In this edition, we hear from Erykah Draper, Sonya Williams, Hannah Blue and introduces Shea London.

[The screen goes black, then a cherry bomb appears in the middle of the screen. The fuse sparks to life and burn down as a countdown appears on the screen.







The cherry bomb explodes into bright fiery red, filling the screen before the flames vanish to reveal a studio. A bank of video monitors show various wrestlers in action and in front of the monitors sit three people. In the middle is a young Asian woman in a dark red business suit, with the Cherry Bomb logo on the lapel. To her left sits an older, stone faced Asian man in a matching suit. To her right sits an athletic Asian woman with dyed ice blue hair and blue and black leathers.]

Yoko: Welcome to another Cherry Bomb Pro Wrestling Champ Forum! I’m Yoko Yamamoto and joining me for this show will be Tetsuo Onita on my left and a very punk looking Razor Tsuruta on my right. There was a long delay between our first and second night of wrestling, but the action was still hot. In the opening match Concrete Blonde pinned Yori Kenyuki in a high impact match.

Razor: My favorite match of the night. Two of the toughest women in C-Pro going right at each other.

Yoko: The second match featured the popular Sonya Williams defeating newcomer Hannah Blue.

Tetsuo: Probably the best match of the night. Both women respect each other and the fans and it showed.

Yoko: And in the main event, Dalbello Rage got off to a slow start but pinned Bianca LesRiviers.

Tetsuo: The old timer just takes a little while to warm up. Bianca tried hard but Rage had the answers that night.

Razor: So did Erykah Draper, who came out to challenge half of C-Pro. She’s not the biggest, but she might be the baddest.

Yoko: Maybe! Not surprisingly, she still had a lot on her mind after watching Dalbello’s match. Let’s hear from the Painmaker!


{Scene opens atop a high rise in the middle of downtown Tokyo. Thousands of men, women and children scamper below. The skies are grey with storm clouds as a woman in a dark leather trench coat walks along the ledge of the building, cane in hand. Her face is covered with her browning black hair, with only a parted space for her luminous red lips.}

Dalbello rage, I’m pretty tired of all the gibber jabber…for months I chased you all around the world and then some! I challenged you right here in japan and you still ran from me…and now, back in the states, you got the nerve to whisper in somebodies ear that you wanted a piece of Erykah Draper.

The time for talking….is done.

Erykah draper is tired of your old-grey ass…you claim to have over 17 years in the sport with all the accolades to boot…but it doesn’t mean a damn thang to a World Class Athlete…when you’re a thousand miles from the nearest ropes and the ref only I can hear you scream…remember my first name is P_A_I_N!

{Birds, perhaps bats, fly forth from a bell tower as Draper works her way around the perimeter of the building with perfect balance. She twirls her cane around her wrist, high up in the air at times, as she watches the children shuffling about down below.}

….in a matter of weeks, I’ll be the one and only all Asian champion of the world…and as long as cherry bomb pro wrestling doesn’t try to hold me back, you’ll be seeing a clean sweep of all the competition… I’ll welcome all the competition like I did the geisha girl……

…welcoming you to the House-of-Pain…

and Dalbello, next Saturday night at the egg dome, bring your rage and all that inferior American wrestling background of yours so I can break you in with a good ol’ fashioned lesson in the Pain-Game.

Tetsuo: This is not just a little rivalry in C-Pro. Everyplace these two wrestle they make it perfectly clear they can’t stand each other.

Razor: Dalbello is a legend, but nothing’s forever. And Erykah Draper has to be considered the wrestler in C-Pro most likely to end someone’s career. Her Wakigatame Armlock is the most lethal in the sport.

Yoko: We don’t have any comments from Dalbello Rage. I understand she was feeling a little under the weather over at an IEWA card, so maybe that explains it.

Tetsuo: Dalbello’s the busiest woman in sports, I’ve lost track of how many feds she is involved in.

Razor: And at her age, she needs to learn to take it easy. Those old bones just can’t take it anymore.

Yoko: Anyway! We do have words from another C-Pro star that won this last card. Her win over Hannah Blue has to be one of the best matches of the year. Here’s Sonya Williams!


