The BRA Eastern Continental Championship is on the line as Veronica Millions defends against Shea London.


[“Serpent-Teen” from Mortal hits the arena as we go live to the worldwide audience. The fans look towards the ramp wondering whose music this is and then pops at the arrival of BRA Owner, Delilah Strain! She’s wearing a black ensemble… a white dress shirt, with a black leather vest, along with a black skirt and black heels. She strolls down the ramp, making her way up the ringsteps and steps into the ring. She carries a clipboard in her hand and waves to all four sides of the arena. The music fades down as she takes a mic from Fiona Miranda at ringside.]


[The fans pop!]

Delilah: I’ve spent the last couple of weeks over in Japan in serious negotiations that will help this company. I must say that it was a wonderful trip and I feel rejuvenated! I’m ready to see BRA kick some serious ass!

[The crowd again pops!]

Delilah: Let’s get a few things squared away before we get into the serious news. Candi Bratton…

[Candi’s fans start a ‘Candi!” chant.]

Delilah: Against my better judgment, I’m going to allow you to compete in the Barbed Wire match at Red Blood Cell. Understand this, you will sign a waiver so that we are not held responsible for any injuries you might receive in such a match. I don’t think this is the wisest move, however, it’s your wish and I’m going to allow it to happen.

[The fans are happy with that announcement.]

Delilah: However… until further notice, you are hereby suspended as the head referee of this company. You are reinstated as a wrestler. Following your match with Marissa Monet, we will sit down and determine your status within this company. Your actions, in my opinion, have not been what I would consider appropriate for a head referee in this company. I am appointing Ina Hymich as the new BRA head referee effective tonight!

[Mixed reactions at the words directed towards Candi Bratton.]

Delilah: Also, tonight in this very ring… as our main event. Veronica Millions has approached me about defending her title tonight. She said she was given an opportunity and she wants to return the favor. I have looked over the roster and decided who that person will be. So, tonight in the main event, Veronica Millions will defend the EC Title against the challenge of… Shea London!!

[The fans pop at that announcement. Both are popular wrestlers in BRA and they’d love to see that match.]

Delilah: Also, to complete the 8 person match known as “The Fallen Angel Full Contact” match for the vacant Fallen Angel Title… we are going to throw Chrissy Daniel and Kari Stevens. That completes the roster for that particular match. One of those eight individuals will become the Fallen Angel champion. Now… onto the big news…

[The crowd becomes quiet. They’ve heard rumor and speculation… but now it’s coming directly from the source.]

Delilah: For those who are familiar, we’ve been in secret negotiations with the REIGN Corporation out of Japan. They have shown an interest in our product, as well as that of Japan’s BLAZE promotion.

[Fans pop, familiar with that promotion.]

Delilah: We have signed an agreement, along with BLAZE, to become part of the REIGN Corporation. Basically, the REIGN Corporation has purchased a ‘part’ of each promotion. Now, the kicker for this is that REIGN has created a championship… they are calling it the Grand Phoenix Crown Women’s Championship. Battling Ring Angels has been granted the initial opportunity to showcase the battle to determine this new championship. The Battling Ring Angels’ World Champion will collide with BLAZE’s Triple Crown Women’s Universal Champion. The winner will walk away with all the belts and be designated as the Grand Phoenix Crown Women’s Championship!

[Murmurs among the crowd…]

Delilah: This title will be decided in December at BRA’s own… ENDGAME!

[The crowd pops!]

Delilah: It has been decided that only the top BRA Champion and the top BLAZE Champion can pursue the Grand Phoenix Crown Women’s Championship. If Cassie Hopkins, or whoever our contender is fails to win that championship they will continue to be our top champion. If Cassie should win the Grand Phoenix, then we will hold a tournament to crown a new champion. So, enough with the announcements… let’s get this show on the road!

[We suddenly go to the opening PowerTrip sequence featuring Salt n Pepa’s “It’s a She Thing” as images from Battling Ring Angels flashes across the screen…]

# It ain’t a man’s world (You go, girl!) # # No more sugar and spice (And everything nice) # # It ain’t a man’s world (You go, girl) # # No more sugar and spice (And everything nice) #

[Tara Smith splashes Sierra Browne… Sierra lashing out with the Sierra Slice… Helene Wickers suplexes Tara, who suplexes Sierra… Marissa Monet smashes a chair atop Candi Bratton’s head… Rachel Sabbato delivers a somersault plancha to Jennifer Rowe… Lori delivers a Rydeen Bomb to Jeanmarie… Business and Pleasure attack both the Air Waves and Bad Seed, creating a six-woman brawl… Wendy Ryker delivering a Locomotion suplex to DARIA Wakizawa… DARIA places Wendy in her D-Clutch… Both DARIA and Wendy are shown backstage, after the match, exchanging words…]

# It’s a she thing, and it’s all in me # # I could be anything that I want to be baby # # Don’t consider me a minority (Yeah, you know) # # Open up your eyes and maybe you’ll see (It’s a she thing) # # It’s a she thing, and it’s all in me (Strong, innocent) and # # I could be anything that I want to be (Intelligent lady) # # Don’t consider me a minority (Proud of who I am) # # Ladies help me out if you agree (It’s a she thing) #

[Veronica Millions stands in the middle of the ring, giving Evonne Carmikal the thumbs-down… Sierra and Monet continue to assault Candi backstage… Abby Hoffman delivers a brainbuster to Shea London, inside of the steel cage… Shea delivers a springboard bulldog…]

# It ain’t nothin’ but a she thing (We are proud) # # It ain’t nothin’ but a she thing (Say it loud) # # It ain’t nothin’ but a she thing (On the rise) # # It ain’t nothin’ but a she thing (Better recognize) #

[Abby and Shea hug, Abby holding the Middleweight title… Cassie Hopkins gives Nina Larue a gutbuster… Nina surprises Cassie with a dragon suplex… Nina attacks a bloody Cassie with kicks and stomps…]

# Now I can bring home the bacon (yeah), fry it in the pan (yeah) # # Never let you forget that you’re a man # # Cuz I’m a W-O-M-A-N # # That’s what I am, doin’ all I can # # The thing that makes me mad and crazy, upset # # Got to break my neck just to get my respect # # Go to work and get paid less than a man # # When I’m doin’ the same damn thing that he can # # When I’m aggressive then I’m a ***** # # When I got attitude you call me a witch # # Treat me like a sex-object (That ain’t smooth) # # Underestimate the mind, oh yeah, you’re a fool # # Weaker sex, yeah, right, that’s the joke (ha!) # # Have you ever been in labor? I don’t think so, nope # # I’m a genuine feminine female thang # # Can you hang? Ain’t nothin’ but a she thang #

[The final moments sees Abby Hoffman with the Middleweight Title in her hand, inside the steel cage. Next, the Battling Ring Angels “PowerTrip” logo appears before fading into the arena.

“It’s a She Thing” continues to play, drowned out a bit by the awesome crowd noise. The sold-out audience is screaming and hollering, as a beautiful pyrotechnic display assaults their senses. As the camera pans the crowd, a few of the more interesting signs can be made out, showing support for some of the BRA stars. These include: “Air Waves will fly over Bad Seed”, “Sierra Who?”, “Give Shea A Rematch!”, and “Marissa Fears Candi”. Suddenly, the camera lands on the announce team of Kenny Harbour and Evonne Carmikal. Kenny wears a “Cassie Hopkins” T-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes. Evonne, as usual, wears an expensive, black, Armani suit, her hair in a ponytail.]

Kenny: Welcome to this edition of PowerTrip! I’m Kenny Harbour and my co-host this evening, as usual, is Evonne Carmikal.

Evonne: Like I need an introduction from you, dork-boy. I’m the true host of this program and don’t you forget it. If I wasn’t here, the ratings would go down a full two points.

Kenny: Uh… right. We have a great card for you this evening, including an Eastern Continental Title defense as Veronica Millions will defend against the former Middleweight Champion Shea London.

Evonne: She just lost a title two weeks ago… and she’s already getting another title shot?

Kenny: Shea London has earned herself this title shot.

Evonne: She’s a loser.

Kenny: Also on tap tonight, the third in a series of matches between Wendy Ryker and DARIA Wakizawa… They’ve gone twice to the time limit draw. This time there are no time limit and no rules. There must be a decisive winner.

Evonne: I’ll tell you what, Wakiwaka…

Kenny: Wakizawa…

Evonne: Whatever… she’s been lucky these past couple of matches. Tonight, she’ll be put in her place.

Kenny: Plus, we’ll be hyping the upcoming special, “Red Blood Cell” that will come to you in two weeks right here on Lifetime! But what about the announcement made at the top of this program by BRA Owner Delilah Strain! BRA and BLAZE are now working together…

Evonne: I don’t know if it’s together… sounds like more of a friendly competition. Obviously, it would be a feather in either companies’ cap to be have the Grand Phoenix Crown Women’s Champion on their payroll.

Kenny: I’m sure that’s true, but it seems as though this agreement between both companies will put a lot of pressure on other women’s companies to put up or shut up.

Evonne: You mean there are other women’s companies?

Kenny: Well… I’m not sure…

Evonne: In other words, you’re just talking out your ass again..?

Kenny: Um… yeah. Let’s go down to ringside for our opening contest!


[Fiona Miranda stands in the center of the ring as the opening squall of guitar which begins Rage Against the Machine’s “Snakecharmer” rips through the arena. The fans immediately leap to their feet as the cheers begin to thunder through the stands. There is a blast of white sparkling pyro from each side of the curtain as it parts, and two women step out onto the platform.

Fiona: Weighing in at 126 lbs…

[Both women hit a pose for the crowd, soaking up the applause, before jogging down to the ring, slapping hands with fans on the way.]

Fiona: Accompanied to the ring by Jeanmarie Ferguson…

[Jeanmarie and Rachel both slide under the bottom rope, and each leaps up onto the second turnbuckle in a corner, playing to the fans.]

Fiona: One half of Bad Seed…. RACHEL…. SABBAAAAAAAAAATOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

[More cheers from the crowd as Rachel Sabbato backflips off the top rope into the ring, and Jeanmarie Ferguson hops down from the corner.]

