Recap of the first episode, ending with the revival of Kull, Black Alice roasting three teenage jocks and Lori seeing Black Alice in the mirror as she was about to take a shower.

Knock knock. “You okay, Lori? I heard a scream.”

Lori is sprawled in her bathtub, legs hanging over the side, water is splashing down on her from the shower. She reaches over to turn it off. “I’m fine. I just slipped. I’ll be out in a little bit.”

The doorknob wiggles, “You sure you’re okay?”

“I’m fine, mom.” Lori struggles to get to her feet. “Just, give me a bit to clean up and I’ll be down.”

“Okay, dear.”

She can hear her mother finally walking away. She slowly walks up to the foggy mirror, reaches for a towel and wipes the fog from the surface and is once again face to face with Black Alice.

“Who are you?”

The figure inside of the mirror just lets out a giggle, “I’m you. Can’t you tell? We’re practically twins.”

“Cut the shit,” Lori says as the initial shock of seeing another face in the mirror has worn off.

“No shit here, sweetie,” the reflection says. “Remember that shiny piece of jewelry you snagged? That jewel holds my spirit allowing me to possess anyone who wears it.”

“You’re fucking kidding me. I haven’t seen that piece of glass since it dragged me halfway across town.”

“I’m afraid not. And that ‘piece of glass’ as you call it, is literally inside of you. It has become one with you.”

This makes Lori just a bit nervous as she looks down at her chest. “This thing is inside of me?”


“How do I get it out?”

“Now, that would be no fun for me, would it? So, you may as well enjoy the ride. We’re going to have quite a bit of fun, though I highly doubt that you’ll remember much. Just like earlier.”

Lori’s eyes go wide, “What did you do to those boys?”

“I taught them a very valuable and fatal lesson that they shouldn’t touch where they aren’t welcome.”

“What. Did. You. Do?”

There’s a laugh from the mirror, “Let’s just say that I fried them like a little lamb.”

“You killed them? You made me a murderer?”

“They had it coming. They were about to do some pretty awful things to you. I just stepped in and did what needed to be done.”

“How could you do that? Just kill like that?”

“As I said, it needed to be done. Perhaps the next group of brainless twats will reconsider before they try something like that again. But don’t you worry, the bigger stuff I’ll handle personally. The smaller things, like that little tart at school, let’s just say that wasn’t any accident.”

“Wait, that was you?”

“Of course! Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy seeing that wench get her pipes frozen?”

Lori remembers the incident and can’t help but grin, “I mean, that was pretty great…”

“Then it’s all settled…”

“Wait! Where’s the amulet? How can I remove it?”

More laughter, “Now why would you want to do that? Besides, once you wear the amulet, it becomes a part of you. It’s inside you. The only way it’s coming out is if someone reaches in and pulls it out of your chest and I promise, it’s not a pleasant experience.”

Lori’s face goes as white as Black Alice’s face at those words, “So we’re stuck together for good?”

“Til death do us part, lovely.”

“Dinner’s ready!” comes the call from downstairs.

“Shit,” Lori reaches for her robe, then looks back at the mirror, “My mother and father are off-limits, understand?”

“Parental subjects. No touchie. Got it.”

As Lori leaves the bathroom, Black Alice grins widely in the mirror. “Poor thing thinks that she’s in charge,” she remarks as the screen goes black.


It’s about a month into Lori’s freshman year in high school. On the first day of class, she met Brent. Lori wasn’t what you’d call a popular girl, but she and Brent seemed to hit it off on his first day transferring in. Lori showed him around and he became smitten. By the end of the week, they were going “steady”. It was Lori’s first boyfriend and she was over the moon about it.

Over the course of the next few weeks, Lori had her first kiss. She was already preparing for her first “everything” with Brent. He didn’t enroll in time to try out for football, but as winter approached and basketball season was about to begin, he tried out and easily made the team.

It was then that Brent was caught in the crossfire of classmate Barbara Minerva. The day that Brent broke up with Lori, she was devastated. Her friends couldn’t snap her out of it. Barbara didn’t make things easy for her either as the very next day, Brent and Barbara were a couple. Then the rumors started to spread, that Brent and Barbara were hanging out even before Brent broke up with Lori.

So, a year later, it’s really no surprise that every moment possible, Barbara Minerva took the opportunity to rub it in that she stole Lori’s boyfriend away.

Lori, Mary and Charlotte are walking to school and the others are still talking about the incident with Brent’s car. In fact, the snowbank that the car drove into still had the impression of the front of Brent’s car lodged into it and that didn’t help matters either.

