Demon of Durango #4

Narrator:There is a story about a servant girl named Catherine.No one knows where she came from, but for decades, she never aged.However, when her master

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Demon of Durango #3

Narrator:How strong is a demon?This has never been documented.However, based on anonymous records recently unearthed, they have strength many times more than a human.If they

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Demon of Durango #2

Narrator: On the streets of Durango, there is a saying:“If there is anyone who does bad things, he will most certainly be eaten by a

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Demon of Durango #1

Narrator:Do you believe there are demons in this world? According to witnesses, they are like humans. The only difference is that they have shiny golden

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Eloise Pike has lived most of her life unaware of who she is until things begin to change for her. Sheriff Anderson has arrived to begin an investigation into an animal attack on the previous sheriff when he meet Eloise. Demon of Durango will come to Splat this spring.

Demon of Durango Cast