Recap of the three episodes of Black Alice so far, ending with the kidnapping of Lori Zechlin.

The screen is black. Slowly, light begins to filter in, though everything is a bit blurry.

“You’re awake. Let me make this brief,” says Felix Faust. “You have something that belongs to me. I plan to remove it from you. It will be painful. You may not survive. It’s the price you pay for taking things that don’t belong to you.”

The blurriness of the screen starts to sharpen as Lori begins to see things a bit more clearly. She looks down and sees Felix at her feet, drawing something within a circle on the floor.

Well, finishing drawing whatever it is he is drawing.

Lori’s mind begins to clear and she tries to speak, realizing she’s been gagged.

Felix rises to his feet and he reaches up and looks into her eyes, “A few more minutes and you should be more coherent. Sorry for all the precautions, I just don’t need a visit from your “other” friend so this little diagram on the floor will keep her at bay.”

Lori is tied to a beam in the basement of the museum, so escape is not an option. Her eyes go wide when Felix calls over Kull. With a marker, he draws an “X” in the center of Lori’s chest, which he has exposed, leaving the rest of her chest covered. As the marker touches her skin, she begins to squirm.

Now Felix could do it himself, but why mess up a fresh manicure when you have a caveman right here who’ll do it for you. And probably eat the rest of her for good measure.

“What I need is right there, Kull. You just have to reach through and grab it,” he says to the beast.

Lori’s eyes go wide.

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe was born to a well-to-do family. The only daughter of the Radcliffes who got rich nearly a hundred years ago from opening a single fast-food restaurant, which ended up growing into a national chain in record time.

When her parents were married, the Radcliffe surname was suddenly Gage-Radcliffe, a combination of her mother and father’s last name.

While fairly wealthy, they always raised their daughter to work hard for everything she was to get which was why she was standing in front of a long mirror in the basement.

She was wearing a costume, though she’d be angry to have it be called such. For her, it was her hero outfit. She didn’t have superpowers, but there was something about her that felt like she could put on a suit and become a superhero.

The outfit itself was gray and black and looked remarkably like an early version of The Batman’s outfit except there was no bat on the chest but instead a wide letter “M”.

Now she was just trying to decide if she was “Misfit” or “The Misfit”. With the Red Whirl now having to deal with supervillains, Charlotte felt as if she could deal with the non-super villains.

She reaches for a blonde long-haired wig and places it on her head, trying to tuck as much of the red behind it as possible. She grabs a mask, just a simple one that covers her eyes and ties it around the back of her head.

Tonight was the night. She was going to go out on patrol.

Lady Marvel lands in front of Lori’s house and notices the door wide open. She hurries inside to find Lori’s mother lying on the ground. “Shit…” she says as she checks on the woman and finds a note on her written in some sort of ancient scrawl. She removes the note and Lori’s mother’s eyes open slowly, “What happened?”

“I’m not sure,” she says. “Someone came to the door and when I opened it… that’s all I can remember.” She suddenly gets worried, “Is Lori here?”

“Upstairs, right? I’ll go check.”

In a flash, Lady Marvel zooms up the stairs and into Lori’s room but the girl is nowhere to be found. She zips back downstairs where Lori’s mom has gotten to her feet. “Is she okay?”

Lady Marvel shakes her head, “She’s not there. I’m going to go try and find her. Try not to panic. As soon as I locate her, I’ll bring her back.”

“Please hurry.”

Lady Marvel leaves the home and leaps into the air.

Barbara Minerva is beyond furious. Whatever hex she was put under turned her into some sort of giant cat monster? She was not impressed. She wants David Copperfield to undo whatever it was to her and pronto.

She walks around to the back of the museum and finds a window which she peeks into and she sees Magic Man has Lori Zechlin all tied up.

So, he’s a pervert too.

When he draws an X on her chest, she wonders exactly what he’s up to.

Well, he can deal with Zechlin after he deals with her. She scrambles over to the service entrance and begins to bang on the door.

Lady Marvel is passing by the museum when she hears the sounds of Barbara Minerva trying to get inside. Curiosity gets the best of her and she takes another lap around before landing on the ground.

