BRA returns to the House Show circuit as Lina Larue takes on Mimi Saito in the main event.

Kenny: BRA is back!

Cari: Unfortunately, so is he, but nevertheless, whoever owns BRA right now…

Kenny: Our bosses, have I told them I love them today yet?

Cari: … is proud to present the first of two planned mini house shows to showcase the cough new talent they have uncovered in the wake of recent events I am not at liberty to talk about.

Kenny: As well, both of these shows will be available on a special tape offer available soon!

(The screen fades up from black as a camera pans the audience. Many of the throng have brought signs. Each on waving frantically back and forth, hoping for a spot on TV. “Prettiest Scabs on TV” Why doesn’t Schultz wear a mask?” and “ABOUT TIME!” are a few that catch the camera’s attention.)

Ken: “Welcome back folks. I want to take this moment to thank all the fans out there and in the arena for tuning us in and buying a ticket to see the show. We’re going to try our very best to earn back your respect and admiration that you used to show us. I’d also like to say hello to our new fans on the RAW Entertainment network. We here at Battling Ring Angels are proud to be a part of that great organization.”

Cari: “Admiration as in …pay for the next PPV.”

Ken: “Ignore my co-host. Folks, we’ve seen some great action tonight and up next, one of Battling Ring Angels top superstars will be facing a newcomer.”

Cari: “Newcomer or not, Jennifer C has her hands full. Her opponent out weights her by at least 40 pounds and stands almost a foot taller.”

Ken: “Nobody knows the lady behind the mask. Heck we haven’t seen her wrestle yet. But she’s had some strong words for Jennifer and the Sisterhood in general.”

Cari: “She’s just a newbie trying to make a name for herself. But if you ask me..”

Ken: “We didn’t……”

Cari: “Jerk. Anyways, she’s barking up the wrong tree, cause you don’t call out the Sisterhood, unless you are looking to get a lesson in whoopass. I give this match 5 minutes.”

Ken: “Justiceen, or Justice as many folks are calling her, has made her intentions clear. I for one am glad to see more wrestlers standing up for good and honest grappling, rather than the backstabbing, cheating ways of the past.”

Cari: “You say it like it’s a bad thing.”

(Ken shakes his head as the lights in the arena fade down. After a moment a strong female voice is heard.)

Justice vs. Jennifer Christian


(The low drone of air-raid sirens begins to play as Justice walks out from behind the entranceway. She’s wearing a full opaque white body suit. On her feet, white wrestling boots with black bottoms. A mask covers her head, with a black band around the eyes that wraps around her head. Around her back she wears a white robe with the letters JIC above a large golden scale. She scans the audience as she raises her arms in the air, before slowly walking down the aisle. Her face shows no emotion through the mask as she scans the audience from side to side. She climbs up the ring steps and gracefully walks to the center of the ring. She lifts her arms up in the air, as if holding scales. She then nods to the ref and removes her robe, placing it on the edge of the ring.)

Ken: “She’s certainly one of the more promising new stars on the BRA roster. Justice is certainly one of our taller grapplers. There’s not much doubt who the stronger wrestler in this match up will be..”

Cari: `The bigger they are, the more they hurt when you low blow them.”

Ken: “What?”

Cari: “It’s true!”

Ken: “Coming from you, I don’t doubt it.”

(The lights go black as the haunting first few bars of the theme to Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone breaks the still air. Then simultaneously the lights slam back on, flash pots light off and Golden Earring’s song of the same name crashes loud across the speakers as Jenn Christian splits the curtain and confidently struts down the ramp. Her blonde hair is slicked and tied back giving the frown on her face full view. She wears a black two piece spandex short and top set with black tights and collegiate style wrestling shoes. She makes her way once around the outside of the ring stopping on the steps for a brief moment and letting a hint of a seductive smile cross her lips before stepping through the ropes and into the ring.)

Cari: “Now that is a star!”

Ken: “Jennifer Christian is certainly a star. With three members of the Sisterhood of Seduction crossing the …”

(Cari jabs an elbow into Ken’s ribs.)

Cari: “Were not supposed to talk about that.”

(Ken winces grabbing his side for a brief moment, before turning his head back to the camera.)

Ken: “With our new roster, the experience of the wrestlers like Nina, Tiffany and Jennifer are certain to give them a good shot at claiming titles in our refurbished fed.”

Cari: “Without a doubt, they are the cream of the crop and they were before the…”

(Ken returns the favor with an elbow shot of his own.)

Cari: “Ow!”

(The referee checks over Jennifer’s shoes and attire for anything out of the ordinary. She smiles at him, giving him a little wink before turning her attention to her opponent. Across the ring, Justice stalks back and forth, her eyes never leaving the young blonde. The ref walks over and performs the same check on Justice before moving to the center of the ring.)


