? Oh yeah, it was Cheryl Reese. That’s right. Even though Cheryl had this great master plan… that didn’t work. I mean, I offered to help her, but she’s all like, ‘No, it’s covered, Stevie Power will win the day.’ So I just stayed back and watched her plan backfire all in her face. Then the stupid tramp blames me. Is it my fault she’s a wuss? No, Blame genetics. Blame your parents. If they hadn’t given you defective genes, you wouldn’t be the no talent, black roots, whining self-absorbed loser you are today.

And while we’re speaking about parentage. Has anyone ever found out just who Amanda Knights are and why she claims to be a Lady? My guess is her mother, who was probably some cocktail waitress, given Amanda’s propensity for boozing it up, got it on with some guy claiming to be royalty. Most likely some butler or something, not like she’d know the difference. So from now on, we should use Amanda’s proper title. ‘Hey Waitress!’

Now, you two whining, cheating, backstabbing, double dealing, wish you were Sonja wannabees, get ready for the beating of your miserable, soon to be filled with pain, lives. Cause coming up, I’m going to hit you so hard, Fionna is going to be sore. Of course, I’m going to hit her too, so she’ll be sore anyways. Later. Losers.”

(The picture fades out from the hotel room and back to John and Maxine at ringside.)

John: “(Pushing on his earpiece.) And I hear from Candy Martin that Sonja Victory is backstage at this very moment… let’s go over to hear what she has to say….”

(The picture cuts to backstage, where Candy Martin is standing. Sonja Victory can be seen walking in in the background.)

Candy: “Good evening Sonja.”

Sonja: “Evening, I see you’re here hoping to get a few words from the true champion of the IWWA. Well, fear not, for I have plenty to say. First off, let me address the situation of the Featherweight title. I assure you all, that Sonja Victory is still the Featherweight Champion, despite what that bleached blonde, peroxide sniffing, wannabe pretender, Cheryl Reese thinks. But the IWWA is just a bunch of ingrates. Basically, they are all jealous of my superior talent, my supreme popularity and of me in general. Cheryl Reese just couldn’t take effects of being in my shadow, so she struck out like a spoiled child and now she’s going to get the beating of her life in response, because Cheryl, you are /still/ in my shadow. You will forever be known as the pretender. You will always be compared to the /real/ champion and you just can’t take that. Can you?

So, yeah, I’m going to come out there a little later and beat the daylights out of both you and Amanda Knight. And speaking of Amanda.

I saw a few weeks ago how Amanda must have been to Big Bob’s trophy shop again, because I see she’s out here parading around with yet another belt from some place that no one has ever heard of. The Northwest Yukon, Ladies With No Talent Division I think. Of course it’s just her and Fionna in the division, so I guess one of them was bound to win. Just goes to show you what an alcohol soaked brain and a Visa card will do.

So now Amanda seems to think she has some sort of right to my title. Well, Amanda, you can give yourself all the fictitious titles from companies that no one ever heard of. You can decide you want to claim to be English nobility, although no one in their right mind believes that! You can make up anything you want, but the final outcome is still this. I can beat you, I’ve proven that before. I beat you with the help of that no good cheater Fionna O’Brien all by myself.

So ladies, and I use that term loosely, looser than Fionna’s morals, get ready for the beating to end all beatings. Cause it’s coming and it is the true, real and rightful Featherweight Champ, and it’s going to run all over the likes of you.

Well, I have to be going, nice speaking with you. Bye.”

(Sonja turns and waves, then heads off towards the entranceway.)

Candy: “(Raises an eyebrow.) Nice…. err… talking… to you too Sonja… I guess it’s back to you at ringside John…”

(The picture returns to John Goode and Maxine Gibson at ringside.)

John: “I can see that Bill Hitchcock is in the ring now to announce the first competitor…”

(In the ring the portly ‘Wild’ Bill Hitchcock waits, cue cards in his hands to announce the match.)

IWWA Featherweight Championship: Cheryl Reese vs. Amanda Knight vs. Sonja Victory

Bill: “Ladies and gentlemen, this next match is for the IWWA Featherweight Title, and is a triple threat match…”

John: “All three women are in the ring at the same time and the first one to pin one of the other two is the winner….”

Bill: “Introducing first, she hails from Lockerbie, Scotland and weighs in at 126lbs…. accompanied to the ring by her tag team partner Fionna O’Brien, here is….


(Slow Ride by the Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band starts to play as Amanda Knight walks down the aisle followed by Fionna O’Brien. Amanda is wearing a black leather jacket with a white knight chess piece emblem on the back, while Fionna is wearing a black and red Galway Flyers jacket.)

Maxine: “As you can see folks Amanda is not allowed out on her own at night and has to be chaperoned everywhere by Fionna O’Brien….”

John: “(Shakes his head.) Please excuse my colleague folks, she has a little problem with the Wild Knights… Fionna O’Brien coming out with Amanda Knight, just as Sarah Victory will accompany Sonja Victory and Stevie Power will accompany Cheryl Reese….”

Maxine: “Good grief, is this a triple threat match or a sextuple threat match?!”

John: “Triple threat… in order to avoid the outside interference that has dogged previous matches between these ladies, their… uhm… seconds… will each be handcuffed to a corner post…”

(Maxine looks over as an IWWA official is cuffing Fionna O’Brien to Amanda Knight’s corner ringpost. Amanda, standing by the corner, takes off her leather jacket to reveal a sleeveless skin-tight red leather top and black leather pants.)

Maxine: “Ha! Let’s see you river dance your way out of that O’Brien! And another thing John, Knight is supposed to be American Heritage champ right?”

John: “As I understand it, yes Maxine.”

Maxine: “Well is it just me or does that seem a little odd? I mean she’s Scottish right?!?”

John: “Oh for crying out loud Maxine. It’s not necessary for…”

Maxine: “Pipe down John, I’m making a point. I’ve already got serious doubts about this ‘Lady’ thing…and hey, if she’ll lie about that how do we know she’s a featherweight? Come to think of it I’m not sure she should be in a women’s division at all…”

John: “Enough Maxine! You’re embarrassing yourself…again.”

