WARNING: The following film is rated TV-MA. It contains language, violence to people and animals. No person or animal was harmed in the making of this film. Viewer discretion is advised.

The scene opens outside in the pouring rain. Ambulances and police cars are outside. Paramedics are using a gurney to wheel out someone. “One confirmed dead,” someone says as Detective Winthrop stops them. He then nods and they continue on as he slowly enters the dark building.

He reaches to his belt and pulls out a flashlight as he moves deeper into the building. “Can we get some lights on in here?”

“I’ll try and find out, Detective!”

He starts to sweep his flashlight back and forth and then spots droplets of blood on the black and white checkered tile floor. 


As he moves forward, the drops become a wide path of blood, as if someone has drug a body across the floor. The detective follows the trail and comes across a body on a couch as he slowly shines light upward.


We don’t see what he sees but he immediately turns away, horrified by what he’s seen. It’s then he catches a brief glimpse of someone further into the building running by and he starts to follow.


He ends up outside. “There’s a woman. Find her!”


“Everyone spread out!”


We are in a hospital as Detective Winthrop stalks in. Another officer rushes over and begins to brief him. “We’ve identified the two victims. Roy Mercer, 28 and Claudia Brummer, 23. Claudia works at the club where the murders occurred. Roy was an insurance agent. 


“Male?” asks Winthrop.

“Female. Name is…” he flips to another page in his notebook, “Erin Mathis. All we have is a name. She’s currently the prime…”

Winthrop holds up his hand, “Just find her.”

“Roger,” is the response, and the officer leaves.

The detective looks through the window, a look of concern over his face. We finally see who he is looking at as the camera looks inside the room and sees Anna, lying on a bed with an oxygen mask on her face.


The scene opens inside a hospital as well. Anna Davis is lying in a bed with her head bandaged as she wakes up and shifts uncomfortably. A nurse walks by her room and sees her awake and comes in, “Oh good. You’re awake.”

“Why am I in a hospital?” Anna asks.

The nurse takes a seat nearby, “You were in an accident. You don’t remember?”

“What accident?” she asks. She tries to remember, but she can’t.

“Do you know your name?”

“Anna. Davis.”



“Where do you live?”


“Parent’s phone number?”

Anna is silent for a moment and then shakes her head. “I don’t know.”

The nurse nods her head and offers a reassuring smile, “We’ll run some tests in the morning. I’m Rebecca. I’ll be your attending nurse.”

A shadow fills the room as another nurse stops in front of the door and it catches Anna’s attention for a long moment until Nurse Rebecca interrupts. “Everything okay? Can I get you anything?”

Anna snaps out of it and shakes her head. “I’m okay. Thanks.”

“Okay. You can call if you need anything at all.”

With that the nurse turns and leaves the room. Outside there seems to be a man pacing back and forth. He asks the nurse something and she shakes her head. He looks into the room and then sighs, and then leaves.

The morning comes and the same man is outside of her room. Rebecca talks to him for a moment and she walks into the room. “There is a man to see you.”

Anna looks confused, “Who is it?”

“Perhaps you should speak to him yourself.”

Anna nods her head, “Okay.”

Rebecca goes out and talks to the man who in turn nods. He walks into the room very slowly, nervously perhaps.

“I don’t know if you know who I am,” he starts.

Anna slowly pulls the covers up to her neck, “I don’t.”

“I’m the one who accidentally hit you when you were riding your bicycle,” he explains then remembers that he’s holding flowers and he places them on her nightstand. “My name is Cassidy.”

Her eyes follow him as he places the flowers down and steps back. “What is it you want?”

“I just wanted you to know that everything will be taken care of by my insurance. I’ve already spoken with them so please just worry about getting well.”

Anna is silent, watching him as if waiting for him to continue.

“I…” he starts, then shakes his head. “I should go.”  With that, he turns and leaves the room as he steps out into the hallway, he turns back once more to look at her before he leaves.

Footsteps approach and the second nurse from the previous night, the one who stood in the doorway walks into the room, “Are you alright?”

Anna nods her head slowly, “I believe so.”

The nurse reaches into her pocket and pulls out a notepad, “I believe this is yours. It was with your possessions and I thought you might like to have it back,” she says as she hands over the journal.

“Oh! Thank you so much,” says Anna as she smiles at having the book back in her possession. “You don’t know how much this book means to me.”

“Well, I’m glad I was able to return it. Please remember to call home and let your family know you are safe.” She turns to the flowers, “That man who left brought these flowers?”

Anna nods, “Yes.”

“You hated them, hm?”

Anna is surprised at that, “How did you…?”

“It’s written all over your face.”

Anna looks serious for a moment, and then nods, “I did hate them. I’m actually allergic. How can you read me so well, we just met?”

The nurse takes the flowers and drops them in the trash can, “You are trying to get well. You do not need to be hiding your feelings right now. It’s not good for your health.”

“You’re probably right.”

The nurse smiles, “I think you and I are going to get along just fine. My name is Hannah Daniels. Let’s be friends.”

Anna nods her head, smiling. “Okay.”

The nurse leaves and Anna reaches into her journal and pulls out a picture of her and her mother.

Scene shifts to Anna at a payphone, “Mom?” she asks as someone answers. It’s now we see that Anna is in a cast for her leg and using crutches. 

“Anna? Is everything okay?”

“I was in an accident.”

“Are you hurt? What about your new job?”

“It’s a contract job. I won’t get paid.”

“I keep telling you to find full-time work, Anna. You don’t listen to me.”

“I need a favor. My hospital bills are paid for, but I’ll be out of work for a while.”

“You need money. Why don’t you move home instead? We have room for you here.”

“Mom. No. I’m trying to make something of myself here.”

Behind her, Nurse Hannah is walking by, stopping when she notices Anna on the phone.

“I’m so worried about you, Anna,” her mom continues, “Who else do you have to turn to but me? Everything I do is for you, Anna.”

“Stop talking to me like that! I hate it when you talk to me like that,” snaps Anna. “I’m not ever coming back to that house!” She slams down the phone. Nurse Hannah slowly starts walking back up the stairs as Anna shakes her head and sighs.

Scene changes to outside, the sounds of kids playing basketball is heard. We pan over to find that Anna is sitting outside, leg out with a cast and her head is still bandaged.

Nurse Hannah walks over and smiles, “I’m glad you’re getting outside. Your tests have come back and everything looks fine.”