Fiona: And now, her opponent, accompanied to the ring by “The Blonde Bomber” Jennifer Rowe and weighing 122 pounds….

[“Light of Day” by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts kicks in over the PA system, and “Lady Lightning” Lori Wilson steps out from the back, looking straight ahead to the ring. She is dressed in her wrestling attire, a black leotard with narrow white lightning bolts running down the front and back, black kneepads with a white “L” on each one and black wrestling boots. She also wears on her head a black bandana with narrow lightning bolts and the words “Lady Lightning” written on it in white lettering. Jennifer is by her side, still dressed in her earlier attire.]

Fiona: She is one half of the Air Waves…”LADY LIGHTNING”… LORI… WIIIILLLLSOOOONNNN!!!!

[Lori heads down the aisle, slapping hands with fans but her eyes mostly focused on the ring ahead, Jennifer behind her and slapping hands with fans as well. When she arrives at the ring, she heads up the ring stairs, steps between the ropes, then whips off her bandana and throws it into the crowd.]

Fiona: And now, their opponent, accompanied to the ring by Alexandria Parker, as well as her bodyguard, Brawn and weighing 120 pounds…

[The fans begin to boo as “I Know What Boys Like” by Vitamin C blares over the speakers, announcing the arrival of “Blonde Bombshell” Tiffany Lane. Pyro pots explode and pink, fireworks soar through the air as The Angeltron flashes to life, showing various images of the lovely Ms. Lane. Suddenly, Tiffany’s personal bodyguard, Brawn, steps from behind the curtains. The huge, muscular man is clad only in a pair of blue jeans and black boots, showing off his chiseled physique.]

Fiona: One-half of the BRA tag team champions, Business and Pleasure…she is “THE BLOND BOMBSHELL”…. TIFFANY… LAAAAAANNNNNNE!!!!!!

[With a nod, Brawn steps aside as Tiffany exits the curtains. Tiffany wears a white, floor-length robe, tied at the waist with a matching sash. Her luxurious, blonde hair graces the small of her back, in a cascade of silky curls. With a smirk upon her beautiful visage, she stands atop the entrance ramp, performing a sensual bump and grind, teasing the fans by tugging on the sash. Finally, after driving the males crazy with anticipation, Tiffany whips off the flimsy garment, revealing her wrestling attire, a loud T&A POP resounding throughout the arena. Tiffany wears a pink, satin bra and matching, pink bikini bottoms, trimmed in white fur. The ensemble showcases her sleek, curvy figure. She completes the look with pink, vinyl boots, a pink, lace garter stationed strategically on her shapely thigh. Some of the crowd begins to catcall and whistle as the seductress continues to shimmy and shake. Alexandria Parker accompanies the duo. Brawn and Tiffany finally saunter down the aisle before entering the ring. She makes a show of seductively removing her garter and tossing it into the crowd with a devilish grin, causing a stir as some of the males, seating in the front row, fight to obtain the garment. With a satisfied smile and toss of her blonde mane, Tiffany places her hands on her hips, preparing for the start of the match. Brawn takes his place at ringside, giving her a thumbs-up.] [But as the bell rings, Sabbato is quick to strike, flooring Lane with a spinwheel kick. Lori then moves in, spinning Sabbato around and firing off a chop. The two women exchange chops, before Lori manages to block a shot, spin Sabbato around again and grab her from behind, dropping her to the mat with a backdrop suplex.]

Kenny: And the action is already fast and furious here as Lori and Rachel are going at it!

Evonne: Going at it? It’s more like that vicious Lori is Pearl Harboring poor Tiffany and Rachel! Look at that cheat!

Kenny: Oh, please.

[But as Lori rises from the mat, Tiffany is up as well, leaping in the air and taking Wilson to the mat with a flying headscissors. She then keeps her legs locked around Lori, working the scissors as Lori kicks her feet into the mat.]

Kenny: And the tide turns here, Lane in control.

Evonne: As if you thought there would be any other option.

Kenny: Actually, I did.

[Rachel rolls to her feet, dropping an elbow on Lane and thus breaking the hold. Sabbato drags Lane to her feet, sending her into one corner and firing off a pair of quick kicks, before whipping Lane into the opposite corner. She then follows in, doing a handspring to the corner and connecting with an elbow, causing Lane to slump into the corner.]

Kenny: Lightning fast work by all of the women involved here. It’s a shame that the Featherweight division is being sidelined, because these three are all perfect examples of what the smaller women in this promotion can do.

[But Sabbato is then nailed with a standing dropkick from Lori. Wilson drags Rachel off the mat, and a quick snap suplex takes her down. She bounces off the ropes, spinning as she does and delivering a corkscrew elbowdrop. A cover then follows…]

Kenny: Lori with the cover here.

Evonne: Yeah, after she cheated.

Kenny: Oh, stop. Lori doesn’t cheat.

Evonne: And I guess she and Jennifer weren’t trying to steal B&P’s dressing room, a few weeks ago, either, huh?

Kenny: Are you always this delusional?


[But Tiffany Lane breaks up the pinfall. Lane brings Lori to her feet, using a kick to the midsection to double her over. She grabs Lori by the hair and mares her down to the mat, then delivers a pair of quick stomps. As she brings Lori to her feet, Wilson fires back a blow to the midsection, doubling Lane over. Wilson pulls herself to her feet, blocking a shot attempt from Tiffany, before sending her into the ropes and bouncing off the opposite side. A Thesz press then takes Lane down to the mat.]

Evonne: Come on, Tiffany! Kick this cheater’s butt!

Kenny: The only butt getting kicked around here appears to be Tiffany’s.

Evonne: Yeah, you would be focused on Tiffany’s butt, pervert!

Kenny: …..

[But as Lori connects with the press, Sabbato is back to her feet and quickly kicks Lori off before a count can take place. Lori and Rachel face each other, with Lori going for a clothesline, which Sabbato ducks. As Lori turns, Rachel catches her with a quick thrust kick to the chin, knocking Wilson to the mat. Sabbato dives for the cover…]

Kenny: There’s been bad blood between the Air Waves and Bad Seed for weeks now. A victory for Rachel here would certainly give her team bragging rights.


[And Lane is again there to break the pinfall. Lane and Sabbato now exchange blows, and a thumb to the eye from Tiffany stuns Sabbato. Lane spins Rachel around, taking her down to the mat with a Russian legsweep.]

Evonne: No! Don’t fight each other, ladies! Fight Lori!

[The Blonde Bombshell then goes to the top rope, coming off to connect with a flying legdrop. She then follows with a pinfall attempt…]



Kenny: Speak of the devil.

[And this time, Wilson breaks the pinfall. Lane and Wilson now square off, with the two locking up and looking for leverage. Lane manages to get a go- behind on Lori, then take her over with a German suplex, bridging on the mat…]

Evonne: German suplex! This is one of Tiffany’s top moves! Stick a fork in Lori. She’s done.



Kenny: Wishful thinking there, Evonne?

[But it’s a kickout by Wilson. Lane drags Lori off the mat, trying to whip Wilson into the ropes, but Lori reverses it. As Lane comes off the ropes, a leg lariat from Lori connects and send the B&P member crashing to the canvas.]

Evonne: Damn.

Kenny: Lori Wilson back in control here and these fans are loving it!

Crowd: Lori! Lori! Lori! Lori!

[As Wilson rises to her feet, she finds herself face to face with Rachel Sabbato. The two exchange another series of chops, with Rachel able to back Lori into the ropes. An Irish whip follows and Sabbato bounces off the opposite strands, coming off to nail Lori with a flying forearm.]

Evonne: Heh. Guess the fans cheerleading didn’t help their girl any. She’s about to be demolished by Bad Seed!

[Sabbato comes off the ropes, hitting a sliding legdrop, then going for the cover…]



[And another kickout by Wilson.]

Kenny: Lori Wilson has to be one of the most resilient women in BRA! Neither Tiffany nor Rachel can put her away!

[Sabbato brings Wilson up off the mat, only to be nailed from behind by Lane. Lane leaps up onto Rachel’s shoulders, using a hurricanrana to take her down to the mat. She then goes up to the top rope once more, coming off with a picture perfect moonsault and hooking the leg for good measure…]

Kenny: Tiffany came out of nowhere with that one!



[But Sabbato kicks out. Tiffany pulls Rachel off the mat and shoves her into the corner. She delivers several kicks to the midsection, but up from behind comes Lori Wilson. Lane is surprised as she is pulled around by Lori, and a kneelift is followed by Wilson taking Tiffany down to the mat with a fisherman suplex.]

Kenny: Beautiful move by Lori! This could be over!



[But Tiffany kicks out. Lori pulls Lane off the mat again, as this time, Alexandria Parker hops onto the apron, drawing Lori’s attention. Jennifer goes over to get Parker down, but Brawn stands in front of her.]

Evonne: Ha! Jennifer doesn’t look so tough now!

[But Brawn does not see Jeanmarie Ferguson going up behind Parker, yanking her down from the apron. The distraction, however, has allowed Lane to catch Lori with a finger to the eye and a shove into the corner. Lane hops to the second rope, taking Wilson out with a monkey flip to the canvas.]

Evonne: And that amateur, Lori, is caught sleeping. That’s why she can’t possibly win this. She’s outclassed by wrestlers like Rachel and Tiffany.

Kenny: If that were the case, she wouldn’t be still in this match.

[Tiffany kips up to her feet and takes a moment to play up to the crowd, shimmying and shaking.]

Kenny: And Tiffany wasting time here. I bet that’ll cost here.

Evonne: Never!

[However, with Lane so focused on showing off to the fans, she does not notice that Rachel Sabbato is up on her feet. Sabbato goes to the apron and waits for Lane to turn around. As she does, Sabbato slingshots herself over the ropes, landing right on Lane’s shoulders and taking her to the mat with a hurricanrana into a rollup. Tiffany struggles as Rachel keeps the shoulders down…]

Kenny: Told you! Rachel moving as quickly as a cat and she has Tiffany trapped!




Evonne: Whew!

