Candi Bratton defends the BRA World Championship against Lindsey Locke.

[Scene opens up in Morgantown, WV, inside a local arena.  A scene of the crowd of about 1000 people are on their feet. The camera pans into the ring, where both Candi Bratton and Lindsey Locke are on the ground.  The bell rings and the referee reaches out for the Women’s World Championship.  As he enters the ring, he is accosted by Candi Bratton who grabs the title from his hand.  She looks down at the title and lets out a curse.  A hand goes to her back, which is giving her some trouble.  Lindsey Locke slowly gets to her feet.  Candi approaches her and Lindsey backs up a little until Candi extends the belt to her.  The ring announcer makes it official…]

Fiona: The winner of the match.. and NEW Women’s World Champion.. LINDSEY…. LOCKE!!

[Lindsey takes the belt, and Candi pulls Lindsey into a hug.  The two hug for a long time in the ring and words are exchanged as tears flow freely down both faces.  Candi breaks the hug and then points to Lindsey.  Candi exits the ring, and allows the new World Champion to soak in the cheers of the fan.  The camera pans back to a single figure..]

Woman: Hello, BRA Fans.. I’m Shelley Marks and we have just witnessed history in Morgantown.  Lindsey Locke has defeated Candi Bratton to become the new Women’s World Champion.  It has been a great night here tonight, as these fans have witnessed a great card.  Let’s run down that card:

In our opening bout, Keiko Matsuda demolished Peggy Christian in about 2 minutes.

Shannan Fitz defeated Similia Snow with the Fixer at the 14 minute mark.

CJ Locke and Tiffany Lane battled to a double countout, rendered at about 10 minutes.

In a non-title match, Middleweight Champion, Malibu defeated Christie Rush with the Ozone at 12 minutes.

In another non-title match, World Tag Team Champions, East/West defeated the Blonde Bombshells at 19 minutes, when Kimi pinned Cassie Hopkins following the East/West Connection.

And as you saw the closing moments, Lindsey Locke has defeated Candi Bratton to win the Women’s World Championship, in 32 minutes.

[Shelley Marks steps back as we look inside the arena again.  Lindsey is on the second turnbuckle and posing for the fans.]

Marks: We’ll be back again on the 27th, two days after Christmas, with another report.  We’ll be in Wheeling, WV and our main event will be Maxine Holmes and Mixie Locke taking on the team of Sissy Landers and Stacey Buffington.  That’s all from here, fans.  Good night and happy holidays from everyone at Battling Ring Angels.

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