This news doesn’t appear to make Anna happy and Hannah notices, “Is something wrong?”

Anna just shakes her head. “I’ve gotten used to spending time with you. But when I come back for physical therapy, I’ll stop by and say hello.” 


Anna blinks at that response and looks up, “What’s wrong?”

“I guess I hadn’t told you yet. I’m quitting this job.”

Anna nods her head, “I see. Well, then make sure you let me know where you are and we can find time to get together!”

Hannah hesitates and then sits down next to Anna, “I have a crazy idea.”

Confused, Anna nods. “What is it?”

“I have to admit, I overheard your phone conversation with your mother,” Hannah says.

Embarrassed, Anna shakes her head, “Sorry you heard that.”

“I know you are going through some financial hardships now. I already have an offer for a new job, but I have no place to live. What if we lived together as roommates?”

Anna looks serious for a moment.

“It would mean cutting your rent in half, but you’d have to share your space.”

Anna slowly smiles as she continues to think it over, “We could share my place. I could really use the help and we get along really well.”

Hannah smiles, “That sounds like a great idea! Thank you!”

“Thank you!” says Anna.

A week later, we see Anna and Hannah getting off an elevator. Anna has gotten down to one crutch, walking with a limp. “It’s an old building. I apologize.”

Hannah grins, “It’s quaint! I love it.”

Anna uses her key to open the door and reaches in to turn on a light as the two walk into the room. 

Hannah asks, “May I come in?”

“It’s your place too now, right? Sorry if it’s a little messy.”

The two continue into the main living room. There’s a large window that looks outside. “My mother was helping me out,” Anna explains as she starts to clean things up.

“It’s okay. I’ll be doing my fair share now and paying half, so we’re good.” Hannah says as she starts to help out as well. Pretty soon everything is all tidied up.

They sit down on the couch next to each other, “Can you make me a list of things like what days the garbage man comes and such? Then I’ll know. And also, I know that man’s insurance is trying to get you to settle, do you have any experience?”

Anna shrugs, shaking her head. “It’s my first accident.”

“Let me handle that insurance for you? I got a settlement once so I know exactly what to do!” reassures Hannah. “They can be tricky, so I’d like to help.” 

Anna thinks it over for a moment and then nods. “Sure. Thank you. I don’t want to be taken advantage of.”

“Thank you.”

Later in the evening they sit down for dinner, “This looks so good,” says Anna as she takes a bite. Hannah sits down as well, “Do you think our personalities will clash?”

Anna thinks about it for a moment, “Not if we don’t let it. Let’s not get too obsessed about it, okay? We can do our own things.”

Hannah grins, “Okay.” Then her expression changes as she gets up, “I have an idea!”

She rushes out of the room and comes back with a notebook, “If we use this, we can communicate things without any misunderstanding. We just leave each other notes in this book.”

She slides the book over towards Anna who picks it up and flips through it. “I think it’s a good idea. Let’s do that.”

There’s a montage here that shows that over a period of time, the two spending time together and getting along. Hanging paintings and sharing clothing while the voice of Anna speaks.

“I was a little worried at first having a roommate, but I could stay with her forever.”

We get a look at the notebook with those words written in it and just underneath in different handwriting are the words, “Me too.”

Hannah walks by Anna’s room and sees her asleep but uncovered so she walks in and pulls the cover up over her when Anna awakens.

“I had a bad dream,” she whispers. “It was about my mother. She kept coming after me in my dream. I couldn’t get away.”

Hannah suddenly looks surprised. “I’m having the same dream.”

They are silent for a moment, then Hannah looks at Anna. “I’m here for you. I’m here for you from now on.”

“Don’t leave, okay?” says Anna.

“Never,” says Hanna.


Hannah and Anna are walking down the sidewalk. Anna inquires, “Any new developments from the insurance company?”

Hannah considers for a moment, “I can’t really say. I make appointments with the insurance agent and then he doesn’t show up.”

Anna sighs, “I should probably handle it myself.”

Hannah shakes her head, “I like to help. Don’t worry, it’ll all be okay.”

Anna is silent for a moment, “When the settlement comes, I want to move.”


“I want to move away from here and start all over,” Anna says.

Hannah stops walking, “But we just moved in together!”

Anna stops and turns to Hannah, “So, come with me.”

Hannah considers that before asking, “Why do you want to move so badly?”

Anna is quiet and then starts walking, “I don’t know.”

They both laugh as Hannah starts walking with her.

They stop and see two children playing with their tiny dog.

“I’ve always wanted a pet,” says Anna.

“Why did you never get one?” asks Hannah.

“I don’t really know.” The dog turns and begins to bark at the two adults.

Hannah gets very serious and starts to walk towards the children, “Pets take a lot of work. And then they die.” The children overhear the word and quickly snatch up their pet and leave.

Anna looks over at Hannah, “What’s wrong with you?”

Hannah turns around suddenly to face Anna with a smile on her face, “Let’s go somewhere nice!”

Anna looks confused, but Hannah adds, “You want to relax, right?”

Scene changes to a fancy restaurant and Hannah and Anna are eating. Anna takes a drink of her wine and then turns to Hannah, “This is exactly what I needed. It’s perfect.”

The sounds of giggling are heard as Anna and Hannah’s attention is drawn where Anna’s original nurse is eating and having a good time with a man. “Isn’t that Rebecca? From the hospital?”

Hannah makes a face, obviously uncomfortable. “Seems so.” Then she starts eating as if not wanting to talk about it anymore.

Anna watches her for a moment and then goes back to her food as well.

Scene switches to the restroom, Hannah is in front of the mirror as Rebecca walks in and notices her, “It’s you! Are you on a date?”

Hannah shakes her head, “I’m not seeing anyone.”

Rebecca finishes touching up her makeup and when she turns back to Hannah, she is startled as Hannah has an angry look on her face.

“It’s good to see you,” says Hannah. “Bye.”

Rebecca offers a weak, fake smile. “Um, yeah. See you.”

Rebecca turns and quickly walks out of the restroom. Hannah turns back to the mirror and in an almost identical voice as Rebecca mimics her in front of the mirror, “See you,” she says. Then after a moment, she snaps out of it and actually looks started to see herself standing there. She quickly leaves the restroom and approaches the table.

“Anna, can we go?” she asks quickly.

“We didn’t have dessert.”

Hannah reaches down and grabs her by the elbow, “Please.”

