The Restaurant #7

The hearings for Attorney General is playing on the television behind Sue Ann.  “You were involved in the prostitution at Kam Loon Restaurant?” asks Sue Ann. “Yes,” Deliah simply says. Sue Ann can feel this case coming to an end with the help of Deliah Loper. “Can you tell me who you met at the […]

Demon of Durango #2

Narrator: On the streets of Durango, there is a saying:“If there is anyone who does bad things, he will most certainly be eaten by a demon.”But, how does one recognize a demon?No one has seen one.But everyone with evil intentions seems to die by some mysterious circumstance.The death will be investigated, but there will never […]

Tish #6

Jake is beating the crap out of Edgar, and Tish jumps in and shoves Jake off of Edgar, sending him ten feet away.  Tish looks at Jake and shakes her head, “What are you doing?” she asks him, with a bit of disappointment in her voice as she leans down to check on Edgar. Meanwhile, […]

The Restaurant #6

“Hello,” says Brandon Tanner as he kneels in front of Ellen Sinclair, who is sitting up on the edge of her bed.  Ellen looks at him silently, and then slowly, her eyes turn to look at Twill, who is still standing by the doorway, watching. She turns back to Brandon, asking, “Who are you? Why […]

Demon of Durango #1

Narrator:Do you believe there are demons in this world? According to witnesses, they are like humans. The only difference is that they have shiny golden fingernails. They can transform and grow out wings during their transformation. Their ears and fingernails will grow longer. Their pupils will change to a different color. They cry golden tears, […]

Tish #5

The scene opens up in an outdoor corridor. Tish is dressed up in a very fancy dress, wearing a tiara. Eric is wearing an expensive suit and wearing a masquerade mask. They are dancing. Tish looks up into Eric’s eyes and softly says, “Romeo.”  Eric, in turn, looks down at her and softly whispers, “Juliet.” […]

The Restaurant #5

CHAPTER SEVENTEEN Douglas Frost walks into the foyer of Schumer Construction, where Dante and Twill are standing. “It’s like a fucking reunion in here,” Douglas says as he approaches. “This brings back some old memories. It’s been a while since the three of us got together.  Dante doesn’t seem happy about this as he finally […]

Kan Tai Panda Adventures #1: Coven Christmas (Expanded)

The scene opens up outside of a creepy-looking castle surrounded by rain, lightning, and thunder. The door opens with a loud creak, and we enter the castle and follow the hallway down a long dark hallway with torches as the only light source until we get to a large room.  There are boxes everywhere, opened […]

Tish #3 & #4

Rain is pouring down heavily as thunder and lightning dance across the sky.  The masked man carries the unconscious woman back to the car and lays her down in the back seat.  He drives into an old junkyard, removes the vehicle’s license plate, and cuts it into several smaller pieces. He uses a forklift to […]

Tish #2

We left our trio in a literal tug of war as Eric wants Tish to stay and protect him, while Jake wants to take Tish so he can protect her. Tish is not amused right about now. She knows she could just kick both of their asses and be done with it, but she doesn’t […]