Charlotte spots Lady Marvel landing near the museum and starts to run in that direction.

“Something’s going down…”

Kull stands in front of Lori as she helplessly looks on with tears streaming down her face.

“I mean, you can do it anytime now. We aren’t waiting for a dramatic proclamation or anything,” says Felix Faust as he has taken a few steps away from any sort of blood splatter that might occur.

Lori shakes her head frantically from side to side as Kull slowly reaches back.

Lori closes her eyes knowing the end is near.

Suddenly a crash is heard as Lady Marvel bursts through the basement door, sending Barbara tumbling inside.

“Whatever is it you’re doing, time to stop,” says Marvel.

Felix turns to Kull, “Do it! Do it now!” he demands.

As Kull turns back to Lori, her eyes snap open and instead of their typical blue color, they’ve turned completely white. She bursts through her bindings and screams, “ENOUGH!” as she sends a wave through the basement, sending everyone crashing to the floor.

An aerial view of the museum shows every window in the building bursting out and dust and debris flying from the inside out.

Misfit shows up and runs around to the back of the museum.

“You all must have lost your fucking mind,” says the voice of Black Alice.

The dust has risen up. Shelves are knocked over. There’s some electricity sparking. Everyone that was in the room when Black Alice exploded is down on the ground.

Alice rises into the air and floats over to Kull and with a swipe of her hand, sends him flying out of the building through an open, broken window.

Barbara is her next target, “Kitty wants to play, does she?”

Alice holds out her hand and suddenly Barbara clutches at her throat and gags.

“You thought you were something but the reality is that you are a lot of nothing. A big old bag of low self esteem and meaningless fashion designs.”

Alice slowly raises a hand and Barbara is lifted off the ground.

With another swipe, Barbara is sent out of the door.

She turns her attention to Felix, who is crawling back towards the wall.

“Lori, you need to stop.”

Black Alice does stop. She slowly turns towards the voice, “What did you call me?”

“I called you Lori,’ says Lady Marvel who also hovers above the ground.

“My name is Alice,” she moves closer to Marvel. “I remember you. I also know where you get your powers. Those elders have a certain… odor about them.”

“What are you talking about?”

Alice comes face to face with Lady Marvel and inhales deeply. “That old man magic has a very musty smell to it.”

Marvel takes a swing, but it goes right through Alice who just laughs. “Brute force has never taken me down, darling. You’re just going to be in my way, so how about we send you somewhere you won’t bother me.”

Alice moves her arms around in a circle creating some sort of vortex and then she launches it at Lady Marvel who braces for it when Misfit leaps in between and suddenly is sucked in and the entire vortex disappears.

In the background, the faint sound of sirens can be heard.

“The police are responding to an apparent explosion at the historical museum downtown Cole City….” the anchor on the news begins as they interrupt the ball game on TV.

Zan leaps up from the couch and rushes upstairs and flings open Jayna’s door. “Are you better yet? There’s something going on down at the museum.”

Jayna was lying back on her bed looking at her phone. When Zan comes in, she sits up. “I’m better. What stuff mom uses really does the trick.” She gets up.

“Well, just be careful. Mom’s gonna get suspicious if we keep coming back injured. Let’s go…”

“Where did she go?” asks Lady Marvel, getting angry at Alice at this point.

“Where is probably not the correct question?” giggles Black Alice. “You should ask me when?”

Marvel charges Alice but passes right through her and on the other side, Kull is standing there and just bats her away from him, sending her flying through the open window.

Police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances are pulling up to the museum now.

As Lady Marvel flies through the windows and skids across the parking lot towards the emergency vehicle, the officers all draw their weapons.

Marvel comes to a stop in front of them and gets to her feet. She starts to charge back into the building, but pauses and turns back to the law enforcement, “I wouldn’t go in there. Better stay here.”

The next moment she’s off her feet and flying back towards the building.

“You heard the lady, stay back and stay ready,” the officer’s voice is heard through the bullhorn.

Felix has been fairly quiet through all of this. With that teenager being possessed by the amulet, he was going to have to be careful if he were going to acquire it back from her. So, he’s found himself against the wall, playing possum, waiting for his moment to strike.

