Promos from Andrea Chandler, Lanny Manson, Princess Yamaguchi and more.

(Scene opens up at the GDWA studios in Tacoma, Washington. 3 women sit at a broadcast table as “Atomic Dogg” by George Clinton blasts through the speakers. The camera slowly pans toward the front. One, a White American wearing a cowboy hat, sips a cold beer while the Filipino American woman beside her reviews her notes. The third, a White American, chats with someone off camera.)

Balahadia: MERRY Christmas and Happy New Year fans! We welcome you to another edition of the GDWA 2000 control center. I’m Aileen Balahadia, independent wrestling sheet writer alongside former GDWA competitors Vonya and Sonya Blade.

Vonya: Yeeeeeeeeeeeha! Happy New Year everybody…and as we near this Y2k thing, I can’t help but think about what the new year is gonna bring….the return of the GDWA…Grand Dragon to rides again!

Blade: That might be the only time you and I agree on anything, Vonya.

Balahadia: Truly, fans are awaiting the re-opening of Grand Dragon on Tuesday, January 18.

Vonya: Let me just say a few words…when the music hits and the introductions are done, the fans are gonna hit the roof because this is a card stacked top to bottom with talent!

Blade: Personally, I’d love to return to competition just for one more night given how important January 18th is.

Balahadia: Fans, the women have been training and getting ready for the TUESDAY NIGHT CATFIGHT like I’ve never seen before.

Blade: As a matter of fact, tonight, we’ll be hearing from some of those competitors. Old school Dragon fans have called the main office, they’ve faxed and e-mailed us, wanting to know if former world champion ‘Fear Factory’ Lanny Manson has accepted the challenge of another old timer, Zaranna.

Vonya: So is she or isn’t she?!

Balahadia: Earlier this week, Grand Dragon sent officials to Manson’s home to get the scoop straight from her. Here is her answer.

Lanny Manson

(The camera opens up on a Los Angeles, California condo. This is the home of the greatest World Champion ever, ‘Fear Factory’ Lanny Manson. A young child opens the door for the camera man as she leads the crew into the living room.

Manson is sitting in the corner of a very dark room she is playing a little unplugged electric guitar she looks exhausted…When she sees the camera, she slowly starts talking)

You know, (she waits a bit) this is a side of the FEAR FACTORY that most people don’t know. This is where I used to go after every match. I always come here to think…I’ve been doing it since I was a kid. It all began in this room, this is where I first dreamed of becoming champion.

(In the background, little feet can be heard running about as Lanny runs her hand through her brown hair and smiles.)

That’s little Joshua stumbling about back there. My oldest, Susan, speaks properly and even reprimands mommy for eating with her hands.

(Lanny looks around her living room, whimsically, and the camera follows her eyes. Trophies and placards line the walls. It is a virtual museum of old wrestling photos and memorabilia.)

Last week, a woman I haven’t thought about in 5 years called me out on national television. She demeaned me and my family. I always thought that deep down, Zaranna respected me as an athlete and as a woman. I was the world champ for over 3 months! And at that time the WORLD CHAMP had to defend the belt twice a month! When I became champion, I’d gotten the cheers of all these great fans.

In my career, I’ve been DDT, splashed and the list goes on and on…I’ve had so many changes in my life in a very short time. I’m married now. Did you know that Zaranna? Now I’ve got to come here and think….Think about my past, my present and my future…..

(Her eyes grow misty as she shakes her head. Her hair falls over her face as she sniffs. She looks up into the camera as she rubs her arm.)

I can’t extend my elbow anymore, Zaranna.  . .not fully. And my neck aches all the time. Especially when it rains. This is not a healthy sport to be in at my age. Heck, Ma Porter had guts to wrestle when she was in her 30’s and 40’s.

I can’t remember the millions of time I was here, just to think like I do now….Thinking about Lanny Manson. The woman behind the wrestler…This woman is just another normal person…But the thing is…I have heart…I’ve worked harder than anybody to get where I am…fighting those robbers on the streets and the beaches of L.A.,Playing some 10$ heavy shows just to pay the rent!!!..Now my wrestling career is over and my musical career is doing well. Still wrestling comes 1st in my heart for me. I’ve seen some great wrestlers coming in the fed like Daisy and Charlotte.

(Lanny Manson clenches her fist and streams of tears stream down her face. Her long hair shields her eyes from the camera. Lanny points to a replica ICW/DPW/GDWA World title belt encased in a placard on the wall, right over the fire place.)

..The GDWA, a new era, that’s great…

You know…In the past, my mind has been at some very screwed places right here in this room. Maybe it’s these places which are not great that make me so wild in the ring…I don’t know!!! Maybe it’s YOU Zaranna! WE should be over this! We’re too old to be tramping up the highways night in and night out trying to prove something to ourselves. Look at HOGAN! Look at Flair! They are trying to relive days that have passed them by! I don’t want to be in a wheelchair when this is all said and done.

But one thing’s for sure…as long as my little factories, Heavy Metal and the power of the fan factory are with me, the wildness of the FEAR FACTORY will always be there and I will always be the champ!! least in their hearts.

Zaranna, you want to decide who the greatest of all times is? Only you can decide that in your heart. But I know that won’t satisfy you! So you want to head bang, one more time, one last time? Then get this through your stupid Australian head! One last time. You hear me? I don’t care what you say or do…this is our last match. I will never step into the ring after this. I’m retired, and I enjoy it. I’m 37 years old and I feel like I’m in my 50’s…but if this will quiet you! If this will satisfy all of my fans around the world, then, Y E S, I’ll face you at the Tuesday Night Catfight.

Fans, you’re the greatest. Without you, I’m nothing in this sport so please, carry on!!!

And Zaranna! For one more time, you are gonna see the old headbanger runnin’ wild in Seattle! One more time! For now, I’d like to be alone but you ain’t seen nothing yet…..Lanny’s the champ and she will stay the champ. And Zaranna, there ain’t nothing you can do about that. . . I’ve always managed to kick your ass before, and this time won’t be no different. ..Now please leave me alone.

(The camera vanishes)

Balahadia: They are calling this “The War to Settle the Score” and by all accounts, this is indeed gonna be awesome.

Vonya: I’ve got my money on Zaranna. She’s hungry! And next week, we’ll hear from Zaranna as Sonya Blade speaks to her live via satellite!

Blade: Why don’t you talk to her, Vonya? You are riding her bandwagon…

Balahadia: Anyway, obviously Lanny Manson is ready to take on her arch nemesis in a Legends match…before we get to the rest of the roster, let’s make a run down of all the competitors on that card!

Blade: First of all, we have 2 Cruiserweight tournament bouts to consider. Princess Yamaguchi faces Lida Yanagisawa in their first bouts in Grand Dragon.

Vonya: Yeah, and this is a very important match because the winner gets a bye into the 3rd round of this Double Elimination tournament. The loser gets stuck in an ultra-competitive loser’s bracket.

Balahadia: Let’s take a listen to these two competitors. First, let’s hear from Princess Yamaguchi.

