Viper vs. Tanzi Charlton

Kenny: Welcome back ladies and gentleman. Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED Battling Ring Angles.

Cari: New? Yes. Improved? That remains to be seen. BRA has had in the past some of the greatest legends in women’s wrestling. Today? I haven’t head of half these wrestlers before and the ones I have heard of are has-beens or never-wases

Kenny: These wrestlers may be new but they show a lot of potential.

Cari: Where have they shown this potential? In the minorest of the minor wrestling leagues. We used to have world class athletes like . . .

Kenny: Ah, ah , ahhhh! Don’t go there.

Cari: You’re right. I might get the high and mighty Archangel mad at me.

Kenny: In this match we have a new comer, the super heroine Robin Hood, against . . .

Cari: Super heroine? What kinds of clowns has Archangel brought into this fed?

Kenny: I admit it sounds strange, but she has waged a one-woman war on crime in the streets of Las Vegas and now she has come to BRA to clean it up.

Cari: I give her one match here before she gets hauled away to the funny farm. A place she deserves to spend the rest of her life in.

Kenny: We’ll see about that.

Cari: Is that the best you can come back with? We’ll see about that? Can I use that come back too or do you have a copyright on such an original idea?

Kenny: You don’t need to be insulting. As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, Robin’s opponent is a legend from women’s wrestling . . . Betty Schultz.

Cari: What nursing home did they get her out of? The Nevada Home for Senile Wrestlers?

Kenny: Be nice.

Cari: I will say something nice about Betty. She may be old and decrepit, probably barely able to walk, she is still a better wrestler than this joke that calls herself a super heroine.

Robin Hood vs. Jean Schultz

(The lights go black for a second before snapping back on again. At the top of the ramp looking menacing stands a legend of the mat game. Jean “the butcher” Schultz glares to the audience with a well practiced look as she walks contemptuously down the ramp towards the ring.)

Cari: If this old woman walks any slower, the time limit for the card will be over before this match even gets started.

(The crowd reacts mostly negatively as the thirty-year veteran heads for the ring and steps through the ropes. As she moves to the center of the ring she stands still for a second, the crowd jeering, as they know what comes next. Then, like she has done countless times before, she throws up an arm in a Nazi salute before snarling at her opponent and moving to her corner.)

Kenny: My, how quaint, Betty Shultz from Munich Germany giving a Nazi salute.

Cari: Why not? I understand that she was one of the original Nazi’s. The German’s called her the Mother of National Socialism. She was pretty wild in her younger days and is. in fact, the mother of many Nazis fathered by many different Nazis.

Kenny: Will you stop with the insults?

Cari: The biggest insult of all is calling this a wrestling match.

(Dire Straits’ “Walk of Life” blares through the sound system as the curtains part and out steps Robin Hood. She is dressed in a lincoln green costume. She poses hands on hips while looking sternly out on the audience, looking every much the super heroine. Beside her stands a young boy dressed in an identical but scaled down costume. His name is Little John and his pose is identical to Robin’s including the stern look on his face. Robin marches purposefully to the ring acknowledging the cheers from the crowd although there aren’t many of them. The crowd mostly stares in silence at this apparition. Robin climbs into the ring while Little John remains outside of it. Robins takes a mic from the ring attendant.)

Robin: Jean Shultz, you have chosen to represent all that is bad in the history of your country. You give that Nazi salute and strut around like a storm trooper. It is time to change your ways. Reflect on all the good that your country has done. Come out of the darkness and into the light. I will give you the chance to change now, if you do not make the change, I will be forced to use my powers to show you the light. The choice is yours, either change on your own or face the full power of good. I do not want to use force on you, but I will if you continue to act in the evil ways that you have

Cari: Can we get this over with and get the match started?

Kenny: She raises some good points.

Cari: I suppose she is going to use that super energy ray that she claims to have.

Kenny: Do you mean the “subatomic molecular biometric power beam”?

Cari: Whatever.

Kenny: She promised never to use that in the ring. It is much too potent to use against mere mortals.