[Lane escapes! Sabbato, not wanting to lose the momentum, gets a knee to the face as Lane rises, then grabs her in a facelock and plants her into the mat with a snap DDT! Another cover follows…]

Evonne: Why are these two fighting each other, when Lori’s ass is sitting there, primed for the kicking?




[And Lori Wilson breaks the pin! Sabbato rolls off Lane as Lori follows in quickly, using a pair of forearm blows to soften up Sabbato, then sending her into the ropes. She catches Sabbato coming off, then drops her over a knee with a side backbreaker. From there, Wilson runs into the ropes, coming off with a Lionsault and covering…]

Kenny: Great move by Lori!

Evonne: Bah. Rachel does it better!




[And Tiffany Lane breaks it up! Lane drags Wilson up by the hair, only for Wilson to fire off a knee to her midsection. As Rachel rolls to the apron, Wilson goes for a kick, which Lane blocks, but Lori quickly reacts by swinging up her free leg, connecting with an enzuigiri!]

Kenny: Tiffany is down again! I think Lori senses the champ may not be able to take much more of this!

[As Tiffany staggers back to her feet, Wilson comes up from behind for her to strike. Lane turns, only to get caught with the Lightning Strike superkick!]

Kenny: And this one is done! All Lori has to do is make the cover!

Evonne: No! Alex! Brawn! Do something!

[But before Lori can make the cover, Brawn now climbs onto the apron, catching Lori’s attention. Parker now tries to sneak into the ring, only to be cut off by Jennifer Rowe. Parker and Rowe now begin to trade blows outside the ring as Lane slowly sits up. Seeing Wilson distracted, she gets to her feet and sneaks up behind Lori, who is focused on Brawn as the referee tries to get him down from the apron.]

Kenny: Watch out, Lori!

Evonne: Too late! That little Air Wave is about to feel the Bombshell Bomb!

[Wilson turns to face Lane, who stuns her with a European uppercut! With Wilson staggering, a quick stunner drops Wilson to the mat. Lane then goes over to the corner, signaling to the crowd she’s ready to finish off Lori.]

Evonne: What did I say? Tiffany’s got this in the bag.

[Outside the ring, Rowe and Parker are still fighting it out, and now Jeanmarie Ferguson has joined in the fray, making it a three-way brawl. Lane reaches the top rope, flying from her perch and connecting with the Bombshell Bomb! Brawn turns to brag to the crowd as Lane then rolls on top of Wilson for a cover…]

Evonne: Count it, ref!



[But Lane has not noticed that Rachel Sabbato, who had been watching on the apron, has now climbed to the top rope herself, and she flies off with her frog splash, Death From Above! This breaks up Lane’s pinfall attempt, and as Tiffany rolls on the mat, Rachel rolls on top of her, hooking the leg for good measure…]

Kenny: Wait a minute! Rachel connects with a beautiful move on Lane!



[Brawn suddenly turns around, noticing that Lane is being pinned, but as he ducks between the ropes…]


Kenny: I don’t believe this! Rachel Sabbato just pinned one of the world tag team champions! This has to be considered quite the upset!

[Sabbato rolls off Lane and outside the ring as the bell sounds, as Wilson slowly sits up, and Brawn goes over to help Lane, a shocked look on his face.]

Evonne: Nina’s not going to be happy with this.

Fiona: The winner of the match… RACHEL SABBATO!

Kenny: This is quite a coup for Bad Seed! They now can claim a victory over the champs!

[The fans pop loudly as Sabbato regroups with Ferguson outside the ring, a high-five exchanged between the two, as they head back up the aisle. Wilson slides out of the ring, where Jennifer meets her and the two talk, then head up the aisle themselves. Brawn and Parker help Lane out of the ring and B&P and Brawn then make their way to the back as well.]

Kenny: And the champs don’t look so happy now. Maybe they need to spend less time playing the role of socialite and more time training, if this match is any indication.

Evonne: Oh, please. This is just a temporary setback for B&P. They’ll bounce back.

Kenny: Yeah, I’ve heard that one before. We’ll be right back!


[We break for a commercial. When we return, the camera comes into focus backstage. A casually dressed and relaxed Helene Wikers is heading for the lockers when BRA personnel promptly intercept her. Blocking her path is perky interviewer Jenna Jamestown, eagerly motioning her crew to get in place. She gives a fast and happy “Hi, Helene!” plus thumbs up that leave the wrestler with a perplexed smile before turning to face the camera.]

Jenna: Hello, fans! With me right now is BRA wrestler, Helene Wikers. A relative newcomer to BRA, she’s been seen in action against prominent figures such as Nina Larue and Sierra Browne who, despite her acclaim, is also a newcomer to BRA. What are you doing tonight, Helene?

Helene: … just fighting my third match.

Jenna: And which superstar will it be against?

Helene: Chrissy Daniel.

Jenna: … oh. Um, your thoughts?

Helene: I understand she’s something of a brawler so I’m not really worried. It’s her funeral if she makes this an “I hit you, you hit me” kind of fight.

Jenna: And after this fight you’ll be going into Red Blood Cell, one of eight combatants in “the Fallen Angel Full Contact Brawl.” What are your thoughts there?

Helene: It’s been on my mind a lot lately, even now. There are a number of talented ladies but it’s not as if I’m fighting all of them. There can be only one winner so any alliance struck is gonna be shaky and temporary at best.

Jenna: And after RBC, what are you plans then? Do they coincide with the challenge Sierra Browne has laid down for a few wrestlers including you and your onetime partner Tara Smith?

Helene: I’ll think about that after RBC. Sierra’s probably just sour since she earned that handicap match and defeat. But if the matchmakers or the other wrestlers want it, then I’m in for the long haul. It’s a fight I can look forward too.

Jenna: That’d be great!

Helene: Yeah.

Jenna: Uh-huh.

Helene, Jenna: …

Helene [gesturing off the camera]: … Uh, Jenna, if you don’t mind I’d better change gears.

Jenna [on cue]: No problem, Helene, thanks for taking time to talk to us. Let’s cut over to Shelley Marks who is with DARIA!


[Open camera shot we are backstage with Shelley Marks who is with DARIA Wakizawa, who jump up and down softly, eager and full of energy]

Shelley: Fans later tonight Wakizawa/Ryker Part 3, No DQ, No Count-out and no Time Limit! DARIA Wakizawa the world wants to know… Are you ready?

DARIA: [nodding affirmative as she stops jumping] HAI! Tonight everything will be resolved! Tonight Wendy-san, D-chan gets in the ring for a third time with you and this time there will be a winner. [points her thumb in her own chest] I have every intention of being that winner!

Shelley: [motions off camera] DARIA we’ve been instructed to give this to you by our director!

[Stagehand hands Jenna a FEDEX package]

Shelley: [looking at the package] Post mark Japan… Steel Wind Dojo?

DARIA: Nani?

[DARIA grabs the package and breaks the seal]

DARIA: [pulling out contents of the package one by one] eh… New Volume of “Tenjo Tenge”…[reaching in package and pulling out…] AH! The New Folder 5 CD! [one last reach in reveals a note] Eh? A message? [DARIA examines the note] From Tanaka Yuriko sempai!

Shelley: Why do your mentors send care packages to you through our office DARIA?

DARIA: [shrugging with a smile] I don’t know, probably because of my travel schedule… hear listen to this… “Dear D-chan, we all miss you at the Dojo. Things are gearing up fo r the October Dream Tournament. Rekka-san hopes you’ll at least come home for that if your schedule permits. Hope you like the CD and are learning new skills in America. Kazuya –sempai sends his best also and wants you not to worry as he’s been taping “One Piece” for you. Sensei watched the tape of your matches from BRA… haven’t seen her smile like that in years. Good luck! Yuriko”

Shelley: [looking down in the box] DARIA there is another note in here!

DARIA: Ne? [reaches in and grabs a slip of paper] What is this?

Shelley: [looking at the paper] Dear D-chan, one word on your third match… WIN! VTS, Rekka”

[DARIA’s face turns from simple nervous excitement to pure joy]

DARIA: [raising a fist to the camera] HAI! D-chan will win because Sensei told her to!

Shelley: [looking at the note] Wait… what the heck is VTS?

DARIA: [flashing her cheery smile] Why it can only mean one thing Shelley-san… VICTORY THOUGH SACRIFICE!

[DARIA flashes her victory sign and then walks off stage]

Shelley: A directive from her Teacher and mentor Rekka Sakura, could it be the spirit booster to help DARIA Wakizawa finally beat Wendy Ryker? We’ll find out later tonight! Back to you Kenny!

[Scene cuts back to the ringside area with Kenny and Evonne.]

Evonne: Back to you, Kenny?! Who the heck am I? Stuffed shrimp??

Kenny: I don’t think ‘shrimp’ would be the appropriate word…

Evonne: You saying I’m fat, dork-boy? I’ll kick your freakin’…

Kenny: Up next we have the third in a grueling series of battles between Wendy Ryker and DARIA Wakizawa. Let’s take a look at how we came to this point. Scene cuts to a nicely done video package of the duo’s first two matches. It fades back to the ring, where Fiona Miranda is standing to make the introductions.]


Fiona: Wrestling fans… the following event is scheduled for one fall with NO time limit… NO disqualification… NO countouts!

[Fans pop!]

Evonne: Now this is what I’ve been waiting for, NO DQ and No countout means we get to see Wendy Ryker in her natural element!

Kenny: What is that supposed to mean Evonne?

Evonne: Look, Wendy Ryker is a great technician when she needs to be but at heart this chick is a s***-kicker through and through. With the rules set in her favor I promise we will see some good old-fashioned violence unleashed on “Little Miss J-Punk”!

Kenny: Well we are ready for ring introductions let’s take it to the ring!

Fiona: Introducing first…

[The sound of a bottle being broken can be heard from the PA system, shortly followed by a calm woman’s voice proclaiming, “Anyone who wants to walk out of here should start running now!” As that last word is uttered “B**ch” by Meredith Brooks blares from the speakers and Wendy herself steps out onto the aisle, the spotlights centering on her.]

Fiona: Weighing in at 145 pounds… she is the “Wild Child”… Wendy… Ryyyyykerrrr!

