Orphan Finale

Recap of everything up to this point, including the kidnapping of Barbara Gordon by David Cain which ended episode three. Cassandra rushes up the stairs of the clock tower and into the computer room. She searches each and every room of the place as panic begins to set in for her.  She sits down at […]

Orphan #3

Recap of everything up to date, including the mysterious phone call made from David Cain that ended the previous episode. FIFTEEN YEARS AGO “She’s just a child,” scoffs a female voice. “A toddler, if I’m not mistaken.” A man and a woman are watching through a window, though we cannot see what it is they […]

Orphan #2

Recap of episode one ending with the death of Jefferson Johnson in the arms of Cassandra Cain while rain pours down over them.  The rain continues to pour down as the look of anguish spreads across the face of Cassandra Cain, but slowly that anguish takes on the look of anger as she gently lays […]

Orphan #1

The scene shows a baby being born and immediately a man takes the baby away as the mother cries out for him to bring the baby back. Someone gives the woman an injection and she passes out. Cut scene to when the child is five years old. She is learning to throw knives at a […]