Cari: It’s just a very powerful pile of sh . . .

Kenny: Watch your mouth.

(The ref brings both wrestlers into the center of the ring and goes over the rules with them. Betty totally ignores the ref but Robin listens intently and agrees with the entire rule.)

Robin: I promise not to use my subatomic molecular biometric power beam because it is too powerful but I cannot turn off my subatomic molecular biometric magnetic force field. You will be unable to hurt me so I suggest that you surrender now and save yourself any risk of injury.

(The Butcher just sneers at this and goose-steps into her corner to await the bell. Robin shrugs her shoulders and looks sadly at Betty. She then walks to her corner and comes out after the bell rings.)

Cari: “Subatomic molecular biometric power beam”? Who thinks these things up?

(Robin stands in the center of the ring waiting for Betty to attack. Robin drops her hands to her side and sticks her chin out, daring Betty to strike it.)

Robin: “You cannot hurt me because my subatomic molecular biometric magnetic force field will defeat any attempt by you to cause me physical harm.

(Betty looks at the crowd as though asking if they think Robin is as crazy as she does. Shultz winds up as Robin stands unmoving in the center of the ring. Betty punches with all of her might and lands the punch squarely on Robin’s chin. The sound of flesh striking flesh echoes through out the ring. Robin staggers backward into the ropes and rebounds off them. Shultz grabs her arm and whip her across the ring and into the far ropes. Robin bounces off them and is hit with a drop kick to the chest that lays her out on her back on the mat.)

Robin: GADZOOKS! This miscreant has a found a way to penetrate my subatomic molecular biometric magnetic force field. The task of showing Betty Shultz the error of her ways will be harder than I thought.

Kenny: Robin may need the EMTs after those moves.

Cari: I think she needs psychiatric help.

(Betty jumps into the air, landing on Robin in a big splash. The air is driven from Robin’s lungs with a whoosh. Betty grabs one of Robin’s legs and rolls her up into a pin. The ref drops to the mat and slaps it twice before Robin is able to get a shoulder off the mat. Shultz forces the shoulder to the mat and the ref slaps it once before the super heroine is able to power her way out of the pin. Betty gets to her feet as Robin crawls to the ropes and uses them to get to her feet. Little John looks questioningly at Robin.)

Robin: She has found someway to by pass my force field. But do not fear. Good will triumph over evil.

(While Robin talks to Little John, her back to the ring, the Butcher runs across the ring and delivers an elbow to Robin’s back with such force she flips over the top rope and lands hard on the concrete floor outside the ring. Robin gets slowly to her feet as the ref begins to count her out. )

Kenny: The match has been all Betty Shultz so far.

Cari: As hard as that may seem to believe. I do have to admit that Betty still has a lot of fight in those old arthritic bones of hers.

(Robin tries to reenter the ring but Betty blocks her. The ref stops his count and forces Betty to the center of the ring. The ref goes top the ropes and begins to count Robin out again. Robin takes her time recovering her strength. Shultz runs toward the ropes and baseball slides through the ropes. At the last moment, Robin moves out of the way and Betty hits nothing but concrete floor.)

Cari: HELP! She’s fallen and she can’t get up.

Kenny: Robin finds a way to get Betty to her feet and whips her into the steel barricade.

(The Butcher hits the barricade hard. Robin puts her in a side headlock and falls backward, driving Betty’s head into the concrete with a DDT. The ref has been counting both wrestlers out and Little John brings this to Robin’s attention. Robin drags Shultz to the ring and pushes her under the bottom rope. Robin follows her intuit he ring, just beating the count.)

Kenny: Robin is beginning to shows signs of fight.

Cari: I think the old lady has run out of gas.

(Robin puts Shultz into a Boston Crab. She leans back putting enormous pressure on Betty’s back. Betty screams and struggles to reach the ropes.

Robin: Stop your evil ways, Betty. Use your power for good, not evil,

(Shultz spits out an angry, censored response. Robin continues to increase the pressure. Betty claws the mat trying to reach the ropes.)