Anna quickly gets up and as they leave with Hannah in the front, as Anna passes the waiter who is bringing dessert, she looks at him, “Sorry, we have to go.”

Back at the apartment, Anna is trying to sleep but voices are keeping her up.

“I don’t have anything against Rebecca, Mary.”

“I saw that look on your face.”

“But what about Anna?”

“I’m here with her right now.”

“I don’t need you anymore, you’re so conceited.”

The voices are getting louder each time. Anna sits up in her bed and places her feet on the floor.

“Go away and don’t ever come back!”

“It’ll never work out with that woman and you know it.”

“You leave us alone!”

Anna slowly opens her door and steps out into the hallway using her cane. She looks into the living room and sees Hannah standing there.

“Hannah? Everything okay?”

Hannah turns to her, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up.”

“It’s okay. Don’t stress yourself, okay?”

Hannah gets an annoyed look on her face and brushes past her, pausing to say, “You’re lucky. If you’re with someone you hate, you can just leave.” She pauses for a moment and then offers a solemn, “Good night.”

She walks into her room and slams the door, causing Anna to jump. The scene lingers on a worried Anna who’s trying to make sense of all of this.

The next day, Anna is at physical therapy. She is being assisted by another nurse when Cassidy walks into the room and watches her for a moment. Scene changes to outside a bit later, Anna is enjoying the fresh air and Cassidy walks out. “Hello.”

Anna turns to him, “Cassidy, right?”

He nods in acknowledgment and they walk over to sit on a bench.

There’s a long awkward pause of silence and then Cassidy asks, “Anna. Do you remember the accident?”

She’s surprised by the question, and doesn’t have an immediate answer so he continues. “I remember the exact instance that it happened. Or… maybe I don’t.”

More awkward silence as Anna shifts in her seat, before adding, “Most people probably wouldn’t remember. You could take your eyes off the road for a split second and then it’s over.”

Cassidy nods his head, “That’s true.” He almost seems relieved. “I try not to think about it, but I’ve become a little obsessed over it. You probably think I’m a weirdo.”

“I don’t think that at all.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure.”

By now they are smiling at each other as the awkward tension slowly goes away.

Anna considers, “Well…”

Cassidy turns to her, “What?”

“Maybe you are a little weird,” Anna says with a grin on her face.

Cassidy almost looks offended and then nods in agreement, “You’re probably right.”

Anna is walking home from physical therapy when she spots the two children putting up signs on lamp posts.  They look super sad and as Anna gets closer, she asks, “What’s wrong?”

They pull out one of the signs and hand it over. It’s a ‘lost dog’ sign for their little dog from before.

“I’m sorry,” she offers, “I hope you find her.”

They thank her and walk away. She takes another look at the sign and then walks off.

As she gets to her place, she opens the door and announces, “I’m home!”  She pauses for a moment and sniffs the air, “What are you cooking?” She walks in and places a bag of groceries on the counter. There’s a pot on the stove cooking.

She doesn’t get a response and so she walks over and turns off the stove, “Why would she leave this pot on and go out?”

The window is open and a breeze flows through, knocking the ‘lost dog’ sign off the counter and to the floor.

Anna starts to walk to it but pauses as she looks into the sink. She stares at it for a very long time. She slowly turns her head towards the lost dog sign now lying on the floor.

In the sink, we finally see lots of blood and such, but also there is a bloody dog collar just like the one in the poster.

She looks up and very slowly turns her head towards the pot on the stove.

She slowly walks over.

She pauses as if not wanting to do this.

She reaches out her hand and touches the handle of the lid to the pot.

She slowly lifts the lid to the pot.

First, she screams as she drops the lid onto the counter and back away, then we see the face of the small dog looking up at her from inside the pot, steaming. She stumbles and falls back on the floor and bumps into Hannah who has just walked into the room.

Hannah is silent for a moment and then notices the dog in the pot. She screams as well and then rushes to close the window, “Someone must have come inside?”

“Weren’t you here all day?”

Hannah drops onto the couch, hugging a pillow to her body, “I’m so scared!”

Anna gets to her feet and limps over toward Hannah, “Someone came into our apartment and did… that… and you didn’t see them?”

Hurt, Hannah turns to Anna, “You think I did this?”

“I’m not saying that! I mean, I don’t understand how this can happen!” she cries.

Hannah has tears streaming down her face, “What do you mean by that?”

Anna starts to say something, then stops and finally says, “Nothing. I didn’t mean anything. We should call the police!” she reaches for her phone.

“No!” demands Hannah. “They’ll think we did it!” She starts to rock in her seat, “You think I did this! How are we supposed to live together after this? You promised me that we would live together forever!”

Anna starts to answer but her cell phone begins to ring. She starts to ignore it, but it’s persistent so she finally pulls it out of her purse and walks away from Hannah to answer.


“Miss Davis! I’m from Digital Insurance. We’ve been trying to reach Ms. Daniels on your behalf, but we have been unable to. We’d like to settle this claim.”

Anna turns to look at Hannah who is obviously distraught. 


“I’m here,” she says, “I can’t talk right now.” She hangs up the phone.

A little while later, a box with the pot in it is sitting outside a garbage bin. 

Back at the apartment, the landlord is changing the locks on the apartment and hands over new keys to Anna, “Here are the keys.”

“Thank you. Sorry to bother you.”

Later, Anna places a key on the table. Across the table is Hannah who asks, “Do you really think I did this?”

Anna shakes her head. “I don’t.”

Hannah gets a serious look on her face as she stands up. “Those girls should have taken better care of their dog.” She reaches for the key and walks out of the room. Wide-eyed, Anna watches her leave and disappear into her room. Anna remains at the table with a very concerned look on her face as dramatic music plays in the background.


An officer runs into Detective Winthrop’s office. “Cassidy Newsome is awake.”

Scene changes to the hospital where Winthrop is with Cassidy. “Can you tell us how Anna Davis came to work for you?”

Cassidy is sitting up in his hospital bed. As the question is asked, the expression on his face becomes very pained. 


Anna is sitting at a familiar bench outside of where she has physical therapy. She’s reading through a book. A nurse comes out and walks over to the edge and tries to light a cigarette.  Anna happens to look up and see that it’s Rebecca.

“Oh, Rebecca! Hello.”

When Rebecca sees Anna, she gets suddenly nervous and accidentally drops her cigarette on the ground. Rebecca finally stammers, “You’re doing well at rehab.”