Bill: “And the second competitor in this match, a former IWWA Featherweight champion, she weighs in at 123lbs and hails from West Hollywood, here is…


(“Push It” by Garbage starts to play over the sound system. As the crowd hears the music they stand and begin to rain down boos. After a few moments the Victory sisters, Sonja and Sarah emerge from the entranceway and make their way down towards the ring. Sonja is walking just slightly ahead of Sarah and is wearing red spandex shorts that reach to mid-thigh, a matching red and gold sports bra type top, red boots and kneepads and holding the Featherweight title over her head as she makes her way arrogantly to the ring. Sarah is dressed in black pants, a black shirt with a black leather jacket and sunglasses.)

Maxine: “Do you think there’s any chance that she’ll get in the ring without…”

John: “No… Not unless hell has frozen over… there she goes…”

(As the Victory sisters reach the ring Sonja heads straight for the ring announcers table and grabs a microphone. Meanwhile Sarah heads for Sonja’s corner where a member of the IWWA crew handcuffs her to the ringpost.)

Sonja: “Okay, it’s now time for the main event. Now I know what you’re all saying. Main Event? Well, yes, despite the fact that there’s another match to come I’m sure they wanted me out here early, because all over America, young children, who turned in to see their hero, me, have to go to bed soon, and their parents wanted them to be able to see the main event. So the powers that be decided that they would move up the main event so that everyone could enjoy it.

What a great bunch of guys. Not like the pompous jerks that run the IWWA. They seem to think that they can get away with anything, well, not on Sonja’s expense. You tried and failed to get rid of me boys, but Sonja is here to stay and you’re going to regret your arrogance!”

(She drops the mic. and hands the belt to the timekeeper and gets into the ring, telling the ref. to keep Amanda Knight back.)

John: “Well that’s one title belt, now for the other one…”

(Back in the ring Bill Hitchcock, glances at the two occupied corners before looking down at his cue cards to announce the last competitor.)

Bill: “And now ladies and gentlemen, she is the current IWWA Featherweight champion, hailing from Chicago Illinois and weighing in at 122lbs here is…


(Just a Girl by No Doubt plays as Cheryl Reese dressed in a tank top and blue jean shorts makes her way to the ring accompanied by Stevie Power dressed in Xena style outfit. Stevie carries the IWWA Featherweight title belt sling over her shoulder. As Cheryl reaches the ring she hops up onto the apron and ducks in through the ropes are Stevie Power hands the title belt in at the time keepers table.)

Maxine: “(Looking over inquisitively.) You think that’s real gold on those belts John?”

John: “I don’t know, why do you ask?”

Maxine: “Oh, uhm… no reason, but if there’s only going to be one champion at the end of this match they’ll only need one belt yeah?”

John: “Don’t get any funny ideas Maxine, Willie Donovan will probably give the spare belt to Miko Katamura and you don’t want to tangle with Miko do you?”

Maxine: “No thank you.”

John: “Bobbie Luce will be trying to keep order in this one folks…it’s not going to be easy I assure you.”

Maxine: “Luce can’t keep his silverware drawer in order…this should be a free for all.”

John: “Luce is calling the girls to the center of the ring. Knight and Reese move in…But Victory just waves him off and confers with Sarah in her corner.”

Maxine: “She knows the rules. She’s been around…just ask Jason Storm.”

John: “Ahem…Bobbie Luce gives the instructions with Reese and Knight eye to eye in the center of the ring. Bobbie calls for the bell and this one is underway!”


Maxine: “HELLO!”

(The crowd shout a confused pop as Cheryl Reese opens the match by grabbing Amanda’s head and delivering a full mouth kiss before Amanda can push her away.)

John: “I can’t believe my eyes!”

Maxine: “Get a room you two!”

John: “Standing Drop Kick by Amanda! She plans on putting Reese in a room alright…a hospital room.”

Maxine: “Knight looks furious. She stomps Reese on the canvas…RUNNING CLOTHESLINE by Sonja levels the Scot!!!”

John: “Sonja yanks Amanda up by the arm as Cheryl makes it to her feet…Irish Whip and Knight bowls into Reese sending her sprawling across the canvas!”

Maxine: “Victory with the early edge moves in on Knight from behind…Mule kick by the Scot doubles Sonja over!”

John: “Amanda whirls around and clamps on a front facelock…E~V~E~N~F~L~O~W D!D!T!!!”

(The crowd pops as Amanda plants Sonja’s head in the canvas and Fionna leads the cheers from her partner’s corner.)

John: “Amanda whirls up to her feet…only to be met by a kick to the belly by Cheryl!”

Maxine: “Reese doubles her up and turns with her back to the ropes…she’s setting Amanda up…”


(The crowd moans as Amanda goes flipping over the top rope and down to the lightly padded area around the ring.”

Maxine: “Reese wants to be alone with Sonja for a while. Maybe she and Amanda broke up.”

John: “Enough Maxine!”

Maxine: “Cheryl’s enjoying herself in there John. She’s playing to the crowd…whether or not the crowd decides to play along or not.”

John: “Cheryl waves to the fans who only boo her in return. Sonja Victory is on her feet and Amanda is struggling up on the outside. Victory charges the champ…s~a~v~a~t~e k!i!c!k by Reese catches her coming in! Sonja drops to the mat and rolls to her belly.”

Maxine: “The champ moves in behind her. She grabs her around the waist and hauls her up…”

!-<$>-! !!!G+U+T+W+R+E+N+C+H P!O!W!E!R!B!O!M!B!!! !-<$>-!

(The crowd lets out a heel pop as Cheryl is able to lift Sonja up and whirl her around, planting her back in the mat.)

John: “Cheryl pushes down on her legs and Bobbie Luce drops to the mat for the pin count!”

> 1 <

< 2 >

John: “Broken up by Amanda! She nailed Reese in the back with the toe of her boot and Cheryl rolls to her side, releasing the pin.”

Maxine: “Knight backs against the ropes holding her back. Sarah Victory is on the ring apron and takes a swipe at her, but she’s just out of reach!”

John: “Cheryl holds her back as she struggles to reach her feet. The champ is doubled over as Amanda bounces off the ropes…f^l^y^i^n^g s.c.i.s.s.o.r.s k!i!c!k!!!”

(The crowd pops as Amanda comes off the ropes, leaps into the air and drops her heel across the back of Cheryl’s head.)