Princess Yamaguchi

(The scene opens at a deserted beach house in Malibu, California. Sunlight filters through the windows as the camera pans the small, barren abode. Suddenly, the door swings open and a young man, clad in a white, tank top and baggy, red shorts, stumbles through, carrying a rather large, cardboard box in his arms. He has short, spiky, blond hair and his handsome features are twisted in a pained expression. Sweat glistens off of his face. He is closely followed by Minako Yamaguchi, better known to most as Princess Yamaguchi.

The sleek, slender model wears a tiny, blue, halter top and matching, denim, daisy duke shorts, showing off her long, shapely legs. She completes the look with blue and white, Nike, Air Max, tennis shoes. Her long, silky, black hair falls straight to the small of her back, bangs resting above her sparkling, brown eyes. A look of concern graces her beautiful face.)

Princess: Please…Chad. Be careful.

Chad: (grunts) No problem, Mina. I’ve got it. (He sets the box on the ground and stretches)

Princess: Are you okay?

Chad: (grins as he gazes at Yamaguchi, his blue eyes filling with adoration.) I’m fine. Thanks.

Princess: You really don’t have to do this. Thank you for offering but I am perfectly capable of doing this on my own. (smiles) I would hate to see you break your back bringing in my belongings.

Chad: (returning her smile) It’s cool and not a problem. Besides, we’re going to be neighbors and neighbors help each other. (Yamaguchi sighs) Plus, I just couldn’t stand by and watch a lady struggle with those things, especially someone as beautiful as yourself. (he winks) Wouldn’t want you to mess up those model good looks.

Princess: (laughs) Believe me. I’ve handled much tougher than a bunch of boxes!

Chad: Well, I’ll go get the rest of your things from your jeep. How many more of these do you have anyway? Three? Four?

Princess: (suppressing a smile) Oh…about eight or ten.

(Yamaguchi stifles a giggle as she watches the smile disappear from Chad’s lips.)

Chad: (grimaces) E…eight? Or ten? Uh…maybe I should take a little break first.

(He slowly shuffles from the house, scratching his head and wondering how he got himself into such a predicament.)

Princess: (smiles) Take all of the time that you need, Chad.

(Princess Yamaguchi shakes her head as Chad exits the door. It was obvious that he was interested in her and thought that this display of macho stupidity would impress her. She would never understand men! Just wait until Chad learned that she had a boyfriend, she thought with a small giggle. She hugs herself and looks around her home, a satisfied smile across her lips. It felt so good to be back home, she thought.)

Princess: Well, I haven’t seen this place in a while. I had rented this house while I was competing in the American FFWA promotion, a few months ago, but, due to unforeseen circumstances, the promotion closed and I had to put my cherished home back on the market. (smiles brightly) So you can only imagine my happiness and surprise when I found that it was still available. I can’t think of anywhere I would want to live other than the beach and there are no beaches as beautiful as those found in California!

Many of you are probably not familiar with my wrestling work. I have done most of my wrestling in Japan, where most Americans only saw me if they imported tapes, while the FFWA was a relatively small promotion without much publicity or fanfare. You are probably most aware of my modeling work. Most people are familiar with the story of Minako Yamaguchi, discovered, at the age of fifteen, by a modeling agent and considered one of the few Asian supermodels at eighteen. I have worked with most of the top magazines, designers, and photographers in the world. (She waves her hand dismissively) But none of that really matters now because the only thing I care about is wrestling, more importantly, becoming the best wrestler in the world. And I can think of no other promotion to do that in than the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance. Don’t get me wrong! I have competed in some fine promotions, including RINGST*RS, the JIWWA, and IEWA with my tag partner, “Beauty Star” Angel Saito, as The Goddesses of Beauty. I also competed in the massive Owen Hart memorial tournament with “Alluring” Arielle Starr, the woman that both trained me and introduced me to the sport. But there can be no greater training ground than the rings of the GDWA, where some of the most impressive women wrestlers in the world reside. We’re talking about such legends and greats as Heidi Leick, Rekka Sakura, and Andrea Chandler. (She grins) It’s an honor to be among such worthy competitors and allowed to compete against them. The fact that the GDWA is taking a chance with me, an unknown commodity in the United States, makes me swell with pride! I am ever grateful that they feel that I am good enough to have my name added to such an impressive roster and I promise that I won’t let them or the fans down.

From the beginning, I have prided myself on being a wrestler that honored the rules of fair play and decency. I have seen many women, some extremely talented, take short cuts to achieve success. I would never degrade myself in that manner. I believe in hard work, dedication, and determination and I refuse to lower myself for a cheap victory! I want the fans to know that I will continue to follow these ideals and can only hope that some of the other women in the GDWA follow my example.

(She folds her arms across her chest.)

Princess: And those ideals will really come in handy as I enter the tournament to crown a new cruiserweight champion. I am well aware that this contest will be difficult and arduous. I know that all of the women involved are extremely talented wrestlers and some have been doing this much longer than I have. In fact, some of them have even held gold before. Even facing all of these obstacles, I am quite sure that I have what it takes to compete against them and defeat them. It’s not arrogance or a cocky attitude but confidence in myself and my skills. Supermodel? (Makes a face) Been there and done that! Beauty Idol? Played that game as well. GDWA Transnational Cruiserweight champion? (She smiles) Now, that’s got a certain ring to it. I want to send fair warning to you all of you ladies. Princess Yamaguchi is here and the GDWA will never be the same as this Goddess of Beauty rises to the top and claims what is hers!

(Suddenly, Chad comes stumbling through the door, his arms once more full of boxes. He struggles to keep them from falling.)

Chad: Uh…Minako…I think we have a situation here!

(Princess Yamaguchi rolls her eyes and races over to help Chad as the scene fades to black.)

Vonya: She (yawn)….”honors the rules” and (yawns yet again)…decency and stuff. (Nods off to sleep.)

Blade: It’s obvious that we are dealing with a competitor who is rather relaxed in the squared circle. She’s done some work in other promotions and she could very well be our next Cruiserweight Champ!

Balahadia: Fans, we’ll be back after this commercial break.

Balahadia: Fans, we’re back from our commercial break and we were just discussing how great a threat Princess Yamaguchi will be in this tournament.

Vonya: Yeah, right! A great Wrestler once said, “Win if you can, lose if you must, but always, always cheat!” And that’s all ya got to do to defeat this Priss.

Blade: That’s Princess! And she’s gonna be awesome.

Balahadia: But she faces a woman who also hails from the land of the rising sun. Let’s hear from Lida Yanigasawa.