She kicks the cigarette off the edge as Anna moves closer to her causing Rebecca to be a little more nervous.”

“We will miss you when you stop coming for rehab,” Rebecca says as she reaches for another smoke, seeming to be trying very hard to be nice to Anna for some reason.

Anna laughs, “I hardly think that’s true.”

Rebecca again tries to light up, “You know it’s true.” For some reason her hand is shaking as she tries to light her cigarette and the flame keeps going out. 

Anna is getting a weird vibe from Rebecca, “Well, thank you.  I guess I’ll see you around.”  Anna leaves the building only to be texted.  She reaches for her phone and it’s Hannah asking when she’ll be home.

Anna looks like she might answer, but instead she puts it back in her purse. 


She looks up and sees Cassidy walking over, “This is perfect timing.”

Cassidy notices a sign on the window for a benefit concert. “Have you seen this?”

Anna turns to look, then shakes her head. “I haven’t really paid attention.”

“Would you like to go?”

“Sure. I’d like that,” she responds. 

We are at the benefit concert with Anna and Cassidy. They are seated together in the audience as the announcer is speaking.  Cassidy leans over, “My friend gave me these tickets and said I should come. He’s running for office. Look at his pictures in the program. Mike Rogers.”

Anna flips open the program and he points to the picture of his friend as the children’s concert begins.

After they are filing out of the building, Cassidy asks, “Still doing therapy?”

“Yes. But it’s time to go back to work, I think. They filled my position at my last job so I will probably have to find a new one.” Anna is still using her cane as she limps along beside him.

Cassidy stops, “I…”

She stops and turns towards him, curious.

He seems very nervous to ask, but he finally blurts out, “Would you like to come work for me?”

“Excuse me?” she asks. It was an oddly random question.

“I mean, I work by myself but I’m getting behind. I could use some help. I pay well.”

She’s not really sure what type of deal this is, so she asks, “What type of work do you do?”

“I import things. Mostly collectibles, but other things as well,” he says.

Anna thinks for a moment, “I would feel like you’re doing this just because you hit me. I don’t need a job out of sympathy.”

Cassidy holds up his hands, “No. It’s nothing like that. You seem very smart and capable. I have been looking, but haven’t really found the right fit for the job.”

Anna is a little more reassured, “Let me think about it.”

Cassidy’s phone rings. He reaches for it turning away from Anna. “Okay. I’ll ask her.” He turns back to her, “My insurance agent says he still can’t reach your representative to set up payment for the settlement.”

Anna huffs. “She keeps saying she will handle it. I’ll talk with her again. Thank you for the concert, I should be going.”

Cassidy nods, “Please let me know if you’ll accept the job.” He reaches into his wallet and pulls out a card and offers it to her.

“I will.” Anna accepts the card, then turns and limps off.  As she walks by, she sees the man that Cassidy was referring to. Mike Rogers. The one who is running for office. He grabs a child by the arm and pushed her to the ground. He starts to scold her but notices Anna. The older man helps the teenager up, “Let’s go talk about this privately,” he tells her and escorts her back into the building. Before they disappear, the girl looks back at Anna almost in desperation before disappearing inside.

As Anna is standing there watching, Cassidy looks up and notices her again, but this time it triggers a memory of the night of the crash. He remembers that when Anna rode in front of his car, she stopped the bike and turned to look at him with a calm look upon her face.

The memory was a brief flash and as he turned to run after her, she was already gone.

It’s nighttime when Anna reaches her apartment building. She pauses outside for a moment, almost looking with regret that she has to go home. We see her enter the apartment offering an “I’m home,” in a low tone.

She immediately goes into her room and closes the door, but Hannah comes from her room and opens her door, “You’re very late.”

Anna is seated on her bed, removing her purse from around her as she sets it on the bed. “I had dinner before coming home.”

Hannah seems disappointed, “I bought groceries and made dinner too.”

Anna winces, “Sorry?”

“Come try a little. I promise you’ll like it. I worked so hard!”

Hannah walks back into the kitchen and takes the plate from the counter and puts it into the microwave and punches a few buttons then turns it on.

Anna walks out of her room, “I’m thinking it’s time to go back to work.”

“Already? You still have some unemployment time left, don’t you?”

Walking over to the table to sit down, Anna shrugs, “I feel like I’ve been taking advantage of you.”

“I told you not to worry about that.”

“It’s not just that,” Anna says, “I hate being cooped up inside here all the time. It’s time for me to get out more.”

“You met with Cassidy?” asks Hannah.

Shocked, Anna looks up at her. “How did you…?

Interrupting, Hannah scolds, “I’m hurt you tried to hide that.” She walks over to Anna and kneels down so she’s face to face, “And you’ve been talking with Rebecca?”

Anna quickly stands and moves around Hannah into the kitchen area, “I need some water,” she says as she grabs a glass and walks towards the sink, turning on the water and putting the glass underneath. 

The microwave beeps and Hannah walks over and opens it, removing the plate. “Who was there for you when you needed help?” Hanna asks as she moves in behind Anna. “Just me. I’m the only one.”

Then cheerfully, she takes a fork, stabs it into a piece of meat, “This was delicious, please try some.” She offers it to Anna. 

Immediately, the image of the poor dog cooking in that pot flashes across Anna’s mind. The glass, which is overflowing, 

Shaking, Anna shakes her head. “No. Thank you.  I’m very tired. I’m going to bed.” She hurries out of the room and into her own, shutting the door behind her.

Later that night, very creepily, Hannah stands outside of the apartment, looking into Anna’s window, watching her sleep. 

Back at the hospital, Rebecca is leaving for her shift, she pauses to fix the tie of an incoming doctor before wishing him goodnight and moving on her way. It’s obvious though, that someone is watching her.

We see Rebecca walking alone on a brightly lit bridge at night, then walking up a very long flight of stairs. Suddenly footsteps are heard running up the stairs and the figure moves past her quickly, then stops. 

The woman turns around to face Rebecca who instantly recognizes her. The woman suddenly splashes something onto Rebecca’s face as she screams. Whatever the substance was, it burns her face and she loses her balance and tumbles down the concrete steps where she lands awkwardly on her neck. It’s very obvious that the fall has killed her.  All we see are the lips of the woman at the top of the stairs as she smiles and turns to continue to walk up the stairs.

