Promos from Bloody Mary, Vixen, Officer Order, Zaranna and more.

(Scene opens up to a fair at the fairgrounds in Puyallup, Washington. 2 women sit at a GDWA memorabilia stand. One, a White American wearing a cowboy hat, sips a cold beer while the Filipino American woman beside her reviews her notes. The third, a White American, stands nearby, signing autographs.)

Balahadia: Hello fans, and welcome to another edition of the GDWA 2000 control center. I’m Aileen Balahadia, independent wrestling sheet writer alongside former GDWA competitors Vonya and Sonya Blade.

Vonya: It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Puyallup and I just can’t wait to get started. (She takes another sip of her beer.) Sonya, ya twerp, why don’t you get over here and commentate!

Blade: Vonya, I’d watch my mouth if I was you. Anyway, the GDWA is here in Washington doing promotional work for our re-debut in January. We’ve got some old time favorites here like Valkyrie, Ma Porter, Vixen, Zaranna, and many others talking to fans and helping to sell tickets.

Vonya: I’d be willing to put up my Hat for auction but Grand Dragon hasn’t asked.

Balahadia: (laughing) This week on the GDWA 2000 Control Center, we have words from Grand Dragon competitors who have signed with us….

Blade: (Kissing a little boy on the forehead before talking) we also have words from Zaranna who has flown all the way out here from Indiana.

Balahadia: Speaking of World Heavyweight Champions, I can’t wait till we have our first pay per view in the 21st century… GDWA’s G L O R Y — D A Y S live on pay per view.

Vonya: Well, ya’ll know that the first round of that there Transnational Cruiserweight Championship will be at the “Tuesday Night Catfight in January.

Blade: And I’ve got my money on…

Vonya: On who?!

Blade: Well, I had an interview with her during this past week. Fans, check this clip out.

Rekka Sakura

[open camera shot… HEY!! That’s the GDWA logo… I guess they’re really back… I mean that certainly DOES look like Sonya Blade sitting in that soft leather swivel chair. And damn, if that ain’t the “Burning cherry Blossom” herself Rekka Sakura… wait a sec she’s in a swivel chair too…AW CRA!! NOT ANOTHER REKKA SAKURA INTERVIEW!!]

Sonya Blade: I’ve always tried to give the fans what they want as far as interviews go. Well when the word came down from up high from Alison De La Cruz that the GDWA was BACK… I said “Are you serious?” Well when she called a week later and told me who she signed, well… fans I damn near fainted!! So hear with me now… the one… the only… Rekka Sakura!!

Rekka: [smiling… actually smiling… geez, it’s been ages since we’ve seen that smile] Domo Sonya-san!! [Looking at the camera with a that smile] OHAIYO PURORESU FEN!!

Sonya: First Rekka right off the bat… what have you been doing for the past year?

Rekka: Well Sonya 1999 was um… interesting for me. First there was the whole WIS…

Sonya: [waving her hands in front of her face with a panicked look] No…o,nono!! [Leaning over and half-whispering] we don’t like to talk about the WHY EYE ESS EE experiment…

Rekka: [grimacing] oh….. Faux pas on my part… um… ok… well besides that I’ve been in active competition in Japan for most of the year. Healed some injuries [smiles as she rolls her over and over] and picked up some new ones [presses her hand against the side of her jaw… ooooo, that’s right she got her jaw broke back in august] and [sighs… closing her eyes] I unfortunately had to bury my cousin this past autumn. It’s been a really mixed year for me Sonya.

Sonya: let’s touch on that last bit of news and bring the GDWA fans up to speed…

[Cut to video footage of Junko Shiratori… the footage is all slow motion video footage… mainly of her during her ring intros]

V/o Sonya Blade: Junko Shiratori… the self-proclaimed “Prodigy” was renowned the world over for her skill in the ring. An absorbed bitch in the “Squared Circle”, everyone who knew her outside the ring knew her as the epitome of class and friendliness. The Asakino and Matsumoto families were stunned at the news of her death after a fatal hit and run accident. Junko Shiratori struck down at the mere age of 23… Those who knew you loved you. Those who fought you respected you but make no mistake all of wrestling misses you.

[Fade back in to the studio shot. Sonya is a bit less perky and Rekka…Rekka sits, tears rolling down the side of her face]

Rekka: Domo…

Sonya: Was it Junko’s memory that made you resign with the GDWA?

Rekka: [wiping her face with a tissue] eh? Iie, no… It… [Sniff] you’ll excuse me…. [Clears her throat] No it was just my desire to compete and succeed. I’ve always been so serious in the past, sometimes too serious. But I always remember the GDWA as being one of those places that always brought the most competitive side of me. Lord… those matches seem so long ago… but some of them stick out in my mind as some of my best.

Sonya: Do you feel there is unfinished business here?

Rekka: [shaking her head] No!! There is nothing but NEW business. Business like the Cruiserweight title tournament coming up!!

Sonya: [shocked] H-h-how did you find out about that? We haven’t even announced the location yet!!

Rekka: [going right pas that question with sly smile] I wrestled for that belt on more than one occasion. I came up short every time… well this time… I’m going ALL THE WAY!! I am more determined than ever to be the one to give the fans a champion they can cheer!

