The identity of Jungle Mask is revealed as she battles Traci Lane for the OWA Championship; Caged Fury the match; Shogun defends the OWA TV Championship against Consuelo Salyards; North American Champion Rainbow Warrior battles Billy Smith; Extremists battle Rachel Ryan and Wendy Ryker for the OWA Tag Team Championship

Jungle Mask is sitting in an empty locker room, apparently meditating. Her eyes are closed and she is completely silent, except when she speaks.]

Mask: Soon, Traci Lane. Soon you will understand what it is you have unleashed into the OWA. Soon you will understand exactly how horrible the power of the jungle can be. You will know, and ignorance is bliss.

Fade out to a picture of an empty arena comes on screen. From the top an animated cage wall crashes down and the words “Caged Fury” comes on screen. The empty arena fades to the capacity filled arena and then pans over to where Ed and Biff are standing]

Ed: Welcome to Caged Fury. I’m Ed Bagel along with my co-host, Biff Franklin and tonight is the night OWA Fans and wrestlers alike have been waiting for. We will see the identity of Jungle Mask.

Biff: Hey, don’t count your chicks yet, Bagel. Traci Lane has to beat Jungle Mask first and I’m not so sure that it can be done. I’ll tell you one thing, that school teacher act didn’t fool me, this past weekend on OWA Championship Wrestling. You notice how Amazon Woman disappears just before Jungle Mask came into the arena?

Ed: Still, That’s only circumstantial. You’ve shown me absolutely no proof that Jungle Mask is Amazon Woman.

Biff: Well, perhaps tonight, if Lane is lucky enough to defeat Jungle Mask, that mask will come off and we’ll see just who she is and I say, she’s Amazon Woman.

Ed: We have got a great night of action as only the OWA can bring you, so let’s get down to ringside for our opening contest.

OWA TV Championship: Shogun vs. Consuelo Salyards

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Caged Fury!!! Our opening contest is for one fall, with a 45 minute time limit, and it is for the OWA TV Championship. First coming down the aisle, being accompanied to the ring by the giant, Gustaffson, weighing in at 126 pounds. Here is the “Latin Lover” Consuelo Salyards! And her opponent is the reigning OWA TV Champion. He’s being led down to the ring by Pretty Boy Monty. He weighs in at 230 pounds….here is Shogun!

Biff: Who cares about them? I wanna know who Jungle Mask is now.

Ed: In the ring, the referee is holding high the championship belt. This match extended to 45 minutes, because the last time these two met, they wrestled to a 20 minute time limit draw. There’s the bell and this crowd is rabid tonight.

Biff: Good thing I got my shots. Both wrestlers are circling and they lock up. Salyards with a whip and spinebuster slam and this crowd is hot tonight. Another whip and she tries for another spinebuster, but Shogun isn’t having any part of that and nails her with a swinging neckbreaker.

Ed: Shogun drives a knee to the back and a jumping side kick. The champion taking control of this match. An ipponzei by Shogun. cover. one. tw. Kickout by Consuelo. Shogun with an inside cradle. one. two. Kickout by Consuelo.

Biff: Shogun with a whip. Salyards ducks a clothesline and nails him with a bulldog. Spinning DDT by Salyards and a belly to back suplex. Flying body press by Salyards. one. tw. Kickout by the champion. Flying headscissors takedown by Salyards and Shogun goes out over the top rope to the floor.

Ed: Consuelo with a leap over the top rope onto Shogun and this crowd is going nuts. Hold on just a moment. We’ve got something going on in the back. Elaine Bryant is back there. Elaine?

Screen splits to double shots as we go to Elaine Bryant in the back]

Elaine: Yes, Ed. I’m here and it looks like Freddy Fever has been attacked by someone. He’s been out since his encounter with Jungle Mask, and is scheduled to return to action tonight. He called me back here, because he said he knew the identity of Jungle Mask and wanted to give me the scoop. However, when I got back here, he was down, lying in a pool of his own blood.

Ed: Did he say anything to you at all?

Elaine: Not a word. He was unconscious when I found him. If the cameras can get a shot, you can see the blood on the floor here. They put Fever on a stretcher and carried him out of here back to the locker room. No word on if hell be going to the hospital or not. One can only assume what happened here, though I’m not ready to speculate on it just yet.

Ed: Thanks Elaine. Keep us posted.

Biff: Looks like Freddy will be out of the cage tonight.

Ed: During that announcement, Consuelo and Shogun battled out on the floor and Shogun has been busted open. They’re back in the ring. This situation with Jungle Mask is as tricky as a Perry Mason novel. I tell you what. I hope tonight we can finally get to the bottom of this whole situation.

Biff: I can’t believe Fever was gonna give the scoop to Bryant. I should be getting this scoop! Whoa! Salyards with a nice handspring elbow and an enzuigiri. Off the ropes, Salyards goes for a crucifix, but Shogun drops back with a Samoan slam.

Ed: Dragon suplex by Shogun. cover. one. two. Kickout. Tiger driver by Shogun. cover. one. two. th. Kickout by Salyards. Shogun with a whip. Reversal by Consuelo. She tries for a cross body block, but Shogun ducks and Consuelo flies out to the floor.

Biff: Shogun goes out and. here we go. He sets up a table. He slams the head of Salyards into the table and he sets her up and powerbombs her through the table. YEESH!!! He rolls her back into the ring and follows in. cover. one. two. thre. NO. Kickout by Salyards.

Ed: Shogun up and Palm Blow! This one is over. cover. one. two. three. NO!!! Consuelo kicked out at the last possible moment. I cannot believe it. Shogun with a whip. Consuelo with a clothesline and a Front Flipping Legdrop from the second rope!!! Cover. one. two. thre. NO! Shogun with a kickout.

Biff: This one is getting hairy. *bell rings* What’s that?

Ed: What the? You’ve got to be kidding.

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen. This match has gone to a 45 minute time limit. Therefore this match is declared a draw. Shogun retains the OWA TV Championship.

Ed: That match deserves a winner. I cannot believe in ended like that.

Biff: Obviously, this one is going to need no time limit in order to get a winner.

Ed: Up next, we have the OWA Tag Team Championship up for grabs. Let’s go down to ringside for the introductions.

OWA Tag Team Championship: Danny Maxx/Johnny Blades vs. Rachel Ryan/Wendy Ryker

Announcer: This next match is one fall with a 60 min time limit and it’s for the OWA Tag Team Championship. First introducing the challengers. Being led down the ring by giant, Gustaffson, weighing in at a total combined weight of 354 pounds. Representing the Femme Fatale. Here is Rachel Ryan and Wendy Ryker!!! And their opponents are the current OWA Tag Team Championship. Being led down to the ring by Sir Goodwin, weighing in at a total combined weight of 488 pounds. Here are Danny Maxx, Johnny Blades, The Extremists!!!

Ed: This one is going to be a war. Rachel & Wendy should, by all rights, be the OWA Tag Team Champions. However, a little trickery on the part of the Extremists and they won the championship at Endurance’s Evil Challenge.

Biff: Yeah yeah. Nice sob story. The Extremists won the match and are the tag champs. Now if Ryker and Ryan want them, they’re gonna have to beat the premiere tag team in the OWA.

