Stacey Buffington defends the Eastern Continental Championship against Cassie Hopkins

[A video montage from Crime Spree plays all the finest moments from the past special from Battling Ring Angels. The appearance of Leslie Magnus and her handcuffing of Keiko Matsuda.. Snow and Rush plummeting from the balcony through the tables.. Shea London with her hand raised with the Middleweight Championship.. Sissy Landers sitting on the floor, leaning against the Janitor’s closet door.. Stacey Buffington laying on the floor with the Eastern Continental Championship belt across her stomach.. East/West retaining the Tag Team Championship.. Lindsey Locke clutching the World Championship.. the scene fades as dramatic music begins to play.. still shots flash through frame by frame of Akira Hagawa pushing Casey Games from the top of the cage as she falls through the announce position.. the frame stops over the devastated scene.. then fades out.. the PowerTrip logo is displayed silently, then fades to a near capacity crowd of about 2,500 people in Albany, New York getting their first chance to witness a Battling Ring Angels’ card. The camera pans by several signs and rest at the announce position where Kenny Harbour and Evonne Carmikal are seated. Evonne is sporting a shiner.]

Kenny: Welcome to PowerTrip! For the next hour and a half you’ll see the action of Battling Ring Angels. Crime Spree is history and we have new champions.. Shea London defeated Malibu to become the Middleweight Champion.. and Stacey Buffington rose to the occasion to become the first ever Eastern Continental Champion.

Evonne: I don’t care about any of that.. I am blemished! That ox, Keiko Matsuda struck me! I have a lawsuit pending and I plan to take that goat for everything she owns.

Kenny: C’mon.. it’s wrestling.. I’m not crying about my laptop..

Evonne: You got a new one.. I still have my shiner!

Kenny: And a nice one it is at that..

Evonne: Why you..

Kenny: Moving on! We are working towards the next Battling Ring Angels’ special, “Naughty or Nice” which will be held on April 29th. We already know that Sissy Landers will get her first shot at the BRA World Title as she takes on Lindsey Locke, the current reigning champion.

Evonne: Who cares?!

Kenny: We will also find out the first four competitors to be entered into the Naughty or Nice tournament.. and of course, we will have five exciting matches including the returns of Veronica Millions and Sakura Ito.. and the debut of the Plush Sisters.. and in our main event, the Eastern Continental Championship will be on the line as Stacey Buffington makes her first title defense against Cassie Hopkins.

Evonne: That title shot was supposed to go to Fitz, but she was removed when Arrogance Inc went on a rampage at a recent house show.

Kenny: Let’s take a look at that footage now..

[The footage of Arrogance Inc on the attack.. Kenny’s Laptop.. Keiko decks Evonne.. several enhancement wrestlers are taken out.. in the parking lot several vehicles are smashed..]

Kenny: It was a disgusting display if I ever saw it. I’ll tell you what..

Tiffany Chandler

[Lights dim as Van Halen’s “Big Fat Money” plays across the arena.]

Kenny: What in the world?

[A lone figure begins to descend the rampway. Any fan of women’s wrestling immediately recognizes the woman as Ms. Tiffany Chandler, former GDWA Wrestler. She looks around as the fans aren’t sure what to make of Chandler’s entrance into the world of BRA. She’s dressed for success in a gray-pinstriped suit, skirt and black heels. She steps up the ringsteps and enters the ring and looks around, a smug grin on her face.]

Kenny: I’m not sure what this is about.. for those who may not know, that’s Tiffany Chandler in the ring. I’ve been hearing rumors, but I haven’t actually seen her until tonight.

Evonne: She runs a billion dollar corporation.. you’d have to wonder why she’s here? She could probably buy BRA three times over and not sweat a drop.

[Chandler walks around the ring and asks for a mic. Fiona walks up to ringside and hands her one.]

Chandler: So.. this is how the other half lives!

[The fans immediately turns to disliking Chandler and the boos echo across the arena.]

Chandler: I’ve never seen so many unemployed, underprivileged underachievers packed in one place my entire life!

[More boos.]

Chandler: It’s obvious who I am. I am money. Plain and simple. I could pick anyone out here and buy them. I could buy anyone watching this broadcast at home, and I could buy you.

[The boos continue to escalate.]

Chandler: You see, I’m not here to make money. I love this sport. I can’t get enough of this sport. My time in the ring is behind me. My insurance company will not let me wrestle because I am key to Chandler Enterprises and so I’ve decided to start managing.. you see.. I’ve decided to bring back an era of women’s wrestling that has been dormant for so long.. an attitude, if you will. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve made several.. purchases here in BRA and I’ve determined them to be of the highest quality! Good enough.. to be called.. The Syndicate.

[At the mention of the Syndicate, the fans begin to boo even louder.]

Kenny: Not that. You’ve got to be kidding me.. the name Syndicate is known throughout women’s wrestling and nothing good ever comes of it..

Chandler: Now.. to grace your presence.. I will introduce you to the 2002 version of The Syndicate.. First.. this young lady was tough to sign.. she has a lot of morals and she came at a high price. Who needs morals anyway? She is your Eastern Continental Champion.. the crown jewel of the Syndicate.. “The Perfect 10”.. Stacey Buffington!

Stacey Buffington

Kenny: WHAT?!?

Evonne: Whoa!

[The fans become silent, when ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ by Journey plays through the arena as ‘The Perfect Ten’ Stacey Buffington walks to the ring. The brown haired beauty with the ‘kick ass bod’ smiles and struts to the ring. Dressed in a red lycra sports bra style top, showing off her rock hard abs and toned upper body and red lycra skin tight shorts, with white letters on the back spelling out the words ‘Perfect Ten’, showing off her solid legs and thighs. She finishes her outfit with red elbow pads, white knee pads and red calf high wrestling boots with ’10’ on either side, in white numbers, by the top. Her hair has a definite 80’s look to it, a little big and with bangs hanging down over the forehead. Of course, the ornament that tops it all off is the Eastern Continental Championship that is worn around her waist. Stacey reaches the ring and rolls under the bottom rope. She stands and goes to a corner where she climbs to the middle rope and flexes both her biceps. While not those of a bodybuilder, they’re very impressive none the less. She crosses the ring and does the same for the fans on the other side before leaping down and walking over to Tiffany Chandler, who shakes her hand.]

Chandler: Well, well, well! Tell me something Stacey.. what exactly was it that made you decide to become Syndicate? Because it seems that these fans are just not sure you’ve made the right decision..

[Stacey takes the mic and looks out to the audience.]

Stacey: These fans.. aren’t they the greatest?

[The crowd pops!]

Stacey: Hell no! They aren’t!

[The pop suddenly stops and the crowd begins to boo.]

Stacey: Let me tell you something! When I first came to BRA, I was treated with disrespect! East/West attacked me and caused me to.. lose.. control!

[The fans begin to chant, “You Pissed Yourself”]

Stacey: And you fans thought it was funny! I hate them.. I hate them and I hate you too! You laughed at my embarrassment! It’s been months and you won’t let me forget it! I am the Eastern Continental Champion! I am the second best wrestling in this company and you better give me the respect I deserve!

[The chanting continues and Stacey’s face turns red. Tiffany takes the mic from Stacey.]

Chandler: You had better respect this woman. She is the greatest Eastern Continental Champion in all of BRA History. *to Stacey* Don’t you listen to them. You are the greatest! If that Locke woman.. I forget her first name.. the one with that other belt, had any guts.. she’d face you in the ring and you’d have them both!

[Stacey nods in agreement, then moves to the turnbuckle to strike a pose. She hops down and walks back over to Chandler.]

Chandler: Well.. I know I made you a promise. When you first arrived you were humiliated and beaten by a team that claims to be the best. I promised you that I would make sure this team was dealt with. I found just the right team.. oh yes, I did. The team that will take East/West and make them pay for their crimes against the crown jewel of the Syndicate.. the team that will prove once and for all that Syndicate rule in the tag team division.. Chrissy Daniel.. Missy Daniel.. The Plush Sisters!!

The Plush Sisters

[“Pretty Woman” by Van Halen explodes through the speakers as multicolored spotlights and lasers circle throughout the arena. As David Lee Roth’s voice sings the words ‘pretty woman’, a shower of sparks shoots up from the floor at the top of the ramp and the Daniel sisters appear. In their usual wrestling attire, Missy in a black leather string bikini top and matching hipster briefs, cut low at the waist and almost even with the crotch, black wristbands and black boots with “MD” on the sides in interlocking letters, Chrissy in the same outfit only in bright red and “CD” on her boots, they saunter into the arena, arms around each other’s cushy waists. These are curvy girls, not ever to be confused with Calista Flockhart. Waiving impishly, Chrissy is all smiles while Missy has the look of a bouncer that’s just about to throw out a rowdy customer from a seedy bar. About 10 yards from the ring, they part company, Missy making her way to ringside. Turning, she nods at Chrissy, who nods back, and begins to run toward her sister. Her thick hair streaming out behind her, she springs toward Missy, who cups her hands at her belly. Chrissy’s foot lands in Missy’s hands and Missy heaves Chrissy into the air. Shiny hair flying, Chrissy airs it out over the top rope, landing in the ring like a gymnast who just stuck a 10.0 uneven bars landing, big chest bouncing inside her string bikini top. Missy, the older and heavier set of the two, turns and runs up the steps as Chrissy stands, huge grin on her face, waving impishly at the booing crowd. Chrissy and Missy give each other a high five and walk over to Tiffany and Stacey. Both women shake the shorter Chrissy and heavier Missy’s hands.]

Chandler: So.. Missy.. East/West claim to be the best as tag teams go.. just what do you think?

Missy: Tiffany, I think they’re idiots. They may have had success against the run of the mill pansy tag teams that populate this hellhole, but they’ve never encountered a team like the Daniel Sisters. We can fight any style, and we just LOVE for people to try to bend the rules on us. We’ll split their heads open before they can even call their mama. We’ve done it many times before, and we’re ready to do it again here.

Chrissy: What do we think? We think their time is up. We’ve fought tougher girls on Manhattan Beach and left them in little pieces. It’s easier to feed them to the sharks that way. (Chrissy smiles cherubically.) Missy is right when she says they’ve never faced anyone like us. Teams like East/West are used to intimidating their opponents into losing, but if they think they can intimidate us, they’re more stupid than they look, which is pretty stupid! Being ‘Queen of the Beach’ wasn’t just about winning, it was about surviving! And Missy and I ruled that beach for 4 years between the two of us. We’ve beaten girls bigger than us, too, so if anyone’s going to intimidate anyone, we’ll be the ones in control, not them.