Sonya: [smiling and nodding] You always gave them a “People’s Champion” before…

Rekka: True… I just did it without the catchphrases!! [Wicked smile]

Sonya: [chuckling] Ooooo… hope Duane didn’t hear that one…

Rekka: [still smiling] I’m ready… I’m healthy and I’m game!! Bring them back on at a time Sonya Blade!! Bring back Lady Tiger!! Bring back the Syndicate… BRING BACK ALL OF THE DAMN RAGES!! THIS TIME THEY’LL ALL FALL TO A GOOD OLD BATCH OF… [The camera catches the glint in her eyes… the mischievousness in her smile… as her voice falls to a whisper] wildfire…

Sonya: Well there’s one catchword that hasn’t left and we in the GDWA… are more than THRILLED to have it!! Rekka’s Back and she’s ready to attack!! Look out GDWA… [Jerks a thumb, pointing to Rekka] My money is on this girl!!

Rekka: [raising a fist] IKUZO!!

[Fade out]

Balahadia: Rekka Sakura has got to be a favorite in that tournament. Sakura is a former SJPW All Asian Champion and one of the best competitors in the business.

Blade: And I’ve got to say that the former champ went the distance with Sakura. ‘Golden Girl’ Sierra Browne was stripped of the belt but was *never* beaten for it. This might be her time to shine.

Vonya: Horse manure. She and that little muppet Lady Tiger have one thing in common…no killer instinct! And of the two, Lady Tiger is far more erratic. Sakura is able to control her emotions, but lacks that killer instinct.

Balahadia: You wouldn’t be saying this because she pinned you at one of the GDWA’s pay per views, would you?

Vonya: Hell no!

Balahadia: Are you sure?

Vonya: Leave me alone!

Blade: (chuckling) Well, another Cruiserweight who has signed with the promotion has won titles in every promotion she has ever entered. Now, Amanda Reese enters the Grand Dragon.

Amanda Reese

[The shot is of an American Flag. Music, swelling and patriotic begins playing under it. The scene changes, we are now flying past Mount Rushmore. Then the Statue of Liberty, and so forth. Great scenes of Americana. As this is happening we hear a deep male voice over.]

Voice Over: In the heart of America there is a woman. A woman so proud of her country. A woman who believes in and embodies all the best qualities of this nation. Fair play. Mom & Apple Pie. And the good old American flag.

[The happy pro-America images continue. Ending on a shot of the Lincoln memorial.]

Voice Over: But this isn’t about her.

[The music turns dramatically to Oh Fortunna by Apotheosis. We are in full Orff Techno swing. The scene goes black. The words in quotes come up as the voice begins speaking. It is now a female voice, soft and computer styled with a 1 second delay reverb. It says…]

Voice Over: In Russia they call her “Amerika Freedom”

[Shots of a blonde female wrestler in the ring with a red headed one. The blonde is fighting a hell of a match. Quick shots show the red head being taken over in a Dragon Suplex. The screen goes black again…]

Voice Over: In Germany she is called “Uberfrau”

[Shots again of this blonde woman, battling it out with a very large female super-heavyweight. Again she is going to town. The sequence ends with a shot of her standing on the top turnbuckles, holding up the American flag and screaming at the audience. The screen blacks again…]

Voice Over: In Japan she is the “Ivory Dragon”

[Shots of the blonde walking down an aisle, decked out in white flowing gossamer robes, each end being carried by Geisha girls. She seems nicer here, waving to the fans and smiling for the crowd. Cut to shots of her fighting in a series of what seem like tournament matches and end with her holding up some belt for the crowd to see, tears streaming down her face. Cut to black once more…]

Voice Over: But in America she is known by only one name…

“Amanda Reese”

[Cut to a rapid fire succession of shots of Amanda Reese in the ring from all over America. As the tempo of the music builds, so do the cuts, making for a blip-vert style sequence. Just as the music breaks it cut to a shot of her, her face a mask of determination as she applies a Scorpion Deathlock to someone. Freeze and then fade to black as the words “Amanda Reese” fades on to screen. The sound is like at the end of the THX add in the theatres as the words fade out and the sound cuts.]

Vonya: (yawn) She is here on a mission (yawn) the, um, super, um, (yawn) Super Babyface. (Collapses atop some t-shirts, asleep.)

Balahadia: Well, I believe her patriotism is laudable.

Blade: Sure, great gimmick, but it’s the clips I was paying attention to. Ya see, it all comes back to wrestling. At some point, you’ve got to put the gimmicks aside and get down to the mat.

Balahadia: Speaking of getting down to the mat, I have word that Paul Laurence Dunbar is ready for his interview with a member of the GDWA alumni. Paul Laurence?


[Camera pans over near a stage where an African American man in a blue suit waiting near a blonde haired, blue eyed White woman. She wears a sash with “Miss Ireland” across her bathing suit.]

Dunbar: Hi fans, Paul Laurence Dunbar here with former GDWA competitor, Vixen. How are you doing…?

Vixen: Just fine sweetie! (Kisses Dunbar on the cheek) And how have you been doing, handsome?

