Recap of the first two episodes ending with Black Alice and the Red Whirl floating high above the sky, just realizing who the other happens to be.

“What are you doing….?” Mary starts to ask when she realizes the same question will be asked of her.

“You’re the Red Whirl?” asks Black Alice. The struggle between Alice and Lori is evident.

“That’s not my name,” Mary seems irritated at being called that name. “Why in the world are you robbing a bank?”

Alice looks at the money bag in her hand and then quickly hides it behind her back. “What money bag?”

“I never asked about the money bag. It’s obvious where it came from and I want to know why you were robbing a bank.”

“I guess the jig is up,” Alice says and suddenly decides to let Lori have her body back. It was a bit of a tactical error on Alice’s part as Lori begins to plummet towards the earth, screaming bloody murder.

Mary flies down and catches her, “You can stop screaming now.”

Mary flies them both towards the high school and lands on the football field. It doesn’t get any use in the winter and it’s night so they shouldn’t be seen.

Lori grabs her chest as her feet hit the ground and she falls back on her ass in the snow. “I’m gonna kill her!” It’s an idle threat, but she’s a little pissed to have been abandoned at fifty feet in the air. She glances up at her friend dressed in red. “Since when…?

“No. You have far more to explain to me than I do to you. Why were you at the bank?”

Lori begins to tell the story from the start.

Mary had been in a foster home since she was practically a baby. The Bromfields were very nice to her. Made sure she didn’t want for anything. When she was ten, they began to foster another boy named Billy. He was a few years older than she was and he treated her as if she were his real sister.

Come to find out, the Bromfields adopted them because they had trouble conceiving. Surprise to everyone when Mrs. Bromfield announced she was having a baby and nine months later, little Freddie was born. Unfortunately for Freddie, he was born with a birth defect that made it difficult for him to walk without crutches.

Shortly after Freddie was born, Billy started coming and going at strange hours, without their parents knowing. Mary would see him and she hoped it wasn’t something stupid he was doing so one night she followed him. It was then she saw him transform using the word “Shazam!”

When she saw what he could do, she was in awe of him. Word of The Red Whirl began to circulate. He didn’t have a better name so he didn’t correct anyone for calling him that, though Mary thought it was a dumb name.

One night, he was out and she wanted to see what he was up to and she went looking for him, sneaking out of the house. She never saw who it was who came up behind her, but someone grabbed her.

A scream echoes from her mouth just as the knife cut deeply across her throat. She could feel the life leaving her body as she was nonchalantly tossed into a nearby dumpster.

The Red Whirl, however, heard her scream and soon he landed in the alley. His eyes dart here and there knowing this is where the scream came from and as a noise echoes from inside the dumpster, he rushes over only to find his sister Mary inside. “Oh my gosh! Mary,” he says as he snatches her up into his arms. She has lost a lot of blood and even at his speed, getting her to a hospital will be too late.

“What do I do?” he asks as if expecting an answer.

Then suddenly, he zooms straight up into the air, “Mary! Mary!” he cries out. “I need you to listen to me and do as I say!”

Her eyes flicker open as blood still pours from the wound on her neck.

“We have to say it together. I know you know the word. I’ve seen you follow me. Do you understand?”

She weakly nods her head.

The Whirl says the word, hers is more of a whisper.

Lightning pours from the sky and ignites the two, surrounding them with blinding light. Once it stops, Mary realizes she’s holding Billy. Then they start to fall from the sky.

“Mary, you’re gonna have to fly,” says Billy.

“I can’t fly!”

“You can fly!”

She didn’t fly. Instead, she put herself between the ground and Billy as they landed with a loud thud in the park.

Billy groans as he lifts his head off of his sister. “Mare?”

“I’m okay,” she says as she waits for him to get off of her and then sits up. “What just happened?” She suddenly reaches for her neck only to find there’s no cut, not even a scar.

“The elders told me I can split my powers. It was the only way to save you.”

“What does this mean?”

“I guess it means there are two Red Whirls.”

“Such a dumb name,” she says as the two laugh.

They ended up splitting duties as the Whirl until Billy took off for college after the last school year. Now Cole City was hers to protect.

She sure as hell isn’t calling herself the Red Whirl.

Lori has long finished telling her what happened to her.

“So, you’re possessed or what? What does this all mean?”

Lori begins to pace on the 40-yard line, “I have no idea what this means. I mean, she comes and goes when she wants and all I can do is watch. I needed money for tuition so I sometimes have to go out and steal things and sell them for money….”

“Lori, why didn’t you tell me?”

Lori motions to the bright red suit that Mary is wearing, “And you were gonna tell me about this when?”

“Good point.”