Lida Yanigasawa

[A press conference is taking place in Seattle’s Four Seasons Hotel. Aguila Negro, a legendary figure in wrestling in Japan and Mexico and the current proprietor of Aguila Dojo (a wrestling school in Mexico City), is about to speak. Aguila is wearing his classic lucha mask, black with red trim and the Japanese characters for “Black Eagle” emblazoned on either cheek in blood red, and a black business suit. He is flanked by a Lida Yanagisawa, dressed in a long black leather jacket over a red sleeveless top tucked in her black jeans. Her top has the same Japanese writing (“Black Eagle”) on the chest. :]”Ladies and gentlemen,” he begins. “I am proud to stand before you as a representative of a proud tradition of wrestling.”[A buzz begins among the reporters, forcing Aguila to stop momentarily. “Wasn’t this guy the dirtiest player ever?” one reporter asks another. “Yeah, he was the one who was banned for life in Japan…” comes the reply.]Aguila clears his throat. “Most of you know after some unfortunate incidents I had to leave the sport. But I have returned to the sport to train the stars of the future. Uh, anyway, we are not here for the past, we’re here to begin a new era in the world of professional wrestling. Roll the tape.”[On the video screen, Lida is seen going through move after move in Aguila’s dojo. She takes an opponent off the ropes and hits a sudden tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. As her opponent struggles to her feet, Lida dropkicks her out of the ring. She follows up with a beautiful tope to the floor. A bodyslam later, her prey is back in the ring and flat on the mat.]”Watch carefully,” Aguila says. [The video continues: Lida is now headed to the top rope. She gives a high sign, a rebel yell, and leaps off, rapidly hurdling through the air 450 degrees for a firebird splash!!!! The crowd gasps.

“Ladies and gentlemen, my prized student, Lida Yanagisawa.”[The crowd applauds. Lida gives them a minkish smile.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Lida begins. “I have nothing to say to any of you, because none of you matter.”[Crowd is stunned]”How much do they pay you to do this anyway?” she laughs. “I have come to the world of professional wrestling to give the world the gift that is me. Not that you deserve it. I am redefining the genre. I have accepted an invitation to wrestle for the GDWA in North America, specifically in their cruiserweight tournament next month. So please, let me make this clear: I am going to inflict more pain than any of you little strip club dancers have ever felt and show all you little children what a wrestler does. Welcome to my epoch, ladies and gentlemen. You won’t enjoy it as much as I will.”[The reporters look to each other, a little confused.]”That’s E-P-O-C-H,” Lida smiles. “Look it up when you get home, I have things to do… “[The reporters try and hurl questions.]

Vonya: Now that’s my girl! I dig her! She is focused and dangerous. Princess, you don’t have a chance.

Blade: I wouldn’t say all of that. Arrogance has taken out even the best of them. If Princess Yamaguchi scouts this braggadocios competitor well, we could see Lida Yanigasawa’s quick exit from the tournament.

Balahadia: Obviously, both competitors bring experience and a zeal for the sport to Grand Dragon. This could become a very exciting match. Folks, let’s focus on tag action for a moment. We have what could be the most explosive match of the night outside of the main event.

Blade: That’s right, Aileen. Andrea Chandler and Black Lotus, both of whom have held the World Title, against up and coming talent Rekka Sakura and Marissa Monet.

Vonya: And let me tell you guys something…Andrea Chandler is back to reign supreme in Grand Dragon. Rekka Sakura, prepare to meet the Blonde Bombshell one more time.

Balahadia: Fans, let’s take a listen!

Andrea Chandler

[Scene opens up on a jammed packed Fukuoka Dome in Fukuoka, Japan. There are 54,315 screaming fans in attendance. “Atomic Dog” by Parliament starts blaring through the speakers. The fans erupt with a standing ovation, the camera zooms in on the east side of the ring, where a whole section of fans are wearing dog masks and barking at the camera as it passes them by. This section is known as “THE DAWG POUND” and this is……..


The view blurs out, then back in on the wrestling ring, with a fair amount of time having elapsed. In the ring is a short-haired woman, her face a crimson mask, and a beautiful, well-muscled, perfectly-proportioned blonde. Both are lying exhausted in the ring. The color commentary follows the action….

Bishop: Both women down on the mat! Andrea Chandler looks like all the gas is out of her. Lanny Manson is down on the mat, where seconds ago her head snapped back like a bullet had hit it. Andrea Chandler slow to her feet.

Mutt: Andrea with a waistlock pick up, and heads over to the near corner. She plants Lanny Manson up on the top turnbuckle as she climbs. Lanny looks out of it!

Bishop: Andrea on the second turnbuckle, scooping up Lanny Manson. She drapes Lanny over her shoulder while applying a Waistlock. My God! Andrea jumping off the second turnbuckle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(Fans groan and applaud as Andrea Chandler drapes her arm for the cover!)

Ref: ……………………………………………………….1




Mutt: Yes!

Bishop: I can’t believe it! Micki Duran running down the rampway, and entering the ring. Lanny Manson is still out. I can’t believe it!

Mutt: She did the impossible! All you doubters didn’t think she had what it takes, and Andrea Chandler got the 3 count on Lanny Manson. All of you doubters and so called wrestling critics. She did it!

Spud: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, via pinfall! At 38 minutes and 13 seconds…..

(Fans screaming their heads off as fireworks go off in the building.)

Spud:…and the Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion!!!!!!!………Andrea Chandler!

[The view blurs out once again, to fade in on Andrea Chandler today, standing before the viewer with a smug grin. A black, rhinestone-trimmed posing bikini reveals her hard, full body, with supple feminine curves accentuating her perfectly-developed physique. Black evening gloves rise past her elbows, and a pair of designer sunglasses are perched in her delicately-coiffed mane. High-powered lights catch the sheen of oil on her skin, highlighting her every cut and curve. She brushes her hair back over her shoulders, then places her hands on her hips.] [Andrea] Well, as I live and breathe…the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance is back in full effect! And of course, it simply would not do to bring back the premier promotion in women’s wrestling today without the premier women’s wrestler, now would it? I presented that little clip at the beginning to let you all know what you’re getting into. Some of you are familiar me — rather directly in fact, since I’m sure I beat at least a few of you to within an inch of your bourgeois little lives. But in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years and need a reminder, I’ll be happy to oblige you.

[Andrea shifts her weight to stand with her legs spread slightly, crossing her thick arms over her chest.]

Andrea: Simply put, I was, and am, the hands-down best wrestler in the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance — and the world. I beat the big girls. I beat the little girls. I held the world’s title better, and longer, than anyone else ever had, or did. And in the process, I put this fed on the map. Vessey and the others may not want to hear it, but before me, Grand Dragon was one step removed from doing shows in National Guard armories and high school gymnasiums. I arrived, I conquered, and suddenly we’re selling out 20,000-seat arenas, and winning the Monday Night ratings across the board. It took just about every wrestler in the promotion working together to bring me down — and in the process, the whole fed disappeared. Do you hear what I’m saying? I’m not just the best the GDWA has to offer — I *AM* the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance! Any chance it has of living, breathing, and regaining its past glory starts and stops with *ME*. And to that end, I am coming back with a furious vengeance unlike any ever seen.

[Andrea places her hands back on her hips.]