To his surprise, he watches as a mouse scampers into the room, pauses and looks around. Even more to his surprise, the mouse seems to have some sort of ice cube on its back.

As the mouse transforms back into a human girl form and the ice cube transforms into a male human form, the girl looks to the other teenager, “Lori? Is that you?’

Black Alice spins around, “I would ask why everyone keeps calling me that inferior child’s name but I know why. What I want to know is why you sufferable children won’t leave me alone!”

Distracted, she goes to send the kids flying when she’s suddenly hit from the side by the giant club-like fist of Kull, who sends her smashing into the wall.

Both of the twins look at Kull. Zan nudges Jayna, “So, you got this one right?”

“Me? Why me?”

The giant of a man is taking a few steps towards them as they decide who takes him on. Meanwhile, Barbara is coming to and as she snaps her eyes open, she’s sporting cat eyes.

“You’re the only one who can transform into something about his same size.”

“I mean, good point but…”

Before she can finish that sentence, a red blur flies in through the window and spears Kull off his feet as the two fly right through the next wall, and the next and the next and out through the other side of the building as they sprawl out on the grass.

The twins try to follow but Jayna is tackled by Cheetah. Zan stops running and turns to help, but Jayna screams. “Go find Marvel!” as she begins to transform herself into a hyena and pushes Cheetah off of her.

Zan runs through the holes in the walls until he exits the building the same way that Marvel and Kull did.

He watches as Kull grabs Lady Marvel and throws her several yards into a tree.

Lady Marvel had no illusions that she was invincible. She has felt pain in the past as Lady Marvel, but Kull was on a different level than most of the common criminals she’s had to face before. His strength was excessive and he probably doesn’t even realize how strong he is.

Or, maybe he does.

Kull wraps his arms around the trunk of a decent size tree and begins to pull it out of the ground, roots and all. It takes him a moment to get his balance and then swings it like a baseball bat, connecting with Marvel and sending her flying through the air.

He watches her fly off and then tosses the tree to the side and charges after her. Zan runs into the scene and shakes his head. He turns himself into mist and follows.

Jayna and Cheetah are scuffling in the basement of the museum and they end up tumbling out of the building and in front of the first responders set up outside.

One officer turns to the other, “Do we call animal control or the city zoo?”

Back inside, Black Alice is watching with amusement as the two felines tangle, when suddenly her face becomes very serious. As the camera shifts a little to the side, we see that standing behind her is Felix Faust.

He has shoved his arm into her back.

“I don’t believe you had consent,” Alice whispers as Felix jerks his hand back sharply. In his hand, he holds the amulet. He begins to laugh. The moment the amulet is removed, Alice disappears, leaving Lori hovering only briefly before she falls to the floor and lies there unmoving.

“Finally! My time has come. I will be the most powerful human on the face of this earth. Finally, all will be mine.”

Felix Faust places the amulet over his head and lets it fall down around his neck.

Kull is literally running through cars. Parked cars, moving cars, doesn’t matter. If they are in his way, he bulldozes through them, knocking them over whether or not there is someone inside.

Lady Marvel is pulling herself out of a hole she made in the lawn when she landed and as she appears, Kull is there and grabs her by the head and utters something she can’t understand. What she does understand is that he has some awful breath and she winces.

He yells as he takes her head and drives it into the dirt, face first.

She realizes that he has her outmuscled, which is something she hasn’t experienced before inheriting part of her brother’s power. She places both hands on the ground and tries to push back. Kull’s eyes go wide as she starts to force his hand back. He places the second hand on top of the first to push her back down, but Lady Marvel holds fast.

Suddenly, it gets very chilly as what looks like a snow blizzard enters the area. Kull looks around confused for a moment until that snow all comes together to trap Kull’s head in a big block of ice!

“Ever heard of a brain freeze, Captain Caveman?”

Kull releases Lady Marvel and tries to pull the ice off of his head. He thumps at it with his fist, staggering backward.