John: “The champ falls across Sonja Victory! Amanda Knight dives across them for the cover!”

Maxine: “Who’s covering who!?!”




John: “Foot on the ropes! Sonja puts her foot on the ropes and the count ends at two and a half!”

Maxine: “Victory takes Reese by the hair and gets her to her feet as Sonja struggles to regain her composure. Forearm smash by Knight backs Reese up…and another puts her into her own corner. Power is up on the ring apron…”

John: “Palm strike by Knight sends her crashing to the arena floor! Amanda leaps up and plants her feet on Cheryl’s thighs…Monkey flip sends the champ out into the ring on her back!”

Maxine: “Reese spins up and charges Amanda! She runs right into a kick to the belly…Reese catches the Scot’s foot!”

John: “EZUGIRI BY KNIGHT!!! She elevates and kicks Reese in the back of the head sending the champ flipping to the canvas once more!”

(The crowd pops as Amanda spring up with her arms raised to the fans.)

John: “Amanda turns around to face Sonja…RUNNING DROPKICK BY THE FORMER CHAMP!!!”

Maxine: “That’ll teach her to enjoy herself in the ring. Cheryl is using the corner to struggle up to her feet…Sonja grabs her around the waist…”

<*>!_^_!<*> GERMAN SUPLEX into a BRIDGE!!! <*>!_^_!<*>



John: “Kickout by Reese! The champ’s back has taken an early pounding…”

Maxine: “And Amanda adds to it! She lays kicks into Sonja and Cheryl as they lay on the canvas!”

John: “OH! Shot to the side of Reese’s head dazes the champ. ELBOW DROP finds its mark in Cheryl’s throat as Sonja hauls herself up in the corner…”

Maxine: “Sonja gets nailed by Power as she makes her feet! Victory is sprawled out on the canvas…she didn’t see that one coming!”

John: “Amanda yanks Cheryl to her feet with Sonja down in the ring. She backs her into the ropes…Reverse Knife Edge chops soften up the champ!”

Maxine: “Irish whip across the ring…REVERSED BY CHERYL!!!”

John: “Amanda comes off the ropes…S^P^I^N^W^H^E^E^L K!I!C!K!!!”

(The crowd lets out a heel pop as Cheryl whirls around and nails the Scot with a leg lariat, putting her on her back as Sonja struggles to make it to her feet.)

John: “Cheryl stays on Knight and yanks her to her feet. She throws Amanda’s arm over her shoulder and hooks the tights…SNAP SUPLEX puts Knight down on her back!”

Maxine: “Reese bounces up and here comes Sonja charging with a RUNNING CLOTHESLINE!!!”

John: “Ducked by the champ! Sonja goes rushing past and into the corner…O’Brien nails Victory with a shot to the head!”

Maxine: “Fionna wrapped that chain around her fist and leveled the former champ! Sonja’s been bounced around like a pinball in there!”

John: “With Sonja spread-eagle in the ring Cheryl turns her attention back to Knight. She jerks her up by the hair…Amanda is on wobbly legs as Cheryl slips in beside her. The Champ cradles a leg and grabs the waist…She’s got Amanda up and falls back to the mat with a SALTO SUPLEX!!!”

Maxine: “Reese is up in a hurry and rushes for the turnbuckles with Amanda laid out in the center of the ring. These Featherweights are too quick to call John!”

John: “Reese plays to the crowd who do nothing more than boo her. Sonja rolls to her belly across the ring as Cheryl leaps!!!…”

!<<<>>> F/R/O/G S*P*L*A*S*H off the T^O^P R-O-P-E <<<>>>!

(The crowd blasts a heel pop as Cheryl crashes down across the chest of Amanda and hooks the leg for the quick cover.)

John: “Bobbie Luce slow to make the count…”

! 1 !

! 2 !


John: “Save by Sonja Victory! She dove across the back of Cheryl to break up the count otherwise Cheryl might have had that belt for keeps!”

Maxine: “Sonja tries to take some momentum with Knight out of it. She jerks Cheryl to her feet and backs her into the ropes…IRISH WHIP across…REVERSAL BY REESE!!!”

!!-<*>-!! S^P^R^I^N^G^B_O_A_R_D C-L-O-T-H-E-S-L-I-N-E !!-<*>-!!

(The crowd lets out a heel pop as Sonja leaps to the second rope and springs back, catching Cheryl across the throat with her outstretched forearm and sending the champ down to the mat.)

John: “Sonja springs to her feet. She’s looking for a corner to head for higher ground…”

Maxine: “Amanda’s up!”

John: “Sonja charges…FLYING FOREARM from the former champ!”

Maxine: “Amanda’s down!”

John: “Victory climbs up the neutral turnbuckle and sets up on the top rope as Cheryl struggles to get to her feet…”


(The crowd erupts with a heel pop as Sonja flies off the corner and nails Cheryl in the center of the chest with a dropkick, sending the champ sprawling across the canvas.)

John: “Victory destroys the champ and struggles to her feet. She rushes over and dives across her for the cover!”

$ 1 $

$ 2 $

$ 3 $

John: “NO! Saved by a diving Amanda Knight! Close to a pinfall there!”

Maxine: “That’s the trouble with these triple threats John. You’ve got to do more than pin one wrestler…you’ve got to disable the other.”

John: “Well Amanda and Sonja are doing just that as they exchange blows on their knees! Forearm smash spins Victory around…OH! Rake of the eyes by Sonja stops Knight from following up!”

Maxine: “Sonja makes it to her feet and moves in on Amanda…Knight drives her head into Sonja’s belly doubling her over! European uppercut drives Sonja back and Knight follows up with a kick…she drives the toe of her boot into Sonja’s belly!”

John: “Sonja’s doubled over and Amanda throws her arm over her shoulder…she gets her up in a vertical suplex and holds her there! What’s she setting up for!?!”


(The crowd swells as Amanda holds Sonja vertical and ignites with cheers as she spins her around and drops her through her legs on her head.)

John: “Sonja is laid out but Cheryl Reese has made her feet and Amanda leaps up to keep the momentum on her side. She nails the champ with a forearm smash!”

Maxine: “Cheryl returns it! Punch by Knight…she’s honed that through years of bar fights but Cheryl fights back with one of her own!”

