Splatacular Uno

Christine Donahue: Welcome to the very first Splatacular! I’m Christine Donahue and joining me at ringside is none other than “The Voice” Biff Franklin.  Biff Franklin: Took you long enough to introduce me. Christine Donahue: We are excited to be here tonight as you can plainly see. We have two incredible matches that will take place here over the course of the next 90 minutes. Following that incredible The Question[...]

The Triad Challenge

The typical disclaimer is shown, warning folks about piracy. As it fades out, the drum intro to “World on Sticks” by Sam Phillips begins to play. As it continues, video clips of all the participants for the Triad Challenge are shown in the ring. Then clips of all the confrontations between Sierra Silver and Angel Kusanagi are shown as well and finally it fades to the Triad Challenge logo.  We[...]

The Triad Challenge (Pre-Show)

“World on Sticks” by Sam Phillips plays as the Triad Challenge logo is shown on the screen. It fades away as the music continues to play in the background as the Splatterhouse Gym Arena is seen. It’s a very small intimate arena that looks to hold about 1,000 people. However, fans are just now beginning to file in. All floor seating has been blocked off, but there are plenty of[...]

Multiuniversal Championship: Silver vs. Kash

NFW Trauma – 3/14/20Footage Courtesy of https://nfw.boards.net “Long live the reckless and the braveDon’t think I want to be savedMy song has not been sungSo long live us” “The Reckless and the Brave” by All Time Low plays through the arena speakers. The fans erupt into cheers as Sierra Silver bounces out from the back. She stands at the top of the ramp and gazes out into the NFW crowd.[...]

Tournament of Mystery Finale

El Hijo Del Filadelfia vs. Escanor (Yellow Bracket Finale) Mango vs. Kuro Ryu (Pink Bracket Finale) Tournament of Mystery Final Match

Tournament of Mystery #3

Bracket Semi-Finals The Phoenix vs. El Hijo Del Filadelfia The Green Goose vs. Mango Escanor vs. White Tiger Mask Kuro Ryu vs. Muneca Jenova

Tournament of Mystery #2: Pink Bracket

Episode 2 of Tournament of Mystery: First Round of the Pink Brackets Green Goose vs. Osito Muneca Mango vs. Militia Suicida vs. Kuro Ryu Witch’s Bane vs. Muneca Jenova

Tournament of Mystery #1: Yellow Bracket Round 1

First round in the Yellow Bracket of the Tournament of Mystery.Begins at 8PM EST. Ama De Casa Obstinada vs. Phoenix El Hijo Del Filadelfia vs. El Perdador Adorable Escanor vs. The Shogun Godess vs. White Tiger Mask

Riding Shotgun with the creators of the Tournament of Mystery

Riding Shotgun with the creators of the Tournament of Mystery

On February 6, 2020, Splat! Sports presents the first time ever, Tournament of Mystery. The premise of this tournament is that wrestlers will be disguised as they compete and in addition to trying to win the tournament, there is a financial incentive to keep from getting recognized by the guest judges. Tonight, we sit down with the creators of the tournament and get their impression on their attempt that this[...]