Prince Frederick gets his OWA Championship match against Anthony Hazard; Caged Fury the match; Rachel Ryan defends the OWA TV Championship against Amazon Woman

Announcer: Welcome to CAGED FURY!!! Let’s go down to ringside with Ed and Stevie for this great event! [Ed: Thanks so much for joining us here.. I’m Ed Bagel and here is my sidekick and current WHWF wrestler, Stevie Cheesecake..

Stevie: Sidekick? I think not.. I’m the reason we have so many viewers, Ed.. so watch it or you’ll be out of a job.

Ed: ALL.. righty.. our first match is the tag team elimination match, so let’s kick this off and get to ringside.

Larry Brown, The Fireman, Danny Maxx, Scott Colbalt and Masked Mayhem vs. WildShadow, Davey Scott, Captain Midnight, Jimmy Morrison. and The Shocker

Announcer: This match is an elimination tag team match: Teams are picked at random and when a wrestler is pinned he leaves the ring area and his teammates fight on. When a team has eliminated all of their opponents they are the winners. Now… introducing team number one. Larry Brown, The Fireman, Danny Maxx, Scott Colbalt and Masked Mayhem! And, introducing team number two…. WildShadow, Davey Scott, Captain Midnight, Jimmy Morrison. and The Shocker!

Ed: Here we go.. this elimination tag team match kicks off this special PPV night for the OWA… looks like Larry Brown will start out for one team… and WildShadow will start out for the other… they lock up…..

Stevie: Davey Scott just entered the ring and nailed Larry Brown in the back, WildShadow is all over Brown now… WildShadow with a clothesline, then goes for a kick to the head.. no.. Brown ducks.. Brown with a headlock… Brown is running WildShadow’s face across the top rope… Brown with an inverted atomic drop…

Ed: Brown with a whip and a duck down, no… WildShadow counters with a kneelift. WildShadow off the ropes… Brown with a powerslam! Brown with a cover.. and he’s pulling the tights.. one.. two… the referee sees it and gives Brown a warning.

Stevie: Brown is beefing with the ref, and WildShadow tags in Davey Scott. Scott with a full nelson on Brown, but the Fireman comes in and nails Scott, breaking the hold. Brown with a LOW BLOW! Ouch! Scott falls through the ropes and to the floor. Brown is following him out there, and smashes Scott’s head into the ring apron and Brown is back in the ring. Scott slowly climbs back in the ring where he is met by Brown who powerslams him.

Ed: Brown into the ropes, he should be tagging in.. he’s been in since the beginning.. and there it is, Scott with a clothesline.. Scott with an atomic drop, and a cover… one.. two.. kickout by Brown. Brown makes the tag to The Fireman. Scott tags out to Jimmy Morrison.

Stevie: Lock up and a whips, as Morrison sends the Fireman into the rope. Morrison with a shoulderblock that sends the Fireman to the mat. Morrison with a spinning leg lariat and he tags out to Davey Scott. I wonder why he didn’t tag out to a fresh man.

Ed: Good question, back in the ring, the Fireman just bodyslammed Scott and has nailed him with a DDT. Fireman with a pin, one.. two.. kickout by Scott. Scott tags out quickly to Captain Midnight who is making is debut here tonight in the OWA, and was a way to start out on this PPV.

Stevie: The Fireman has tagged out to Scott Cobalt, but is distracting Captain Midnight.. Cobalt from behind with a quick rollup, one.. two… kickout by Midnight… cradle by the Captain, reversal by Cobalt… one.. two… three! Captain Midnight has been eliminated from this match.

Announcer: Captain Midnight has been eliminated at 12: 45

Ed: WildShadow has entered the ring and Cobalt quickly attacks, and hits WildShadow with a stomachbreaker, then a body slam. Cobalt with a flying somersault splash, but WildShadow is out of there, as Cobalt crashed into the mat. WildShadow tags out to Jimmy Morrison.