Robin: All you have to do is agree to change your evil ways and I will release you.

Betty: All Right! I have been bad. I will change my ways.

(On hearing this, Robin releases the Boston Crab. Robin gets to her feet and helps Betty to hers. Robin grabs Betty’s arm and raises it in victory.)

Cari: What is this? Is the match over?

Kenny: All Robin Hood wanted was to get the evildoers to change their ways.

(The crowd and the ref stare at the two wrestlers in shock. The ref doesn’t seem to know whether to signal for the bell or not. Betty balls her free hand into a fist and drives it into the juncture of Robin’s legs. Robin’s mouth forms a perfect O as she slumps to her knees. A squeal escapes her tortured body as her hands go to the injured area. The ref warns Betty about cheating but she ignores him and pushes him out of the way. Betty brings Robin to her feet and whips her into a turnbuckle. Betty runs across the ring and tries to splash Robin, but Robin rolls out of the corner at the last moment. Shultz hits the turnbuckle hard and staggers backward to the center of the ring. )

Robin: Good always triumphs over evil, you cannot win. You may win today, but in the long run good will triumph.

(Robin rolls Betty on to her back. She then stands on the back of Betty’s thighs and locks her ankles behind their legs. Robin then grabs Betty’s arms, pulling back on them.)

Kenny: Robin is trying to put Betty into her finisher, the Moral Persuasion.

Cari: All Betty needs to do to get out of this is to say that she’s changing her ways and the nut case will free her.

Kenny: I don’t think Robin will fall for that twice.

Cari: Care to bet on that?

Kenny: Ah . . . I don`t think so.

(Robin pulls back on Shultz’s arms and then sits down and rolls onto her back, lifting Betty off the ground so she is facing upwards. Robin holds her legs up straight and pulls back on the Betty’s arms causing her to scream in agony. It takes only a few seconds before Shultz screams out her submission. The ref signals for the bell and Robin releases Betty from the hold.)

Kenny: SHE DID IT! Robin Hood has beaten the Nazi Betty Shultz. Good has triumphed over evil.

Cari: Big deal. An old lady was beaten by a younger one.

Kenny: This is a great victory and a great start for the reborn Battling Ring Angels.

Cari: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. We are going to commercial. Hopefully the next match will be more interesting.

Kenny: I don’t know, I think was rather a good debut for the rookie, Robin Hood. You just don’t walk into a ring for the first time and defeat a wrestler of Schultz’s caliber!

Cari: Well that’s two weeks in a row someone of Schultz’s caliber has walked into a ring against a nobody and been beaten for it! We’ll be right back!

“Are you having trouble finding the right quality of meat for your family? Do you get tired of going to the supermarket and turning your nose at the high price of low quality steaks? Well there is an answer.

Schultz the Butcher has been in service to the public for over thirty years with the finest quality cuts around, and at very respectable prices. So if you are tired of low quality, high priced meat, look no further than Schultz the Butcher!”

Once again the camera flashes around the audience at the BRA arena taking in the excited fans as they await the next match. As usual numerous signs and banners compete for the camera’s attention, some of the lucky few include “England loves Tanzi Charlton” “We missed you Viper!” and “Put a Robin under your Hood!” As usual, our mismatched ringside announcers sit ready for the call.

Kenny: More of a matched battle coming up next match I would think as Twilight Zone Jennifer Christian takes on the Nigerian Queen, rookie Miriam Mkumba!

Cari: Again your insight into wrestling stuns me with it’s ineptitude! This is another mismatch in the making! The rookie will get her awakening into the world of professional wrestling tonight! Just as the other one, Justice something or other did last card!

Kenny: As usual I beg to differ.

Cari: You seem good at begging!

Kenny: There are two schools of thought right now about Christian. Is she really a good wrestler or has the Sisterhood carried her! With no Sisterhood in sight anymore with the retirement of Nina LaRue, many think the teen can’t make it on her own!

Cari: The kid has a lot of talent. She handled the much larger girl last card; it should be that much easier this time around!

