GDWA annual PPV featuring the Ironwoman Tournament.

Scene opens up on a jammed packed Sky Dome in Toronto, Canada. There is a sellout crowd of 50,326 screaming fans in attendance. “Start Me UP” by the Rolling Stones starts blaring through the speakers. The fans erupt with a standing ovation, the camera zooms in on the east side of the ring, where a whole section of fans are wearing dog masks and barking at the camera as it passes them by. This section is known as “THE DAWG POUND” and this is……..


Bishop: Wrestling fans, this is the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance’s second Fall Moonsault!! And we have a blockbuster card for you tonight!! This is boasted as the MOST athletic contest Grand Dragon has to offer…

Mutt: Oh yeah! All the wrestlers pull out the stops for this one. We have the Ironwoman Square Dance single elimination tournament with just 15 minute time limits! Order versus Tiger! Andrea versus Medusa!

Blade: And for the other matches? How about the Western Heritage title Royal Rumble in which we have some of the stiffest and hard hitting competitors EVER!

Mutt: And what about the show stopper? ‘Golden Girl’ Sierra Browne taking on ‘Jumping’ Jennifer Grier for the Cruiserweight title and in a Three Way Dance, she defends the Internet title against the ‘Legend’ Micki Duran and ‘the Franchise’ Daisy Butterfly…

Bishop: And we see the return of ‘Kyoto Crippler’ Keiko Mita against longtime rival, and the woman who put her OUT of wrestling for 3 months, Bloody Mary.

Blade: What I find interesting about this year is that so many competitors are wrestling more than once. Mary is facing Mita AND is competing in the Rumble. Medusa is in the Ironwoman tournament AND is in the Rumble. Sierra Browne defends in two matches…

Mutt: And you know Sonya, Allen, this should be a great night for wrestling…but Mike Whalen tells me that there is a lot of talk in the locker room. Something is going down tonight!

Bishop: Fans, Spud McKenzie is in the ring now ready for action. Spud, take it away!!!

Spud: Toronto, Canada! Ladies and Gentlemen! Wrestling fans from all 50 states and all around the world……for our very FIRST International Pay Per View extravaganza…At the MOST athletic supercard of the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance….I have only ONE question for you….

(Fans scream: A R E___Y O U____R E A D Y !?!?!?!)

Spud: (screaming) That’s right, I ASK ARE YOU READY?!?!!?!

(MAJOR CHEERS as Spud McKenzie walks around the ring.)

Spud: Then………………..Let’s Get Rrrrrrready to Rrrrrrrumble!!!!!

(Fans cheer as horns go off & Spud McKenzie stands poised in the ring.)

Lady Tiger vs. Officer Order

Spud: This is our first contest of the Fall Moonsault! It is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit! It is the 1st of 6 Ironwoman Square Dance matches…

(Crowd begins cheering as they hear “Eye of the Tiger”!)

Spud: First, led down the aisle by her manager, GDWA Hall of Famer, Charlotte La Mancha! Hailing from Bordeaux, France…she stands 5 feet 6 inches, 127 pounds…here is Lady Tiger!!!!

(Fans pop as Lady Tiger heads down the aisle in a one piece red and orange cat suit. She wears a dark tiger mask as Charlotte La Mancha follows behind wearing a blue suit and high heels.)

Bishop: Here is one of the most exciting athletes in all of the GDWA. She will put life and limb at risk to defeat an opponent.

Blade: That’s right Allen. We only have to look at her last victory against Bloody Mary. She’s the reason Bloody Mary has been on the skids as of late. Ever since she served Mary that concussion, the Bloody one has been thrown off of any momentum she built up for herself…

Mutt: Excuse the hell out of me for interrupting! I know you two love birds are having your own private conversation here, but may I add a little something?

Bishop: Sam, go ahead.

Mutt: Tiger hasn’t wrestled in several months. You don’t think this so called Daredevil will have some ring rust?

(As Lady Tiger enters the ring, Spud McKenzie walks about and stands poised in the middle.)

Spud: And HER opponent!

(MAJOR cheering as “Bad Boys” by Inner Circle plays!)

Spud: And her opponent, led down the aisle by her manager Martial Law! >From San Francisco, California! She stands 5 feet tall, weighing in at 120 pounds! Here is YOUR Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight Champion…..

(MAJOR crowd pop as Double O stands outside of the curtain, spins around and points out to all the fans….)

Spud: Officer MAY ORDER!!!!!

(Fans fly out of their seats cheering as Officer Order heads down the aisle slapping hands with fans. Fans are all screaming as Double O heads down the aisle wearing a black San Francisco Giants Baseball hat, an all-black body suit with the words SWAT written across her chest. The world title glimmers around her waist as she climbs the ring steps.)

Bishop: This is the ONE and ONLY World Women’s Champion! Lady Tiger looking on, somewhat intimidated by these cheers for the World Champion!

Blade: Tiger can’t be intimidated. She’s got to listen to Charlotte and wrestle her kind of match. Order has beaten them all in this sport: Porter, Zaranna, Demonica, Radhi Ananda, Sachie Yokoyama, Medusa Rage, Dementia Praecox and….


Blade: Back to Tiger, La Belle Tigre has risen to the top of the GDWA, the Big 5th of the contention, with PURE athleticism.

(Officer Order takes off her cap and tosses it into the stands. Fans pop as Officer Order climbs the turnbuckles and raises the World Title for all to see.)

Mutt: She better rub it, flip it, and love it down! Because when she gives Andrea Chandler a title shot, that’ll be the last of Double O!

(Fans cheer as Lady Tiger walks over and Order jumps down from the top turnbuckle. The two fan favorites stare each other down as the referee talks over the rules.)

Bishop: Last year Double O was the referee for the Ironwoman matches. Now, the Law and Order of the GDWA lays down the law in the ring.

Mutt: Well we’ll see if Order can cut it tonight. Lady Tiger is a no talent, but she can beat a jobber like Order who lucked upon the belt.

Bishop: Order now, up against the ropes, up on her tip toes and crying out with some kind of war cry. Lady Tiger stretching her legs as she leans up against the ropes…

(Fans pop as the referee holds up the World Title for all to see.)

Bishop: Let’s hook ’em up!


Bishop: Both meeting in the middle of the ring and…They shake hands!

(Fans cheer on their sportsmanship.)

Bishop: Collar and Elbow tie up and Order with a Standing Switch and a Drop Toe Hold and now Order quick to her feet and Tiger back up!

Mutt: And Order with a Karate Chop! And another! And another! Tiger backing off into the ropes and Tiger tying up with a Collar and Elbow. Now Tiger swiveling around and Irish Whipping the champ to the far side.