The next morning, Anna and Hannah are eating breakfast with the news on as the announcer reports, “Police are investigating the death of a nurse. The death occurred late last night when she fell down a long flight of stairs after she was splashed in the face with some type of acid.”

Anna turns to the television and sees Rebecca’s face on the screen, “What? Rebecca?”

Hannah seems unimpressed as she mutters, “What a way to go.”

Anna turns quickly to Hannah, looking incredulous that she would say such a thing.

Not caring, Hannah adds, “She thought she was so cute.” She smirks and gets up from the table and leaves the room as Anna watches her leave.

Anna looks after her, “Hannah!” 

A few moments later, Hannah returns and sees that breakfast is on the table and looks at Anna, “Is someone else here?”

“What are you talking about?” asks Anna.

The news is still talking about the murder when they show an illustration of the woman who was seen leaving the crime scene. Hannah eyes the image and under her breath mutters, “Mary, what did you do?”

Anna looks at Hannah, very confused, “Are you okay?”

Hannah storms out of the room into her own room, grabs her purse, and runs out the door of the apartment.

Anna gets up and hobbles to the hallway, “Hannah!” but it’s too late as the door closes behind her. Anna turns towards Hannah’s room and goes inside. She walks to the open closet and inside is a similar dress to the one described on the television. Shocked, Anna quickly closes the closet door as the scene goes black.


Cassidy is being interviewed by Winthrop, “Did you see Anna that day?”

Cassidy nods, “She wanted to talk to someone about her roommate. Hannah Daniels.”

Winthrop writes that down in his notes.

Cassidy continues, “So she came over to see me.”

Winthrop nods. “She thought Hannah was her friend but was acting very strange. She was worried?”

Cassidy doesn’t answer. 

“I’m reading the diary they shared,” the detective insists.

Cassidy looks up at the detective, “So… do you know? You know that there was something very wrong with Hannah Daniels.”

Winthrop nods, “She had Anna Davis at her wit’s end. We know that.”

Cassidy nods his head, “But Anna wanted to help Hannah get better.”

Later, Cassidy looks in on Anna as she lies in the hospital bed when a figure walks by and gets Cassidy’s attention as the screen goes black.


Anna gets off the bus and walks up to a home and rings the doorbell.  Inside, Cassidy is typing away at his computer when he hears the bell and gets up to answer. 

He opens the door and is surprised to see her standing there, “Anna? How did you…?”

She looks a little embarrassed just dropping by unannounced, she reaches into her purse and pulls out the card he gave her and then he remembers. 

“I was hoping that job was still available.” She blushes a little when she adds, “I really need to get back to work.”

He steps out of the way, “Of course it is. Come on in.”

She walks into the house as he closes the door behind her. He leads her through the house into the back area where he keeps all his merchandise and offers her a chair, “Please, have a seat.”

He walks over and pulls a couple of bottles of water from the refrigerator and as he turns around, she’s admiring some of the pictures on the wall. “My father. This was his house before he died. There’s so much room here, that’s when I decided to start my own company.”

She looks around at all the clutter in the room. Boxes opened up here and there and paperwork was thrown about, “You’re not very tidy,” she teases.

He laughs, “It’s a cross between a warehouse, office, and home. So, let me tell you more about the job.” He walks over to a stack of boxes, “These are private. Not part of the work here, so you don’t need to bother with them.” He walks over to more stacks of boxes, “These are items I just got in to sell.” He points to another stack, “These are going to need to be shipped…” 


He stops and looks at her.

“All these boxes look the same. There’s no order. I can’t tell them apart at all,” she says with a confused look on her face.

Now he looks embarrassed, “I know. I get them mixed up myself sometimes, which is why I need an assistant,” he points to her.

It’s late as she walks down the sidewalk with a bag of groceries in one hand and her cane in the other. She arrives home and walks inside and it’s dark inside. She flips on a light, “I’m home.” There’s no answer.

Later she sits at the dining table alone with two plates on the table, looking very forlorn. She looks over at the photo of her and Hannah smiling. She sighs deeply and begins to eat her dinner. 

The next day Anna is walking down the sidewalk and hears her name being called. She turns around and it’s Cassidy, “Good morning!” he says as he hurries to catch up with her. “It’s warm out today,” he looks past her to see a woman watching the two of them, who quickly turns and leaves.

Anna sees his attention diverted and turns to see the woman leave, but she doesn’t say anything as she turns back to him and smiles, “It’s definitely warm out today.” They start walking together.

At his place, we show them working together. He brings her boxes and she attaches shipping labels to them. He’s taking photos of some of his product and she uploads the photos to his web site. 

She’s walking home after and it’s dark again. She hears a horn honk and her attention is drawn as she sees Hannah. The two make eye contact, then angrily Hannah turns and begins to walk away. Anna hurries to try and catch up with her. She follows her under an overpass, but with her injury she has a hard time trying to catch up. As she comes out from under the overpass, there’s a club. She starts to look around to see if she spots Hannah when a voice is heard.

“Looking for someone?”

Hannah walks up behind Anna, who turns around. “Oh, Hannah!”

But instead of answering, Hannah turns and walks into the club, stopping briefly to turn back to Hannah before disappearing inside.  Anna looks around before tentatively walking to the entrance and into the club.

Hannah turns back to see Anna has followed and keeps walking, Anna stays behind her. There are a number of people in this club, men and women, sitting and chatting. There’s a bar with a few patrons sitting by, drinking. 

Anna walks by them all, looking around. 

She takes a seat on a couch where Hannah has sat. Hannah has pulled out a cigarette and lights it. After exhaling, she turns to Anna, “Nervous?”

Anna pauses before asking, “Why haven’t you come home?”

Hannah plays coy, “It’s not like you don’t know.”

Confused, Anna asks, “What does that mean?”

“We’ve met before, but Hannah got in the way. I’m Mary, Hannah’s roommate.  It’s nice to formally meet you.”

“Stop fucking around, Hannah,” Anna demands, an angry expression crossing her face. 

“I told you. I’m Mary. Get it right.”

Anna’s anger fades and now it’s more of a look of concern that is on her face, “Have I offended you somehow? What did I do? Why are you doing this?”

Instead of answering, Hannah turns away, “Why are you so concerned with Hannah anyway? I’m sitting here and you keep talking about her. I guess that’s just the way you are.” She snubs out her cigarette and moves closer to Anna until they are face to face, “Forget about Hannah and let’s get to know each other.”