Chandler: You’re ready for them, then?

Chrissy: It’s not about us being ready for them. It’s about the BRA being ready for us! East/West is a thing of the past. You can stick a fork in ’em, they’re DONE! And the sooner they figure that out, the easier it’ll be on them. We really hate to split girls in two, but if they want to bring it, we’ll bring it like they’ve never seen before. That’s a promise.

[Missy turns to Stacey.]

Missy: And don’t worry, champ.. we’ll avenge you.. we will make East/West pay for what they’ve done.

[Stacey high fives the two sisters, as Chandler takes the mic.]

Chandler: And don’t think it ends here.. The Syndicate always comes in fours. I’m just the directing manager for this latest incarnation of the Syndicate.. I’m already in negotiation for the fourth member.. Buffington and the Plush Sisters.. trust me when I say that the Syndicate is back in operation.

[As “Big Fat Money” plays again, Stacey and the Daniel Sisters high five each other. Chandler shakes their hands as the group leaves the ring.]

Kenny: You’ve got to be kidding me! The Syndicate has invaded BRA! Take it away, Jenna!

Naughty or Nice Control Center

[Seven Mary Three’s “Cumbersome” plays as the theme for this year’s “Naughty or Nice” Special. The NorN graphic appears, then fades out as we see Jenna in the Control Center.]

Jenna: Welcome to the Naughty or Nice Control Center. I’m Jenna Jamestown and Naughty or Nice is only eight weeks away. It will be FREE OF CHARGE! That’s right.. no PPV.. Naughty or Nice will be shown on the Lifetime Network starting at 8pm. The focus of Naughty or Nice is the tournament. We will determine a number one contender for the World Title. The tournament is very simple to follow:

16 wrestlers are entered into a hat. Two names are drawn. Those two will wrestle. The loser is automatically out. The wrestler who wins will flip a coin. Heads, the wrestler advances to round two and goes back to the locker room and two more names are drawn. However, if it lands tails, then another name is drawn and the wrestler must compete in another match. This process happens until we only have one wrestler remaining. Due to time constraints, all tournament matches will have a 15 minute time limit. In the case of a draw, the winner of the match is decided by a coin toss, then an additional toss to determine if they advance or wrestle again. The winner will get a ticket to wrestle in the main event at our June special, Code Red.

Delilah Strain has announced the first four entrants into the tournament:

Sakura Ito
Alex Parker
CJ Locke
And Keiko Matsuda

We also already know that in addition to the tournament, the Battling Ring Angel’s World Title will be on the line. Sissy Landers won the Janitor’s Match at Crime Spree allowing her the opportunity.. her first opportunity at the World Title, currently held by Lindsey Locke.

We will have more information as we get it, but for this week, that’s all for your Naughty or Nice Control Center. I’m Jenna Jamestown.

Katie McClain vs. Veronica Millions

[After the commercial break, we are shown the center of the ring where Fiona Miranda stands.. the bell rings.]

Fiona: Welcome to POWERTRIP! Our first contest is scheduled for one fall and has a 20 minute time limit.. introducing first..

[All of the lights go out in the arena as “Back to Life” starts to play over the loudspeakers. After about ten seconds of nothing but music and darkness pyros start to go off and out steps Veronica Millions.]

Fiona: .. weighing in at 131 pounds, please welcome back to BRA.. Verrrrronicaaaaaaa Milllllllllllionsssssssss.

[Veronica stands at the top of the ramp and waves to the crowd for a few seconds and then proceeds to make her way to the ring. She is wearing a gold jacket with sunglasses on her face as her long brown hair flows freely. She climbs into the ring and walks right to the middle of the ring and stands with her arms in the air as pryos go off all around the ringside area. The crowd is going crazy as Veronica removes her jacket to reveal the black satin bikini she is wearing along with black low cut boots. Then she strolls around the ring wanting the fans to make some noise. After one lap around she takes of her sunglasses and throws them into the crowd. Veronica gives a final wave to the crowd as she walks over to her corner and waits for her opponent.]

Kenny: Well Veronica looks to be in good shape.

Evonne: She is a loser. You can tell that by the people she hung around with in the past.

Kenny: Lets bring out her opponent.

Fiona: And her opponent..

[A fantastic pop goes out from the fans as the rock anthem “Eye of the Tiger” pours through the arena.]

Fiona: .. weighing in at 123 pounds.. here is “Cutieeeeee” Katieeeeeee McClaaaaaaaaine!

[“The Cutie” Katie McClaine struts out from behind the curtain and stops to give a great big wave to the fans before starting her walk towards the ring. She is wearing a pair of white briefs made of shiny almost latex material. The back is decorated with red block letters, spelling out the word “CUTIE”. Just above she wears a white puma warm up jacket, with a red strip on each sleeve, zipped almost to her chest and bearing the words “McCLAINE FAMILY” on the back in the same kind of red letters. Her boots are red and shinny, basic wrestling style boots, with white “K”‘s and “M”‘s on the top. Just above them you can see red horizontal stripes of her knee socks and her kneepads are white. She stops along the way to the ring to hug and high five fans. Smiling as she continues to the ringside area. As Katie rolls into the ring she waves to the fans as she walks to her corner and removes her Puma jacket to reveal a white shiny workout style top with a red stripe on it. Katie does some stretching exercises as she waits for the match to begin.]

Kenny: Well Katie McClaine looks to be ready to give Veronica all she can handle.

Evonne: I hope she gives her that and a whole lot more.

Fiona: Your referee, Lara Bratton.

Kenny: Bratton is signaling for the bell and we are about to see what kind of shape Veronica is in.

[The bell rings.]

Kenny: Well there is the bell and both ladies step out of their corners and begin to circle each other.

Evonne: Which one do you think will break the rules first? We have two goody goodies here.

Kenny: I am expecting a clean match.

Evonne: Not going to happen.

[As the wrestlers circle each other Veronica goes in for a tie up and is caught with a quick boot to the midsection that doubles her over. Katie acting quickly grabs veronica by her arm and throws her into the ropes. Veronica rebounds and then is knocked to the mat with a elbow to the chest.]

Kenny: Fast start for Katie as that elbow has Veronica on her back holding her chest.

Evonne: She should go over and start kicking her now.

Kenny: You know that you’re mean.

Evonne: You know it.

[Katie acting that she heard what Evonne said walks over and puts two stomps into the midsection of Veronica. As veronica clutches her stomach, Katie bends down and pulls Veronica up to her feet. Once she has Veronica standing, Katie bends over and scopes her up, then plants her back on the mat with a huge bodyslam. Veronica tries to arch her back off of the canvas as Katie puts another stomp into her midsection.]

Kenny: That was a big bodyslam by Katie and now Veronica is holding her stomach as she lies on the mat.

Evonne: I bet Veronica is second guessing that whole comeback idea right now.

Kenny: Well Katie need to keep the pressure on.

Evonne: That is true, the fans will not win you anything.

[Katie walks over and pulls Veronica up off of the mat and tosses her into the ring ropes. As Veronica rebounds off of the rope, she leaps a back body drop attempt and hits the ropes on the other side. Katie stands up looking confused as Veronica comes back at her leaps into the air and knocks Katie to the mat with a dropkick to the chest. Katie holds her chest as she tries a to catch her breath as Veronica grabs her arm and pulls her to her feet.]

Kenny: Nice counter by Veronica as she has Katie in trouble now. Lets see what kind of offensive she can open up.

Evonne: That was her problem the last time she was here. She was not mean enough. She needs to get MEAN!!!!!!

[Veronica shoves Katie back against the ropes so she is leaning against them, Veronica then strikes a boot to the midsection of Katie causing her to double over and hold her stomach. Veronica pushes her back against the ropes opening up Katie’s midsection again so she can strike this time with a forearm to the chest. Katie falls to her knees and holds her chest as Veronica walks back to the middle of the ring and waves to the crowd as they cheer back.]

Kenny: Veronica was working Katie over against the ropes pretty good. I am sure that some of those shots had an effect on her.

Evonne: Well Veronica playing to the crowd is not going to finish Katie off.

Kenny: I agree.

Evonne: That is a first.

[Veronica walks over to where Katie is still on her knees holding her chest. Veronica brings her to her feet and throws Katie into the ropes. Katie rebounds a makes a look on her face as Veronica leaps into the air and nails her with a clothesline that causes Katie’s shoulders to hit the mat first then followed by her legs. Veronica again waves to the crowd as she climbs up to the middle turnbuckle. As the crowd cheers wildly Veronica looks over her shoulder and then leaps down off of the ropes. Veronica then bounces off of the ropes going for a legdrop but at the last minute Katie rolls out of the way and Veronica crashes on the mat holding her backside.]

Kenny: Playing to the crowd got Veronica in trouble.

Evonne: Come on Katie get up and finish her off.

[As Katie and Veronica both struggle to their feet and the crowd is cheering both ladies on. Veronica is the one to win the race to her feet first as she walks over to Katie and nails her with another forearm to the chest. Katie holds her chest as Veronica throws her into the ropes once again. This time Katie holds the ropes on she hits them as Veronica leaps into the air going for a dropkick. Veronica lands on her back as she screams out in pain while Katie walks over and pulls Veronica to her feet.]

Kenny: Maybe some signs of rust from Veronica have opened the door for Katie as she brings Veronica to her feet.

Evonne: Veronica is in trouble now.

[Katie has Veronica to her feet and pulls her to the middle of the ring and then she slaps on the McClain Claw. Veronica is in trouble as she tries to force her way to the ropes with the hand of Katie holding on the her face.]

Kenny: Katie has her in serious trouble. Not wasting time Veronica trying to reach the ropes.

Evonne: Squeeze Katie.

[Veronica is trying to pull Katie towards the ropes and just when veronica is getting ready to touch the ropes Katie grabs her and drags her back to the center of the ring. In the center Veronica falls on her knees as Katie keeps the pressure of the Claw on. Veronica arms are hanging at her side.]

Kenny: Veronica is starting to fade.

Evonne: She is out. Ring the bell.

[As the referee is checking on Veronica, Katie continues to put the pressure on. The suddenly Veronica forces her way to her feet and then breaks out of the hold with a kick to the stomach. Katie releases the claw and grabs her stomach as she doubles over. Veronica acting quickly walks over and scoops Katie up on her shoulder and then drops her down with a big shoulderbreaker. Katie falls to the mat as she rolls on her side holding her shoulder as Veronica falls to her knees trying to get her senses back.]

Kenny: What a move by Veronica. Looked like she was out and now she has Katie in trouble again.

