Dream Wrestle #1

There’s a recap of Episode 0 that tells the story of Dream up to this point, including the cliffhanger where a mystery opponent challenges Hurricane RUKA for the number one contendership for the Champion of Dreams title. The recap fades to black. As this episode opens, it’s a slow-motion scene where fans are cheering, on their feet.  Inside the ring, we see Hurricane RUKA fall to the mat slowly.  Someone[...]

Dream Wrestle #0 – The Fall of Dream Wrestle

Clipped from a news broadcast:  Newscaster: Legendary professional wrestler and promoter, Rieji Okamoto has died today. He was 66 years old.  Yoshio Okamoto: Rieji was never what you would call a top wrestler. He had the dream and the ability, but he never really had that large personality to push him to the top. When he decided to retire, he built Dream.  Newscaster: Dream Wrestle was one of the most[...]