John: “Amanda with another right cross…Ducked by Cheryl! Reese responds with a slap to the face!”

(The crowd ‘oh’s’ as Reese gives the face slap to Amanda. Knight turns on Reese holding her jaw as Cheryl turns to run away.)

Maxine: “That got her attention and now Reese is looking to get out of Dodge!”

John: “The champ runs toward the corner with Amanda is hot pursuit…OH! Power levels Knight with a shot to the face that looked like it could stop a bus!”

Maxine: “Reese and Power exchange high fives and Cheryl leaves Stevie to deal with the ringside morons.”

John: “The crowd is furious with Reese as she strolls around the ring. Bobbie Luce is checking on Sonja Victory who still looks out of it and Amanda is gaining her feet in the corner. Here comes Reese…FLYING HEADSCISSORS rolls Knight out into the center of the ring!”

Maxine: “Knight springs to her feet and rushes the Champ…Cheryl catches her coming in and scoops her up for a bodyslam!”

<!> N^O^R^T^H^E^R^N L*I*G*H*T*S B!O!M!B!!! <!>

(The crowd moans as Cheryl gets Amanda up and holds her vertical before dropping to the mat and landing on the back of Knight’s neck.)

John: “OH MY WORD!!! Cheryl Reese plants Amanda in the mat and rolls her over for the pin…”

* 1 *

* 2 *

* 3

John: “Kickout by Knight!!! I can’t believe she survived it!”

Maxine: “Neither can Cheryl! She’s sitting on the canvas looking at Bobbie Luce in disbelief! Sonja’s up! She sees what’s going on and attacks the champ with a series of kicks to the back!”

John: “Sonja forcing Cheryl to her feet under the assault! She backs Reese into the ropes over Knight and Whips her across…”

Maxine: “Amanda grabs hold of Sonja’s leg! Here comes the champ off the ropes as Sonja struggles to free herself! DROP KICK BY THE CHAMP!!!”

John: “She sends Victory crashing into the ropes! Reese is all over Sonja as she pulls her off the ropes and backs her into a corner. Shoulder block doubles Victory up in the corner…Reverse Knife Edge Chop stands the former champ up!”

Maxine: “She grabs an arm and whips her across the ring! Right into the waiting arms of Stevie Power! NO! Sonja nails Power with a Flying Forearm smash as she goes hard into the corner.”

John: “Victory and Power exchange blows in the corner as Reese blasts Amanda in the side of the head with the sole of her boot! Knight works her way to her feet and Cheryl throws a kick to her midsection…DRAGON SCREW LEG WHIP BY THE SCOT!!!”

(The crowd pops as Amanda catches the Champ’s boot and falls back, twisting Cheryl’s leg and bringing her down to the mat.)

John: “Cheryl grasps her knee and Amanda is right on her. Knight pulls her up on hobbled legs and stands in beside the champ. She hooks her leg inside Cheryl’s and falls back…SIDE RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP plants the champ on the back of her head!”

Maxine: “Reese came down hard on her back there John!”

John: “Sonja still struggling with Power in the corner…Amanda yanks Cheryl to her feet once more. She backs her into the ropes throws her across the ring with an Irish Whip…”

Maxine: “Reversed by Cheryl! Wait a minute! Knight hooks the top rope with her arms and pulls herself over to the ring apron! What’s she playing at!?!”

John: “Cheryl charges the ropes…Shoulder block by Knight doubles her over! Amanda grabs the top rope and vaults herself over the top!”


(The crowd is on their feet as Amanda sails over Cheryl’s back, grabs her waist and whips her around, planting her back hard into the mat.)

John: “Cheryl taking a pounding on her back!”

Maxine: “Watch your mouth John.”

John: “That’s not what I…never mind! Amanda goes right after Reese, pulling the champ up by the hair. Cheryl is favoring her back and grimacing. That powerbomb took a lot out of her.”

Maxine: “The champ offers no resistance as Amanda straightens her up and scoops her into the air…Bodyslam?!?…NO!”

John: “BACKBREAKER DROP by the Scot!!! Knight dropped Cheryl’s injured back across her outstretched knee and impaled the champion!”

Maxine: “Reese calls out in pain as Knight rolls her off her knee. Sonja catches sight of the action and turns to get back to the match…Stevie Power catches her around the throat with that steel chain and yanks her back into the corner!”

John: “Hold everything! We’ve got a camera on Sarah Victory and I see here on the monitor she’s got something in her hand…it’s a hairpin! Sarah Victory is working at those handcuffs with a hairpin to escape!”

Maxine: “Her sister is being choked out in the corner by Stevie Power! Amanda takes Reese up…the Champ is in a bad way and is doubled over as Knight drags her into the ropes. OH! Amanda delivers a couple of stiff kicks into Cheryl’s side!”

John: “The crowd is building to a frenzy…they are nearly all on their feet and Fionna is leading a ‘Wild Knights’ chant as her partner works on the current champ!”

Maxine: “Amanda Whips Cheryl across the ring! Reese goes hard into the ropes and comes of…into the arms of Amanda Knight…”

!<>*<>! S|P|I|N|E*B*U*S*T*E*R* S!L!A!M!!! !<>*<>!

(The crowd ignites and Fionna leaves her feet as she jumps around on the ring apron. Sarah Victory looks up and continues to work on her cuffs as Bobbie Luce drops to the canvas for the pin.)

John: “Sonja struggling against Stevie Power but unable to escape the bigger wrestler’s grip! Amanda not going for a pin here! She rushes to her feet and heads up the turnbuckle in her corner. With Fionna cheering her on below Amanda stands on the top turnbuckle and measures up the Champ!”

>—-* S^H^O^O^T^I^N^G S*T*A*R P!R!E!S!S *—-<

(The crowd ignites as Amanda Knight dives forward performing a back flip in the air, and they let out a collective groan as she comes crashing down across the uplifted knees of Cheryl Reese.)

John: “OH NO!!!”

Maxine: “OH YES!!!”

John: “Reese saves herself with a desperation move! Amanda grabs her belly and rolls away from the champ toward Sonja and Stevie.”