Evonne: Well Veronica is not all there yet. It is not over.

[Katie slowly starts to climb to her knees and then she stands up and slowly walks over towards Veronica, who is kneeling. Veronica acting quickly stands up and grabs Katie around the waist. She picks Katie up and rotates her all the way around and drops her down with a huge backbreaker. Veronica pushes Katie off of her knee. Katie rolls over on her stomach in pain as Veronica stands up and delivers a fist pump to the crowd.]

Kenny: Katie is serious trouble now. Veronica hurt her with that backbreaker.

Evonne: I think you are right. Katie is still laying face down on the mat and Veronica is bringing her to her feet.

[Veronica grabs Katie and brings her up to her feet. Veronica violently throws Katie into the ringside corner where Katie crashes and slumps up against the ring corner. Veronica strolls over to the opposite corner and strikes a sexy pose to the fans that makes the guy’s stand up and cheer. Veronica then takes off running and leaps into the air nailing Katie in the chest with an elbow. Katie falls down and leans up against the bottom rope holding her chest as Veronica walks out to the center of the ring and throws another pose to the crowd.]

Kenny: Veronica is rolling now. Katie is hurting as she is in the corner holding her chest.

Evonne: I cannot believe this is happening. I hate sad endings.

[Veronica walks over to the ringside corner and pulls Katie up to her feet. Veronica leaves Katie against the corner as she walks back to the opposite corner. Veronica takes off running and leaps into the air nailing Katie into the midsection with a huge spear that makes Katie fall to her knees holding her chest as Veronica gets back up to her feet and starts to pull the hurting Katie up.]

Kenny: What a spear by Veronica. I thought I saw Katie’s eyes pop out. Katie is in trouble.

Evonne: That move hurt her. I think she needs to get out of the ring and get her breath back.

[Veronica pulls Katie into the center of the ring and places her head between her legs and lifts her up high in the air. Veronica drops her down to the mat with a huge powerbomb. Katie lays on the mat spread eagle not moving as Veronica stands over her and signals to the crowd that this one is over.]

Kenny: I think Katie is out after that Powerbomb. She is not moving as Veronica pulls her to her feet.

Evonne: That was a big move by Veronica and I think I know what is coming.

[Veronica pulls Katie up to her feet who is offering little resistance as her arms hang lifelessly at her side. Once Veronica has her standing Veronica wraps her arms around the waist of Katie and lifts her in the air. Once Veronica has her inverted she leaps into the air bringing Katie down with “The Million Dollar Drop” Veronica releases Katie as she falls to the mat on her back not moving.]

Kenny: Well if that powerbomb did not finish her than I know that the tombstone piledriver did.

Evonne: Katie has lost another one.

Kenny: Veronica goes for the cover.

[Veronica drops down and covers Katie as Lara Bratton comes in to make the count. Once the count reaches three Veronica leaps up and runs over the ringside corner and cheer with the fans as the Bratton helps Katie to a seated position checking on her condition.]

Kenny: That is a three count and look at Veronica celebrate.

Evonne: She got lucky.

Kenny: Well lucky or not she has the win. Lets hope Katie is okay as they are helping her out of the ring and back to the back.

Evonne: Lets see how good she is when she gets some real competition.

Kenny: Well Fiona is in the ring with our winner. Take it away Fiona.

Fiona: All right Kenny. Veronica Millions where have you been and why the comeback to the BRA?

Veronica: (Breathing heavily) I took some time away because I was not doing as well as I thought I could. Got back to training and now I am back to back some serious noise in the BRA.

Fiona: Well what about your match tonight. It look liked she gave you some trouble at the start.

Veronica: Katie McClaine started off quick. A whole lot quicker than I was expecting. Then the first time I got hit I knew I had better get busy. I hope she is okay.

Fiona: Well what do have in store for us?

Veronica: Make no mistake about it I am here to make some noise and get some gold.

Fiona: Well Veronica after that performance tonight I am sure that everyone will take notice. Good win, Veronica.

Veronica: Thanks Fiona and tell everyone that I am back.

Kenny: Well there you have it. Veronica is out of the ring making her way back to the back and Evonne some big words from Veronica Millions just then.

Evonne: Well let’s see if Miss Millions can back up those big words against some big time wrestlers.

Kenny: We’ll have another returning superstar in the ring, right after this!


Voice Over: Next week on Battling Ring Angels.

Two Superstars will collide for the World Middleweight Championship. The British Bombshell takes on the American Bombshell.. Shea London defends against Tiffany Lane next week. Don’t miss it.

Sakura Ito vs. Keiko Matsuda

Kenny: Alright folks, our next match is one I’ve REALLY been looking forward to!

Evonne: I simply hope that Keiko is wiped off the face of the planet.

Kenny: Understandable, after the attack she made on you… but what I want to see is Sakura Ito back wrestling again! And what a match!

Evonne: Two of the BRA’s most impressive powerhouses squaring off? Perhaps. But I have certainly wrestled far more impressive matches…

Kenny: No way! This is truly a modern ‘David and Goliath’! Besides, shhh! The music’s starting!

[The lights in the arena dim slightly, as, over the speakers, Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ begins to play.]

Fiona: Introducing first, in her redebut in the Battling Ring Angels, weighing in at 160 pounds, accompanied by her manager, John Nanakami… welcome back… ‘the Little Mountain’, Sakura Iitttooo!

[As the first slow stanza ends, and the music picks up, a burst of white pyrotechnics fires, followed by a sequence that slowly moves from white to deep pink pyros. Out of the fireworks jogs Sakura Ito, known also as ‘Chibiyama’ or the Little Mountain, standing no taller than 5 foot 3 inches, closely followed by her manager, John Nanakami. Every inch of Sakura’s compact frame is packed with large, chiseled muscles, with the amazing definition of gained from long hours of training. From broad, powerful shoulders to thick biceps to a washboard six-pack of abdominal muscles, the Little Mountain is a fine picture of human conditioning. Her deeply tanned skin is a dusky golden color, which alongside her sun-bleached brown hair, flowing behind her as she walks down the ramp, testifies to many long hours of work in the outdoors and her blazing green eyes burn with a fire and intensity that is almost palpable. The Little Mountain is garbed in a one-piece leotard of pink-white Spandex, the exact color of a fresh cherry blossom. The outfit shines brightly and hugs Sakura’s curves and muscles. The leotard is strapless with large panels removed from the abdomen and the small of the back, which serves to show off Sakura’s chiseled abdomen and powerful back muscles. Her arms and legs are bare, showing off her amazing physical condition. The outfit is finished off by a pair of short vinyl wrestling boots, the same color pink as the leotard. John Nankami’s aging frame is rail-thin and he walks slowly, dressed in an impeccable white business suit, leaning heavily on a silver-handled bamboo cane. His face is lined with wrinkles brought on by age and worry, but his brown eyes reveal intelligence not slowed by physical condition. [The pair makes its way down to the ring, Sakura taking the time to clap hands with any willing fans. Sakura takes a moment to get some last-minute advice from John, who then takes a position in her corner. She then leaps up onto her turnbuckle, first holding her arms above her head in a sign of acknowledgement to the fans before suddenly bringing them down into a double bicep flex as one last volley of pyros flare up.]

Kenny: Now this is a treat! Sakura Ito, back in the BRA, and in what a match! She looks to be in as great a shape as ever!

Evonne: However justified she was in running from both Nina Larue AND Janus, I still cannot respect her.

Kenny: She didn’t run, she…

Evonne: Right right, sure sure… now for someone I disrespect even more…

[“My Woman From Tokyo” by Deep Purple pumps out of he arena speakers.]

Fiona: And now, her opponent… she weighs in at 188 pounds.. she is accompanied to the ring by “The Killing Wind” Akira Hagawa.. here is Keikoooooooo.. Matsuuuuuuuudaaaaaa!

[Keiko Matsudo appears at the head of the entrance ramp. She is followed by “The Killing Wind” Akira Hagawa. The Japanese giantess walks slowly to the ring, taking time to show her disdain for the fans by snarling at the one’s closest to the rail. She frequently stops to argue with them, and shows the back of her hand to a few of the most boisterous. Akira advises her to forget the comments of the ignorant fans. Keiko wears black leather pants adorned with the image of a silver Dragon on the legs, and a black short sleeved collared shirt. The short-sleeved shirt allows for viewing of her extensive tattoos that start around her wrists and head all the way up her very powerful arms. The intricate tattoos of fires and demons are the marks given to all members of The Yakuza, the Japanese Mafia. She finishes her outfit with black biker boots, and a beaten up, old cowboy hat. The top or her left pinky finger has been replaced with a metallic prosthesis. Akira wears an outfit consisting of loose, shiny black vinyl pants, adorned with red “twisters” and tied with a red belt. She wears red wrestling boots. She usually wears a Tee shirt advertising her membership in The Hit Squad Japan. It is a black shirt with Japanese writing on the front, and “Hit Squad Japan” on the back. She finishes her look with a pair of shiny silver techno sunglasses. They reach the ring and Keiko removes her cowboy hat. She hands it to Akira and they exchange bows. They exchange last minute strategy advice. Keiko ,in a show of her size and height, climbs over the top rope and into the ring. She still snarls and sneers. She is seemingly willing to fight the whole arena. The fans boo her as much as ever. She stretches and prepares for the match.]

Evonne: What a misshapen freak. If I had been fully paying attention, Matsudo could never have gotten the drop on me. Have you heard her speak? What a Neanderthal!

Kenny: Just because English is not her native language is no need to penalize her.

[After a long moment, the two Japanese women mutually bow to each other, keeping a wary eye on the other.]

Kenny: A true tradition in Japan… apparently one that even Arrogance Inc. shows some lip service too.

Evonne: I would have kicked her in the head as she did that. Ito doesn’t seem much brighter than Matsudo.

[Sakura looks at Keiko for a moment, just before the bell rings.]

Sakura: I look forward to testing my strength against you, Matsudo-san… now… let’s do it!

[Sakura and Keiko take that cue to suddenly lock up in the center of the ring, the two powerhouses straining against each other for position. At this moment it is clear just how immense that 1 foot of height difference truly is. Just as it looks like Matsudo’s height advantage would topple Sakura over, Ito grabs the Oriental giantess’ wrist, twisting it into a hard wristlock.]

Kenny: Quick move by Ito, showing that technical expertise we all missed!

Evonne: An orangutan could make a technical showing against Matsudo.

