Triple Threat Ladder Match for the OWA Championship Monica Brant vs. Traci Lane vs. Pretty Boy Monty, North American Champion Consuelo Salyards defends against Tom Tomorrow, Rainbow Warrior and Billy Smith; Roof Match for the OWA TV Championship as Mr. America takes on Virgo; Falls Count Anywhere: Freddy Fever vs. Michelle Cox; Johnny Stallion teams with Biff Franklin to take on Ricky Hype and Taleis; OWA Tag Team Championship defended in a Bar Fight as the Extremists take on former champion Rachel Ryan and Wendy Ryker; OWA Trio Titles are defended as The Crew take on members of MP Inc. and much much more.

Helicopter view of Seattle comes on screen. The OWA logo superimposes over the shot and then the words “Crime Spree 97” are stamped over the top. The scene shatters and falls off the bottom of the screen as the shot goes to a capacity crowd at the Seattle Kingdome. Another camera fades in to Ed Bagel and Myers Watterson at the broadcast location!]

Ed: Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Crime Spree! Seattle Police force are on call and we are about to rock the Pacific Northwest! Joining me for this incredible event is Myers Watterson. Shelly Marks and Elaine Bryant are.

Shelly Marks hurries up to the announce position. ]

Marks: Myers! Will you trade me places? I’d really like to commentate tonight! Please!

Myers looks a bit confused and glances at Ed, who shrugs. ]

Myers: Well. I suppose that would be okay.

Marks: Oh! Thank you. Thank you! *she gives Myers a soft push from the announce position*

Ed: Joining me for commentary will be Shelly Marks. Apparently Elaine Bryant and Myers Watterson will be giving interviews tonight.

Marks: I’m so delighted to be here!

Ed: We have a hot one right off the start. We are going live to Joe’s Bar and Grill here in downtown Seattle. This establishment closed down last night for its final day and has turned over the location to the OWA for this event. We’ll be calling commentary from this location, however, the cameras are stationary and mounted, but we should have coverage of every spot in the place.

Shelly: We are getting some shots of the place now. You see the main floor. Tables and chairs. The bar itself. The liquor bottles have been removed however. Here’s another camera angle. This is the hallway to the back, and to the restrooms and this camera angle is the kitchen.

Ed: Before they let the wrestlers into the bar for the fight, we have some prerecorded comments from the former tag team champions. Rachel Ryan and Wendy Ryker.

Rachel Ryan & Wendy Ryker

The camera cuts to outside the Seattle bar where the bar room brawl is supposed to take place. Standing in front of it, with their backs to the camera are Rachel Ryan and Wendy Ryker.]

Wendy: Now _this_ is my kinda place. It’s sleazy-looking and run down. And it probably had less than pleasant regulars coming here. I already feel _right_ at home here.

Rachel: Maxx. Blades. You two are about to enter a _world_ of hurt. This is more than a match. This is _payback_. And ya know what they say. Payback ain’t a bi*BLEEEP*. It’s a Femme!

Wendy: Hell, it’s been a long time since I could just cut loose and do what comes natural in a fight, but tonight is the night, and baby, I’m ready, willing and able to hit ya where it hurts and then go dancin’ all over yer faces!

They both turn around, staring at the camera. Wendy apparently got dressed for the occasion, as she has a pair of brass knuckles taped to her fists so they won’t be too easy to tear off.]

Wendy: No rules, boys. Nothing to hold us back. Anything goes, as long as one team ends up unconscious, Dannyboy, John-man… That ain’t gonna be us… Trust me, boys.

Rachel: You’ve got something that belongs to us, and that just makes us even _more_ determined to beat the crap outta you! Believe me when I say you haven’t even _seen_ us get violent before, so remember to put in an extra order at the blood bank before ya step into this bar with the two of us, because you’re gonna need it!

Wendy: Time to have some fun, boys. Come on down, and enter the domain of the Wild Child. I promise we won’t cripple ya. Permanently.

OWA Tag Team Championship/Bar Fight: Wendy Ryker/Rachel Ryan vs. Danny Maxx/Johnny Blades

Ed: The object of this match, is to incapacitate both opponents. Now I don’t expect a match like this to last very long. There is no soft surfaces here or padding or give, like you’d find in a wrestling ring.

Shelly: Well, I understand that Rachel and Wendy are already in the bar and that Maxx and Blades are right outside. There are a couple of police officers on the scene, but they will not be in the building. The officer inside, will let Rachel and Wendy know and they’ll come out and then the officer will open the doors and let in the Extremists. The only other person in the room will be a referee to determine a winner.

Ed: We’ve got picture back at the bar and you see Rachel and Wendy conferring a bit. The officer is talking to the referee. Now the officer is unlocking the front door, and the referee is there with him. And. this match is underway. The officer leaves the building, and he’s supposed to lock them inside.

Shelly: In a match of this type, the OWA commissioner has said that a couple of ambulances will be at the site. I have a feeling we’re in for a violent night tonight.

Ed: The Femmes have jumped The Extremists. Wendy Ryker nails Maxx with a low blow and then picks him up and slams him through a table and we have first damage. Rachel Ryan whips Blades who slides through about three tables.

Shelly: Blades just dove and grabs the legs of Rachel and drops her down. She hits her head on the floor. Blades reaches up and flips a table over onto her. He gets up and jumps on the table and that had to hurt. Wendy is pounding on Maxx and Blades nails her from behind.

Ed: Double team on Wendy, by the Extremists. They heave her up and across the room and she crashes into several tables. Ryan is up. She clothesline Maxx but is caught by Blades with a forearm to the side of the head. Blades slams Ryan on the floor.

Shelly: Maxx is to his feet, but caught from behind by Ryker who runs him headfirst into the wall and now Maxx is busted open. Ryker with a DDT and Maxx is out. The referee is checking on Maxx. However, rules state there isn’t any counts unless BOTH members are out.

Ed: Ryker rushes over to Blades who backdrops her up and over the bar! Blades pulls up Ryan and runs her headfirst into the bar. Ryan is busted open now. Ryker nails Blades with a clothesline and picks up a chair and breaks it over his back!

Shelly: This one is already getting out of control. Ryker grabs a piece of the broken chair and chokes Blades with it. Maxx is slowly getting to his feet. He’s very unsteady and blood is pouring down his face. He grabs a piece of broken table and breaks it over Ryker’s head.

Ed: Maxx tries to help Blades to his feet but is double clotheslined by Rachel Ryan. Ryan with a strong Irish whip that sends Blades into the corner table. Ryan goes right after him and heaves him up and powerbombs him through the table, breaking it into pieces.

Shelly: Maxx runs at Ryan from behind and goes for shoulderblock, but Ryan moves to the side and Maxx goes into the window, shattering it. Now, the windows are barred as you can see, which is why he didn’t go all the way through. I expect that he’d have been better off going through.

Ed: Wendy Ryker is slowly getting to her feet. Rachel calls her over and they set up Maxx and double bulldog through the table. Blades is up and he hits Ryan with a chair and she goes down. Ryker turns around and takes down Blades.

Shelly: Ryker grabs Blades by the hair and throws him into the small corridor leading to the back. Blades slams against the door. Ryker comes in, but Blades nails her with a kick and then DDTs her on the floor. He crawls out and spots Ryan down. He tries to get Maxx to get up.

Ed: The referee has noticed that both females are down and he starts a count but it’s a little too early, as Ryan is already on her hands and knees. He struggles to his feet. You can see this match has already run these four competitors down.

Shelly: Without a doubt. Blades is looking around for something. He staggers to the kitchen area and he comes back with a pot and a pan. Oh my. He tosses one to Maxx who right away clocks Ryan with it and Ryan is down.

Ed: Blades goes after Ryker, who’s trying to get to her feet. Blades takes a swing, but Ryker ducks and grabs him around the waist and bring him back for a belly to back suplex! The back of Blades. Head just smashes the door behind them and Blades is out. Maxx comes over and goes for Ryker but Ryker nails him with kick to the groin.

Shelly: Oooo and Maxx is in serious pain. He crawls away, but Ryker catches up to him and drops an elbow onto his back. She pulls him up, but Maxx pulls her down and her chin connects hard with the edge of the bar and she slumps to the ground.

Ed: Maxx crawls away from her and just lies down. The referee looks around and starts to count. one. two. three. Maxx notices the count and tries to get up. four. five. six. seven. eight. nine. ten! The referee says it’s over.

Shelly: He says that the Extremists are the winners. The doors are opening and medical personnel are coming in to check on everyone. I cannot believe that match. I have a feeling the OWA Commissioner will think twice before signing another match of that sort.

Ed: Coming up, we have the Davey Scott respect match. Let’s go to Elaine Bryant along with Davey Scott.

Davey Scott

Elaine Bryant is waiting outside the locker room door.]

Elaine: Here I am outside the locker room of the OWA wrestlers, and I here that Davey. The Renegade. Scott is on his way to the ring. Tonight, he shall face 20 other wrestlers in a Respect Match, where if any of those 20 make a decision on him within a 2 minute time period. The match is all over. Odds are against him, and I should know. I saw the list of wrestlers who are likely to be in the ring against him. Ooh… [Looks to the left] Here he comes now… [Davey dressed to wrestle and wearing a Traci Lane T-shirt.: Davey. may I have a word with you.

Davey: Sure Elaine. I got time.

Elaine: Ok Davey. You are about to go for the big one, where as you don’t just face 1 or 2 wrestlers, but 20 wrestlers. Do you feel you’re up to that tonight?

Davey: [gives a wondering gesture, and then looks straight: Well, I guess the most honest answer I can give you is I don’t know. they say the odds are against me, well. too be truthfully honest, odds isn’t what keeps me going. I am not a gambler nor a horse. I am a wrestler of the OWA. Furthermore, I think that this match will be one of those ‘match of my life’ type deals, but regardless, I am going to go in and give it all I got.

Elaine: Now you realize that anybody that doesn’t wrestle you tonight, shall be at ringside acting as lumberjacks. What you opinion to that?

Davey: Well, personally me I don’t need any lumberjacks, due to the fact I will hopefully be in the ring full time period, if not, well, I will walk in myself. However, if this is the game the new commissioner wants to play. I can deal with that, I beat him at his own game though. I don’t think he fully realized who he is dealing with.

Elaine: Now you haven’t wrestled since you initially told the world you quit. So this is your comeback, really, how do you feel?

Davey: [thinks a minute: Well, I do regret saying those words at that time, however, at that time, I was intending on quitting. Then the BOD stuck it nose in my business, and delayed my resignation, then in order to wrestle, the Commissioner took away the title shot I was initially going to get tonight, and put me in this freak show match he calls a Respect Match, and I can’t wrestle until then, and you want to know how I feel. Umm. I guess I would feel. [Jokingly]. Happy. Well, I’m on my way to ringside.

Elaine: Okay. Good luck. Under Pressure but with a sense of humor, that Davey for you. Back to control.

Announcer: This match is a special Respect Match. First introducing the man who is trying to earn respect. He weighs in at 280 pounds. Please welcome Davey Scott!

Davey Scott walks down the aisle, slapping hands with the fans on the way down. The announcer continues]

Respect Match: Davey Scott vs. OWA

Announcer: At this time, all OWA Wrestlers should come down to the ring, by orders of the OWA Commissioner. Please note the score clock. *currently flashing. Davey Scott. * At the beginning of the match, a name will show up there and announce the name of each competitor as they are to enter the ring. The first name will flash shortly.