(Fans cheer as Lady Tiger runs to the middle of the ring.)

Bishop: Order bouncing off and Lady dropping down to the mat. Order bouncing off the far ropes and Tiger back up to her feet and a Leapfrog! Order off the near ropes and Tiger dropping down to her back and Monkey flipping the champion…


(Fans all cheering as Officer Order applies a headscissors.)

Blade: Notice the poise of the World Champ! She has taken this match to the mat and controlled the fury of lady Tiger.

Mutt: Tiger forgot how agile Double O is. And we all have seen HER athletic ability in classic confrontations against the late ‘Dangerous Queen’ Sachie Yokoyama and ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda.

Bishop: These two fan favorites facing each other for the first time! WoW!

Mutt: That’s the first ‘wow’ of the night…are there more to come?

Bishop: Very funny, Sam. Back to the action, Tiger rolling for the ropes, and Order releasing and with a pick up…side headlock from the champ! Tiger trying to push Order off and Order clamping down…

Mutt: But Tiger dropping down to her knees…AND Lady Tiger backflipping out of the Headlock and runs into the ropes. Order turning around as Tiger bounces off and SLIDES between Orders legs.

(Fans cheering as Lady Tiger twirls around to her feet.)

Bishop: Order turning around and Lady Tiger with a DROPKICK! Order back up and Tiger with ANOTHER Dropkick! Order back up and Lady Tiger with a Spinning Hook Kick….


(Dawg Pound cheering as Officer Order gets to her feet.)

Bishop: Order with a single leg pick up and nailing away with Karate Kicks to the hamstring! Charlotte screaming for Tiger to get to the ropes, and Order holding on.

Mutt: Order with repeated Karate chops to the hamstring and now she drags Tiger to the middle of the ring. Order jumping up and a kneedrop to the left leg!

(Hardcores pop as Lady Tiger screams!)

Mutt: The cover!

Ref: 1………………………………2……………..kick out!

Bishop: She grapevines the leg for the cover…1….2…kick out! Order with a pick up and a frontface lock. A handful of tights and hoists her up for a Vertical Suplex….

Mutt: But Tiger sliding down her back and twirls around to her feet and Tiger slapping on a Waistlock….Waistlock Suplex!!!!

(Fans cheering as Lady Tiger gets to her feet.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

Bishop: Tiger running for the near ropes as Order scrambles to her feet, Tiger bouncing off and Order dropping down to the mat…but Tiger puts on the breaks…


(Fans all cheering as Lady Tiger picks up Officer Order.)

Bishop: STANDING DROPKICK! And now Tiger running for the side ropes, and Order scrambling to get near the ropes. Tiger bouncing off and Order up against the ropes…FLYING CLOTHESLINE OVER THE TOP!

(Fans ALL pop as both women fly over the top rope,)

Mutt: This is NOT where Order wants to be! Tiger rolling back into the ring as she runs for the far ropes. Order up to her feet as Tiger bounces off….SUICIDE DIVE ONTO THE FLOOR!

(Fans all screaming as both women lay on the floor.)

Blade: Lady Tiger has really picked up the pace of things. Tiger with a pick up and a Swinging Neckbreaker! Order clutching the back of her head, and Tiger climbing up to the ring apron.

Bishop: Martial Law slapping the mat as Lady Tiger runs down the ring apron and CONNECTS with a FISTDROP! Right to the head.


Ref: …………………………4…………………………5…

Blade: Tiger with a pick up and rolling Order into the ring. Very smart of the high flyer. And Tiger climbing the ring steps, and now the turnbuckles.

(Fans all cheering as Lady Tiger climbs up top and Officer Order is down on the mat.)

Mutt: Tiger poised up high and Tiger Jackknifing off the top…….

 (Fans all screaming!!!!!!)

Bishop: FROGSPLASH!!!!

 Ref: ………………………………………………………1


…………………………………………………STRONG KICK OUT!

(Fans all cheering as both women get to their feet.)

Bishop: Tiger with hard right hands, and Order a tad dazed. Tiger with a good 6 inches of height over the World Champion as she Irish Whips the champ to the near corner. Order bouncing out and Tiger with a High Back Body Drop!!!!

Mutt: But Order still on her feet?

(Fans all screaming as Tiger runs for the side ropes.)

Bishop: Tiger bouncing off and Order with a Drop toe Hold! Tiger back up and charging Order and Order with an Aikido Throw! Tiger back up and Order with a Legsweep! Tiger back up and Order with a Mule Kick!

(Fans chanting: ORDER! ORDER! ORDER! ORDER!)

Blade: Double O is clutching her ribs as she picks up Tiger. That Frog Splash coupled with the Suicide Dive didn’t help matters.

Bishop: Order nailing away with lefts and rights and Tiger is stunned. Now May Order with a KARATE CHOP!

(Fans pop!)

Mutt: Order with ANOTHER Karate Chop, and Tiger doubling Over, AND NOW OFFICER ORDER WITH AN ENZIGURI KICK!!!!

(Fans screaming as May Order runs for the side ropes!)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5 remaining.

Mutt: Order running for the Side Ropes and SPRINGBOARDING OFF FOR A FLYING CORKSCREW HEADBUTT!!!!


Bishop: Order is barely moving. She’s hurt. That Fistdrop earlier in the bout has taken its toll. Order now, rolling the Frenchwoman over for a cover………1…….2………NO! Tiger with the shoulder up. Order with a pick up AND A MULE KICK INTO THE NEAR ROPES!

Mutt: Tiger is dazed, and now Order Irish whipping her to the far rope as she runs for the near corner. Tiger bouncing off as Order jumps up and slaps on a Side Headlock…..


Mutt: ************************!!!!SPINEBUSTER!!!!**********************

(Hardcores pop as both women lay on the mat motionless.)

Ref: 1…………………………2…………………..3…….

Blade: Lady Tiger comes up with moves out of the kazoo. Both managers on the outside can’t believe what they’re seeing. Charlotte La Mancha slapping the mat as Martial Law calls out May’s name.

Mutt: An incredible reversal out of that Bulldog. The World Champ has been hurt whenever the pace picks up. And she can’t even turn the match into a brawl. Usually it is May Order who is the athlete in a contest.

Ref: 5………………………………….6……………………

Bishop: Tiger showing signs of movement as she gets up and drapes the arm for the cover!

Ref: …………………………………………………………1 ……………………………………………………………..2


(Fans all screaming as Officer Order kicks out.)