[After barely a moment, Sakura drops down suddenly, applying sudden sharp pressure as Keiko is forced to fall with her, Matsudo’s face grimacing in pain. The Little Mountain twists on the arm, pushing against the shoulder joint, trying to press an early advantage.]

Kenny: Classic mat-wrestling techniques here. My computer notes that this sort of technique will lead to a 62% probability of Sakura taking down Keiko.

Evonne: Did you really need that computer to tell you that? Besides, I don’t think that tactic is working anymore. Look…

[It doesn’t take but a moment before Keiko starts to power to her feet, pulling up Ito as well. Before she looses her grip, Sakura suddenly turns, snaking one arm around to catch a solid grip before suddenly snapmaring Keiko over onto her bottom, keeping the giant Japanese woman off-balance.]

Kenny: Good snap mare by Ito… that would have turned sour fast if Keiko gotten to her feet…

Evonne: Sakura might be quite strong, but I doubt, as much I would like to say it, she could stand up to Matsudo in a toe-to-toe fight. I mean… she is *short*.

[Before Keiko can reorient, Sakura quickly hooks her arms behind her, and, with a violent shout to focus herself, hauls Matsudo over in a sudden Japanese Ocean Suplex, leaving the ring thundering from the impact!]

Kenny: I can hardly believe! J.O. Suplex… from the mat!!

Evonne: Good for Ito. As much as I think she is a gutless coward, I despise that ponderous beast even more…

[Sakura rises back up to one knee, flexing both of her exquisitely-defined biceps to a roar from the crowd. Meanwhile, Keiko starts to rise to her knees, already starting to recover from the match so far.]

Evonne: You would think that girls like this would realize that the fans do *not* win you matches. Paying attention to your opponent does.

[As the Little Mountain gets to her feet, walking over to lift Matsudo back up for another move, the giantess suddenly slams her shoulder forward, catching Ito in the gut. Sakura recoils back from the powerful blow as Matsudo reaches back with both arms, suddenly slamming both of them into Sakura’s sides with a tremendous impact!]

Kenny: OUCH! You’re right this time, Evonne! Ito pays dearly for giving the fans a show…

[Ito clutches her sides, her face a mask of pain as she doubles over. Keiko rises to her full over-6-foot height, dwarfing the Little Mountain as she reaches down, getting firm purchase around Sakura’s waist, then throwing Ito over in a vicious Tilt-A-Whirl Slam. Before the ring even stops shuddering, Matsudo leaps up with a shout, dropping a huge leg against the downed Sakura’s throat, her legs convulsing from the shot.]

Kenny: Big turnaround for Ito! Sakura may be a very tough competitor, but no one can stand up to this kind of pounding for long… 12.6% chance, certainly.

Evonne: We’re oddly in agreement. Ito must have been out of the game too long to let this kind of thing happen.

[The huge Matsudo drops down over Sakura for a cover, almost seeming to totally conceal the smaller woman from sight. The referee slaps down for a two count before the Little Mountain makes a forceful kickout!]

Evonne: Surprise, surprise. She lives yet. Matsudo being slow picking up Sakura… no surprise from a dumb oaf such as her.

[As Matsudo slowly picks Ito up by the hair, the Little Mountain seems to rally, firing off two hard boxing punches to Keiko’s gut. Surprised by the sudden force of the blows, Keiko lets go, leaving Ito an opening as she grabs Matsudo in a waist clinch.]

Kenny: Sakura’s mounting a comeback! What’s she going to do…?

[With another grunt of exertion, Sakura suddenly flips Matsudo inverted, her long legs dangling over Sakura’s shoulders, before dropping down suddenly onto her butt, driving Matsudo down with a Thunder Fire Driver!]

Evonne: For a moment, I was about to laugh… those legs flailing around looked rather comical… and anytime Keiko’s head is smashed into the canvas fills my heart with joy.

[As Matsudo flops to the canvas, a rather worn-looking Sakura folds her legs around Keiko’s neck, cinching in a solid Figure Four Headlock, the taut muscles of her legs bulging into definition. As the pressure mounts, Keiko’s huge hands latch onto Sakura’s legs, pulling and straining for release.]

Kenny: Great idea by Ito… she needs these moments to recover while keeping up the pressure!

Evonne: Admittedly correct, but I don’t think it will last long.

Kenny: Why not?

[Evonne simply points as Akira Hagawa, infuriated with Keiko’s lack of perception, shouts something in Japanese. Keiko seems to catch enough, even as her blood flow is constricted, to flail out with her long legs, finally finding the ropes nearby.]

Kenny: Matsudo takes advantage of that huge reach and finds the break!

[Ito dutifully breaks the hold almost before the referee can make the call. Both wrestlers are slow to rise, these two powerhouses almost burning themselves out on each other. The two lock eyes, then a moment later tie up in the center of the ring again.]

Kenny: Back to the center of the ring… this match has truly been a showcase of power versus power!

Evonne: True, but I sense that the end is coming soon. Either Matsudo’s brain will simply stop working or Ito will run away.

Kenny: Now that’s just not nice!

[After a few moment’s struggle, Keiko manages to take advantage of her leverage advantage, pushing Sakura down just long enough to deliver a hard fist to the Little Mountain’s lower back, driving her down. Before she can rise up, Keiko knots her two huge hands together and lets loose a tremendous axehandle, throwing all of her strength and mass into it, hammering Ito straight to her hands and knees!]

Kenny: The huge Yakuza Enforcer is coming back! Odd though… Akira seems very silent tonight…

Evonne: Not silent. Watching. If you ask me, I think she is scouting.

Kenny: You don’t mean…

Evonne: Watch the match, idiot!

[Meanwhile, Keiko hauls Sakura up by her hair, grabbing her by the wrist, seemingly for an Irish Whip, but suddenly pulling her back for a HUGE Short Lariat, demolishing Ito like an old brick wall. Outside the ring, John Nanakami finally starts to pace some, his old voice welling up with shouts of encouragement as Akira Hagawa looks on silently.]

Kenny: Matsudo really on the offensive!

Evonne: Even brain-dead automatons get something right occasionally. I very much hope that Ito can get her act together.

Kenny: Are you cheering on Sakura?

Evonne: No, I just hate Matsudo more.

[Keiko, a large grin of victory on her face, slowly pulls the battered Sakura up by the hair again, reaching down to lock on a bearhug. Somehow, before those huge arms clinch, Ito manages to pull free, muscle straining against muscle, and, in a desperate move, Sakura slips behind Matsudo.]

Kenny: Sudden move by Ito… waist lock… she’s going for it…

[The Little Mountain pulls and strains, using her low center of gravity to pull the huge Matsudo over in a hard German Suplex! Both women hit the mat… Matsudo is the first to turn back over, but Ito hugs the ropes… both wrestlers rising at the same time.]

Kenny: What a test of wills!! Both wrestlers look determined not to back down!

Evonne: Don’t patronize Keiko! There’s no will there… just something akin to a rather large dog.

[The two Japanese women slowly return to the center of the ring. Sakura lifts her fists in a boxing stance, slipping past one giant fist of Matsudo’s, firing off two hard left jabs, followed by a stiff right cross. Keiko rocks back on her heels, but that amazing resiliency keeps her on her feet, as she stumbles forward with one last giant haymaker. Ito tries to block, but is still plowed back by the giant blow.]

Kenny: Hard blows exchanged… a real back and forth… Matsudo reaches out again with that huge arm…

Evonne: Foolish move by Sakura… Matsudo just has too much reach… she throws her in an Irish whip… huge kick to the face puts Ito back down again!

[Akira looks on at the carnage, then shouts something to Matsudo. Keiko grins and nods, picking up the languishing Sakura by the back of her hair. She grabs Ito in a reverse bearhug, hauling her up and slamming her down over her knee!]

Kenny: Painful Atomic Drop! Look at the pain etched on Ito’s face…

Evonne: The oaf’s not finished yet… she’s till got that bearhug and is hauling Sakura up again…

[True to Evonne’s words, Keiko flips Sakura up onto her right shoulder, flipping her around so Ito’s head dangles in front of her, legs behind. Keiko starts to hop slowly up and down, trying to grind out Sakura’s back in a painful Canadian Backbreaker!]

Kenny: This is looking grim! There’s just no way to reach the ropes from a hold like that!

Evonne: It is a matter of having the guts to hold out until your opponent tires and is forced to drop you. Of course, this is guts and Ito, so I expect she’ll submit any moment.

Kenny: But my records show that…

Evonne: Shush, little man!

[Akira looks pleased as John starts to slap the mat, urging Sakura not to give up. The fans starts to take up the cheer too, as the Little Mountain, her face in a mask of pain, screams out at the pain and at the referee.]

Sakura: Iie! Iie! IIE!!

[Even to a giantess like Keiko, Sakura’s weight starts to become a burden. After two full minutes, which seem like centuries, Matsudo finally tosses Sakura’s near-limp body to the ground with a thud.]

Kenny: That took a lot out of Matsudo! I calculate that if Sakura can manage to get back on the offensive, she still has a 32% to turn this match around!

Evonne: Oh, shut up! This is over! Dear Lord, all I wanted was someone to kick the crap out of Matsudo! Why couldn’t I get that? Why?

[After a long moment’s pause, Keiko again rises up from resting on her knees as Sakura begins to start to stir. With a final grunt, Matsudo picks up Sakura, hooking both of her arms, then hauling her up and suddenly back down HARD with a Double-Arm Hook Power Bomb! The ring shudders with the impact, as Keiko rolls up Sakura’s legs for the pinfall.]

Evonne: This is just simply disgusting. I will NOT stand for this!

Kenny: Hey… wait…! Evonne’s taking off her headset… she must be really mad at Matsudo…

[The referee starts to slap the mat as Evonne gets out of her chair. John Nanakami is practically screaming himself hoarse, praying that Sakura has the strength to hear him.]



Thr… shoulder up!

[The Little Mountain barely manages to tuck up a shoulder, much to Keiko’s bewilderment. Meanwhile, Evonne pushes away from the announcing table, walking to the ring.]

Kenny: Somehow, Sakura managed to kick out… this may not be over, folks… and Evonne’s headed to ringside… this is getting crazy!

[Akira shoots daggers as she glares at Carmikal as she approaches up to the ring apron, walking around briskly towards her. Keiko also notices Evonne and rises back up, staring at her.]

Evonne: You, up there! How about you come down here and face me one on one? Or can you only attack me from behind, you ape?

[Keiko’s grasp of English notwithstanding, she recognizes an insult when she hears one. She starts to stalk across the ring, face twisted in anger at Evonne. Akira moves to intercept from the other side… then stops, looking back into the ring.]