Jennifer Christian vs. Miriam Mkumba

The lights go black as the haunting first few bars of the theme to Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone break the still air. Then simultaneously the lights slam back on, flash pots light off and Golden Earring’s song of the same name crashes loud across the speakers as Jenn Christian splits the curtain and confidently struts down the ramp. Her blonde hair is slicked and tied back giving the frown on her face full view. She wears a black two piece spandex short and top set with black tights and collegiate style wrestling shoes as she makes her way once around the outside of the ring stopping on the steps for a brief moment and letting a hint of a seductive smile cross her lips before stepping through the ropes and into the ring.

Kenny: Hard to tell from this perspective, but she looks a little lost to me!

Cari: Like you without your blanket?

Kenny: (coveting his laptop) Blanket? I don’t have a blanket!

The arena lights cycle on and off a few times as the sounds of Londonbeat’s “I’ve been thinking about you,” thunders across the loudspeakers. Then, the small figure of Miriam “Queen Rana” Mkumba struts out in rhythm with the music. She smiles a broad smile and takes the time to exchange high five’s with as many people along the aisle she can. Her jet-black hair is tied back straight behind her head and her dark eyes flash as she finally approaches the ring and nimbly leaps the top rope before removing her cover-up and beads. She readies herself for her match wearing a two-piece leopard print spandex short and top set. She is barefoot except for a small ankle bracelet around her left ankle.

Kenny: VERY confident looking wrestler! This will be a closer match than you think!

Cari: Dinner tonight it’s a blowout!

Kenny: You’re on!


Both women move fast from the corner but from a quick lockup it’s the rookie who secures a tight side headlock on the veteran before throwing her hard over her hip, keeping hold of the headlock as she lays across Jenn’s chest! The teen kicks her feet in frustration as the grip is tightened on her head, slapping at her opponent’s shoulders. Miriam easily maintains her position as the crowd pops.

Kenny: Quick start from the rookie, who is showing terrific speed! Christian is one of the fastest wrestler’s in BRA.

Cari: Impressive speed, but can she keep it up?

Miriam keeps the headlock tight as she gets to her feet, pulling the blonde up with her before quickly turning the hold into a snap mare that sends Jenn crashing back to the canvas. Another and another in quick succession follow it as she continues to outmaneuver the veteran! As Jenn struggles again to her feet she is greeted by a devastating standing dropkick to her chest from the lithe African and crumples to the mat in obvious pain. Miriam does not let up her attack as she drags the suffering teen to her feet and doubles her over with a vicious chop to the stomach. Wrapping an arm around her opponent’s head she spreads her legs and with power to spare snap suplexes the young blonde hard back down. She slides across Jenn’s chest and hooks the leg as the ref drops down for the count.

Kenny: Quick cover by Mkumba!




Cari: Kickout by Christian!

Kenny: That was so very close an amazing upset, and Christian is not out of it yet!

Miram is quick to her feet, dragging a still groggy Jenn to her feet and whipping her hard to the ropes. As she returns Miriam leaps up and delivers a hurricanrana to her stunned foe!

Kenny: Another pin attempt!



Cari: Kickout again!

Up again Miriam resumes the attack, grabbing both of Jenn’s legs and hooking them under her arms. Then, leaning back she slingshots her suffering opponent across the ring! Jenn lands painfully on her stomach, the agony etched on her face! The crowd is loving the one-woman show of wrestling as Miriam walks across, chest heaving to her foe and pulls her groggily to her feet. This time Miriam stands behind Jenn and wraps her arms around the young blonde’s head in a sleeper before dropping back to the mat and wrapping her powerful legs around Jenn’s waist!

Kenny: I don’t believe it! It’s the Black Mambo, Mkumba’s finisher! Christian is out of it! This is an incredible upset!

Cari: Christian is struggling, but losing the battle fast! She won’t give up though! She will struggle until she passes out!

Kenny: Which is happening as we speak! The ref lifts the hand!