Dunbar: (Blushing) Well, uh, this isn’t really about me. So, old time Grand Dragon fans know that you are from Ireland…

Vixen: And a former Miss Ireland! Handsome, any man over 16 knows who I am, wrestling or non-wrestling fan. Just look at me.

(She bends over and blows a kiss over at all of the ogling frat boys standing behind the cameras. They whistle and cheer as she winks an eye.)

Dunbar: Now, you wrestled for just a few months in Grand Dragon. What inspired you to enter the GDWA, and what do you think would inspire a rookie to enter now.

Vixen: Oh handsome, the GDWA is the premier promotion in the world. Now, think about this, Grand Dragon isn’t some minor division in a men’s fed…They have the only World Title worth wearing. If you want to become a name in this sport, the GDWA is the place to be.

Dunbar: Well let’s talk about your successes…

Vixen: Oh, I wasn’t all that fabulous.

Dunbar: Come on, tell me about your first pay per view appearance.

Vixen: Well, I wrestled this girlie by the name of Demonica who was the Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion and I made her submit to my hold or something.

Dunbar: The Scorpion Deathlock?

Vixen: Oh yeah. Yeah, the Scorpion. I was kinda lucky that night. Demonica…she was a woman I personally never hope to see again, handsome.

Dunbar: What would you say to these newcomers in order to prepare them for this January and the re-opening of the GDWA?

Vixen: (Thinking thoughtfully for the first time.) Take it seriously. You aren’t a movie star or an actress out there. Some girls are really dangerous. They can hurt you. Train and work hard….and realize you are gonna lose, you have to lose! Everybody loses but that’s when you have to dig in and try your hardest.

Dunbar: Thank you Vixen, and good luck in all of your future endeavors.

Vixen: Thanks sweetie and…and if you are ever across seas, look me up some time.

Dunbar: Aileen, Sonya and Vonya, back to you.

Balahadia: That was Paul Laurence Dunbar with GDWA alumnus, Vixen.

Vonya: She never was worth a damn!

Blade: What?

Vonya: She ain’t no role model for up and coming wrestlers. I’ll show you a role model for up and coming wrestlers…this chick could be the next HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD! Roll em.

Marissa Monet

[Fade in:

The scene opens on a cage. Inside paces a women. A very large, powerful woman. Marissa Monet. She paces with her long stride, all muscle like a caged black panther. Her yellow hazel eyes flash with intensity. Her face is set hard and murderous. Her fine thin braids fly around her face with each spin. Finally, spying the camera, Marissa lunges, driving her black-gloved fist against the cage. The Afro-Caribbean woman snarls.]

Marissa: Gimme one more chance! Gimme one more chance! That’s what the promoters want to here. That’s what they’re begging for. All y’all wrestlers out there to beg them to be let back into the freakin’ glorious Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance. The (sarcastically) premiere women’s wrestling federation. If you’re the premier wrestling federation, though, where ya been? And before you come step to me with all your rules and regulations and begging me “Please, Marissa, don’t hurt ’em,” I want you to remember just one thing. There’s only one thing you do to me. You shut the [censored] up and you shut the [censored] up. That’s what the [censored] you do. You think this is a game, you think I’m playing? I see every little namby-pamby skinny as Marcus Camby princess bounce around here. All I’m seeing when I look over the roster is pathetic little cruiserweights. This is what you’re bringing me?

[Marissa spins one finger in the air.]

Marissa: They’re little flies. Just buzzing buzzing buzzing around. Jesus H. Christ, don’t you stupid mutha[censored] up there in the studios know that these little blonde pretty girls and these little Asian geishas …they got fragile little necks. They break pretty damn easily. And don’t you know that I don’t know my own strength? I throw them in a chokehold and damn next thing I know I popped their heads off like I’m popping the top on a can of beer. How the hell are you going to bring me in with all these second rate athletes? You know what’s going to happen. They meet up with the first wonder of the future and they come up headless. When I take their heads off and [censored] down their [censored] necks you know what’s next. I’m going to take their little 33 pounds heads. I’m going to bloody them up real good. Stick pins in their eyes to keep them wide open and I’m going to fill their little heads with ten pounds of monkey crap, get a good grip on those sumbitches and ram those mutha [censored]s right down your throats until you do me one thing and one thing only. You bring the Headwrecker some damn competition. You bring me somebody who can push me. You bring me somebody who can get down on the mat and go with me chokehold for chokehold with me Marissa Monet.

[Fade out]

Vonya: Marissa Monet is serious. That ain’t the candy ass who I remember entering the GDWA a year and a half ago.

Blade: I just can’t wait till Grand Dragon crowns the World Champ. She’s gonna have to be a tough competitor.

Balahadia: This new attitude has crossed over into Cruiserweights like Jennifer Grier.

Vonya: Who?

Balahadia: Jennifer…oh, roll the clip please.

Jennifer Grier

[The scene opens up, as the camera picks up in the middle of a posh field. The leaves are gone from the trees, as the branches are swaying in the cold wind. As the camera moves closer, it finds an old, rickety house. It’s vaguely familiar.