Spud: 14 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 1 minute left. 60 seconds remaining.

Blade: That’s the problem with this match. They have to go all out with only a 15 minute time limit. Tiger has wrestled HER kind of match but Order is “MRS” Defensive Wrestler. She can deflect assaults pretty well.

Bishop: Tiger up and running for the side ropes. Order slow to her feet as Tiger bounces off and ORDER WITH A FRONT KICK TO THE HEAD…


(Fans all cheering as Officer Order slowly gets to her knees!)

Spud: 30 seconds!

Bishop: Order up to her feet, and Tiger a high knee lift!

Blade: This is it!!!

Bishop: Order is dazed, and Tiger smelling blood as she Irish Whips the World Champion to the ropes!!!!

(Fans all on their feet cheering as both women race to the ropes.)

Blade: Officer Order bouncing off the side as Lady Tiger Springboarding off the near ropes…….!

Bishop: Offffficer Orderrrr with a ****H U R R I C A N R A N N A?!?!***

 REF:                                                      1!




(MAJOR cheers as Order lays on the mat & the ref raises her hand!)

Mutt: What the hell?!

Blade: It came from nowhere! Order sneaking in the pinfall!

Spud: Ladies and Gentlemen, at 14 minutes 49 seconds…Your Winner via pinfall and earning 20 points in the GDWA Ironwoman Square Dance tourney!


Spud: Officer May Order!

(The arena cheers as they hear ‘Bad Boys’ by Inner Circle!)

Blade: Tiger dominated for the most part, but Order using a Lady Tiger’ish maneuver to secure the pinfall.

Bishop: Both women shaking hands, and Charlotte La Mancha can’t get down. WE have 2 more women for Tiger to face.

Mutt: But it don’t get no easier! You got the most dangerous woman in professional wrestling Medusa Rage and the ‘Ritch Bitch’ Andrea Chandler. This is UP HILL from here.

(Officer Order slaps hands with the fans as she head up the aisle.)

Mutt: Hey, Order better look sharp. She can’t be that sloppy against Andrea.

Blade: Well I though both women wrestled well, especially Order who exhibited her great versatility.

Bishop: A great opener for our pay per view. Now we’ve got a strange match up next. Former ESWP Champion ‘Golden Eagle’ in only her second bout in Grand Dragon faces a….mystery opponent.

Chelsea Vandervilt vs. Nomad

Spud: Wrestling fans, this next contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit.

(Fans cheer as they hear “Rag Doll” by Aerosmith!)

Spud: Led down the aisle by her manager QQ Ellis…hailing from Miami, Florida. She is 5 feet 9 inches, Weighing 146 pounds, here is the FORMER ESWP Heavyweight Champion….’Golden Eagle’ Chelsea Vandervilt!

(Chelsea heads down the aisle happily slapping hands with fans. She wears a white monokini with CV scripted on rear.)

Mutt: This is the wrestler I just love to hate. An idiot named Vandervilt who is a foreigner to the GDWA. She needs to be in that other promotion!!

Blade: But notice, the fans in Canada don’t seem to mind.

Bishop: And I’m rather proud of my countrymen and women for that. The first GDWA pay per view on foreign soil and we are starting off great tonight…so much for Sam Mutt’s premonitions.

Spud: Chelsea Vandervilt had an open contract for this Fall Moonsault match up. And until now, her opponent unknown to the public. Wrestling fans, her opponent is….

(Crowd boos as the Iraqi National anthem blares through the speakers.)

Bishop: What?!

Spud: Led down the aisle by her manager Princess Nelli……From the Iraqi Desert. Here is 5 feet 6 inches, 140 pounds of NOMAD!!!!

(Nomad heads down the aisle cockily as QQ Ellis whispers into Vandevilt’s ear. Nomad enters the ring wearing a brown 2 piece with words written in Arabic on her front.)

Bishop: Oh boy! We haven’t see the Nomad since…since what, Founder’s Day Tradition?

Mutt: And she was foiled by 2 upstart youngsters who couldn’t cut it in Grand Dragon! I always said this gal had ability, now let’s see if she can make her comeback with a victory over Vandervilt.

(Fans cheering as QQ Ellis rolls to the outside and Chelsea points to the Dawg Pound.)


Bishop: These two, wasting no time!!!! Nomad charging Chelsea and the Former ESWP Champion with a Drop toe hold. Nomad back up and Chelsea with an Irish Whip to the far ropes.

Mutt: Nomad bouncing off and Chelsea ducks the Clothesline….AND SLAPS ON A WAISTLOCK FOR A NORTHERN LIGHTS *POWER* PLEX!!!!!

(Dawg Pound cheers as Nomad gets back to her feet.)

Mutt: Nomad landed right on the back of her head and she’s back up, but Chelsea still on her with hard right hands to the head. Nomad backing up and Chelsea with a boot to the midsection and a Hip Toss!

(Fans all cheering as Nomad rolls toward the near corner.)

Bishop: Chelsea wasting no time and snatching Nomad by the hair and executing ANOTHER Hip Toss right into a Running Leg Drop! And now a Side Headlock by the Golden Eagle.

Blade: I love her poise in the ring. Chelsea, aside from having the strong Iraqi in the middle of the ring, is not at all shocked by Nomad’s appearance. She has a game plan designed by Ellis and is going through with it.

Mutt: That’s the kind of poise she’ll need in the Rumble later on tonight. Ellis barking out some incoherent verbiage as Chelsea spins around and applies a Front Facelock.

Bishop: Nomad immediately up to her feet and nailing away with HARD elbow shots to the midsection. Chelsea doubling over and Nomad shoving her into the near ropes. Chelsea bouncing off and Nomad with a Running Clothesline!

Mutt: She nearly flew over the top rope!

Bishop: Chelsea up again and Nomad measuring her with ANOTHER Clothesline!

(Fans cheer as Nomad stomps away on the fallen Chelsea Vandervilt.)

Mutt: If Nomad wants to make a big comeback in the GDWA, this is the place to start. Nomad with a pick up and a headbutt. Now Nomad drawing back with her fist and CONNECTS with a staggering right hand to the jaw!

(Fans booing.)

Bishop: Nomad with another pick up as Ellis offers some more words of advice. An Irish Whip to the near corner as Nomad picks up a head of steam and….NAILS A REVERSE ELBOW TO THE CHEST!!

Mutt: And what we’re seeing is the lack of quickness from Chelsea. Nomad closing in with more boots to the midsection, and now a handful of hair and pulling Chelsea’s head back…

(Crowd cheering as Chelsea blocks the turnbuckle smash with her foot.)