In the hallway, someone posted a picture of a snowman with Barbara’s face taped onto it. There were talks that the “ice queen” had finally earned her name.

However, during the first period, the announcement of the three boys’ death brought the entire mood down. Despite the fact that it was all over the news last night, the names of the boys who died were never mentioned due to them being minors, so this is the first time that the names were mentioned.

At lunch when Lori, Mary, Charlotte and the White twins were eating, Barbara marched over to the table and slammed both of her palms on it. In her hand is the snowman flyer that was posted on the wall. “I know somehow you were behind this, Zechlin,” she says as she stares at Lori, putting a nasty accent on her last name.

Lori glances up and calmly smiles, “I wasn’t the one driving the car.”

Barbara lets out a roar and stalks away from the table and goes to get her food. Lori continues to watch her as the others talk around her. As Barbara walks to a table with a tray, a chair slides across the floor, seemingly on it’s own and Barbara tripped over it, falling face first onto her tray of food on the floor.

Brent rushes over to help her up. Everyone at Lori’s table turns to look at the commotion, but it’s Lori with a grin on her face as Barbara begins to wipe food off of her face and she glances over at Lori and their eyes meet and she sees Lori’s grin and she screams out loud and storms out of the cafeteria.

“What was that all about?” asks Mary.

Lori just shrugs, “No idea. But it was funny as fuck,” she says as she digs into her food. She’s going to enjoy this.

“I can’t believe that Josh, Davey and Greg are gone,” says Mary.

Lori wanted to say something about what happened, but there’s no explaining it without it sounding as if she killed them.

Which she did.

Kind of.

Charlotte whips her phone around, “Another Red Whirl sighting!” The article on the phone talks about the latest heroics by the Red Whirl.

Mary rolls her eyes. “That again?”

Zan leans over to look, “I think the Red Whirl is cool.”

Charlotte blinks as Zan gets super close to her to read the article on her phone, even a little blush appears on her cheeks.

“I swear I’m gonna get a picture of the Whirl.”

Jayna rolls her eyes and nudges Mary, “And you think she’s a broken record.”

Mary grins.

Zan looks up, “How about we meet up tonight and see if we can spot him.”

Mary is the first to respond with, “Pass.”

“I’m in!” says Charlotte.

“Looks like I’ll have to chaperone,” says Jayna. She turns to Lori, “How about you?”

Lori really hasn’t been paying attention to the conversation, so she just answers, “Sure.”

“How about we meet at 9. At the park.”

After they all agree, they pick up and head back to class.

“Perhaps I should have gone about this another way,” decides Felix.

We get a look at the basement of the museum and things are broken, trashed, turned over. A grunting sound is heard as Kull walks over and pulls apart a stuffed ostrich. He tries to eat it, then spits out stuffing.

“I should have realized this idiot wouldn’t speak English,’ says Felix as he starts to flip through his book and finds what he’s looking for. He begins to chant something and when he’s finished, he asks, “Do you understand me now.”

“Kull understands. Kull needs food. Hungry!” he says as he stomps around as if looking for something to eat.

“Where to feed a caveman in Cole City?” Felix asks himself.


“Nothing. I wasn’t talking to you, friend.”

Then Felix has an idea.

Jayna, Zan, Charlotte and Lori are walking the streets of Cole City, feet crunching on the snow as they walk down the sidewalk. Zan has his camera around his neck and he’s walking with Charlotte and they seem to be in conversation about The Red Whirl which leaves Lori and Jayna behind them.

“How long have you lived here?” asks Jayna.

Lori shrugs, “All my life,” she says. She’s wondering when Black Alice will make her next appearance and if she should even be out here. “You?”

“We just arrived a couple of weeks ago.”

“From where?”

Jayna pauses before answering, “Well, we’re from a place pretty far away, to be honest. You’ve probably never heard of it.”

“Like another country?”

It was actually two months ago when Zan and Jayna, along with their parents, arrived on Earth.

The planet Exor is in an entirely different solar system. Exorians have special abilities, however, when the twins’ father was framed for murder, they escaped the planet and having heard that Earth has intelligent life, they set their course, landing in a remote area and then making their way to the city.

It took them a few weeks to research local customs and then they began to assimilate into the culture.

“Something like that,” says Jayna as she considers how to change the subject. “What’s the deal with you and that Barbara girl?”

Ugh. This again. “It’s a long story to be honest. She hasn’t liked me from the first day she met me. She stole my boyfriend.”

Jayna winces, “Ouch. Sorry to bring it up.”

Lori shrugs again, “Honestly, I’ve tried to move past it but she keeps throwing shit in my face. I’m hoping she’ll get bored soon and move on.”