Anthony Hazard enters the ring and grabs the mic from the ring announcer]

Hazard, looking at Davey: Who the hell are you anyway? Tell me why I should even consider given you respect or caring if you respect me. Ladies and gentleman, Mr. Commish and whoever else cares, I’m outta here.

Ed: Oh boy. This could be trouble. Hazard is leaving the ringside area.

Announcer: Davey’s first opponent. She is none other than the former OWA Champion.

Traci Lane

Ed: OH MY! You can’t wish for anything worse, than getting the former OWA Champion right off the bat. She climbs in the ring and is ready for action. She gets two minutes and then she has to get out for the next person. This isn’t a Royal Rumble where everyone stays in. only two minutes of action, unless you’re Davey Scott. Scott offers a handshake, which Lane readily accepts.

Shelly: Current word at this time, is that Rachel Ryan is being stitched up in her forehead and on the back of her head. She’s lost a bit of blood. She also has a slight concussion, but it isn’t expected that she’ll be out of action long. Johnny Blades, however, has a more serious concussion and he may be out for three weeks or more. They will both spend the evening at the local hospital. No serious injuries to Ryker or Maxx. They both made out with only bruises and a few cuts.

Ed: That was a rough match for all four competitors. However, let’s get on with this match, as the bell has run and the timer is going. We have a lock up. Lane with a whip. Scott ducks a clothesline and comes off with a high cross body block, but Lane ducks and Scott goes out of the ring with the momentum.

Shelly: Right into the arms of MP Inc. members who stomp on him a couple of time before throwing him back into the ring. Lane sets him up for the Gorilla Press Piledriver this early. There’s the buzzer, but she nails it anyways.

Asian Invasion

Ed: Traci Lane exits the ring and Asian Invasion is like a vulture. Invasion with a belly to belly suplex and a cover. one. two. Kickout by Scott. Invasion with a whip and Scott ducks the clothesline and comes back with a clothesline of his own. cover. one. Kickout by Invasion. If Scott happens to pin one of these before the two minute mark, then we get a new competitor in the ring.

Big Russ Gator

Shelly: Russ Gator storms into the ring, but is met with a fist to the midsection by Scott. Scott nails Gator with a suplex. Scott tries for a piledriver, but Gator counters with a backdrop and then goes for a chokehold. one. two. three and another. one. two. three. Gator is up and nails Scott with a flying bulldog.

Tom Tomorrow

Ed: Gator gives another stomp to Scott before he exits and Tom Tomorrow enters the ring. Tomorrow is slow and deliberate as he sets up and delivers a chokeslam to Scott. Cover. one. two. Kickout by Scott. He’s taking a lot of punishment so far. Bodyslam by Tomorrow and a kneedrop, but Scott rolls out of the way. Scott with a body slam of his own and an elbowdrop, that misses as Tomorrow moves out of the way.


Shelly: Shogun slides into the ring and hits Scott with a savate kick. He sets up for a powerbomb but Scott counters with a backdrop. Scott his Shogun with a couple of kicks but Shogun nails him with a Yakuza kick. Shogun with a clothesline and now, things are starting to take their toll on Davey Scott.

Danny Bouchard

Ed: Here comes Bouchard. He nails Scott with a kick and another. He pulls up Scott and whips him into the ropes and nails him with a spinebuster slam. cover. one. two. Kickout by Scott. He’s definitely determined. Bouchard nails him with a piledriver and goes for another cover. one. two. Kickout by Scott.


Shelly: In comes the Shocker. He clamps on the Sleeperhold and Davey Scott could be in a bit of trouble but he’s too close to the ropes. Shocker breaks the hold and hits him with an elbowsmash. Vertical suplex by Shocker and Scott is down. It’s basically a survival game at this point for Scott. He doesn’t have the strength to fight back it seems.


Ed: Here comes Virgo. Later tonight, he’ll be on the roof. Virgo with a faceslam. He goes to the top and leaps off, but Scott moves out of the way. He staggers into the corner. As Virgo charges in, but Scott brings up a knee and hits Virgo with a clothesline.

Anthony Hazard

Ed: We’ll we know that he’s not even at ringside. I can also imagine that the Commission is not happy with this particular scenario and he gave a very stern warning to all OWA competitors.

Shelly: Well, looks like Davey Scott gets a 2 minute rest. He pulls himself over into the corner and realizes he’s cut himself a nice break here.


Shelly: OH MY! I didn’t even know he was back in action!

Ed: And from the look on Davey Scott’s face, he didn’t know Gus was back in action either. Gustaffson gets a hold of Scott and hits him with a chokeslam and this crowd is going crazy! Davey Scott is not moving. Gustaffson sets up and nails Scott with his patented Drop Piledriver and this has got to be over. one. two. three!

Shelly: It was a surprise to see Gustaffson’s name come on that screen but I’ll tell you what. Davey Scott put on one hell of a show.

As the rest of the OWA wrestlers walk away from the ring. Mr. America grabs a mic off of the table. He ruffles the hair of Ed Bagel a bit and laughs. Mr. America climbs into the ring as Davey Smith gets back to his feet.]

Mr. America

Mr. America: So here we have the “sexy boy” or is it the “renegade” now? Aw hell! I’m not too sure and I don’t care. You know Davey..

Mr. America starts to pace the ring.]

Mr. America: Not too long ago, you said you were leaving the OWA. You did say that you were quitting. I was quick to point out that if you did that Billy would be the one to say that he made you leave. Before that, I remember you saying that you wouldn’t leave the OWA until you had run out Billy. We’ll Davey it almost looked like you were going to take off and let Billy win. You were going to give him the boast that he ran you out of the fed. What I want to know is why you came back Davey? Don’t give me this bull[BEEP] of how it was the fans. how it was your mentor. how it was Traci Lane because frankly, I don’t want to hear it and neither do the fans. Yeah Davey, you have fan support, but there are a lot of people around here that have that and a lot more than you do.

Mr. America stops and looks Davey Smith in the eyes.]

Mr. America: I’ll tell you why it is you came back Davey. It’s not that hard to figure out. You came back because you knew what you believed was the biggest bunch of crap you’ve ever heard. All you needed were for other people to tell you that. You needed someone else to believe in you. You knew the fans never believed that “sexy boy” or “renegade” crap. They didn’t by that for a minute. They believed in Davey Smith. That goes for me as well. All it takes is luck for a man to beat twenty men and to think he’s a God, and all it takes is someone like me to pin him to the mat and shatter that image as we’ll as his self-confidence. Davey. I never respected the “Sexy Boy” Davey Smith. I never respected the “Renegade” Davey Smith. I always respected just plain old Davey Smith.

The crowd goes crazy as Mr. America smiles.]

Mr. America: Kinda weird coming from me isn’t it? A man whose arrogance and mouth surpass that of anyone else in this fed. Call it me being humble but I call it the truth.

The crowd cheers even more.]

Mr. America: You don’t have to beat twenty men to get my respect. You just have to be man enough to admit that you made a mistake and you did that. Now, as far as this goes.

Mr. America shows the OWA TV belt by moving his jacket.]

Mr. America: I seem to remember that you had two chances at this title and came up short. If I can beat Virgo tonight as well as Hazard in a rematch, you’re next. You deserve it because the fans don’t want to see the “Sexy Boy” or the “Renegade” Davey Smith. They want to see the “Champion” Davey Smith that they love so dearly. All you have to do is beat me. That may sound simple enough, but we both know it’s no walk in the park. Adios Davey.

Mr. America tosses the mic to the mat and exits the ring. He walks back up the aisle as Davey watches him walk away. He slowly makes his way to his feet as the fans give him an ovation.]

Ed: Plain and straight to the point is Mr. America these days. We’re about to have our first of three Internet Title defenses. Consuelo Salyards is the brand new North American Champion winning that title from Billy Smith just over a week ago.

Shelly: Her first opponent tonight is going to be Tom Tomorrow who’s getting his first title shot here in the OWA. He’s done rather well, since debuting in the league and it could be his chance to get the gold. However, on this night, if he gets the gold, he has two others to go through to keep it.

Ed: Let’s go down to ringside for this contest.

North American Championship: Consuelo Salyards vs Tom Tomorrow

Announcer: This match is one fall. It is for the North American Championship. Coming down the aisle, weighing in at 310 pounds. He is the challenger. He calls himself the “Wrestler of the Future”. This is Tom Tomorrow! And his opponent. She is the current North American Champion. She weighs in at 126 pounds. Accompanied to the ring by giant, Gustaffson. Here is “The Latin Lover” Consuelo Salyards!

Ed: Not to take anything away from this match or from Davey Scott but the reaction from this crowd when Gustaffson’s name came across the scoreboard was absolutely deafening. It was great to see Gus inside there where he belongs.

Shelly: Oh, absolutely. The OWA just isn’t the same without the giant. We have the bell and we’re ready for Salyards. First title defense on tonight’s card. They circle the ring. Lock up. Tomorrow whips Salyards into the ropes. Salyards comes off with a spinning leg lariat and Tom is down!

Ed: Great start by the North American Champion. She is fired up tonight. Now keep in mind, that last year in this exact same situation. Gustaffson was the champion. He made it past his first match, but lost in the second, so you can imagine that this match is one that really takes its toll on the wrestlers.

Shelly: Also take into consideration that the giant is a large and deliberate wrestler, and not a quick and sudden wrestler like Consuelo. Tom is up and Salyards tries to hit him with a clothesline. Tom hits her with a spinebuster slam and that took a lot out of the champion.

Ed: Tom Tomorrow with a nicely executed vertical suplex. cover. one. two. Kickout by Salyards. Tom with a whip and a backdrop attempt, but Salyards nails him with a thrust kick to the head. Salyards off the ropes with a cross body, but Tom turns it into a powerslam. one. two. kickout by Salyards.

Shelly: Tom Tomorrow with a belly to back suplex. Tom looking confident at this point. He sets up Salyards for a chokeslam. He’s got her up but she manages to hit him with a dropkick and Salyards off the ropes nails him with another and then a spinning leg lariat and Tom is down.

Ed: Cover by the champion. one. two. Kickout by Tomorrow. Consuelo off the ropes with a flying lariat. cover. one. two. kickout. Consuelo with a Frankensteiner. NO! Tom nails her with a powerbomb. cover. one. two. kickout.

Shelly: Tom goes for a fistdrop but Salyards moves out of the way and rolls him up! One. two. three!!!! She surprised him and got the pinfall! Great match by both competitors and I’m sure it won’t be the last title shot for Tom Tomorrow.

Announcer: Winner of the match in 19: 28 and STILL North American Champion. Consuelo Salyards.


As Johnny Blades is being loaded into an ambulance, you can see Maxx looking back at the mass destruction inside the bar. He shakes his head a bit, slings the OWA Tag Team Championship belts over his shoulders, climbs into the ambulance and sits next to a medic]

Maxx, to medic: How is he?

Medic: He’s got a severe concussion and should be admitted right away.

While reaching out to Maxx and in a groggy voice from under the oxygen mask, Blades says: Hey, we won right?

Maxx, placing one of the OWA Tag Team Championship belts in Johnny’s hand: You bet your ass we won bro.

Johnny smiles, then grabs onto the belt with both hands. As the camera backs away two medics move in and close the ambulance doors. Scene fades back to the arena as the ambulance drives away]

Nightmare vs. Mystery Opponent

Announcer: This match is one fall. Introducing first. Coming down the aisle, weighing in at.