Andrea: Make no mistake, ladies, your worst nightmare is come, and readier than ever to trample the lot of you underfoot until I get whatever I want. And to start with, what I want is *MY* world’s title back around my waist where it belongs. If you don’t think Vessey has that strap shined up and ready to hand to me, you’re deluding yourselves. I’m not just the best wrestler in the world — I’m the best thing to happen to quarter-hour ratings since Stone Cold Steve Austin! When you look *this* good and you act *this* bad, every male aged 18 to 80 with access to a satellite feed is glued to the set with a beer in one hand and cold blue steel in the other. I mean, please, who to watch: me smothering some helpless little tramp, or Evan Karagious versus Disco Inferno? No contest. None whatever.

[She puts her sunglasses on, and gives the viewer a broad grin.]

Andrea: So that’s the story, everyone. The Rich Bitch is in full effect, and if you don’t think I’m the queen of this cell block, then I’ll be happy to prove it to you one by one. So brace yourselves, Grand Dragon. I’m home.

[Andrea blows a kiss at the camera, and the view fades….]

Vonya: The ‘Ritch Bitch’ is back home. And I’ve got to say that Rekka Sakura and Marissa Monet better get their acts together. Couple Chandler’s experience with that incredible strength of hers, and they are in trouble.

Balahadia: No doubt, Chandler is a powerful woman. As you saw on the video, it was Andrea Chandler who unseated Lanny Manson as the dominant wrestler in Women’s wrestling today. This won’t be any small task for her opponents.

Blade: Well, I have all the confidence in the world that Rekka will pull this one out.

Balahadia: Let’s hear from ‘the Burning Cherry Blossom’ Rekka Sakura.

Rekka Sakura

[open camera shot… the screen fades in slowly on a black and white film clip… the place… Budokan Hall… the event pro wrestling]

V/o: Born the daughter of a legend…

[The voice over melds out and we are given play by play from Rex Dillinger and Shinji Fukubi… ain’t Samurai TV great?]

Fukubi: Okomo now being Fire Ninja… the Ninja is almost gone… Okomo with a waistlock HE’s GOING FOR THE GERMAN SUPLEX!!

Dilinger: If Shinichi Okomo slaps this on Fire Ninja Matsumotyo then this match is OVER!!

Fukubi: NO!! “Fire Ninja” Matsumoto reverses!! He grabs Okomo by the scruff of the neck and… THE ROYAL OCTOPUSS!! HE HAS THE BURNING TREE ON OKOMO!!

[Fade out… a photograph of 3 children all smiling with arms around each other]

V/o: A child of the square circle…

[The picture fades and melds to a current photo… The three children are grown up and all… save the one on the left dressed in blue… are stern faced and serious… HEY!! This is the Matsumoto family!! Far left is Keiko Sakura… the 18 year old wunderkind!! The far right looking all sullen is Tetsuo Matsumoto and in the middle joining him in a family scowl is…


V/o: A family born to…

V.o Rekka Sakura: OI!!

V/o: huh?

Rekka: HEY!! I told the front office I didn’t want these serious “She’s from a wrestling family” promos anymore!!

V/o: Uh… well see… We were told…

Rekka: OI!! You deaf?!? Hey camera guy, can we get a picture here?

[The camera fades in. There is Rekka Sakura, arms folded over her chest with a nod and a smile of satisfaction]

Rekka: Now that is more like it!! Now… GDWA… The Wildfire is back!! Some of you may be thinking “Who is this girl?” while the rest of you must be freaking out thinking “The Prodigal Daughter Returns!!” Well… for anyone who knows me… for all those that want to get in the ring with and for all those who think you’ve passed by me… THIS “BURNING CHERRY BLOSSOM” IS TELLING YOU TO THINK AGAIN!! [Smiles confidently] I’m back!! I’ve seen the list… the roster… I see the names that remind me of great competition and I see the new names with promises of super stardom to come. Well for the young ones… you’ll have to get through me to get anywhere and for the old names I know all too well… I’m back and none of you are safe in your “Ranked Positions” as long as I’m around to challenge you!! Did you think you could keep Rekka Sakura away from the Grand Dragon? Don’t any of you realize that the spirit of the Grand Dragon beats in my breast and it pumps the blood and fire of competition?

[Rekka smiles as she holds up the 3 fingers that represent a beacon for the fans] I fought alongside 2 of the greatest women in the sport for the belief in honor and fair play!! Those 2 women are gone, scattered across the globe fighting their own fights… But the Spirit of the Dragon beats in my heart still and there are others who share the Dragon’s Courage… but who are they? Maybe I’ll find them across the ring from me… maybe I’ll watch them wrestle and see if they are devoted to the art… But out there [pointing, where? We have no idea]… in the ring there will be 2 souls who fight the good fight and those 2 souls will be embraced by the Dragon. As long as there is a Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance there will always be… [Nods slowly] a Dragon Trio!!

[Turns as if to leave… but turns her head to the camera with a smile]

Rekka: Maybe the Dragon will be revealed during the Cruiserweight title tournament… or maybe Rekka Sakura… will finally realize victory fighting for the honor to be a champion once more… [Slowly raises a fist just under her chin] Wildfire… IKUYO!!

[Fade out]

Blade: Rekka Sakura sounds ready for the Double Elimination C-weight tournament.

Vonya: Yeah, but she better not ignore the threat of Black Lotus and Andrea Chandler. Andrea sounds like she’s ready to bite someone’s head off!

Balahadia: Fans, up next we hear from Andrea Chandler’s partner, Black Lotus, and one of their opponents in that tag match, Marissa Monet. For now, we must take another commercial break.

Balahadia: Folks, we’re back from the commercial. We were just talking about that colossal tag team bout between the team of Chandler and Lotus who take on Marissa Monet and Rekka Sakura.

Vonya: And let me say this for the record…Monet sounds like a monster. I don’t doubt the prowess of Andrea Chandler, but if Monet is half as dangerous as she sounds…look out!

Balahadia: Fans, Marissa Monet spoke with Paul Laurence Dunbar just before the Christmas holiday. Let’s hear from them.

Marissa Monet

[Fade in:

Inside the GDWA television studios Paul Laurence Dunbar sits with the newly-returned Marissa Monet. Monet is dressed in “interview” mode, an open-necked amethyst-colored blouse and black pantsuit. She wears a carved wood choker around her neck and her braids are artfully arranged and pinned into a crown. She sits with ease and command, towering over Dunbar in his seat. Still, she doesn’t look anything like the furious warrior taped for the opening GDWA Control Centre 2000.]

Dunbar: (smiling) Well, Marissa, I guess I should start by saying ‘Welcome back.’

Monet: (no smile) That’s probably civil.

Dunbar: (uncomfortable) Yes, well, you certainly struck a chord with that brief promo of yours. Seems most wrestlers were glad to sign a contract with the GDWA and were ecstatic to see it return. I can’t say that you gave the same reaction.