There’s an awkward silence between the two then Mary goes, “I’m going to return the money. I’ll tell them I didn’t catch who did it but found the money. But, we have to find a way to put a lid on Black Alice at some point. She’s going to get you into serious trouble.”

“I know.”

“We’ll talk more tomorrow. Go home and get some sleep.” Mary grabs the bag of money and flies off.

Lori starts to walk home and looks up at the school. “Fuck. I guess it’s back to public school for me.”

The first thing Lori did in the morning once she got to school was to go to the office to tell them she wouldn’t be able to continue.

“Hi, Mrs. Bell.”

“Oh, good morning, Lori.”

“I just wanted to let you all know…”

“I was just processing your tuition payment, give me one moment.”

Lori stops speaking as she hears the words, “Excuse me, what?”

“Mary dropped by with a payment for you. She said you thought you were going to be late and brought it for you, but I guess you aren’t late at all. I’m just glad to see you sticking around.” She gets up and walks over and hands Lori a slip of paper.

Lori is still confused. “Me too,” she says as she takes the receipt from Mrs. Bell and leaves the office.

Mary is walking down the hall when someone grabs her hand and drags it into the girl’s restroom.

“What the literal fuck, Mary?”

Mary blinks at Lori, “I don’t know what you mean.”

Lori leans against the wall, “What I mean is that I just got told that you paid my tuition. I can’t let you do this.”

Mary walks over and pushes the doors to the stalls open one by one to ensure no one is in the bathroom before turning back to Lori, “I can’t have you going to jail or worse because you have to steal to pay for the school.”

Lori shakes her head, “Mary…”

“No,” says Mary, “You listen to me. My parents have more than enough money. They are going to pay your tuition until you graduate. I already talked to them and they are cool with it. It’s a done deal. Freddie won’t even begin school here until we both graduate so it’s nothing to them. Just let me do this, okay?”

It would cause Lori to have less stress in her life to let this happen. She nods her head, “Okay, but when I can I’m going to pay them back every cent. It might not be until after I graduate college, but I will.”

“You don’t have to, but if you want to that’s up to you. What would I do without my best friend here every day?”

The two hug and as the embrace ends, Lori says, “I don’t feel comfortable telling the others about last night. I mean, Zan and Charlotte will freak if they find out you’re the Whirl.”

“Stop calling me that,” Mary grumbles. “But you’re right. Plus, we need to keep Black Alice under wraps for now.”

“Right. You might want to send out a press release about what name you want to be called. How about The Big Cheese?”

“Not funny.”

Felix still hasn’t found an adequate shirt for Kull, though he did manage to get him a pair of pants that fit, so Kull is walking around in nothing but pants.

Felix and Kull had taken a perch on top of a building across the street from the school. If Felix were to wager, today was going to be a very interesting day at SCP.

Kull has occupied himself with a carcass of some sort. Felix wasn’t about to ask. At least they’ve come to an understanding. Kull listens to Felix or he goes back into the wooden box.

If he could only teach Kull how to use a fork.

“Did you guys hear? The Red Whirl has a super villain.” Zan says as he pours some ketchup on his burger and slaps the top bun back on.

Charlotte blinks, “What?”

Zan reaches for his phone and he scrolls down and finds a picture. He slides the phone to Charlotte as Mary and Lori exchange a glance.

“Whoa…” Someone had taken a picture, though it’s not super clear as it was night out but there are indeed two figures floating in the air and one of them was definitely the Red Whirl. “Who is that?”

“No clue. It’s not like she announced herself when she arrived in town.”

Jayna reaches for the phone and tries to zoom the picture in, but it only becomes blurry. “Hard to say who that is.” She slides the phone back to Zan, then turns to Lori and Mary, “You two are being awfully quiet.”

Mary is about to respond when all eyes are drawn to Barbara and Brent as they make a grand entrance into the cafeteria. It’s like the parting of the Red Sea when they enter as everyone clears a path for them to get into line to get food.

An audible groan comes from Lori as she watches with disgust.

“Try to ignore them,” suggests Mary as she goes back to eating, but Lori can’t seem to take her eyes off the pair. A tray is set on top of the glass counter; as Barbara reaches for it, it suddenly slides towards her and spills all over the front of her very expensive dress.

Aghast, Barbara steps back and everyone turns to look. She quickly reaches for some napkins and tries to brush away the food that’s soaking into the fabric. Something causes her to look up and she finds herself staring into the eyes of Lori Zechlin who has a small grin on her face.

“You.” A single word from Barbara and the cafeteria goes quiet as she starts towards Lori, throwing the napkins on the ground. “I don’t know how, but this was you.”