Ed: The announcer is cut off because as Nightmare was coming down the aisle someone has come from the back and attacked him and. OH MY!

Shelly: I am not sure that I am really seeing this. It’s like hearing the Elvis is still alive!

Ed: That is Adam Sanchez!!! Also known as the “Enforcer” back in the old OWA days on the INN network!

Shelly: Sanchez is all over Nightmare. He throws him into the ring and this crowd is going wild! Sanchez is on the corner turnbuckle and waving to the crowd! “The Enforcer” Adam Sanchez back on Nightmare. He hits him with a belly to back suplex.

Ed: Sanchez with a belly to belly suplex. cover. one. two. Kickout by Nightmare. Sanchez with a cross corner whip and he charges in, but Nightmare gets his knees up and then nails Sanchez with a clothesline.

Shelly: Nightmare drops a couple of elbows on Sanchez. Whip by Nightmare. Reversal by Sanchez and he hits with a powerslam and he’s signaling for his finisher!

Ed: Slingshot by Sanchez into a Boston Crab! Can Nightmare fight this?

Shelly: No! It’s over. Nightmare submits and Sanchez gets the win here, his first night back in the OWA!

Announcer: The winner of the match in 6: 24, “The Enforcer” Adam Sanchez.

Adam Sanchez

Sanchez takes the mic]

Sanchez: OWA. I am back! And I’m back for one reason! Rachel Ryan. You are not the Enforcer! I am! I was the first to hold that title. I was one of the first to hold the OWA Championship! I was one of the first to hold the OWA Tag Titles! I was wrestling before Ryan was even thinking about training! Shortly before my disappearance from the OWA, I was betrayed by my tag team partner, Devastator. His attacks upon me forced me to retire to Japan and Mexico where I have been studying under the greatest teacher on the face of the earth. Now, along with my Arizona toughness, no wrestler can best me! Ryan has stolen my moniker. She’s a disgrace to the name as it is, but I’m back to put things straight! Ryan! We’re on a collision course! Be ready!

Ed: Adam Sanchez is back in the OWA and with a mission.

Walking back to the locker room, Davey is caught by Elaine Brant. Davey looks a little disappointed and very exhausted, but none the less emotionally controlled.]

Elaine: Davey, the fans, and perhaps the people of the OWA would want your opinion on the match you just went through. Any thoughts?

Davey: [giving a sincere face: You know. I think people are going to consider this as a lost on my part and perhaps it is, but I think even the fans and anybody else would have to agree that I won. I went up against 9 other wrestlers before facing Gus, and hell, I survived.

Elaine: You looked surprised that Gus even showed up.

Davey: Well. I think the major reason I was surprised cause I didn’t know he was back in action, so I didn’t anticipate him, however, that where I fell. Although this might sound like signing a death warrant. However, Gus. If you’re still listening, I am challenging you to a match to see who the best is. I agree you were better than I was tonight, however, for old times’ sake, let’s bring it on.

Elaine: What are you reactions to Mr. America’s comments about you?

Davey: I don’t know what to think. I personally feel Mr. America was being too kind to offer me a title shot. It is usually I who ask for them. It funny for him to just “give me” a title shot. Although this might contradict what I said to Asian Invasion and I will admit it. However, I have been a faded jaded mandarin. Mr. America’s right. nobody buys the ticket to see the “Renegade” wrestle. Nobody buys the ticket to see the “Sexy Boy” wrestle. They buy that damn ticket, to see Davey Scott wrestle, and I think it time I start realizing that. I think it time to build my stature, my respect, and my capacity up again and to do that, I think I am going to start with step one. I am going to take Mr. America in a match for the TV Title, and I am going to do it, with a smile on my face. So Mr. America, because of those kind words you gave me tonight, I shall accept your match and hopefully, it will be one for the books. Ciao.

Davey walks in the locker room]

Elaine: Well, there you have it, the man the myth the rebel. Back to you, Ed.

OWA Trio Tag Championship: Shogun/Executioner/Stacks Coltrain vs. Big Russ Gator/Kodiak/Nazghul

Announcer: This match is one fall and it is for the OWA Trio Tag Team Championship. First. Coming down that aisle. The challengers. They are accompanied to the ring by Masked Plague and Pooh, weighing in at a total combined weight of 995 pounds. Here are Big Russ Gator, Kodiak and Nazghul! And their opponents, weighing in at a total combined weight of 645 pounds. Representing the Crew. Here are. Shogun, Executioner and Stacks Coltrain!

Ed: This is the first title shot for MP Inc. since coming into the OWA a couple of months ago. But they’re going to have their work cut out for them tonight, taking on members of the Crew. Shogun is filling in for Pretty Boy Monty, who has a shot at the OWA Championship in our main event.

Shelly: You shouldn’t underestimate MP Inc. They may talk up a storm, and blow a lot of hot air, but they are tough competitors, and I would not be surprised if they walked out of here with the Trio Tag titles. The referee is giving instructions and has called for the bell.

Ed: Executioner will start this match against Big Russ Gator. Lockup. Gator with a bodyslam on the former OWA Champion. Executioner back to his feet and he’s caught with a clothesline. Gator tags in Nazghul. A double elbowsmash by the MP Inc. members and Gator leaves the ring.

Shelly: Nazghul with a whip. Reversal by Executioner who nails him coming off with an elbowsmash. Executioner tags in Stacks Coltrain. Coltrain hits with a flying dropkick and then a spinebuster slam. Nazghul tags in Kodiak. Kodiak with a lariat. Cross corner whip and an avalanche!

Ed: Faceslam by Kodiak. Whip by Kodiak. He goes for a spinebuster, but Stacks counters with a swinging neckbreaker! She tags in Shogun. Whip by Shogun. He nails Kodiak with a Yakuza kick and then a thrust kick to the head. Shogun off the ropes, but Kodiak nails him with an elbow and then nails a falling splash.

Shelly: Kodiak goes for another, but Shogun moves and tags in Executioner. Executioner hits with a handspring elbow and then a soviet suplex. Whip by Executioner. Reversal by Kodiak and a kick to the midsection by Kodiak. He tags in Russ Gator. Executioner tags back in Shogun.

Ed: Shogun off the ropes, but Nazghul drives a knee to the back from the outside. Stacks comes in and clotheslines Nazghul who falls to the floor. Stacks goes out and they are brawling out there. Looks like we’ve got the start of a brawl. Kodiak comes back into the ring, but Executioner cuts him off.

Shelly: The referee is starting to lose control of this match. Executioner and Kodiak are brawling. Shogun and Russ Gator are brawling and on the outside. Stacks and Nazghul are brawling. Nazghul just whipped Stacks into the guardrailing.

Ed: Hold on. Kodiak has his Clawhold on Executioner and has him down on the mat but wait! Shogun hits Big Russ with the Palm Blow. Now, who’s legal here? Cover by Shogun but Kodiak has Executioner down. Referee counts. one. two. three!

Shelly: Now wait a minute. Who’s going to get this one? Kodiak thinks he’s won this for his team but Shogun is holding his hand up as well. Now they are getting into each other’s faces.

Announcer: Winners of the match….and STILL OWA Trio Tag Team Champions. The Crew!

Ed: Okay. We have a replay and you can see that Shogun was tagged in by Executioner and Kodiak had just tagged out to Gator so Gator and Shogun were the legal men in the ring. So it was a good call on the part of the referee.

Shelly: Well, with a little controversy thrown in. I don’t think MP Inc. is going to sit back and wait for another title shot.

Ed: We have some prerecorded comments from Michelle Cox who will be facing Freddy Fever in a no holds barred, falls count anywhere match. Let’s go to those comments now.

Michelle Cox

(Michelle Cox is sitting at the side of a large swimming pool. She’s wearing a revealing bikini (of course) which is attracting more than a fair share of stares. She lifts her sunglasses and addresses the camera.)

Michelle: Ahh, the smell of victory. OWA superstars was only one of many places I proved my natural talents. Of course, the final obstacle course was hardly fair to the other competitors. Whipped cream, pudding, vegetable oil, fishnet. Sounds like a regular weekend for me.

(Michelle smiles at the camera.)

But, enough jokes. Fever, Crime Spree is here. No doubt you’re little, over-cooked mind is racing with thoughts of how to beat me. Well, disco man, I’ll give you a hint. DON’T BOTHER! You’re bragging because you put Amazon Woman out of action? Please. Beating the crud out of a woman who’s already been beaten is no challenge. Defeating a REAL woman, however.

(Michelle smiles again, then suddenly looks agitated.)

You attacked me from behind last week and for that you’re going to pay dearly. I promise you this. Tonight will be my night. I will be in the main event of Press Your Luck!

(Cox suddenly stands and walks away.)

Enough of this interview crap. I’ve got work to do.

First Blood Match: Miguel Thunder vs. Blackout

Announcer: This match is one fall. It is a First Blood match. The winner will be the one who makes his opponent bleed first. Introducing the competitors for this encounter. Coming down the aisle, weighing in at 230 pounds. Here is Miguel Thunder! And his opponent, weighing 233 pounds. This is Blackout!

Ed: From the crowd comes Blackout and he attacks Miguel Thunder and throws him from the ring. Thunder slides back in and nails Blackout with an enzuigiri. Whip by Thunder. He goes for a backdrop, but Blackout nails him with a faceslam.

Shelly: Blackout tries for a springboard dropkick, but Thunder side steps it. Thunder drops a fist to the forehead of Blackout and then drives a series of punches to the forehead. Thunder with a whip. Blackout comes off with a back heel kick.

Ed: Blackout with a shoulderblock and he goes for a flying clothesline but Thunder ducks. Thunder hits with a German suplex. Cover but the referee has to remind him about the rules. Thunder with a savate kick.

Shelly: Cross corner whip by Thunder. He charges in, but Blackout lifts a knee and Blackout with a facebite! And he’s drawing blood with that. Referee is calling for the bell, but Blackout continues to bite Thunder.

Ed: Tough for Thunder. Blackout has finally let go and raises his hand. He’s got Thunder’s blood on his face. Both are a mess.

Shelly: The ring attendants are setting up the pole for the Graffiti match coming up. It should be an interesting encounter.

Ed: Lots of words and a little action between the two competitors involved already. We’ll see how this spills into the ring. Let’s go down to ringside for the introduction to this matchup.

Graffiti Match: Danny Bouchard vs. Harvard Earl

Announcer: This match is one fall and it is a Graffiti Match. The winner will be the first to retrieve the spray paint from the pole and write “You Lose” on his opponents back. Here are the competitors. First, coming down the aisle, weighing in at 255 pounds. This is Danny Bouchard! And his opponent. Making his way to ringside. He weighs in at 325 pounds. This is Harvard Earl!

Ed: This match fits right in to the Crime Spree theme.

Shelly: Absolutely. The key is getting the spray paint, which is dangling from the pole in the corner. There is nothing in the rules that say you can’t use that can as a weapon once you get it. The second part is knocking your opponent out long enough to spray “You Lose” on his back.

Ed: There’s the bell and Earl goes right for the pole but Bouchard grabs him by his tights and *chuckle* we’ve just seen more of Harvard Earl than we planned.

Shelly: No full moon jokes, okay Ed?

Ed: I promise. *chuckle* Bouchard with a kick to the midsection. Whip by Bouchard and a clothesline. Another whip, but Harvard comes off with a shoulderblock then another and this time Bouchard nails him with a belly to belly suplex.

