Prison City #2: Knight Life

Recap. It had been a couple of weeks, maybe longer since my back was burnt by Felon. The smell had not gone away, neither had the pain. Never was kind enough to clean and find some bandages for the wounds, but the real scar would be mental. I would relive that moment over and over.  As one week turns into two weeks and I’m able to move without ripping open[...]

Prison City #1: Entering The City

My name is Cammie Dragul. But for the purposes of this story, you can call me Cam. It’s a nickname my friends from high school called me. Not part of this story, at least that’s what I thought. Behind this wall that stands before me is what the city refers to as Prison City. There’s no electricity. I doubt there’s running water. The bad of the bad is in there. [...]

Kan Tai Panda Adventures #8: Possession Obsession

“Are you sure this is the right place?” Kan Tai asks as the scene opens. Three individuals stand facing away from the screen as the shot backs up and we finally see that Panda is also there. What we also see is that they are staring at a very creepy looking motel.  The sound of a loose shutter keeps hitting the wall, making a loud whacking noise.  We finally see[...]

Kan Tai Panda Adventures #7: Golden Gloves Gone

The scene opens at a Global Combat Championship press conference. On the stage is Tommy Ward on stage as he accepts the prize for his tournament victory. It is a statue with golden MMA gloves on top and his name across the plaque of the trophy.  He steps up to the microphone and addresses the members of the press and the audience in attendance which includes Kan Tai and Panda[...]


Scene opens up with a wide shot of a train coming through a tunnel and back out into the open. THE DAY IS JUST STARTING TO COME TO AN END AS THE SUN HAS ALMOST DISAPPEARED BEHIND THE MOUNTAIN. THE SCENE SHIFTS TO INSIDE THE TRAIN WHERE KAN TAI IS STARING OUT THE WINDOW. KAN TAI I’m so glad that we decided to take the train to our next destination.[...]


Scene opens up with Kan Tai and Panda WALKING ALONG A TRAIL. KAN TAI CARRIES A BACK PACK, WHILE PANDA USES A WALKING STICK. The SUN IS OUT AND THE BIRDS ARE CHIRPING AS THE TWO MAKE THEIR WAY TO THEIR DESTINATION. PANDA What in the world made you decide that we needed to walk up this mountain today? I mean, certainly no one hikes for fun. KAN TAI Everyone[...]

KAN TAI PANDA ADVENTURES #4: Housekeeping Kaper

KAN TAI PANDA ADVENTURES #4: Housekeeping Kaper

Scene opens up with Kan Tai and Panda standing in a very long line outside of a major stadium. A brief shot of the stadium reveals that today is the finals for the National Housekeeping Championship. Back to Kan Tai and Panda. PANDA Who knew that cleaning house would turn into a competitive sport! KAN TAI Almost anything is a competitive sport these days. Eating food, video games… PANDA Sleeping?[...]


  Scene opens with a very royal sounding musical score as a castle appears on the screen. A newspaper floats by and stops long enough to read the headlines, “Annual Display of Royal Teddy Bear Collection Today.” Inside the castle, there is a large gathering of individuals seated waiting for the unveiling and up on the stage, a curtain is drawn closed. Trumpets blare as the clock strikes the top[...]


Ext opens at the City Park. There is a crowd of individuals standing around and in the gazebo stands the Mayor of the city and beside them are professional wrestling Arley Kirk and Super Tiger, better known as the Kawaii Trash Pandas. There is a banner over the gazebo proclaiming it “Kawaii Trash Panda Day” and the Mayor is giving a speech. MAYOR And furthermore, in remembrance of their great[...]


INT. KAN TAI’S APARTMENT Kan Tai and Panda are sitting at the window of their apartment. In the background, the television can be heard playing a cartoon of some sort while the two stare out the window. PANDA (sighing) I wish it would snow for Christmas. KAN TAI It will snow! The man on the radio said it is going to snow! You should have faith, Panda.  PANDA It’s clear[...]