[Wendy is an attractive, in a tomboyish way, Caucasian woman in her late twenties with short, brown hair, brown eyes and an obviously very well-conditioned, athletic physique with good muscle definition. She’s wearing black wrestling boots, a pair of blue jeans loose enough not to restrict her movement, but tight enough to show her curves, and a black cut-off T- shirt, leaving a bare midriff. Under it she wears a black sports bra, and written in white across the front of the shirt are the words “Life’s a b**ch…”, then across the back we can see “…And so am I”. She’s also carrying a wooden baseball bat in her right hand and there’s a half-smile, half-smirk on her face.]

#I hate the world today #You’re so good to me I know #But I can’t change #Try to tell you #But you look at me like maybe #I’m an angel underneath #Innocent and sweet

[Looking around at the crowd she waits for a few seconds, then slaps the bat into her left palm once and starts walking calmly to the ring to the beat of the music while slapping hands with the fans.]

#Yesterday I cried #You must have been relieved #To see the softer side #I can understand #How you’d be so confused #I don’t envy you #I’m a little bit of everything #All rolled into one!

#I’m a b**ch, I’m a lover #I’m a child, I’m a mother #I’m a sinner, I’m a saint #I do not feel ashamed #I’m your hell, I’m your dream #I’m nothing in between #You know you wouldn’t want it any other way

[As she makes it to ringside she puts the bat down on the timekeeper’s table, raises her arms over her head as she looks around at the crowd again, then rolls into the ring and walks to center ring with a fist raised in the air]

Kenny: Wendy has a fierce intensity to her this evening Evonne

Evonne: That’s because she’s the one who issued the challenge for this match. From her perspective she has to either break DARIA Wakizawa or break DARIA Wakizawa.

[The crowd dies down to a murmur, Wendy stands waiting in the ring eyes watching the runway. Camera cuts to backstage. DARIA Wakizawa stands by, an air of nervousness is about her as she paces in her black ring jacket. She waits patiently until her music to play and she walks through the curtain]

Fiona: And her opponent…

Voice Over PA: Victory Through Sacrifice… D-Chan…

Fiona: Weighing in at 130 pounds… here is DARIAAAAA… Waaaakiiiizaaawaaa!!

[Song: GET OVER by dream available from “AVEX TRAX RECORDS]

Kimi ga ima boku wo sasaete, Boku ga ima kimi mo sasaeru Dakara mayoi nagara mo tomo ni ikiteikouyo, mirai e to

[Trans: You support me now, and I support you too So let’s wander and live towards the future together] [DARIA bursts through the curtain flashing a victory signal. The response is more than anyone expects as the crowd starts cheering]

Namama to tawamure sore nanide itemo mono tarinasa wo kanjite shimau Sameta me de mirarete Kawaita jidai no kaze ni fukareteiru

[Trans: If it can be given up, I won’t hold interest from the beginning if it can be forgotten, I won’t feel the need for it the unsure feeling and courage is standing back to back But right now, I will make the dreams come true with these hands] [Overcoming her surprise, DARIA clinches both her fists in excitement and dashes down the aisle to the ring]

Akiramekireru MONO naraba, saijyou kara kyoumi motanai Wasurerareru MONO nara, hitsuyousa mo kanjinai kara Fuan na kokoro to yuuki ga senaka awase ni natteiru dakedo ima nara yume wo kono te de kanaete miseru yo

[Trans: If it can be given up, I won’t hold interest from the beginning If it can be forgotten, I won’t feel the need for it The unsure feeling and courage is standing back to back But right now, I will make the dreams come true with these hands] [DARIA arrives at ringside and stops before the apron. She closes her eyes and claps her hands twice taking a stance of prayer ever so briefly before hopping on the ring apron and raising a clenched fist in the air]

Kitzutsuite koware souna hi mo, namida shite komaraseru hi mo arukeredo

bokura wa sore wo koete ikunda, dare yori ue wo mezashite

[Trans: There are days that I break after being hurt, days when I trouble you by crying but We will over come that, reaching for the top more than anyone]

Tanoshii koto dake, erande ikite mo sono saki ni wa nanimo mienakute dakara donna koto mo genjitsu kara nigenaide uketomeru yo

[Trans: Living by choosing fun things but Nothing can be seen beyond that So whatever it is, I will never run away from reality but will embrace it] [DARIA steps through the ring ropes and dashes over to the nearest corner. She mounts the turnbuckles and looks out over the crowd, eyes full of wanderlust as she cups her hands over her eyes and smiles]

daiji na MONO ga aru naraba, mamorinuite miseru kara ushinaku shitakunai MONO ni, jibun no subete wo kakeru yo kiyou ja nai kara toki ni kizutsuke, kizutsuiteiku dakedo ima nara sukoshi jishin wo motte arukeru yo

[Trans: If there’s something important, I will protect it At the thing I don’t want to lose, I will put my everything into it I’m not talented so we will hurt each others and ourselves But I can walk with a little more faith now] [Done looking over the arena she raises her fists in the air with a determined smile, the cheers seem to be growing. DARIA jumps down off the turnbuckle and dashes to center ring going face to face with Wendy. Both women stare at each other, butting heads as the staredown grows tenser by the second]

Kenny: You can cut the intensity in that ring with a knife!

Evonne: Both women know there is no turning back now. They’re both committed to winning this match but only one of them can pull it off, and my money’s on the veteran.

[Again the crowd pops, a bit louder this time as DARIA raises both hands in the air, both flashing the “V For Victory” symbol as she turns in place slowly before retuning her gaze to Wendy]

Kenny: What an ovation for both women!

Evonne: Who cares about that? It’s all about who gets the win. Wendy knows that, it’s Wakizawa who’s playing up to the school-kids!

[The camera zooms closer as referee Belle Jemmison gets between both women. She quickly pats down both women down to make sure everything is Kosher. The sound crew gets some pre-match sound bites.]

Belle: Alright ladies, No DQ means all is fair but try and keep it reasonable. This is No Count-out as well but the pin goes down in the ring. You got me?

[The ref looks to Wendy, who nods her understanding.]

Wendy: Hey, it’s not like I haven’t done this kinda thing before.

[She next looks to DARIA, who also nods in acknowledgement]

Belle: Alright, go to your corners. When the bell rings come out ready to fight!

Kenny: Kudos to our sound crew, great work guys!

[DARIA and Wendy both remain standing in center ring. Wendy jabs her right index finger in DARIA’s chest and then points her thumb downward. DARIA responds by shaking her head and defiantly thrusting the “V For Victory” symbol in Wendy’s face. Wendy smirks confidently, although the nod she gives as a response to DARIA’s refusal to back down seems to indicate she at least approves of the younger woman’s attitude. Both women back away to their corners, neither turning their backs on the other as the fans cheer both women furiously]

Evonne: Are we watching a title match Kenny?

Kenny: No why do you ask?

Evonne: Because I’ve never and I mean NEVER seen such intensity and formality except in the most important of title matches. You’d think this is for the World title with all the grave staring and instructions from the referee

Kenny: It’s all about respect Evonne, I think that’s what this match is really about

[DARIA stretches in her corner, looking intently at Wendy. Wendy in turn simply stands, arms folded across her chest looking at DARIA. Belle calls for the bell.] [The bell rings.]

Kenny: And here we go!

[DARIA and Wendy come out of their corners and start circling each other, cautiously eyeing the other]

Evonne: The last match between these two had a slow build and it looks like they may actually try to wrestle despite the stipulations of the match

Kenny: Both women circling closer now and we have a collar and elbow, quickly into a headlock by Wendy, reversed into a hammerlock by DARIA and re- reversed by Wendy. DARIA reaching behind, Wendy with a lift in the air… NO! DARIA brings it down into a flying mare landing Wendy on her back

[Wendy scrambles to a low crouch already warning off an approaching DARIA]

Evonne: Oh no, that little Stir Fry isn’t getting the drop on Wendy in this match. Last time Wakizawa wrestled a smarter match than Wendy, using armlock and slams to set-up her D-Clutch submission. Call me crazy but it won’t go down like that this time

[The women begin to circle again and again they tie-up. Wendy quickly powers DARIA into a headlock. Wendy starts to cinch in the hold but already DARIA is trying to power out]

Kenny: DARIA Wakizawa now trying to show us that she can match power with Wendy Ryker. Possibly trying to turn this into a standing vise lock Evonne?

Evonne: The kid can’t match power with Wendy and to try it will just lead to a quick loss. Look, BOTH women need to play it carefully

[DARIA slowly powers out of the headlock and turn that into dueling viselock. Wendy jabs out a knee to DARIA’s mid-section and forces her back into the headlock]

Kenny: Looks like Wendy is willing to use any advantage she can get in this match. We’re back to the headlock now, Wendy Ryker in control

[DARIA slowly starts to power out again and actually gets to a standing vertical position with the viselock]

Evonne: DARIA is using this display of power to show isn’t afraid to go the brawling route, but again I doubt she’ll keep up if it comes to that.

[Wendy gives a few inches in the standing position and now finds herself being overpowered]

Kenny: Viselock is now a double-knucklelock. DARIA pushing Wendy down to the mat

[DARIA pushes Wendy down but Wendy shows her own flexibility by neck- bridging. Wendy starts pushing back now]

Kenny: What a terrific display of balance by Wendy Ryker!

Evonne: Hey, the girl is in shape just like anyone else in BRA, we don’t pay the girls big bucks to eat donuts!

Kenny: Wendy is powering her way back up to a standing base as we seem to be in a contest of wills here

[Wendy is vertical again and quickly kicks DARIA the stomach breaking the knucklelock and returning DARIA to the headlock. DARIA responds by backing into the ropes and tossing Wendy to the opposite side]

Kenny: Wendy off the rebound, DARIA with a drop down as Wendy skips over. DARIA is up and takes Wendy over with an ipponzei!

Evonne: Look at that! Wendy rolled through!

[Wendy springs right up. DARIA turns around to find Wendy right in her face. DARIA is startled as Wendy slaps the young girl in the face]

Crowd: OOHHH!

Kenny: Wendy now with the hammer-throw to the ropes. DARIA off the rebound as Wendy ducks her head for the back body drop. DARIA rolls over Wendy’s back and lands on her feet. Wendy turns now to see DARIA in her face now!