Shelly: Jawbreaker by Bouchard and another! Bouchard starts to climb up the corner towards that can but Harvard gets up and nails Bouchard with a double ax handle to the back. Belly to back suplex off the turnbuckle by Harvard.

Ed: Bouchard climbs up but instead of climbing the pole, he jumps and tries to bat the can loose. Harvard gets to his feet and looks around. Bouchard bats the can again and it flies off into the first row. A fan picks it up and throws it towards the ring, but it goes underneath.

Shelly: Harvard dives out of the ring and goes in search of the can. Bouchard jumps down from the turnbuckle and heads to the outside. Picking up a chair. He runs around the side of the ring, and Harvard comes around the corner with a kick to the chair with snaps back and hits Bouchard in the face.

Ed: Harvard picks up the can and pulls the cap off. He shakes it a bit and flips over Bouchard with his foot. He starts to spray. Y. O. U. Bouchard brings up his foot and hits Earl in the groin, causing him to drop the can.

Shelly: Bouchard wipes at his back and sees the paint. He picks up the can and bring it down across the head of Earl and again. He rolls Earl back into the ring. He rolls Earl onto his front and begins to spray. Y. O. U. L. O.

Ed: He’s going to get it. NO! Earl turns around and nails Bouchard with a kick to the head. Earl nails Bouchard with a clothesline. Earl goes for the can, but Bouchard clips him. Bouchard goes to the top turnbuckle, but Earl nails him in the midsection and Bouchard straddles the turnbuckle.

Shelly: Earl climbs up on the second turnbuckle and OH! Earl is bashing the head of Bouchard against that steel post! Harvard Earl climbs up and superplexes Bouchard to the mat! Earl crawls over and takes the can and flips Bouchard over. He bashes Bouchard in the back of the head and then writes. L. O. S. E. He’s done it!

Ed: The referee is calling for the bell and Harvard Earl has taken this match. Let’s get the official decision!

Announcer: The winner of the match in 14: 55. Harvard Earl!

Lord Wolfgang Von Richter

View fades into the main concourse of the arena. Myers Watterson and a camera crew make their way past the crowd and up to one of the concession stands as The Baron, Wolfgang Von Richter is gathering up a six pack of footlongs. His huge Great Dane sits looking longingly up at the dogs. Wolfgang grabs two dogs and flips them to the Dane]

Wolfgang: Alright Augustus, you beggar. Pretend those are Asian Invasion! *chuckle*

The Baron looks up as the Myers comes closer]

Wolfgang: Hello Myers, I’m glad you’ve showed up. I’ve got a few things on my mind. Davey Scott against the OWA. That was a great display of heart and I agree with Mr. America totally. Davey Scott is Davey Scott, and THAT’S who I go to see wrestle. Davey earned his wings tonight and my respect. I’m not sure it matters to him much, but I’d team with him any time.

Myers Watterson: Is that a tag team offer Baron?

Wolfgang: Take it as you will Myers, only Davey can make that decision. I said I had a few things. Listen up Asian “Rug Boy” Invasion, I’m not much on MP, Inc. but I’ll tell you, I can’t wait to see Masked Plague toss you around the ring like the loser you are. And if he can’t, I’ll be ringside to make sure the job is done right! And remember, I’ve still got that little present waiting for you! I’ll see you soon Rug Boy! The Maltese Cross Deathlock is waiting!

The Baron shakes Myers hand then turns and strolls off with Augustus]

PYL Qualifier: Masked Plague vs. Asian Invasion

Announcer: This match is one fall and it is a qualifying match for Press Your Luck!

Ed: The commissioner drops another surprise on us. Press Your Luck is the PPV coming in June and it features a 16 wrestler tournament. This match means that someone will advance to that tournament!

Announcer: Coming down the aisle. Being accompanied to the ring by Pooh. He weighs in at 380 pounds. This is Masked Plague! And his opponent. Making his way to ringside. He weighs 230 pounds. This is Asian Invasion!

Shelly: Asian Invasion has had quite a few words for MP Inc. as a whole lately. We’ll see how he fares against a much larger Masked Plague. There’s the bell. Plague sets Pooh in the corner for safe keeping but as soon as his back is turned Asian Invasion attacks him!

Ed: Invasion with a series of headbutts and then whips Plague into the turnbuckle. Clothesline by Asian Invasion. Invasion sets up and nails a double underhook piledriver and covers Masked Plague, though a little nonchalantly. One. Kickout by Plague. Wolfgang Von Richter is trying to come to ringside, but officials are making him go back to the locker room.

Shelly: Invasion with a whip. Reversal by Plague and Plague with a tilt a whirl suplex! Reverse neckbreaker by Plague. Plague off the ropes, but Invasion catches him with a belly to belly suplex. cover. one. two. Kickout by Plague.

Ed: Invasion applies an abdominal stretch and leans back to use the ropes! Referee is asking Plague about submitting and doesn’t see the infraction. Plague tries to hiptoss, but Invasion hangs on to the ropes. The referee catches that and makes him break.

Shelly: Invasion off the ropes and hits Plague with a clothesline. Off the ropes again but Plague drops him with a clothesline of his own. Plague nails him with a flying clothesline and delivers a jackknife powerbomb!

Ed: Masked Plague is calling for his finisher and leans down to pull up Invasion but Invasion with a rake to the eyes and a jawbreaker. He moves over to the corner and. he’s going to Pooh.

Shelly: This could be trouble. Plague spots it and goes over to catch him. Invasion and Plague are fighting over the doll. Plague gets it and cracks it on the head of Invasion!

Ed: The ref is calling for the bell. Looks like we’ve got a disqualification.

Announcer: Winner of the match as a result of a disqualification and advancing to Press Your Luck. Asian Invasion!

The Crew

(Sitting inside the Crew’s locker room Monty is watching highlights from earlier matches. )

Rainbow Warrior: Monty, where the hell have you been? It’s almost time for your match and you leave the arena, besides there is some interesting footage you need to see….(pops in a video tape Nightmare’s match)

Monty: Holy shi- is that? It can’t be. The Enforcer, now this ought to be interesting. Does Executioner know? Adam Sanchez is a name we haven’t heard around here in a long long time.

R.W: Yeah, that is what I said. Now look at this (pops in a tape of The Trio match….)

Monty: Now this is action. Hahahah look at Stacks. She’s still pissed she lost to Mr. America and Ex oops. That hurt. (Notices both pins) Who is legal? (Looking at Rainbow who is laughing) WHO IS LEGAL? (Sees the ref raise the hand of Shogun) HAHAHAHAHA MP Inc. Bites the dust again. Hell, they remind me of The Empire, which reminds me. Mr. America, that so called little plan you had with Trey Vibe was a joke, ask him how many meetings he sat in on. The only thing that saved his life was the fact that he quit. I have proof that we already knew your plan. As the old Commish he will know. Hahaha and about tonight. Tony that double count-out was bull. you know it and I know it. You should be sitting at home, retired. And Monica? Your reign as queen is about to end. Traci, sorry to say you’re just collateral damage. I love ya but I gotta hurt ya. Ha. Well gotta go. See both of you in the ring.

PYL Qualifier: “Diamond” Brett Robbins vs. Tara “Harley” Quinn

Announcer: This match is the second qualifying match for Press Your Luck. First. Coming down the aisle. Accompanied to the ring by Masked Plague and Pooh. Weighing in at 271 pounds. This is “Diamond” Brett Robbins! And his opponent. Making her way to ringside. She weighs in at 129 pounds. This is Tara “Harley” Quinn!

Ed: We’ve been informed that this is the final Press Your Luck qualifier for the evening. The remaining qualifying matches will take place during OWA Championship Wrestling during the next 6 weeks. There’s the bell and we’re going with this encounter.

Shelly: Lock up. Whip by Robbins. He goes for a backdrop, but Quinn goes up and over with a sunset flip. one. Kickout by Robbins. Armdrag by Quinn and she… er… takes her chewing gum and sticks it on Robbins face and he doesn’t look very happy.

Ed: No. he doesn’t. Oh my! Robbins hits with a diamond cutter! And Quinn is stunned. Robbins places her on the top turnbuckle. He’s going for a superplex.

Shelly: No he’s not! Brainbuster from the turnbuckle! Cover. one. two. three!! It’s over that quickly!

Announcer: Winner of the match in 2: 32, “Diamond” Brett Robbins!

Ed: Robbins goes on to Press Your Luck and a shot at the OWA Championship.

Wendy Ryker

The camera cuts to a hallway in a hospital. There’s an open door there, and inside the room behind it we can see Wendy Ryker sitting on an examination table while a doctor is prodding and poking her in various spots.]

Doctor: Okay. Does this hurt?

Wendy: OW! [CENSORED] YEAH, it hurts!

She glares at the man, who ignores it completely and just continues his examination.]

Doctor: Hmm. And how about this?


The doctor stands up, then walks over to the other side of the room and looks at some x-ray pictures before turning back to Wendy.]

Doctor: Well, you don’t have any serious injuries. Just a lot of bruises. You were _lucky_, young lady, and quite frankly I’m of half a mind to consider pulling the OWA into court for recklessly endangering the health of their employees and wasting our time with injuries which could easily have been avoided. AND furthermore….

Wendy: Geez, doc. Settle down, will ya? Hell, we _all_ wanted that match. Don’t blame the suits for this one. If they hadn’t put us in there to fight it out we might have decided to do basically the same thing in a regular match, and then others might have gotten in the way and gotten hurt as well….

She winks at the doctor.]

Wendy: And anyway, it was _fun_!

Doctor: I beg your pardon? Fun? You call that fun? Why, in _my_ day young ladies didn’t get into wild bar brawls. In _my_ day….

Wendy: We ain’t in the dark ages no more, doc. Anyways, I’m okay and free to go, right?

Doctor: Humph. Yes, you are free to go, although I wouldn’t chew anything _too_ hard for the next couple of days. Your jaw took some serious bruising when it hit the bar. Stick to soup until it feels better. And if it doesn’t feel better in the next few days then you see a doctor about it right away!

Wendy: Doc, ya worry too much. I’ve been in worse shape than this more times than I care to count. And usually that’s just the result of one _hell_ of a party. Now, how’s Rache doing?

Doctor: Miss Ryan got some pretty deep cuts, and we’ll want to keep her for observation tonight, but I expect shell be able to leave tomorrow. No more fighting for a week or so though.

Wendy: Guess that means I’m gonna have to get into trouble all by my lonesome for a little while then.

The doctor looks like he’d prefer to tie Wendy down to a hospital bed and leave her there until she “comes to her senses”, but says nothing.]

Wendy: And how ‘bout the boys?

Doctor: The boys?

Wendy: Yeah. Danny and Johnny. How are those two doing?

Doctor: Well. Mr. Maxx is in much the same shape as you. Just a lot of bruises and cuts. Mr. Blades does have a serious concussion though, and he too will be out for a little while, like Miss Ryan.

Wendy: Okay. Good to hear it’s nothing serious then. After all, they put up one _hell_ of a fight. See ya ‘round, doc.

She jumps off the table and walks out of the door where she turns to face the camera.]

Wendy: Well, boys. Ya came out on top in the end. Congratulations, guys. No hard feelings as far as I’m concerned. You gave us the fight of our lives, and I for one had a _lot_ of fun in the process. You two are okay in my book.

She grins, then winces and rubs her jaw a little.]