The cameras slowly move inside the house, which is a Victorian home in the middle of Illinois. The name on the mailbox: J. Grier. A noise is heard from upstairs. Suddenly, a very familiar woman, standing about 5’7 walks down the stairs, in a very tight pair of jean shorts.]

Grier: Well, if it isn’t the Grand Dragon Alliance?

[Jen shrugs her shoulders, as she walks around the camera. The camera follows her steps as she walks.]

Grier: It’s been a year already, hasn’t it?

[Jen shakes her head, as she looks over to an empty wall.]

Grier: See that space there? That’s where it was supposed to be. All my dreams. All my hard work. And I was THAT close, you know?

[Jen looks back at the wall.]

Grier: Two years I busted my ass to get to the top. To the pinnacle. And what happened? I was insulted. I was torn apart. And not ONCE did I ever complain. I learned. I grew. And near the end, I was taking names.

[Jen paces the room.]

Grier: I became one of the stars. I became a contender for gold. It wasn’t the gold I wanted, but the acceptance. And once I got there, what happened? I got a letter. “Dear Jennifer Grier. I regret to inform you that the Grand Dragon has folded”. Gone. Just like that. Everything I worked for, gone. And I was supposed to be ok with that?

[Jen holds open a letter in her hand, as she reads part of it.]

Grier: “The Grand Dragon is alive and well. Please accept our invitation, and renew your contract within Grand Dragon …”] [Grier stares into the camera.]

Grier: Accept our invitation? Come BACK? After all this, and everything I put into this… and you all… left me… you want me to… just, come back?

[Jen takes the paper in her hand, and tears it in half, as she stomps it to the ground.]

Grier: You’re damn right I’m coming back. And you know what? I’m glad I got that little invitation. Bitter? Hell no. But if you thought I had an attitude last time? Damn, you’re in for a surprise. I worked too hard just to be slapped in the face like this.

[Jen walks away from the camera, as it follows her out the door. Surprisingly, she’s in fantastic shape. Fade out.]

Vonya: Cheese Puff.

Blade: Grier is a hell of an athlete and I’m tired of you running down our upcoming competitors.

Vonya: Jennifer Grier would get chewed up by Marissa Monet. Did you hear Money? She reminds me of a chick we used to know by the name of Medusa Rage…except Marissa Monet is _ALL_ R.A.G.E!

Balahadia: Well, we’ve heard from one Heavyweight and one Cruiserweight, but we haven’t SEEN anyone in action.

Blade: I don’t understand.

Balahadia: Lady Tiger has signed with Grand Dragon and she’s reminding us just what made her the human highlight reel.

Lady Tiger

<Twice the action!>

Bishop: Tiger with a pickup, and slaps on a Front face lock…

Mutt: But Browne counters the Swinging Neckbreaker with Forearm shots to the ribs of Tiger. Browne now, backing into the near ropes and Springboarding off…..


Mutt: ! ! ! ! L*O*N*G*B*O*W F*R*A*N*K*E*N*S*T*E*I*N*E*R ! ! ! !

Bishop: Oh My !!!!

( ! ! ! ! ~~~ f u r i o u s c h e e r s ~~~~ ! ! ! !)

<Twice the fun!>

Bishop: Tiger walking around the ring with the scissors, and she’s having fun now. Tiger heading over to the unconscious McClane, and she leans over…. and changes her mind.

Mutt: Lady Tiger shaking her head, and tosses the scissors outside?

(Fans all booing as Charlotte La Mancha exits the ring.)

Vonya: Yes! Tiger chickened out!

Bishop: Hold on, Charlotte reaching under the ring & procures . . . an electric razor!!

(Fans all roar as she tosses it to Lady Tiger, inside of the ring.)


(Fans ALL CHANT: Baaaal-Deeeee! Baaaal-Deeeee! Baaaal-Deeeee! )

Vonya: Hair is flying all over the place, and that damn Lady T is making a mockery of a fine technical wrestler. She’s got no hair left!!!


<Twice the flying!>

Mutt: It looks like Tiger is heading for a high risk maneuver.

Vonya: But she’s pointing down to the floor.

(Ringsiders all rush up against the guard railing with cameras, waiting!)

Bishop: Lady Tiger up on the top turnbuckle, measuring the ladies down below and….a Corkscrew through the air and….

(((((Fans pop: ! ! ! I C E C R E A M ! ! ! )))))

Mutt: I C E C R E A M Plancha!!!

(Fans all popping as Lady Tiger Planchas all the wrestlers on the floor.)

<Twice the . . . Tiger!!>

(Camera zooms in to see Lady Tiger, standing in front of it, dressed in her wrestling garb and sporting her trademark furry tiger mask. She smiles and sticks her tongue out, waving to the camera)

LT: So watch out, GDWA!! Cause Lady Tiger’s coming, and she’s coming to KICK SOME ASS!!!

<The camera jerks as tiger shouts out her phrase>

CL: CUT!!! <Shouting> TIGER!!

<Lady Tiger cringes as Charlotte barks out at her off camera>

LT: Y . . . yes, Charlotte?

<Tiger backs away as we see Charlotte La Mancha, the GDWA Hall of Famer, step in front of the camera>

CL: Don’t you “Yes, Charlotte” me! WHAT have I told you about using language like that??