Evonne: This time I am paying attention, monster. Maybe I’ll come up there and kick your bloody ass! Do you understand me, you freakin’ twit??!

Kenny: Hey… look… Sakura’s getting back to her feet… but Evonne might get herself killed… hmmm…

[Sakura has pushed herself back to her knees, sweat dripping from her brow, slowly collecting herself from the beating she’s taken. Noticing this, Akira suddenly shouts at Keiko, pointing back into the ring.]

Akira: Forget Carmikal. We will deal with that trash later! Finish the battle!

[Keiko stops, turns back to Akira, then spins on her heels… just in time to be hit with a full steam shoulder tackle from Sakura, driving the Japanese giantess into the turnbuckle, before whipping into the opposite corner.]

Kenny: Great movement by Ito! Keiko comes back out of the turnbuckle, staggering and confused… Ito follows up… OUCH! HUGE powerslam by Ito!

[Evonne smirks at Akira and the events in the ring before sashaying back to the announcer’s table. Akira folds her arms, looking disgusted, as Sakura pulls Keiko up from the slam, manages to balance her on one shoulder, then charges back into the corner, slamming Matsudo back into it!]

Kenny: Followed up with an Oklahoma Stampede! The Little Mountain shows the intestinal fortitude that should have made her a champion a year ago!

Evonne: Now I feel better. Is Matsudo dead yet?

[Keiko falls out of the corner, trying to push back up to her feet. Akira, rather than looking completely upset, seems oddly pleased. Sakura takes one last deep breath before starting to pull up Keiko.]

Sakura: Now, Matsudo-san… see what *true* strength is…

[With a grunt, Ito puts Matsudo on her shoulders, taking a step or two towards the center of the ring.]

Evonne: She doesn’t really think she can…?

Kenny: I think so! The Little Mountain’s gathering herself… I think she really is going to…

[Sakura pauses, steadies herself, then, with a primal scream, pushes Keiko all the way up into a full Military Press, holding the huge woman above her head for a full few seconds, before throwing her HARD to the mat, shaking all four corners of the ring! The fans EXPLODE at the show of strength from the much smaller Ito, as she falls onto Matsudo for a pin.]

Kenny: OH MY GOD! What a display of raw power from Ito! I’ve never seen Matsudo tossed like that.

Evonne: *buffs her nails* I love my job sometimes. Then I realize I still have to work with you.

[The referee slaps his hand down three times straight, then signals for the bell. Sakura pushes up to her knees, looking drained, while Keiko still languishes on the mat. Fiona Miranda picks up the mic again.]

Fiona: The winner, by pinfall, the Little Mountain… Sakura ITO!!

[The fans break out into cheers as a weary Sakura raises her arm, John practically crossing himself. Akira nods to herself, keeping her own counsel, about to climb up to get Keiko back to her feet, when a sudden shout comes from the crowd.]

Kenny: Now, our next match is… HEY! What the . . ?

[Nina Larue suddenly charges down the aisle from the locker rooms, a folded steel chair in her grip. She hits ringside before anyone notices, just as Akira has hopped to the ring apron. Nina, an evil smile of triumph on her lips, swings the chair sideways, smashing it into Akira’s knees, sending Hagawa tumbling to the mat!]

Evonne: This is what happens when one offends the Goddess… and I think we’re seeing two lucky recipients of that offense right now.

[Keiko, just rising to her feet, sees Akira tumble out of sight, hitting her head on the hard ground. Matsudo stumbles forward as Ito starts to turn, only to receive a tremendous chair hit in the head from Larue, now on the apron herself.]

Nina: Out of my way, Keiko! Be fortunate I am not here for you… tonight. I have… smaller fish to fry.

[Keiko hits the mat hard, her forehead busted open by the Goddess’ assault. John’s eyes widen in panic as Nina hops into the ring, Sakura pushing herself up fully using the ropes.]

Sakura: … I see again you fight with dishonor… afraid of fighting me on fair terms…?

Nina: No… I just hate you! Watch, John, as I take apart your precious Sakura… just like I took apart Hanabashi.

[The last phrase is punctuated by a swing of a metal chair and a solid smack of metal and flesh, Sakura twisting enough for the chair to hit her back as opposed to her skull. John’s voice is a trickle scream of fury, one hand tightening around his cane, the other around his chest.]

Evonne: Two birds with one stone. The Sisterhood is brilliance, guaranteed.

Kenny: This isn’t good… There’s nothing to stop Larue from doing whatever she wants. I don’t think anyone’s going to rescue Sakura.

Evonne: It’s not like she has any friends or anything.

[Nina slowly stalks around Sakura as she tries to fight to her feet, tossing down the steel chair. From the outside, Hagawa’s head starts to clear from the sudden blow, but Keiko is quite unconscious.] [Impatiently, Nina suddenly grabs Sakura’s hair, pulling her up before driving a hard palm thrust into her chest, followed by a high roundhouse kick, the impact tossing Sakura into the turnbuckle. John, beside himself in fear and anger, seems to be contemplating intervening himself.]

Nina: Come on, old man! I would so much enjoy slapping you around too… except it would be over too fast. I’d prefer my revenge… by making you watch… THIS!

[A defiant glare in Sakura’s eyes is greeted by a hard slap from Larue, then a sudden Enzugiri kick, which sends Sakura to her knees.]

John: You… you… *descent into Japanese curses*… if I have to die to see you go to Hell… I…

Nina: Shut up, old man…

Evonne: You tell him, Nina!

Kenny: Is someone going to stop this insanity?!?

[The last threat seems to spark something in the Little Mountain, who pulls down deep, pushing out of the corner suddenly, driving a fist into a distracted Larue’s gut. Though weakened by the long match, it is still hard enough to drive the Goddess back.]

Sakura: This is not… over… yet!!

[Nina hops back a few steps, then laughs at Sakura’s staggering form.]

Nina: Oh, a little fight left… this should be fun…

[The Goddess hops forward, unleashing a barrage of martial arts kicks and punches against Ito, who fights back as best as she’s able with some good old fashioned American boxing. Neither notice that Hagawa has leapt back to the apron, an angry look on her face.]

Evonne: Hrm. Akira’s back to her feet… not that it will make a difference.

Kenny: I’m not so sure… Larue is pushed Ito back… but she hasn’t seen Akira.

[Larue connects with one last hard kick to Sakura’s jaw, sending her back in the corner, but looks more than a bit worse for wear herself. She turns for the chair, just to see Akira perched on a turnbuckle, leaping off with a Flying Lariat, plowing Larue straight out of the ring!]

Akira: Dare to attack my personage?!? Will you do so again?

Kenny: Saved from the Sisterhood by Arrogance Inc. That just sounds so… wrong.

[The Goddess rolls to her feet, takes a look at the beaten but still defiant Mountain and then at the relatively fresh Hagawa.]

Nina: Lucky girl, sweet Sakura. Saved at the last moment. But… how long can your luck hold out? Ciao, baby!

[Nina flashes a vicious smile, then strides out of the arena. Meanwhile, a battered Sakura gives Akira a cautious glance… then a polite bow, which is returned in kind.]

Evonne: Scouting. I told you.

Kenny: Oh, be real. Someone like Sakura Ito would never associate with people like Akira Hagawa. It’s just polite to thank someone who got you out of a mess like that.

Evonne: If that’s what helps you sleep at night, sure.

[Akira turns away to help Keiko back to her feet, while Sakura makes her own cautious way out of the ring to attend to her friend and manager, occasionally tossing a wary glance back at the ring as both sides retreat to the dressing rooms.]

Kenny: Well… there’s still more to come folks! Stay tuned!

[Commercial break inserted here, and when we return, the fans are in a screaming frenzy as Fiona begins to announce the next match.

The Boone Sisters vs. The Plush Sisters

Fiona: The following match is scheduled for one fall and it has a 15 minute time limit. Entering the ring first, representing the Syndicate..

[“Pretty Woman” by Van Halen explodes through the speakers as multicolored spotlights and lasers circle throughout the arena. As David Lee Roth’s voice sings the words ‘pretty woman’, a shower of sparks shoots up from the floor at the top of the ramp and the Daniel sisters appear.]

Fiona: Being led down to the ring by Tiffany Chandler.. weighing in at a total combined weight of 272 pounds.. here are Chrissy Daniel.. Missy Daniel.. the Pluuuuuuuuuuuuush.. Sisssssstersssssss!

[In their usual wrestling attire, Missy in black, Chrissy in red, they saunter into the arena, arms around each other’s waist. Waiving impishly, Chrissy is all smiles while Missy has the look of a bouncer that’s just about to throw out a rowdy customer from a seedy bar. Behind them walks Chandler Enterprises CEO, Tiffany Chandler. About 10 yards from the ring, Chrissy and Missy part company, Missy making her way to ringside. Turning, she nods at Chrissy, who nods back, and begins to run toward her sister. Her thick hair streaming out behind her, she springs toward Missy, who cups her hands at her belly. Chrissy’s foot lands in Missy’s hands and Missy heaves Chrissy into the air. Shiny hair flying, Chrissy airs it out over the top rope, landing in the ring like a gymnast who just stuck a 10.0 uneven bars landing. Missy turns and runs up the steps as Chrissy stands, huge grin on her face, waving impishly at the booing crowd. Chrissy and Missy give each other a high five and walk to their corner. Chandler enters the ring after them and gives them a few words…]

Fiona: And their opponents..

[With “Sweet Home Alabama” announcing their coming to the ring, Dixie Lou and Alabama Boone run out from behind the curtain and charge down the ramp, heading to the squared circle in a quick jog.]

Fiona: Weighing in at a total combined weight of 222 pounds.. here are Dixie Lou.. and Alabama.. the Booooooooone Sisssssstersssssss!

[The two thin blondes hold up their palms and an oddly large collection of fans by the rail respond to them. The Sisters wear nearly identical ring attire. Dixie is dressed in a pair of red Bikini briefs, which are a little tight and fit her snuggly. The front and back are designed with the blue bars and white stars of the Confederate Flag. She opts for red elbow pads, blue kneepads and blue, calf high wrestling boots with white stars on the side. Alabama wears a matching pair of bikini bottoms, and elbow and kneepads, the only difference being in her has red boots with blue stars. Both girls wears white t-shirts with the words “The Boone Sisters” on the front in black letters and the words “The Pride of The South” on the back. They both jump into the ring and bounce around on the balls of their feet, getting pumped for the match. They strip off the t-shirts to reveal bikini tops that match their briefs. Neither of them looks terribly athletic or has anything similar to muscle tone. They take their place in their corner and begin a discussion (more of an argument) over who’s going to start the match.]