Jenn’s hand falls once. The referee lifts the arm again and it falls again. The crowd go crazy as Mkumba maintains the pressure and the blonde’s eyes close, her head topples as her arm gets lifted again and falls lifeless to her side. Quickly the bell is signaled for as Miriam “Queen Rana” Mkumba releases her lifeless opponent to the mat.


Kenny: An amazing match for the rookie from Nigeria! She controlled the match from start to finish! We could be looking at the future featherweight champion!

Cari: Don’t get carried away! One match does not a champion make! It looks like Christian needs to adjust to life without the Sisterhood, but don’t ever count her out!

Kenny: It certainly gives her critics something to talk about. Now then, I guess you know what this means!

Cari: Yep! You owe me dinner!

Kenny: What? Mkumba won the match!

Cari: Yep, in a blowout! Remember!

Kenny: Yes but…I mean…oh geez!!

Cari: Upset of the night! Queen Rana destroys the former featherweight champion Jennifer Christian, and dinner at the Ritz is mine!

Kenny: At the RITZ! Groan. How am I going to afford two dinners at the Ritz on my salary!

Cari: Oh don’t worry about that! Your not invited!

Kenny: But…

The crowd for the house show has been quite enthusiastic. There are a number of empty seats, with many fans still waiting to see what’s going to happen within the wacky and weird world of Women’s Professional wrestling. With all the rumors and speculations, it’s hard for the ordinary fan to keep track of everything. But then, they don’t have to worry about ratings and arena bills and network sponsors either.)

(A camera shot of the announcer’s table appears with Cari and Ken at their usual spots.)

Ken: “Welcome back folks, up next, tonight’s main event and the return of one of Battling Ring Angels more recognizable grapplers, the `Viper’ Lesley Magnus.”

Cari: “It’s only a matter of time until more of BRA’s and the wrestling worlds bigger names sign on with us and take this Federation back to the top of the wrestling world. And the fans will start coming back in droves, because this woman, above all others gives them what they want!”

Ken: “What do the fans want?”

Cari: “Blood! Mayhem! Violence! They didn’t spend their wage slave earnings to watch a soap opera. They didn’t spend their money to see backstage double-dealings. They came to see athletic and aggressive women kicking the crap outta each other.”

Ken: “Ahem, I’m sure that more than a few fans out there are here for the show. The wrestling, a spectacle of true athleticism. Two warriors facing off in a battle of skill and honor. Where the better woman will win, and shake hands with the loser after an epic contest of courage and will.”

Cari: “What have you been smoking and where can I get some?”

Ken: “Folks, ignore the heathen. In a few moments, Tanzi Charlton, one of our newer signings will have her hands full with Ex-Hardcore champion Viper. Many folks think that the Viper is just a thug, and most of those folks have found out that the reptile is much more than she seems to be.”

Cari: “Pluhhhease! I know Lesley; she’s a thug, and a good one. Turn your back on her and you will regret it. She’s skilled and willing to do whatever it takes to win and that’s what makes her dangerous. Her complete and total lack of compassion for her opponents makes anyone she faces is just another victim.”

Ken: “Good one, you think that one up yourself?

Cari: “I had some help.”

Ken: “Let’s go to the ring for the wrestlers entrances.”

(The camera switches to a wide shot of the ring where the announcer is standing in the middle, dressed in his penguin suit.)

Tanzi Charlton vs. Viper

“Ladies and Gentlemen, our main event for this evening is for one fall with a 30 minute time limit. Introducing first from Manchester, England, Tanzi Charlton!”

(The curtain opens to the sound of the Beatles “Hard Days Night” and Tanzi Charlton walks out with a smile, her fists clenched together over her head. Along side her dressed in a full- length black singlet with a jean jacket over top is her daughter Karen who has a coy look on her face as she accompanies her mother to the ring. As Tanzi waves at the fans Karen walks with confidence alongside her mother though paying all her attention to the crowd. As they arrive at the ring Karen stays on the outside while her mother climbs the steps and enters the ring alone. Tanzi removes her jacket and bends over, handing it to her daughter outside the ring.)