Wendy: Oow. I may just take that doctor’s advice and stay with a liquid diet for the next couple of days. Man, Danny. That shot on the bar came out of nowhere. Nice goin’, man. Never even saw it coming. Anyways, it’s good to know the belts are in the hands of a couple of guys who’ll fight every bit as ferociously for ‘em as Rache and I ever did….Of course, I wouldn’t get _too_ attached to them. We may decide to pay you guys a visit again sometime in the future.

She chuckles.]

Wendy: Anyways, there’s one more thing I’ve got to talk about before I go and get me some well-deserved rest. Little Missy Brant. The whining brat of the OWA. Ya know, Monica, you seem to have some strange idea that I should be _worried_ about you “coming for me”. Now ain’t _that_ just the funniest thing ya ever heard?

Wendy grins again.]

Wendy: It seems to me that all we hear from you lately, Monica, is how you’re gonna beat up Wendy Ryker for taking your place. How you’re gonna get revenge on the Femmes by taking out the Wild Child. How you’re gonna how you got stabbed in the back when they brought in me. Well, Monica, you’re right. I _did_ replace you. I replaced you and made ya obsolete. You’re old news, girl, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Another grin.]

Wendy: So, you come on down, Missy Brant. You come on down and show everyone how “bad” and “dangerous” you are. Hell, I’m not _that_ hard to find. Any time, girl. Anywhere. It. d be _my_ pleasure to tear that pretty little face off ya and feed it to ya. If you happen to make it past Traci with that OWA Championship, I’ll be more than happy to take it from you. Ta ta for now, hon.

North American Championship: Consuelo Salyards vs. Rainbow Warrior

Announcer: This match is one fall and it is for the North American Championship. Coming down the aisle. He weighs in at 280 pounds. This is the Rainbow Warrior! And his opponent. Accompanied to the ring by giant, Gustaffson, weighing in at 129 pounds. She’s the North American Champion. This is “The Latin Lover” Consuelo Salyards!

Ed: This is Consuelo Salyards. Second title defense of the night. She’s had time to shower and relax for maybe 25 minutes. And she’s right back in the swing of things. This time she’s taking on Rainbow Warrior. There’s the bell and we’re set for this matchup.

Shelly: This has to be a little frustrating for Consuelo Salyards. She’s already beaten one of the top contenders and she still has two more to go through before she can go home tonight. Lock up. Salyards with the whip. She goes for a spinebuster, but Warrior nails her with a swinging neckbreaker.

Ed: Rainbow Warrior hits her with a piledriver. Consuelo is in big trouble here. She’s starting to show fatigue in this match. Cover. one. two. Kickout by Consuelo. Whip by Warrior, Consuelo comes off with a drop kick.

Shelly: Salyards with a headscissors takedown. She goes off the ropes, and goes for a flying somersault splash, but Warrior rolls away. Warrior pulls her to her feet and nails her with a belly to belly suplex. Gutwrench suplex by Warrior.

Ed: Body slam by the Warrior and a doctor bomb. cover. one. two. th. Kickout by Consuelo. Warrior with a whip. He goes for a backdrop. Consuelo with a leap frog and off the other side hits with a flying bulldog! Cover. one. two. Kickout by Warrior.

Shelly: Salyards with a crucifix! One. two. Kickout by Warrior. Dropkick by Salyards and another. Spinning DDT! Salyards is getting a second wind here. Enzuigiri by Salyards! And she hits with a flying elbowdrop! Cover. one. two. th. Kickout by Warrior.

Ed: Consuelo off the ropes and Warrior just NAILS her with a clothesline. He sets her up for a powerbomb. He’s got her up but she goes up and over, and hits a sunset flip. one. two. three!!! She did it! Two down and one to go for Consuelo!

Announcer: Winner of the match and STILL North American Champion. Consuelo Salyards!

The Crew

Executioner is seen giving Shogun a high five, Stacks is giving Monty a rub down getting him ready for his match]

Executioner: Great match Shogun, we knew M.P INC would be a challenge even with Monty in there but man you proved you’re worth in there tonight, personally I wasn’t worried at all but you know Stacks she worries about everything.

Stacks: Hey Ex. watch what you’re saying over there, remember who signs you’re paychecks.

Executioner and Stacks both smile and wink at each other, Stacks continues to work on Monty]

Executioner: Ha Ha Alright darling, M.P. Inc. nice match tonight you put up a good fight, but we don’t plan on losing these Trio belts for a while they just look to nice at the Mansion but anytime you want a rematch boys bring it on and we will whoop you around again..

Shogun: That’s right the Crew is the best thing going in the OWA at this time, and we can’t be stopped, tonight was just a fill in job for me I figured if I couldn’t get my hands on MR. A and win back my belt then I might as we’ll kick some hillbilly ass. But don’t be fooled the Mighty Shogun is not a tag team wrestler I just did this for my friends and stablemates, when Crime Spree is over I will be coming back for a Championship Belt. And when I hit you with the Palm Blow no one gets up. Isn’t that right Big Russ?

Shogun and Executioner walk over to Stacks and Monty whooping it up]

Roof Match: Mr. America vs. Virgo

Ed: We’re ready to go to the roof for that match up there. There will be no referees up on top. Anything goes. There is a referee on the outside, who’ll stop the match when someone falls. Here’s a helicopter shot of the roof of the Kingdome. Completely surrounded by the caging, except for a single door.

Shelly: This camera shot tells it all. The drop from the roof to the ground. The official on the roof. Starts the match, and then gets out of the way. Now, if you take a look at the roof. You’ll see a 6-foot edge all the way around. Then it starts to dome up to the middle. They’re going to have to wrestle on this 6 foot edge.

Ed: No danger of them falling off the wrong side, but there isn’t much room there. America charges Virgo and they are brawling. America on top with a series of punches. Then Virgo pushes him over and wails on him for a few moments.

Shelly: America with an eye gouge and Virgo stumbles back. America pushes him up against the cage and nails him with several blows to the midsection and Virgo drops. America with a chokehold and Virgo hits with a low blow and America staggers back and falls.

Ed: Virgo grabs America by the hair and drags him to the cage and pushes his face into it. Then rubs his face across it and Mr. America is now bleeding. Virgo with a whip, sending America into the cage. Virgo with a kneedrop onto the fallen America and America is just a mess.

Shelly: Virgo grabs America by the arm and tries to drag him around the dome. He has to get this action to the other side of the dome where the opening is. America grabs at the cage with his fingers. Virgo stomps on the hamstring of America.

Ed: Virgo goes for another low blow, but America blocks it and rakes the face of Virgo. America with a chokehold! He gets to his knees and rams the head of Virgo into the dome and again and again and Virgo is now bleeding profusely.

Shelly: This one is not going to be a pretty one. I’m glad the OWA only does this stuff once a year! Mr. America picks up Virgo and drops him down with a powerbomb and Virgo isn’t moving. America pulls Virgo around. They’re about half way to the opening at that point.

Ed: And getting closer all the time. Virgo is coming to and trips up America who falls forward and Virgo tries to float over the top of him grabs him by the hair and slams his head into the floor or I should say ceiling to this capacity crowd.

Shelly: Virgo pulling up Mr. America and nails him with a faceslam on the hard surface! And again, he pulls America towards the opening. America looks very groggy. This match is very brutal. He wipes blood from his face and tries to stop Virgo from dragging him.

Ed: Virgo turns and stomps America a couple of times to the head and tries to drag again, but America is pulling back. Virgo goes for another stomp, but America catches the leg and pushes back and Virgo falls backwards onto his head.

Shelly: America staggers to his feet and picks up Virgo and sets him up! Oh dear! Piledriver by Mr. America! America checks to see where the door is and then begins to drag a limp Virgo towards it. Mr. America is right there at the opening and all he needs to do is get Virgo out of it.

Ed: Virgo is coming around. Mr. America is trying to lift him up. Virgo grabs the front of America shirt and pulls. Mr. America falls through the door! It’s. NO!! Mr. America has grabbed the cage and is hanging out there! Virgo is lying on the floor. He thinks it’s over.

Shelly: The sound of this crowd when Mr. America went through that door was incredible. Almost a hush. Mr. America is trying to get back onto the roof. Virgo sees him and begins to kick at him. America still hanging on. Virgo kicks at the finger of Mr. America.

Ed: Virgo isn’t going to get America to let go that way. He moves over and tries to pry the finger of Mr. America from the cage and he does it! Mr. America falls to the padding below! This one is over and we have a NEW TV Champion!

Announcer back inside the building: The winner of the match and NEW OWA TV Champion is Virgo!

Ed: I’ve never seen anything like that in all my life!

Shelly: It’ll be interesting to get an interview with Mr. America after that. I’d like to know just how he felt when he was falling.

Ed: We’ll have the special challenge tag team match right after this brief intermission.

Biff Franklin

Myers: I’m back in the locker room with Biff Franklin, who’ll be returning to the ring after a 3 year absence. Biff. How are you feeling and are you ready for Crime Spree?

Biff: Watterson? Who let you in here? Why are you asking me stupid questions for? I had to wrestle so I’ll wrestle and not only that, I’m pissed and Ricky Hype and Tal-ee-us. Are going to get their butts kicked and I’ll go back into retirement and that’ll be that!

Myers: No ring rust, Biff?

Biff: Shuddup! I’m a veteran in that ring. I don’t get ring rust, I just get better with age, pal. Now get lost. I gotta get to the ring!

Johnny Stallion/Biff Franklin vs. Taleis/Ricky Hype

Announcer: This match is one fall. First, coming down the aisle, weighing in at a total combined weight of 550 pounds. This is the team of Johnny Stallion and Biff Franklin! And their opponents, weighing in at a total combined weight of 502 pounds. This is the team of Taleis and Ricky Hype!

Ed: This match should be an interesting one. Neither of these teams have ever teamed together. However the question mark is the skill of Biff Franklin. Former OWA Tag Team Champion at one time, but he’s been retired for several years.

Shelly: Franklin has no trouble letting Stallion go into the ring first. It’ll be Ricky Hype against Johnny Stallion. There’s the bell. Franklin hollers to Stallion, “Go get him”. Uh huh. Mighty brave of the Biffster right there.

Ed: Lock up. Stallion with a whip. Hype comes off with a clothesline and drops a knee to the forehead of Stallion. Stallion to his feet and walks right into a swinging neckbreaker. Diving shoulderblock by Hype and Stallion goes to the outside to break the momentum.

Shelly: Ricky Hype is on fire tonight. Stallion and Franklin are regrouping. Stallion gets back in the ring. Another lock up and Stallion with a body slam. Dropkick by Stallion and a Frankensteiner and Hype is down. Stallion tags in Franklin.

Ed: This ought to be good. Franklin with a couple of stomps to the head of Hype and a facerake and he’s biting him now. Biff sure is in shape, isn’t he? *chuckle* Chokehold, for crying out loud, has he forgotten everything?

Shelly: Looks like that. He tags back in Stallion, who misses with a clothesline. Hype tags in Taleis, who comes in and nails Stallion with a spin kick. Russian legsweep by Taleis. cover. one. two. Kickout by Taleis.

Ed: Taleis tags back in Ricky Hype, who goes off the ropes but Franklin pulls down the top rope and Hype goes out over the top to the floor and Biff nails him with a kneedrop from the apron to the back of the head. Biff grabs a chair and cracks Hype with it.

Shelly: Taleis has come into the ring and he and Stallion are battling and Biff has applied the Asiatic spike to Hype! Here comes Anthony Hazard down the aisle and Biff Franklin is on the run. he flies around that ring and heads towards the back with Hazard right at his heels.