LT: But . . . but Charrrrrlotte!


LT: But everyone tells me I hafta start talking like that! They say I’m not intiminid . . . intimidating enough. <Pouts>

CL: Admit it, you heard that on TV, didn’t you??

LT: <head bowed, kicking dirt> Yeah.

CL: <shaking her head and sighing> That’s the last time I let you stay up watching wrestling on Monday nights.

LT: Awwww, Charrrrrrrrlotte!!

CL: Besides, you’re plenty intimidating kitten. Let me here you “grrrrr”!!

LT: grrrrr.

CL: Aww, that’s not a real grrr, you can do better than that!

LT: Grrrrr!!

CL: Come on!! I want to hear one ferocious battle cat!!

LT: <psyched up> GRRRRRR!!!!

CL: That’s the spirit!! So watch out, GDWA!! Cause the super duper cat warrior is back, and she’s TAKIN’ NAMES and KICKIN’ TOOSH!!


CL: That’s the spirit!! Now come on, I’ll race you to the ice cream store.

LT: <marking out> AWWWW RIGHT!! You’re buying, Charlotte!!

<Tiger zooms out the door of the gym and barrels down the street, still dressed in her ring gear. Charlotte shakes her head and chuckles and jogs out after her. The scene fades out as some words are emblazoned on the screen>

<Lady Tiger>

<She’s coming back. Oh Yeah>

<And she’s coming for . . . >


(Camera clips back to the street to see Charlotte huffing to keep up to Tiger)

<Oh yeah, Charlotte’s coming too>


Blade: Is she tough enough for you?

Vonya: Powder puff.

Blade: But that’s the whole point! Charlotte is saying to hell with that Monet/Grier bravado. Lady Tiger just goes out to wrestle! And she’s beaten a lot of big names in this business.

Balahadia: The Cruiserweight Double elimination title tourney will commence the night Grand Dragon returns to the wrestling circuit. Lady Tiger sounds like she is ready to rumble.

Balahadia: Hold on…wait…fans! I’m getting word that Paul Laurence Dunbar has an interview ready with former WORLD Heavyweight Champion Zaranna!

Vonya: Oh, now this ought to be good!


(Camera pans over to a gathering of picnic tables where a woman sits with Paul Laurence Dunbar. It is lunch time and Zaranna is chowing down on a SUBWAY sandwich and chips.)

Dunbar: Hello fans, I’m here with former World Champion and the very first Wrestler of the Month award winner Zaranna live at the fairgrounds in Puyallup, Washington State. Glad to have you here champ.

Zaranna: Glad to be here.

Dunbar: So what have you been doing with yourself for all of these years?

Zaranna: Well, you know, my time came and past and now I’m happily retired. You know, I was so glad to hear that the GDWA was getting back together. This organization is a class act and I was proud to represent them when I did.

Dunbar: Now, you wrestled some great matches in your day.

Zaranna: Yes…in my day…

Dunbar: You had a bout with ‘Luscious’ Lisa Thomas where you almost had your head torn off.

Zaranna: (Considering) Thomas never won the World title. And you know, not everyone can win the Big Belt. And respect her ability though.

Dunbar: I also recall you had a few tough matches with Officer Order in your day…how many times did you beat her?

Zaranna: (She straightens out her sweat shirt and smiles) Never. Order and I only met a few times, so I never had a chance to prove myself.

(Zaranna clears her throat before Dunbar can continue.)

Zaranna: You know, life has been good to me post-GDWA. I work for an advertising agency in Terra Haute, Indiana. I have a good man in my life and my golf game has improved considerably.

Dunbar: (Laughing) That’s great to hear. I don’t get to tee off as much as I’d like.

Zaranna: Well, you are welcome to come out anytime you want. Down near Indiana University we have some pretty good courses.

(Zaranna takes another bite as Paul Laurence leans into her.)

Dunbar: Zaranna, throughout the country fans are always asking the question…

(A couple walks up to them and Zaranna signs their autograph.)

Zaranna: Uh huh.

Dunbar: Who is the greatest World Champion of all times…we’re having a World title tournament coming up soon and fans want to know.

Zaranna: Uh huh.

Dunbar: So do you think you are the best? Or Lanny Manson or Medusa Rage or..

Zaranna: You know, I was in the GDWA in its infancy. I was only their second World Champ…times have changed considerably. You have to keep champions within their historical contexts.

Dunbar: Well, many critics say that, overall, Lanny Manson was a tremendous talent who transcended the ages.

Zaranna: (Gritting her teeth) Lanny Manson was a good wrestler, but not great.

Dunbar: You two had some great matches together. Can you really say that she was not a great wrestler? You two were heated rivals…

Zaranna: Let me tell you who I am. I am a professional wrestler. Do you understand? Lanny Manson didn’t know two holds to save her life. She wasn’t a wrestler. She had 3 moves in her whole arsenal.

(Paul Laurence Dunbar looks around the fairgrounds, smiling sheepishly.)