Ed: There’s the bell. It’ll be Rachel Ryan starting out with Danny Maxx. Ryan tries for a fisherman’s suplex, but Maxx with a small package, but Ryan breaks before the count can even start. Maxx with a whip. Reversal by Ryan who hits Maxx with a backdrop. Maxx is up and nails Ryan with a dropkick. No word yet on the condition of Freddy Fever or if hell even wrestle in Caged Fury.

Biff: Perhaps after wrestling Jungle Mask, Freddy knew exactly who she was. Ryan with a fistdrop and she tags in Wendy Ryker. Whip by Ryker. Maxx goes for a spinning headscissors, but Ryker with a nice hot shot and Maxx tags in Blades.

Ed: Ryker quickly with a whip. Reversal by Blades. Blades goes for a flying clothesline, but Ryker ducks and nails Blades with a chop. A kick by Ryker. Ryker with a whip. Blades comes off and nails her with a clothesline. Blades with a flying axhandle. Blades with a whip. Reversal by Ryker. No, short clothesline.

Biff: Ryker tries for a suplex, but Blades nails a suplex of his own and tags back in Maxx. The Extremists with a double ax handle on Ryker. Maxx with a tiger driver and cover. one. two. Kickout by Ryker. Maxx with a moonsault bodyblock, but Ryker steps aside and tags in Ryan.

Ed: Ryan into the rope, ducks a clothesline by Maxx and body slams him. Ryan with a gutwrench suplex and another. Maxx tags in Blades. Ryan with a kick to the midsection and swinging neckbreaker on Blades. Ryan goes for a bulldog, but Blades uses a throw off and throws Ryan into the referee.

Biff: I don’t think that was intentional. The referee is down now. Maxx comes in and double teams and Ryker comes in and attacks Maxx. Blades rolls out of the ring and grabs the ring bell. Uh oh.

Ed: I hope this isn’t.. Blades to the top turnbuckle, while Ryker and Maxx fight outside. He flies off, but Ryan puts her foot up and that Blades hits that bell face first! Ryan with a cover. one. two. three!!!

Biff: Man, that’s gotta suck. We have new tag team champions.

Announcer: The winners of the match in 23: 39 and NEW OWA Tag Team Champions. Rachel Ryan and Wendy Ryker!!!

Ed: And Blades is STILL out. Let’s go to Myers Watterson and hell give us an update on the OWA’s next PPV event, Crime Spree.

Crime Spree Update

Myers: What a great PPV so far. However, I want to let you know about the next PPV from the OWA. It’s called Crime Spree and it’ll come to you on May 4th. Let me tell you about a few of the matches that are being worked out:

First, similar to last year’s Hardcore Heaven match, the North American Champion will defend his title against not one, but three challengers. It’ll be a King of the Hill style match. Three contenders will be selected by the OWA Board of Directors, with the closets contenders getting the breaks. The champion will have to defend against one contender, then later on against a second, and if successful, hell face the third. Now, if the title should change hands during the first match, the new champion continues to “climb the hill” so to speak, until the third contender gets his match. The person with the belt after the third match is the North American Champion.

Also being worked out is a Roof match. Now my understand in that a cage will be placed around the edge at the top of the arena, except for a 6 foot portion. The object would be to throw your opponent off the roof through that open 6 foot area. Rest assured, the local fire department will be below with a very large cushion, and will be able to move to catch the loser.

Also, being worked on is the first ever Graffiti match. I haven’t heard much from this, however, from the rumors it should be a wild match.

And the main event will be for the OWA Championship as the champion will defend against two competitors in a Triangle Ladder match. The match was so successful, that the OWA wanted to try it again this year. If you’ve never seen the Award winning Triangle Ladder match from last year, you need to rent Hardcore Heaven and see it. It was voted the best match of the year. The contenders in this match will be the winner from Caged Fury: The Match, tonight. And a wrestler picked by their peers in the OWA.

That’s all the information I’ve been able to get so far. However, in weeks to come I’ll have more information to pass around. Let’s go back out to ringside and our North American title matchup.

Biff: You have got to be kidding me. Is this stuff legal? Can the OWA really sanction matches like these?

Ed: WCW only wishes Uncensored would have a quarter as wild as the OWA’s Crime Spree.

Ed: Before we go to our North American Title defense, let’s go back to the locker room to hear from our new tag team champions.

Rachel Ryan and Wendy Ryker

The camera cuts to one of the dressing rooms in the arena where we find Wendy Ryker. Apparently she’s just finished showering and changing to regular clothes, because her hair is still slightly wet. She is wearing blue jeans, black OWA T-shirt and her old ripped and faded denim jacket. Over each shoulder is a championship belt. The Trio Tag belt on the left shoulder and the OWA Tag belt over the right. She grins at the camera as it enters the room.

Wendy: DING DONG! Heh. Remember those words, Danny-boy? Those were the words outta your mouth after getting the Tag belts all those weeks ago by clocking me over the skull with the ring bell. And now your partner has learned, twice, what that feels like.

She smirks.

Wendy: Now, I’m not one to say “I told you so”, but. Aaah, what the hell am I talking about? Of _course_ I’m one to say that….Johnny-boy, Dan-o….I TOLD YA SO! Heh. I told ya from day one you messed with the wrong women. I _told_ ya we’d take the belts away from you, one way or the other. Now maybe Saint Anthony will shut up about how “bad” and “dangerous” you two kids are and how it’s a “bad idea to piss you off”.

She grins again.

Wendy: Now, it looks to me like the big, bad Elite is getting less and less elite by the minute. Right here, tonight, you lost the last piece of gold in your possession. First the Femmes took the Trio belts from ya. Heh. _That_ was a lot of fun….And then, tonight, ya lost the tag titles as well….And trust me. That was even _more_ fun. Watching Danny’s jaw hit the floor and that bewildered look come over his face as he realizes he isn’t a champion anymore. Gotta love it.

She grows serious.

Wendy: But enough about that. Let’s get a little fact straight here: You hear all these other stables shooting their mouths off all the time about them being where it’s at here in the OWA. Then you look at the way the situation _really_ is, and you can come to no other conclusion that if there is a dominant force in the OWA then it’s the Femme Fatale. Trio belts. OWA Tag belts. OWA Championship……Consuelo is a sure bet for another shot at Shogun and the TV belt, and the next time she won’t settle for a time limit draw. Trust me on this one. The woman _wants_ that belt.

She starts grinning again.

Wendy: As for the North American belt, whoever may hold it after tonight, I’m sure we can find a Femme with the time to relieve _that_ person of his gold as well. And to top it all off, the OWA representative in that TNM tourney is none other than Big Gus himself. You people starting to see a pattern here? Hmmm?

There’s a pause.

Wendy: The Femmes are top dogs around here, and you can love it or loathe it, but ya better learn to live with it, cause it sure as hell ain’t gonna change anytime soon. Now, if you will excuse me I’ve got to get ready to see Trace trounce Amazon Woman. Or whoever it may be that’s behind that stupid mask. Doesn’t matter one way or the other really. She’s still getting the same kinda beating, whoever she may be. What kind is that? The _big_ kind. Ta ta for now.

She winks at the camera which fades back out to the arena.

Biff: The Femme’s were lucky tonight but don’t think you’ve heard the last from the Extremists.

Ed: Elaine Bryant has caught up with Consuelo Salyards. Let’s get her comments.

