Young Heroes In Love #3

Recap from last week’s episode ending with Frostbite storming off. Bonfire catches up with her, “Please wait, Frostbite.” From behind, Thunderhead is confused, “How come everytime she sneezes, you run after her…” ALASTAIR FROST All of a sudden, Thunderhead lifts up and is thrown through the air and crashes into the wall, cracking it as he slides down to the floor.   Bonfire rushes over and checks on him. “Thunderhead,[...]

Young Heroes in Love #2

Scene opens up with Thunderhead and Frostbite trying to hang Cleopatra’s sword on the wall. RYDEN LAUFFEYSON “How’s it look?” LEAH AGUERO “Is it even?” “Is it straight?” “Is his end too high?” DANIELLE ANDERSON Finally we draw back to see Bonfire is watching them, but not really watching them as her eyes seem to be somewhere other than on the sword.  “Everything looks just fine to me…” she murmurs.[...]

Young Heroes In Love #1

The sky is blue with a few lingering fluffy clouds as the title for the show is shown on the screen. The camera pans down to take in the view of the city from up above as the credits start to introduce the actors in the show. YURI MOON The camera dives down to street level as a female figure exits an apartment, puts a helmet on her head and[...]

Dream Wrestle #0 – The Fall of Dream Wrestle

Clipped from a news broadcast:  Newscaster: Legendary professional wrestler and promoter, Rieji Okamoto has died today. He was 66 years old.  Yoshio Okamoto: Rieji was never what you would call a top wrestler. He had the dream and the ability, but he never really had that large personality to push him to the top. When he decided to retire, he built Dream.  Newscaster: Dream Wrestle was one of the most[...]

The Batman Chronicles – Part 2

Batman: Batshit Crazy Mad Scientist “GOTHAM POLICE DECLARE WAR ON BURGLARIZING BATMAN” and “BATMAN INJURES NIGHT WATCHMAN” are just some of the headlines in the Gotham Gazette that Batman reads in the Batcave. Batman talks to Tim Drake. Batman Somebody’s setting me up. There were two burglaries in other pharmaceutical companies this week. Nobody hurt like last night, but chemicals stolen, just the same. Now that Poison Ivy and Dr[...]

The Batman Chronicles – Part 1

Batman: Good Grief  A man with dyed yellow hair puts envelopes into a mailbox labeled “WAYNE” outside of a manor, one of the envelopes is green with a black question mark on the front. A man, in a black tuxedo and black bowtie, with black hair comes out of the manor and gets the mail out of the mailbox before speaking. Bruce Wayne  Mr Zedno, thank you for delivering my[...]

Prison City Finale: Checkmate

There is a recap, ending with the shot of Tila killing Lince and then bleeding out on the sidewalk, and then Never’s betrayal of Cam as she hits her from behind with a pipe wrench and then kneeling before Killjoy as if offering up her sacrifice and the recap fades to a flashback. “Moore! Goddamnit! Where are those numbers I’ve been asking you for all fucking week?! I have a[...]

Prison City #5: Second to None

The show opens with a lengthy recap. The next scene opens as Cam and Never are standing in front of the Grand Hotel. At the front entrance stands Lince. Dramatic music, different angles, then fade out. The words “Two Weeks Earlier” break the blackness as we see Cam and Never walking away from a fallen Tila. As they disappear around the corner to find some place to shelter in, faces[...]

Prison City #4: High School Reunion

After a recap of the previous episode, we are given a flashback to another one of Cam’s high school moments. This time it’s graduation as Cam is dressed in her cap and gown and sitting next to her is her best friend Tee. She look at each other with a grin and as their row’s turn to stand comes, they rise and move out of the aisle and down towards[...]

Prison City #3 – The End is Nigh

After a recap of the previous episode, we are shown a graphic that says ‘Two Weeks Later”.  Cam and Never are still in that parking structure. Never is asleep, at least for a brief moment when her eyes flicker open. She sits up and notices that Cam is missing as she leaps to her feet and looks around. She would yell, but she knows better than to attract any attention[...]