Plastic Man Finale

Recap of the show up until this point occurs, following with the video stream of Dragon King sliding a knife across the throat of Jazz. Sheila Sorrel was a bright child, full of youth and vigor. The scene shows a young girl, perhaps in kindergarten, learning to spell, do math and such. Her teacher would […]

Plastic Man #3

Recap of the first two episodes ending with a split-screen of Eel being held at gunpoint by Phantom Girl on one half and Jazz being handed over to Dragon King and Deathbolt on the other half. Lila Meeks found herself married at 18. Her husband was a businessman, but she was never really sure what […]

Plastic Man #2

Recap of Episode One ending with the call to Dragon King and his crew regarding the whereabouts of Jazz and Eel. 14 Years Ago A young girl is standing in line at the bank with her mother. One by one, patrons are called forward and the line would move forward. The little girl is starting […]

Plastic Man #1

“Don’t change the fucking channel. You might be wondering why we just don’t do a recap of that third episode of The Question and be done with it. You see, it’s like this. There’s some stuff you missed, of course. You see that show wasn’t really about me, but about some other dick who ended […]