(Jenn casually leans against the corner, her eyes narrowed to evil little slits as she looks across the ring at her opponent. Justice steps out from the corner, she moves slowly towards the center of the ring, walking in long strides. Jenn steps and moves towards Justice, keeping her distance in a slow circle. As the two women move around each other, a lone figure appears at the wrestler entrance.)

Ken: “Looks who’s here, its Muse, the Archangels new instrument of control here in Battling Ring Angels.”

Cari: “How’s my hair?”

(Muse paces slowly at the entranceway watching the action in the ring unfold.)

(After circling for a moment, Jenn and Justice move towards each other. Justice moves her hands up from a clinch, as does Jenn. As Justice goes to lock up, Jennifer quickly ducks out of range and moves away, a devilish smile on her face.)

Cari: “That’s my girl!”

Ken: “Smart move by Jenn, she might be acting cocky, but she knows she’s not going to win this by out powering Justice.”

(The lady with the mask turns and moves after her opponent, Jennifer quickly turns and pivots, dropping to a crouched position. As she does, she whips out her leg, knocking the startled Justice to the mat. The masked woman hits the mat, landing on her stomach as Jenn quickly jumps up and then leaps back down, driving her elbow into the back of her opponents neck.)

Cari: “See that! Jenn is going to give this “Hero” a wrestling lesson tonight. She should cut Jenn a check for services rendered.”

(Jennifer quickly wraps her arm around Justice’s head and rises up to one knee, pulling her opponent’s upper body off the mat. Jenn smiles as she puts on the pressure as Justice just wraps her arms around Jenn’s waist. Jenn flexes her arm as hard as she can as Justice rises to one knee. Jenn’s arrogant smile starts to fade as Justice starts to rise to her feet. With her arms wrapped around Jenn’s waist. Justice rises up to her feet, lifting Jenn up in the air. Christian yelps as Justice’s arms crush her midsection. She breaks the headlock and raises her arms to smash Justice in the head, but the big woman just lifts her up and falls backwards, smashing Jenn in the mat with a modified suplex.)

Ken: “Wow! Great counter by Justice! She planted Jenn with that suplex!”

Cari: “Hardly worth noting, she just fell backwards.”

(Justice pushes herself up and turns. Jenn is already on her knee’s holding her back, her arrogant eyes, a little less cocky as she watches her opponent stand up. Justice moves quickly across the ring as Jenn jumps to her feet. The two women come together in a clinch. Almost immediately, Justice starts to push Jenn back, forcing her smaller opponent into the corner. The ref calls for a break. Justice looks at the man for a moment and then backs off. As she does, Jenn quickly kicks her foot into Justice’s midsection, causing her to back away. Jumping to the second turnbuckle, Jenn leaps off, flipping over Justice’s hunched over body.)

Ken: “Sunset Flip! Jenn’s got her down!”

(The ref drops for a count, but only hits the mat once before Justice powers out. Jennifer rolls to her feet quickly and takes a step back as Justice gets to her knees. With a short jump, Jenn launches her feet into the air and nails Justice in the head with a dropkick, sending her sprawling down to the mat.)

Cari: “She’s on fire! This is simple domination folks.”

Ken: “Jenn is taking to her opponent tonight. Justice hasn’t had much in the way of offense here. She’d better do something soon or else……MISSED!”

(Jennifer had quickly jumped to her feet and went to hit Justice with a leg drop. But the masked woman rolled away. Jenn hits rump first on the mat and gives a little yelp before giving an even bigger yelp as she is lifted off the mat. With two hands, Justice lifts Jenn into the air. Holding Jenn around the neck and her waistband, the big woman holds Jenn in the air for a moment and then slams her down with a vicious choke slam.)

Cari: “Errrr.”

(Jenn bounces on impact and then rolls onto her side clutching her back. Justice cranks her head to the side for a moment, as if shaking off the cobwebs, before reaching down and hauling the semi-stunned blonde to her feet. With one motion, Justice lifts Jenn onto her shoulder and then takes a few running steps before jumping down to the mat, taking Jenn with her.”

Ken: “MY GOD! Huge Power slam!!!”

(Jenn body is slammed and crushed by her opponent’s larger frame. Justice hooks the leg and holds Jenn down for a pin. The ref drops to the mat for the count. At the wrestler entrance, Muse intently watches the action. A serious look on her face as the crowd seems to be getting into the match.)

Cari: “Come on Jenn…”

Ken: “1….2…”

Cari: “Whew!”

(The Sisterhood faithful cheer as Jenn somehow kicks out. Underneath the mask, there is the smallest hint of a smile as Justice rises to her feet. She grabs Christian by the air and pulls her up. With a whip, she hurls Jenn into the ropes. The young blonde hits the strands and rebounds in as Justice lashes out her arm for a clothesline. Jennifer’s ring savvy kicks in and she ducks at the last moment, avoiding the decapitating limb. She races across the ring and hits the opposite ropes as Justice turns to face her. Jennifer bounces back and leaps into the air, nailing Justice in the leg with a dropkick. )

Ken: “Smart move by Jenn. She’s gotta keep Justice off her feet.”