Fiona: Your referee, Hailey Clark.

Kenny: Welcome back, fans. As Tiffany Chandler leaves the ring and referee Hailey Clark calls for the bell..

[The bell rings..]

Kenny: This match is underway. This is the debut for the Plush Sisters..

Evonne: Not that I’m criticizing.. but why are they called the Plush Sisters? I thought their last name was Daniel?

Kenny: I guess you’ll have to ask them about it. Missy and Dixie lock up in the middle of the ring. Before the southern belle can get set, Missy pulls her into a quick knee to the gut. Dixie drops to her knee.

[Missy pulls her to her feet by her hair and backs her into a neutral corner. Holding her by her hair with her left hand, Missy punches Dixie’s gut deep to double her over and then elbow smashes the back of her head into her own thigh. Dixie slumps to her knees in the corner, double over, gasping for breath. Missy smiles a sinister smile as she grabs her hair, turns her around and slams her face repeatedly into the turnbuckle. Dixie melts into the corner, slumping to her knees, her head ringing.]

Evonne: Bad start for the Boone Sisters.. not that they every stand a chance in the ring. Losers..

Kenny: Dixie moving towards her sister..

[In her corner, Alabama stretches her arm out as far as she can, Dixie’s advance slow and clearly painful for her to watch as Missy reaches for her ankle, grabbing it and catching her just before she can tag out to Alabama.]

Kenny: Missy Daniel is playing with Dixie here.. I wouldn’t do that..

[Groaning in frustration, Dixie sends a kick back toward Missy’s head, hoping to jar her grip loose. The kick catches Missy square in the face, Missy releasing her ankle and covering her face, rolling onto her back and then back on her stomach. Slowly she gets up as Dixie finally makes the tag to Alabama, who bounds through the ropes.]

Evonne: There’s a tag.. gee..

[Alabama waits for her to rise. Once she starts to her feet, Alabama rushes towards the ropes, jumping onto the middle cable, and rebounding back toward Missy with a crossbody block. Missy staggers to her feet, wiping her face with her hand, blood smearing as it seeps from her nose. Missy crashes back to the canvas as Alabama’s weight collides into her chest. Deftly, she hooks the leg, but just gets a one count. Clark waves off the pinfall and the match continues.]

Kenny: That kick from Dixie shook up Missy.. her nose is bloody now.

Evonne: Hey.. everyone can get in a lucky shot now and then.

[Alabama grabs Missy by the hair, tugging her to her feet before backing her into a corner. Alabama then sends a pair of kneelifts up into Missy’s stomach, followed by a pair of knife edged chops. Alabama grabs the wrist of Missy, and whips her towards the Plush Sisters’ corner. Missy lands back first into the turnbuckle, hanging by the ropes, a dazed expression on her face. Breathing heavily, soft creamy pudge pumping in and out, she tries to clear her head. As Missy’s back impacts with the buckles, Alabama takes just a second to try to whip up their support. Missy reaches back and tags in Chrissy, unknown to ‘Bama]

Evonne: That’s going to cost them..

[Alabama rushes in and is met with a wicked elbow right between the eyes. Chrissy has sprung over the top rope, leaving her corner and driving her elbow directly into Alabama’s eyes. In the opposite corner, Dixie tries to enter the ring, but Clarke quickly moves in to cut her off, leaving Alabama alone in a two on one situation. Alabama stumbles, falling over onto her rear end, hands clutching her face, totally stunned by the cheap shot. Dixie argues with the ref, trying to point out the double teaming, which only keeps his attention on her and away from the Daniel sisters.]

Evonne: Good tag team moves here by The Plush Sisters.. they’ve got the talent, alright.

Kenny: You’re actually complimenting someone?

[In her corner, Dixie stomped on the canvas outside, clapping her hands, trying futilely to rally the fans to rally Alabama. Looking back towards her downed sister, she recoils at what she sees. Chrissy places her left hand under ‘Bama’s neck and shoves her right forearm between Alabama’s legs, holding her aloft. Alabama’s legs kicked in a feeble manner as she dangled in Chrissy’s grasp. Holding her there, she displays her terrified opponent to the crowd. Broad shoulders, abundant chest and thick powerful arms all impressively displayed, Chrissy held the frightened young woman aloft. Screaming “Banzai!!!!!!” she ran towards her corner practically throwing Alabama into the turnbuckle, massive chest bouncing as she heaved her. Alabama landed face down on the mat in the Daniels’ corner.]

Kenny: I think that would hurt..

Evonne: When the match is over, let’s go in the ring and I’ll do that to you and you tell me how painful it is..

Kenny: I’ll pass.

[Tagging her sister in, Chrissy starts to climb the turnbuckle. Missy stomps her prone opponent’s side repeatedly, driving her heel into the girl’s weakening body. ‘Bama’s moans turning to whimpers, Alabama tries to cover up as best she could, Missy’s heel digging painfully into her side.]

Missy: Tough girl, huh?” “HAH!!!!”

[She punctuates the last word with a knee drop to Alabama’s head. Looking up at her sister, effortlessly balancing on the top rope, she says, “Time to wrap this thing up?” Chrissy’s answering grin is a peculiar cross of angelic smile and devil incarnate. “By all means, Miss.”]

Kenny: I think Missy and Chrissy are looking to get this one over with.

[Missy grabs Alabama’s wrists, planting her boots on her shoulders and falls backward to her ample butt, wrenching Alabama’s arms nearly out of their sockets. Pulling up on her arms and punishing against her shoulders, she smiles as she hears the beaten Boone sister’s cries of pain. Lying on her back, arms stretched agonizingly over her head, Alabama is dimly aware that she is now set up for The Plush Crush! With Missy holding the blonde prone on her back, Chrissy springs off of the top rope, high in the air, smashing her knees into Alabama’s chest and belly. The blonde convulses once with a blood curdling scream. Tears flowing from her eyes, she sobs as Chrissy nonchalantly covers for the pin, not even bothering to hook the leg. Hailey Clarke drops for the count.]




[The bell rings, as the Daniels get to their feet. A happy Tiffany Chandler enters the ring and raises their hands.]

Fiona: Winners of the match, The Pluuuuuuuuush Sissssssterrrrssssss!

Kenny: The Syndicate looking good this week, Evonne.

Evonne: We’ll see how good they are against the likes of Arrogance, Inc or the Sisterhood.. but, usually.. when the Syndicate is around.. there is trouble.

Kenny: When we come back.. Larue vs. Fitz! Don’t you dare go away.

[Commercial Time. We return to the Battling Ring Angels Arena, the fans cheering and screaming. As the camera pans the large crowd, a number of signs can be made out in the audience. Some of the more interesting ones include: “Alex Was Robbed”, “Where’s Peggy?”, and “Run Away With Me, Shea”. The camera finally returns to the announce team of Evonne and Kenny, both wearing identical headsets.]

Kenny: This upcoming match should be quite interesting. We have Nina Larue, leader of The Sisterhood of Seduction, taking on Shannan Fitz, one of the top members of Arrogance Inc. As most know, there has been a sort of rivalry between The Sisterhood and Arrogance Inc. Both groups would like to think that they are the dominant force in BRA. This match should help show which team truly has the advantage. It should be interesting to see which woman wins.

Evonne: Well, Kenny, in a match like this, with such fine competitors, the true winners are the fans.

Kenny: I wouldn’t know about that. Anyway, my money’s on Fitz. She’s coming off of a strong showing at Crime Spree while Nina is far too preoccupied with thoughts of the returning Sakura Ito.

Evonne: Maybe but I think it’s never wise to bet against The Sisterhood. True, they didn’t have the best showing at Crime Spree but, if I’ve learned anything in BRA, it’s that the Sisterhood always bounces back.

Kenny: Either way, it’s going to be a formidable match-up, with Nina’s martial arts prowess against Fitz’s brawling skills. This could very much end up being the match of the night. Let’s go down to ringside.

Nina Larue vs. Shannan Fitz

[The lights dim as Fiona Miranda is in the ring for the introductions.]

Fiona: The following match is scheduled for one fall and has a 30 minute time limit. Introducing first..

[Suddenly, Aaliyah’s “More Than A Woman” begins to play as the fans jump to their feet, awaiting the arrival of “The Goddess” Nina Larue.]

Fiona: Weighing in at 130 pounds… this is “The Goddess!”.. Niiiiiiinnnnna.. Laaaaaruuuuuuuuuue!

[The curtains part and Nina stands before the crowd, clad in a black, lace, thong bikini, showing off her sleek, curvy figure. She completes the look with black, kicking pads and matching, Asics, tennis shoes. Her long, black hair falls straight to the small of her back, framing her flawless face. The statuesque beauty poses for a moment, surveying the crowd, before sashaying to ringside. The bewitching brunette gracefully enters the ring, the crowd showering her in catcalls and wolf whistles, drowning out the boos. With a sly smirk across her gorgeous visage, she seductively leans over the top rope, blowing a kiss to the fans and offering them a view of her ample cleavage. Needless to say, the catcalls and whistles are now deafening. Nina does a few stretches, arching her back in a tantalizing fashion, as she awaits the start of the match.]

Kenny: (in awe) Wow.

Evonne: Ahem. Ogling Nina, Kenny? What would CJ think?

Kenny: Uh… er… I was just thinking about how prepared Nina looks, nothing more.

Evonne: Riiiiiight.

Kenny: Honestly.

Evonne: (smirks) Sure, loverboy.

Fiona: And her opponent..

[The din of the crowd is silenced by the beat of Radiohead. “Kharma Police” pounds through the speakers and red pyrotechnics explode.]

Fiona: Weighing in at 155 pounds.. this is “The Fiiiiixer”.. Shaaaannaaaaaan.. Fiiiiiiiiitzzzzzz!

[When the smoke clears, Shannan Fitz slowly and calmly walks out from behind the curtain and begins her walk to the ring. Her eyes remain fixed on the squared circle and her thoughts on the job at hand. She pays no attention to the marks at ringside and dusts off their derision and taunts. Shannan dresses for the ring in a black terrycloth long sleeve polo style shirt and black slacks with blue pinstripes. The bottoms of her black leather wrestling boots can be seen flashing off their high shine as she takes each step towards the ring. Her clothes fit very well and have a “rat pack” style to them. Her wavy red hair is teased and flows at her side. Shannan steps into the ring and reaches into her back pocket. She produces two black leather gloves. Shannan puts the first glove on her left hand, and pushes it tightly down. She does the same with the right hand. She makes a fist and pounds it into the palm of her other hand, making sure her gloves are on nice and tight. With her routine finished, Shannan paces the ring calmly awaiting the opening bell for her match.]