Stevie: It’s Morrison with a bearhug on Cobalt. Cobalt escapes with my favorite move, the eyepoke. Haha! Morrison tags out the WildShadow… quick tags by the team that’s down by a person. WildShadow and Morrison doubleteam Cobalt with a double bulldog before Morrison leaves the ring. WildShadow quickly tags out to the Shocker.

Ed: The Shocker whips Cobalt into the ropes, and Shocker charges in, but Cobalt lifts a knee and nails the Shocker and tags out to Danny Maxx. Here we go, Shocker and Maxx are stable mates.. will they lock up?

Stevie: Nope.. it looks like they are both tagging out. Shocker tags out to WildShadow while Danny Maxx tags out to Masked Mayhem. Masked Mayhem whips WildShadow into the ropes. WildShadow goes for a flying forearm, but Masked Mayhem counters it with spinebuster. WildShadow tags out to Davey Scott.

Ed: Davey Scott executes a DDT. Masked Mayhem with a faceslam followed by a jumping neck snap. Masked Mayhem tags out to Danny Maxx. Danny Maxx and Masked Mayhem hit Davey Scott with a double bodyslam. Masked Mayhem leaves the ring. Danny Maxx takes him down with an elbowdrop from the second turnbuckle. One, two, three.

Announcer: Davey Scott has been eliminated. Time of match: 27: 37

Stevie: We’ve got a 5 on 3 situation here… Morrison is back in the ring and nails Maxx while his back is turned. Morrison with a piledriver, and a chokehold.. the ref is counting… one.. two.. three.. four.. five… Morrison just got a warning.. Morrison whips Maxx into the ropes, but Maxx reverses it.. but Morrison gets in an elbowsmash! Morrison with a cover.. one.. two.. kickout…

Ed: Jimmy Morrison goes for a jumping DDT, but Danny Maxx counters it with a backdrop. In turn, Jimmy Morrison counters it with a sunset flip. One, two, Masked Mayhem makes the save. Scott Cobalt enters the ring and it’s two on one.. They whip Morrison into the ropes, they try a double clothesline, but Morrison ducks it and nails them with a double clothesline. WildShadow comes in and nails Cobalt, and Morrison executes the Figure Four Sleeper on Maxx. Danny Maxx submits immediately.

Announcer: Danny Maxx has been eliminated. Time of match: 0: 29: 27

Stevie: The Fireman comes in and they lock up. Morrison needs to get out of the ring. The Fireman executes a tombstone piledriver. This is bad for Morrison. Fireman with a side suplex. Cobalt again interferes, but the Shocker comes in an tosses Cobalt out of the ring. The Shocker leaves the ring. Jimmy Morrison goes for a chokehold, but The Fireman blocks it. The Fireman goes for a tiger suplex, but Jimmy Morrison counters it with a backward kick. Jimmy Morrison runs into the ropes. Jimmy Morrison misses with a clothesline. The Fireman executes a side suplex and an elbowdrop. The Fireman tags out to Larry Brown.

Ed: The Fireman nails Jimmy Morrison with a dropkick. Larry Brown goes for a back suplex, but Jimmy Morrison blocks it. The Fireman leaves the ring. Jimmy Morrison executes a side suplex. Jimmy Morrison goes for a bulldog headlock, but Larry Brown counters it with a throw-off. Larry Brown executes the Slapshot and goes for the pin. One, two, WildShadow makes the save. Larry Brown runs into the ropes. Jimmy Morrison misses with an elbow. Jimmy Morrison goes for a bulldog headlock, but Larry Brown blocks it. Larry Brown executes a bodyslam. Larry Brown whips Jimmy Morrison into the turnbuckle. Larry Brown charges into the corner. Larry Brown whips Jimmy Morrison into the ropes, but Jimmy Morrison reverses it. Larry Brown hits Jimmy Morrison with a backdrop. Larry Brown takes him down with a DDT. Larry Brown is going for the pin. One, two, three.