Monet: Where’s Daisy Butterfly? Micki Duran? Medusa Rage? Sierra Browne? Ma Porter? Hmmm, if you look at it the state of the GDWA is more telling by who isn’t here than who is. We’ve got a lot of the old-timers and also-rans and never made its coming in. If anybody gets all overjoyed because they think the GDWA will pick up right where it left off they’re crazy. Just look at the heavyweight ranks. They’re pathetically thin. And the cruiserweights? How are you going to name a cruiserweight the number one contender to my title? I mean, what’s an Officer Order or a Wendy “Wildchild” (chuckle) going to do against Ms. Money, the Headwrecker, Monet?

Dunbar: So you’re already laying claim to the belt? That’s a bit of a drastic statement when you look at the talent lined up.

Monet: Like Zaranna? She’s been an accountant now. Like who Amanda Reese? Her moment in the sun came when she stole Medusa’s black glove. That’s her idea of getting heat. Come on … who else?

Dunbar: Former champions Andrea Chandler, Officer Order and Black Lotus?

Monet: (eyes narrowing) Know what they all have in common?

Dunbar: What?

Monet: They all tried to screw my girl and they all got paid back for it, didn’t they?

Dunbar: Huh?

Monet: You heard me. You don’t [censored] with me or my family. Chandler screwed Medusa around refused to fight Sierra … ‘dusa sold Chandler’s secrets to Praecox and made sure she lost the title and her title shot against Order. Order, thankless bitch she is, refused to give Medusa an official match? She got tossed down some steps and got pinned in an unsanctioned match. And Lotus? She and this whole promotion went in to screw ‘dusa? Well, you got ‘dusa out, but Sierra took her head, didn’t she? And Sierra never lost a belt in the GDWA. Now you’re talking about my sisters. What do you think I’m back here for?

Dunbar: I don’t follow.

Monet: Because you’re an idiot. I’m back here for revenge. That’s it. I’m going to set things right. The cruiserweight belt? It will always be tainted because nobody ever took it from the rightful champion. The heavyweight title? That’s Sierra’s belt, too. She doesn’t care about them, though. I do. When I came in here for the first time you know what happened? (Getting visibly agitated) Do you?

Dunbar: (nervous, swallowing) No.

Monet: The great and esteemed regional promoter … _regional_ promoter, Lawrence Davis, looked me over and said. “I don’t know. People are just going to call you the second-coming of Medusa Rage.” Damn him for that. You think I look, talk, act or wrestle anything like Medusa? Nah. I’m better than her. I’m better than Si. And you guys are going to find that out because I learned from their mistakes. I know that the wrestlers in the GDWA are a bunch of cowards. I know they’re weak-willed douchebags who won’t want to wrestle. How many times did Order defend the belt? Yet how long was her reign? Utter crap. And that’s all I see when I look at this roster. Utter crap.

Dunbar: Okay, I’m going to ask you a straight question here.

Monet: Uh huh.

Dunbar: Is this all for real?

Monet: What?

Dunbar: I remember you first coming into the federation as one of the Serpentines and then as one of the new Brown girls. You never did get a shot at a singles career, but I remember you as always being good natured and jovial. You always laughed and were fun to be around. Now you’re all hard edges and angry. Is this attitude for real or is it just a way to get noticed in a federation that has a lot of people who are willing to play up to the fans.

Monet: (holding up one finger) First of all, let’s get something straight. I don’t give a damn about playing to the fans. That’s not why I’m here. Secondly, if you look at the heavyweights who mean something … none of them are these so-called goody goodies. There are a lot of mean-spirited women in there. I don’t care about all that. What I am is realness. That’s what I’m bringing to the game. Reality. And damn you if you don’t like it. But you’re not going to crap all over me and have me begging for you to eat chili so you can do it some more. The girls around here can’t hold my tampons, Dunbar. You and I both know it. And I’m sick of being thought of as a cute little big girl. I am a wrestler. I am a competitor and all I’ve asked for was the forum to do that. Don’t try to stick any fancy labels on me. Don’t try to pigeon hole me into a character. I’m not going to do it. If I’m out there in that ring and I feel like doing a backflip I’ll do it. Don’t say “You’re supposed to be a big woman … use a powerbomb.” I’ll do what I damn well please. And those girls better get used to the bumps and bruises they’re going to take because I will be breaking some bones. I will be hurting some people. And for the couple people watching. Yes, it does hurt worse than it looks when I hit them. I promise you that.

Dunbar: Well, you’ve already made a believer out of Vonya. She gave you the nickname “Money.” But the rest of us aren’t quite convinced. We never really got the opportunity to see what you were made of the last time out.

Monet: Well, unless you find some way to screw me or change the championship rules so that I am not allowed to compete then I’ll show you why I’m money. I’m Coney Island’s finest. BK to the fullest. And all you little California and Pacific rimming little geishas better realize that. You ever been to Coney Island in January?

Dunbar: No.

Monet: Well, it ain’t Walnut Creek. And that’s what makes me who I am. I had to survive all my life. I had to work hard and shatter images. And now I’ve done that. So I’m going to put on my black tights. I’m going to lace up my black boots and fit my black glove and I’m going to go out there and break somebody’s neck. And you and the suits and the marketing idiots out there can sit back and say “How the hell are we going to market her the PTC?” I don’t care. Make a doll and stick it in Walmart and it really will come with a woman’s severed head because I will being popping the tops on all your little matchstick girls. Bet on it, Dunbar.

Dunbar: Well, any final words.

Monet: (staring dead in the camera) Double M. Millennium. One at the beginning. One at the end. You are now facing the first wonder of the future world, girls. Survive if you can.

Fade out]

Vonya: You see, I like her attitude. “Survive if you can…”

Blade: Well, she better watch her mouth. She could just as easily become a target if she keeps calling out names like that.

Balahadia: I believe Monet already is a target. Black Lotus, the FORMER HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION of the WORLD has some direct words for her opponent.

Black Lotus

[The scene fades in, an Asian woman in a black silk kung Fu outfit. She’s tall and graceful, her black hair pulled back in a tight braid that falls to the middle of her back, moving through a complex series of moves that could almost be gymnastics, except it lacks the running flips, instead just moving around on the mat, rolls…sit outs…something like a kata only for ground fighting. Finally she stands and looks over to the camera, her face painted white, lips black and elaborate black lines around her eyes. She strolls closer to the camera, smiling playfully.]

Lotus: (purring) Hello pets. The moment you have dreaded and longed for is here. The return of the Mistress of Submission….the Obsidian Butterfly…the last TRUE GDWA Champion. The Black Lotus. You didn’t think I could pass up a chance to return to reclaim my belt, now did you? To remind you of the true power of the darkness inside. I’ve heard your claims. You are going to bring the sports back. Or you are rough tough and mean. You eat little Asian geisha like me for breakfast. Yes, you, Marissa darling. You mean you finally learned how to wrestle? Or is your idea of a chokehold just grabbing the throat and squeezing. It would be nice to see you finally learning some skills to go with that Bad Attitude ™, you might even be a little more interesting then. Maybe I should invite you over and test those skills…a little roll on the mat? *mrrrr* Sounds delicious. I understand that a lot of the rest of you want to get back to *wrestling*, no sports entertainment…no T&A, just good hard wrestling. You want the violence, not the sex. But if some perfect wrestler has it all…the skills -and- the sensuality…well, the great swordsman Miyamoto Musashi explained his style by saying ‘You have two swords, use them.’ Well, pets, I have two swords. And I will use them. See you soon….