(Justice yelps and drops to the mat, clutching her leg. With machine like precision, Jenn rises to her feet and grabs her opponent by the leg. She fires three quick kicks into the back of Justice’s leg before lifting the limb high in the air and then dropping it down, landing her knee’s right across it. Justice screams in pain, as Jenn lifts her leg up steps over it, grabbing her other leg in the process.)

Cari: “Figure 4 baby! Make the masked woman scream!”

Ken: “Those long legs of Justice are being twisted into pretzels by little Jenn Christian.”

(Justice lets out an anguished cry as Jenn locks in the figure-four leg lock and falls to the mat. The ref asks Justice if she wants to quit, but she doesn’t answer. Jenn raises herself up on her elbows, adding the most pressure possible to the hold. Justice pounds her hands on the mat.)

Cari: “She’s thrashing like a fish out of water.”

Ken: “I don’t think so, with each move, she’s inching her way towards the ropes. That’s a pretty ring smart move by a `rookie’.

(Jenn curls her lip into a frown as Justice reaches her long arms out and grabs the bottom rope. The ref calls for a break, but Jenn keeps the hold on, bouncing her body up and down as Justice screams in agony. The ref starts to count and at 4, Jenn loosens up her legs.)

Ken: “A little bit of concern on Jenn’s face. I think she thought she’d have an easy time with Justice. But now I think she knows she’s going to have to really work for this one.”

(Jennifer pushes by the ref as Justice is pulling herself up with the ropes. Christian fires a punch into Justice’s gut, causing her to bend slightly forward. Wrapping her arm around Justice’s head, Jenn falls backwards, forcing Justice to falls headfirst into the mat.)

Cari: “DDT!”

(Jenn quickly lies across her opponent’s body for the pin. The ref slaps his hand down twice, before Justice gets the shoulder up. Jenn glares at the ref, before rising to her feet. She takes a step back as Justice starts to rise. Then in a rare display of viciousness, Jenn begins launching a series of kicks into her opponent’s body. At least 5 times she kicks Justice in the belly, forcing the masked woman into the ropes. As the ref calls for a break, Jenn places her boot on Justice’s neck, pressing it down against the bottom rope. She yells at him as he starts to count for a break.)

Ken: “Wow, from sweetheart to bitch in less than three weeks.”

Cari: “Hey! Jenn’s nobody’s sweetheart. She’s a powerhouse. She’s Sisterhood and she’s informing Justice of just who is the law in Battling Ring Angels.”

(At 4 Jenn lifts her boot off of Justice’s throat. Ignoring the ref, she bends down and pulls Justice up and places her in another side headlock. Jenn starts to fall backwards, but Justice wraps her arms around Jenn’s waist and lifts up, pulling Jenn into the air. Taking a step, Justice drops to one knee, impaling Jenn down across her outstretched thigh.”

Ken: “OUCH! Atomic Drop!”

(Jenn bounces up off Justice’s knee and hobbles away on her tiptoes. As she turns, Justice rises to her feet and kicks her foot up, planting her size 12’s into Jennifer’s face. Christian slumps to the mat, as Justice looms above her. )

Cari: “Jeez, she kicked her right in the face, while she was standing.”

Ken: “Justice is showing her stuff and Jenn’s about to feel the law.”

(Justice bends down and pulls Jenn to her feet. Grabbing Jenn by the arm, Justice whips her smaller opponent into the corner. Jenn is sent hurling into the corner and slams into the turnbuckles. She turns, only to have Justice come splashing into her, slamming her back into the turnbuckles. Justice takes a step back and watches as Jenn slumps forwards onto the mat.)

Cari: “911!”

Ken: “Good God! Justice just punished Jenn with that turnbuckle smash and body splash. HEY HEY!!!”

(The Sisterhood faithful give a cheer as one of BRA’s most recognizable wrestlers is standing at the top of the ramp. Muse has gone, but in her place. Ex-Celestial Champion, Tiffany Lane.)

Cari: “Wow, what a night, all three members of the Sisterhood, gracing us with their presence.”

Ken: “But Tiffany’s not scheduled to be here.”

Cari: “Bah! Like she needs an invitation. She’s Tiffany Lane.”

(The Blonde bombshell walks slowly down the ramp, winking and posing for the many camera’s that flash and pop for the pin-up queen. Justice glares up the ramp at Tiffany, knowing that her presence isn’t by accident. At the same moment, Tiffany looks up into the ring and smiles. Not a friendly gesture, but a hateful grin.)

