Young Heroes in Love: Finale

We start with a recap of everything so far in this season, ending with Off Ramp and Frostbite having an altercation that ends with Off Ramp shoving Frostbite to the floor as Thunderhead is walking into the garage. “I’m not sure what’s going on in here, but Frostbite just stay down and let this end right here.” The look on Frostbite’s face says otherwise as she leaps to her feet[...]

Young Heroes in Love #5

The scene opens in the garage, Off Ramp has a duffle bag and is carrying it to his car. He spots Frostbite sitting by herself, “Hey.” “I see you’re leaving,” Frostbite says. “Yep.” “I understand why, but, I want to remind you that whatever you’re doing, it has a direct impact on my future here with this team,” Frostbite says. Confused, Off Ramp just shrugs, “Um. Sure. Okay.” Frostbite stands[...]

Young Heroes in Love #4

YOUNG HEROES IN LOVE “HUNGRY! HORRIBLE!” cries out Grundomu as he stomps towards the heroes. “Monstergirl, armor up! Zip-Kid, grab Junior! Off Ramp, get ready to pull us out on my word and Thunderhead,” Hard Drive yells out, “Get ready to rock n roll, brother!” ELLIE FAITH As everyone springs into action, Thunderhead pulls a tree out of the ground by the roots and swings it around, smashing into the[...]

Young Heroes In Love #3

Recap from last week’s episode ending with Frostbite storming off. Bonfire catches up with her, “Please wait, Frostbite.” From behind, Thunderhead is confused, “How come everytime she sneezes, you run after her…” ALASTAIR FROST All of a sudden, Thunderhead lifts up and is thrown through the air and crashes into the wall, cracking it as he slides down to the floor.   Bonfire rushes over and checks on him. “Thunderhead,[...]

Young Heroes in Love #2

Scene opens up with Thunderhead and Frostbite trying to hang Cleopatra’s sword on the wall. RYDEN LAUFFEYSON “How’s it look?” LEAH AGUERO “Is it even?” “Is it straight?” “Is his end too high?” DANIELLE ANDERSON Finally we draw back to see Bonfire is watching them, but not really watching them as her eyes seem to be somewhere other than on the sword.  “Everything looks just fine to me…” she murmurs.[...]

Young Heroes In Love #1

The sky is blue with a few lingering fluffy clouds as the title for the show is shown on the screen. The camera pans down to take in the view of the city from up above as the credits start to introduce the actors in the show. YURI MOON The camera dives down to street level as a female figure exits an apartment, puts a helmet on her head and[...]