Consuelo Salyards

(Camera switches to Elaine, who is sitting on a bench next to Consuelo, who is sitting with a towel over her head, elbows on her knees.)

Elaine: Tough match tonight, Consuelo.

Consuelo: Look, spare me the formalities, okay? Everyone knows that I gave my heart and soul out there, and I got robbed by the damned time limit AGAIN. I had Shogun beat in the middle of the ring. I stuck him with the Latin Lover’s Leap. Everyone saw it. He was down for three and the freaking bell rings. I’m sick of this. Shogun, if you’ve got the guts and the stamina, you’ll come down to the ring one more time. Tonight. I know you’ve got the World title match later on tonight, but this one is FAR from over. You and I both know that a time limit draw is complete bunk. I’m still here. I’m still dressed. I can get taped up and back into that ring in ten minutes. Let’s throw out the time limit and see who walks out with that belt. Do you have the guts? The cajones? Then let’s finish this, pendejo. Let’s do this tonight. Get out of here, Elaine, and go find Shogun. Tell him Consuelo’s looking for him, and he’s going to settle up with me tonight. One way or another.

Elaine: Strong words from the Latin Lover. Back to you, Ed.

Ed: Was that a threat from Consuelo Salyards?

Biff: I don’t know, but she wants Shogun a second time tonight, without a time limit this time. If I were Shogun, I’d think I just had the gauntlet thrown at my feet.

Ed: We’re ready for our North American Title defense and Shelly Marks has caught up with Billy Smith. Let’s go there now.

Billy Smith

Marks: Billy Smith, I’ll try to make this short. Is there still heat between you and Davey Scott?

Billy: What kind of an ignorant ass question was that, I said that this heat is never over. I just laid off of him for a while because I have to concentrate on my title shot. The day I hurt Davey so bad that he never competes in wrestling again, is when the heat is over.

Marks: When do you plan to do that?

Billy: Anytime I get a chance.

Marks: What are your feelings on Rainbow Warrior?

Billy: What do you mean what are my feelings, I have to fight the guy. I despise his ass.

Marks: Is there any respect?

Billy: Hell No! All I have respect for is that belt.

Marks: What is your game plan for Caged Fury?


Smith storms down to ringside]

North American Championship: Rainbow Warrior vs. Billy Smith

Announcer: This match is one fall with a 60 minute time limit and is for the North American Championship. First the challenger. Weighing in at 245 pounds. Here is Billy Smith! And his opponent is the current North American Champion. He weighs in at 280 pounds and is accompanied to the ring by Pretty Boy Monty. Here is the Rainbow Warrior!

Ed: There are the introductions. Smith attacks Warrior before the bell. However, the Warrior nails Smith with a headbutt and takes him down with a lariat. Warrior goes for another lariat, but Smith ducks and nails Warrior with a punch.

Biff: DDT by Smith and a belly to belly suplex. cover. one. Kickout by Warrior. Smith off the ropes, but Warrior catches him with a powerslam. Hiptoss by Warrior and a gutwrench suplex.

Ed: Rainbow sets up for a doctor bomb but Smith with a backdrop. Smith with a Northern lights suplex. one. two. Kickout by Warrior. Smith with a belly to back suplex.

Biff: Smith whips and nails with a Frankenstiener and a flying forearm. cover. one. two. Kickout by Smith. Smith goes for a dropkick to the knee, but Warrior side steps and nails Smith with a lariat. Warrior with a powerslam. cover. one. two. Kickout by Smith.

Ed: Warrior goes to the top but Smith nails him and. belly to belly superplex!!! Cover. one. two. three!!! We have a new champion.

Announcer: Winner of the match in 12: 54 and NEW North American Champion. Billy Smith!!!

Ed: Billy Smith wins his first title in the OWA. We’re going to lower the cage for Caged Fury and while we’re doing that, let’s hear from some of the competitors who’ll be vying for a title shot.


{Virgo is in the arena, in his dressing room preparing for his match. He looks at the camera, and snarls.}

“America! You were eliminated fair and square, and then dare to step back in the ring with a chair? Big mistake, bub. Caged Fury is at hand, you, me, and Tommy Tomorrow all starting the thing off. Steel cage, America’s face. Great combination, don’t you think, mang? I intend to wrap you around that cage like a string of bubble gum. I don’t care about the 24 other guys in the cage. I don’t care about a title shot. All I care about is wringing your stinking Yankee neck!”

{Virgo walks around a bit, calming himself}

“Biff, Biff, Biff, Biff, Biff. Haven’t heard anything about my little challenge to you. No acceptance or refusal. No wrestler chosen by you yet. What’s the matter, boy? Cat got your tongue? I notice you don’t talk the talk as much since that challenge. Is it because you know you can’t walk the walk?”

Davey Scott

Davey walks in with his all his casual attire and it minutes cage fury starts.]

Shelly: Davey. You’re late? Where have you been?

Davey: So what? I am late. If I want to be late, then dammit, I will be late.

Shelly: But Davey, you look like you just entered a streetbrawl? Aren’t you going to change?

Davey: Nope.

Shelly looks confused]

Davey: Listen, I might be late but I ain’t stupid. I am going in as is. Shirt, boots, jeans. Hell. I even go in with my sunglasses for all I care. Cause no official, no commissioner, and god dammit, no reporter is going to stop me. Why? Because I am my own boss. I choose my destiny, and my destiny is to give everyone in that ring an asswhipping they will not forget.

Shelly: Now Davey, officials might rule you out of the ring, even ringside if you are dressed in street clothes. Let take your boots for example. Nice cowboy boots, however, what if you hit someone with a Superkick, do you realize the pain the other person will be in?

Davey: Listen, I believe this Caged Fury event is a Royal Rumble and war Games combined. This ain’t state of goodytwoshoes. This is war. I am going to go in that ring, as is and there isn’t anyone who going to stop me.

Danny Bouchard

(A hospital in Trois Rivieres. Danny Bouchard kicks open the doors to the hospital and storms out towards the parking lot. Several nurses and a couple doctors follow. Danny has several bandages around his head.)

Nurse #1: Mr. Bouchard, I insist you come back! You’re not fully healed!

Doctor: Please sir, you may get permanent brain damage if you return to wrestling so soon after such a severe concussion!

Bouchard: You know what you can do with your [CENSOREWD: medical [CENSORED] is, is you can stick them ten feet up your [CENSORED] hell!!! First, you stupid [CENSORED] won’t let me leave this hellhole, then you tell me I have to stay for [CENSORED] tests, then you tie me to the [CENSORED] hospital bed?! I thought Canada was a free country, you can say what you want, well I don’t appreciate you stupid Anglophone pieces of [CENSORED] [CENSORED] gagging me after the second day! I’d sue your asses, but you aren’t worth the time!

Nurse #2: Ah, let the pompous Frenchie go. He was too much of a pain anyway.

Bouchard: (Mumbling) Stupid hell sedating me, then making me wrestle, of all the [CENSORED] things to do. I tell you what, yeah, I lost, I admit that, but you get pumped up full a narcotics, or whatever the [CENSORED] they carry around with them, three hours before a match by a bunch of doctors and see how you do, eh? Damn Anglos had a grudge. I was in no shape to wrestle, but they gave me clearance, I got forced to wrestle, all because I told them what they could do to their mothers. It’s a sad world.