(Inside the ring, Justice turns her attention back to Jenn and hauls the still stunned teen up to her feet. Justice turns so that she is facing Tiffany and picks Jenn up and places her on her shoulders. Tiffany looks up into the ring with her hands on her hips as Justice takes a moment and then with a grunt, hoists Jenn up into the air.)

Ken: “Wow! What a show of strength!”

Cari: “Come on, Jenn weights like 100 pounds.”

Ken: “Just a minute ago you said Jenn was a powerhouse.”

Cari: “No I didn’t…”

(The crowd gasps as Justice turns and slams Jenn down to the mat. Christian is slammed from over 6 feet in the air and bounces once off the mat and then slumps on her side. Justice turns and points her thumb out at Tiffany, before turning it downwards. The Blonde bombshell does not look happy as she starts to move towards the ring. She glares at Justice as the masked woman turns and lifts Jenn off the mat. She holds Jenn by the neck and raises her free arm in the air.)

Cari: “What is she doing?”

Ken: “She’s calling out to the crowd, she’s letting them decide Jenn’s fate.”

(The crowd reaction is mixed, as most folks don’t understand what’s going on. After a moment, more and more people start lifting up their arms, pointing their thumbs down. Many hold their thumbs up, but they all seem to be wearing Sisterhood merchandise.)

Cari: “Come on people, thumbs up! That’s good right?”

Ken: “Good for Jenn, but it looks like …”

(Justice points her thumb up for a moment.)

Cari: “Yes….Whoa!!”

(The crowd cheers as Justice’s thumb turns and points downwards. She shoves Jenn’s head down between her legs and goes to hook Jenn’s arms behind her back.)

Ken: “She’s going for the Final Verdict, if she hits this, this will be a huge upset!”

(Justice is about to hook Jenn’s arms, but stops as Tiffany jumps up onto the ring edge. The ref immediately runs over, telling her to get off the apron. Tiffany ignores him, yelling insults at Justice. The masked woman just stares daggers at Lane as the ref warns Tiffany for the last time. Acting out of survival, Jenn drops to her knee’s and slams her fist upwards with all her might.)

Ken: “Low blow!”

Cari: “What? Where?”

(Justice’s eyes nearly explode out of her mask as Jenn’s fist slams into her. Justice stumbles away as Jenn rises to her feet. Tiffany has a wicked smirk on her face as she slides down from the apron. Justice is hunched over as Jennifer jumps up and snaps her leg down, nailing Justice with an axe kick. The big woman slumps to the mat.)

Ken: “Dirty pool by Jennifer. Tiffany distracted the ref and JC, deep sixed Justice.”

(Jenn drops to her knee’s and rolls Justiceen onto her back. Hooking a leg, Jenn lies across her opponent for the pin.)

Ken: “What a travesty!”

Cari: “1 …..2….HEY!”

Ken: “Foot on the ropes! Justice got her foot on the ropes!”

(Jenn can’t believe it and slowly pushes herself up. Tiffany snarls and grabs one of the announcer chairs. Catching Tiffany’s eye, the two Sisterhood members share a moment. Jennifer grabs Justiceen by the legs and flips her over into a Boston crab as Tiffany circles the ring, keeping the chair hidden from the ref’s view.)

Ken: “Why is she going for a crab? Justice is right near the ropes, all she has to…do…HEY!”

Cari: “Hehe…”

(Jenn suddenly lunges forwards, stumbling into the ref as if Justice powered out of the crab. The two of them fall onto the mat as Tiffany puts the plan into action. Justice grabs the ropes and starts to pull herself up. As she does, Tiffany pulls a Mark McGuire with the chair.”


(The chair dents on impact as Justice flops to the mat. Tiffany turns and poses for the cameras, before dropping the chair floor and kicking it under the ring. Jennifer rolls off the ref and turns to see Justice lying still on the mat. The ref looks outside the ring to see Tiffany posing, as usual and acting as if nothing happened.)

Ken: “My God! Did you hear that hit! Justice has to be out cold.”

Cari: “Yeah ..what a shame …woohoo.”

(Jennifer grabs Justice by the legs and pulls her near one of the corners. Jenn then runs to the opposite corner.)

Cari: “Jenn’s about to take Justice to the Outer Limits!”

Ken: “Justice is totally out of it, she’s defenseless.”

Cari: “Perfect time to strike.”

(Jenn runs across the ring and jumps over Justice’s prone body. Jenn grabs the top rope and pulls her body up into a handstand. She holds it for a moment, just for show, before dropping back down, slamming her body across Justice’s chest. Jenn quickly hooks both legs, as the ref slaps his hand down.)

Ken: “She’s not going to kick outta this one…I think.”

Cari: “Not a chance…1….”

Ken: “2….”

Cari: “3!!!”


(The crowd cheers, a mix of boo’s are thrown in as Jenn gets a tainted win. She doesn’t seem to care though as Tiffany climbs into the ring to congratulate her teammate. The ref raises Jennifer’s hand as Tiffany gives her a hug.”