Maxine: “BACK ELBOW BY VICTORY NAILS POWER! Stevie falls off the ring apron and Sonja frees herself from the choke hold! She steps up to Amanda as she lays on her back…”

!_^*^_! A*X*E K~I~C~K TO THE S`O`L`A`R P^L^E^X^U^S !_^*^_!

(The crowd lets out a collective moan as Sonja lifts her leg and drives her heel into Amanda’s abdomen.)

John: “OH MY! Sonja drops across Amanda and Bobbie Luce rushes over for the count.”

Maxine: “Sarah Victory is loose! Cheryl rolls to her belly and crawls toward the pin!”

> 1 >

< 2 <

John: “Reese makes her move…but Sarah Victory grabs her…”

^ 3 ^

(The crowd lets out a heel pop followed by a torrent of boos as Sonja raises her arms and Sarah rushes in to hug her. Fionna drops off the ring apron and buries her head in her hands on the outside as Stevie Power climbs to the apron to see what has occurred.)


John: “We have a new Featherweight Champion in the IWWA!”

Maxine: “Same as the old one.”

John: “It was one of the closest matches I’ve seen in the league Maxine. Anyone’s contest to the very end. The Featherweight title is still bathed in controversy. I wonder if we’d still be calling the match if Sarah Victory hadn’t escaped those chains.”

Maxine: “She did us all a favor John. My voice was getting sore anyway.”

(In the ring Amanda Knight rolls toward her partner as Fionna and Stevie are being released from their cuffs. Cheryl rolls to the outside and drops to one knee holding her back as Stevie Power comes over to attend to her. Bill Hitchcock steps into the ring with the Featherweight title and grabs the drop down microphone.)

Bill: “Ladies and gentlemen…here is your winner…and *NEW* IWWA FEATHERWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WOOOOOOOOOOOORLD…”


(The crowd erupts with boos as the seconds look on in anger and Sonja hoists her title above her head displaying it to the fans.)

John: “Major events happening in the IWWA on this special show Maxine and the belt rests once more in the camp of the Victories.”

[Cut back to the command center. Jack and JP are all smiles.]

JS: That was a hard one for me. I like the Victory Girls, especially their two facedness. Very classy. But I think Cheryl and Stevie are the hottest things in wrestling today. And I don’t mean in the ring.

JP: And let me guess you like the Wild Knights too?

JS: Now I hate those whiney broads! I mean they never shut up. Yap. Yap. Yap! It never ends. I had a wife like that once.

JP: And now Jack doing his Freddy Dixon impressions.

JS: Lend me twenty bucks.

JP: Okay fans we are at it. This is the last match of the Angels & Amazons card and let me tell you I have been looking forward to this one with baited breath!

JS: Well your breath certainly smells like bait, but you are right. I super pissed off and beltless Amanda Reese to take on the biggest pile of New Age trailer park trash, Jessica Starbird.

JP: Don’t forget Jessica is still the IEWA Champion Jack, so she has something going into this.

JS: Yeah expect the IEWA has folded like you at a strip poker game with some super models. So her belt is worthless. She is living in denial and needs to get herself some real gold.

JP: Nonetheless we are only moments away. And let me say this, we will not be coming back up here. So for myself I just want to say it has been a tremendous two days and I look forward to the next one. Goodnight folks.

JS: Yeah well it’s been a hoot and all, but they’ll have to pay double to shit with you next time. Ciao kiddies.

JP: And we leave you in the hands of the competent and reliable VCW broadcast team. Take it away fellows.

[Cut to ringside and…]

TD: Thank you JP Winslow. Well fans, Winslow is correct when he says what a fantastic two days of wrestling it’s been. We’ve seen some tremendous battles from some of the best women wrestlers in the world. But now, it’s all come down to this.

RM: This is what this Los Angeles crowd has been waiting for. This is the match that they’ve been talking about.

TD: The reigning IEWA Women’s Champion, Jessica Starbird, taking on the former VCW Women’s Champion, Amanda Reese. Arguably the two greatest female wrestlers in the sport today.

RM: Amanda Reese is coming off a shocking loss just a few days ago in Mexico to Yuri Kaio. Her first loss in Vegas Championship Wrestling ever. And for the first time since its creation, we have a VCW Women’s Champion not named Amanda Reese. What kind of mindset do you think this has Reese in for this match?

TD: Well, we have comments from Ms. Reese that were filmed just two days ago. Let’s have a look.

Amanda Reese

[The shot is of Reese in her Las Vegas Studio/loft. It is a large industrial room, with a weight center and a wrestling ring in the middle of it. The high walls and ceiling sport very large windows. Obviously this place was a large sweat shop converted into this. As the camera pans down we come to Reese sitting on the couch and watching a tape of the match where Yuri Kaio beat her. As the camera comes to rest on her face she stops the tape.]

Reese: In three seconds everything changes. I went from being undefeated in over 15 matches to 15 and 1. I went from being the Champion to being nothing. (She chuckles) Well that just sucks. Still I had it coming. I was getting a little too big a head. OR so they say.

[She holds up a wrestling magazine. On the cover one of the headlines says “AMANDA REESE A PICTURE OF OVERCONFIDENCE” She throws it behind her.]

Reese: *BEEP* That! I have blazed trails in this *BEEP*ing industry! I have eaten canvas in every goddamned little corner of this world that had a women’s division! I have held titles on every continent! I have beaten men and I have beaten women! I am the whole *BEEP*ing reason the entire Angels & Amazons event is happening! I am the reason there is a 30 woman Rumble! Do you think they give a rat’s ass about a little piece of rinky dink tin from a folded fed? NO! They wanted into that Rumble for one reason and one reason only. To face me!

[She is now standing. She is pissed. Her face is getting red. The phone rings. She grabs it and flips it open.]

Reese: Hello? Yeah…yeah. Well what did they say? [She is not liking what she hears.] After their Pay Per View? What? *BEEP* them! The Unification happens at the Pay Per View! I have to have my rematch before then! [She listens for a second.] No! No! THAT IS *BEEP*ING UNACCEPTABLE SAL! [She listens again. her temper is hot.] You are my *beep*ing agent so don’t sit there and tell me you can’t do anything! Fine. Fine. Fine! Sal you are fired!

[She slaps the phone closed and wings it across the loft in a moment of rage. She turns back to the camera, she is like some feral beast now.]