Suddenly a siren sounds behind them and they all stop and turn to see a cop car pulling up to them. The passenger side window rolls down and a cop looks at them, “You kids should probably head home. While there’s technically not a curfew going on, after what happened to those boys yesterday, we would prefer if you weren’t out late.”

Zan holds up his camera, “We were just getting some photos for the school yearbook.”

The officer in the driver’s seat leans over, “We’d appreciate it if you kids went ahead and headed home.”

Charlotte leans down and nods to the officer, “We’ll do that, sir.”

Everyone else agrees with Charlotte.

Satisfied, the car pulls back out onto the road and heads down the road.

Jayna starts to turn back, but Lori grabs her by the hand, “Where are you going?”

“Aren’t we going home?”

Charlotte laughs, “Fuck no. C’mon.”

The four teens continue down the sidewalk.

It was dark enough and the farm secluded enough that Felix thought it was the perfect place for Kull to grab a meal.

What Felix really needed to find was that amulet. His power was substantial, but with the amulet it would be unlimited. A civilian would have no idea how to use such power, but in his grasp, it would bring him riches, power, mastery over all things.

The security guard was of no use, unable to track down the one who stole from him. While Kull was a great consolation prize, it wasn’t the unlimited power he was seeking.

The sound of footsteps walking through brush is heard and Kull comes into view. He is soaked in blood from his mouth down to his stomach. Over his shoulder he carries the carcass of a half-eaten cow which he ceremoniously deposits on the back of the car, the back windshield smashing as the slab of meat lands.

“Kull will save for later. Snack.”

Felix rubs his temples a little. Perhaps Kull was a little more than he bargained for.

Faust’s phone vibrates and he brings it to his ear. “What?”

As the person on the other end speaks, Felix begins to smile. “We will be right there.”

He turns and looks at the bloody Kull and then reaches into his car and pulls out a towel.

The teens are walking past the business district where most stores are closed by this time as the clock is striking about midnight.

“Your parents don’t mind you being out late?” asks Lori to the twins. She already knows that Charlotte’s mom works a late shift at the hospital so there’s no one to really get on her.

“They’re fine. As long as we don’t get into any trouble, they trust us,” says Jayna.

Suddenly the sound of sirens start to go off and the teens try to determine where the sound is coming from when a red flash zooms over them in the air.

Zan points, “There!” he says as he begins to run across the street and the others start to follow.

Charlotte catches up to him and he turns to her as he runs, “He was too fast for me to even think about getting my camera!”

“Maybe we can get there before he leaves,” Charlotte says as they speed up.

The security guard at the pier has tracked down some video footage of the night that the amulet was taken.

“Before the cameras went all screwy, there’s someone coming down this way,” he says pointing to a figure entering the pier. “But the person is too far away to get a good look with these old cameras.”

Felix nods his head, “Okay. So, I thought you said you had new information? This tells me nothing.”

“So, I looked around the neighborhood and found this video footage.”

As the guard plays the footage, we see Lori Zechlin walking towards the pier, dressed exactly as the person in the other video, but this time it’s a clear picture. “Who is this?” asks Faust.

“There’s a girl. Comes down to the docks all the time looking to finger things. We’ve chased her away a few times. I think she goes to Prep, but that’s just a guess.”

“Print that out. I’m heading down, please bring it down to the car.”

“Sure, boss.”

A few moments later, Faust and Kull are leaving and there are pieces of the guard lying about.

“That’s what we call typing up loose ends, Kull.”



The printed picture of Lori Zechlin is sitting between them on the seat.

As the teens arrive on the scene, the police already have a man in custody and put him in the back of a squad car.

Zan, out of breath, looks around. “Where is he?”

The others come up after him, all the same, breathing heavily as they try and catch their breath. “Did we miss him?” asks Charlotte.

“I thought I told you kids to get off the street and go home!” Uh oh. The officer from earlier.

“This is on the way home, we heard a bunch of noise,” explains Lori.

“We saw the Red Whirl come this way,” asks Zan.

“If it weren’t for her, this entire thing may have ended up pretty messy,” says the officer.

Zan and Charlotte look at each other then in unison turn back to the cop to ask, “Her?”

The officer nods, “You didn’t know the Red Whirl was a woman?”

Jayna smirks and nudges her brother, “Didn’t see that coming, did you?”

“Shuddup,” he responds.

“Now get on home before I take you down to the station,” says the cop as he turns to join the others at the scene.

The teens turn to start walking away, Zan suddenly grins, “A woman, hm?”

Lori snickers, “Like she’s looking for a teenager to be the love of her life. Don’t be dumb.”