Bishop: Nomad pulling back again, and Chelsea with another block…!

Mutt: And Nomad with an Eye Gouge and a short arm Clothesline! Great counter!

(Fans boo as Chelsea falls to the canvas.)

Mutt: The cover!

Ref: 1………………………….2……………………kick out!

(Crowd cheering on as Chelsea rolls to the outside!)

Mutt: Nomad is salivating at the mouth as she climbs to the outside. Chelsea trying to walk things off as Nomad closes in from behind. Nomad with a head of steam and a double Axe Handle to the back!

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

Ref: 3………………………………..4……………………….

Mutt: Chelsea arched backwards as she clutches her back and Nomad spins her around and scooping her up. Nomad going for a Powerslam as she picks up a head of steam…

Bishop: And Chelsea slipping behind Nomad’s back AND SLAPPING ON A WAISTLOCK FOR A TWISTING BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX!!!!

(Fans cheer as both women lay on the floor.)

Ref: …………….6……………………………………7…….

Mutt: Chelsea is up, and Ellis calling on her to roll back into the ring. Chelsea rolling halfway in, and now back out breaking the count. Chelsea now, climbing up to the ring apron as Nomad is down on the floor. Oh boy!

(Fans cheer as Chelsea backs up a beat then begins running.)

Mutt: Chelsea with a head of steam and….


(Fans cheer as Nomad crosses her arms in pain.)

Mutt: Princess Nelli running over and Chelsea Vandervilt with a boot to the midsection and a Double Arm Underhook….BUTTERFLY SUPLEX!

(Big POP!)

Bishop: Chelsea with a pick up and rolls the big Nomad into the ring. Chelsea climbing up to the ring apron and QQ wants her to go up top! Nomad is in trouble….

Blade: Nomad is definitely in trouble! Chelsea is exhibiting perhaps her best performance to date at Grand Dragon. She’s up top as Nomad gets to her feet and she jumps…FLYING DROPKICK!

Ref: 1……………………………..2……………………..nO!

(Fans groan as Nomad gets the shoulder up.)

Mutt: The Golden Eagle with Chinlock and a knee in the back of Nomad. And Nomad looking very rusty tonight I hate to say. That knee adding added leverage to that Chinlock. Both the neck and her trapezius affected.

Blade: Chelsea looks lustrous in her performance. She could be the next Western Heritage Champ.

Bishop: Ellis calling on something and Chelsea releasing the hold and picking up Nomad. High Knees to the ribs of Nomad as Chelsea applies an Armlock on the big Iraqi, spins around her back and…..

Mutt: CONNECTS with a Spinning DDT!!!!!

Ref: 1…………………………………..2……………….no!

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5 remaining.

Bishop: Nomad with the shoulder up, and no one ever said Nomad wasn’t tough. Chelsea with a pick up and a Frontface lock. She hoists up the 140 pounder and….holds her up!

(Fans all cheering as Chelsea points out to the fans at ringside.)

Bishop: Chelsea with a start as she nears the far ropes and PLANTS Nomad with Authority!

Mutt: Beautiful Vertical Suplex! Princess Nelli up on the ring apron and Chelsea walking over. Ellis telling her not to worry about it. Nomad meanwhile, reaching into her boot.

Bishop: Chelsea heading back to Nomad, and Nomad laying on the mat. Chelsea with a pick up and…Nomad with a hard right hand! Chelsea is down.

(Fans boo as Ellis shakes his head in dismay.)

Mutt: Nomad slow to her feet. And Chelsea is dazed on the mat as Nomad picks her up. Nomad nailing away with faint right hands, and now a Headbutt.

Bishop: Nomad now, scooping up the former ESWP champion and picks up a head of steam….POWERSLAM!!!!

Mutt: Don’t you just love the sound of these Canadian mats? Man, you’d think somebody was dropping a bomb!

Bishop: Nomad hooking the leg…..

Ref: 1……………………………..2……………….no!

Mutt: Nomad with a handful of hair and rakes Chelsea’s eyes with her boots. Chelsea clutching her face as Nomad scoops her up and slings Chelsea across her shoulders for a modified Hanging Backbreaker…

(Fans all on their feet expecting a submission.)

Mutt: …This is it! Nomad has that Backbreaker locked in!

Bishop: But QQ Ellis screaming at Chelsea and Chelsea will not quit! Chelsea with a Wristlock, and she’s fighting out of Nomad’s grip! Chelsea flipping out of the hold and Nomad charging Chelsea…

Blade: And Chelsea with a Belly to Belly Suplex!!!!

Mutt: But Nomad back up….

Blade: and Chelsea with ANOTHER Belly to Belly Suplex!!!!

(Fans all cheering as Nomad slowly gets to her feet.)

Mutt: And Chelsea slapping on a Waistlock for another!


Bishop: Chelsea helping her up to her only to execute another!

Blade: And another!

Mutt: And Another

Bishop: The Human Suplex machine with another pick up and slaps on a Crossface for a CROSSFACE OVERHEAD SUPLEX!!!!!

(Fans ERUPT as Chelsea Vandervilt signals for the end.)

Bishop: Chelsea with a pick up and nailing away with boots to the midsection. Nomad backing into the near ropes and Chelsea Irish Whipping her to the far ropes.

Mutt: Chelsea with a start as Nomad bounces off and….


Blade: Nomad is down, and Chelsea with a leg grapevine….

Ref: 1…..2….3!


(Fans cheer as “Rage Doll” by Aerosmith blares through speakers.)

Spud: At 13 minutes 25 seconds, your winner via pinfall and STILL undefeated….’Golden Eagle’ Chelsea Vandervilt!

Mutt: What a match! Nomad was basically outwrestled from start to finish. Nomad just couldn’t beat this kid.

Bishop: This former champion! Chelsea rolling out of the ring, and these GDWA fans are loving every minute of…hey?

(Minor cheers as Princess Kallista comes halfway down the aisle wearing a blouse and some faded aqua jeans.)

Mutt: Oh boy! Ellis in front of his charge and yelling at Kallista.

Blade: These two have begun to feud in ESWP, and now Kallista checking out her rival here in Grand Dragon. Chelsea asking if she wants a piece of something, and Kallista motioning for the WH title around her waist.

Mutt: Kallista leaving ringside, and I can’t wait for that Royal Rumble!

Bishop: Well anyway, back in the ring they are preparing for one of the most important ceremonies in GDWA history. Spud McKenzie is in the ring, and I can’t wait for this. Nomad must be very disappointed, but she gave a good try.