Ken: “Well, Justice just felt what many others have felt when they’ve faced the Sisterhood.”

Cari: “Defeat?”

Ken: “No! Some kind of cheap shot or trick to win the match. Justice pummeled Jenn in that match. She slammed her all over the place and while I know Jenn’s a good wrestler. I don’t think she was going to survive that one without Tiffany’s help.”

Cari: “Uh oh…”

Ken: “Uh oh what?”

(In the ring, Tiffany and Jenn are posing for the cameras. They have their backs to Justiceen as the big woman is pulling herself up. Tiffany turns and sees the masked woman rising to her feet and knows that behind the mask there ain’t no smile. She quickly ushers Jenn out of the ring and up the ramp as Justice goes to chase after them. The ref gets in the way, holding Justice back as she screams at Tiffany. The blonde smirks and waves back as Jenn winces, holding her back as she walks towards the back.)

Ken: “Well, I don’t think Justice is going to be in a very good mood next week. And her opponent is the Sisterhood leader Nina LaRue, who fights tonight against promising rookie, Mimi Saito.”

Cari: “Fight? Fight? You think it’s going to be a fight? Nina LaRue against some nobody? It won’t last 5 minutes.”

Ken: “You didn’t think this would last 5 minutes.”

Cari: “Shut up.”

Ken: This is going to be a long night!

Harriet Powell vs. Jean Schultz

(The lights go black for a second before snapping back on again. At the top of the ramp looking menacing stands a legend of the mat game. Jean “the butcher” Schultz glares to the audience with a well practiced look as she walks contemptuously down the ramp towards the ring. The crowd reacts mostly negatively as the thirty-year veteran heads for the ring and steps through the ropes. As she moves to the center of the ring she stands still for a second, the crowd jeering, as they know what comes next. Then, like she has done countless times before, she throws up an arm in a Nazi salute before snarling at her opponent and moving to her corner.)

Kenny: I think she could dispense with the Nazi salute.

Cari: I understand that Jean is one of the rue believers. She was Hitler’s lover, wasn’t she?

Kenny: Oh, come on.

Cari: If not Hitler than Himmler. It was somebody with a ler in his name. I think she is old enough to be Hitler’s mother.

Kenny: She is not that old.

Cari: Are you kidding? Her first grade teachers were the three wise men.

Kenny: Stop that.

Cari: When she was born the Dead Sea only had a mild heart condition.

Kenny: Will you stop with the bad jokes?

Cari: Hey! I’m on a role.

(Cari’ jokes are stopped as Subtle chords of the pipe organ rendition of the old hymn “leaning” seep into the arena. A tall thin woman enters clutching a crucifix in one hand and a thick bible in her other that she holds to her chest. She passes the throngs of fans, ignoring their taunts. She whispers a prayer for their souls, and for the soul of the woman she shall soon face in combat-whom she shall put down in the name of the lord.)

Cari: I don’t think this one is much of an improvement. Were did they find this thing . . . freaks are us?

Kenny: She does seem a little of the deep end.

Cari: A little?

Kenny: Ok, I admit she does scare me.

(The ref brings the wrestlers to the center of the ring explaining the rules to them. It is hard to tell which of the two wrestlers are paying less attention to him. The ref signals for the bell Harriet and Jean stand toe to toe staring each other down. Finally, Jean chops Harriet across the chest. The arena echoes with the sound of the slap. Harriet barely acknowledges the attack and chops Jean across the chest. Jean smiles and chops Harriet, who laughs at the slap. Harriet slaps back. The two exchange chops in the middle of the ring until Harriet begins to gain the advantage slowly forcing Jean back to the ropes.)

Kenny: Harriet is showing her strength in driving jean back into the ropes.

Cari: Zealots have deep wells of strength but they don’t last long.

(Harriet grabs Jean by the arm and whips her across the ring. On the rebound, Harriet bends over and sends Jean high into the air with a vicious backdrop. Jean lands hard on her back and rolls on the mat. Harriet grabs a handful of Jean’s hair and brings her to her feet before sending her to the mat again with a knee lift to the chest. The crowd boos Harriet and she walks to the edge of the ring and seems to be murmuring a prayer. Jean takes the opportunity to roll under the bottom rope and on to the floor of the arena. The ref begins to count her out.)

Cari: Jean is using her head, getting out of the ring. If she were smart, she would run from the arena and end this match.

Kenny: What is Harriet doing?