[Lotus smiles, blowing a kiss to the camera as the scene fades to black, her eyes and lips lingering in a red afterimage before that too fades.]

Vonya: Monet, be careful. Lotus is one of the finest technical wrestlers this sport has ever seen…

Blade: And when we make plans to crown our new, and undisputed, WORLD Heavyweight Champion, I’d be money Lotus will be in the running.

Balahadia: The GDWA will be back in business in about 3 weeks. And the wrestlers can’t wait to get back into the ring. Marissa Monet is one pumped up Heavyweight…but she must be aware that a wrestler like Black Lotus is pumped up just as well.

Blade: I will admit, she is ready to go.

Vonya: Well, the Cruiserweights are pretty pumped up too! I believe this has got to be the most competitive Cruiserweight division in wrestling today.

Blade: You might be right about that, Vonya. The competition for the Cruiserweight start is intense!

Balahadia: One competitor making her debut in the GDWA who will be vying for the C-weight title is Anais Exotica. Let’s hear from her.

Anias Exotica

[The screen goes black and the languid, vaguely middle-eastern strains of the theme from “Exotica” roll out. As the music builds, we see silhouetted figure against a screen of smoke, back-lit by red light. The supple female form sways seductively. The music turns faster paced and we see this recurring image is juxtaposed in a series of quick cuts with clips from wrestling matches. A pretty blond in what can only be described as a trailer-park-trash version of a Sailor Moon outfit reverses a headscissor attempt from a young Japanese woman into a face slam. The same blond, this time dressed in a knock-off of a dominatrix outfit, executes a flying cross body off the ropes onto a huge woman in a *real* dominatrix outfit. The blonde, dressed now in a shiny, glittery bodysuit, hits a perfect superkick onto a red-headed woman in white. This time with dyed brown hair, the same woman goes through a beautiful move-countermove sequence with Amanda Reese. Each time we cut back to the swaying silhouette in the smoke, the camera moves in closer. The last shot is of the blond, dressed in what might barely pass for an elaborately revealing bikini swaying in the ring in the exact same way. We match movements to the woman in the smoke who tosses her head up and we get a brief close-up of her pretty blue eyes. The screen goes dark and a swinging spotlight effect illuminates each letter in the name as a breathless voice whispers one name seductively…


[Fade to Black.]

Vonya: Impressive.

Blade: A powder puff. Anyone named “Exotica” can’t be all that tough.

Balahadia: Fans, Exotica will be tagging with GDWA veteran Bloody Mary against Rachael ‘Ice’ Edwards and Amanda Reese.

Blade: Reese is a proven commodity in other promotions.

Vonya: Yeah, but she’s in a pretty pickle.

Blade: We have comments from Amanda Reese who I must admit, is in a sticky situation. She is in a very precarious position because she has, well, she’ll tell you herself.

Amanda Reese

[The shot is of a gymnasium. It is not a Vic Tanny’s or a Bally’s kind of place, but more of the place that would be owned and run by a guy named Spike. We are in fact in a place called The Main Street Gym somewhere in America. As the camera pans through people working out on punching bags and various free weights, we see Amanda Reese sitting on a ring apron, wearing sweats and lacing up her boots. Behind her in the ring a larger, more muscular woman is testing the ropes. As the camera reaches her she looks up.]

Reese: Hey there. I guess you guys want a few words. Okay, I gotta a couple of seconds I can give you. What do you want to know first? What my strategy going into this tag match is? How I feel about locking up with Anais Exotica one more time? Or what my feelings are about Bloody Mary, a woman too many of these wrestling “smarts” say I have been ducking for over a year? Take you pick, I’ll discuss any of them.

[She listens as we here a muted voice from behind the camera. We can’t really make it out.]

Reese (Chuckles): So they didn’t even think it was important enough to send a reporter. Just a camera man huh? Alright then. Let’s start at the top. I am heading into my first match in the GDWA ever and what does the lovely Front Office sign for me? A tag match with three women who are not known for playing on the side of the rules. And while I’m not the biggest booster of fair play in the ring, I am not one of the bad gals. So what does this spell for Amanda Reese? More than likely a beat down of epic proportions. And that’s okay, been there before and I’ll be there again.

[Reese stops and looks back at the woman in the ring, who we can now see is Stevie Powers. Powers taps her wrist in a “watch the time” motion. Reese waves her off.]

Reese: Rachael Edwards is my partner. She is gonna be the one I have to depend on to get out a tight spot in that match. To be honest I don’t think I can trust her as far as I can spit. That ain’t good when I’m looking across the ring at Anais Exotica and Bloody Mary. These are two women who I know can put up a fight. One first hand and the other through watching her career. So Rachael all I have to say to you is this. Don’t worry about making grand statements about us working together, I don’t believe them and I won’t believe them. Just know that if at any time in that match I turn to tag you and you are not there? Well let’s just say payback is a bitch.

[Powers climbs out of the ring and heads off. She stops and gives Reese a look. Reese ignores it and continues.]

Reese: Anais Exotica. Last time we locked up it was pretty good. I’d say you have given me my hardest bumps outside of Japan. But don’t forget that I have your ticket. Until you learn to cut this showboat crap out you will only be two thirds the wrestler I am.I know it and you know it. So do your best, put on your little outfits and try to get my temper up. Remember what happened last time? This is my class room and you still haven’t done your final exam.

[From off-screen someone, we assume Powers, throws Reese a Surge Power Drink. She catches it and cracks it open.]

Reese: Bloody Mary. Mary. Mary. Mary. I haven’t been ducking you at all. In fact I have been studying you and working my way closer. See a year ago we had a date, but stupid bookers and a screwjob kept me from making that date. So now we get a taste of it. Unfortunately we are on a double date. So here’s what I offer to you, let’s get through this one and then have one just us girls. You and me. You impress me from a distance and now I want to see if you have the tits to face me one on one. What’d ya think Mary? You game to face the machine?

[Reese slugs back a long shot of her Surge and then looks dead in the camera.]

Reese: See you in the ring.

[Hold on her piercing determined eyes and then cut back to…]

Vonya: A little bit of heat there between Exotica and Reese…and Amanda Reese also has some stuff between herself and Bloody Mary. This could get good!

Balahadia: Fans, after our commercial break, we’ll hear from competitors Heidi Leick and Jennifer Grier.

Balahadia: Fans, we’re back at the GDWA 2000 Control Center and we need to discuss Jennifer Grier and Lady Tiger.

Blade: Definitely, they will be the participants in that other Double Elimination Cruiserweight tourney match. Jennifer Grier ain’t angry, but she’s definitely on fire!