Hannah reaches over and brushes some of Anna’s hair behind her ear and then leans over and kisses her.  After a moment, Anna recoils back in shock. 

Angry, Hannah stands up and stares down at Anna then suddenly slaps her across the face.

“Stop it!” Anna cries.

Hannah slaps her again.

“Please stop!” Anna screams.  “Hannah, please!”

Hannah sits back down, “Hannah means that much to you? You should keep a closer eye on her.”

Anna is scared now as she slides away from Hannah on the couch. She gets up, grabs her cane, and hurries out of the club as Hannah watches her leave with a grin on her face.

Anna arrives home and closes the door behind her, locking it and leaning against it before sliding down to sit on the floor as she tries to catch her breath.

Moments later, Anna is in the shower. From outside the shower, the camera slowly moves closer to the steamed glass door.  From inside the shower, we see the figure of a woman walking up to the door. Anna finally sees her as well and screams. She holds the door closed screaming, “Go away! Go away!” The figure disappears.

Anna wraps a robe around her and slowly steps out of the bathroom and looks down the hall. She moves ever so cautiously down the hallway, keeping close to the wall, stopping ever so often to look behind her.

She steps into the living room, “Hannah?”

There’s no answer. There’s no one in the living room or dining room. 

She turns slowly towards the door to Hannah’s room. She stands there for a long moment before inching her hand towards the doorknob and gradually twisting it.

Without going inside, she just pushes the door open. It’s dark inside the room.

After a moment, she reaches her hand inside the room to flip the light switch, but no light comes on. She flips it up and down again with the same result.

She creeps insides and reaches for the lamp and turns it on as the room suddenly brightens. She sees something reflected in the mirror and spins around to see written on the wall in bright red lipstick, “My name is Mary, bitch!”

She screams and staggers back into a desk, knocking over a small bottle of something that spills onto her foot and immediately burns as she screams again, this time in pain and drops to the ground to grab at her foot. 

Next Anna is dressed, she is throwing clothes into her bag. She gets up and grabs her cane and starts to leave, but as she passes Hannah’s room, she spies the journal on the floor. She picks it up and leaves the apartment.

Cassidy opens the door to see Anna standing out on his porch in the dark.

Moments later, he is leading her inside. “Sorry it’s so late,” she says.

“Nah,” he says, “I’m always up working late.”

He leads her upstairs and opens a door, “You can use this room. It’s messy, I’m sorry. It’s all I have to offer you.”  

The room is cluttered and messy. He walks in and sets her bag down on the bed, “If you need anything, I’ll be downstairs.”

“Thank you,” she says. She seems embarrassed to have come there.

Later, Cassidy is working on his computer. Anna is in the room, she sits at the desk and turns on the lamp. She reaches into her bag and pulls out the journal she took from Hannah’s room.

“I had the same dream last night. He was on top of me, trying to choke me. He smelled awful.”

“It’s like I’m not myself anymore.”

“Suddenly, I don’t even know my own name.”

She slams the book closed. She hears her phone ringing and gets up from the desk to pull it out of her purse. 


“Help me!” she hears Hannah’s voice.


“That woman, Mary, she won’t leave me alone! Please help me!” the voice sounds desperate.

“Hannah, there’s no such person as Mary,” Anna tries to explain. “Can we talk about this rationally?”

Hannah’s voice becomes soft, “Anna. Please don’t abandon me.”

There’s a pause before Anna answers, “I won’t. Won’t you please just…”

The phone hangs up.

Anna gets up and stuffs her things back into her bag and tries to slip down the stairs. She walks by Cassidy who stands up from his computer, “Where are you going?”

Anna stops, then turns around to face him. “I’m really sorry about all of this. I didn’t mean to cause you any trouble tonight.”

He approaches her, “What do you mean by trouble?”

She starts to tell him something but then shakes her head. “It’s nothing. Really.”

She turns to go and he reaches for her arm, “It doesn’t concern…” she starts to say but he doesn’t wait as he leans in to kiss her.

She doesn’t pull away, but he breaks the kiss and she steps back. “You can say it doesn’t, but it does concern me,” he says.

She finally looks up into his eyes.

Later, he is reading the diary that Anna took with Anna sitting next to him. He closes the book after finishing and he turns to her, “It’s multiple personalities. Used as a defense mechanism for a child who has suffered abuse,” he explains.

Anna leans back in her chair, concern on her face. “I knew something was wrong, but I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t realize she was in pain.”

Cassidy reaches for her hand, “You didn’t do anything wrong, Anna. What if we try ti find her and get her help?”

The next morning, Cassidy’s phone rings. 

“There’s something off about this Anna Davis claim. I cannot reach her representative. She doesn’t show for meetings. She doesn’t answer my calls…”

Anna is upstairs as she hears Cassidy speaking and she walks down the stairs. She is grabbed from behind and a knife put at her throat, Hannah is behind her. “Don’t say a word or I cut your throat,” she threatens.

She leads her back up the stairs and into the bedroom and closes the door, then pushes Anna to the floor. “You’re fucking useless.” She picks up Anna’s cane and pushes it into her stomach as Anna winces in pain. 

She tosses the cane aside and kneels down and puts the knife at Anna’s face.  Anna pleads quietly, “I can help you, Hannah. Just you and me. We can go.”

Hannah grabs the cane and pulls Anna up by her shirt. Anna reaches for the diary as Hannah pulls her down the stairs and the two slip by Cassidy who is still on the phone. They slip out the back door.

We see Hannah dragging Anna by the hand while Anna struggles to keep up with her limp. As they walk down the sidewalk, people move to the side to get out of their way.

Back at the house, Cassidy has finished his call and he walks up and looks into the room, “Anna?” He realizes that she’s gone and hurries down the stairs.

On the bus, Hannah and Anna are sitting in the back as Anna’s phone begins to ring. Caller ID says it’s Cassidy, but Hannah snatches the phone and puts the knife against her side. “Don’t you draw attention to us, do you understand?”  Anna nods in fear.

They’re walking under the overpass from before and Hannah pulls Anna along as they go into the deserted club. Hannah opens the door and then pulls Anna in and pushes her to the ground. Hannah tosses Anna’s phone on the ground. “It’s your fault Hannah is in trouble. But I guess you don’t understand that. What is it you propose we do to help her?”

Except for the light that’s coming through the door from the outside, the club is dark. Hannah strikes a match and begins to light some candles in the club, “Everyone is trying to drive you and Hannah apart. So, how about we ask your Cassidy to come down here and join us.”