Ed: I didn’t think that Biff could run that fast. In the ring, Taleis just nailed Stallion with the Military Press Diamond Cutter! One. two. three! Ricky Hype has been busted open and is out on the floor out here. Taleis is going out to check on him.

Announcer: Winner of the match, in 9: 21, the team of Taleis and Ricky Hype.

Shelly: Biff may not have very many wrestling moves left in his rep, but that Asiatic Spike is very dangerous. And you see the effects of it right there. Anthony Hazard has come back. I’ve no idea whether or not he caught Biff or not, but I would venture that he hasn’t.

Ed: Taleis and Hazard are helping up a very bloody Hype and are helping him to the back.

Asian Invasion

(Sitting in the back of the arena, you see Asian Invasion with an ice bag on his knee and lounging in a large reclining chair that obviously doesn’t belong in the dingy locker room. He’s spots the camera, smiles, reaches behind him, and pulls out a piece of poster board with THE WAY IT IS elaborately written on it.)

Asian Invasion: Well, it’s about time you guys came back here to talk to me. I gotta tell, it’s been one hell of a night so far. GOOD GOD, did you see that bar room brawl!!! Sweet match.

(adjusts ice on his knee and continues)

Anyway, hey Red Baron, you sure as hell can’t go long without talking about me can you??? Good, I like that. So, looks to me that all of the sudden, you and America have all of the sudden fallen in love with Mr. Respect haven’t you??? Well good, it’s obvious that Scott has balls, which he does, since he lacks a brain. That’s what’s probably taking up that empty space inside his head. Baron, you don’t bother me, bring on all your little “surprises”, I can’t wait. Next, looks to me like Virgil, or is it Virgo, anyway, America lost my belt. That’s a damn shame, I would have loved a match with him, but, looks like it’ll have to be Virgy.
You know what, it makes NO difference to me, a wins a win. Oh, and I’d like to welcome the OWA’s newest, or is he technically the oldest??? Anyway, Mr. Adam Sanchez, welcome to the new and improved OWA, I tell ya, and anyone that has his heart set on taking out Ryan is a man after my own heart. Well, it looks like there ready for our next match, That’s The Way It Is, back to Ed and Shelly at.. what the!?!?!

From the side, Wolfgang Von Richter attacks Asian Invasion with a chair and busts him wide open. Von Richter then clamps on his Chinlock Deathlock Submission! Security comes along with some officials to try to break up the chaos. The camera eventually cannot see what’s going on and goes back to Ed and Shelly]

Ed: Von Richter not too happy with Asian Invasion and there is a brawl going on in the back.

Shelly: They’ve finally separated the two. I think we’re going to go now to Harvard Earl, victorious earlier in the card.

Harvard Earl

Harvard: We’ll Daniel, it seems I have been right all along haven’t I? You French people are lacking in the brains department and once again I have exploited a lack of intelligence and turned it into a lop sided win for myself. I truly am the master of ring strategy and I have the skill to back it up. You Daniel, have neither of those, and I proved that tonight.

I did not attack you after your first lesson, I would not give you any excuses, you came out here tonight 100% and were simply put, beaten by the better man. I hope you live with it and decide you are better off in some garbage hauling business when your lack of brains and potty mouth would be not only acceptable, but the “in” thing.

Unless you have something to add Daniel, I’m finished with you.

I think I have been proving myself left and right here OWA. I am personally very sick of being ignored. Not once have I been on one of your precious TV cards, not once have I been given a chance at any championships, you have completely ignored by greatness only because you know I would make a fool out of your so called “superstars” and make your little executive committee resemble a cage full of dumb apes! I want to see my face on TV soon or there will be hell to pay!

You have heard how many people ordered this Pay Per View, all due to my great ability to create an atmosphere around a match. Well, now that the main event is over and Harvard is out of the ring for tonight, they should all go home!

Last thing, Virgo, do not think I have forgotten about our little trash match. You and I will wrestle and the loser will spend one week in a dumpster. Now I will finally be able to take out the trash, and this time the trash will be the TV Champion.

Good Day. There is nothing left of interest for me here.

Harvard takes a drink of champagne and his entourage leads him away.]

Shocker vs. Mariko

Announcer: This match is one fall. First, coming down the aisle. Being led to the ring by his manager, Sir Goodwin. He weighs in at 230 pounds. Here is The Shocker! And his opponent. Coming down the aisle with the giant, Gustaffson. She weighs in at 167 pounds. Here is Mariko!

Ed: These two are no strangers to one another. they’ve wrestled many times and I’m sure they’ll wrestle again. There’s the bell and we’re off and running. Lock up. No. Mariko nails him with a chop! Then a double ax handle chop and then a spin kick by Mariko and Shocker is down.

Shelly: Mariko goes for a camel clutch and pulls it back. The Shocker gets his arms free and now it’s mostly a reverse chinlock. Shocker up to his knees and then his feet and he drives Mariko back into the turnbuckles. Shocker with a short clothesline out of the corner.

Ed: The Shocker whips Mariko into the ropes and hits a clothesline and then an atomic drop! Shocker goes for his Sleeperhold, but Mariko nails him with a backward kick. Mariko with a spin kick on Shocker and a belly to back suplex. Reverse cradle by Mariko! One. two. Kickout by Shocker.

Shelly: Mariko up and nails a vertical suplex and another cover. one. two. Kickout by Shocker. Shocker to his feet and Mariko nails him with her Spinning Crescent Kick! But Shocker is carried up and over the top rope and to the floor!

Ed: Incredible force behind that kick. Referee begins his count. Shocker slow to get to his feet. He starts to climb up and Mariko comes over, but Shocker grabs her legs and pulls her under and out of the ring. Shocker with a forearm smash and Shocker whips Mariko into the guardrailing, but Mariko bounces back with a clothesline.

Shelly: Both competitors are down! Shocker is slowly getting to his feet as is Mariko. Mariko takes a swing at Shocker who avoids it and nails her with a kick. The referee is calling for the bell. I think we have a double count-out.

Ed: But these two are still going at it, fighting up the aisle. Officials are coming down to separate the two.

Announcer: The referee has ruled this match a double count-out.

Shelly: The officials are finally regaining control of this very competitive match. Let’s go to the back where Elaine Bryant has caught up with Mr. America!

Mr. America

Mr. America walks towards his locker room door as Elaine Bryant catches up to him.]

Elaine: Mr. America, can I get a few words from you after the Roof Match tonight?

Mr. America: You saw the match. I lost. It’s as simple as that.

Elaine: Well, do you have anything to say?

Mr. America: Not really. Sure, I lost the match and lost the TV title to Virgo. There are still three other belts floating around here and I don’t need to concentrate on one belt. Plus, on the upside it frees up my schedule so that Tom and I can tag and shoot for the Maxx and Blades.

Elaine: We’ll a lot of the people want to know what it was like falling from the roof to the padding below.

Mr. America: The padding is still there to go take a jump and find out.

Elaine: Well.

Mr. America: If it had been any other situation I probably would have been giving the Gator Clan call, but falling meant I lost. You do the math.

Elaine: Well, it seems that you’re not really in a good mood.

Mr. America: Mood has nothing to do with it. I have other things that are more important right now. Virgo was the better man. I knew someone would have my number sooner or later, but I had just hoped it wasn’t Virgo. Frankly, I’d like to see Virgo wrestle every Sunday and see who it is that dethrones him. I did pretty good as a champion. The only thing I regret is my match with Hazard and that has yet to be paid back in full. By the way, I still say you and Ed would make a great couple. Though I think Shelly is trying to move onto your “territory”.

Mr. America smirks.]

Mr. America: Actually though, I’ve come to think about something as of late. I was never one to actually believe that there was some greater plan for me out there. We’ll I think I have finally found it. I still believe that I control my own destiny but my destiny surely has crossed the path of others. Now if you’ll excuse me. I’d like to get changed and cleaned up.

Mr. America walks into the locker room area.]

Elaine: Myers is standing by with the North American Champion.

Consuelo Salyards

(Camera comes up on Consuelo Salyards, in the locker room with Myers.)

Myers: Two down, one to go, huh Consuelo?

Consuelo: Yeah, looks like it’s me and you, Billy. Coming to the big dance one more time to get your ass kicked? Look, Billybob, it’s like this: Tom Tomorrow came down and tried to match speed with me. He’s back taking a shower now. No gold. Rainbow Warrior came down and tried to overpower me. He’s back taking a shower now. No gold. So you just bring your little “hardcore” no-talent ass to the ring, and you’ll go home packing no gold too. You suck, you’re a loser, and I’m going to beat your ass raw.

Myers: The Latin Lover on a tear through this King of the Hill match. Perhaps the King of the Hill tonight is actually the Queen of the Hill, Let’s hear from Rachel Ryan.

Rachel Ryan

(Rachel Ryan is sitting propped up in her hospital bed, her forehead bandaged, her thick blonde hair tied back in a ponytail. A television shows the OWA Channel, which is recapping events from Crime Spree. The replay of Adam Sanchez. Match concludes, and then Sanchez takes the mic.)

Sanchez: OWA. I am back! And I’m back for one reason! Rachel Ryan. You are not the Enforcer! I am! I was the first to hold that title. I was one of the first to hold the OWA Championship! I was one of the first to hold the OWA Tag Titles! I was wrestling before Ryan was even thinking about training! Shortly before my disappearance from the OWA, I was betrayed by my tag team partner, Devastator. His attacks upon me forced me to retire to Japan and Mexico where I have been studying under the greatest teacher on the face of the earth. Now, along with my Arizona toughness, no wrestler can best me! Ryan has stolen my moniker. She’s a disgrace to the name as it is, but I’m back to put things straight! Ryan! We’re on a collision course! Be ready!

(Ryan mutes the television, then turns to the camera.)

Ryan: I got two things to say. First, Extremists, that was one helluva match! I wish I could throw down like that every week. I won’t lie–I figured me n Wendy’d win–but damn, it’s good to find a couple of hombres tough enough to hang with us. I got no problem sayin’ you two were better than us this time. But you were only better by THIS much–(she holds her thumb and forefinger about half an inch apart)–and if we decide to come after you two again, things might just be different. So enjoy those tag straps, boys. You earned ‘em. And we might just earn ‘em right back, so stay ready!

(She smiles, her eyes twinkling.)

Rachel: And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, here comes a guy with “Arizona toughness”, ready to take me on! Woo! I am LOVIN’ this! Do you realize how long it’s been since somebody’s had the stones to call my name? Before Wendy ‘n me started taggin’, I was getting’ lonely, cause nobody wanted to come out and play! And now, I got this has-been, Sanchez, sayin’ that he’s the original Enforcer, and that I’ve stolen that title. I got news for ya, son! You’re lookin’ at one of the longest-tenured OWA champions, and up until recently one-half of the tag champs! I kick more tail in one weekend than you do in a month, jack! I understand what you’re about–I mean, you’ve been out of the circuit for God knows how long, and now you wanna get back in, and make a name for yourself at my expense. Tough! It ain’t gonna happen!

(She shakes her head.)

Rachel: Whether you like it or not, *I* am the Enforcer, you piece a trash! If you want the nick back, you come and take it from me! I don’t give a [CENSORED] about this bandage, if you wanna come down her to the hospital and do it in the emergency room, I’ll be waitin’ to stomp a mudhole in your ass and walk it dry! You name the time and place, loser, and we’ll make it happen!