[DARIA hauls off with a slap of her own]

Evonne: OH! That has to sting!

Kenny: Wendy replies with a European uppercut dropping DARIA. Wendy now with the pick-up and a bodyslam followed by an elbow drop and a cover. The ref is in position…


[Kick out by DARIA]

Evonne: Nah! Even I know that won’t put the kid away

Kenny: DARIA with a strong kickout as Wendy closes in and tosses her to the near corner. Wendy has DARIA backed in the corner and starts unlading with knee thrusts to the body

[DARIA doubles over in pain and Wendy snapmares her to the mat]

Kenny: Wendy Ryker maintaining some control here now as she sinks in the reverse chinlock

Evonne: This is an effective way to wear the kid down by Wendy. We know Wakizawa has a good deal of stamina so cutting off the kid’s air uses that stamina up

Kenny: DARIA in a sitting position here as Wendy has that reverse chinlock in tight. DARIA now slowly getting to her feet but Wendy shoves her to the ropes chest first. Rebound backwards by DARIA as Wendy unloads a forearm to the small of the back

[DARIA winces in pain as she drops to one knee]

Kenny: Wendy with the reverse hook-up now and going for a lift. A possible backdrop suplex here?

Evonne: I’d bet on that!

[Wendy hoists DARIA up from behind and drops down for a back drop suplex]

Kenny: DARIA lands flat on the mat as Wendy rolls over for the cover…


[Kick out by DARIA]

Evonne: Again it is waaay to soon to be trying to pin the kid!

[Wendy maintains her control rebounding off the near ropes and dropping a leg across DARIA’s throat. Wendy is up right away and backs up before dropping a rolling knee drop and covering DARIA again]

Kenny: Straight out of the Harley Race playbook by Wendy Ryker as she covers DARIA Wakizawa who really needs to get something going here



[Strong kickout by DARIA]

Evonne: What is this 1973? Wendy needs to hit DARIA with something big and then something even bigger to set-up the pin. This stuff just won’t cut it!

[Wendy drags DARIA to her feet and whips her to the far ropes. DARIA rebounds as Wendy stands ready catch her]

Kenny: Wendy setting up for a powerslam… NO! DARIA slides through her legs! Wendy turns around, DARIA leaning forward…


[Wendy recoils from the harsh sonics, it seems DARIA screamed in Wendy’s ear]

Evonne: You gotta be kidding me!

Kenny: DARIA with a rather um… screeching counter on Wendy Ryker…

Evonne: Oh that was just plain bad

Kenny: Wendy dazed by that scream, DARIA stepping back now to rebound off the ropes and she… HITS THE JUMPING NECKBREAKER DROP!

[DARIA slowly moves to pick Wendy up but Wendy grabs DARIA by her tights and hurls DARIA to the outside]

Kenny: Wendy using a bit of leverage there to toss DARIA out to the arena floor

[DARIA falls to the floor ramming her head against the security railing. Wendy shakes her head out in the ring and rolls to the outside]

Kenny: DARIA on the outside now and here comes Wendy. Wendy with a scoop and… NO! She just dropped DARIA throat first on the railing!

Evonne: FINALLY! Now we get to see Wendy do her thing!

Kenny: DARIA choking for some air now as Wendy Ryker goes for a pick- up. Wendy now grabs DARIA by the back of the head. What is she going to do here?

[Wendy takes DARIA’s head and rams into the steel ringpost with a sickening thud]

Evonne: YES! I TOLD YOU! She’s mean and lean and on my screen! This is the Wendy Ryker I know and remember! That old killer instinct is back!

[The camera zooms in on DARIA who is laying on her back, head split open with a touch of red]

Evonne: We got us some blood!

Kenny: Will you please calm down? DARIA Wakizawa is lacerated here and Wendy Ryker now picks this now defenseless girl up and… NO! DON’T DO IT AGAIN!

[Wendy takes DARIA’s head and goes to ram her again but DARIA ducks out and Wendy’s shoulder collides with the ring]

Kenny: DARIA Wakizawa is trickling blood and barely standing as Wendy Ryker now clutches her own arm in pain!

[DARIA dazedly gets to her feet and grabs Wendy by the hair]

Kenny: Scoop by DARIA and a shoulderbreaker!

Evonne: This is not what Wendy Ryker needs! Wakizawa made herself an opening and is now going to exploit it to the best of her ability!

[DARIA grabs Wendy and rolls her back in the ring]

Kenny: DARIA now on the ring apron as Wendy Ryker lies on the mat still clutching that whacked shoulder!

[DARIA climbs through the ropes and immediately goes for the arm, slapping on a Fujiwara armbar]

Kenny: And there’s the Fujiwara-gumi Armbar! Wendy is writing on the mat in pain!

Evonne: Look at Wakizawa! The blood is still pouring out of her head but she’s hanging onto that arm like a dog holds onto a bone!

[Wendy screams and kicks as she is trapped in the Fujiwara, flopping around on the mat until her foot finally hooks the bottom rope strand]

Kenny: Wendy makes it to the ropes and the ref is quick to call for a break

[DARIA breaks the hold and rolls to the center of the ring. The ref seems very concerned and checks on her, examining the exposed bloody cut]

Evonne: If that cut gets worse the ref may stop the match and that means Wendy wins! [smugly] Yeah he should stop the match for Wakizawa’s own safety!

Kenny: Oh come on Evonne! Despite the blood the cut is not that deep!

[Wendy is on her feet now, still clutching her arm as she walks over to DARIA and the ref]

Kenny: Wendy now pushing the ref out of the way!

Evonne: Perfectly fine, this is a no DQ match so the ref can’t really complain. Heck, Wendy’s been playing this one unusually nice for her, given the nature of the match. He should be thankful she’s being so nice about things tonight. Personally I think she’s gone a little soft with age… but she’s still better than that punk kid.

[Wendy drops to one knee and starts to pummel the cut on DARIA’s forehead with a barrage of closed fisted shots]

Kenny: Soft? That’s going soft?

Evonne: [excited] YEAH BABY! Push that advantage Wendy! [She pauses] Well, yes, it’s soft compared to the old Wendy who woulda gone out and retrieved the baseball bat before going medieval on the kid.

Kenny: Wendy Ryker showing us a brutal side now as it looks like she is trying to make that bleeding cut into a full blown wound!

[Wendy finally stops the punching and smiles as she drags DARIA up to a vertical base. Wendy wipes her face, inadvertently smearing blood across it]

Kenny: Wendy with the pick-up now and walking around the ring with DARIA on her right shoulder over to the far corner

[Wendy holds DARIA firmly and executes a running powerslam, slamming DARIA to the mat]

Kenny: Running Powerslam from Wendy and a cover!




[DARIA barely rolls a shoulder up]

Evonne: Don’t sweat it Wendy, just hit that Troubleshooter and end the match already!

Kenny: Wendy looking a little annoyed that the match isn’t over but she’s not going to let that stop her from dishing out the pain!

[Wendy backs-up and scores with a legdrop before dragging DARIA up to her feet]

Kenny: Front facelock by Wendy now, possible DDT coming up…

[Wendy pays homage to Jake Roberts and twirls a finger in the air as it looks like is indeed going for the DDT but suddenly DARIA wraps her arms around Wendy’s midsection and hits a clean…]


[The ref slides into position and counts]



[Kickout by Wendy]

Evonne: [frustrated] AW C’mon! She’s blowing a great advantage! ATTACK THE CUT!

[Wendy rises to her feet but is quickly dropped to the mat again as DARIA ducks low with a footsweep]

Kenny: WOW! I didn’t know DARIA had any martial experience outside of wrestling!

Evonne: NO! NO! NO! She had the advantage! She had Wakizawa set for the kill!

[Wendy, slightly stunned from the legsweep, groggily gets to one knee]

Kenny: DARIA taking a step back and setting herself steady…

[Just as Wendy makes it to a vertical base her head snaps back from wicked stiff Superkick from DARIA]

Kenny: SUPERKICK! And Wendy Ryker staggers back and falls out of the ring!

Evonne: That’s smart! She didn’t fall down in the ring and set herself for a possible pin or submission. Instead Wendy Ryker is safe in the outside where Wakizawa won’t dare to tread!

[Wendy is barely standing on her feet next to the ring]

Kenny: Wendy breathing hard now as DARIA darts for the far ropes in the ring. DARIA on the rebound, Wendy still on the outside…

[Wendy ducks off out of the way of DARIA’s charge but DARIA slides under the ropes and pastes Wendy with a quick uppercut]

Evonne: She’s letting it all fall apart! She had the win in n the palm of her hand!

Kenny: Wendy tried to second-guess DARIA but DARIA was thinking 2 steps ahead of Wendy!

[DARIA grabs Wendy by the arm and throws her to the far railing]

Kenny: Toss to the farside by DARIA, reversal by Wendy. DARIA heading to security rail with Wendy following right behind!

[A few inches from the railing DARIA jumps up and plants her feet on it and then quickly springs off with a reverse elbow, catching the charging Wendy straight in the face]

Kenny: DARIA in control now as Wendy is down on the arena floor!

Evonne: Not 2 minutes ago Wendy Ryker was poised to end this match and in just a matter of moments she let that opportunity slips through her fingers!

[DARIA stands on the outside, blood covering her face as she looks to the crowd]


[DARIA grabs Wendy off the ground and slams her head into the railing. Wendy’s head reels back as DARIA leans forward and yells in Wendy’s ear at the top of lungs]

Kenny: DARIA with sonic cacophony!

Evonne: A what now?

[DARIA grabs Wendy and drags her over to side of the ring]

Kenny: Looks like DARIA is heading back to the ring now with Wendy

Evonne: She has to! Remember the ref said the match has to end inside the ring!

[DARIA takes Wendy by the head and prepares to ram her into the side of the ring. Wendy blocks and goes low, hitting a back elbow shot to the side of DARIA’s head]

Evonne: Something tells me Wendy don’t want to go back in the ring just yet!