Cari: “I wonder if this woman knows what she’s in for?”

Ken: “Not the way I would like to make my debut. But then, this is the perfect opportunity to kick-start a career. A win over Lesley Magnus would certainly be a big boost for Tanzi’s career.”

Cari: “Well, Tanzi’s daughter has accompanied her to ringside and that girl has a rep for getting involved from time to time.”

Ken: “Again, she’s better just leave well enough alone tonight. Viper won’t stand for anyone messing in her business. Karen might just learn that lesson tonight.”

(The announcer raises the microphone to his lips.)

“And her opponent, from Deadwood, South Dakota, Viper!”

(The crowd cheers and boo’s rising to its feet as the lights dim down as the sound of hissing fills the arena. On the large screen the image of a Pit Viper moving towards the camera. It’s reared up and preparing to strike. In a flash it lashes forwards, filling the screen with it’s gapping maw. At the same instant, green pyrotechnics explode around the entranceway as Godsmack’s “Awake” roars its heavy sound through the speakers. As the smoke starts to clear, a woman is standing at the entrance. A green spotlight shines on her; a flash of metal can be seen around her neck and dangling down her chest. She walks slowly down the aisle, glaring towards the ring with predatory eyes. She walks all the way around the ring, as if checking her territory, before sliding underneath the ropes.)

Ken: “Nice reaction from this crowd, it’s hard to forget the many bloody battles that this woman has given them over the past year.”

(Oni moves close to ask for a submission and Viper takes advantage, she kicks her left leg back and up, slamming it up between Tanzi’s legs. The older woman gasps and stumbles away. Outside Karen is outraged and screams about the low blow. Oni looks at her and then at Tanzi, her mind knowing what’s happened, but unfortunately, she didn’t see it.)

Ken: “Lowblow!”

(Oni looks with concern, as Viper turns and grabs Tanzi by the head and pulls her into a side headlock. In one quick motion, Lesley jumps and drops backwards, planting her opponent into the mat.)

Cari: “DDT! That will stir the marbles a bit.”

(Lesley rolls to her knees and grabs a handful of the older woman’s hair. She pulls the semi-dazed woman to her feet and whips her into the ropes. Viper takes off in the other direction and the two women come racing towards each other. Lesley jumps into the air, slamming her body into Tanzi’s and coming down on top of her.”

Ken: “Lou Thez Press! What a take down! HEY!”

(Lesley mounts Tanzi and starts hammering fists down into the woman’s head and chest. Oni calls for a break again, but Viper ignores her, and continues to hammer away on her hapless opponent.)

Cari: “Ahhh, its nice to see she still has it.”

(Again at the four count, Lesley stops her blows. She glares at Oni, who is threatening her with disqualification. Lifting Tanzi’s up by her hair, Viper pulls the woman to her feet and walks her towards the ropes. In one motion she tosses her out of the ring and onto the floor.)

Ken: “Oh oh! Bad news for Tanzi! This is where Lesley is the most dangerous.”

Cari: “Lesson number two is coming up.”

(Viper slides through the ropes as Oni screams at her to get back into the ring. Viper gives her the finger, which causes some of the fans to laugh and cheer. Lesley hauls Tanzi up and whips the older woman into the guardrail. Tanzi hits back first and flops to the ground, clutching her back. Lesley looks around and points at a vendor who is near ringside.)

Ken :”What is she doing? Oh my god.”

Cari: “Ahhh, nothing beats a bud.”

(Lesley grabs a can of beer off of the tray and cracks it open. She gulps part of the can down and then tosses it aside.)

Ken: “Viper is showing a total lack of respect for her opponent.”

(Oni is still counting both grapplers out as Viper grabs a chair and starts walking towards the slowly rising Tanzi.)

Cari: “Now things get interesting!”

(Lesley holds the chair high in the air, getting a cheer from the crowd as she holds it like a weapon. She raises the chair to strike at Tanzi.)

Ken: “Look out!”

Cari: “Whoa!”