There’s some good news for me, though, that damn prick Gussy lost too. I tell you, everyone fears him, everyone says “Ha ha, Danny, just be glad he went easy on you”, and he goes and gets his [CENSORED] rear end kicked by some nobody, I can’t even remember his name, right? If that’s how he acts in the ring, I ain’t too afraid of him, eh? I tell you what, Gussy, you want to get into a fight, maybe you picked the right person. I’m not like all thee wussy little pukes in this federation, I don’t care what you do or who you are, I ain’t afraid of you! You run around, “You tink you can beat me, ve’ll you’re probably right, I’m gonna go {CENSORED: hide!”, I tell you that’s what you’re gonna be saying when I get through with you! I tell you what, I really [CENSORED] hope I get to be in Caged Fury, cause then I know I’m gonna get a shot at you, and if I do, big man, I’m gonna break your [CENSORED] body in so many pieces, it’ll take all night to find your shoulders so I can pin them to the mat. And as for anyone else, frankly, you can get hell, but if you want to pick a fight with the Pride of Trois-Rivieres, go ahead! Get in line! After I take apart Gussy, I’ll take out everyone else! You don’t believe me? Just try me.

(Danny gets into his car, slams the door, starts it up and leaves.)

Ed: Let’s go down to ringside for the start of this incredible match.

Caged Fury

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen. It’s now time for Caged Fury. The wrestlers in the back have drawn number between 4 and 25. With the exception of 3 wrestlers, who were given specific numbers by management, numbers one and two will come to the ring momentarily and walk into the steel cage. There is no escape. They will wrestle for five minutes, then a horn will sound and number three will come to the ring. Every two minutes after that another wrestler, according to their draw, will come to the ring and enter the cage. Until all the wrestlers are inside the cage, there is no means by which you can be eliminated. After all 25 wrestlers have entered the ring, then the elimination process begins. You can eliminate an enemy by pinfall, submission or by referee’s discretion. There is no disqualification and there is no countout. There must be a final winner. That winner will get a title shot at Crime Spree in May. Ladies and Gentlemen. Coming down the aisle, the man who was assigned number one. He weighs in at 275 pounds. He’s what “Every American aspires to be”. Here is Mr. America!!!!

Mr. America enters the cage and the announcer continues…]

Announcer: And the man who was assigned number two. He weighs in at 310 pounds. He’s the “Wrestler from the Future”. Here is Tom Tomorrow.

Ed: Here we go and right off the bat, Mr. America nails Tom Tomorrow with some object. Looks like brass knucks. He didn’t even give Tom a chance to get into the ring. America nails him with a diving elbow smash and nails him with his patented Piledriver. We’ve got 3 minutes until Virgo comes out. After that, I have no idea, but Tom Tomorrow is out of it.

Biff: Mr. America had the right idea. After they double teamed him last week, if he takes out one, hell only have to deal with one. Mr. America with a series of elbow drops and a Northern lights suplex and another Piledriver. Tom Tomorrow is out cold! And there’s the horn and here comes Virgo.

Ed: Virgo gets into that cage and America nails him with a clothesline. He sets him up for a Piledriver, but Virgo with a backdrop. Virgo with a flurry of fists to the head of Mr. America. Virgo whips Mr. America face first into the cage. There’s the horn. Who’s next?

Biff: Asian Invasion. He hits the ring, but is nailed by Virgo and Mr. America is already busted open, from being sent into that cage. Virgo sends Invasion face first into the cage as well. Mr. America from behind, nails Virgo. Tom Tomorrow hasn’t moved in minutes.

Ed: Invasion and America with a double whip, but Virgo comes back with a double clothesline and there’s another horn and it’s Mike Mustang, who’s #5. Mustang goes after Virgo and Asian Invasion stomps on Tom Tomorrow, who was starting to get to his feet.

Biff: Mr. America is slouching in the corner. Mike Mustang with a DDT on Virgo and Mr. America nails Mustang with a clothesline. There’s another horn and in comes. Trey Vibe. America nails him as he gets into the cage and hits him with a piledriver! And from behind Mustang drives a knee to the back of Mr. America.

Ed: We’re about to have #7. Invasion whips Tomorrow into the corner and there’s the horn. It’s Gustaffson!!! He enters the cage, America tries to nail him, but Gustaffson grabs him by the throat and chokeslam! Mustang nails Gus from behind, but nothing doing. Gus with a chokeslam on Mustang as well. Gus turns to Invasion, who tries to run to no avail. Another chokeslam and OH! Clip by Mustang and the big guy goes down.

Biff: There’s the horn for #8 and it’s. Executioner. He comes in and nails America with a clothesline and he nails Virgo. Invasion works over the leg of Gustaffson and Vibe is pounding on Tom Tomorrow. Tom Tomorrow is bleeding like hell in there. This match is so brutal.

Ed: Executioner takes over on Mr. America, while Invasion and Mustang work over Gustaffson who’s down. There’s a horn for #9 and it’s. Michelle Cox. The first female to hit the ring. She comes in to meet Asian Invasion. She rakes his eyes and nails him with a low blow and she nails Executioner with a low blow. As well as Mike Mustang. However, Mr. America nails her from behind with a clothesline.

Biff: Tom Tomorrow is taking a lot of punishment. He’s getting hammered by Trey Vibe, who is hit by Gustaffson and there’s another horn. #10. [No one comes out.] Hello? #10. You’re up.

Ed: Apparently no one drew #10 which is rather odd. In the ring, Mr. America with a DDT on Michelle Cox. Mike Mustang with a series of stomps on Virgo and Executioner and Asian Invasion going at it. Gustaffson with a piledriver on Trey Vibe.

Biff: Another horn. #11 is. Anthony Hazard. He enters the cage and ducks a clothesline from Mike Mustang, and nails him with a clothesline of his own. Hazard with a kick to the midsection of America and a clothesline send America down. Michelle Cox drops a knee to the forehead of America.

Ed: This cage is getting filled up and we’re not even halfway yet. Well there’s the horn and here comes. Ricky Hype. Executioner and Anthony Hazard are going toe to toe. He comes in and goes after Mike Mustang. We have 11 wrestlers in the ring but we’re supposed to have 12. Gustaffson goes for a chokeslam on Virgo, but America clips the knee again.

Biff: Hype was nailed by Asian Invasion coming in. however, Hype has turned the tables, somehow, and hits Invasion with the bulldog. However, Michelle Cox hits Hype with a low blow that stops any momentum. Haha! That’s my type of broad!

Ed: There’s the horn for #13 and it’s. Danny Bouchard! Oh my! And it looks like he’s going right after Gustaffson. Clothesline by Bouchard on Gus and he stomps on Gus. Chokehold by Bouchard on Gustaffson.

Biff: Hazard looks to be trying to stop Bouchard, but America, who’s face is a crimson mask, nails Hazard with a flying forearm. Bouchard continues to choke out Gustaffson and there’s another horn and #14 is Mariko! She climbs and immediately nails Bouchard with a series of spin kicks and her Spinning Crescent kick and Bouchard finally has to releases his hold.

Ed: From the blind side, it’s Michelle Cox with a clothesline, but Mariko isn’t selling that and she clamps a chokehold on Cox. Executioner and Hazard are going at it as the horn blows again for #15. Only ten more left. Who’s coming down?