Kenny: And referee Candi Bratton checks Nina Larue, making sure that she isn’t loaded with any types of weapons.

Evonne: Weapons? Why would Nina need weapons? She has always fought with honor and dignity.

Kenny: Riiiiiight.

Fiona: Candi Bratton is your referee for this contest.

[After checking Nina, Bratton makes her way to Fitz, checking “The Fixer”.]

Kenny: Now, Candi is checking Fitz for weapons and…wait a minute. What’s Nina doing?

[Just as the referee kneels, checking Fitz’s boots, Nina races across the ring. She springboards off of the ref’s back and drives her knee into Fitz’s face.]

Evonne: Beautiful Shining Wizard by Nina and it looks like this match is on!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

[As Fitz stumbles backwards from The Shining Wizard, Nina grabs her by the hair and slams her face first into the mat. “The Goddess” quickly covers the stunned Fitz, hooking the leg.]

Kenny: This one could be over before it even began!

[However, with Nina launching off Candi’s problem back, Candi barely gets to her feet. She waves off the pinfall and Nina gets up and into Candi’s face.

Evonne: Nina needs to not argue with Bratton and get into this match.

[Nina grabs a handful of her red hair and drags her to her feet. She tosses the bigger redhead into the corner before peppering her midsection with a flurry of martial arts kicks.]

Kenny: And Nina showing off those martial arts moves of hers. Somewhere in the back, you know that Sakura Ito is watching.

Evonne: Akira Hagawa too. Everyone knows that she would be pissed if Larue managed to defeat one of her finest soldiers.

[As Fitz slumps in the corner, Nina unleashes a spinning heel kick, her boot impacting with Fitz’s face.]

Evonne: Ouch! That’s going to leave a mark!

[Nina whips Fitz towards the opposite corner, only to have the redhead reverse the move, sending Nina flying instead. Just as Nina impacts with the turnbuckles, Shannan races towards her, taking her down with a potent clothesline. Nina slumps to her bottom, clutching her throat.]

Kenny: It looks like the tables have turned in this match, Fitz now taking control.

[Shannan seems to still be shaking off the effects of that kick to the face as she grabs Nina and drags her to her feet. Doubling Nina over with a punch to the midsection, Shannan lifts her in the air and drops her to the mat with a T-bone suplex.]

Kenny: Impressive move by Fitz! You can tell that Nina felt that one.

Evonne: Well, this is a good strategy by Fitz. She outweighs Nina by 25 pounds so it’s to her benefit to keep Larue grounded.

[Just as Nina rises, massaging her back, Fitz races towards her, taking her down to the mat again with a spinning backfist. As Nina falls to the mat, holding her jaw, Fitz covers.]



[Nina bridges out of the pin attempt before Candi can slap the mat a third time. Shannan adjusts her gloves before dragging Nina to her feet again. She backs Nina up against the ropes and proceeds to attack her body with a series of closed fists, much to Bratton’s chagrin.]

Evonne: Shannan’s fists are just as powerful as Nina’s kicks.

[Shannan whips the dazed Larue across the ring. As Nina rebounds off of the ropes, Shannan attempts a clothesline which Larue ducks. Nina rebounds off of the other ropes and drop kicks Fitz in the chest, knocking her to her back.]

Kenny: Looks like Nina is taking to the air. She knows that’s the way to battle the obviously stronger Shannan Fitz.

[As Fitz slowly rises, Nina perches herself on the top turnbuckle. Once Fitz is fully to her feet, Nina flies off, kneeing Fitz in the head.]

Evonne: Destiny Hammer! Beautiful move!

[Nina scrambles across the ring, covering the fallen Fitz.]



Kenny: Another strong kick out by Fitz!

[Nina slaps the mat, sure that she had Fitz. She drags Fitz to her feet and tosses her into the corner, giving her face a slap for good measure. Nina then races towards Fitz, performing a beautiful handspring.]

Kenny: Looks like Nina’s patented handspring elbow is coming up!

[Except, Fitz puts her feet up at the last minute, driving them into Nina’s back before Larue can drive her elbow into her rival.]

Evonne: Smart move by Fitz. She was ready for that handspring elbow. It shows that she’s scouted Nina.

[Nina grimaces in pain as Fitz grabs her by the hair again. This time, she drags Larue towards the ropes and begins to choke her against them. Nina gasps in air as Candi warns Fitz about the blatant choke.]

Kenny: This is interesting. Usually, Nina is the one doing the choking. This time, she’s on the receiving end.

[As Candi begins to warn of disqualification, Fitz reluctantly releases the hold. But she instead grabs Nina, lifting her in the air, and dropping her to the mat with an exploder suplex. She covers the prone Larue as Candi counts.]



[Again, Nina bridges out of the pin attempt. As Larue slowly rises to her feet, Fitz charges her, taking her down with a running lariat.]

Evonne: Fitz is really pouring it on. She isn’t allowing Nina to get a second wind, which is a smart move. She knows how dangerous “The Goddess” can be.

[Fitz lifts Nina in the air and drops her to the mat with a power bomb.]

Kenny: Shannan really seems to be focusing her attention on Nina’s back tonight.

[Fitz drags Nina to her feet and lashes out with a punch that catches her on the side of the head. Nina spins for a moment, clutching the ropes to steady herself.]

Evonne: Fitz lashing out with those “granite gloves” of hers. If I didn’t know better, I would think she was going for a KO

[Shannan grins at the dazed and stumbling “Goddess”. She takes another wild swing only to have Nina duck the move. As a stunned Fitz turns to Nina, “The Goddess” swings her leg in the air, dropping her foot atop Shannan’s head.]

Kenny: Axe kick by Nina Larue!

[Dazed, Fitz stumbles backwards, only to have Nina unleash another kick this one aimed at her chest.]

Kenny: Nina’s really attacking Shannan with those kicks…wait a minute…Shannan’s grabs Nina’s leg….but Nina leaps in the air, kicking Shannan in the back of the head with her free leg…

Evonne: Enzugiri!

[Shannan reels from the enzugiri and falls to the mat. Meanwhile, Nina races to the turnbuckles, perching herself on the top.]

Evonne: Nina’s waiting on those turnbuckles, watching as Shannan rises.

Kenny: She leaps off and catches Fitz with a beautiful missile drop kick to the chest!

[Nina leaps off the top turnbuckle, driving her feet into Fitz’s chest. She quickly covers Shannan, hooking the leg.]



[Just as Candi prepares to slap the mat a third time, Fitz kicks out of the pin attempt. Nina glares at Fitz, slapping her across the face again. She drags Fitz to her feet and whips her to the ropes.]

Kenny: Spin wheel kick by Nina!

Evonne: Not quite.

[As Fitz rebounds, Nina attempts a spin wheel kick. Fitz ducks the move and catches the spinning Nina with a punch to the midsection. Doubled over, “The Goddess” is lifted in the air and dropped on her head with a brainbuster.]

Kenny: Yow! That’s gotta hurt.

[Nina isn’t moving as Shannan covers her prone form for the pin.]



[Once more, Nina bridges out before the three count.]

Kenny: Incredible! I thought that brainbuster had finished Nina for good.

[Fitz grabs a slowly rising Nina from behind, wrapping her arms around her waist.]

Kenny: Uh oh. This doesn’t look too good for Larue.

[Fitz attempts to lift Nina in the air, only to have Larue stop the motion by elbowing her in the head. As Fitz’s grip on her waist loosens, Nina slips behind her, placing Fitz in a full nelson before lifting her in the air and dropping her to the mat. Nina bridges, pinning Shannan’s shoulders to the mat with a Dragon Suplex.]

Kenny: Whoa! Beautiful Dragon Suplex! Nina pulled that out of nowhere.



Evonne: Another strong kick out by Shannan! She’s still very much in this match.

[Nina rolls Shannan on her stomach and attempts an STF. But Shannan is too powerful. She reaches the ropes before Nina can properly administer the submission hold.]

Evonne: Shannan’s strength once again comes into play as she stops Nina from cinching that move.

[Nina slaps the mat in frustration and screams as she lifts Shannan to her feet again. She attempts a snap suplex but Shannan reverses the move, suplexing Nina instead. Nina clutches her back as Shannan slowly rises to her feet. Fitz lifts Nina in the air, dropping her to the mat with a butterfly suplex, punishing her back again.]

Kenny: Looks like Fitz is….wait a minute…what’s going on here?

[The crowd begins to cheer as Jana Van Ryan and Jennifer Dakus make their way to ringside.]

Evonne: What are they doing here?

[Shannan is just about to suplex Larue again when she spots Van Ryan and Dakus. Shannan drops Larue and makes her way to the ropes. Van Ryan hops on the ring apron and begins to exchange heated words with Fitz.]

Kenny: I think Fitz is telling Van Ryan and Dakus to get out of here.

Evonne: As they should! They have no place in this match!

[Just as Candi warns Van Ryan and Dakus about interfering, Nina slips up behind Fitz.]

Kenny: Uh oh! Looks like Nina is capitalizing on the presence of Van Ryan and Dakus.

[Larue spins Fitz around and catches her with a low blow. As Fitz doubles over, Nina wraps her arm around her head and drops her to the mat with a savage DDT.]

Evonne: Nina’s Knockout! This match is over!

[Candi turns to see Nina pinning a prone Shannan Fitz and proceeds to count.]




[The bell rings.]

Kenny: And Nina Larue steals another one.

Evonne: It was hardly stealing, Kenny. Nina merely capitalized on Fitz’s distraction. I call it smart wrestling.

Kenny: Regardless, Nina Larue was sharp tonight. If she keeps this up, she may indeed have gold in her future.

[Just as Candi raises Nina’s hand in victory, Van Ryan and Dakus enter the ring, celebrating Fitz’s defeat. Unknown to them, a furious Fitz rises to her feet and catches the two women from behind with a double clothesline. She then proceeds to kick and stomp them as Nina Larue slips from the ring.]

Evonne: Yes! Shannan Fitz is now making those two wretches pay for costing her this match! I love it!

[Just then, Nina slides back in the ring with a steel chair. She sneaks up behind Fitz and smashes it atop her head, knocking her unconscious.]

Kenny: Nina Larue just came to the aid of Jennifer Dakus and Jana Van Ryan!?! Wow! That was unexpected.

[Dakus lies prone on the mat but Larue extends her hand to a rising Van Ryan, helping the woman to her feet. The crowd cheers the uncharacteristic act of sportsmanship from “The Goddess”.]