Dunbar: Folks said the same thing about Ma Porter and she was the greatest wrestler never to hold the World’s title. She was a fabulous brawler in her prime and she went to the finals of our very first World Title tourney…how can you say that? She was the only wrestler in the HISTORY of Women’s wrestling to go undefeated as a #1 contender. She could have been a great World Champion….she…

(Zaranna slaps her hand down on the picnic table.)

Dunbar: What do you know about wrestling? Have you ever laced up the boots? Have you ever fought till you could hardly breathe?

Dunbar: Know, but I am an authority in this business. There’s no need to be rude. I just wanted to know who was the greatest of…

Zaranna: (Shouting now.) YOU KNOW WHAT?! YOU KNOW WHAT?! LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING! I WAS THE g R E A T E S T W R E S T L E R in the WORLD TODAY! And if you think for a just a minute that I’m second best to that tramp ‘Fear Factory’ LANNY MANSON, YOU’VE HAD YOUR HEAD UP YOUR A$$ FOR THE LAST 5 YEARS….

Dunbar: Wait, why don’t you calm….

(Growing enraged as she tosses the potato chip bowl to the ground.)

Zaranna: Hush up! Just shut up and let me talk! Take a look at my resume Paul! Daisy Butterfly? I beat her in Madison Square Garden in front of 18 Thousand screaming fans screaming: DAISY! DAISY!

You want to talk about your beloved Ma Porter? The so called LEGEND around here? Ma Porter used to cook me breakfast in bed and ask permission to spoon feed it to me! Do you understand? I used to beat her till she couldn’t open her mouth! I said I used to lay into her with European Uppercuts till she couldn’t say her name anymore! That’s who *I* am!

Dunbar: Zaranna, I…

Zaranna: I’m the g R E A T E S T! You hear me? I *AM* THE GREATEST!

(Zaranna stands up and grabs him by the tie.)

Zaranna: Did you think I was some Johnny Come Lately to the Grand Dragon? I’ve been in the business for 15 years…I toured Australia, South Africa, England and France! Let’s talk about France…I could unmask that little lightweight Frenchie premadonna Lady Tiger in under 5 minutes and hand it back to her…let’s talk about Legends!

Micki Duran wasn’t worth a damn! The Syndicate? I slapped on the Z-blaster DDT on the so called ‘Ritch Bitch’ Andrea Chandler and she lost the World Heavyweight Championship!

Officer Order? She couldn’t win the belt until I left Grand Dragon. And as everybody saw she didn’t carry it very long anyway!

(Growing hysterical as Paul Laurence gasps for air.)

Zaranna: You wanna talk about the Wrestler of the Month? I was the very first! AND LANNY?!

(Zaranna, screaming now.)

Zaranna: ‘ F E A R F A C T O R Y ‘ L A N N Y M A N S O N?! Let me tell you about her…I know her very well. I took that belt from her! You know that GDWA World Title…she never took it from me! you think she’s the greatest of all times?!

(Paul Laurence Dunbar shaking his head as Zaranna screams.)

Zaranna: Lanny? Lanny Manson who’s running around right now with 6 and 7 kids and drives Pizza Hut delivery to make ends meet? We’re talking about the greatest Heavyweight Champion of all times! LANNY!?! The Greatest?!

(She slaps Paul Laurence Dunbar and tosses him aside. Zaranna raises up to her feet and grabs the camera, glaring into it.)

Zaranna: Lanny Manson! I don’t care where you are or what you are doing…bring your ol’ gray ass to the ring…one more time! For old time’s sake! You & me! The WAR TO SETTLE THE SCORE! You want to know just like I want to know who is the greatest-champion-of-all-times! Lanny, I challenge you at the “TUESDAY NIGHT CATFIGHT” to settle it once and for all! Who is the better gal? Is it me, the consummate athlete, or you, the Ultimate Hulkamania Warrioress?! Come on Lanny! The WAR TO SETTLE THE SCORE! Once and for all! Once and for all!

(Zaranna storms off as Paul Laurence Dunbar sits in his chair, baffled.)

Dunbar: Er, Aileen, Vonya, back to you.

(Camera returns to the concession stand where Vonya is laughing out loud.)

Vonya: I love it! Zaranna slapping the spit out of Paul Laurence, and now she’s laid down a challenge to the has-been ‘Fear Factory’ Lanny Manson.

Blade: I can’t believe it? She’s got some serious issues if she’s harbored this much rage over the last few years.

Balahadia: We have three singles slots available for singles competition and 2 tag matches (consisting of singles competitors) available on the Tuesday Night Catfight. Athletes must have passed a physical and Grand Dragon entrance committee standards in order to compete.

Vonya: Submit your applications soon before slots fill up!

Blade: If you are interested, contact Kirby Leufroy at m_as… Let him know if you want to wrestle a tag or singles competition match up for the January TUESDAY NIGHT CATFIGHT. The very first of the New Year!

Vonya: First come first served….er, so to speak.

Balahadia: Let’s take a look at the screen to get an impression of what to expect.





4) –Tag–Team–Match

5) –Tag–Team–Match

6) Zaranna vs. ‘Fear Factory’ Lanny Manson (?)

Balahadia: We still need to hear from Lanny. Hopefully we can get someone to head down to Los Angeles to get the scoop directly from her.

Blade: No Manson, no Main Event.