Biff: The Shocker! Bald headed geek is back. He climbs in and Invasion and Vibe descend on him, but he punches his way through and nails Executioner. Then Hazard and Shocker with a double whip and clothesline on Executioner.

Ed: They turn their attention to Mr. America and double throw him face first into the cage and more blood is spilled. Speaking of blood spill. Tom Tomorrow has yet to get back to his feet. Mike Mustang is grinding the heel of his boot into the bleeding forehead of Tomorrow.

Biff: Horn! #16. Come on down. Stacks Coltrain. She enters the ring and nails Asian Invasion. Then Danny Bouchard, who’s busted open Gustaffson. Mr. America is being pummeled by Virgo. Shocker and Hazard are working over Executioner.

Ed: Michelle Cox and Mariko still all over each other. Both with facerakes and there’s another bell. Coming down is Wolfgang Von Richter! It’s hard to keep up with all the action, so bear with us. Von Richter comes in and is hit with a dropkick from Ricky Hype.

Biff: Executioner is busted open, but he goes after Bouchard. Jawbreaker by Executioner and Gustaffson nails Shocker with a clothesline. Tom Tomorrow is trying to fight off Asian Invasion, but not very successfully. We have a bell for #18 to come down. It’s going to be Pretty Boy Monty.

Ed: America catches Monty on the way in and tries to run him into the cage, but Monty blocks and sends America in the cage. He puts his foot on the throat of America and tries to choke him out. Hazard and Stacks Coltrain are going at it.

Biff: We have another horn. #19. Here comes. Davey Scott. He hits the ring and goes after. Nobody. Von Richter hits Scott and nails him with a kneelift. Gustaffson has fought his way to Bouchard and DDTs him.

Ed: Mr. America with another piledriver on Tom Tomorrow. He is such a mess. They both are. The referee may want to step in there. We have a horn for #20. It’s going to be Miguel Thunder. Thunder comes in and takes down Shocker.

Biff: Davey Scott with some stomps on Von Richter but America nails him with a forearm and then America rubs the face of Scott into the steel cage and Scott is now busted open. #21 is coming up. It’s Taleis. He hits the ring and clotheslines Cox, then Executioner then Virgo before being hit by Asian Invasion.

Ed: Trey Vibe is hit with a sleeperhold by Shocker, but Pretty Boy Monty breaks that up with a facerake. Stacks Coltrain and Monty with a double DDT on Shocker, then Mike Mustang. There’s another horn. Here comes #22. Nightmare!

Biff: Nightmare hits the ring and takes down Stacks Coltrain as we’ll as Von Richter. However, Bouchard nails him with a clothesline, but from behind, Gustaffson with a choke on Bouchard! There’s so much action, I’m getting confused.

Ed: This is getting too complicated to call but we’re doing our best here. There’s the horn for number 23. Just 3 more people left. Here comes Johnny Stallion. He hits the ring, and goes to help his partner out and hits Taleis who was working over Mustang.

Biff: America is biting the forehead of Davey Scott. They are both bleeding like hell here. I hope we have extra medic in the back. We’re going to need it after this one. Another horn already? Tara Quinn comes out. She’s #24.

Ed: She slid into the ring, and nails the closest person who happens to be Ricky Hype with a low blow. Then she hits Monty with a low blow and then Anthony Hazard. However, Stacks Coltrain with a swinging neckbreaker on Tara.

Biff: We’ve only one person left. Well two if you count the missing #10. Mariko with a spinning crescent kick on The Shocker. There’s the final horn and #25 is. Harvard Earl.

Ed: It’s as I figured. The earlier attack on Freddy Fever kept him from competing here. And we have all the wrestlers in the ring.

Announcer: The elimination process now begins!!!!

Ed: We have 24 wrestlers inside this cage, beating the crap out of each other. Davey Scott with a spinning piledriver on Tom Tomorrow. cover. one. two. America pulls up Scott and whips him into the cage. America with a piledriver on Tomorrow. one. two. three! Tomorrow is the first eliminated in this event.

Biff: Miguel Thunder goes after Scott and nails him with a powerbomb and then a superkick. cover. one. two. three!! Davey Scott is eliminated….Taleis and Harvard Earl are trading blows. Taleis applies a half Boston, but is kicked in the head by Executioner.

Ed: Tara Quinn with a flying sunset flip on Virgo. one. two. kickout by Virgo. Nightmare with a faceslam on Anthony Hazard. Mariko with a jumping side kick on Miguel Thunder. Mike Mustang nails Nightmare with a tilt a whirl suplex. Mustang tries for his Cradle suplex, but Nightmare with a roll up. one. two. Kickout by Mustang.

Biff: Nightmare with a back suplex and a short clothesline but Mustang ducks. Gustaffson tries for a chokeslam on Virgo, but Danny Bouchard nails Gus with a kick to the leg. Executioner whips Hazard into the turnbuckle and nails Hazard with a headbutt and a Soviet suplex.

Ed: Asian Invasion with a figure four on Virgo, but Monty drops an elbow onto Invasion. Danny Bouchard with a jumping DDT on Harvard Earl! One. two. three!! Earl is out of the cage. Bouchard turns and nails Thunder with a clothesline. Michelle Cox with a Frankensteiner on Trey Vibe. one. two. three! Vibe is out of here.

Biff: Tara Quinn with a low blow on Danny Bouchard and Gustaffson with a chokeslam on Bouchard. Mr. America nails Gustaffson, and Quinn covers Bouchard. one. two. three!! He’s out of here. Hazard nails America with a belly to belly suplex.

Ed: Gustaffson nails Hazard with a clothesline, but Asian Invasion nails Gustaffson. Mr. America clotheslines Executioner, then piledrives him. one. two. three!! Executioner is gone. Mr. America nails Mike Mustang with a piledriver. one. two. three! And Mustang is out of here as well.

Biff: Gustaffson with a chokeslam on The Shocker. one. two. three! They’re dropping like flies in there. Taleis nails Michelle Cox with a flying dropkick and a diamond cutter. one. two. three!! Michelle Cox is gone.

Ed: Invasion has Nightmare set up for a powerbomb. No. Nightmare with a backdrop and a fist to the midsection and backspin DDT on Invasion. Stallion with a dropkick on Mr. America and a side suplex. Stallion goes for a flying elbowdrop, but America side steps it only to be nailed by Von Richter. German suplex by Von Richter on America.

Biff: Pretty Boy Monty with a Crotch slam on Asian Invasion. cover. one. two. three! Goodbye to Asian Invasion! Von Richter with a facerake on Gustaffson and a clothesline. Monty and Stacks with a double DDT on Gustaffson. Cover by Stacks. one. two. three!! Gustaffson’s gone and he was the favorite being last year’s winner of this event.

Ed: Ricky Hype with an elbow smash on Stacks Coltrain and a short clothesline. Stacks fights back with a side suplex and a piledriver. cover. one. two. Hazard makes the save. Johnny Stallion with a spinning leg lariat on Tara Quinn. Superkick by Stallion and a cover. one. two. three! Tara Quinn is no more.

Biff: Mariko with a Spinning Crescent Kick on Von Richter. cover. one. two. three!! Another one down. On the far side. Miguel Thunder with a Northern Lights suplex on Taleis. one. two. three! Taleis is outta there. Monty with a dragon suplex on Mariko.