Announcer: Jimmy Morrison has been eliminated. Time of match: 35: 41

Stevie: We’ve got 4 on 2 here, as the Shocker enters the ring. Larry Brown whips The Shocker into the ropes. The Shocker hits Larry Brown with a shoulderblock. The Shocker nails him with a choke against the ropes. One, two, three, four… One, two, three, four… One, two, three, four… One, two, three, four… One, two, three. The Shocker tags out to WildShadow.

Ed: WildShadow runs into the ropes. Larry Brown misses with a clothesline. WildShadow misses with an elbow. Larry Brown hits WildShadow with a kick. Larry Brown goes for a roundhouse right, but WildShadow blocks it. WildShadow nails him with a kneelift. Larry Brown goes for a power bomb, but WildShadow blocks it. WildShadow nails him with a low blow. WildShadow executes a jumping elbow thrust. Larry Brown whips WildShadow into the ropes, but WildShadow reverses it. WildShadow hits Larry Brown with a kick. WildShadow takes him down with a legdrop.

Stevie: Larry Brown takes the hockey stick and uses it on him, while Masked Mayhem distracts the ref… He goes for the pin. One, two, Shocker makes the save… Larry Brown nails him with a single-leg takedown. Larry Brown tags out to Scott Cobalt. WildShadow runs into the ropes. Scott Cobalt hits WildShadow with a kick. Scott Cobalt takes him down with a side suplex. Scott Cobalt nails him with a belly-to-back suplex. Scott Cobalt catches him in a belly-to-belly suplex. Paul Neighbors counts: One, two, three. WildShadow complains about a fast count.

Announcer: WildShadow has been eliminated. Time of match: 38: 44

Ed: We’ve got a four on one situation here.. can Shocker defeat all four of these guys to win this match??

Stevie: I really doubt that.. Shocker is hesitant to get into the ring.

Ed: Cobalt is egging him on.. he turns around to his teammates and Shocker nails him in the back. The Shocker executes the Sleeperhold. Scott Cobalt is fading… One… two… three!

Announcer: Scott Cobalt has been eliminated. Time of match: 40: 03

Ed: Hold up.. from behind, it’s Masked Mayhem with a POWERBOMB on Shocker.. and a cover.. One.. Two… THREE!

Stevie: This match is over.

Announcer: The Shocker has been eliminated. Time of match: 41: 17.. the survivors are Larry Brown, The Fireman and Masked Mayhem.

Ed: We have a flash for you, from Femme Fatale… let’s go to that footage right now.

Femme Fatale

(The scene: the Richter City International Racetrack. Five stock cars are speeding around the asphalt, shifting left and right as they jockey for position. They head into the home stretch, and scream across the finish line. The cars make a final lap, then pull into the pit; crews move to attend to the vehicles as the drivers slide out. They pull off their helmets, revealing the Femmes, with their bodyguard Gustaffson. The girls wear skintight racing jumpsuits, which cling to their perfect bodies like a second skin.)

Traci: Whoooo!!! (They all trade high-fives, charged from the driving.) Great race, everyone! Way to pull out the win, Mariko!

Mariko: Aregato, Traci-san.

Rachel: No kidding, ‘riko! How’d you learn to handle a car like that?

(Mariko smiles mysteriously.)

Monica: (Pats Gustaffson on the chest.) You almost kissed my bumper passing me, sport! What’s up with that?

Gustaffson: To vin de race, you must drive vith POWER!!! Dere is no place vor fear!

Traci: (They turn to the camera.) Hello, everybody. Traci and the Femmes here again, just to give you a little idea of what we’re up to. As you can see, when we’re not in the ring, we try to engage in a variety of interesting pursuits, and nothing’s quite as stimulating as a trip to the track. Only by racing these magnificent machines can you fully appreciate their speed and power–and the same might be said for the Femmes. Only by stepping into the ring do you get a true sense of our abilities, as Raekwon found out–

Rachel: For the umpteenth time.

Traci: (Giggles.) Yes, I suppose you’re right. I hope he’ll be wise enough to keep his distance from us next time. And Rachel, you certainly put Monty in his place.