Kenny: Maybe we are seeing a new Nina Larue tonight. A kinder, gentler version.

Evonne: Heh. Think again.

[Just then, Nina boots Van Ryan in the stomach and gives her a DDT, knocking her unconscious.]

Kenny: What!?! It was a setup from the start! Nina Larue cares about no one but herself! What a shameless display!

[As the crowd boos her, Candi warns Nina and Nina laughs, slipping from the ring and sauntering up the aisle, leaving carnage in her wake.]

Kenny: Hmph. I hope she’s proud of herself!

Evonne: [smirks] I know I am. You go, Nina! That’ll teach those two to mind their own business.

[The camera lingers on the images of the prone Fitz, Dakus, and Van Ryan, all laying in the ring, when the crowd suddenly comes to their feet. Akira Hagawa, chair in hand sprints down the aisle and nails Nina Larue from behind. Nina drops and Akira begins to lecture “the Goddess”.]

Kenny: Akira Hagawa out here and she’s giving it to Larue who is out on the ramp.

[Akira throws down the chair as we fade out to a commercial.]

*************Commercial Spot******************
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*************Commercial Spot******************

Eastern Continental Championship: Stacy Buffington vs. Cassie Hopkins

Fiona: This match is scheduled for one fall. It has a 60 minute time limit and it is for the Eastern Continental Championship! Introducing the challenger..

“I don’t want knowledge. I want certainty!”

[Rows of pyrotechnics along both sides of the ramp explode into life as the techno stylings of David Bowie’s “Law” blasts over the PA system.]

Fiona: Weighing in at 135 pounds.. here is Cassssssieeeeeee.. Hooooopkiinnnnnns!

[As the smoke fades, Cassie becomes visible at the top of the ramp, smiling and bouncing on the soles of her feet. Smiling and waving to the fans, she trots down to the ring, hoping onto the apron and standing with her back against the ropes. She surveys the crowd, her smile alone bright enough to light the arena. Then she slips between the second and third rope, entering the ring.]

Fiona: And introducing.. the defending champion..

[‘Don’t Stop Believing’ by Journey plays through the arena as ‘The Perfect Ten’ Stacey Buffington walks to the ring, stopping occasionally to strike a pose for the lucky fans by the aisle. Escorting her to the ring, is none other than Syndicate leader, Tiff Chandler. The brown haired Eastern Continental Champion with the ‘kick ass bod’ smiles and struts to the ring. Dressed in a red lycra sports bra style top, showing off her rock hard abs and toned upper body and red lycra skin tight shorts, with white letters on the back spelling out the words ‘Perfect Ten’, showing off her solid legs and thighs. She finishes her outfit with red elbow pads, white knee pads and red calf high wrestling boots with ’10’ on either side, in white numbers, by the top. Her hair has a definite 80’s look to it, a little big and with bangs hanging down over the forehead.]

Fiona: She weighs in at 135 pounds.. she is the current reigning Eastern Continental Champion..

[Tiff Chandler steps up into the ring and pulls the microphone down and say something to Fiona, then hands her something.. Fiona shrugs and pockets the cash..]

Fiona: She is the GREATEST EASTERN CONTINENTAL CHAMPION IN THE HISTORY OF BRA! Here is the “Perrrrrrrrrfect Tennnnnn”.. Staceeeeeeeey.. Buuuuffingggggtonnnnn!

[Stacey reaches the ring and rolls under the bottom rope. She stands and goes to a corner where she climbs to the middle rope and flexes both her biceps. While not those of a bodybuilder, they’re very impressive none the less. She crosses the ring and does the same for the fans on the other side only this time, she removes the Eastern Continental Championship from around her waist and holds it high. She kisses the belt then jumps down. She confers with Chandler a bit, and as referee Belle Jemmison comes over to take the belt, a small tug of war takes place between the referee and the champion, before Stacey finally releases the belt. Chandler pats her on the back and steps from the ring.]

Fiona: Your referee, Belle Jemmison.

[Jemmison calls for the bell as Stacey walks to the center of the ring and offers a handshake to Cassie. Cassie is reluctant, but finally takes the hand. Stacey takes a swing and Cassie ducks and grabs Stacey from behind and brings her up and back into a nice belly to back suplex!]

Kenny: This one is underway! I can’t believe the change in Stacey Buffington. Stacey quickly to her feet and she’s caught with a clothesline and goes down. She’s up and another clothesline takes her down.. and a third time she is sent over the top rope and to the floor!

[Chandler hurries over to check on Buffington, who staggers around.. she looks up in time to see Hopkins springboard herself over the top rope and cross body block the EC Champ. The crowd begins a “Don’t Wet Yourself” chant.]

Evonne: The champ needs to get her bearings here.

[Cassie rolls back into the ring and Stacey pulls herself up and rolls into the ring as well. Cassie pulls her up and Stacey reaches up and rakes the eyes.]

Kenny: Irish whip by Stacey.. REVERSAL by Cassie and she nails a dropkick and Stacey falls against the ropes and it locks around her arms.

[Stacey’s eyes go wide as she struggles to get out of the ropes.. Cassie runs against the ropes and goes for a cross body block, but at the last moment Stacey frees herself and drops down and Cassie flies through the ropes and crashes into the guardrailing outside.]

Evonne: Tough break for Hopkins.. but a smart move by the Champ. Stacey going out of the ring..

[Stacey pulls up Cassie and runs her head first into the ringpost.. blood begins to flow from the forehead of the challenger.]

Kenny: This could be a tough break for Cassie here. Stacey rolls her into the ring.. slides in after her and makes the cover. Jemmison with the count..



Kenny: Kickout by Hopkins. Stacey climbs up the turnbuckle.. Hopkins staggers to her feet and sees Stacey and pushes her off!

[Stacey falls from the turnbuckle and her chin connects with the guardrailing. Chandler rushes over and checks on her champion.]

Evonne: That hadta hurt. Hopkins going up top..

[Buffington gets to her feet and Hopkins flies off and nails a double ax handle. Hopkins rolls Buffington back into the ring. She goes for a cover.. Jemmison down for the count.]



Kenny: Another kickout by the champ. She’s in serious trouble here. Cassie backs up and nails a leg drop.. Stacey rolls over onto her front..

[Cassie steps over Stacey and applies a camel clutch and Stacey screams out in pain! Chandler gets up on the apron and the referee moves over, telling her to get down. Cassie releases the hold and walks over towards Chandler, who slides off the apron.]

Evonne: Big mistake by Hopkins. She almost had Buffington tapping out.

[Cassie turns to go back to Buffington, and is nailed with a low blow. Jemmison gives Stacey a warning. Stacey gets to her feet and nails a bulldog.. cover..]




Kenny: Nope! Hopkins kicks out to the delight of the fans.

[A ‘Hopkins’ chant rings through the building. Stacey straddles Hopkins and begins to drill her bloody forehead with rights. Slow, deliberate and lethal is each punch. Stacey stands and gives the fans a double bicep pose, and the fans boo.]

Kenny: I can’t believe the change that has come over Stacey Buffington since she won the Eastern Continental Championship. She’s let it go to her head.

Evonne: It’s been known to happen. Personally, I think this is a refreshing change from the pansy girl image she had before..

[Stacey pulls up Cassie and drills her with a DDT. Chandler claps on the outside, and motions to finish off Hopkins.]

Kenny: She cinches her in.. it’s the Ten-Plex!

[Stacey tries for the belly to belly suplex, but Hopkins blocks it and delivers one of her own!]

Kenny: Hopkins hits the Ten-Plex! Cover her!




Evonne: YES!

Kenny: Kickout by Buffington! It was almost over there.. Hopkins is riled up now and these fans are loving it! Buffington to her feet.. clothesline.. clothesline.. clothesline and Buffington stays down this time!

Evonne: We could see a new champion tonight.. Hopkins is signaling..

[Cassie sets up Stacey for the Union Jacked powerbomb.. but Missy Daniel sprints down the aisle and gets up on the ring apron. The referee tries to get her down.. Hopkins releases the hold and moves over and punches Missy from the apron.]

Kenny: Wait a second.. watch Chandler.. she’s got the belt..

[Chandler tosses the belt to Buffington who NAILS Hopkins in the face with it.]

Evonne: Jemmison didn’t see a thing.

Kenny: I’m sick to my stomach.. Stacey pulls up Hopkins and delivers the Ten-Plex and makes the cover.




[The bell rings and Chandler enters the ring and raises the hand of Buffington.]

Kenny: Hopkins was robbed..

Fiona: Winner of the match and STILL Eastern Continental Champion..

[Chandler moves over and points to Fiona and shouts some instruction..]

Fiona: My correction.. winner of the match and STILL the greatest Eastern Continental Champion in BRA History.. Staaaaacey.. Buuuuuuuffingtoooooon!

Kenny: For crying out loud.. she’s the only Eastern Continental Champion in the History of BRA.

Evonne: So what she says is fact.. wait a second..

[Hopkins gets up and looks around. She walks over and gives Buffington a shove. She’s being very animated with her.. pointing to Chandler and giving Buffington a piece of her mind.]

Kenny: I think Cassie is a bit pissed off over Stacey’s change of heart.

Evonne: I like it. She’s got guts..

[Chrissy Daniel sprints down the aisle and slides into the ring behind Hopkins and NAILS her in the back. Hopkins is pushed right into the arms of Buffington who hits another Ten-Plex. The Plush Sisters and Buffington begin to put the boots to Hopkins.]

Kenny: We need to get some help down here. The Syndicate is running roughshod here..

[Stacey slides out of the ring and grabs a chair and rolls back in. The Daniels whip Hopkins into the ropes and Buffington NAILS her with it on the rebound.]

Kenny: I’m totally disgusted here.. Hopkins is a bloody mess and the Syndicate is pushing it..

Evonne: Here comes Lindsey, Shea and CJ Locke.. and the Syndicate scramble for higher ground.

Kenny: Oh sure.. when it’s three on one they’ll fight, but when the odds are even, they’ll run.

Evonne: Chandler promises another member too.. wonder who it is..

Kenny: I have no idea.. however we’re out of time for tonight’s broadcast. Tune in for the next PowerTrip when the Middleweight Title will be on the line as Shea London defends against Tiffany Lane! Thanks for joining us!

[Scene pans back to the ring as Lindsey, CJ and Shea check on the condition of Cassie Hopkins. The Syndicate celebrate as they walk up the ramp. We fade out to..]

(c) 2002 Battling Ring Angels

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