“What do you want from Cassidy?”

Hannah smirks, “You do what I tell you to do and then I’ll do my part.”

Meanwhile, Cassidy has arrived at Anna’s apartment complex. He rings the doorbell and then calls her name but there is no answer.  He starts to leave but hears a bump coming from inside and sees movement through the window.

He tries the door and it opens up and he slips inside. He calls her name as he looks through each room. Suddenly as he’s in the living room, someone bursts out of Hannah’s room and runs outside. He starts to chase after but as he gets outside, he doesn’t see anyone.

His phone suddenly rings, “Hello?” he says, answering.

“I finally was able to reach Ms. Daniels. She wants to finish up this settlement. She wants to meet me at this club, Arrival. Have you heard of it? It’s right near where the accident was. I’m on my way now.”

Cassidy tries to stop him, “Don’t go..”

“Don’t worry. I’ll handle it all. Bye.”

The phone hangs up and immediately, Cassidy pulls up a map and looks up the address for Arrival, then he runs off.

Thunder is heard and rain begins to fall outside of Arrival.  Soon a few drops turn into a downpour. The door to the club opens up and a man sticks his head in then enters the candlelit room. Suddenly all of the lights come on and music is heard. 

“Hello?” he asks. “I’m from the insurance company. Can you come out?”  He walks in a few steps and a hand with a knife reaches out from under the couch and cuts his Achilles tendon as he falls to the ground, blood pouring out of the wound as he spies Hannah on the ground. He scoots back to get away from her and reaches into his pocket for his phone, but it slips out of his hand and slides across the slick tile floor out of reach. He tries to stop it but can’t and as he turns back, Hannah is right there. She pushes him back, gets on top, and begins to stab him over and over again, starting with his eye and moving down his body. Each wet blow splatters blood all over her body.

Off in the distance, Anna can do nothing but watch as she covers her mouth trying not to throw up.  She watches as Hannah grabs the man’s legs and drags his bloody body across the floor. 

Anna spots the cell phone and scrambles over to pick it up. As she scrambles back to her spot, it begins to ring. She quickly answers and Cassidy’s voice is heard. 

“My insurance agent just called. He said you were at the club. I’m on my way.”

“No! Stay away from here!” she whispers into the phone.

“Hello?” he asks. “Are you there?”

She hears something behind her and as she turns around, she’s hit in the head with a cane. As she falls, the phone slips from her hand. Hannah reaches for the phone, looks at Anna and then whispers into the phone, “Hurry, Mary is going to kill me!”

She hangs up the phone.

She turns to look at Anna with an evil grin on her face as Anna struggles to sit up.

It’s still pouring down rain as Cassidy runs down the road that leads to the overpass and he runs underneath towards the club. 

Inside the club, Hannah throws the phone across the room then turns to Anna who asks her, “Why are you doing this?”

“We’ve always done it like this,” Hannah tells her. 

Hannah reaches up and pulls off the short-haired wig to reveal longer hair, “The accident made you forget.”

Anna scoots back a little on the floor, “I have no idea what you’re talking about!”

Hannah kneels down close to Anna, “Then remember. Remember how mom’s boyfriend used to do whatever he wanted. 

Flashback to see a younger girl on the floor with a man behind her covering her mouth with his hand as she screams. An older woman walked by seeing it taking place and doing nothing. 

Back to Hannah who asks Anna, “What was it she said?”

Anna is deep in thought. 

Another flashback with the older woman whispering in her ear, “Anna, you can’t tell anyone. He’s really not a bad man.”

Later, the same man was bloodied and dead as the mother walked in and screamed. “Anna!” she cried as she picked up a broom and began to beat the child with it. 

Back to the present, Hannah is looking off in the distance, while Anna is on the floor listening, “When things were bad for you, Hannah was always there for you. So, I decided to help as well.”

She turns to Anna, “This is how we all have gotten by. Ever since that day.”

The scene goes back in time again. A younger Anna is watching as someone walks up behind her mother and wraps a rope around her neck and begins to choke her. Her mother grasps at the rope but the grip is too strong. She struggles but eventually succumbs. As her mother dies before her eyes, Anna whispers, “Thank you, Hannah.”

Back to the present, Hannah is still speaking, “We’ve been together ever since. Anytime there is trouble, we help each other out.”

Anna shakes her head, looking up at Hannah, “I never promised anything like that! I just barely met you!” Anna begins to cry.

Hannah walks up to Anna and an angry expression crosses her face, “You’re just like our mother. Deny. Stop being so selfish.” Hannah kneels down, “You’re the one that called me!”

Bawling hard, Anna cries out, “I have no idea what you are talking about!” She covers her face with her hands. “Leave me alone! Stop all of this!”

Hannah grabs her by the hair, “Shut your fucking mouth.” Then she slams Anna’s head against the wall. Anna falls to the ground unconscious. Hannah stands up and looks down at Anna with disgust.

Outside, Cassidy has arrived, soaking wet due to the downpouring of rain. He sees a car parked outside the club and looks inside. Not seeing anyone, he runs to the club entrance.

He opens the door and steps inside.


There’s no answer.


Again, no answer.

He sees something moving off in the distance.

He slowly moves deeper into the club. He comes across the smear of blood across the floor. It’s hard to tell at first what it is, so he leans down just to be sure. He follows the trail with his eyes and sees the dead insurance agent propped up on one of the couches.

He slowly steps back away from the body.

“Anna?” he asks.  As Anna slowly wakes up hearing her name, she calls out to him. “Cassidy?”

But it’s too late as Hannah comes up behind him and as he turns around, she stabs him in the chest.

Anna watches from the floor, eyes wide.

Cassidy looks up into the face of his attacker, confused.  He reaches up to her face, touching her cheek with his hand, “Anna?”

She pulls the knife from his chest as he falls to the floor.

As Hannah turns her gaze from Cassidy to the mirror next to her, reflection is not of Hannah, but of Anna. Confused for a moment, Anna turns her attention to where Anna was previously on the floor and no one is there.

Anna looks around the room for a long moment. The reflection in the mirror turns towards her, “Do you remember now?”

Anna slowly turns to face the Hannah reflection in the mirror.

Flashback to the scene where Hannah was choking out Anna’s mother, but instead of Hannah — it’s Anna choking out her mother.