The two felines are battling back and forth. The two seem very evenly matched. They get to their feet and they circle each other. Cheetah charges towards Jayna, who rolls onto her back and sends Cheetah flying through the air and into a row of bushes, causing a lot of shrieking and crying.

Then silence.

Jayna rolls over onto her paws and moves towards the bushes cautiously.

As she gets close, suddenly Cheetah charges through and tackles her to the ground.

A big smile crosses Cheetah’s face as she raises her own paw and slowly her claws come into view.

“It’s over, bitch,” Cheetah says as Jayna looks up with concern in her eyes.

Felix is waiting for all the power to rush through him from the amulet he has placed around his neck.

But, nothing happens.

He taps it a couple of times.

Still, nothing happens.

He’s about to say something when he hears something. His eyes dart about and he finally looks down at the shuddering teenager on the floor.

No. Not shuddering.


“What is so amusing?”

Lori rolls over onto her back and looks up at him with the eyes of Black Alice. “Fool. The amulet never had the power. I am the power.” As she looks at Felix, it’s still very clear that Black Alice is alive and well in Lori Zechlin. “The amulet, this body, they are vessels for me. As long as I have a vessel, there’s nothing that can be done.

Lori turns back into Black Alice and floats forward as Felix is desperately trying to make the amulet work, despite the words spoken by Alice. She floats towards him, “Try, try with all your might, wizard boy.”

He removes the amulet and tosses it aside, “Fine. Then let’s settle this once and for all. I win, you give me your power. I lose…”

Suddenly, as those last two words come out of his mouth, a vortex opens up underneath and as he yells, he is sucked in and as quickly as it opens, the vortex closes behind him.

“Yes, you lose.” says Black Alice smugly.

As Kull staggers backwards, suddenly he just turns to dust as the ice block on his head falls to the ground.

Lady Marvel is still spitting dirt from her mouth as Zan walks up, “You okay, ma’am?”

She snaps her head to him, “I’m not ma’am. It’s me. Mary.”

“Wait, what?”

Barbara Minerva finds herself no longer a cheetah girl as Jayna smirks up at her. “I’m going to enjoy this,” as she shoots up a fist and punches her right under the jaw, knocking the girl out cold.

Zan, Jayna, Mary and Lori are walking away from the Museum as Barbara is cuffed and placed into a squad car.

“Why did you never tell us you were the Red Whirl?” asks Zan.

Mary glares at him, “That is not my name. And because it’s called a secret identity. Besides, you never bothered to tell us you were some sort of shapeshifting family.”

Jayna laughs, “That’s true. We never told you we were aliens, either.”

Lori stops walking, “Space aliens?”

Everyone stops, Zan gives his sister a look, “We’re not supposed to tell people, but I guess since we are dishing out secrets now… we are from Exor.”

“Wait, where is Exor?” asks Mary.

Jayna grins as she starts walking again, “A long ways away.”

“You really going to call yourself Lady Marvel?” asks Lori to Mary as the quartet begins to walk again.

“It’s better than the Red Whirl.”

Zan shakes his head, “I don’t think you can legally call yourself that. Wait until Charlotte hears about….”

Suddenly they all turn to Lori and exclaim, “Charlotte!”

Mary puts her hands on Lori’s shoulders, “Where did Black Alice send Charlotte?”

Lori looks from one face to the other and then starts to speak when everything goes black.


Lori / Black Alice LILITH MEADOWS
Mary / Lady Marvel ARIEL MADDEN
Charlotte / Misfit LAYLA DIAZ
Barbara / Cheetah JAZMIN DAVIS

Summer 2021

A vortex opens and spits Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe dressed as her alter ego Misfit out onto a sidewalk before disappearing.

“Ouch,” she says as she slowly gets to her feet. “Where in the fuck am I?”

She leans against the wall to try and adjust her shoe when she quickly pulls back from where she set her hand. She looks at the structure in front of her, raising her head higher and higher as she looks at the tallest structure she’s ever seen in her life.

Placed on it is the logo for LexCorp.

She starts to look around.

She sees the Daily Planet.

She sees another LexCorp building. In fact, several.

That’s when she suddenly realizes she’s in Metropolis.

“What in the fu—”


What was that sound?