Reese: Jessica Starbird, I am truly sorry for this. I wanted this to be a battle of champions. A battle of icons. But now I have to prove to everyone in wrestling that I am the only woman in all of wrestling that matters. So you are the first mark on a whole new belt. Yuri Kaio, I will get you down the road. And to whoever wins that Rumble, hire a bodyguard, because you are a marked woman! See you in the ring.

[Fade to black.] [Cut back to the announcers’ table.]

TD: Losing her title, I think, has only given Amanda Reese more reason than ever to go out there tonight and win.

RM: She seems determined.

TD: Well, let’s head to the ring for introductions.


Amanda Reese vs. Jessica Starbird

RINA ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is the Angels & Amazons Main Event! [Big crowd pop] It is scheduled for one fall with a one hour time limit. Introducing first, from Chicago, Illinois and weighing in at 155 pounds…she is the former VCW Women’s Champion… ladies and gentlemen, I present…AMANDA REESE!!!!

[A good pop for Amanda as “O Fortuna” by Apotheosis plays over the arena’s speakers. She steps out onto the rampway as white pyro fires out around her. She is wearing long black shorts and a black spandex top. She also has on black knee pads and elbow pads. She stands on the rampway for a few seconds, before beginning her walk to the ring. Several fans reach out into the aisle to high five her, but their efforts go unnoticed. Reese’s eyes are focused solely on the ring. She climbs up the ring steps and starts stretching.]

TD: A new wardrobe for Amanda Reese for this match.

RM: It’s quite a change from her normal bright colors.

TD: Fans, let’s head backstage now, where Jessica Starbird is standing by.

Jessica Starbird

(Jessica walks into the interview area wearing a purple cloak which covers her down to the feet. A hood, which is attached to the cloak, covers her hair, but her face can be clearly seen. She paces back and forth with her arms folded across her chest for a few moments, then she stops and faces the camera.)

Jessica: Hmmm…The organizers of this thing certainly deserve a lot of credit for pulling this one off. With the IEWA shutting down, and numerous other problems facing women’s wrestling, I wasn’t sure that there were enough women for something of this magnitude. I’m glad to see I was wrong.

(She unfolds her arms and paces some more while she talks some more.)

Jessica: I don’t know about this trend towards hardcore or extreme matches. To me, those are code words meaning that those people can’t wrestle. It’s legalized street brawling; you can beat up each other with all sorts of weapons without being arrested. Heidi Leick, Bloody Mary, Alexandria Macabre, and Candi Bratton, complete with big mouth, all have built quite a reputation by beating their opponents senseless.

(She stops again to face the camera.)

Jessica: Of course, I did defeat Alex a few months ago despite her fondness for smashing me though tables, which probably says something about the effectiveness of extreme wrestling.

(She back up and leans against the wall.)

Jessica: Nice to see that Nina Miyagi is still around. Despite her looks, at least she can wrestle. Considering the way our match ended, I’m quite sure that a rematch is in the works somewhere down the road. And look at all these former IEWA women showing up here…Amy Devlin, Brandi Lynn, Hitomi Yasuda, Angie Johnson, The Wild Knights…geez, Fionna and Amanda are everywhere these days, aren’t they? Silver Sphinx…beat `em and leave `em, eh Sphinx? And Sonja Victory… (Pauses for a moment)…you know, deep down I considered Sonja to be a better wrestler than her sister Sarah, and, comparatively speaking, not as loud. I guess that’s why nobody talks about Sarah anymore.

(Jessica moves off the wall back to center.)

Jessica: I suppose I should say something about my opponent tonight, Amanda Reese, a pretty decent wrestler and former champion of Vegas Championship Wrestling. There’s not much I know about her, but apparently she’s on the brink of superstardom, and she wants to make a name for herself by beating me, a legend. I’m still getting used to being called that. She’s not much different from a lot of other women, but I always like a good challenge, and I will give her a good fight. (Smiles) There’s no easy victories in this business, especially against me.

(Jessica adjusts the hood on the cloak and walks out of the interview area.) .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

[Cut back to the arena.]

RING ANNOUNCER: Her opponent, weighing in tonight at 140 pounds. She hails from Sedona, Arizona and is the reigning IEWA Women’s Champion…. Ladies and gentlemen, here is JESSICA STARBIRD!!!

[A big pop from the crowd as Ottmar Liebert’s “Lush” begins to play over the arena’s speakers. She stands at the top of the ramp, with a respectful stare into space. She is startled as fireworks shoot off around her. She stands there, wearing a purple cloak which covers her down to her feet. Her face can be seen through the hood, but her hair is covered. Her eyes lock on with Reese’s in the ring.]

TD: You can feel the electricity in the air. This crowd is pumped up and ready for this battle!

[Jessica begins walking towards the ring. She walks along the side, shaking hands with many of the cheering fans. Reese’s eyes never leave her as she’s walking towards the ring. Once Jessica steps into the ring she takes off her cloak to reveal a variation of her old ring attire: a singlet featuring star clusters, moon crescents and various planets on a black background. Around her waist is the IEWA Women’s World title belt. She removes the belt and hands it over to the referee.]

TD: The pre-match festivities are just about over and this match is ready to begin.


TD: Amanda Reese offering her hand to Jessica Starbird. This should prove to be a great technical matchup.

RM: You can say that again. These are two of the world’s most talented women wrestlers.

[Jessica reaches out to shake Amanda’s hand. Amanda grasps her hand and then kicks Jessica in the midsection.]

TD: What!! Ohhhhhh!

RM: Amanda Reese just kicked Jessica Starbird in the bread basket as she was shaking her hand and then Jessica was the recipient of a jawbreaker (Stunner) for her troubles.

TD: I sure wasn’t expecting that!

RM: Neither was Jessica.

[Amanda climbs up onto the middle ropes in the corner and looks out to the crowd with her arms raised. The crowd boos.]

TD: This crowd has quickly turned against Amanda Reese.

RM: Can you blame them? That was a very cheap shot she just pulled.

TD: Amanda Reese stepping down off the ropes now and she grabs her opponent by the hair. And Reese with a snap mare takeover, pulling Starbird over by her hair! And she follows it up with a dropkick right on the back of the head!

