Immediately following Overpowered Wrestling #15 – April 24, 2020

Elaine Bryant is standing outside the Splat Studios as Sierra Silver exits the building, the Multiuniversal Champion across her shoulder.

Elaine Bryant: Sierra, congratulations on a successful title defense against Keegan Ryan tonight at Havoc Fifteen. Your next opponent will be the woman you faced in the finals at the Tournament of Mystery, Angel Kusanagi. Will you be ready?

As Sierra is about to answer, she is nailed from behind by someone in a hoodie. Sierra sprawls onto the pavement. The figure pulls her up to her feet, then kicks her low and then drives her face first into the side view mirror of a nearby SUV, breaking the mirror off as Sierra falls to the ground.

The hood is pulled down and as most expected, Angel Kusanagi is underneath. She grabs Sierra and throws her onto the hood of the same SUV before moving around the front and climbing on top. 

She reaches for Sierra and pulls her up and locks her in before dropping her head first onto the windshield with a Boseki driver, shattering the glass. Angel rolls off the SUV, leaving Sierra where she lay and picks up the championship and looks at it. 

“Mine! At Triad. It’s mine!”

She walks over and draps the title over the still body of Silver and then calmly walks away as the scene fades with Elaine getting on her cell phone to call someone for help as she checks on the condition of Sierra Silver.