Rachel: Yeah. One-on-one, Monty found out he can’t compete. Hell, he even tried to get that schmuck Demon Knight in on things, and you saw what happened there. Gus, get your butt over here. (She drags him over, and puts her arms around him.) I owe you, big guy. You kept that idiot Demon Knight in his place while I took out the garbage.

Gustaffson: Demon Knight! You make two big mistakes other night! You try to hurt a Femme, and you try to take on the Giant Gustaffson! You vill be punished for BOTH errors!

Rachel: (Pats him on the chest.) That’s tellin’ ‘im.

Traci: Anything to say to Amazon Woman?

Rachel: Just that I’m expecting one helluva good match with maybe the best wrestler in the fed, and I’m lookin’ forward to it.

Traci: Oh, and incidentally, the Femmes love competition in–and out–of the ring. Hazard, JetStream, Amazon Woman, if any of you would like to join us at the track, on on the links, or even on the clay, you’ll find a group of willing challengers. There is SO much more to life than just wrestling, don’t you agree?

(She turns back to the Femmes.)

Traci: Come on, everybody! Start your engines!

(They slide back into the cars, gun the engines, and roar out of the pit once again….)

Stevie: I wonder what other activities they do… hmm…

Ed: Let’s go down to ringside for our TV Title match.

OWA TV Championship: Rachel Ryan vs. Amazon Woman

Announcer: This match is one fall and is for the OWA TV Championship. First, coming to ringside, she is the former OWA Champion… let’s welcome.. Amazon Woman! And her opponent, now making her way to ringside, accompanied by the Giant Gustaffson… she is your OWA TV Champion.. she is Rachel Ryan!!!

Ed: They lock up. Amazon Woman quickly on the offensive with a bodyslam, followed with a vertical suplex. Amazon Woman tries for a diving elbowsmash, but Ryan ducks out of the way. Ryan with a bulldog, but Amazon throws her off. Ryan with a whip, and a clothesline on Amazon Woman.

Stevie: Ryan hits Amazon Woman with an elbow. Rachel Ryan whips Amazon Woman into the turnbuckle. Rachel Ryan goes for a European uppercut, but Amazon Woman counters it with a backslide. One, kickout. Amazon Woman whips Rachel Ryan into the turnbuckle. Amazon Woman with a belly-to-back suplex. Amazon Woman goes for her Running Powerslam, but Rachel Ryan counters it with a facerake. Ryan with a backbreaker, and a leg drop. Ryan takes her down with a spinebuster slam. One, two, shoulder up.

Ed: Rachel Ryan goes for a powerslam, but Amazon Woman counters it with a lariat. Amazon whips Ryan into the corner and followers her in with the corner splash. Amazon with a pin.. One.. two… kickout by the champion.

Stevie: Amazon Woman goes for an abdominal stretch, but Rachel Ryan counters it with a hiptoss. Rachel Ryan nails her with a flying clothesline. Ryan with a back suplex followed by a jack-knife power bomb. One, two, kickout. Ryan goes for a short clothesline, but Amazon Woman ducks. Amazon Woman nails Ryan with a flying forearm. One, two, thr… kickout. Amazon Woman executes a splash. One, two, three. We have a new TV Champion!

Announcer: The winner and NEW OWA TV Champion is Amazon Woman. Time of match: 7: 57

Ed: Incredible.. Amazon Woman is making her way back to the top of the OWA. While they are setting up the ring for Caged Fury, let’s here a few flashes from some of our OWA wrestlers.

Stevie: Oh.. you mean we need to kill some time?

Ed: Right..

The Fireman

Fireman: Traci Lane, you think you are so good! You beat my tag team partner and Family member Raekwon! I want you! But, I want one other thing…. one ANTHONY HAZARD! I want to kill Anthony Hazard, and I will if he gives me the chance! The Family Rules the OWA!