Ed: Monty with a whip. Mariko ducks a clothesline, but is caught by Mr. America with a hotshot! Anthony Hazard nails Miguel Thunder with a jumping side kick. Ricky Hype with a bulldog on Mariko. one. two. three! Mariko’s been eliminated.

Biff: Monty just barely avoids a spin kick by Hazard. Mr. America with a clawhold on Johnny Stallion. Monty with a crotch slam on Ricky Hype. one. two. three! Hazard too late for a save there. Hype is eliminated. Virgo with a clothesline on Stacks Coltrain.

Ed: Virgo misses a second and Stacks with a Spinning Piledriver. one. two. three! Virgo has been eliminated. Whoa! Miguel Thunder with a somersault kick on Stacks. cover. one. two. three! Hazard with a clothesline on Thunder.

Biff: Johnny Stallion misses a superkick, intended for Mr. America, who nails him with a low blow. one. two. three! Stallion’s gone. Anthony Hazard with a reverse powerslam on Miguel Thunder. one. two. three! He’s gone as well. And we’ve got four guys remaining.

Ed: Hazard, America, Monty and Nightmare. Monty goes after Nightmare and Hazard and America goes at it. One of these four men will be in the main event at Crime Spree. Nightmare with a backbreaker on Monty. America nails Hazard with a forearm smash.

Biff: Nightmare misses a clothesline and Monty with a Crotch slam! Cover. one. two. three!! Hazard with a whip. America tries for a cross body but Hazard ducks and America goes face first into the cage. Hazard with a roll up. one. two. three!!

Mr. America props himself up on the guardrail. He walks over to the group of guys cheering him on. He climbs over the guardrail and takes a seat. He’s handed a towel and wipes off some of the blood. He’s handed a beer. He pops the top and chugs it down. He takes a deep breath as a few people pat him on the back. He props his head up with his hands and watches the rest of the match.]

Ed: And Monty with a clothesline on Hazard. cover. one. two. Kickout by Hazard. Monty with a whip. Hazard ducks a clothesline and comes off with a cross body, but Monty with a hotshot! Crotch slam and a cover. one. two. three!!! Monty has won this!! Monty is the winner!

Announcer: The winner of Caged Fury in 1 hours, 41 minutes and 38 seconds. Pretty Boy Monty!!!

Ed: Pretty Boy Monty goes on to Crime Spree to face the OWA Champion in that Triangle Ladder match. Right now, let’s go to the locker room and hear from the NEW North American Champion, Billy Smith.

Billy Smith

(Billy Smith is in the locker room after he won the North American title. He is wearing it around his waist.)

Billy Smith: I told you that I would take this title from you Rainbow Warrior. Did you think that I was kidding when I said that I would destroy you!!! I have destroyed you physically, mentally, and spiritually. As a North American Champion, I will defend my title against all challengers who dare to cross my path. This is my first major title in the OWA and it was a long time coming. Pres. Stevie almost didn’t even let me in the fed, but after some consideration he decided to let me compete. Now that I am at the highlight of my career, I will kick people’s asses even more than I did before I won this belt. As for this moment, I will go to my hometown in Philadelphia, P.A., go to my favorite bar, and get stinking drunk.

Ed: Shelly Marks is in the back and we’re told she has comments from the Extremists.

The Extremists

Backstage outside the OWA locker rooms, Shelly Marks is walking down the hallway]

Marks: Were looking for the Extremist in hopes of getting their comments on their lose to the Femmes.

As Shelly nears the Femme Fatales locker room, Danny Maxx and Johnny Blades come walking out]

Marks, waving to the Extremists: Guys! What’s going on?

Blades: Oh hi Shelly. Not much here.

Maxx: Yeah, nothing with us. But I think a few of the top dogs in there MIGHT need a vet.

Maxx and Blades look at each other, then bust out laughing and walk away]

Blades, laughing: See ya, Shell.

As the camera moves into the room you can see over turned tables, knocked over chairs and broken glass. Wendy Ryker and Rachel Ryan are lying on the floor busted open. The Tag Team belts are lying on the floor next to them covered in blood]

Marks: Oh my god. Get some help, NOW! Biff, Ed, it looks like the Extremist weren’t happy with the outcome of the match. I think they might be getting out of control.

Ed: What in the world. We’re told we have medical personnel in that locker room right now. We’ll try to have word on the condition of the two as soon as we possibly can!

Biff: Looks to me like the Extremists won the rematch.

Anthony Hazard

Hazard is standing outside in the back parking lot of the Arena]

Hazard: Sorry about the location, but it’s too damn hot inside. I had to cool off.

Anthony wipes his face off with a towel]

Hazard: America. First in, good job son. Keep practicing, there’s hope for you yet. Nightmare. Great performance, good luck in the future.

Hazard steps closer to the camera]

Hazard: And Girly Boy. I understand why Shocker loves to fight you. You have heart, spirit, your smart and a great wrestler. Times have changed here in the OWA, but it’s good to see two old has-beens like us, can still prove we have what it takes to be the final two at Caged Fury. My hats off to you sir, I look forward to wrestling you again. But right now I’ve got something more important to worry about.

Anthony turns and walks back into the arena]

Davey Scott

In the back stage of the arena after coming in from Caged Fury]

Davey Scott: Billy, you know something, you seem to like to OPEN your mouth and not expect what coming to you. Sure, you defeated Rainbow Warrior. Big DEAL. So you want to take on ALL challengers in your way?!?! Well, you have just met your first one to step in your way. Sure, it seems like a long drawn on battle between you the scum with a title and me. However, like you said earlier. The heat ain’t over, until you make me RETIRE!! And Billy. I ain’t RETIRING ANYTIME SOON! You see my face. Sure, it’s bloody but who cares. A wipe here and bandage there and I am as happy as I can be. However, this doesn’t mean it over. I want that match against YOU and guess what. I want YOUR TITLE on the line! Do you accept? Or are you going to keep running away?

Davey walks off]

Mr. America

Mr. America is backstage with a doctor looking over his face. The doctor shakes his head and walks off. Mr. America wipes some of the still wet blood off of his face. He looks into the camera and smirks.]

Mr. America: Not bad for someone who should’ve been gone first. I come in as number one and am the second to last man eliminated. Let’s see Tom Tomorrow gets killed by me and Virgo comes in and does what he’ll call damage. If you really did something to me Virgo, I would’ve been gone before you, yet I lasted longer than you did. Before I continue on about tonight, let’s go back to last Sunday. Me, Tom, and Virgo in a triangle match. That sure as hell didn’t look like a triangle match to me. More like a handicap match, and yet I get pinned, take a little vengeance out on Virgo, and he moans and whines that I had no right to do that. Let’s get something straight hypocrite, you or Tom should’ve stayed on the apron and not in the ring. It’s called pay back.

Mr. America picks at some of the dried blood on his face.]