Mutt: Well damn it! SO much for the Nomad…now if that was Nikita Marx you’d have ended that foreigners win streak…the ESWP is a low budget promotion anyway.

Blade: IS that why Chelsea is undefeated?

Bishop: (chuckling) Okay, let’s move on. We have a very special presentation up ahead, but before we get to it, we have comments from “Kyoto Crippler” Keiko Mita about who she predicts will be the 1997 Ironwoman.

Keiko Mita

[Scene opens showing Keiko Mita sitting on a couch, looking calm and relaxed. Her short black hair is bound in a white headband with a red dot over her forehead, and she’s dressed casually, in a black t-shirt with crossed silver katanas and well-worn blue jeans.]

Keiko: Who’s going to win the Ironwoman tournament this year? It’s not an easy question. Obvious, I most respect the character and honor of wrestlers like Lady Tiger and Officer May Order. But Medusa proved against Bloody Mary that she can still be savage, and Andrea Chandler might have the best tactical mind in the business.

Even so, it’s hard to bet against the World Champion. Officer Order has a rough night ahead of her, also defending the world title. But I as much as anyone, know how a smaller wrestler can defeat much larger opponents. As I’ll prove to Bloody Mary on that same night. The momentum is behind Officer Order and so am I. She’s small, she’s tough, and she’s great at martial arts. A match against her would be like looking into a mirror and who knows, that’s a mirror I might get to look into down the road after she wins the Ironwoman tournament. Best of luck, Double O!

[Keiko grins and waves at the camera as the scene fades.]

Bishop: Mita predicting Order, and Double O just picked up her first win against Lady Tiger.

Mutt: What the hell does she know? The Kyoto Jobber needs to win her own matches, and looking at her record, she’s hard pressed just to do that.

Blade: Guys, come on, let’s go to Spud. Mr. McKenzie, take it away!

Spud: Wrestling fans, what we now have is a special awards presentation. Last year, former Internet Heavyweight Champion, and manager of Lady Tiger CHARLOTTE LA MANCHA…

(Fans pop!)

Spud: Was entered into the GDWA Hall of Fame. Now, we enter into the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance Hall of Fame the MOST deserving superstar to EVER enter the Squared Circle. She stands 5 feet 3 inches, 131 pounds, no retreat….no surrender…the ORIGINAL bad ass of the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance…and the former inaugural Heavyweight Champion of the World….’FFFFFFFFFfear Factory’….

(THE ARENA E^X^P^L^O^D^E^S as they hear “Replica” by Fear Factory.)

Spud: Lannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny Manssssssssssssssssssssssson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Blade: You GO Lanny!

Lanny Manson

(Fans cheer as Lanny Manson stands in front of the curtain and a video montage is displayed over the ring of all her exploits: defeating Ma Porter to become the inaugural World champion, pinning Zaranna in the DDT-Steel Cage challenge match, her feuds with Zaranna and her battle with ‘Luscious’ Lisa Thomas, wrestling in last year’s Ironwoman tournament and highlights of her Trash Zone Octopus Hold, Flying Forearm, and overall brawling tactics.)

Bishop: The inaugural World Champion! She’s back!

(Fireworks shoot out of the entrance way as Lanny Manson heads down the aisle slapping hands with the fans. Her hair is dyed a dark brown as she enters the ring wearing a Guns ‘n Roses t-shirt, slacks, and a dark bag over her shoulder.)

Bishop: Spud handing Lanny Manson a plaque, and the champ pointing to all the fans and….SHE”S HEAD BANGING!!!!

(Huge barrage of cheers as fans scream: CHAMP! CHAMP! CHAMP! CHAMP!)

Spud: Ms. Manson, I’m sure you have words for your fans.

Manson: First, I want to thank all of you for remembering old fear factory cause I’ve been out of the loop for a while! But I knew in my heart that my fans and the GDWA fans would never forget me!

(Fans cheer: Lanny Rocks! Lanny Rocks! Lanny Rocks!)

Manson: So everybody is asking where the hell is the “FEAR FACTORY”??? Well, I’m in Los Angeles most often doing community work, working and hanging out with local bands…and training as usual!!!

(Fans cheer!)

Manson: Nobody ever gave me nothing in this sport. They thought I was a jobber to Ma Porter because in my first match here I lost to her. They thought I was a jobber because when I was younger I was a drug addict. But you know what I said to ‘them’? TO HELL WITH YOU! So I trained harder than ever. Anyone who got in my way got slammed! Anyone who made their proofs got a title shot! There were days I got beat up, bloodied with 2×4’s and Chokelsams and Z-blasters and Deathlocks and Leglocks and Torture Racks and Powerbombs and ***I am still here***!!!!!

(FANS ERUPT AS Lanny Manson headbangs and slaps Spud on the back affectionately.)

Manson: Don’t worry about what the sheet writers and the Syndicate tells you. I never gave up! When I was wrestling, the rulebreakers respected the rules! They broke ’em every now and then, but they knew if they got out of line that they’d wind up in the TRASH ZONE!!! And…

(Fans continue to cheer as Lanny hands the plaque to Spud. She begins walking around the ring.)

Manson: ..And that’s what this league needed and wanted. That’s what I wanted! That’s what all my little factories wanted!!..I wasn’t gonna let you down then and I’m not gonna let you down now. I’m wilder than ever and nobody’s been able to tough me! Not Radhi Ananda, not Medusa Rage, not Lisa Thomas, not Medusa Rage and certainly not the ‘so called’ loose cannon of the GDWA, Miko Azai!

(Signs shoot up from old time fans in the Dawg Pound that say: ‘Lanny-Rocks’ ‘Lanny Manson Rules the World!’, ‘Fan Factory for Life’ and ‘Manson 3:16’.)

Manson: When I was here, I kicked ass. I still kick ass…but point of fact is that my career is over!

(The arenas is quiet as Lanny Manson points at the plaque.)

Manson: I’ve never been big on awards, I always thought that the World Title was all I need, but this right here touches my heart…because I can’t be here with you and you still remember THE REAL LOOSE CANON OF the GDWA!!!

(Fans bark as Lanny raises her voice.)

Manson: I’m a wrestler…I mean I *was* a wrestler with limited size, limited skill, limited ability, but I parlayed that with a KICK ASS ATTITUDE!!! When I went out there every Tuesday and Saturday night, I wasn’t wrestling!!! I was kicking ass!!

(Fans chant: Lanny! Lanny! LannY! Lanny!)

Manson: When I wrestled here, the GDWA stood for ‘God Damn Women kicking Ass!!’

(Fans all screaming but Lanny becomes quiet and wipes a tear.)