Davey Scott

Davey Scott: So Danny Maxx.. guess you and Shocker have reached your failure.. so.. I guess this means your free. Too bad… that I wasn’t in the position to help you out.. that is throw you out of the ring at that battle royal. You know what I think of your overall performance… I think you should lose the two dumbbells, and try making it on your own, because with those two.. you will be dragged down.. so if you are man enough to face me.. then come to papa..

Ed: The cage is up.. it’s two rings wide, and has a ceiling.. once you are in, you stay in, at least until the 20th wrestler comes into the ring. After that, it’s pinfall or submission only. Let’s get down to ringside and see who drew numbers one and two.

Caged Fury

Announcer: Ladies and Gentleman.. it’s time for Caged Fury. Two wrestlers will start the match and every two minutes another wrestler will be added to the cage. All wrestler must remain in the cage until the 20th wrestler has entered the ring. Then and only then can the elimination process begin. Pinfall and submission is the only way out of the cage. Let’s find out who drew the first two numbers…. Making his way to ringside, drawing number one… Sabin Figaro! And drawing number two…. Here is Shogun!

Stevie: They are looking at the cage, they haven’t entered it yet… they seem in awe..

Ed: They finally enter the ring and the bell begins. They lock up.

Figaro and Shogun wrestle for a bit… two minutes in fact with nothing real significant happening…

There’s the buzzer.. who’s coming down.. it’s… Monica Brant.

Monica Brant nails Figaro and runs him into the cage… she then goes to work on Shogun. She does her best to keep the two down

Stevie: We should have another coming down.. yep.. there’s the buzzer.. who is it…. Pretty Boy Monty!

Monty goes right after Brant… the feud between the Family and the Femmes have been brewing for a while now.. Figaro and Shogun begin to look a little weary, but they lock up again

Ed: There’s the timer and here comes, Executioner…

Executioner immediately goes to help out Monty as they double team Brant. Figaro and Shogun are fighting it out in a separate ring.

Stevie: Brant is going to need some help here… here comes someone.. who is it? Mr. Excitement!

Excitement attacks Monty as Executioner works on Brant and Figaro and Shogun battle this out.

Ed: Another buzzer.. here comes… Sentry.

Sentry attacks Shogun and Figaro.

Stevie: This match is going to be a very grueling match… another timer sound… and it’s.. Demon Knight..

Demon Knight attacks Brant, and helps Executioner… Excitement joins the fray, but is held back by Monty… Sentry works on Figaro while Shogun rests..

Ed: Another bell.. it’s Mariko…

Mariko quickly comes to the aid of Brant, fighting off Demon Knight… Mariko whips Knight into the cage and busts his head open… Knight slumps to the mat as Mariko goes to work on Monty

Stevie: We could have a serious injury in this match.. Knight is out of it.. and he’s got a long way to go before he can even be eliminated from this match. Another timer.. Death Machine….

Death Machine goes crazy and starts nailing everyone.. he is slowed down by a Brant powerslam.. Still not much action from Demon Knight.. Shogun takes notice and begins to work on the bleeding wrestler.

Ed: Another timer.. it’s PowerSurge!

PowerSurge comes at Death Machine and begins to work him over

Stevie: Who’s next?? Traci Lane!

Lane, Brant and Mariko triple team on the Monty and Executioner… Demon Knight is being worked over by Death Machine and PowerSurge and Sentry are duking it out. Mr. Excitement and Sabin are going toe to toe.

Ed: We’ve got another… Colt!

Colt goes after Lane, leaving Brant and Mariko against Monty and Executioner

Stevie: Here comes… Major Threat!

Threat comes in after Mariko, as Monty and Colt pound on Traci Lane. Brant is working over Executioner… Death Machine and Figaro are fighting it out and Shogun and Sentry are double teaming PowerSurge.

Ed: Mike Mustang is making his way to ringside.. he’s in next.

Mike Mustang goes after Brant… then nails Executioner.

Stevie: They keep coming.. and here comes JetStream!