Mr. America: Then again Virgo. You’re still in the dark when you try to understand me. You’ll get it eventually, but until then. Just keep guessing. Now, onto the Caged Fury. Let’s see, Davey. Nothing personal, but I was the one who wanted Tom out. Tom, Made in America piledriver, cover, three count, and you were gone. Looks like the wrestler of the future found out that sometimes good things of the past you don’t need to let go of. As far as I’m concerned, consider yourself dismissed! Let’s see, Executioner and Mike Mustang fall to the Made in America piledriver. I seem to remember at one point that Executioner said he’d kick out of it. You kicked as much as a dead fish Exe. Mustang, all of nine seconds was the only thing I needed the first time I beat you. Wasn’t any different here. Johnny Stallion, nice superkick but it was a tad too low as you felt.

Mr. America smirks.]

Mr. America: Then I come to the man who I like being a thorn too. Tony my boy. Nice duck, but then I’m sure you learned that move from your stint as a champion. We’ll let’s make this simple. I’ll still be that thorn in your side because it’s so much fun watching me irritate you. Here’s the thing though Tony. Take a long hard look at yourself. Like Wendy said, you claim to be a saint and watch as your boys run rampant through the federation. That’s sad Tony, really sad. It’s time to see just how much of a bite you have left and I plan on showing the world that.

The doctor comes back into the locker room area.]

Doctor: Well, you’ll need to go to the hospital. You need stitches.

Mr. America: I’ll go once the show is over. I’ve got some business to attend to.

Mr. America gets up and leaves.]


(Taleis is standing around, looking exhausted. Shelly Marks is able to catch up to him before he gets into the locker rooms.)

Marks: Taleis, you’ve been in the OWA for a very short time, and this was your first chance to make a good impression. How do you think you did?

Taleis: Well, Shelly, I had hoped to do a little better, but I can’t really complain. I was able to eliminate Michelle Cox, who is a fine competitor, and the person who eliminated me, Miguel Thunder, is a damn fine athlete. I did fairly well, if I’m lucky, I did we’ll enough to catch the eyes of the championship committee.

Marks: Pretty Boy Monty won the match. What are your feelings on him?

Taleis: Monty is a great competitor. I’m damn glad that he won it instead of that punk, Mr. America. Monty’s definitely been around in the OWA, so to speak, and I’m happy to see someone of his caliber walk away with a shot at the title.

Marks: Tonight, Jungle Mask faces off against Traci Lane, in a mask versus title match. You’ve exchanged words with Jungle Mask. How do you see this upcoming match working out?

Taleis: This is the night we FINALLY get to find out who Jungle Mask really is. Is she some Amazon Woman wanna-be, or is she the genuine article. Ms. Lane, you and I haven’t met, and you don’t know me, but know this — I’ll be in that audience, cheering you on. Unmask her, Traci, and put all our minds at ease.

Ricky Hype

Elaine Bryant: I’m here with Ricky Hype “The Show”. Looks like he’s all pumped up after his first Caged Fury match.

Ricky Hype: Whooooooooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! That was awesome out there! Man, the wrestlers really put out tonight. Did you see Mr. America with that smash? OUCH!! And Mariko, yeeesh! That Spinning Crescent Kick comes out of nowhere. My jaw still stings!

Elaine Bryant: What are your thoughts on Anthony Hazard?

Ricky Hype, pulling on a “DANGER – HAZARD AHEAD” T-shirt: Old Tony gave it all he had out there, even saved my butt. Thanks! That’s the way a true performer wrestles. Always there at the end with a shot to win. The Elite still have a lot left in them contrary to some beliefs.

Elaine Bryant: Any other wrestlers make an impression on you tonight Ricky?

Ricky Hype: Definitely Shelly! Where to start? Who’s ranked number six Shelly? Ya don’t know do ya. Miguel Thunder! He’s quiet, but I look for him to get a title shot anytime soon. And the opposite of Thunder. Yep, Mr. America! When it comes to talking it up, at least he can back it up. “chuckle” Brass knuckles? That was great!

Elaine Bryant: A lot of people making an impact on you Ricky. Anyone else?

Ricky Hype: Well, let’s see. Yep again. I really haven’t heard a lot from Monty lately myself, but, he’s a real veteran and it was inevitable that he would be back in the fray. The newcomer’s including myself have been getting much of the attention. It’s good to see the foundation of the league back in action. I tell ya what Shelly, tonight is what the OWA is all about. One big battle to get to the top. Monty is looking down at us all tonight. Well, Shelly, I’m going down to watch the big match with the fans. Thanks for stopping by.

Elaine Bryant: Ricky Hype, all hyped up tonight.

Pretty Boy Monty

(Inside The Family’s locker room, The Family is holding court with the press…)

Monty: First of all I would like to thank the Milk producers of America for giving me the opportunity to represent the drink that gives me the strength to perform night in and night out and It also does a body good. Hahahhahahaha. But seriously I would like to thank Ex, who got me out there every day to run and prepare for this….I would like to thank Stacks for giving me the opportunity to run this magnificent organization. Shogun, for the inside information on many of those I took on tonight. His knowledge is infinite and last but surely not least Rainbow Warrior, who sacrificed his own training time to prepare me, Stacks and Ex for this event. We believe he most definitely deserves a rematch and finally. The Triangle match which was won last year by Stacks, I am sure she has some insights and again a Femme and a Family member will be on hand for the title. I most definitely can’t wait and now we must go remember all we have our celebration next week and everyone is invited. now we must leave. (The Family walks off stage slapping each other on the back and waving to the camera.)

Ed: We’ve got an OWA Title defense coming up and…

Anthony Hazard makes his way to ringside and takes a seat. ]

Biff: What the hell is this all about?

Coming down a different aisle, is Mr. America, who takes a seat at another part of the arena]

Ed: This match is bring everyone out of the locker room.

Coming down the first aisle, and then going into the crowd is Ricky Hype.]

Biff: It’s the Dough Boy.

Ed: You’ve gotten yourself into trouble. You may want to check out the web page when we’re done here, Biff.

Biff: What are you talking about?

Ed: Oh my! We’re getting word from Shelly Marks that something BIG is happening in the back! Shelly, what’s going on?

Femme Fatale

(The view switches to Shelly Marks in the hallway outside the locker room, which is in a shambles. Trash cans, brooms, wires, and other debris is scattered about. In the center of it all are Danny Maxx, Johnny Blades, the Shocker, Consuelo Salyards, Wendy Ryker, and Rachel Ryan. A hastily- bandaged Rachel and Wendy are on top of Danny Maxx and Johnny Blades, whaling away; Consuelo Salyards throws Shocker against a wall, staggering him. As he staggers around, she clambers to the top of a nearby vending machine, leaps, and takes him down with a hurricanrana.)

Shelly: Biff, I was trying to get a few words from Team Elite after their attack on the Femmes earlier tonight, and as they were about to speak, the Femmes bull-rushed them from behind with some lumber! Apparently it’s payback time!

Rachel: You pieces of [BLEEP!]I’m gonna kill you, you [BLEEP!]

Wendy: “Ding dong” my ASS, you [BLEEP!][BLEEP!][BLEEP!]

(The Extremists are bleeding profusely as Rachel and Wendy pound them. Consuelo is dragging Shocker around by a cord, choking him.)

Shelly: Ed, we’ve GOT to get security down here! This has become an all-out WAR! It looks like any alliance the Femmes and Elite may have once had is down the tubes–OH MY GOD!!! We’ve gotta get out of here!

(She sprints off-camera as Wendy and Rachel begin toppling a vending machine over. The camera cuts away just as the sound of it crashing down onto the Extremists can be heard in the background….)