Manson: But a little over a year ago all of that changed…I let you down. I lost the world title to Andrea Chandler and the Syndicate took over. And the fan favorites haven’t been carrying my legacy…so the least that I can do for my fans. Make them happy!! You are the reason why I’m here. So let me get to why I even decided to show up tonight! No offence to the youngsters who’ve joined this organization in the last year but Daisy and Order are the flag of the GDWA. Only they can stop the Syndicate. I’ve sung my Swan Song at Founder’s Day Tradition pay per view when I single handedly kicked the entire Syndicate’s ass! I showed you what needed to be done. Now my best friend May Order has the World title…but that’s not enough!

(Fans all quiet as Lanny Manson walks around the ring as if in a daze.)

Manson: Even though Order is the World Champ, and even though she’s the Law and Order of the GDWA…she’s more of an athlete than an Ass Kicker. We need someone who will rid Grand Dragon of the Syndicate and all these damn stables by KICKING ASS! So I’m challenging YOU Daisy!

(Fans all cheer as Lanny Manson points to the aisle curtain.)

Manson: I’m not challenging you to a match, this is something more important than that. Daisy, I’ve seen you in the ring, you’ve got something special. A commitment to excellence and a maturity about you that has come from your wars with Nikita Marx. I’ve watched you grow and you’re the woman who made me submit last year at the Moonsault! You are the Franchise, and we need a leader right now…a hero Daisy! We need a leader who will be more wild and merciless than ever! Somebody who’s not going there to win on points or rounds, but somebody TO BREAK BONES AND WIN THE MATCH!!!!


Manson: We need you to lead Grand Dragon into another year, and elevate us to the level of athleticism and excellence that has propelled us to the top of our sport! Daisy, you do what you got to do…not for me, not for Sachie, not for Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance & certainly not for yourself…but for all these fan factories and Franchise fans that fill these seats week in and week out! You do it for them, Daisy! And make us proud.

(Fans cheer as Lanny Manson pulls her Flying 5 guitar out of her bag and looks around ringside at the International media talking into cameras and jotting down notes.)

Manson: ..Finally I’D LIKE TO WISH GOOD LUCK AT YOU ORDER, MY BEST FRIEND!!…I know it’s not gonna be an easy match tonight against Medusa Rage or Andrea Chandler, but remember that with the power of heavy metal, the fan factory, all those crazy headbanging factories, the wildness and the desire to win, YOU CAN BECOME THE 1997 IRONWOMAN!!!!!! YOU WON THE WORLD TITLE FOR YOU AND THE FANS…NOW DO ME A FAVOR MAY ORDER…WIN THIS ONE FOR THE GIPPER!!!!!

(Fans EXPLODE as Lanny Manson rips into her guitar and flies into the Dawg Pound!!!)

Bishop: A rather reflective Lanny Manson. The newest entrant into the Hall of Fame, and I must say, if that can’t stir something in the ranks of the fan favorites…nothing will.

Blade: It’s enough to make me consider coming out of retirement.

Mutt: Well, it wasn’t bad but I gotta still go with Andrea Chandler as the New Ironwoman. She’s yet to appear tonight, but I’m telling you she’s gonna show us the goodies tonight!

Bishop: And now we go from Sam’s prediction to another prediction. Let’s hear from new rookie Black Lotus.

Black Lotus

[Fade in: The scene is a martial arts dojo, black pictures on the walls of dragons. In the foreground is a wooden practice dummy like used in kung fu. Coming into the picture from the side is an Asian woman, her face is painted white with elaborate black lines around her eyes and mouth, her hair drawn back in a tight braid. She wears a black leather body suit, little metal catches, rings, and leather straps making it even tighter than it otherwise would be.]

Black Lotus: MMmm…Hello pets. It’s almost time, the Moonsault is ready to fall and we’ll see who the Iron Woman of the GDWA is. This is an important title in more ways than one. In China metal is one of the five elements and is considered to be a very powerful thing. Like the woman who wins this title.

[Black Lotus leans back against the practice dummy, wrapping her hands back around it and striking a seductive pose.]

Black Lotus: But who will win? Lady Tiger has lost to the best. Much as I adore kittens, I just can’t see her winning. She’s not proven yet she belongs in there with the other three. Medusa Rage? Strangely enough, she also has not proven she can beat the best. Despite her understanding of the darkness, despite her savage brawling, she’s lost to Micki Duran and Officer Order, though this match will have normal rules. Perhaps her new attitude will change that? Officer Order….the little lady with the hard chops. You’ve been amazing everyone by beating the best in the GDWA…But who does that leave? Andrea Chandler. She’s already beaten Officer Order and Lady Tiger in the past, and her partner in crime, Duran, beat Medusa Rage, with a little coaching from Andrea. I wonder just what little secrets they DID share. Unless Medusa can find her balance after so many months of wildly swinging emotions, it’s Andrea Chandler all the way. See you at the matches, pets.

[Black Lotus blows a kiss to the camera as the scene fades to black.]

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is scheduled for one fall, with a 20 minute time….



Bishop: What the hell?

Blade: You know who it is.

Mutt: Ha! Go ahead old man!

(Spotlight shines at the nose bleed section of the arena as MISTER Furious Styles heads down the steps toward the guard railing. Styles swaggers down the steps wearing a gold and black zoot suit with a slick top hat. A red plume shoots outward as he calls out to Spud McKenzie.)

Styles: All my peoples in Canada came to see the ONE, the ONLY, the ORIGINAL Styles of Professional Wrestling! So let **me** ask YOU one question…who loves ya baby?

(Dawg Pound barks as the arena screams Furious! Dozens of fans reach out, grabbing onto his coat jacket, as Styles fights his way through the crowd.)

Styles: It just might take me all night to get to the ring…so until I do, HIT THE MUSIC!!!

(Fans all cheer and the men whistle as the WCW Nitro Girls head down the aisle and “Nasty Girl” by Vanity 6 blasts through the speakers!)

Mutt: Styles is a man with taste, that’s for sure! You can’t knock the man.

Bishop: (Laughing) That’s for sure. Mister Styles has his own way of doing things.

(MISTER Furious Styles enters the ring as the Nitro Girls dance back up the aisle. MISTER Styles struts along the ring as fans rise up to their feet.)

Styles: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, boy!

(Fans all cheer as MISTER Furious Styles motions for the crowd to hush.)

Styles: Live and direct, from the site of the Fall Moonsault 1997! And in case you are too stupid to recognize, I’m Mr. Furious Styles, & if y’all didn’t know that by now. Ya better ask somebody, muhfuh!!! Yeeeeeeeeeeeah!!!!!