[Wendy spins around on the momentarily stunned DARIA, grabbing the young Japanese girl in a front facelock and planting her with a DDT on the arena floor]

Kenny: DDT! DDT! Wendy Ryker with the DDT on the outside!

Evonne: [getting some confidence back] You hear that sound Kenny?

Kenny: [confused] What sound?

Evonne: The sounds of the winds of war changing in favor of Wendy Ryker!

[Wendy gets to her feet and marches over to the stands. She motions to the fans who recoil. Using that opportunity Wendy grabs an open chair]

Evonne: YES! Don’t be shy to embrace the animal in you Wendy! Club the punk with the chair!

[Wendy throws the chair into the ring and then grabs DARIA, who is still recovering from the DDT moments ago]

Kenny: Wendy now throwing DARIA back in the ring where that chair is just lying there… I have a bad feeling about this Evonne!

Evonne: [almost giddy with excitement] She’s gonna use that chair and win the match… no more cutesy Japanese girl on my screen… Salvation…

[Wendy rolls back into the ring where DARIA is still lying, nearly out cold]

Kenny: Wendy slowly walking over to DARIA Wakizawa…

Evonne: Oh I smell the sweet smell of defeated Japanese Schoolgirl Kenny!

[Wendy picks DARIA up and lifts her into a Fireman’s Carry]


Kenny: Wendy has DARIA set for the Troubleshooter… and Wendy is standing right over that steel-folding chair she threw in the ring!

Evonne: [gloating] I’m just gonna sit back and enjoy this because the 3-count is academic!

[Wendy has DARIA in the Fireman’s Carry ready for the Troubleshooter. It seems she’s been taking too much time to set it up though, because somehow DARIA slips out, landing behind Wendy]

Kenny: ESCAPE! DARIA Escaped!

Evonne: NO! [Evonne can be heard slamming her fists on the announcer’s table]

Kenny: Wendy turns around, boot to the gut by a dazed DARIA… ¾ Facelock! This maybe the D-Krush Diamond Cutter!

[DARIA has Wendy hooked up for the D-Krush but Wendy pushes DARIA off]


Evonne: The ref is down! Now Ryker can grab that chair and paste Wakizawa for the win!

Kenny: Given that this is no DQ, she could actually have used the chair while the referee was looking.

Evonne: _Never_ correct me, Kenny!

[DARIA turns around after colliding with the ref only to face Wendy who hoists DARIA back into the Fireman’s Carry and then swings her out into a DDT]


Kenny: It wasn’t on the chair but Wendy hit the Troubleshooter! However… The e Ref is down!

[Wendy has DARIA covered, leg hooked]

Evonne: NO! NO! NO F*BEEEEP* Way!

[Wendy looks around wondering where the official is]

Kenny: Wendy had DARIA down for at least 7 seconds!

Evonne: DAMMIT! As far as I’m concerned this match is already over!

[Spotting the downed referee Wendy snarls, and judging by the way her mouth moves she’s probably rivaling Evonne in the profanity department at the moment. She crawls over to the ref and helps him to his feet]

Kenny: Wendy Ryker has got to be EXTREMELY upset! The match was hers!

Evonne: You got that right Kenny! She’s getting the butt end of the stick here!

[DARIA rolls over and crouches on all fours as Wendy helps the official up]

Kenny: The ref is back in this now and Wendy turns to face DARIA

[DARIA, still on her knees, shoulder butts Wendy in the ribs]

Kenny: Wendy is doubled over! DARIA barely standing!

[DARIA gets a front leg-grapevine and rolls backward, bringing Wendy down with her]

Kenny: Reverse Russian Leg Cradle! Wendy’s shoulders are on the mat!

[DARIA ends up in a slouched sitting position as Wendy’s shoulders are trapped on the mat]



[Wendy kicks out]

Evonne: WHOA! That was the Gannosuke Clutch!

Kenny: DARIA’s cut seems to have stopped bleeding but she is still a mess!

[DARIA pops up to her feet, but so does Wendy who unloads with a Western Lariat]

Kenny: Lariat… NO! Duck down by DARIA! Wendy stumbles forward…

Evonne: Regroup! Regroup Wendy! REGROUP!

[DARIA grapples Wendy from behind, applying a full-nelson as the ref finally kicks the chair out of the ring]

Kenny: Full-nelson and a lift by DARIA… DRAGON SUPLEX!

Evonne: She’s got the bridge!




[Wendy rolls out of the hold]

Kenny: NO! So close!

Evonne: Horseshoes and hand grenades Kenny!

[DARIA stands up leans back, flashing her “Victory” sign]

Kenny: Wendy still on the mat and DARIA now dashing to the ring apron!

Evonne: [chuckling almost evilly] Heheheh! She just sealed her end! Every time Wakizawa has shot for the turnbuckles she’s gotten caught!

[Wendy Ryker slowly stands as DARIA makes her way to the turnbuckles]

Kenny: Wendy is up…

Evonne: and see! She already spotted poor little DARIA!

[Wendy staggers over to the turnbuckles and mounts the second one as DARIA mounts the top turnbuckle]

Kenny: Shot on the chin by Wendy! DARIA responds with a headbutt! Wendy with another shot on the chin, DARIA responds again! Wendy now grappling DARIA…

Evonne: Wendy is climbing up to the top also… she has the hook-up!

[Wendy has the suplex hook-up on DARIA, who is still trying to fight by punching Wendy in the ribs]

Kenny: DARIA won’t go down that easy! She fighting this Superplex attempt

[Finally Wendy whips DARIA off the top rope with a wicked Superplex off the top rope]

Kenny: SUPERPLEX! Now both women are down! They hit the mat _hard_!

Evonne: My prediction… this is the last momentum shift… the first woman to her feet wins this match!

[Both women lay on the mat and the ref starts a KO count]

Kenny: The ref laying down the count for the knockout! One! And there’s the two… She’s going a bit slow I think.

Evonne: Neither woman has so much as moved yet! If this ends in another draw because of a double count, KO or no KO, I’m going to scream. I swear.

Kenny: Looks like the referee feels the same way Evonne, because she’s not exactly counting quickly. Three…

[Both DARIA and Wendy are still on the mat. DARTIA lays there, head nodding from side to side. Wendy lies on the mat, eyes open though neither eye seems focused]

Kenny: Four… The crowd has started counting along. They’re all on their feet here wondering if we’re going to see another draw!

Crowd: FIVE!

[Wendy rolls over onto her stomach.]

Crowd: SIX!

[Crawling on her belly to the ropes Wendy tries to pull herself up, but loses her grip and flops back down on the mat and onto her back. Daria has yet to start moving again, apparently hitting a little bit harder than Wendy when they crashed to the mat.]

Crowd: SEVEN!

Evonne: Come _ON_! GET UP! Don’t let this punk get _another_ undeserved draw! Get up and beat her to a pulp, Ryker! Show me the Wendy Ryker I remember!

Crowd: EIGHT!

Evonne: Wendy sits up!

[DARIA rolls onto her belly]

Kenny: DARIA shows signs of life also!

Crowd: NINE!!!

[Both women slowly get to their feet, causing the crowd to pop big. DARIA’s face is still dripping blood, a result of her sweat mingling with dried blood on her face]

Evonne: Both are up, [lamenting] it’s still a damn deadlock!

Kenny: Wendy laying in with a European Uppercut on DARIA! DARIA stands her ground and fires back with a knife-edge chop!

Evonne: They’re trying to beat each other down!

[The exchange continues, Wendy with the uppercuts, DARIA with the chops, neither woman giving an inch!]

Kenny: This all about respect! The woman who drops first just may lose the match!

[Almost on cue DARIA falls backward as Wendy stands center ring pumping her arm, the fans are rabid]

Kenny: Wendy with a pick-up, tossing DARIA to the ropes. DARIA on the rebound…

[Wendy lifts DARIA up and hotshots her across the top rope strand]

Kenny: HOTSHOT! DARIA is down! Wendy with the cover!

Evonne: [almost hoarse] This has to be it…




[The ref stands, thrusting 2 fingers in the air]

Kenny: Again only a near fall!

Evonne: What the hell does Wendy Ryker have to do to end this match? CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME!

[The camera zooms in, Wendy is gritting her teeth, a look of furious, frustrated anger on her face.]

Kenny: Wendy tosses DARIA into the corner and lifts her up the turnbuckles…

Evonne: Another Superplex WILL END THIS!

[Wendy starts to climb up the ropes but DARIA kicks her in the head several times till Wendy falls off]

Kenny: Both women must be close to empty on the gas tank!

[Wendy staggers to her feet and DARIA comes off the top]

Kenny: Missile Dropkick!

Evonne: NO! She hit Wendy in the shoulder!

Kenny: And that’s the same shoulder she hurt on the ringpost earlier in the match!

[Wendy grabs her arm in pain on the mat as DARIA springs to her feet]

Kenny: Wendy still on the mat in pain and DARIA now sensing the ends might be near!

[DARIA sits Wendy up and isolates the battered arm and then wraps Wendy’s free arm across her throat. DARIA then pulls back on both arms]

Kenny: D-Clutch! DARIA has the D-Clutch on Wendy in the middle of the ring!

Evonne: [angrily] It can’t end this way! It just can’t!

[Wendy gasps for air as DARIA pulls back the arms even tighter. Then for more leverage DARIA back mounts Wendy and rolls both of them on their sides]

Kenny: This is a variation of the crossface chickenwing! DARIA is pulling back on Wendy’s arms, cutting of the air supply!

[Wendy is struggling furiously in the D-Clutch, but the lack of leverage combined with the hurt shoulder leaves her unable to power out, and the ropes are nowhere nearby. The referee asks her if she submits, but only gets a look which would have laid him six feet underground if looks could kill as a response. Slowly, but surely Wendy starts to fade, however, the lack of oxygen to her brain taking its inevitable toll.]

Evonne: Someone hit the ring with a chair or something! And then hit DARIA with it!

Kenny: Wendy is fading, and here’s the referee to check on her again.

[The ref checks on Wendy, then raises her arm once… It falls.]

Kenny: That’s one!

Evonne: Gimme one of those folding chairs! _I’ll_ clobber the little punk! If she wins this I’ll never be able to live with myself!