Ed: Security is on its way, Shelly, let us know if anything further develops. I’m being told that the OWA Champion is standing by for final comments before our big main event.

Traci Lane

(Traci sits on a bench in her dressing room, taping her wrists, pensive. She blinks, shaken from her reverie, and looks at the camera.)

Traci: Tonight’s the night, Jungle Mask. Tonight I show the world who you really are–who we all know you really are. And tonight I end the mockery you’re making of the OWA, and of yourself. Don’t expect any sympathy, or mercy. Some people think I’m being stupid for putting the World’s title on the line. They don’t understand what this means to me. With this match, I close the book on your career, and on something inside me that I need to put to rest. It’s coming, Jungle Mask. I hope you’re prepared.

(She tears off the tape roll and smooths the wrap on her wrist.)

Traci: As for the Team Elite. Anthony, I’m disappointed. No, you haven’t stooped to the Extremists’ level, but as their leader, it seems hypocritical to seek the endorsement of your fans, while consorting with the likes of Maxx and Blades. It won’t affect the title opportunity I’m extending to you-believe me, no one wants that match more than I–but I suggest you take steps to either correct their behavior, or dissociate yourself from them, before you get caught in the crossfire.

(She looks away.)

Traci: That’s it. Interview over.

Ed: Strong words for both Jungle Mask and Anthony Hazard. We are finally ready for this much anticipated match. Let’s go to the ring for the introductions.

OWA Championship: Traci Lane vs. Jungle Mask

Announcer: This match is one fall. It is for the OWA Championship, with the stipulation that if Jungle Mask loses, that she must unmask in front of this audience. First, introducing the challenger. She weighs in at 160 pounds. Here is Jungle Mask!!! And her opponent. Coming down the aisle, weighing in at 194 pounds. She is the current reigning OWA Champion. Here is “The Black Widow” Traci Lane!!!

Ed: And this is the one we’ve been waiting for. Can Traci Lane beat Jungle Mask and force her to remove that mask and show us who she really is? Jungle Mask has some impressive victories over the likes of Freddy Fever and Gustaffson.

Biff: I’m telling you. It’s gotta be Amazon Woman.

Ed: There’s the bell and Traci Lane is all over Jungle Mask. A series of punches and Mask goes out of the ring. Lane goes out after her and we have a footrace. Mask slides back into the ring, but Lane grabs a hold of her foot but Mask with a kick square in the face and Lane is hurt.

Biff: Mask slides out and sets up Lane for a piledriver on the floor and the champion is in trouble early on. Mask with a whip into the guardrailing and then sends Lane headfirst into the ring post and Lane is busted open now.

Ed: And a hotshot over the guardrailing and that’s the move that put out Freddy Fever. Mask rolls Lane back into the ring and slowly climbs in. she signals that she’s going to be the new champion. She goes for the cover. one. two. thre. Kickout by Lane at the very last moment.

Biff: Mask goes to the top. She leaps off, but Lane nails her with a fist to the midsection and Lane looks pissed. Lane with a clothesline and another and another. She whips Mask into the ropes and powerslams her. Lane with another whip and a double clothesline!! They are both out.

Ed: Mask slowly gets to her feet. She pulls up the bloody Lane by her hair and swinging neckbreaker. She hoists her up and this could be it the Running Powerslam!!! Cover. one. two. thre. KICKOUT!! Lane kicked out.

Biff: Mask pulls her up again and another Running Powerslam. cover. one. two. thre. Feet in the ropes. Mask pulls up Lane and she’s going for another!! NO! Lane pushes off, sending Mask into the corner and then nails her with a clothesline.

Ed: Lane fighting back now. She’s battered and bloody, but she’s the champ and she just powerbombed Jungle Mask. Lane with a second powerbomb and then a spinebuster slam. Lane sets up and nails the Gorilla Press Piledriver. one. two. thre. NO! Foot in the ropes and Mask slides out of the ring.

Biff: She’s pulling something out from under the ring. Lane comes up behind, reaching over the ropes and grabs a hold of that mask to try and pull Jungle Mask back into the ring. Mask just nailed Lane with whatever it was and Lane flies backwards.

Ed: The referee completely missed that and Lane is down and out! Jungle Mask slithers back into the ring and… what is she doing?

Biff: Mask pulls off her mask and…

Ed: OH MY!!! That’s… That’s… That’s…

Biff: What the hell?!? That’s Monica Brant!!!! She covers Lane! One. two. three! We have a new OWA Champion in Monica Brant! What the hell does she think she’s doing? She was a Femme!

Ed: Monica Brant is Jungle Mask! She applies the Fashion Statement sleeper to Lane! We’re going to need some help out here. And here comes the Femmes and Brant grabs the title and hightails it out of there. She goes through the audience and she’s outta here.

Biff: What the hell?!? What the hell?!? Monica Brant?!?

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the match and the NEW OWA Champion.

There’s a pause as the announcer confers with the referee.]

Announcer: Monica Brant!

Ed: We are completely in shock at this turn of events. I know that someone is being sent to track down the new OWA Champion Monica Brant for a word about this. I cannot believe that she’s turned her back on the Femmes. She’s been out on suspension but.

Biff: Jungle Mask appeared just about the time that her suspension was over and no one had a clue as to what the world was going on with Monica Brant.

Ed: We’re about out of time. We have new Tag Team Champions, as we’ll as a new North American champion. Pretty Boy Monty is the winner of Caged Fury. However, the news tonight, is that Jungle Mask was actually Monica Brant. Hold on. I’m being told that. Shelly Marks is trying to catch up with Monica Brant. Let’s go there now.

(The camera shows Marks racing through the locker room, past half-dressed wrestlers, obviously looking for someone.)

Marks: I got a tip that Monica Brant may be down here somewhere. Let’s see if we can talk to her before she disappears again.

(Marks is quiet as she pushes through empty rooms and dark hallways. Finally, she yells out.)

Marks: Monica! Monica Brant, wait up!!

(Monica Brant, is putting on a long fur coat over her wrestling outfit, turns and faces the camera.)

Monica: That’s OWA Champion, MISTRESS Brant!

Marks: Uhh. sure. Well, uhh, Mistress Brant, what’s the deal? Why hide behind the mask all this time?

Monica: Wouldn’t you like to know?

Marks: Well, yes, I would. So would most of our viewers, I’m sure.

Monica: And I should care because. ?

Marks: Well, you certainly haven’t lost attitude during your suspension.

Monica: (Laughs, sharp and harsh) No, dearie, I haven’t lost my attitude, as you call it. In fact, I’ve refined my attitude to a razor edge. So be careful, Miss Marks. (Monica takes a step closer to Marks and the camera.) You don’t want to get too close to the razor’s edge!

Marks: Uhh. sure. Okay, well, why the attack on your former team mate Traci Lane?

Marks: Lane challenged me, Marks. I’ll explain why I’ve done what I’ve done once, and only to Lane’s face. Now is not the proper time.

Marks: Alright, what’s your goal in the OWA, now that you’ve obviously returned and are no longer with the Femmes?

Monica: (turning around and walking away as she speaks.) See this? (She holds up the OWA Championship) This was the goal. The rest? You’ll all know in time, dearest. In the meantime, just stay out of my way.

(fade out)

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