[The crowd pops wildly at the racy language.]

House of Styles: Medusa Rage

Styles: Yo, Toronto, Canada. You didn’t think I came all the way out here from Oaktown, California without some guest, did you? Baby, we got Rages in the house!!!!!

[Huge crowd pop as Styles points to the Dawg Pound. Shadoe, Derek, Mantha, Lauryn, Andre, Godiva, Kembe and the real matriarch of the Rage clan, Celeste, line the front row. They stand in unison and pump their fists at the crowd. Celeste smiles demurely, every inch a lady.]

Styles: Now, right now, oh, you know it’s been a while. I got to bring her out. I got to see what’s up with my girl. I bring to you, the woman, the grand dame, of the GDWA. Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together, please and welcome Ms. … Medusa Raaaaage!!!

[Styles claps, getting the fans to pop as the 3rd movement of Dvorak’s “Symphony 9: New World” begins with its cello crescendo. The symbols crash and the curtains fly apart as Medusa Rage steps out to the heroic theme. She strides down the aisle, barefoot, her ankles wrapped with gold bands. A kente cloth skirt in swirls of bright green, gold and black is knotted at her waist, snapping about her ankles and giving the world tantalizing glimpses of her smooth, muscular legs and the snapping motion of her hips as she walks. Her midriff is bare, the abdominals as tight and cut as ever. She wears a crosstie piece of cloth as a top, leaving her shoulders, arms and back exposed. Serpentine is coiled around her neck, the snake’s tongue flicking at the air as its mistress absently caresses its jaw. Medusa is radiant. Heavy, hammered gold bracelets hang from her wrists and match the coils of bands around her throat and neck. She is elegantly made up in muted shades of brown, her lips a deep, inviting brown. The green kente cloth is picked up again in her gale, the turban wrapped and piled high atop her head and spilling down her back. Her locks are left free about her face and down her back. Styles’ jaw drops a little as he watches her. The crowd pop is hot for this Caribbean vision that passes before them.]

Styles: GOOD GOD!!!

Crowd: BANG!!!

[Medusa smiles out at the crowd. She smiles at Furious. The fans keep raining cheers down on her. Toronto loves her.]

Crowd: Dusa! Dusa! Dusa! Dusa! (one voice) Marry me, gyal!

Styles: Oh my damn, I mean, oh my damn you look good, girl. Wassup, could you just give a brotha a call. I mean anytime, darling.  Please.

Medusa: (purring) Furious, darling, that’s why I came out here.

Styles: (eyes lighting up) Yeah, for real?

Medusa: Of course, would I lie to you? I was hoping you and I could celebrate together after the show. I’m having a party. Only the closest of friends and family.

Styles: Damn, girl, you’re planning a victory celebration all ready?  You ain’t even won nothin’ yet. I mean, the Square Dance is just about to start and you have that Battle Royal. Girl, you’re putting the cart before the horse again. Let me tell you. You’ve put the most on your plate out of any one here tonight. That’s the damn truth. The Square Dance is bad enough, you might come out of this with nothing, you know that, right?

Medusa: Nothing? No, Furious. I’m not going to come out tonight with nothing. You see the more than 50,000 people who packed this arena. I’m going to leave here tonight with their respect. I’m going to leave tonight having shown all the people in my adopted country exactly how happy and how proud I am to be performing in front of them. This is my home. Forget everything that Ma Porter might say. This is where I live. This entire wonderful nation is my home.

Styles: Man, if it were your kingdom I’d ask you to cut down on these taxes. Damn, I bought a pair of shoes the other day. The tag said seventy-five dollars. When I paid for them this tax came out and it was like a hundred or something. I mean, damn.

Crowd: Kill the GST! Kill the GST! Kill the GST!

Medusa: (glancing around at the crowd) You seem to have started your own little political insurrection, Furious, darling. [She favors him with a wink. Holding up a hand, she gets the crowd to quiet.  She holds Furious’ hand, bringing the microphone closer to her mouth. Furious recoils as Serpentine starts butting her nose at him and flicking her tongue. Medusa glances at him slyly.]

Medusa: See, even Serpentine knows you’re good to eat.

[It’s hard to tell with his complexion, but it seems as if Furious is actually blushing.]

Medusa: Tonight, Toronto, Canada, you’re going to see the finest athletes in all of professional wrestling compete in over a dozen matches. Each one is out here, pouring out their heart and soul in this ring. I know some of them you hate, like Ma Porter.

[On cue the crowd gives a huge heel pop.]

Medusa: And some of them you love … like … me? [She shrugs coyly] [The crowd gives a huge face pop. The Dawg Pound whoops it up: ‘Dusa! Dusa! Dusa!]

Styles: Goddamn, you workin’ it tonight, girl.

Medusa: But whether you love or hate a competitor’s personality in the ring, I want you to put your hands together for them and applaud their every effort. I promise you a phenomenal show tonight. I can’t promise you that I’ll win tonight. But I will give it my all. For you, for everybody watching and for all my family at ringside tonight.  I love you. Enjoy the show, Canada!

Styles: Now wait, I mean, that’s wild. No ranting. No raving.  Damn, Mutt’s gonna have my ass sayin’ I’m soft on you aga ….

[Medusa plants a deep kiss on him, pulling him into her embrace.  Furious’ knees start to buckle before he gets his head back and returns the kiss.]

Medusa: (breaking the lip lock) There, that should be a start on compensating you. [She bats her long, thick lashes at him.]

Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, you know what I’m gonna say. So say it for me!


Styles: Let’s get this show underway! Medusa Rage, y’all! My main woman!

[Dvorak’s “Symphony 9: New World” blasts through the Sky Dome as Medusa bows to Styles and bows to the fans before sashaying back behind the curtains.] 

Hair vs. Hair Respect Match: Bloody Mary vs. Keiko Mita

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is a Hair vs Hair Respect match, scheduled for ONE fall with a 20 minute time limit!

(Fans all boo as they hear “Midnight Rider” by the Allman Bros.”)

Spud: First, hailing from Davenport, Iowa. She is 5 feet 9 inches. 145 pounds….Bloody Mary!!!

(Fans all booing as Bloody Mary heads down the aisle, wearing her usual black trench coat, sneering at ringside fans. The Dawg Pound barks a Bloody Mary tosses off her trench coat, entering the ring wearing a red 2 piece outfit, black knee pads & red boots.)

Mutt: Hubba, hubba!

Bishop: Mary is TRULY a changed woman. My lord, she dropped down to 145 pounds. Woah, how will this affect the match up?