(The door to her room opens, and in walks Wendy Ryker, carrying a six-pack of Miller Light.)

Wendy: Easy, Rache. Don’t get too worked up over that moron, he ain’t worth it.

Rachel: Wendy! Your jaw okay?

(Wendy seats herself on the bed.)

Wendy: Yep, the doctors say it’ll be fine. They want me to stay on a liquid diet for a little while, so. (she pops the top on a brew and hands it to Rachel, then takes one herself). I’m just following doctor’s orders!

Rachel: I’ll drink to that! (They clink their cans together, and take a swig as the view fades.)

Falls Count Anywhere: Freddy Fever vs. Michelle Cox

Announcer: This match is one fall, and it is a no hold barred, falls count anywhere match! The winner of the match will go to Press Your Luck to face the OWA Champion. Coming down the aisle, weighing in at 245 pounds. He’s the “Disco Kid” Freddy Fever!

Freddy Fever comes down the aisle, then at the last moment, he crouches behind the steel railing, right by the aisle way.]

Announcer: And his opponent. Coming down the aisle. She weighs in at 157 pounds. This is Michelle Cox!

Michelle heads down the aisle, but stops halfway. She doesn’t see Fever in the ring. She cautiously moves from side to side, looking into the crowd for him. She gets to the floor and turns back towards the way she came and Fever blindsides her with a clothesline.]

Ed: Freddy Fever right off the bat with a clothesline on Michelle and this match is underway. Michelle gets to her feet and Fever comes at her. She side steps and pushes Fever head first into the ring steps and he slumps to the ground. Cox immediately goes for the cover on the floor. One. two. thre. NO! Fever kicks out!

Shelly: Cox is cursing the official, she was sure this match was going to be that short. She pulls up Fever by the hair and whips him to the guardrailing. She whips him to the other side as well. She grabs a chair and swings, but Fever grabs it.

Ed: They’re struggling over the chair and Fever gives a kick to the midsection and just lays out Cox with that chair. Cover by Fever. one. two. Kickout by Cox. Fever whips Cox into the guardrailing, and Cox just flies over it and into the first two rows of people!

Shelly: Fans are scattering and Fever hops over the guardrailing and whips Cox across and over the guardrailing again. Cox lands in the aisle way. Fever hops over and pulls up Cox who nails Fever with a low blow! Cox sets up Fever and nails him with a Tombstone on the floor!

Ed: Cover by Cox. one. two. Kickout by Fever. Cox slow to get up. She pulls up Fever and whips him into the TV Wall! OH MY! Good thing those TV are name brand. Another cover by Cox. One. two. Kickout by Fever. She kicks him in the midsection and then whips him through the curtain and they are fighting back towards the locker rooms.

Shelly: We’re getting a camera back there as quickly as we can. There is it. Cox pushes Fever and he grabs onto Michelle, and they both tumble down the concrete steps. Neither wrestler is moving. Referee is checking them. Cox glances about and slowly gets to her feet.

Ed: This narrow hallway leads to the locker rooms of the wrestlers. Cox rams the head of Fever into the wall and goes for another cover. one. two. Kickout. Cox goes to ram the head of Fever into one of the doors, but Fever blocks it and sends Cox into it.

Shelly: That, I believe, is the Elite locker room right there. Fever again sends Cox into the door and it flies open. Fever pushes Cox into the locker room. Get that camera in there! Cox slow to get to her feet as she uses a locker for leverage, but Fever opens a locker and slams it open into the head of Cox! Cox is busted open!

Ed: Anthony Hazard has come to see what all the commotion is about and stands back out of the way. Fever picks up Cox and powerbombs her on a bench! Fever straddles and covers her on the bench. one. two. Kickout. The Shocker and Sir Goodwin have appeared as well.

Shelly: Fever doesn’t even notice them. Fever back up into Hazard and turns around and gives him a big push, knocking him to the ground. Hazard is up like a flash, but Goodwin and Shocker, along with several officials try to hold him back!

Ed: Fever turns back towards Michelle who nails him with a metal clipboard! Cox with a cover. one. two. Kickout by Fever. Cox whips Fever into the hallway and Fever hits the wall face first! Cox whips Fever into the exit door and it flies open and Fever hits the pavement.

Shelly: Are they allowed to go out of the building?

Ed: It’s my understanding that they can go anywhere in Seattle.

Shelly: Cox rams the head of Fever into the dumpster and then moves around and tries to run Fever over with it! Fever rolls to the side and struggles to get to his feet. Cox approaches Fever, but Fever throws a handful of dirt into the eyes of Cox and then nails her with a clothesline.

Ed: Fever with an Irish whip, and Cox hits the wall back first. She’s trying to get her eyes open, but she’s blinded by that dirt. Fever sets her up and slams her on the hood of a car and drives an elbow to her throat.

Shelly: Fever’s getting on top of the car and OH! He’s gonna suplex her on the car. NO!! Brainbuster onto the hood! Cox rolls off the car to the floor and Fever follows and covers her. one. two. three!!! It’s over! I can’t believe it!

Ed: Freddy Fever defeats Michelle Cox in this grueling encounter and he’s going to Press Your Luck to meet the OWA Champion in the main event.

Lord Wolfgang Von Richter

Myers Watterson: This is Myers Watterson and we’re here inside The Baron, Wolfgang Von Richter’s locker room. Baron, can we get a comment on your recent aggression towards Asian Invasion?

The Baron is eating another footlong and leans over towards his Great Dane, Augustus. The Dane reaches up and gives The Baron a very gooey kiss before taking the remaining dog and wolfing it down]

Wolfgang: Good little puppy. Sure Myers, I’ll comment. I’ve been very quiet since joining the OWA and it’s become evident that to get anywhere here you sometimes must to stoop to the levels of people like Asian “Rug Boy” Invasion. Just ask Anthony Hazard about it. And making a little noise now and then doesn’t hurt your chances any either. Just ask Mr. America.

The Baron stands, takes the mic and moves closer to the camera]

Wolfgang: Rug Boy, I told you I had a little surprise for you didn’t I, and in the immortal words of Frosty the Snowman, HAP-PY BIRTH-DAY!! Myers, I’ve got a match with a Scorpion now so I must leave you, but let the OWA know that I AM honorable, but do not take me lightly anymore!

The Baron walks out with his great Dane Augustus alongside]

“The Baron” Lord Wolfgang Von Richter vs. Crimson Scorpion

Announcer: This match is one fall. First, coming down the aisle, weighing in at 354 pounds. Here is “The Baron” Lord Wolfgang Von Richter and his opponent. Being accompanied to the ring by Masked Plague and Pooh, weighing in at 295 pounds. This is the Crimson Scorpion.

Ed: We are only 2 matches away from the main event. After this match, is the final Internet Title match, and then the Triangle Ladder match. There’s the bell. Lock up. Scorpion with a whip and Scorpion hits with a flying tomahawk and a crucifix cradle. one. Kickout by Richter.

Shelly: Scorpion with a running forearm smash, but Richter ducks and counters with a legsweep faceslam. Von Richter with a swinging neckbreaker. The Baron with a kick to the midsection of Scorpion and a tiger driver! Cover. one. tw. Kickout by Scorpion.

Ed: The Baron goes for a chokeslam, but Scorpion counters with a facerake and then a forearm smash. Whip by Scorpion and he nails Von Richter with a kick to the midsection. Crimson Scorpion with a double underhook piledriver.

Shelly: Cover. one. two. Kickout by Von Richter. Backbreaker by Scorpion and then a stomachbreaker. Scorpion with an Asai Moonsault but Von Richter side steps. Swinging neckbreaker by The Baron and a big leg drop off the ropes.

Ed: Fistdrop and another by Von Richter. Whip by Von Richter. Reversal by Scorpion. Another reversal by Von Richer. Scorpion comes off and ducks a clothesline and comes off the ropes with a rushing clothesline! Cover. one. two. Kickout by Von Richter.

Shelly: Scorpion with an inverted power bomb. cover. one. two. Kickout by Von Richter. Scorpion pulls up Von Richter but Von Richter with a cradle. one. two. Kickout by Scorpion and. huh?

Ed: We have a bell. Let’s go down and see what’s going on.

Announcer: The time limit has expired in this match. The referee’s official decision is that this match is a draw. A draw.

Ed: Bummer. Let’s go to the locker room with Myers Watterson.

Ricky Hype

Myers Watterson: We’re here in Ricky “The SHOW” Hype’s locker room. He’s not much for walking but he’s in good spirits awaiting the Ladder match. [Camera shows Ricky Hype sitting in a wheelchair watching the arena monitor. His arms and legs are limp and not moving]

Ricky Hype leaning his head over to the mic: Hi Myers, I had to get outta that bed for the next two matches.

Myers: What about your tag match from earlier? How are you feeling?

Ricky Hype: We’ll Myers, I can still talk a good fight. *big smile* It’s obvious when you get two cheaters on the same team it’s much easier to complement one another. I’ll say that the Asiatic spike is a deadly weapon, but this thing ain’t over by a long shot. Franklin better watch his back and mouth from now on. He might just find himself choking on a microphone! And Stallion is on my list too! Hey look, here they come. Let’s get the “SHOW” rolling!

(Billy Smith is backstage at Crime Spree. He is in his locker room with a towel over his head and his face towards the floor. )

Billy Smith: Consuelo, you’ve got one more match left at the King of the Hill match, and it’s against me. The way I see it, you’ve got one of two choices, one, you can just give up that belt and save yourself some embarrassment and hand that belt over to me, or, you can get one of the worst [CENSORED] ass-kicking you ever got. Either way, I am leaving this arena with my Internet belt back across my waist.

(Billy Smith raises his head and takes off the towel to show that he is clean shaven with a short haircut )

Billy Smith: This is a new Billy Smith and I ain’t going to let nobody in this whole damn fed disrespect me like you all have done in the past. I am taking on all challengers with ruthless abandon. Consuelo, you are the main [CENSORED] who shows me absolutely no respect. Tonight, I will make you respect me and what I stand for. When I take that belt away from you and become a two time North American Champion, I will prove to you and to all the doubters in the OWA that Billy “Bad Ass” Smith is a force that should be feared by all. Especially when I show all of you what I have up my sleeve. All I can say for now, is worry. Consuelo, polish that belt up, cause it’s coming back where it belongs.

North American Championship: Consuelo Salyards vs. Billy Smith

Announcer: This match is one fall and it is for the North American Championship. First, the challenger, weighing in at 275 pounds. This is Billy Smith! And his opponent, weighing in at 129 pounds. She’s led to the ring by giant, Gustaffson. This is the North American Champion. “The Latin Lover” Consuelo Salyards!

Ed: Consuelo Salyards is out here for the third time tonight, getting by Tom Tomorrow and Rainbow Warrior and now she has to get by the person she defeated for the title, Billy Smith. And Consuelo Salyards is taking the offensive right off and attacks Billy Smith! Salyards with a whip and a dropkick, but Smith side steps.

Shelly: Billy Smith sets her up and nails her with a piledriver! Salyards is showing signs of fatigue at this point. I’m not sure how long she can go on. Smith throws her to the outside and follows her out. He sets up a table.

Ed: Billy Smith sets up Consuelo next to the table. Lifts her up and OH MY! Powerbombs her through the table! Smith rolls her back into the ring and goes for the cover. one. two. Kickout by Consuelo. Smith with a kick to the head.