JetStream goes after Mr. Excitement… Mustang is battling Brant… Executioner and Monty are fighting Mariko and Lane… Demon Knight is up and bleeding profusely, but fighting off Mike Mustang…

Ed: I think we have three more… here comes.. ooo.. the Giant Gustaffson!

Gustaffson comes in and you see a smile cross the lips of the Femme members as the Giant takes out Monty, then Executioner… PowerSurge stops the Giant’s reign with a clothesline from behind.

Stevie: Johnny Stallion comes to ringside as the bell sounds…

Stallion and Mustang work over Colt.. Gustaffson, JetStream and PowerSurge are having a three way battle, while Mariko, Brant, and Lane, tangle with members of the Family, Monty, Executioner and Knight.

Stevie: Here comes the final wrestler.. this guy has got some luck.. he always gets the best picks when it comes to random drawings.. there’s the bell and here comes Raekwon… the referee has entered in behind and the match moves into the elimination stage.. and right off the bat Figaro with a cover on Shogun… One.. two three… Just like that Shogun has been eliminated.

Again.. pinfall highlights only as this would take forever!!

Ed: Gustaffson just laid out Executioner, but Sabin has the cover.. one.. two.. three! Executioner is gone.

Stevie: Sabin just nailed Mr. Excitement with his Fist Flurry and goes for the cover… one.. two… three!! Mr. Excitement is outta here

Ed: Sentry comes up behind Figaro and rolls him up.. one.. two.. three.. there goes Sabin Figaro… nice showing from him as he was in there first.

Stevie: Mariko has no trouble with Demon Knight as she makes the cover… one.. two.. three… Demon Knight could be seriously injured.. he cannot even make it out of the ring…

Ed: Brant with a clothesline on Mustang right into Mariko’s spin kick… Mariko with a cover.. one.. two.. three!! Mustang is gone.

Stevie: Pretty Boy Monty with a belly to back suplex… on Traci Lane! One.. two.. three! The Femmes couldn’t get to her in time… but right away Johnny Stallion nails Monty and goes for a pinfall.. one.. two.. three!!! Monty is outta there too…

Ed: Colt with a piledriver on Stallion… one.. two.. three! Stallion is gone.

Stevie: PowerSurge with a tombstone on JetStream and a cover! One… two.. three!! JetStream is heading for the showers.

Ed: Death Machine with a chokeslam on Colt! One… two… three! Colt is outta here.

Stevie: The Giant Gustaffson with a powerslam on Death Machine… one.. two.. three! Death Machine has been eliminated.

Ed: Sentry with a spinning powerbomb on Raekwon! One.. Two.. three! Raekwon wasn’t THAT lucky…

Stevie: Prince Frederick is at ringside.. what the.. he just threw a powder into the eyes of Gustaffson… meanwhile, Mariko misses a cross body block and dives into the cage! Sentry with a cover.. one.. two.. three… Mariko is eliminated…

Ed: Only two left in the ring… Sentry attacks the temporarily blinded Gustaffson… Sentry with a cross body block but the Giant catches him… Gustaffson gorilla presses him into the top of the cage and drops him down.. splash by the giant.. One.. two.. three!!!!

Announcer: Winner of Caged Fury is Gustaffson. Time of match: 56: 36

Stevie: That was incredible…

Ed: I’ve never seen anything like it. They are dismantling half of the cage for our OWA Championship bout.. let’s go to Myers Watterson for an OWA Press Your Luck update!

Press Your Luck Report

Myers: Thanks guys..

Press Your Luck is a tournament based not only on skill but a great amount of luck as well…

16 names are placed into a hat, and two names are drawn…

The first two picked are places into a second hat, and are not revealed. Those names are given an automatic bye to the second round.

Two more names are drawn from the first hat, those two will wrestle a regular match, no time limit for any of these matches, there must be a decisive winner.

The loser of the match goes back to the locker room, while the winner will stay in the ring as the ref tosses a coin.

Heads, the winner advances to the second round, and his/her name going into the second hat, and two more names are drawn. And the process starts over. There must be a winner and after the match a coin is tossed.

