E-Fed Social Media Site

We are still looking for ideas for a name. Right now, we are using Fedder, though I don’t think that’ll stick.

Before you join the site, understand:

We are experimenting with different types of software. The site may at any point disappear and a new site may appear. Feel free to continue on with testing in that case. We will try and give everyone a warning.

If the majority finds the site useful, then we will go ahead with that software.

If anyone is aware of any social media software that might work that we haven’t tested, feel free to reach out. We are very open to suggestions.

If you feel something is missing, feel free to post it on the site in your status.

Feds: Great a Group or an Organization and add folks to your group or organization and test how that works.

Individuals: Add friends, post as you would, see how everything works for you. We will work on appearance, but functionality is the most important feature.

Create an account as if you were either the fed or your character.

At this point, if you’re ready to help out: https://fedder.wearesplat.com

We need name ideas! Help us out.