The Restaurant #7

The hearings for Attorney General is playing on the television behind Sue Ann.  “You were involved in the prostitution at Kam Loon Restaurant?” asks Sue Ann. “Yes,” Deliah simply says. Sue Ann can feel this case coming to an end with the help of Deliah Loper. “Can you tell me who you met at the […]

The Restaurant #6

“Hello,” says Brandon Tanner as he kneels in front of Ellen Sinclair, who is sitting up on the edge of her bed.  Ellen looks at him silently, and then slowly, her eyes turn to look at Twill, who is still standing by the doorway, watching. She turns back to Brandon, asking, “Who are you? Why […]

The Restaurant #5

CHAPTER SEVENTEEN Douglas Frost walks into the foyer of Schumer Construction, where Dante and Twill are standing. “It’s like a fucking reunion in here,” Douglas says as he approaches. “This brings back some old memories. It’s been a while since the three of us got together.  Dante doesn’t seem happy about this as he finally […]

The Restaurant #4

CHAPTER THIRTEEN Strolling along the side of a bridge, Ellen Sinclair couldn’t get the images from what she saw when she played the USB drive out of her mind.  Being at home seemed stifling to her, so she decided to go for a walk, though it was dark and chilly. She had finally resolved to […]

The Restaurant #3

As Sue Ann swerves to avoid the semi, she heads straight for the median. She manages to slam on the breaks before she collides with the concrete structure. She slowly lifts her head as she pants, the look of fear in her eyes.  She turns and watches the truck drive on down the street.  She […]

The Restaurant #2

“I can’t find Twill. Where do you think he is?” asks Douglas Frost as he stands on one side of Dante Schumer’s desk. Dante was looking out of the window and had turned to look at Douglas as he entered.  The question isn’t answered by Dante who just looks at Douglas as several awkward seconds […]

The Restaurant #1

Five Years Ago It’s snowing outside. Not much. Some flurries. A younger Douglas Frost is walking down the road, past one streetlight, then onto the next. He walks slowly. He is tall, has dark hair. As we get a closeup of him, we see a drop of blood that has traveled down his cheek. It’s […]