Vonya: Furious might be the word. Jennifer Grier takes on a woman who I think is her friend . . . but I’m not sure…but I know I can’t stand that fur ball Lady Tiger. I hope Grier stomps a TEXAS mudhole into her!

Balahadia: Jennifer Grier takes on upcoming Cruiserweight Lady Tiger on the Tuesday Night Catfight. Fans, let’s take a listen to ‘Jumping’ Jennifer Grier.

Jennifer Grier

[Scene: A local pub. The patrons quietly mind their own business as Chicago Bears football in on the television screens. Suddenly, a familiar woman comes into the bar. No heads turn as she makes her way to the bar itself. She sets herself down, with a piece of paper in her hand. The bartender walks up to her.]

Bartender: What’ll ya have?

[The woman looks up at the bartender, as her face is revealed to be Jennifer Grier. She shakes her head, with the look of anger on her face.]

Grier: What does that matter?

[The bartender looks at her in confusion.]

Bartender: Look, ma’am. This is a bar. I serve drinks. Do you want one, or not?

[Jen stands up, and goes to push the bartender, but he moves away in time. She takes a mug from a nearby patron, and smashes it against the bar, splashing beer and shards of glass everywhere.]

Grier: I *SAID*… What does it MATTER? (Jen looks into the camera) Screwed again, eh?

[Jen shakes her hands, knocking bits of glass of her hands. A patron turns around and looks at her.]

Patron: What the hell are you talking about?

[Jen shoves a paper in the patrons face. He reads it out loud.]

Patron: Jennifer Grier versus Lady Tiger, on the Catfight? Oh, you’re HER? That’s awesome!

Grier: How the hell is that awesome? Nobody in GDWA seems to forget, do they? Tiger? What the hell is this? The world against Jen? Things just don’t change at all!

[Jen snatches the paper out of the man’s hand, as she crumples it up, and tosses it to the ground.]

Grier: Let me get a few things straight, right now. I am a WRESTLER. I’ve been busting my ass for YEARS. Now, the “GRAND DRAGON” wants to come back, and go right back to the crap it was up to when it abandoned me in the first place? Yeah, put Jen against Lady Tiger. (Mockingly) The “ORIGINAL” Miss Kitty, to face her old best friend… the one who stood up for her no matter what. Me… The one who helped Tiger through everything the world put against her… just for her … ‘Trainer’ Charlotte La Mancha to convince her to put a knife in my back? I haven’t forgotten that, Charlotte.

[Jen kicks the piece of paper, which is balled up below her.]

Grier: Christ! We’re going to bring this all back up, eh? Just when I thought I could get over this crap, you go ahead, and book me to wrestle her again? What should I do? Fight fairly? Yeah, and have Charlotte come up from behind, and do something to knock me back down? Cheat? Hell no. I’ve proven myself for years, and now, right here at the get-go, you’re going to screw ME? Screw THAT.

[Jen picks up the piece of paper, uncrumples it, and reads more.]

Grier: Rachael “Ice” Edwards, gets a bye. The winner of this match gets a bye. (Jen reads on) Yeah, just as I figured. I have to fight my way through Tiger, and wow… What a shocker. NO BYE here! Nothing like holding me back. What, are you afraid I’m going to succeed? Hell, it took me a few years to do it last time, might as well try and force me to repeat that, eh?

[Jen punches her own fists together.]

Grier: I’ll take that match, and I’ll promise you that. Vonya, you can kiss my white ass. The rest of you who don’t want to believe in me can follow her straight to hell.

[Jen looks deep into the camera.]

Grier: Tiger, we can be friends. That’s up to you. You and I go way back farther than this little ‘revival’ here, no matter if you remember it or not. Who was there for you when you lost “Muffins”? When Sally got in your face? It was ME, Tiger. I hope you do the right damn thing.

[The cameras back away slowly, as Jen glares into the camera, clenching her teeth.] –

Vonya: She wants me to kiss her “White Ass”? I’ll kick it too if she’d like! Jen Grier…

Blade: Let’s not get you started. Anyway, what does Grier mean by her saying “do the right thing”? Is she…

Balahadia: This might be the most emotional match of the C-weight tournament. Grier and Tiger could just as well be main event!

Vonya: I’ll tell ya this! That varmint could be the end to Lady Tiger with that kind of attitude. She just better watch who she’s directing that negative stuff at!!

Balahadia: Fans, we also have words from a woman who has “negative stuff” for Officer Order. At the Tuesday Night Catfight, she will face none other than the insane one herself, Heidi Leick.

Heidi Leick

[The camera lens opens into a dark room… in the dimly lit background stands a woman, light shining behind her, making it seem like a dark halo encompasses her body, she has her hands on her hips, and her head slightly tilted to the side… she begins to speak.]

Woman: My oh my… [Giggles] this news making, ground breaking, earth shattering, event that we’re all a part of reminds me of a song… it goes something like this… Spread the word around, Guess who’s back in town… Just spread the word around. …Friday night they’ll be dressed to kill, Down at Dino’s bar and grill, The drink will flow and the blood will spill, And if the girls wanna fight you better let ’em…. Yes folks… It’s a classic, with one word changed. But it makes it that much more suitable to the situation. [Laughs] are you ready? Here it is… The GIRLS are back in town… The GIRLS are back in town… so… Spread the word around. [Laughs]I always LEICK to sing a little melody here and there…

We Enter The Dragon… Once more.., yes… once more… [Almost said in a whisper] Some of the names may have changed, some of the faces still remain the same, but… [Giggles & starts to sing in a strange melody] it’s the same old torture… every day… every day… [Stops the melodic singing]GDWA… The Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance… arising from the burnt ashes like the mythical phoenix, my oh my… [She stops to reflect a moment] I was here when the GDWA was turned over… When the GDWA went extreme … [laughs a psychotic laugh] When the GDWA got WISE…. and … and I was here, when it crashed and burned up… and then, finally, died…

And yes, we thought we buried it then… just over a year ago… the legacy of The Grand Dragon was to live on in infamy…Still Wondering who I am? Yes… I bet you are. Well, here’s a hint for you pathetic losers… [Snickers and shakes her head]My career here changed for the better when the ownership changed the first time… Not that it needed changing anywhere else mind you. Yes, Here, and only here is where I encountered aggravation over my style of wrestling… the style that’s taken the Big Three by storm lately… and those pathetic fools in the front office were holding me back… not being visionary… wanting to stick to their tradition … HA! And speaking of tradition … and classic wrestling… HA! No one wants to see that anymore… this time, this time things are going to be different. No one… No man, No woman, No child… that’s right… No one… is going to hold me back from getting what’s rightfully mine… and the first is me getting the recognition and respect I deserve here, Just like I have around the rest of the wrestling world , and the second… the second is becoming the 1st GDWA World Heavyweight Title Holder in this incarnation of the Dragon…