[Camera opens on Sonya Williams. She is wearing black spandex shorts and a maroon USC Track and Field sweatshirt. She is working with karate kicks on a heavy bag held by her trainer. She finishes and turns to the camera with a smile] [SW] Hello. Boy, you guys got here a little early? Oh well, I guess I have a lot to talk about today, first off. Hannah Blue. You and I had a great match. Probably one of the two best I’ve had (smiles) I know where you are coming from being lonely. I am a long way from southern California and my family. At least I have Yosi to keep me company. So if you feel the need to talk to someone, or just hang out, feel free to stop by. Now as for Sweet Rebel whatshername. (Sighs) you still think you are hot stuff? No pun intended. Well, I talked to my sister and she said the best way to deal with punks that like to shoot off their mouths was to kick them in the teeth, so I guess I’m challenging you to a match. Of course, try and remember, after you sign the contract, don’t set it on fire. This is key. Lastly, I would like to ask the officials to give me another shot, down the line at Erykah Draper. Now that I know what she is about, I think I can take her. Well, I have to get back to work, so I’ll see you guys later. [Camera fades]


Yoko: Sonya Williams sounds ready for Ryoko Tsai and Erykah Draper!

Razor: She better have a hospital room prepared ahead of time then. Last time she escaped, but this time Erykah might just take that arm home with her.

Tetsuo: Nonsense. Sonya is one of the brightest up and coming stars here in C-Pro. She’s learning fast and as much as anyone, she shows the character necessary to be a real star. Sonya’s been in the ring twice, time for Ryoko Tsai to show what she is made of.

Yoko: They were opponents in the ring, but even Hannah Blue has some positive words for the woman who defeated her. Here’s ‘Midnight’ Blue!


“I offer no excuses . . . Tonight, I was beaten by the better wrestler.”

(Hannah ‘Midnight’ Blue is sitting backstage, in the locker room of the Tokyo Sumo Hall. It is mere minutes after her debut match against Sonja Williams. Hannah is still in her ring attire, which is slightly stained with droplets of blood around the upper chest and collar. Around her shoulders, there hangs a white towel which is also soiled with her plasma, only more heavily so. Because of the injury to her mouth, her speech is slightly slurred, but with a smile, she brushes back her long dark hair and continues to verbalize her thoughts).

“I’ve been told that I need stitches in this little ‘cut’ of mine, but I couldn’t leave here without saying a few words . . . Sonja, you are truly a great fighter. You absorbed all of my best offensive moves, and still found the strength to pin me for the three-count. I am sure that your tenacity and talent will take you a long way in this great Federation. I wish you well, and congratulations once again on an impressive victory.”

(She pauses to dab at her mouth with the towel, wincing as she does so).

“I am not angry that I was defeated. It is not a disgrace to lose when you give 100%, as I did this evening. This was a good learning experience for me, and I know that I will grow stronger because of it.”

(Despite her physical discomfort, Hannah smiles once more . . . Her natural exuberance rising to the fore).

“Finally, I would like to thank all the wonderful fans for making my debut here so special. Before the match, I felt a little homesick, but your support and love took away those sad feelings . . . And it is very much appreciated. Maybe the next time I step into the ring to fight, I can reward your affection with a win.”

(Suddenly, Hannah glances away from the camera, with a quizzical expression on her face).


(Then she nods.)

“Okay! . . . I’ve got to go . . . I’ll speak to you again soon . . . Take care . . .”

(The scene fades to black, as she rises from her chair and walks away).

Razor: Wasn’t Midnight Blue a drug song? Hannah sounds like she’s on drugs. Get a grip, girl. The other woman in the ring is your enemy, it’s all kill or be killed.

Tetsuo: Personally, this brings back memories. Crush Girls…Jaguar Yokota and Devil Masami. The good old days when wrestlers didn’t need to hate each other and showed respect.

Yoko: Not EVERYONE in C-Pro feels this way though. Bianca ‘Cold Dawn’ LesRiviers is off to a cold start in C-Pro, but had these heated words for Dalbello Rage!


(The scene opens outside a shabby-looking gym in one of the poorer Tokyo districts. A camera team is standing outside, apparently waiting. A few moments later the gym doors open and Bianca LesRiviers walks out, her hair wet and a gym-bag over her shoulder. One of the reporters, a small Japanese with a big smile on his face and an even bigger camera, walks up to her)

Reporter: “Good evening, Miss LesRiviers, Tako Kakuta from (he mumbles something in Japanese) magazine. Would you spare a few minutes of your time to answer us and our readers a few questions?”

Bianca (sighs): “What is it?”