(Harriet kneels in the center of ring and seems to be praying. The ref pauses in his count to check on her and then begins it again, Jean waits until she is almost counted out before she gets back into the ring. Harriet continues to kneel in the center of the ring ignoring Jean. Schultz leaps into the air and nails Harriet in the back of the head with a drop kick. Harriet’s face bounces off the mat. Jean grabs Harriet by the head and drags her to the ropes where. She sneers at the crowd as she places Harriet’s neck across the second rope. Jean kneels on her back, driving the rope into Harriet’s neck. Harriet begins to gag from the choke. The ref tries to get Jean off Harriet’s back but Jean ignores him. He begins to count, and she finally leaves Harriet just before she is counted out. She backs away for a second and then grabs Harriet’s feet and begins to drag her to the center of the ring. Harriet’s kicks her legs but is unable to break the grip of “the butcher”. Harriet grabs the rope to prevent herself from being dragged backward. Schultz yanks hard on Harriet but Harriet holds onto the rope. Jean yanks hard again, and this time Harriet’s grip on the rope is broken and she flies backward before landing on her face.)

Kenny: That little prayer break that Harriet took seems to be costing her the match.

Cari: I will never understand these religious fanatics. They have no business being in the wrestling ring. Neither of these wrestlers would even be allowed in the same arena as Evonne . . .

Kenny: Ah, ah aaah.

Cari: I wasn’t going to say her full name.

(Jean sits on Harriet’s back with Harriet’s legs under arms in a Boston crab. Harriet slaps the mat in pain as the ref asks her whether she submits. Harriet shakes her head no and begins to claw at the mat, inching herself closer to the ropes. Jean leans back putting even more pressure on Harriet’s back. Sweat begins to flow down Harriet’s face as she claws her way closer to the ropes. She reaches out her hand and is just a fraction of an inch from the bottom rope. The ref asks Harriet if she submits and Harriet doesn’t respond. With a final gasp, Harriet is able to inch herself close enough to the ropes to grab the bottom one. The ref signals for Jean to break the hold but the Butcher ignores him. Finally, the ref pushes Shultz off Harriet. The ref stands between Shultz and Powell keeping Jean away from Harriet, who holds the bottom rope with one hand as she massages her back with the other.)

Cari: Shultz is showing a lot of ring savvy in this match.

Kenny: She may not be as old as you think.

Cari: That’s not it, It’s just that Powell is a lot worse than I expected.

(Powell slowly gets to her feet and the ref steps away from Shultz. Jean grabs Harriet’s arm and tries to whip her across the ring. Harriet surprises everyone and whips Shultz into the far ropes. Shultz bounces off the ropes and is sent crashing to the mat with a clothesline. The reverend jumps into the air and delivers an unholy knee to the stomach of Jean Shultz.)

Kenny: That was a nasty knee drop to Shultz’s stomach.

Cari: A target that large is hard to miss.

(Powell brings Shultz to her feet and wraps her arms around Shultz’s waist. With a grunt, Harriet’s lifts Jean off the mat and sends her back to it with a belly to back suplex. Harriet keeps her grip around Jean’s waist as she rolls to her feet bringing Jean up with her. Harriet then performs another belly to back suplex driving Jean’s head into the mat. Powell continues her grip around Shultz’s waist and nails Jean with a third belly to back suplex. Powell bridges, forcing Shultz’s shoulders to the mat. The ref drops to the mat and slaps the mat twice before Jean is able to raise a shoulder.)

Kenny: It was close there; Shultz was almost put away by those belly to back suplexes.

(Powell gets to her feet as Shultz writhes in agony on the mat. Harriet jumps into the air and drops a leg across the neck of Jean. The Reverend stands over Jean and makes the sign of the cross over Jean before dropping both knees onto Jean’s belly. Jean’s head is jerked off the match from the effect of this. It is sent back to the mat courtesy of a fist from Harriet. Harriet continues to kneel on Jean as she folds her hands in prayer. She remains in the position for a minute before getting to her feet. She forces Jean to her feet and puts her in a crucifix submission.)

Kenny: Powell has Shultz in her finisher, “The Penance”.

Cari: The ref ask Jean whether she submits and Shultz weakly shakes her head yes.

(The ref signals for the bell. Harriet releases Jean, who falls to the mat. Harriet places a copy of the New Testament in Jean’s hands and then prays over her fallen opponent.)

Kenny: Impressive performance from newcomer Powell who puts away the craggy veteran in convincing fashion!

Cari: I told you she should have stayed retired!

Kenny: Schultz is bound to be shaky after such a long layoff. I think you’ll see nothing but improvement from her in the future.

Cari: Up is the only direction she can go now!

Mimi Saito vs. Nina Larue

(The scene again returns to the Battling Ring Angels Arena, the cheers from the fans heard audibly in the background. Standing in the center of the ring is Mimi Saito. The petite, Japanese wrestler does a few stretches, preparing for the start of the next match. The camera again lands on Kenny and Cari, both wearing matching headsets.)

Kenny: So far, we’ve had a great card and now it’s time for the main event!