Vonya: Lanny Manson hardly qualifies as a Main Eventer.

Balahadia: That’s disputable, but this next woman is no stranger to the squared circle. We have signed a FORMER World Heavyweight Champion. Here is ‘Double O’ Officer May Order with the GDWA President, Alison De La Cruz.

Officer Order

(Shot opens on the GDWA Logo hanging over a red velvet curtain. As the camera pulls back, we can tell it’s’ a major press conference with dozens of reporters all talking among themselves. The mummer dies down as GDWA President, Alison De La Cruz steps forward and turns on the mic. )

De La Cruz: Thank you for coming Ladies and Gentlemen … As I’m sure you are all aware, We are making arrangements for the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance to return to action in January of the year 2000. To insure the high quality our fans have come to expect, I have made a personal commitment to signing the Best Athletes in our sport. And that’s why I’ve asked you here today … to announce the return of a true giant in our sport…coming out of retirement, a woman who needs no introduction … Officer May Order !

(As the curtain opens, the figure of a small Asian woman in a San Francisco police uniform is bathed in a strobe of flashbulbs. Even the reporters can’t keep from applauding at the return of the Fan Favorite. Double O smiles and waves at everyone as she steps up to the microphone.)

Order: Thank you … Thank you very much. I would like to start by thanking President De La Cruz for personally asking me to come back to the Grand Dragon.

(Order and President De La Cruz provide the obligatory photo op as they shake hands under the GDWA seal.)

Order: I started wrestling for the same reason I became a police officer, because I wanted to make a difference. Every day, I see kids who don’t have a family or a role model and it hurts me. I wanted to stand up for them. I wanted to show them and everyone else, the you could work hard, play by the rules, and be a true Champion. And that’s just what I did, until the changes in the front office put ratings ahead of everything else. It was that shift toward ‘Sports Entertainment’ that prompted my retirement. Now that the focus is back on wrestling … I’m proud to be back home to the GDWA.

(Once again the reporters can’t contain themselves and begin to applaud, as Order smiles even broader and waves, as President De La Cruz steps forward and take the mike.)

De La Cruz: That’s all we have time for today. Thank you for coming out today and I hope to see you all at ringside.

Blade: The signing of Double O is a major step in the right direction.

Balahadia: Order is a major addition to both the Heavyweight and Cruiserweight Division. But this time around the Cruiserweights are hungry.

Blade: And she sounds more focused than ever.

Vonya: Focused?! Let me introduce you to a woman who is nothing but a grappler. Coming to a GDWA near you! Roll the tape.


(Fade in on a shot of a long, dank hallway, as a camera moves along. On either side of the hallway are large metal doors with tiny windows. The hallways is very noisy, and every sound echoes. The camera stops and focus in on the window of a door on the left hand side. The camera zooms in, seeing what’s inside. There is a small, wooden bed, a toilet and a desk with a few items on it. The sparse furnishings, with the grey brick walls, suggest a cell.

Suddenly a head pops up directly in front of the camera, behind the tiny window. The cameraman, startled, jostles his camera, and then regains his focus. A pair of intense eyes burns into the camera with hatred. From inside the cell, a young-sounding voice shouts angrily:

“A few more weeks. Then I can put all this behind me. But I’ll never forget the way I you abandoned me. Not one letter. Not one phone call. Not one visit. You know who you are. The GDWA knows who you are, and soon, they’ll know who I am. You try to keep me from coming into the GDWA, just like you pretended that I never existed, while I rotted in this hole. But the lawyers say that now I can make my own decisions. In a few weeks. Revenge, my revenge, will be sweet. I could just as soon stick a shiv into you, but that don’t seem right. I wouldn’t want to rob the world of a legend. Instead, I’ll break your heart one more time, by doing what you never could…winning gold in the GDWA. Then maybe you’ll accept me. A few more weeks.”

(Fade out)

Vonya: Now *that* is a competitor!

Balahadia: She definitely sounds like she is hungry for GDWA gold…but what is this revenge she’s talking about?

Blade: Is it possible that bad blood is already brewing in Grand Dragon?

Vonya: Hey, if there’s a golden rule you should follow in this business, it is to simply trust NO ONE! That’s it, period!

Blade: But you can trust “Double O” Officer May Order.

Vonya: (yawns) yeah, Double O…great. Jenny Grier is great. Look, let’s take a glance at a *REAL* wrestler who is an anxious to get back into Grand Dragon. Here is a wrestler that will not be intimidated by anyone. Here is Bloody Mary!

Bloody Mary

(Scene is a jumbo TV. screen with a series of quick images of Bloody Mary matches, fighting Keiko Mita, Lanny Manson, Candy Bratton, Andrea Chandler, Sierra Browne, Medusa Rage, etc. The camera pans out to show Bloody Mary facing the screen wearing her familiar red two piece outfit with red boots, her long curly blonde hair glistens in the glow of studio lights and shadows. She slowly turns to the camera, arms crossed, legs apart, a serious look on her face that turns to a beaming smile.)