“You don’t stand a chance in hell,” says Charlotte as they cross the street.

“You don’t know!” snaps Zan, though if he were being honest, it was true.

As they get to the end of the crosswalk, they all turn to face each other, knowing this is where they separate. “We’ll see you tomorrow at school,” says Jayna.

They all say goodbye and the twins split off from the others and begin to walk down the street in a different direction.

As the twins get down to the next block and notice no one around, Jayna turns to him. “Race you home,” she says with a grin and then suddenly she begins to shapeshift into a jaguar and on four legs starts to sprint down the sidewalk.

“No fair!” shouts Zan as he watches his sister, the jaguar, race around the corner. He suddenly seems to evaporate as a mist fills the air and the fog begins to pick up speed as it chases after the jaguar.

The following day, nothing unusual happened at school, though the talk throughout the day revolved around the news that the Red Whirl was a female.

As Lori left school, she started towards the sidewalk when she noticed Barbara and Brent ahead of her holding hands and talking. “Oh right,” she thinks to herself, “Brent’s car is probably still in the shop.” She grins, recalling the snowbank incident.

She keeps her distance as she follows them. She’s not close enough to hear their conversation, but she can see they are having a heavy conversation.

Her eyes drift upward as she sees the branches of the tree are packed heavy with snow. Her eyes once again fall to the pair in front of her. Suddenly, the tree branches begin to shake and snow falls in buckets on top of the pair, causing Barbara to shriek out loud and Brent to curse.

As the two dance around, trying to get the snow out from inside of their clothing, Lori walks by smiling from ear to ear.

What she doesn’t see is the car parked along the street that is currently occupied by Felix Faust. Once he realized she was a high school girl, he was able to track her down. That little snow trick was just the giveaway he needed to confirm that she had the amulet.

There was obviously some friction between the two females over something and perhaps that’s just what he needs. Someone on the inside to keep an eye on her until he figures out just what she knows.

He puts the car into D and then pulls up next to the couple and rolls down the passenger window. “You seem to be in some distress?”

“We’re good. Run along, mister,” says Brent.

“I wasn’t speaking to you,” Faust’s eyes turn to Barbara, “Let me give you a ride. We should have a chat about Miss Zechlin.”

That got Barbara’s attention, though not enough to get her to get into a car with a complete stranger. This is how Lifetime movies begin.

“Pass. I’m with my boyfriend. We will be fine.”

“Just so you know, everything that happened to you just now was the result of Lori Zechlin’s desires.”

They both turn to him, “What are you saying? She’s some kind of magician?” asks Barbara.

“Not quite a magician, but something very similar,” he says. Felix is getting a tad annoyed right now at these two teenagers, “I’ll tell you what. If you want to know how to take care of this situation once and for all, meet me in an hour at the coffee shop near the plaza.

With that, the window rolls up and Felix drives off.

Brent finishes dusting snow off Barbara, “He’s some kind of kook. Let’s stop by my place and you can change out of those clothes,” there’s a dirty grin across the boy’s face.

Barbara’s attention is on the man who just drove away. She doesn’t even see the innuendo plastered across her boyfriend’s face. “I need to get home tonight,” she says. She turns to him finally and leans in to kiss him, “I’ll call you later.”

She runs across the street leaving Brent standing there as another drift of snow falls on him from the trees above, “Dammit!” he cries out and hurries off.

Deep in the heart of her basement, Charlotte is cutting some fabric. She has different colored fabric already cut into pieces lying around the table, which also holds a sewing machine. She reaches over and pulls some pins from a fabric tomato and begins to pin two pieces of fabric together.

The door to the basement opens up, “Charlotte? Are you down here?”

“Yes, mom!”

“What are you doing? You never go into the basement.”

“School project!”

“Dinner will be ready in five minutes.”

“I’ll be right up,” she responds before gently placing the fabric on the table. “This is going to be awesome,” she practically beams as she heads up the stairs, flipping the light switch, sending the basement into complete darkness.

Inside the coffee shop, Felix is waiting when Barbara walks in. She stops to look around, but it doesn’t take long to find tall, dark and creepy. She heads in his direction and slides into the booth.

“Whatever it is, I ain’t killing the bitch. She’s not worth life in jail, but if you have something that I can use to make her pathetic life a little more pathetic, I’m in.”

The slow-crawl grin that spreads across Felix Faust’s face doesn’t make this any less uncomfortable for Barbara who’s doing this just to find out if Gomez Addams here really can deliver on what he says.

Felix motions towards the waitress who brings another cup of coffee and sets it in front of Barbara. The teen reaches for it and adds a bunch of sugar and cream to it before she takes a drink.