No guesses yet as to who I am? [Laughs]Here’s another hint… I was a champion here before…Yep… that’s right… in fact I was the FIRST, and ONLY GDWA Extreme World Television Title holder… I beat up on Caitlin Nevon in my first defense of that strap…, along with the rest of the pathetic losers that attempted to take it from me…[laughs evilly]later it was renamed to the WISE Extreme World Television title, and, as good as WISE was, as visionary as that new ownership was… we all know what happened a few months after the GDWA got WISE, now… don’t we?[laughs as the sound of a door shutting in the background co-indices with her last statement]Still haven’t guessed who yet?… not that I expected you morons to anyway…

[someone says…” come on already! we’re short on time…”] She says  …”Oh, alright, goddamn party poopers… Turn the damn lights on… “[: sounding frustrated at how the camera crew is not catering to her, she snaps her fingers and the lights go on… revealing a woman … She’s wearing a cutoff blue “S” Supergirl T Shirt, skintight , stonewashed, Levi’s 501 jeans, with a hold in the left knee… She has a Singapore cane with her, at her side… she has long wild blonde hair, brown eyes, a great figure and body, and is totally sexy, but her eyes and stares elude to the fact that this woman may not be “all there” in the head…. Yes… this is the one, and only… “Diamond Girl” Heidi Leick.

Heidi Leick: GDWA….. I’m Baaaaaaaaack!…[giggles as she smiles insanely]I’m every woman’s nightmare, and every man’s dream, I’m the one who’s revolutionized woman’s wrestling, and put it in the spotlight it’s in right now… Yes… I’m the Queen of Extreme, I’m a Suicidal Bitch, I’m an Ultra-Violent Franchise, I’m a damn Hardcore Icon, as well as a Wrestling legend… And it’s time to bring the show that I’m part of… The show that you all want and need to see… Into the new GDWA.

It starts in Seattle… with me taking apart a GDWA legend … an icon of their classic wrestling tradition… someone who was a symbol of their evolution from a minor league, into what they once were becoming,… the shining star of Women’s Wrestling, in fact, the crown jewel, GDWA leading the way… with their little Heroine… protecting everyone from all that was evil all that was wrong … One Officer May Order..[She laughs and smiles evilly]I couldn’t have hand picked a better opponent to show the world why all their heroes are dead… why the past is just that… past us… and the Future and present of Women’s Wrestling is, LEICK it or not…, MOI.., Heidi Leick… Yes… that’s why the GDWA signed me then… they knew my star potential burned bright, and look at what I’ve become… The most recognized woman athlete in the galaxy! [Smiles psychotically]And now, now I’m here to become the new franchise of GDWA, the woman who’s going to carry this damn company on her back, the poster girl for women’s wrestling, and the woman who’s going to destroy your Hero who decided she was coming out of retirement to make a few bucks on the big payday…

Hey May… if you really needed a few bucks so bad, I’m sure we could have gotten some of the girls together and done a benefit show for your old decrepit ass, instead of you getting it kicked in by a true athlete LEICK me!.[: Heidi giggles evilly, then stops and looks serious and psychotic as she stares into the camera, and it does an extreme close up on her face :]Officer Order… you’re in violation… yes, you’re in violation of trying to make these pathetic morons believe that hero’s still exist… You’re in violation of trying to make these pathetic morons believe that you’re here to actually compete, and… You’re in violation of trying to make these pathetic morons believe that you’re actually here to save them and wrestling from the new generation of athletes that go more extreme than you ever dreamed of going, that you’re here to save them from the new revolution of women’s wrestling..,[ zooms out and Heidi has the Singapore cane resting on her shoulder ]Yes May, you , like a few of the others, want to bring the past traditional boring values, and the boring collar and elbow lock up, into a hammerlock, intro a headlock, into a drop toe hold and then hit someone with the big clothesline or splash for the win..

And I’m here to make sure that boring crapola never happens… Sure… Officer Order… I know what you’re thinking, and I heard you were asking the age old questions about me backstage…. This Heidi Leick chick, I know she can brawl… I know she can swing a chair… I know she can put someone thru a table… but can she wrestle? Will she abide by the rules? Well Officer Order… rest assured. I can wrestle … And I can wrestle better than you. I can take more pain than you… ah pain… [She looks up to the sky and waxes nostalgic]The glorious pain… [Giggles] it makes me remember I’m still alive, sometimes… [She looks confused at what she said, then comes back to her train of thought [And as for the rules… well… Officer Order… how ironic… don’t ya think? I live by this statement… Rules… and bones… were made to be broken.[smiles evilly]Yes May, I know what you’re up to… and you’re here to tell the fans, and the rest of the world , that this new SHOW that I’m a part of isn’t worth watching, especially when they can see the old ones… repeats… re-runs… outdated “classics” or so they say.[ Heidi shakes her head no ]And I and a select few others… say No Fan way will we let you prove that statement true about our show… about our time… about our lives…

Officer Order, face it, you’re old video tapes don’t even sell anywhere anymore, except for at nostalgia stands and “Yesteryears Heroes of Wrestling” conventions… and the sheer fact of the matter is… No one wants you here, except for the new front office personnel, and they only want you here, to let me use you as a stepping stone, to let me hurt you… to let me finally give you a reason to hang up your boots and add your name into the record books of the legends I’ve put out of wrestling… and Officer Order… even though you’re a legend, it’s not going to be fun, in fact, it’s not even going to be a challenge when I finally put your ass out of the game….. FOREVER!

On the other hand… I am the most marketable, the most famous, the prettiest, the most talented money generating machine that wrestling has ever seen… I’ve proved everyone wrong when they said Heidi Leick and her “Extreme” or “Hardcore” Style was a passing phase that would die within the year… I’ve beaten Men, and I’ve beaten the top women in this game… I’ve beaten the odds no matter how they were stacked against me… and Officer Order… I can and will beat you … Within an inch of your life. [Waves the Singapore cane towards the camera]Mark my words…

I’m not just going to beat you. I’m not just going to humiliate you. I’m just going to Show you how I’m gonna put you in the hospital for a brief stay in Intensive Care before you go to the damn old age home for wayward wrestlers. And it goes… something…

LEICK THIS… [Heidi Slams the Singapore cane into the camera as the picture goes black]-

Vonya: Let me say this…although she is incoherent most of the time, she has the same energy as Lanny Manson…except Heidi Leick is FAR MORE dangerous.

Blade: Well, I do remember a time when Heidi Leick was a good gal. Sounds to me this extreme non sense has gone to her head. Hey Heidi, a word of advice. Remember that in the GDWA, we still have rules. You bring any of that hardcore weaponry into the ring and the ref will toss your butt!

Balahadia: But she has delivered a very pressing message. Double O Officer May Order just might be in the fight of her life. Heidi Leick wants to be the next WORLD CHAMP and defeating May Order will go a long way to solidifying that boast.

Blade: Well, hopefully next week we will hear from Officer Order.

Balahadia: Fans, we’re out of time. Join us next time on the GDWA Control Center. For Vonya and Sonya Blade, so long everyone.


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