Bloody Mary: (An enthusiastic tone in her voice) The GDWA is back and so is Bloody Mary!! What a way to end one century and millennium and start a new one! I . Am. so … happy!! (Her eyes glisten teary-eyed) It’s impossible for this heel not to smile. My major starting point in wrestling, the place where my name became a household word. (She looks back at the images as GDWA Rules appears intermingled with continuing match images) So much blood, sweat and tears, shed. So many memories, some bad, most of them good. And now its back!

Oh don’t worry, those of you who’ve kept with me. I’ll still be appearing at the other feds. But my heart and soul is going to be back here at the GDWA, along with my new personal trainer, Ana Conda, (an image of her appears on screen) and hopefully my old friends The High Flying Dolls and The Gladiatrixes will tear themselves away from their ventures and join me from time to time! (Their images appear as well) All I can say is right now, flooded with memories and looking forward to the future is. I can’t wait! I hear names bantered about, old and new joining. Like all you fans out there, I’m as anxious as you are! I can’t wait! Like me, the GDWA is back, better than ever! It’s going to be great! (Mary takes one last quick look as the screen shows a still shot of Mary then the logo GDWA RULES! She turns and smiles once again as the camera fades.)

Blade: So, is she a tough gal, Vonya? All that crying and tearing up can’t be signs of that attitude you were talking about.

Balahadia: Sounds like Bloody Mary is extremely happy to return to the GDWA. Although she has competed in other promotions, it seems like GDWA has a special place in her heart.

Vonya: Oh, to hell with the both of you! So what if Mary has gone soft…I’ll be bettin’ my money on Monet to win that World Title!

Balahadia: As we close the show, the final comments will go to another promising Cruiserweight who could wreak havoc in the tournament. Fans, see ya next week.

Lida Yanigasawa

Setting: “Pescadores”; an upscale private nightclub in downtown Seattle. Time is 3:00 AM. The club is closed.

Camera starts on a haze of cigar smoke high near the ceiling. A second passes and the shine of a billfold comes into focus as the camera draws downward to a beautiful mahogany pool table. The camera gives a close-up of a lone man by the bar — in pressed, creased khakis and a white sleeveless undershirt revealing a muscular, boxer’s physique. He appears to be around 30 and of Asian or Pacific Islander descent. His appearance is that of a professional — handsome and manicured; from freshly shined ostrich loafers to his short-cropped haircut; everything appears in immaculate condition. He leans on the table and smokes a Cohiba figurado, his eyes tense and threatening through the smoke. Just audible are the sounds of the slow, menacing beats of a gangsta rap song. An air of danger all around.

The man places a billfold, which appears to be filled with hundred dollar bills, onto the pool table.

The club is otherwise empty. It’s dark aside from one white light from the ceiling over the pool table, and the light from the man’s cigar. We can barely make out the worn labels of vintage Scotch and Cognac behind the bar.

Camera moves to outside the club. A black limousine cuts through the Seattle winter rain and stops in front of Pescadores. The tuxedo-clad driver steps out and briskly opens the back door with one hand, holding an umbrella with the other. Out steps a slender figure in a black raincoat. Camera picks up nothing but her slow, high-heeled gait into the club, the driver pacing alongside her with the umbrella. It is clearly an old routine. The driver opens the door to the club and returns to the limousine as the lady in black steps in the door.

The man maintains his scowl as she enters. He sets his cigar down in an ashtray, and calmly moves toward the lady, to remove her coat. On a close up shot, we see beads of sweat on his brow.

No greetings are exchanged.

The lady, also appearing to be of Asian or Pacific Islander descent, is perhaps mid-20s and is dressed equally well. More like immaculately. Wearing a black pantsuit which hugs her perfect form and black Armani sunglasses, she cuts a slender, menacing figure, with the cool of someone in her element. From a black handbag she sets a billfold down, next to his, on the pool table. Again, all hundreds. Both pick up cues and they begin play. The lady, still wearing her sunglasses, breaks.

“I hear things are changing for you, Lida,” the man says with a smirk. “Something about you finally getting into the ring after training all this time … from Tokyo to Mexico City…”

“You know that cruelty is a hobby of mine,” she retorts calmly. She is sinking ball after ball. Each shot is being done to perfection. “It’s a natural progression…”

The rap song in the background picks up … the lyrics become audible– “Some compete to defeat the strain/Some just like to bring the pain…”

The man grits his teeth. He hasn’t gotten a chance to get a turn yet, and Lida is down to the eight ball. Lida taps a corner pocket with her cue.

“Word about you is getting around. Someone’s going to put you in a lot of pain…” he says.

Lida smiles an arrogant smirk, and removes her sunglasses. Her eyes pierce through him. “Pain isn’t about getting slapped around,” she says, moving toward him.

She pulls her cue around for a behind-the-back shot.

“Pain is about hating someone so much…,” she continues, now completely in his face.

She knocks the eight ball in. Again, perfect.

“…and knowing all you did trying to fight them, is make them look good when they beat you.”

Just inches from him now, she gives him a head to toe leer. She puts her sunglasses back on, slowly drinking up the look of defeat on the man’s face. She sets her cue back on the table.

“Say hi to Eddie for me,” she says, turning and picking up the billfolds.

The rap song is fading out … the chorus goes

“Just another hustler…”


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