“Lori Zechlin has something that belongs to me and I need to get it back.”

This has taken a different turn than Barbara anticipated. “She stole something? Why not report her to the police?”

“I don’t care to involve the authorities. I’d prefer to just have the item returned.”

“You said you had a way for me to get even with that bitch. This doesn’t sound like that, Mr…?”

“Faust. I run the museum.”

“Oh, I’ve been there. We went there last year on a field trip.”

“Quaint,” he says dryly as he drinks from his cup. He reaches into his pocket and he pulls out a small coin. It’s not any type of money that Barbara has ever seen, only because it isn’t money at all. “Your hand,” he says.

It takes a moment for Barbara to understand what he’s asking, but then she places her hand palm up on the table.

Felix places the coin in her palm, “Make a fist,” he says.

Curious now, Barbara closes her hand around the coin, concealing it inside.

Felix begins to chant something.

Barbara is about to slide out of her bench and leave this kook sitting here mumbling to himself when suddenly she feels something move within the palm of her hand and she squeals as she opens her hand up, as the other patrons in the turn to find out what the commotion is about.

But as she looks at her hand, the coin is no longer there.

She flips her hand over and back, looking for the coin. “What did you do?”

Felix just continues to smile at her. “You will see soon enough. I must be off, but I’ll be in touch very soon.”

With that, he reaches into his pocket again and this time, instead of an odd coin, he pulls out some money and sets it on the table and leaves the shop.

A shiver runs down Barbara’s spine as she slides out of the booth and rushes out of the shop to find him, but as she looks both ways down the sidewalk, like the coin, Felix Faust is nowhere to be found.

Lori Zechlin lands on the ground below her window and sneaks along the side of the house until she reaches the front and after checking to make sure the coast is clear, she hurries out of the street and down the block.

Her tuition is still due and she struck out the last time she went out. She sure as hell isn’t going back to the pier. She also hasn’t seen or heard from Black Alice in awhile.

Now, if she were slick enough to get away with robbing a bank or something…

The words no sooner pass her thoughts then she walks smack dab into the front door of one of the local banks.

She rubs her nose, “Fuck,” she mutters before she realizes that she has somehow gotten all the way across town in a matter of seconds. And she knows who’s responsible.

“Black Alice,” she mutters but the moment the words come from her mouth, her skin begins to lighten, her hair begins to darken and her clothing becomes torn and tattered.

“It’s about time you called for my help,” says Black Alice as she looks around. “Girl needs some cash, let’s see about getting her some cash.”
And Black Alice phases right through the front door.

It wasn’t that Felix couldn’t have dealt with Miss Zechlin on her own, it was that he didn’t need the hassle, especially when someone else was more than willing to do it for him.

Miss Minerva fits that bill perfectly.

Felix catches Kull out of the corner of his eye, eating some leftover cow and making a mess out of the entire affair as well. No. Kull will come in handy but this wasn’t the task for him as well.

For now, Felix just has to wait for the little green monster.

Black Alice floats through the inside of the closed bank. As she reaches near the back, she finds the vault.

“Big doors, mean big rewards,” she snickers to herself as she floats through the thick metal barrier.

What Black Alice doesn’t realize is that motion detectors in the bank have already sounded an alarm.

Having heard the alarm, The Red Whirl is zooming through the sky towards the sound.

“I mean, I don’t know how much the kid needs, but hopefully this is enough,” Black Alice says as she carries a bank bag that is filled with cash that she’s plucked from a cart sitting in the center of the safe.

She begins to rise upward now, phasing through the ceiling until she comes out through the rooftop and she’s floating well above the bank. “It’s too easy,” Black Alice says.

“Hold it right there!” comes a female voice.

Black Alice turns around and hovering in front of her is the so-called Red Whirl.

The Red Whirl is dressed in a red top with a lightning bolt on her chest, a white cape and a red skirt, along with white boots. “I’m afraid I can’t let you take that.” She also wears a simple red mask that covers her eyes.

Black Alice chuckles and holds up the bag, “Oh, this little thing? I was about to return it to its owner,” she says. “But perhaps, let’s see what’s behind that mask of yours…”

With a swipe of her hand, the Whirl’s mask flies off of her face. The Whirl tries to grab it but Black Alice’s voice distracts her.


Mary Bromfield turns to look at Alice and it’s then she sees it.


As the two teenagers look at each other hovering high in the air, the screen goes black.



Lori / Black Alice LILITH MEADOWS
Mary / Red Whirl ARIEL MADDEN
Charlotte LAYLA DIAZ


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