(Lesley goes to swing the chair, but it is grabbed from behind. Viper turns and glares at Karen. Tanzi’s daughter has grabbed the chair from her hands, saving her mother from a chair shot.)

Ken: “Run kid!”

(Quickly realizing the trouble she’s in. Karen backs off. Viper turns and starts to pace after her, but is stopped as Oni steps right into her face.)

Oni: “Touch her and I’ll DQ you Viper! Get back in the ring.”

Cari: “That ref is either really brave or really stupid.”

(Lesley presses her forehead against Oni’s and glares at her, making a variety of threats and insults. Oni stands her ground, and begins counting.)

Oni: “14, 15…”

(Suddenly Lesley is grabbed and a big fist slams into her belly. Tanzi is on her feet and nails Viper in the gut. Lesley winces and then yelps as Tanzi picks her up and tosses her back into the ring through the middle and bottom rope. The older grappler slides into the ring and grabs Lesley by her feet, lifting her legs into the air. Tanzi turns and flips Viper onto her stomach and then squats down, locking her arms around Lesley’s legs.)

Ken: “Boston crab! Tanzi’s got her locked in!”

(Oni drops to one knee and asks Lesley if she wants to quit. Viper uses some colorful language to express her feelings and shakes her head in defiance. Tanzi rises up and drops down, putting tremendous pressure on Viper’s lower back.)

Viper: “Get off me you old bitch!”

Tanzi: “Give up, you snake! Give it up!”

Ken: “I’m not feeling a lot of love up in that ring.”

Cari: “Tanzi should focus on keeping Viper in that hold and not exchanging words with her.”

(Lesley pounds her hands on the mat, trying to inch her way towards the ropes. Slowly and painfully, she drags Tanzi closer to the edge and reaches her hand out to grab the bottom rope. Oni calls for a break. Tanzi takes a moment to give one last bounce before letting Lesley’s legs drop to the mat. Rising to her feet, Tanzi grabs Lesley by the ankles and pulls her up. Reacting, Viper grabs the bottom rope with both hands and holds on as her body is pulled up into the air. Oni tells Tanzi to break, but the woman just smiles and pulls back as hard as she can, lifting Lesley’s body up into the air and letting it slam into the canvas.)

Cari: “Tanzi is just digging a big hole for herself here. Viper is going to snap soon and then all bets are off.”

Ken: “The English grappler is taking it to Lesley. It’s obvious that Viper isn’t quite up to top match level yet. If she was in there with some like a Nina LaRue or god forbid, Janus. She would have been beat a long time ago.”

(Tanzi has hauled Viper up and whipped her into the corner. Lesley impacts into the turnbuckles and stands there, back facing into the ring. Tanzi claps her hands above her head and goes to the opposite corner.)

Ken: “Tanzi setting up for splash into the corner here. Hey, what is Viper doing?”

Cari: “I warned her. Now things are about to get messy!”

(Another camera shot shows Viper untying the padded turnbuckle off the top rope. Oni cannot see as Tanzi charges across the ring. Lesley’s eyes dart to the large screen, which shows Tanzi running across the ring. Charlton leaps into the air, attempting to smash her body into Viper’s but the snake bails at the last second, throwing away the padded turnbuckle. Tanzi smacks head first into the exposed metal and stumbles backwards, before flopping to the mat.)

Ken: “My god! She’s busted open!”

Cari: “Told you.”

(The camera shows a cut on Tanzi’s forehead as she lies on the mat. Oni is screaming at Lesley but Viper just shrugs her shoulders, and moves in on her downed foe.)

Ken: “Oni should DQ Lesley for that!”

Cari: “Why? Lesley didn’t hit her with it, or shove her into it. Tanzi jumped into it. She did that all to herself.”

(Karen looks on with concern as Viper is hauling her now dazed mother to her feet. Showing her strength Viper lifts Tanzi up into a body slam position and then shifts her, placing her opponent into an inverted bearhug.)

Cari: “Tombstone coming up!”

