WSCW Primal Rage 12-14-1997

Godiva Rage defends the Western States TV Championship against Monica Brant; Davey Scott takes on Asian Invasion in a best 2 of three falls match; Mr. America battles Adam Sanchez

WSCW The Gospel Truth 12-7-1997

Rematch from Halloween Horror as Davey Scott attempts to avenge his loss against Mr. America

WSCW Primal Rage/Thanksgiving Special

Virgo defends the WSCW TV Championship against Godiva Rage; Mr. America and a mystery opponent challenge Pretty Boy Monty and Stacks Coltrain; Shiva battles Fantasia and Davey Scott takes on Monica Brant

UCP Primal Rage 11-23-1997

Major press conference as it pertains to the future of the UCP; Traci Lane defends the UCP Championship against Taleis; Asian Invasion tangles with Virgo for the TV Championship; Anthony Hazard tries to get back into the running as he takes on Rachel Ryan; Monica Brant battles Fantasia and Mr. America takes on Godiva Rage; Shiva goes one on one with Consuelo Salyards and a startling turn of events as[...]

UCP The Gospel Truth 11-16-1997

Shiva battles Stacks Coltrain in the main event; Virgo, Monica Brant and Rachel Ryan are also in action; This week’s episode is hosted by Davey Scott

UCP The Gospel Truth 11-9-1997

Fallout from Halloween Horror; Virgo defends the TV title against Ricky Hype

Halloween Horror 1997

Traci Lane defends the UCP Championship against the winner of a match between Adam Sanchez and Monica Brant; Consuelo Salyards defends the North American Championship against Executioner; UCP TV Championship is defended as champion Taleis takes on Virgo; The Wheel of Torture tournament for 1997 with the winner to get a championship match at Deck The Halls

Halloween Horror Preview Show

Asian Invasion hijacks the HH Preshow featuring the main event of Monica Brant going one on one with Mr. America

UCP The Gospel Truth 10-19-1997

Breaking news regarding Freddy Fever; Traci Lane defends the UCP Championship against Virgo; Taleis is also in action

UCP The Gospel Truth 10-12-1997

Executioner takes on Consuelo Salyards for a shot at the championship; Donnie Loudmouth, Fantasia, Adam Sanchez and Davey Scott are all in action