[Jessica is on her hands and knees. Reese kicks her in the gut a few times and Jessica starts coughing.]

TD: This is a side of Amanda Reese I have never seen before. Ever!

RM: Reese now grabbing ahold of Starbird’s right leg. She lifts the leg up and slams it down into the mat knee first! And she does it for a second time!

TD: Amanda Reese rolls Jessica Starbird over. She twists around the right leg of Jessica and it looks like she’s going for a figure four here!

[Jessica manages to kick Reese off with her free foot. Reese falls back and Jessica somersaults backwards and stands up.]

TD: Both ladies on their feet and Reese charges at Jessica. Reese with a kick to the midsection, but Starbird catches the leg…dragon screw leg whip!! Nicely done!

RM: Reese springs up to her feet and Jessica drives her shoulder into her midsection! Jessica pushing Reese back and she’s got her pinned up against the turnbuckles!

TD: Jessica Starbird rifling off a series of shoulder blocks to the midsection. Jessica jumps up onto Reese’s thighs….and monkey flips her out of the corner!

RM: Reese is up and Jessica nails her with a running clothesline! Here’s a cover…



TD: One and a half count right there as Reese was able to kick out. Jessica Starbird pulls her opponent up now. Irish whip sends the former VCW Women’s Champion into the ropes….and Starbird nails her with a dropkick right on the knee! Jessica grabbing ahold of Amanda’s leg here and trips her off of her feet.

RM: Jessica holding onto the leg here as she attempts a spinning toe hold, but Amanda reaches up and cradles her over!!



TD: Only one and a half for Reese! Both ladies up to their feet now and we’ve got a face off. Reese and Starbird circling one another now…collar-and-elbow tie up in the center of the ring and Reese gets the advantage with a knee lift to the midsection.

[Reese places the top of her head below Starbird’s chin. Reese holds onto Jessica’s head and drops down to her knees, driving Jessica’s jaw into the top of her head. The crowd collectively “ooooohs”.]

TD: Ohhhh! That’s the second time Starbird’s jaw has been rattled in this match! Jessica’s doubled over, her jaw has got to be in a lot of pain right now. Uh oh! Reese positioning her leg across the back of Jessica’s neck…

RM: Rocker Dropper!!

TD: Oh man, did she nail that one! Reese rolls Starbird over…she hooks the leg…



RM: Starbird kicks out! [Crowd pop] Two count only for Amanda Reese.

TD: Reese questioning that count with the referee. I don’t know what she’s arguing about. Jessica clearly got her shoulders up.

RM: I don’t know what to expect from Amanda Reese anymore. She has exhibited a side of herself tonight that I’ve never seen before. Cheap shots. Hair pulling. This isn’t the Amanda Reese that held the VCW Women’s Championship for 5 months.

TD: Reese drives her knee into the inner part of Starbird’s right thigh. And now Reese locks up Starbird’s right leg with a legbar.

RM: Amanda Reese has been working over Jessica’s right leg throughout the match. Now this is the Amanda Reese that I know. Find a part of her opponent’s body and systematically break it down.

TD: It’s what made her a champion. Jessica Starbird struggling to break free, but Reese has got her locked in pretty tight here. Ahhh! But there’s a way out.

[Jessica starts kicking into Amanda’s side with her free foot.]

TD: Amanda Reese letting go of the legbar now. She stands up and stomps down right on Jessica’s right knee! Reese spins around…and there’s the figure four that she was looking for earlier!

RM: She’s got it locked in tight and Jessica’s knee has already taken a lot of punishment thus far. This isn’t good for her.

[The referee is right up in Jessica’s face, asking her if she wants to give up. Jessica screams out “NO!” The crowd suddenly starts booing as Reese reaches back and grabs ahold of the ropes.]

TD: Amanda Reese has grabbed the ropes for extra leverage! C’mon ref! Turn around!

RM: Jessica’s shoulders fall back to the mat….




[Jessica sits up to break the count. Amanda lets go of the ropes just before the ref turns to look at her. He sees the ropes shaking and starts questioning Reese about it. Reese is shaking her head no, but the crowd is screaming yes.]

TD: How could the referee have missed that? And of course he turns his back to Reese once again and Reese reaches back to grab the ropes. C’mon ref!

[Jessica screams out in pain as Reese applies more pressure with the aid of the ropes. The ref instantly turns around and sees Reese holding onto the ropes. She reluctantly releases the hold.]

TD: It’s about time.

RM: Yes, but the damage has been done.

TD: Amanda Reese not letting up on the knee, however. She puts Jessica’s foot on the bottom rope. Reese jumps up into the air and comes down with all of her weight on Jessica’s knee!

[The ref backs Amanda away from Jessica. Amanda starts yelling at the ref as Jessica rolls out of the ring to the floor.]

RM: I don’t know if Jessica is going to be able to continue. Her leg has taken a lot of punishment in this match.

TD: Jessica’s never say die attitude won’t allow her to quit. She’s in this until the end!

[Reese climbs out of the ring on the side opposite of Starbird. She jaw jacks with some of the ringside fans before walking around to the side of the ring that Jessica is on.]

TD: Amanda Reese on the outside now. She pulls Jessica Starbird up and Irish whips her into the steel safety railing!

RM: Those railings may keep the crowd safe from flying bodies, but they are unforgiving on these wrestlers’ bodies.

TD: Reese charging at Starbird now…and Jessica back body drops Amanda over the railing and into the crowd!!

RM: Whoa! She just took out the first row of chairs!

[Several fans start to taunt Reese, but security quickly moves in to back them away from Amanda. Jessica rolls into the ring to wait for her opponent.]

TD: Jessica Starbird caught Amanda Reese completely by surprise right there.

RM: And she is not a happy camper right now.

[Reese gets up and grabs a chair. She folds it up and heaves it towards the ring. It hits the ropes and falls to the floor. The crowd laughs. You can see the fire in Reese’s eyes as she steps over the railing and slides back into the ring.]

TD: Jessica meets Amanda in a collar-and-elbow tie up. Reese getting the better of this exchange as she locks Jessica up in a side headlock. Jessica pushes Reese off of her now, sending her into the ropes. Reese charges at her and Jessica takes her off of her feet with a drop toe hold!