(Lesley takes a short jump up and kicks her legs back. Tanzi’s head is driven into the mat with such force she bounces up about a foot before falling over onto the mat. Lesley slithers her body over her bloodied opponent and holds her down for the pin.)

Ken: 1….This match is over ..2….WHAT!”

Cari: “Hehe..”

(Some of the crowd boo and jeer, as Lesley lifts Tanzi’s head off the mat. The reptile glares at Oni as the ref points at the mat and tells Viper to go for the pin. Lesley ignores the ref and straddles Tanzi, lifting the woman’s head off the mat.)

Viper: “So, you want to a be a wrestler huh? Wanted to take my job huh?”

(In a rage Lesley slams her fists down onto the cut forehead of Tanzi, causing the wound to bleed more. Oni calls for a break and starts a fast count, causing Viper to rise up off of her dazed opponent and stare eye to eye with the referee.)

Cari: “That ref is pushing it.”

Ken: “Viper can’t intimidate Oni. She’s a rock and she’s not afraid to do what’s right.”

(Lesley decides not to get DQ’d, this time. She turns back to her bloodied opponent and stands above her. Lesley stares out of the ring into Karen’s eyes. The young girl watches as Lesley draws a line across her throat and then points at her.)

Ken: “What’s Viper going to do here? Tanzi is out of it, she can pin here at any time.”

Cari: “I was talking to Viper earlier and she’s got a new move to show everyone. Something that I know Tanzi isn’t going to like.”

(Smiling, Lesley grabs a handful of bloody hair and pulls Tanzi up to her feet. Lesley gets her in a reverse standing headlock and then quickly spins and jumps, forcing Tanzi’s body to spin and twist. As she falls, Lesley pulls Tanzi’s neck over her shoulder.)

Ken: “MY GOD!”

Cari: “She calls that the “Whiplash”

(Tanzi’s neck hits Vipers shoulder like an inverted stunner and she flops over onto the match clutching her neck. Lesley rolls Tanzi onto her back and hooks the leg, holding her down for a pin. Oni slaps her hand down three times, rather quickly, just in case Viper was planning on continuing the match.)


(Lesley rises to her feet and Oni goes to raise her arm. Lesley just shoves the ref away and walks towards the side of the ring.)

Ken: “Lesley’s got her bad attitude back and I don’t like it one bit. What’s she doing now, oh no.”

(Lesley sits on the bottom rope and points at Karen.)

Lesley: “Come on kid, you want in here? You want to play in the big leagues?”

Cari: “That girl had better not make a move towards the ring.”

(Karen stands still, her fists clenched. Her eyes glare at Lesley’s and her mind is racing. Common sense seems to be fading as she goes to take a step forwards. Oni is tending to Tanzi and sees what Lesley is trying to do. She quickly runs over and slides out of the ring, standing in front of Karen and getting her attention. The young girl turns and looks as Oni tells her not to go into the ring. Viper lets out a laugh and rises to her feet.)

Lesley: “Thank her kid, she just saved you a beating.”

(Lesley raises her arms in the air and walks out of the ring, grabbing her chain as two ring attendant’s climb inside to tend to the bleeding Tanzi. Karen jumps into the ring as Viper leaves to check on her mother.)

Ken: “Well, the outcome was as expected, but you could tell that Viper was rusty. She didn’t look as good as she has in the past.”

Cari: “Come off it, Lesley is the type to rise to the occasion. Her opponent was a nobody and was treated as such.”

Ken: “Tanzi almost pulled up the upset there. And Lesley had to resort to some dirty tricks to put the older woman away. I wonder how she would do against Robin Hood, or Queen Miriam? I think one of the more athletic rookies would have given Viper more of a handful. But hats off to Tanzi, she worked hard in there.”

Cari: “She got bit by the Viper and that scar on her head will remind her for the rest of her life.”

Ken: “Well folks, another great house card. Stay tuned to this network for more updates on upcoming action and the continuous backstage dealings of Battling Ring Angels. If everything goes well, we should be back on prime time with a few weeks. Goodnight and thanks for tuning in.”


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