Expect the Unexpected

So, from an OOC stand point, this is rather shitty news.

But, being in the military means that sometimes you just don’t have a say in what you do. I have been placed on orders and will be traveling overseas this summer. Obviously, because of the nature of what I do, I cannot say where I’m going or specifically when.

The future of Splat may have a few bumps in the road once that occurs.

So, here’s what you need to know.

I’m going to continue to write as planned, as time allows, until I have to leave. Depending on what my job may entail once I arrive, Splat may continue. Things I have written will be programmed to go live as scheduled. There are a couple of changes:

The Kan Tai Vacation movie is cancelled. (This may be only be postponed, but for the time being, I’m going to consider it cancelled.)

Prison City will be completed and begin airing April 2.

Triad Challenge will go on as planned for May 17. I will start writing matches for the Triad Challenge after the April 5 deadline when all promos must be turned in. Please do not forget the deadline. As soon as the deadline hits, I will layout the tournament winners through Round 2.

All title defenses will go on as planned for the Multiverse Champion. I may get them completed well ahead of time, but they will be done.

Kan Tai Panda Adventures is practically done. I have a little bit left to add and it will be finished.

As soon as I finish writing Prison City, I will continue with Young Heroes and as much of the DC content that I can write until it’s time for me to go.

Now, I just got this news this morning. As with most things in the military, things could change tomorrow and everything could go back to the way it was. This is my job, so I’m not looking for any sympathy. It’s what I signed up to do, but I did make plans with everyone involved and I felt that an explanation was in order.

Splat will continue at some point, just may be slower than expected. I’m hoping to have enough content generated and pre-programmed to go live on the site each week that I hope to pick back up before all of them finish airing.

I got everyone involved in my silly projects and I have no plans on letting anyone down. There may be some delays.

If anyone would like to assist with writing matches for the Triad Challenge or Multiverse Championship matches, it would be appreciated and would be very helpful in getting me to where I need to be when it’s time to go. Just hit me up on Twitter and let me know and we can get things set up.

While I can’t address anything specific about my military plans, if there are any additional questions about Splat and so forth, don’t hesitate to ask.

As for my characters, I will continue to be as active as I can with them. Right now, only Lara Bratton and Kan Tai are involved in any feds. Depending on when Lion Heart Wrestling starts, depends if Hope can be involved.

Never fear, Splat will be back even if there is a hiatus. But for the time being, we will continue on as much as we possibly can.