Those at Lori’s table turn to look at her, but Lori just shrugs.

Barbara walks up and just hauls back and slaps Lori right in the face. “I’ve hated you since the day you stepped foot in this school. My school. I’ve had to look at your ugly face every day and I hate it.”

Lori cups her cheek as her face begins to turn red and she rises from her seat. She reaches back and she slaps Barbara back. Suddenly, Barbara jumps the girl and they begin to roll around on the ground, hands around each other’s throat.

Brent rushes over to try and intervene but as the two girls get to their feet, they turn on him and shove him to the ground before grabbing onto each other once more. Barbara is able to push Lori back and they tumble over the top of a counter and fall behind.

“What’s going on in here?” a male teacher appears in the cafeteria.

Behind the counter, Lori is struggling to keep Black Alice at bay when Barbara begins to sprout hair.

Not hair.


Barbara’s nose begins to grow out and her teeth become more fang-like.

“What the fuck…?” says Lori as she tries to crawl away from Barbara who is screaming almost as if she were in pain. A hand wraps around Lori’s ankle and as Lori looks back, it’s not a hand but more like a paw and the claws are starting to come out.

The teacher moves behind the counter and as he reaches to pull Barbara off of Lori, Barbara reaches across and just slashes his face with her claws, leaving four long open gashes across his face and he begins to shriek.

Suddenly, Barbara leaps onto the counter. She’s no longer the Barbara everyone adores but she has morphed into some half feline, half girl. The fur that covers her body seems to be patterned after the cheetah. Her nose twitches as she snarls and leaps from the counter onto the floor.

Everyone begins to scream and try to flee the cafeteria. Zan gives Jayna a look, receiving a nod in return as Jayna takes off. Zan rushes over to check on Lori, turning to the other two, “Get out of here before you get hurt.”

Mary considers changing but doing so here would cause a bit of a scene with lightning and all so she grabs Charlotte by the hand and tries to run out with the rest of the student.

Cheetah turns and spots Zan helping up Lori and leaps into the air at them only to be speared from the side by a giant gorilla.

Lori grabs her head, “What in the fuck is going on here?” Zan just grabs her hand and pulls her out of there.

The gorilla and Cheetah scramble to their feet and face off.

The school alarm going off alerts Felix that something is indeed happening as he predicted as he notices students fleeing the schoolyard, appearing to be running for their lives.

“This was what I was hoping for.” He walks over and leans to get a better look when something catches his eye.

He sees Zan and Lori hand in hand, running from the school. “No. No. No.” He shouts, getting Kull’s attention. “We have to go.”

Cheetah starts to try to go after the others, but the gorilla blocks her path, “Fraid I can’t let you hurt my friends,” she says in a rather Jayna-sounding voice.

The sound of the alarm continues to ring as Cheetah licks around her mouth, “I’m gonna fucking eat them bitches,” she says as she leaps into the air and lands on Gorilla Jayna and then just clamps her muzzle on her shoulder and bites down.

Jayna screams out as she begins to beat her fists on the back of Cheetah until Cheetah can no longer hold on and falls off landing on her feet. “You’re gonna pay for that.”

The bite mark on Jayna’s shoulder is deep, bleeding from the wounds left by Cheetah’s teeth. Cheetah charges the gorilla and tries to claw her, as she did the teacher, but Jayna makes a fist and just clocks her across the jaw and Cheetah falls to the ground, knocked out.

Zan finally stops running. He turns and grabs Lori by the shoulders, “Go straight home, okay? Don’t stop for nothing. I have to go back and try and find Jayna.”

Lori nods her head. She has no clue why Black Alice hasn’t made an appearance but she wasn’t about to try and fight that animal. As Zan sprints back towards the school, Lori runs the other way heading for home.

She doesn’t notice the car following after her.

It seems that Mary had the same idea, as she also stops and tells Charlotte to go straight home and she was going to do the same. As Charlotte takes off in another direction, Mary sprints as fast as she can until she feels it’s safe.


Lightning falls from the sky, surrounding her in an electric glow as she transforms into her superhero counterpart, which she has yet to name. She rises into the sky.

Zan runs into the cafeteria and finds Jayna sitting against a wall, bleeding pretty badly from her shoulder. She has reverted to her human form as she lays there weakly.

“Jayna!” he yells as he rushes to her. He rips off the sleeve to his sweatshirt and rolls it up and places it over the wound. “We have to get you home.”

“She needs to go to the hospital,” says a voice behind him. Zan turns around and finds himself looking into the face of the Red Whirl.

“I can’t take her to a doctor. I just need to get her home.”

“Where is the creature?”

Zan shakes his head, “I’m not sure. She wasn’t here when I got here.”