Kenny: Sit down, Evonne!

[Again the referee raises Wendy’s arm into the air… And it falls!]

Kenny (and the crowd): TWO!

Evonne: This isn’t happening! That’s it! This is a bad dream. A nightmare! That’s the only possible reason why the schoolgirl hasn’t been torn limb from limb!

Kenny: I’m afraid you’re wide awake, Evonne.

[For the final time the referee raises Wendy’s arm, and…] [It falls!!!]

Kenny: THREE! THREE!!! IT’S OVER! After three matches we finally got a decision between these two! The ref is calling for the bell! It’s official!

Evonne: [stunned] I don’t believe it… how did this pipsqueak beat a pro like Wendy Ryker?

[The bell rings.] [The arena erupts in cheers for DARIA. The ref consults with Fiona Miranda. DARIA has broken the D-Clutch and falls backwards, exhausted. Ring attendants are rushing to check on Wendy Ryker]

Kenny: [stunned] I… I think we just witnessed the birth of new star…

Evonne: [terse] Shut up! DARIA Wakizawa got lucky! It’s a fluke! A plain old fluke! I doubt she’ll ever be able to pull something like this off again! It’s just because Wendy’s not as vicious as she was when she was younger. Back then she would have torn DARIA’s throat out and laughed about it! She’s gone soft!

[The ring attendants have revived Wendy Ryker, who is now sitting up looking glassy eyed and exhausted. DARIA is leaning on several ring attendants for support, a towel wrapped over her bleeding cut. Finally Fiona raises the mic to her lips]

Fiona Miranda: Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of this match in a time 24 minutes 37 seconds by submission…

[The crowd already erupts knowing the verdict]


[“Get Over” by dream begins to play. DARIA leans against a ring attendant tears streaming down her face as she cries. Wendy Ryker is also sitting in the ring, clenching and unclenching her fists with a look of pure disbelief on her face.]

Kenny: My lord what a match! I’m… I’m almost numb from the experience!

Evonne: I… I suppose I have to give credit… DARIA Wakizawa pulled it out. I don’t think she can do it day in and day out but I’ll give her my respect for the moment because she earned it!

Kenny: Both women earned respect for each other Evonne! Respect from each other and from the fans!

[DARIA is standing center ring, still leaning on a ring attendant for support. She shrugs the ring attendant and walks over to Wendy Ryker. Wendy is standing, leaning on the ropes. Both women stand face to face]

Kenny: What have we here?

[DARIA, eyes filled with tears, offers out her hand to Wendy who looks at it…]

Evonne: Maybe this isn’t as over as we thought.

Kenny: She wouldn’t…

Evonne: If you’d ever seen the _old_ Wendy you wouldn’t say that.

[A hush falls over the crowd as they watch Daria stand there with her hand outstretched, Wendy still looking at it. She looks at the fans, then back at the hand again, and grabs it…]


[…And then RAISES DARIA’S ARM IN VICTORY, pointing at the younger woman with her other hand as the crowd bursts into a deafening cheer. As the fans go ballistic both women embracing in a tear filled, exhausted hug, before Wendy once again raises DARIA’s arm up in the air, a grin on the veteran’s face now as she gestures for the crowd to make even _more_ noise.]

Kenny: What a great moment of sportsmanship!

Fiona: [sarcastically] Oh yes isn’t it just wonderful…

[In the ring Wendy has now gotten the microphone from Fiona and approaches DARIA again.]

Wendy: Well, that was fun.

[She grins, rubbing her throat a bit where the D-clutch was applied. The crowd is still cheering, but calms down a bit as she speaks.]

Wendy: Ya know, kid… When I first heard I was fighting a nineteen year old girl fresh outta wrestling school in my first match here in BRA, I admit it, I didn’t take it seriously. I mean, here I was, having first laced up my wrestling boots almost a decade ago, and they put me in with a rookie? That’s pretty much what I was thinking. I admit it, I thought you were just another wrestler-wannabe.

[She pauses, looking straight at DARIA.]

Wendy: Well, ya proved me wrong, kiddo. And when Wendy Ryker’s wrong about someone she admits it. You’re as tough and rough as any man or woman I’ve ever stepped in the ring with, and a lot smarter than most of ’em. Tonight you _earned_ your win over Wendy Ryker the _hard_ way! You went for damn near half an hour and never gave up. _That_ takes guts! DARIA, you’re the _real_ deal, and anyone wants t’ dispute that is gonna have t’ take it up with yours truly. As far as I’m concerned, you’re okay, kiddo.

[Wendy offers the microphone to DARIA who, with tears flowing from her eyes bows in respect to Wendy as she accepts the mic.]

DARIA: Wendy-san, the honor to wrestle you was greater than any words can express [DARIA wipes her eyes] You have honored me 3 times by agreeing to wrestle me 3 times. You have shown me what I need to do to survive in BRA. I hope someday I’ll have that honor again. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu!

[DARIA bows to Wendy. Wendy smiles and pats DARIA on the back and directs her to the crowd, almost all of who are cheering.]

DARIA: [speaking into the microphone again] And to all of you, the fans… Thank you. When my mentor Rekka-sensei told me that Victory is best when shared with a crowd, at that time I didn’t understand. Well Rekka-sensei, D- chan understands what you mean now. All of you… DOMO ARIGATO GOZAIMASU!

[DARIA bows to the cheering fans. When she returns to her standing position she raises her hands, flashing twin “Victory” signals with an exhausted smile on her face as Wendy stands by, cheering her on]

Kenny: We have got to go to a commercial break. We will be right back!


[We cut away for a commercial. When we come back “Dead Wrong” hits and the crowd immediately erupts into boos. The curtains part and Marissa Monet strides down the aisle. She looks out at the crowd with cold, lifeless eyes. She studies them for a moment, analyzing whether they are a threat or merely part of the scenery. She seems to see nothing worth her interest because her eyes go back to the ring. She is dressed in tight-fitting, hip-hugging jeans and a white bra top that exposes the taut planes of her midriff. Her hair is pulled back in a simple pony tail. She wears her into two single cornrows that travel back around her forehead into one big afro puff. She steps into the ring in her high-heeled boots, towering over the scene. With her boots and hair, her 6’6 height seems to stretch above seven feet. She gestures sharply for a microphone. As she takes it in her big right hand she lifts it slowly to her bright red mouth. A smile splits them, showing big white teeth. A killer gleam comes into her eye.]

Marissa: Candi Bratton, I don’t forget. Once an enemy always an enemy. I know these people out here are wondering why I attacked you and your pathetic little daughter. I know it seemed irrational. Unnecessary. Well, see, Candi Bratton has had this coming for about a year now. One year ago I signed a contract with a penny ante little wrestling federation. I just finished beating the tar out of a woman and all of a sudden Candi Bratton decided to jump me from behind.

[The crowd cheers. That makes Marissa’s expression go completely cold.]

Marissa: That was the crowd reaction back then, too. (slight smirk) I never forgot that. But that promotion closed after one night. And I never got my chance for revenge. But I never forgot. I never forgot and though I had to wait one year for the pleasure I had blood in my mouth. No one … absolutely no one gets over on the Great Black Shark. Bratton, I know you wanted to make your mark as the best big woman in the sport back then. I might have done the same thing. But, you picked the wrong target. Whatever you try to do to me. I will do worse to you. You embarrassed me in a back alley bingo hall … I eat your child in front of national television audiences. I trust you’ve learned your lesson. Stay out of my way. Because everybody who swims in my water … be they wrestler … be they referee … be they some stupid announcer (her cold gaze falls on Kenny Harbour) … be they the president of the BRA… or be they these fans sitting at ringside.

[The arena goes quiet as the intensity of her words sinks in. Marissa gazes at them all, a naked hunger expressed across her face.]

Marissa: You thought “Blood in the Water” was a catchphrase? Let me catch your scent. Swim across my nose. Disturb me and I will kill each and every one of you as easily as I will tear apart that fat walrus Candi Bratton. Now, I keep hearing that “Delilah Strain” has heard all about my “confrontation” with Candi and whenever she gets back from Japan she’s going to deal with the situation. I suppose she means to deal with me. Candi, you’re absolutely pathetic. I thought you were supposed to be big and bad. You aren’t bad. You aren’t even that big. You’re just fat. Like a big fat juicy seal.

[Marissa smiles a glittering killer’s smile. The scary thing is the smile absolutely does not reach her eyes. They remain dead and flat, lifeless doll’s eyes.]

Marissa: Big fat juicy seals are the natural prey of the Great Black Shark. When I see you … I’m going to bite you. A shark can bite 50lbs of flesh with one snap of its jaws. So, I should be able to finish you in ten bites. There’s going to be nothing but shreds of flesh, shards of bone and gobbets of flesh scattered around the ring. In fact, Bratton, do yourself a favor. Stay out of the water … stay out of this ring … until Strain gets back. It’s just not safe to get in the ring. I’ve got the taste for you now. And I’ve got your scent. I can’t wait to devour you … oooh, Marissa’s gonna…


[Interrupting Marissa’s catchphrase is the sounds of “Sex and Candy” by Marcy’s Playground. The fans erupt to their feet as a lone figure stands at the top of the ramp. She stands tall and proud, in her black t-shirt that says, “I’m The S**t!” She got her black trunks on as well, as her black wrestling boots. She’s here for business. She’s holds up a dented chair and brings the microphone to her lips.]

Candi: Well now! I’ve been waiting for weeks for you to break out that classic catchphrase you used to use in the early 80s!

[Marisa looks a tad confused as she was probably a toddler in the early 80s.]

Candi: You know what I’m talking about… let’s all say it together!

[Candi lowers her voice and breaks out with.]

Candi: Grape Ape! Grape Ape!

[The fans erupt in laughter and Marissa looks pissed. She starts to pace in the ring like an animal.]

Candi: C’mon… we loved ya then… why’d you turn so bitter? Hm? What has got your panties in a bunch?! Remember this?

[She holds out the dented chair.]