Cari: You call this a main event!?! Nina Larue vs. Mimi Saito!?! Who in the hell is Mimi Saito? She sure as hell ain’t no Viper, I mean, she sure as hell ain’t our former Fallen Angel champion!

Kenny: Well, from what I understand, Mimi is an accomplished wrestler and is really looking to make a name for herself against one of BRA’s premier grapplers and one of the few women to cross the picket line, Nina Larue. In fact, we saw Nina earlier tonight during the Justice/Jennifer Christian match.

Cari: Yeah, but it will be interesting to see Nina in a wrestling capacity. She has been kinda quiet lately. I hear she’s been doing some modeling in Europe.

Kenny: Well, let’s just hope all of that time spent posing for the cameras hasn’t dulled her wrestling abilities.

Cari: (snorts) Hardly!

(Suddenly, Sisqo’s “The Thong Song” begins to play as the fans jump to their feet, awaiting the arrival of “The Goddess” Nina Larue. The curtains part and Nina stands before the crowd, clad in a black, lace, thong bikini, showing off her sleek, curvy figure. She completes the look with black, kicking pads and matching, Asics, tennis shoes. Her long, black hair falls straight to the small of her back, framing her flawless face. The busty beauty poses for a moment, surveying the crowd, before sashaying to ringside. The bewitching brunette gracefully enters the ring, the crowd showering her in catcalls and wolf whistles. With a sly smirk across her gorgeous visage, she seductively leans over the top rope, blowing a kiss to the fans and offering them a view of her ample cleavage. Needless to say, the catcalls and whistles are now deafening. Nina does a few stretches, arching her back in a tantalizing fashion, as she awaits the start of the match.)

Cari: It looks like Nina is ready for this match! That Mimi is a goner. After all, Nina is a former Fallen Angel champion!

Kenny: I wouldn’t be too sure of that! My sources tell me that Mimi is a little spitfire.

(Nina looks Mimi up and down with disdain as the referee, Moira Young, explains the rules to both women. The bell rings and Mimi surprises a smirking Nina with a drop kick to the chest.)

Cari: Cheater! Nina wasn’t ready yet!

Kenny: Well, the bell had already rang so the match had technically started. Nina should have been prepared.

Cari: Eh, who asked you?

(The fans pop as Mimi leaps to her feet, clapping her hands excitedly. As Nina rises to her feet, Mimi mounts the top turnbuckle.)

Kenny: Mimi’s being smart. She knows that she’s at a height and weight disadvantage so she’s sticking to the air.

Cari: The shrimp is 4’11 and weighs 101 lbs! Of course she’s at a weight and height disadvantage!

(With a scowl on her face, Nina turns only to be greeted by a flying head scissors from Mimi. The smaller woman leaps from the turnbuckle and wraps her legs around Nina’s neck, bringing her crashing down to the mat.)

Kenny: Impressive! Mimi is really taking it to Nina.

(Mimi grabs a handful of Nina’s hair and shoves her into a nearby corner. She charges after Nina, leaps upon her, and catches her with a monkey flip, Nina’s back impacting with the hard canvas. Nina yelps in pain and clutches the small of her back, glaring at Mimi.)

Cari: Looks like Mimi is going up top again! Look out, Nina!

(Mimi soars from the top turnbuckle again, attempting a missile drop kick, but finds only canvas as Nina moves out of the way. With a yank of hair, Nina pulls Mimi to her feet. She suddenly begins attacking Mimi’s chest and stomach with a flurry of kicks.)

Kenny: (winces) Yow! You can hear those kicks in the cheap seats!

(Mimi grabs Nina legs but Nina kicks her in the back of the head with her free leg.)

Cari: Enzugiri! That’s the Nina that I know and love!

(Mimi falls to the mat, clutching her head, as Nina yanks her to her feet again. She whips Mimi to the ropes and catches her with a spinning heel kick to the chest on the rebound.)

Kenny: Looks like Nina is showing off her martial arts skills with those lethal kicks of hers. Mimi’s gotta watch out for those.

(The fans boo as Nina shoves Mimi into the corner and begins to choke her by placing her foot across her throat. Mimi gasps for air as the ref admonishes Nina. Nina reluctantly stops the choke but not before adding a thrust kick to Mimi’s stomach. Nina makes her way across the ring from Mimi before charging towards her, hitting a handspring flip and landing with an elbow to Mimi’s chest. Mimi slumps to the mat as Nina parades around the ring, the fans showing their displeasure.)

Cari: Nice hand spring elbow. Looks like Nina has this one beaten!

Kenny: I wouldn’t count Mimi out just yet.

(Nina charges at Mimi again. She hits another handspring flip but her elbow crashes into the turnbuckle as Mimi moves out of the way. As Nina impacts into the turnbuckle, knocking the wind out of her, Mimi grabs her in a headlock and races across the ring, driving Nina face first into the mat with a flying bulldog. Nina groans as the diminutive, Japanese girl hops to her feet again, smiling out to the crowd. She pulls Nina to her feet and sends her to the ropes. As The Goddess rebounds, she is caught with a hurricanrana.)