Shelly: Smith with a whip. Backdrop. No. Salyards with a sunset flip. one. two. Kickout by Smith. Salyards up with a crucifix. one. two. Kickout by Smith and a reverse cradle. one. two. Kickout by Smith. Salyards with a crucifix. one. two. three!!! She got him!!

Ed: Consuelo using her speed to her advantage and a series of beautiful pinning maneuvers and Billy Smith cannot keep up! Salyards with a win and she’s done the incredible!

Announcer: Winner of the match and STILL North American Champion. Consuelo Salyards!

Ed: We are getting ready for our main event. Umm. Virgo is heading towards the ring.


Virgo climbs into the center of the ring, and holds the belt up over his head with one hand. He takes the microphone from the announcer, and smiles.]

Virgo: Alright, OWA. Let me say a few things here. First, America, I want to say to you that was one of the biggest ass whippings I have had in a long time. You definitely have changed my view of you, America. Quite worthy are you of my respect. Thank you for that great ass kicking. I needed it.”

{Virgo looks out around the arena.}

“Shogun! Shogun, I know you’re out there. Come on in here for a moment.”

{Shogun climbs into the ring, and faces Virgo.}

“Shogun, it’s to you I owe many thanks and much gratitude. You gave me the support I needed to succeed through the past few weeks, and to get this victory. And I have a special thanks to give you.”

{Virgo smiles, and looks out around the crowd again.}

“Shogun….I know you want this belt. I know how much this belt means to the Crew, and it would be great for you to bring it back to them. Well, I think I can agree with that. I think it’s time the Crew got the TV Title back. And so, I want to bring it home, Shogun. Whatdya say? You brought me this far, bring me home, man.”

Shogun: Yes Virgo, I’ll bring you home. You are very honorable wrestler and would make a great addition to the Crew. You have proven yourself to us by winning the TV title….I always believed in you and knew you would come through for the Crew. Welcome home brother!!

(Virgo and Shogun shake hands and ye’ll THE CREW RULES!!!)

Ed: Looks like Virgo is the latest member for the Crew. Back to our main event. The top three wrestlers will compete for the OWA Championship. Last year, Rachel Ryan was the champion. Stacks Coltrain and Anthony Hazard were the challengers and Hazard was just inches away from winning that match when Stacks nailed him from behind with a chair and claimed the OWA’s top championship.

Shelly: However, after the double handed events of Caged Fury where Monica Brant disguised herself as Jungle Mask and led everyone to believe she was Amazon Woman, she was able to defeat Traci Lane for the OWA Championship. Say what you will, but Monica Brant played every wrestler in the OWA as we’ll as every fan that watches this broadcast. But she is the OWA Champion. Now Traci Lane along with Pretty Boy Monty get an opportunity to once again become the OWA Champion. The ladder is being brought down as we speak. Let’s go to the ring announcer for the introduction to this much anticipated encounter.

OWA Championship: Triple Threat Ladder Match: Monica Brant vs. Traci Lane vs. Pretty Boy Monty

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen. This is your main event! It is one fall. It is a Triangle Ladder match, and it is for the OWA Championship! First. Coming down the aisle. He’s the number two contender in the world for the OWA Championship. He weighs in at 275 pounds. This is. Pretty. Boy. Monty!!!!

(Inside the locker room, The Crew is gathering for the upcoming title match.)

Executioner: Monty are you ready? Hell you have been on the phone with that shrink for the last 20 minutes?

Stacks: Leave him alone Ex. you know this is important to him. Hell getting on that ladder is going to be the hardest part of the match.

Executioner: Hell, hard. I thought that parking lot match was hard. This ought to be easy for him.

R.W: Listen up folks. You don’t understand. I showed him some film about last year’s match and he broke into a sweat, But Dr. Brothers will get him straight.

Shogun: Don’t worry about Monty, we know he has problems with heights but my concern is about the match, His opponents are the hard part, Me and Ex showed him that in training, Monty will be alright.

Just then Monty walks into the room. A little stoic, and full of concentration]

Shogun: Monty are you ready?

Monty: (looks at each one of his team members) Lady and gentlemen. I have never been more ready in my life. Before I forget I just want to thank each and every one of you for the support. Without you I wouldn’t be here today, (looks at the Camera) OWA and its fans. Are you ready for a new champion? If not so what, the belt is mine and its coming home.

(Monty leaves as his name is introduced…)

Monty walks down the aisle and past the ladder. He glances up it, then turns and heads into the ring.]

Announcer: And his opponent. Coming down the aisle. Along with the giant, Gustaffson. She weighs in at 194 pounds. She’s the number one contender for the OWA Championship. This is “The Black Widow” Traci Lane!

Elaine Bryant: I’m here with Traci lane as she makes her way to ringside. Traci, what are you feeling right now?

Traci: What am I feeling? Probably anticipation. I’m finally getting my hands on Monica, and that makes me feel GOOD. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not underestimating Monty at all. But Monica’s been writing some checks with her mouth that she can’t cash, and tonight I’m going to prove that.

Elaine: She seems to have really gotten under your skin lately with her accusations that you replaced her while she was on suspension. What are your thoughts on that?

Traci: It’s funny what a hypocrite she’s become. We never thought to replace her. The Femmes have always been a group that recognized talent and bring them in, just as we brought her in when she came to the OWA. She’s taken this too far. The whole Jungle Mask debacle. She lured me in and I fell right for it. Now, it’s time to remind her of just who I am.

Elaine: Traci, Monty’s had some strong showings of late. Are you worried about him?

Traci: I’d be foolish not to. Like Hazard, Monty’s credentials are numerous, and he’s a credit to the sport. He’s as likely to take this belt from me as anyone.

Elaine: Okay, now what about–

Traci: Sorry, Elaine! Gotta go!

(Traci increases her pace toward the ring, leaving Elaine behind her….)

Traci Lane walks right by the ladder, cool and calm. She slowly walks up the steps and steps into the ring]

Announcer: And their opponent is the current OWA Champion! She weighs in at 147 pounds. This is Mistress Monica Brant!

Elaine is waiting for Monica as she steps towards the curtain: Monica.

Monica glares at her.: Mistress!

Elaine: Mistress Brant! This is your first title defense since winning the championship at Caged Fury. Some say this was a mistake on your part and that you should have been competing regularly as your opponents have.

Monica: First of all, I could care less what those peons thinks about how I handle my business. I have a step by step plan and the first was to fool everyone, you included, into thinking I was the great Amazon Woman going back on her word to retire. I had everyone fooled. What I didn’t realize was that Traci Lane was going to foolish enough to challenge me. But when she did, I knew the pieces were in place. Now, look at me. The OWA Champion. I’m the head bitch around here and after tonight, I’ll be the same. Then, I’m coming for you Ryker.

Monica steps through the curtain and heads down towards the ring. She enters the ring and removes the OWA Championship and holds it high in the air. She hands it over to the referee who then attaches it to the wire and we watch it go up in the air. The bell rings]

Ed: The match we’ve been waiting for. All three wrestlers are being rather cautious. Brant jumps from the ring and goes for the ladder. Lane and Monty follow. Monica catches Monty as he exits the ring but Lane drops a double ax handle onto Brant. It’s so weird seeing these Femmes battle each other. Monica Brant was such an integral part of the Femme Fatale.

Shelly: Lane with a whip and Brant goes into the guardrailing. Monty from behind, nails Lane with a clothesline. Brant shoots out and nails Monty with a clothesline. Brant rolls Lane into the ring and goes in after her. He throws her out over the other side.

Ed: Brant with a sliding kick into Monty who crashes into the guardrailing. She exits the ring and goes for the ladder. She drags it over but from behind. Lane dropkick her and she crashes into the ladder and to the ground with the ladder falling on top of her.

Shelly: Lane stands on the ladder, jumping on it with Brant underneath. From behind, Monty flips Lane into the first row seats! He pulls up the ladder and starts to drag it to the ring, but Brant grabs hold of it. Monty then leans into the ladder pressing it into the chest of Brant and to tries to kick the ladder off of her.

Ed: Lane is stepping back over the guardrailing and slides into the ring, and reaches down and pulls Monty by the hair. Monty releases the ladder and it crashes back down onto Brant. Lane suplexes Monty back into the ring. She slides out and grabs the ladder and pulls it to the ring.

Shelly: She slides it into the ring, but Brant nails her with a knee to the back, and then slams her head into the ring apron. Monty in the meantime has set up the ladder and is going for the belt. Brant leaps into the ring and pulls Monty from the ladder and starts to go up herself.

Ed: Monty kicks the legs of the ladder and it falls down on top of him, bringing Brant down as well. Lane has slowly crawled into the ring. She grabs Brant and throws her out over the top rope and then delivers a couple of stomps to the head of Monty.

Shelly: She grabs the ladder and heads for the belt. Monty gets to his feet and pushes the ladder, and it falls on top of Traci. Brant slowly gets into the ring, and Monty nails her with a swinging neckbreaker. He picks up the ladder and hesitantly begins to climb.

Ed: He looks a little nervous up there but he’s going up. Lane is up and pulls him to the mat and drops a knee to his forehead. Brant pushes Lane into the ladder. Brant sets up the ladder and is going for the belt. Lane is up and she pushes the ladder from the side and Brant falls to the mat.

Shelly: Lane sets up the ladder, but Monty clips her in the leg and she goes down. Brant is up and she whips Monty into the ropes. Double clothesline, and Brant falls into the referee!!! Both are down and Lane is going to the ladder. She goes up. She’s going to get it. Wait a second, what is he doing out here?

Ed: Anthony Hazard has come to ringside. Both opponents are slow to get up. Traci’s almost there! She. She. She’s got it!!!! There’s no referee to make the call. Monty is slowly getting to his feet but he stumbles against the ladder and Traci falls from the top to the outside!

Shelly: She’s dropped the belt though right next to Monica Brant. Brant reaches for and grabs the belt but Hazard is also reaching for the belt and they’re having a tug of war and then climbs to his feet. The referee is calling for the bell. Brant thinks she’s won this. Hold on, Hazard has taken the belt from Monica Brant who is screaming at him.

Ed: Traci is the one who got the belt. A second referee has come down. He’s conferring with the original referee, who’s nodding in return. He tries to take the belt from Hazard who refuses to give it up. Monty is sitting in the corner, not sure what’s going on.

Shelly: Gustaffson is checking on Traci and helping her up. She’s limping slightly. Brant is screaming at Hazard to give her the belt. Uh oh. Here comes the OWA Commissioner. He’s grabbing the ringside mic and getting into the ring.

Commish: Anthony Hazard, hand over that belt.

The Commissioner reaches out and takes the belt who in turns hands in to the official who in turn goes outside and hands it to Traci Lane]

Commish: Now. Mr. Hazard, for failing to appear at the Respect Match earlier on the card, for coming to ringside during this championship match and causing all of this turmoil, you’ve earned yourself a two week suspension. Don’t let me see your butt anywhere near an OWA event.

Commissioner turns and heads out of the Arena.]

Ed: Hazard is pissed to say the least.

Commish: The winner of the match and NEW OWA Champion. Traci Lane!

Monica Brant begins to through a fit in the ring as Traci holds up the belt and Monty slides out of the ring and heads to the back.]

Ed: We’ve had a great time here at Crime Spree. Our next PPV comes to you from Dallas TX, and it’ll be called Press Your Luck, on June 22nd. For the whole OWA broadcasting crew. I’m Ed Bagel and we’ll see you at ringside!!


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