Candi: This is the chair you hit me with last week. I saved is special for this night… because you see… I’m going to march down there… I’m going to crack your skull open! You want to talk about a year ago? How about this… you were thinking you were something special… but, you were #23 in your debut year. You weren’t special. You were the average muscle head! All brawn. No Brains. You want to run around like you’re all that… I put you in your place and that was that. It was business. But… you decided to make it persona l by attacking my kid. So fine… I’ll make it personal. But I don’t need this…

[Candi slams down the chair and marches down the aisle… Marissa motions her to bring it on… Candi walks up the ringsteps and steps into the ring… Marissa charges, but powder flies from Candi’s hand and hits Marissa in the face. Marissa stops mid-charge and grabs her face… her eyes stinging from the salt.]

Kenny: We’ve got ourselves an impromptu match here! Candi Bratton just threw some powder into Marissa’s face.

Evonne: That’s because she’s a cheater… and cheaters never win!

Kenny: You come up with that all by yourself…

Evonne: Shut up.

[Candi picks up Marissa’s microphone.]

Candi: Oh… in case you were expecting reinforcements…

[The Angel-tron comes to life with Sierra’s locker room in view. There is some pounding heard, however a board has been nailed across the door, preventing anyone from coming out of that particular dressing room. But Marissa has no idea as she’s still blinded. Candi slides out of the ring…]

Kenny: Candi Bratton has got to be the most intelligent person to ever step foot in the wrestling ring.

[Candi pulls out a glove and then some barbed wire. She carefully wraps some of the wire around the heavy duty glove. She slides back into the ring, accidently catching her shirt on the barbed wire… she pulls it free, but rip ping her shirt a bit in the process. She walks over and grabs a handful of Marissa’s hair and drills her in the forehead with the glove. Immediately, blood begins to pour from the forehead of Monet.]

Evonne: This is uncalled for!

[In the ring, Candi is talking to Monet as she drills her again with the glove. “You wanna put your hands on my kid? Go right ahead.” She nails her again. On the Angel-tron, security is trying to get the board off of Sierra’s door… they finally pry it off and Sierra and Indigo burst through it and take off. Candi is able to drill her a couple more times before Sierra and Indigo come into view, sprinting down the aisle. Candi drops and rolls from the ring as the Brownes check on the condition of their friend. Candi holds the glove high and walks backwards from the ringside area. Monet looks up in a rage as she watches Candi. She lets out a curdling scream.]

Kenny: I have never seen someone handle Marissa Monet in that way before. Let me tell you something. Monet may have bitten off more than she can chew here… a barbed wire match set for Red Blood Cell… Monet vs. Bratton… it’s going to be a big one!

Evonne: I can’t wait for Marissa to put that fat cow in her place.

Kenny: We are scheduled to see the return of the Plush Sisters next, as Chrissy Daniel is supposed to meet Helene Wikers, however I am being t old we are running short on time and we will have that match for you on next week’s Girl Talk. Up next, the Eastern Continental Championship will be on the line. We’ll be back!


[The arena darkens, as a spotlight centers on the ring and Fiona Miranda.]

Fiona: This match is your main event. It is scheduled for one fall and it is for the Battling Ring Angels’ Eastern Continental Championship. Introducing the challenger…

[Elton John’s “Made in England” begins to play over the PA system.]

Fiona: Weighing in at 120 pounds… this is “Sensational”… Shea… LONDON!

[Shea starts jogging down the aisle, slapping hands with fans, her speed increasing as she approaches the ring. Reaching ringside, she slides under the bottom rope, rolling up, and then springing onto her feet and sprinting towards the farthest corner from her. Taking hold of the top rope, she springs into the air, landing in a crouched position atop the turnbuckle. She stands, balancing herself on the top rope, arms raised high above her head, flashing the crowd her trademark grin asserts its supremacy. Taking a deep breath, she launches into a backflip, landing on her feet near the center of the ring, sticking the landing perfectly. Humongous pop.]

Fiona: And introducing her opponent…

[Back To Life by “Soul to Soul” starts to play over the loudspeakers and the crowd starts to cheer.]

Fiona: She is the current reigning Eastern Continental Champion! She weighs in at 131 pounds… this is Veronicaaaaaa… Miiiiiillllllionssss!

[Pyros start to go off around the entrance ramp and out will step Veronica Millions wearing a satin bikini and a pair of black low cut boots with a jacket and a pair of sunglasses, and around her waist is the Eastern Continental Championship belt. She stands at the top of the ramp for a few seconds and then heads towards the ring. She steps into the ring and walks to the center of the ring. She stands there for a few seconds then strikes a sexy pose as pyros go off all around the ringside area. After that she will walk to the ring corner and remove her jacket and then throw her sunglasses into the crowd. She hands the title to referee Lara Bratton and as Bratton holds the title high, Millions walks to the center of the ring and offers her hand.]

Evonne: She’s gunna suckerpunch London… just you watch…

[Shea looks at the hand for a moment, then walks up and takes the hand. A firm shake, then Bratton calls for the bell.]

Kenny: Shows what you know… Not everyone has to take the cheap shot to me successful in BRA.

Evonne: I guess those who don’t cheat have luck, eh?

Kenny: We have a lock up here… Millions with the headlock. London shoots her into the ropes… shoulderblock by Millions and London goes down… Millions runs across the ring, London ducks down… rebound by Millions… armdrag by London… Millions is up… but another armdrag by London… and a third as well and Millions rolls out of the ring to regroup…

Evonne: London with a decent start, but Millions has shown her smarts by getting out of Dodge here… breaking all the momentum that London has built up.

[London motions for Millions to come back in the ring… Millions up on the apron and she slowly steps into the ring. As she does, London runs over and dropkicks her in the head and Millions falls into the ring. London pulls her to her feet and whips her across… nailing her with a somersault clothesline.]

Evonne: A little aggression by London, I’m liking it.

[London pulls Millions to her feet and hooks her in and lifts her up… falling backwards into a vertical suplex. London covers…]


Kenny: Quick kickout by Millions… London pulls up Millions who fires back with a series of uppercuts… London staggers back into the ropes… Millions with a whip… she catches London with a powerslam!


Kenny: This time it’s London who kicks out quickly. Millions pulls her up… whip… NO! Reversal by London… wait… another reversal and OH!

[London is inadvertently sent head to head with Lara Bratton and they both go down.]

Evonne: Bratton getting in the way again… stupid girl…

[London is slow to get to her feet… Millions off the ropes… RUNNING FACESLAM!]

Kenny: Millions is motioning to the crowd here…

[Millions picks up London and drapes her across her shoulder…]

Kenny: TOMBSTONE! It’s over!

[Millions covers London, but Bratton is still out of it… the fans get to their feet as Ina Hymich runs down the aisle and slides into the ring… and starts a count…]




Kenny: Kickout by London! This match could have been over right here…

Evonne: I’ll tell you what… luck is truly on London’s side tonight.

Kenny: Millions is a bit frustrated here… she nails her finisher and there’s no ref… Head Referee Hymich is now in the ring… other officials are helping Lara Bratton from ringside…

[Millions charges into the ropes as a slowly rising London makes her way up…]

Kenny: HOLY…!!

[London, who is leaning against the ropes, backdrops Millions who sails up and over the ropes.. she comes down on her back, however, her leg crashes against the guardrailing and an audible ‘pop’ is heard..]

Evonne: Was that her leg??

Kenny: I have no idea… but Hymich may need to stop this match…

[Millions grabs her leg and screams out in pain… immediately Ina Hymich leaves the ring to check on Millions… London slides from the ring as well…]

Kenny: Both London and Hymich going out to check on the condition of Millions…

Evonne: I don’t think a leg is supposed to bend in that direction, Ken…

[Hymich turns to the bellkeeper but London stops her… and pleads with her… she hurries over to Millions and pulls her to her foot and rolls her into the ring… Hymich looks shocked, then follows them in… Millions rolls on the ground, clutching her leg as London climbs up the turnbuckle…]

Kenny: What in the world?!?

Evonne: Hey… she’s not letting this opportunity pass her up…

[The reaction from the crowd is mixed as the decision by Shea London, who soars off the turnbuckle, nailing the Sensational Leg Drop… she covers and Ina Hymich, who a moment ago was going to stop this match, pauses before dropping down…]




Kenny: Oh my DOG!

[London looks up at Hymich whose hand is an eighth of an inch from the mat… Millions arms is straight up in the air, her shoulder off the mat…]

Evonne: You’ve got to be kidding me! That girl has to be in a ton of pain… I think her leg is broken…

[London gets to her feet as if fighting with herself.. she looks down at the tear stained face of Veronica Millions who is grabbing her leg.. suddenly, as if making a decision, London reaches down and grabs the injured leg of Millions and applies a spinning toe hold..]

Evonne: Yes! I love this! London has that desire! She wants this bad!

Kenny: It’s not illegal… but it surely isn’t very sportsmanlike on the part of Shea London…

[Millions screams out in pain as London wraps the leg around her own… then suddenly, Millions just collapses on the mat… Hymich checks on the condition of Millions and immediately calls for the bell…]

Kenny: I think Hymich is stopping this match…

Evonne: What are you talking about?!? London has this girl beat!

[As soon as the bell rings, London releases the hold and drops down the check on Millions out of concern.]

Fiona: The referee’s decision in this match is as follows…

[The crowd becomes quiet… London is motioning for paramedics to come to ringside…]

Fiona: The referee has stopped this bout due to the fact that Veronica Millions has lost consciousness. The winner of this match… and NEW…

[Mixed reactions from the crowd at that revelation…]

Fiona: .. Eastern Continental Champion… “Sensationallllll”… Sheaaaaaa… Londonnnnnn!

[Medical team hits the ring and begins to assist Veronica Millions, as Shea is handed the EC belt. She doesn’t hold it up in the air… she just takes it and watches as the paramedics assist Millions…]

Evonne: Regardless of what these fans think, Shea London did the right thing. She’s in this to be the best and she had opportunity to take the championship and she took it. Anyone out there would have done the same thing.

Kenny: We are just about out of time for this edition of PowerTrip… join us next week for Girl Talk, then in two weeks for the Battling Ring Angels’ special, “Red Blood Cell” coming to you live! Don’t you dare miss it!

© Battling Ring Angels 2002

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