Tako: “First of all, what made you decide to move to Japan and wrestle for Cherry Bomb Pro? For a young talented Canadian wrestler there must be surely a lot of federations in North America…”

Bianca: “Listen, smileyface. I have wrestled in Canada, and I have wrestled in the US. And it sucked. Face it, the so-called fans in North America cheer you if you wiggle your butt enough or if your boobs are big enough, but they don’t give a damn about your wrestling. That’s why I’m here in Japan. I don’t know the language and your food is awful but at least the people appreciate what I do best and that’s wrestling.”

Tako smiles and nods: “But so far, it seems you haven’t been too successful. Last week you have lost against Dalbello Rage, maybe her vast experience…”

Bianca (interrupts her): “Look, that old woman beat me, and I respect her for that. I was staring at the ceiling after her little fisherman’s, and that’s fine by me. But you should know one thing, Dalbella…”

Tako: “Dalbello.”

Bianca: “Whatever. You should be darn happy that you beat me with it once, because it sure as hell won’t happen again. I came to C-Pro to learn whatever the Japs have to offer because in North America there was nothing left for me to learn, and you’d better realize that there’s no way you can put your stupid fisherthingy or whatever on me again, because I get better every day, and you get older every day. Does that answer your question?”

Tako: “Most certainly, Miss LesRiviers. Thank you for your time, and it has been a real pleasure…-“

(Bianca ignores him and heads off down the road, leaving a speechless but still smiling Tako Kakuta behind as the scene fades to black)

Razor: Well, you have to admit, time is on Bianca’s side. All she has to do is be patient. Remember, Dalbello…every day…in every way…you just keep getting older and older.

Tetsuo: She’s yet to show it so far, so that looks like wishful thinking to me. Talk is cheap…we’ll see soon who really has what it takes in the ring.

Yoko: One newcomer who is just waiting to get her chance in the ring is Shea London. Let’s hear from this young Brit!


[The scene is a rather modest hotel room in the heart of downtown Tokyo. A young, attractive, blonde haired girl is lying on her bed, on the phone, taking a break from an obviously strenuous workout. Her accent is a very thick cockney. She notices the camera.]

“Look, mum, I got to go. The camera crew just got here. Say hi to Drew for me.”

[Hanging up the phone, she looks at the camera, and smiles warmly.]

“‘Allo. My name is Shea London. My friends call me “Sensational”, and, well, who am I to argue with ’em. I’ve still got a lot to prove, though. To myself and the rest of the world. And I can’t tell you ‘ow excited I am to be proving myself in the best organization in the world.”

[Standing up, she walks over to a small refrigerator, and takes out a bottle of ice water.]

“But, the way some people and telling it, this place isn’t so great. Take this “Sweet Rebel”, or whatever she’s calling ‘erself. You think you’re so bad, don’t you, duchess. You’ve been talking some pretty big talk… particularly for someone who ‘asn’t even put one foot in a ring in C-Pro! I may not be the best this place ‘as to offer, but I’ll take that open contract of yours. I shouldn’t be too difficult for you, if you’re as bad as you say you are. You think you can ‘andle little ol’ me? Step on up.” >

[Sipping from the bottle, she places it back in the fridge.]

“But you’re not top dog on my list, luv. That ‘onour goes to the so-called Mistress of Pain, Erykah Draper. That was a pretty disgusting display at the last card, barging out and slagging off everything and everyone. You can talk as bad as you want. You’ve won ‘ere, and I ‘aven’t… yet. I don’t care if you respect me. I respect myself, and I’ll earn it ‘ere in time. It bothers me a little that you don’t respect the rest of us around ‘ere who aren’t natives. But people like Kim, Sonja, and ‘annah don’t need me to fight their battles for ’em. But when you attack my ‘ome and my blood, then you’d better attack me, also. You don’t scare me, Erykah. Come and get me.”

[The camera fades.]

Tetsuo: A number of wrestlers talking about Ryoko Tsai tonight. Funny there is no comment from her suddenly.

Razor: I understand she did, but there was some problem with the tape. Shea there probably visited and took a magnet to it.

Tetsuo: Well, she and Erykah have to be happy. They seem firmly established in their bad girl roles. Now they just have to back it up.

Yoko: Well, that is all for tonight! For Razor Tsuruta and Tetsuo Onita, I’m Yoko Yamamoto… have a great night!

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