That was the question Mary Bromfield was asking herself as she walked down the hall towards her bedroom. She stopped by Freddie’s room, but it wasn’t there. She looked at the closed door of Billy’s room that hadn’t been occupied since he went off to college.

She placed her hand on the doorknob and gave it a twist, opening the musty room and steps inside, closing the door behind her. The sound was definitely coming from in here.

It was a series of bleeps and bloops and it just wouldn’t stop.

And it was coming from his closet.

She places her hand on the door and slowly slides it open and on the floor of the mostly empty closet was a single box.

And that sound was definitely coming from it.

She bends over and lifts the box and walks over and places it on the dresser and then slowly lifts the top off the box and as she does, a multicolor array of lights is shown.

She looks into the box and sees a very strange object. It’s a red half-dome with blinking lights all over the top.

“What is this?”

She slowly reaches into a box and goes to lift the object from inside but the moment her fingers touch it, she gets lightheaded and dizzy.

When she opens her eyes, she’s standing in a cavern. She’s holding the object in her hands and the lights are still blinking though the sounds have stopped.

She sees a light ahead so she begins to walk forward and as she turns the corner, she sees several elderly men in robes sitting on pedestals.

“Mary. You’ve joined us,” says one of the elders.

“What is this place? Who are you?”

Another speaks, “We are the elders. We are the ones who summoned your brother to take the mantle of Shazam.”

Yet another, “We rarely summon him but the world is in jeopardy.”

Mary looks confused, “What do you mean?”

“Mary, greed for power has put the world in danger. A man with unlimited ability has taken control and if he isn’t stopped, he will destroy what is left of Earth without even realizing it,”

Another of the elders begins to speak, “We are going to send you forward in time so that you can assist others in stopping this from happening. But let us make one thing clear, things are not always what they seem even if you see them with your own eyes.”

“Be cautious that you are on the right side of things. We cannot stress this enough.”

Mary looks bewildered as she looks among the group before her. “I don’t understand. What do I need to do?”

“Use the powers that have been invested in you. If you fail, the world as you know it will end. Only the bright star of Evergreen City can help you now. Good luck.”

Mary blinks, “Bright star? Good luc—?”

But as the center elder taps his staff on the ground, the device in her hands stops flashing its lights and falls to the ground as Mary is no longer standing there.

When Mary opens her eyes again, she’s standing somewhere she’s never been before. It looks like a city like any other city. People are going about their everyday lives. It takes her a moment to realize she is now in Evergreen City.

“What’s going on here? Why am I here?”

Apparently nothing.

However, the scene starts to change as the words “Seven days later,” appears on the screen.

The city she saw is now bursting in flames.

It’s hard to tell with the sirens, the smoke, the chaos.

The sky has turned red.

People are running for their lives as cars are spontaneously combusting, sending billows of fire and smoke into the air.

Off in the distance, a large mountain stands.

Something is shooting out of the top of the mountain, causing the sky to appear to be red.

As the camera begins to zoom in on the mountain, we see it has been hollowed out near the top to make a cave. Lights are flashing inside the cave opening.

As the camera goes into the cave and turns a corner we see first see Sheila Sorrell, wrists in shackles hanging in the center. Her body sagging down as if she could be unconscious or perhaps even dead as her rock covered body is glowing.

Then around the walls of the cave, our heroes have been shackled as well and their power looks to be taken from them, siphoned perhaps as different colored lines are run to an object underneath Sheila.

We see Zatanna, Isis, Bonfire, Zip Kid.

All seemingly being drained of their power as it’s fed into a machine.

We see Mother Panic, Aristotle Roder and Lisa Newman all lying in the corner on the ground.

Then we hear the laughter. Cackling, perhaps.

As we focus on a figure wearing a suit, facing away from the view. His short blonde hair gives him away however. He turns around and we see that the device in the center is also somehow connected to him.

As Governor Jeremy Horton turns around to face the camera, laughter still coming, he appears to be growing more powerful by the moment.

“It’ll soon be all mine,” he says loudly as he continues to laugh with that crazed look in his eyes and the screen suddenly goes black.


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