However, if it’s Tails, another name is drawn and the winner MUST wrestle another match in the first round against the name drawn. Again with a decisive winner and a coin toss at the end. One man could literally have to wrestle 13 other guys in the first round before advancing.

If at the end of the first round there is only one name left in the hat with no one to wrestle, that name is tossed out of the tournament.

The second round works the exact same way. They wrestle until there is only one name left in the hat and that person is the winner of the tournament.

There will also be a TV Title defense and an OWA title defense, and if things go well the finals of the OWA TAG TEAM Championships will be decided on this night.

You can only get this kind of action in the OWA so stay tuned here for more action!

Press Your Luck will be held on May 31st, 1996!

Ed: Thanks Myers.. the cage is set.. this is your more typical steel cage setting.. winner is the one who gets the pinfall or makes his way out of the cage and sets his feel on the ground. Let’s go the announcer.

OWA Championship: Anthony Hazard vs. Prince Frederick

Announcer: This match is one fall and is for the OWA Championship! Introducing the challenger… he is now known worldwide as… Prince Frederick! His opponent is being led by his NEW MANAGER Sir Goodwin “The Czar of Wrestling”… the current reigning OWA Champion… he is… Anthony Hazard!

Ed: Here we go.. this is for all the glory…

Stevie: They lock up. Prince Frederick takes him down with a bodyslam. Prince Frederick takes him down with a swinging neckbreaker. Anthony Hazard comes back with a flying clothesline, followed by a flying fistdrop.

Ed: Anthony Hazard goes for a headlock takedown, but Prince Frederick counters it with a back suplex. Hazard somehow gets a cross body block out of it and there’s a cover.. one.. two.. kickout by the Prince.

Stevie: Hazard with a powerslam. One.. two.. shoulder up… Hazard has the Prince rocking early on… here’s a legdrop by the champion.. and he’s trying to climb out of the cage.. but Frederick pulls him back in.

Ed: Fever…er.. Prince Frederick runs into the ropes, but misses with a shoulderblock. Hazard nails Frederick with a clothesline, knocking the Prince into the cage. Hazard with a spin kick. Hazard whips Frederick into the ropes and lifts him with a back body drop.

Stevie: It’s Hazard with another leg drop, I’ve not seen Frederick manhandled this badly in a long time. Hazard with a powerslam.. one.. two… kickout by the Prince. Hazard is heading for the door.. but Frederick grabs on to his legs…

Ed: Hazard whips Frederick into the ropes, but Frederick NAILS Hazard with his superkick.. We have a cover.. one.. two… th.. no.. kickout by the champ… Hazard with a sharp clothesline… knocking Frederick again into the cage.. Hazard with a belly to belly… Hazard heads for the door… it’s open… HE THROUGH! Hazard has escaped the cage.

Announcer: The winner and still OWA Champion, Anthony Hazard. Time of match: 6: 14.

Ed: Hold up.. WildShadow has come to ringside and attacked the champion! He’s thrown him back into the cage and is locking it. Frederick is busted open, but is on his feet… they whip Hazard into the ropes and Frederick nails him with a superkick… Frederick goes for a suplex.. NO! Brainbuster…

Stevie: Here comes Shocker and Danny Maxx.. they are trying to climb into the ring… Frederick and WildShadow are stomping on the champ. Hold on.. I’ve been handed a note.. NEXT week on OWA Championship Wrestling.. it’s Rachel Ryan going one on one for the OWA Championship???

Ed: What? Let me see that… you’re right.. wait.. Maxx and Shocker are over the top, and Frederick and WildShadow make a hasty retreat. And yup.. it’s right.. Ryan vs. Hazard for the title next week. Also, Amazon Woman will defend her newly won title against Mariko. We are completely out of time.. for an update on tonight’s card check out the OWA Magazine Web page for up to date information. For Myers Watterson and Stevie Cheesecake, I’m Ed Bagel saying so long for now.

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