Kenny: Mimi rolls Nina up and Referee Young begins the count!

(The ref slaps the mat but Nina kicks out at the count of two. Mimi drags Nina to her feet again and ships her to the ropes. This time, Mimi races after her and attacks her with a flying elbow to the chest. Nina falls to the mat on her bottom, clutching her chest, a look of hurt crossing her features.)

Kenny: Nina’s down again! Impressive, first match by Mimi. Hmmm. I wonder if Miss Saito is related to the Saito sisters, Angel and Josie.

Cari: Let’s keep our focus on the match and not on wrestlers not in this fed, Kenny dear.

Kenny: (grins sheepishly) Oh yeah, sorry.

(Mimi reaches to grab Nina again only to be surprised with a boot to her crotch.)

Kenny: Low blow!

(The ref warns Nina about the cheating as Mimi doubles over. Nina grabs her by the waist and power bombs her, Mimi smashing into the mat. With a smirk, Nina arrogantly covers Mimi, not even bothering to hook the leg, as the ref counts. Young slaps the mat twice but Mimi gets her shoulder from the mat before the third count.)

Cari: Hey! That was a slow count! Nina had this thing won!

(As if she can hear Cari, Nina shoots Moira a dirty look before returning her attention to a rising Mimi. Once Mimi has made it to her feet, Nina surprises her with a spinning back fist to the jaw.)

Cari: Uraken! You don’t see that move often in the U.S.

(Mimi stumbles backwards, clutching her jaw, before Nina catches her with a spinning heel kick to the stomach, doubling her over again. Nina grabs Mimi by the hair and snap suplexes her to the mat. She attempts another lazy cover but is shocked as Mimi rolls her up, trapping her in a small package.)



(Nina manages to kick out of the small package before Young can slap the mat a third time.)

Kenny: That was close! Mimi almost pinned The Goddess! That would have been more of an upset than when Nina was pinned by Angel Dust, I mean, when she was pinned by a former wrestler that now works for another promotion.

Cari: Tricky keeping them old names out of your mouth, ain’t it?

(Mimi bounces to her feet and whips Nina to the ropes. Nina reverses the whip and sends Mimi instead. As Mimi rebounds, Nina attempts a clothesline but Mimi ducks it. She rebounds again but isn’t so lucky as Nina turns and catches her with a roundhouse kick to the chin, knocking Mimi to her back. Mimi hardly has time to rest on the mat as Nina yanks her up again.)

Cari: Another brutal kick from Larue. She’s showing this scab just who’s boss!

(With a snarl, Nina roughly tosses Mimi to the ropes. The Japanese girl rebounds before being knocked to the mat again with judo chops to the chest. As Mimi slowly makes her way to her feet, Nina scales the turnbuckles. She perches atop the top turnbuckle, waiting for Mimi to rise.)

Cari: Nina’s waiting there for Mimi. I wonder what she’s planning.

Kenny: Mimi to her feet and she turns around. Nina leaps off!

Cari: Missile drop kick!

(Nina flies off with a missile drop kick, driving her feet squarely into Mimi’s chest. Mimi flies across the ring, landing with a thud.)

Kenny: Whoa! I haven’t seen Nina drop kick someone like that since Gina Moore!

Cari: Kenny! Ixnay on the inaGay OoreMay!

Kenny: Oh yeah, she doesn’t work here anymore!

(Nina moves towards a prone Mimi and yanks her to her feet before kneeing her with a swift low blow.)

Kenny: Another low blow! That was uncalled for! Mimi was already out!

Cari: Yeah, but Nina wanted to make sure she stayed that way!

(As Mimi doubles over, Nina grabs her in a front face lock and drops her to the mat with a jumping DDT, driving her head into the canvas.)

Cari: Nina’s Knockout, the most dangerous DDT in the world! This is over!

(Nina covers Mimi, making sure to hook the leg as Young counts.)




(The bell rings and Nina’s leaps to her feet with a smirk, the fans booing. Moira Young raises Nina’s hand as she is announced as the winner.)

Cari: Once again, The Goddess proves her greatness even if it was against a half-assed opponent!

Kenny: If you ask me, Mimi had Nina against the ropes. It took everything that she had to put Saito away. Maybe all of that time in Europe did something to The Goddess!

Cari: Never!

(Nina triumphantly leaves the ring as Mimi is helped by the ref, the crowd giving her an ovation for a job well done.)

Kenny: Well that’s it for our first show back! A great display of talent tonight I think.

Cari: I think we need to work on your vocabulary as well!

Kenny: This is Kenny Harbor…

Cari: …and Cari Trammel, goodnight!

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