RM: Starbird quickly up to her feet and she rushes the ropes….and she nails Reese with a jumping senton splash!

TD: Starbird rolls Reese over and covers. She may have her here…




RM: NO! Reese gets her shoulder up!

TD: You can’t get much closer than that folks. Jessica Starbird now pulling her opponent up. Reverse waistlock applied….German Suplex!!




RM: Reese again kicks out! Did you see her head bounce off the canvas? Starbird nailed that one.

TD: Jessica Starbird is hitting Amanda Reese with everything she’s got, but nothing can keep her down. Starbird brings Reese to her feet and whips her hard into the corner. Jessica charging into the corner….

RM: Ohhhh!! Jessica gets a mouthful of boot!

TD: Amanda Reese put her foot up and Jessica Starbird ran full steam ahead into that one. Reese now climbing up to the middle turnbuckles…Reese leaps off with a double axe-handle…

RM: …but Jessica catches her!

TD: Amanda Reese caught in a bear hug as she was coming off the middle turnbuckles. [Crowd pop] Ohhh!! Inverted Atomic drop by Jessica Starbird.

RM: Starbird climbing up to the middle turnbuckles now. And she drives Reese face first into the canvas with a flying bulldog!

TD: That’s gotta do it! No, wait….Starbird isn’t going for the cover. She’s pulling Reese up. She’s setting her up for the “Seeing Stars” double underhook powerbomb.

RM: She’s put many opponent away with this move.

TD: She’s got the arms locked….

[Reese braces herself as Jessica begins lifting her, thus she can only get her a few inches off the ground. As soon as Reese’s feet touch the ground again, she stands upright, flipping Jessica over the top of her.]

TD: Amanda Reese blocked the Seeing Stars!!

RM: I don’t believe it!

TD: I have to believe that Reese just saved herself from certain defeat.

[Reese stands near the ropes, a bit winded, waiting for Jessica to stand up. As soon as she does, Reese runs her over with a clothesline.]

TD: Oh man! Amanda Reese nearly decapitated Jessica Starbird with that clothesline. She pulls Jessica up. She’s moves behind her…she’s got the full nelson applied! This could be the Dragon suplex!

[Jessica raises her arms up straight and drops down onto her rear, sliding out of the full nelson. She kicks her legs up and back and hooks Reese. She pulls her over into a pinning situation.]

RM: She’s got Reese pinned!




TD: NO!! Reese kicks out!!

[The crowd pops for both wrestlers.]

TD: They’re on their feet here in L.A.! Both ladies are up on their feet now. Jessica makes a dash for the ropes….and Reese meets her with a dropkick right to the knee!

RM: Jessica drops down to one knee. Reese had been working on that right knee of Jessica’s for most of the match and it’s obviously still hurting her.

TD: Reese moves in behind Jessica…and she starts gouging her eyes out!

[The crowd boos as Reese tries to rip Starbird’s eyes out of their sockets. The ref quickly moves in and administers the mandatory 5 count. Reese then breaks the hold.]

TD: Amanda Reese is such a talented wrestler, you hate to see her resort to tactics like these.

RM: It’s almost as if Reese’s sole purpose of being in this match is to hurt her opponent. I just don’t understand what has gotten into her.

[Jessica is sitting on both of her knees, holding her hands up to her eyes. Reese runs to the ropes behind her and then nails Jessica with a cross body block from behind, driving her face first into the mat.]

TD: Amanda Reese with the advantage now. She grabs ahold of Jessica’s arm and pins her back behind her with a hammerlock. Jessica trying to sit through it…and she does! Jessica Starbird with a hammerlock applied on Amanda Reese now.

RM: Reese with those powerful legs of hers trying to stand up. Jessica’s still got the hammerlock applied as Amanda finally makes it to her feet.

TD: And Jessica just pushed Amanda into the corner…

[Reese grabs ahold of the top ropes as she approaches the corner and kicks her legs up, expecting Jessica to come charging in. Jessica does charge in and Amanda catches her with a leg headscissors.]

TD: Reese has got Jessica’s head caught between her ankles. Reese pushes off the top ropes and drives Jessica head first into the mat with a flying headscissors!

RM: That was quite a maneuver by Amanda Reese. She’s got Jessica covered now…




TD: NO! Starbird gets her shoulder up! [Crowd pop] [Reese stands up and grabs Jessica by the hair. She spins her around by the hair a few times, then launches her into one of the corners.]

TD: A hairplane spin by Amanda Reese!

RM: Fatigue is starting to take its toll on both women now.

[Jessica lies on the mat, gasping for air as Reese stands near the ropes, sucking in as much air as she can while the referee gives her a verbal warning for the hair pulling.]

TD: Amanda Reese pulls Jessica Starbird up off the canvas now. Irish whip sends Jessica to the ropes. And Jessica with a baseball slide between Reese’s legs! Jessica’s up on her feet and Amanda tries to nail her with a clothesline!

RM: Starbird ducks the clothesline and heads for the ropes. Jessica off the ropes and Reese leapfrogs over the top of her. Jessica to the ropes and Amanda makes a dash for the ropes as well…

[Both ladies come flying off the opposite ropes and collide in mid-air. The crowd gasps.]

TD: Ohhhhh!! Jessica Starbird and Amanda Reese attempting simultaneous flying shoulder tackles I believe and their heads collided!

RM: You could hear that collision all the way up in the rafters!

TD: Both ladies are down.

[The referee begins his count.]

TD: Each women had a lot of force coming off those ropes and they collided very hard. They’re still down.

RM: Neither one of them is moving. The referee is up to five in his count.

[The crowd starts cheering and stomping their feet as the referee continues his count.]

TD: I don’t think either one of them is going to be able to get up Rich.


RM: The referee is up to eight now.


TD: There’s nine. If one of them doesn’t get up now….



TD: ….they’ve both been counted down!

RM: It’s a double knockout!

RING ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen…the referee has ruled this match a double countout!

[A lot of boos from the crowd as the announcement is made. Several officials slide into the ring and begin attending to the two wrestlers. They have towels and water bottles and are trying to revive the two of them.]

TD: We are out of time ladies and gentlemen! For everyone here at Angels & Amazons it has been a tremendous two days and we will see you next time! Good night!

[The boos continue as we fade to credits and then black.]

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