Back to the present, Anna sees Hannah behind her now in the mirror with the knife raised high. She quickly turns around but no one is there. She turns back to the mirror just in time to see a knife thrust into Anna’s stomach.

Flashback to the scene at the hospital where Anna met Hannah. But there’s no one there. Anna is talking to herself.

Flashback to the bench outside where Anna and Hannah would sit, but there’s only Anna. 

Flashback to Anna on the phone with her mother, but as we listen closer it’s just a dial tone.

Flashback to the scene where Hannah gets upset at the two children with their dog, but it’s Anna who’s upset and she’s alone.

Flashback to the picture of the two of them that was on Anna’s dining room table, but the picture is just her alone.

Flashback of Hannah spraying acid in Rebecca’s face, but a closer look at the face of the attacker shows that it’s actually Anna.

Flashback of Anna, not Hannah, cutting the insurance man’s foot, then stabbing him repeatedly.

We go back to Anna who has actually driven the knife into her own stomach as blood begins to seep down the front of her sweater.

She collapses to the floor next to Cassidy as the scene fades.

The sounds of sirens are heard. The paramedics are placing Anna into the ambulance.


Detective Winthrop is watching Anna, who still lies unconscious on a hospital bed with an oxygen mask on her face. Cassidy is standing next to him.

“We just found her mother’s body underneath the floorboards of her home,” Winthrop says. “She’s been using her mother’s money a little bit at a time to get by. According to the diary, she believed that her mother was really sending her the money.”

“Hannah Daniels, Anna Davis, and Mary were all the same person,” he finally says as both of them turn to look at Anna who is still unconscious in her hospital bed.

After a moment of silence, the detective turns to Cassidy, “What we can’t figure out is if there are three personalities in Anna, why were there handwritings from four individuals in the diary?”

Later Detective Winthrop is inside the home of Anna’s mother. He’s looking around and opens up a computer. As he is snooping around, he finds a video inside some folders. As he plays it, an older man has a teenager tied down onto a mattress. As we get a look at the older man, it’s Mike Rogers,  the politician from before that Anna saw with a teenager in the alley as we flashback to that scene briefly. In the video, he keeps calling the young girl Erin.” 

The detective doesn’t recognize the girl in the video as he stops it. He sits there deep in thought for a moment, then glances up at a photo on the desk of the mother, Anna and as he reaches for it, he sees a younger girl in the photo as well. “Is this the…?”

He gets up and walks over and sees a flyer on the counter with the name of the politician on it announcing him as a guest speaker. He picks up his cell phone, “Someone tell me Anna Davis is still in that bed!”

Back at the hospital, officers rush to her room to find her bed empty, “She’s not here!”

“Fuck it!” says Winthrop as he rushes out the door.

We go to an amphitheater, where the placard has the image of the same flyer from back at Anna’s mother’s house.  Cassidy walks inside and goes to find a seat when he notices something curious.

He flashes back to the moment at Anna’s apartment when someone bursts out of Hannah’s room and disappears and all he saw was a flash of the dress she was wearing. He spots a woman with the same dress. He quickly gets up and goes after. 

The politician is on the stage and getting ready to speak. Offstage, the woman charges towards him with a knife raised high in the air. 

Detective Winthrop has arrived at the amphitheater and charges in with other cops in tow.

The woman tries to cut the politician with her knife and manages to cut a slice through his suit and into his arm as he tries to deflect her. 

People in the crowd are screaming as cops swarm one side of the stage.

The woman raises the knife high and as she’s about to plunge it into the politician, someone grabs her hand. 

Everyone stops as we see that it’s Anna Davis who stopped the woman from killing the man. The knife drops to the ground as Anna hugs the woman tightly to her, “It’s okay, Erin. I’m here.”

“I’m Mary,” the girl sobs. “My name is Mary.”

And now we see it’s the girl in the photo with Anna and her mother. It’s the same girl in the video with Mike Rogers.

Anna whispers to Erin, “I’m sorry I put this in your head.”

Suddenly the cops swarm then. They take the two women and start to take them away and Cassidy tries to get to them, but the cops hold him back, “Anna!” he screams.

She manages to turn to look back at him before they take her away as the scene fades. 

The scene opens and Winthrop and Cassidy are at a diner having coffee. “Anne Davis had been protecting Erin in her apartment. It seems she’d been encouraging the girl to kill Rogers over the sexual assault that was inflicted on her as a way to justify her own crimes.”

Cassidy shakes his head. “No. I think Erin wanted to have a “Mary” inside of her as well. One who would protect her as Mary did for Anna.  But, I think Hannah and Anna wanted to save Erin from being like Mary.” Cassidy places a couple of dollars on the table as he slides from the booth.

Winthrop reaches out to grab his hand, “You keep talking like Anna, Hannah and Mary are all different people…”

Cassidy looks down at him. He slowly pulls his hand free and without another word, leaves the restaurant.

Cassidy is later led out by a nurse to a bench where Anna Davis sits by herself.  After a brief pause, Cassidy walks over towards her.

She must have heard him walking up behind her as she asks, “Was it difficult to come to see me? It couldn’t have been easy.”

After he doesn’t answer right away, she adds, “Sorry for everything, but I realize now everything I have done. My memory has come back.”

Cassidy still doesn’t answer but slowly walks over and takes a seat next to her on the bench.

They sit there in silence for so very long before Cassidy finally tells her, “Rogers has been charged for Erin’s rape. He’s finished.”


“But, Erin still refuses to be called anything but Mary.”

She turns to him, “Of course. He used to say her name over and over again in her ear as he raped her. It’s the same thing that happened to me. It’s how I became what I am.”

She turns away again as they sit there. 

He finally asks, “What happened to Hannah and Mary?”

She doesn’t answer his question but responds. “My therapy is going well.”

“Good, but…”

“I’m doing fine,” she says. “I realize that I’m not alone.”

Something causes her to turn around and a nurse is standing there. We finally see that it’s Hannah.  Anna stands up as the two acknowledge each other. 

Cassidy notices her looking at something but when he turns, there’s no one there but somehow he knows.

We see Anna in a long hallway, “Cassidy. Thank you for coming.”

He nods his head. “I’ll come back.”

Slowly the bars of the prison close as Anna is led away by a prison guard. Cassidy watches her until she disappears from his view as the screen goes black.




FORGE MITCHELL   Detective Winthrop

REIL BUCK   Cassidy


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