“Step aside, I’ll get her to a hospital.” The Whirl reaches down and lifts Jayna, but Zan places a hand on her arm.

“Please. I can’t tell you why, but she can only be treated at home.”

“Tell me your address.”

As Lori hops her fence and rushes to get inside her home, she doesn’t see the vehicle pulling up to the curb.

She leaps up the stairs and runs into her room and closes the door behind her, leaning against it as she catches her breath. “What the fuck was that?” she asks aloud.

The other question is where in the fuck was Black Alice?

Of course, it would have been bad had Black Alice decided to appear right then and there. Then again, it wasn’t the first time Alice had abandoned her.

Lori rushes to her window to peek outside. No weird looking cat creatures to be seen. She sits down on her bed, “And what the hell was that with Barbara? She turned into that creature right in front of me.” As she paced the floor of her bedroom, she felt like anyone around her right now might be in danger.

The only person who could protect her and not be in danger was Mary.

Lori rushes over to her closet and slides open the door. She reaches in and pulls out a suitcase and begins to pack it with clothes.

Mary was flying over Cole City looking for that feline slash monster type thing now that she dropped Jayna off at home. That’s odd in itself. Why can’t Jayna be taken to an actual hospital? She’ll have to address that later.

She landed on school property. The police are there with flashing lights as they are investigating the incident from earlier. Something is definitely off. Lori and Black Alice and now what looks like Barbara turning into a cheetah girl.

She walks up to one of the officers standing by his car, “Anything I can do to help?”

“Oh, it’s you… Red Whirl.”

“Actually, I am called Lady Marvel.” It was sure better than Red Whirl.

“Oh! Well, there isn’t much for you to do here, I’m afraid. Unless you can make any sense out of what’s being reported. A girl turning into a tiger. What kind of bullshit is that? Pardon my language,” he says.

Lady Marvel smirks, “It’s fine. Really. I’ll continue to be on the lookout then for… a girl tiger, you say?”

“That’s the word.”

Fair enough, Mary thinks as she takes off into the air.

Her eyes slowly flutter open. It takes a moment for her to realize that she’s in her room. She’s wrapped in a blanket that gets flipped off quickly as she leaps out of bed and rushes over to the mirror over her dresser to look.

Barbara Minerva seems to be Barbara Minerva. She touches her face and her arms. She appears to be back to normal. Except for these overly large clothes she is wearing that fit her perfectly before she went to school. Everything is baggy on her, stretched out.

It’s the only real evidence she has of what happened earlier. She runs her hand through her hair and sits on the floor, up against the wall.

What the fuck was that?

Then she recalls the coin that was placed in her palm by that weirdo. She sits contemplating for a moment before getting to her feet.

The museum. He mentioned the museum. She starts digging into her closet for something else to wear.

Exorians are used to taking care of their own. As the twins’ mother comes out of Jayna’s room, Zan is waiting.

“How is she?”

“She’ll be fine soon. It wasn’t as bad as it looked, to be honest. You want to tell me again what happened?”

Zan starts to say something, then pauses. “You’re not going to believe this…”

Lori has finished packing her clothes. She picks up her phone and calls Mary again, but gets no answer.

“Where are you?”

She could head over to the Bromfields’ but she doesn’t want to show up unannounced.

Then she hears the door open and shut.

“I’m home!”

Her mom.

“Doing homework,” she yells.

“Dinner will be ready in about an hour.”


She sits on her bed next to her suitcase.

Then she hears the doorbell ring.

Mary has been flying around for nearly an hour, circling the city several times with no luck in finding that cheetah girl.

She decides to check in on Lori and flies off towards her house.

Barbara Minerva has arrived at the museum but it appears to be closed. She checked every entrance, including the back service entrance but the place is shut tight.

“Where is that asshole?” she asks.

Lori comes down the stairs, “Someone at the door, mom?”

As she arrives at the bottom of the stairs, she sees her mom lying on the floor with the door wide open. She rushes to check on her and realizes that she’s asleep. She gets up to see who came to the door when she bumps right smack into Kull.

Lori screams.

As she turns around to run, Felix Faust is standing there and he slaps a piece of paper on her forehead.

Lori’s eyes roll back as she faints and falls to the ground.

“Grab her. Let’s go.”

Kull reaches down and scoops up Lori and tosses her over his shoulder as Felix and Kull leave Lori’s house and walk towards his vehicle.



Lori / Black Alice LILITH MEADOWS
Mary / Lady Marvel ARIEL MADDEN
Charlotte LAYLA DIAZ
Barbara / Cheetah JAZMIN DAVIS


Billy Batson / Red Whirl JESSE ANDERSON


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