Blade: Allen, this is drastic of a change could go either way. The real question is whether Mary can utilize her usual brand of wrestling and brawling at this size.

Bishop: Prior to tonight’s card, Bloody Mary had this to say…

Bloody Mary

(Scene is Bloody Mary jogging down a country lane with Ana Conda, both coming to rest at a picnic table in a clearing near the Wild West Management’s Farm and Training Center. It’s a beautiful sunny afternoon as leaves fall around them, Mary addresses the camera after toweling off.)

Bloody Mary: Keiko, what do you think, looking pretty good, huh?  The match with Medusa didn’t take its toll like you hoped it would. It just made me stronger. I really don’t have much to say to you Keiko. I’ll let my actions in the ring at the Fall Moonsault speak for me….. Then you can apologize and set the record straight. Who knows maybe we can even mend what was ever left of our former friend’s hip? Hmmmmm, Keiko???

Bloody Mary: I’ve got a lot more to talk about than that boring little feud that Keiko just won’t let die. Me, I’m willing to extend an olive branch, ahhh, Keiko and that ancient honor, my, my.

(Mary speaking condescendingly, smirking)

I do have other things to address to my dear friends and critics alike. All you rookies have sure jumped the bandwagon to get to Mary. Sweet Emotion, Savannah Charles to only start out. Don’t worry girls, I never back away from a promise or back down from a challenge. After this PPV, I’ll make sure you all get your chance at the earliest convenience. I do have to admire you. I never got this kind of response from those old vets, especially Nikita Marx, and Andrea Chandler who whines nobody ever wants to fight her. Sign on the dotted line, Andrea! I’ll fight you anytime, anywhere, any day and twice on Saturday if you want. But you haven’t even so much as given me the time of day since I got in the GDWA, you too, Nikita, stuck up or scared? Ma Porter you’re another one that’s challenged me or at least sounded like it. I suppose you’re too busy planning the wedding among your other activities, right. I’ve never had much of a beef with you Ma, but I would like to meet you sometime in the ring.

Bloody Mary: Now the big flap recently was my possibly reckless match with Medusa. Oh you pundits!! Surprised that Medusa and I could actually wrestle albeit rough, but HEY! That’s OUR style! And we remained friends!! Go figure! I admit I was in less than perfect shape and even less prepared. I apologize to my fans for that and to Medusa as well. I did give my 100% but it could’ve been a better quality match from my end. I just didn’t take the match that seriously, a possibly fatal career ending mistake even if you consider Medusa your friend. Medusa, next time and there WILL BE a next time, well all I can say is batten down the hatches folks!

Bloody Mary: Medusa, my last thoughts are for you and your sister also my good friend, Sierra Browne. You sent me an urgent message about your concerns for Sierra. Watch out for her, you said! All I can say is I’ll do my best. I’ve accepted Sierra as she has me as a loyal ally and even a partner when we need to be. But Medusa, Sierra is like me, she’s independent, headstrong, egotistical, and for us those are excellent qualities! When I allied myself with the House of Rage I didn’t expect to get in the middle of any family quarrels and I still don’t expect to do that. What petty bickering is going on isn’t hard to figure out. While I don’t have any siblings just watching you I’ve got a fix on what’s going on. The Rages are one of the tightest families I’ve known. You’ve grown up together as a wrestling family in Trinidad and Canada with a now long history as being one of the first families of wrestling. But you still see yourselves as those young girls growing up together, close knit, very close knit! Now you’ve all struck out on your own more and more, developed very distinctive personalities, styles. Medusa…. all I can say is let Sierra grow. Let her step out of the shadows of the House of Rage for a while.

I’ll be glad to protect as I hope she will me. She won’t leave the House of Rage, not if you don’t stifle her anymore. Let her be herself. She maybe acting a bit rebellious right now, but picture yourself a short time back Medusa, sound familiar. She’s still your little sister but she’s also becoming more and more like you.  Doesn’t that make you as much proud as worried? I thought so. Well enough of this maudlin tripe. I’m not worried about Sierra. Ana, I should I guess be worried about getting a hairdo like Sierra and the only way to do that is KICK BUTT at Fall Moonsault! Keiko, from now on you’re my only worry and (she chuckles) I’m not that worried about you, anymore. See ya at the show OLD friend!

(Mary & Ana go to the training center)

Bishop: Mary pacing along the ring ropes, ready to end this feud with the Kyoto Crippler. Oh my! This is gonna get ugly.

(LOUD cheers as fans hear the roar of Japanese Drums!)

Spud: And her opponent….hailing from Kyoto, Japan! She is 5 feet 4 inches, 115 pounds, here is the ‘Kyoto Crippler’ Keiko Mita!!!!

(Mita heads down the aisle wearing a black one piece body suit with an open back and slits down the sides of her legs. The Japanese flag is displayed proudly over her right breast.)

Mutt: This is about to get ugly, real ugly.

Bishop: Here’s the Crippler with comments…

Keiko Mita

[Scene opens showing a grassy hilltop, the sun either setting or rising in the background, casting an array of colors over the sky. On the hilltop, Keiko Mita is going through a series of moves with a katana, her black hair bound up in a white headband and she wears a karate style gi. After she’s done with the kata she turns to the camera, wiping the sweat from her eyes.]

Keiko: The time is here, Bloody Mary. Our big battle, the loser has to admit she was wrong. The loser loses her hair. I’m eager to get back into the ring, but this is one battle I’ll be happy to see over with.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately, Mary. About how we used to be friends. It’s way too late to go back and change anything. It’s too late for regrets, but I wish it could have turned out differently.

[Keiko makes a fast figure 8 slice through the air in front of her, watching how the light glimmers on the katana.]

Keiko: I’m as sharp as I’ve ever been. I’m the healthiest I’ve been in months. Not all your power, your brawling, or you friends in Sierra’s camp can do anything to save you. I’m much better than the first time we met, and from watching your match against Medusa, you are slipping. I’ve been training all my life for just this type of battle, warrior against brawler. You are stronger and I’m far more agile. But the Kyoto Crippler has honor on her side…and all those fans who have been cheering my name. That’s something that helps boost your energy up one more level. Mary, this ENDS NOW! Hate, love, win, loss, from here we move on, we get on with our lives and careers. You better be listening, Sierra Browne! After I’m through with your Blood and Glory partner, you are next!

[Keiko lifts the katana high into the air, letting the sun’s rays glint off the steel, then lowers it to stab toward the camera fiercely as the scene fades.] ———————————————————————

Blade: Mita marching down the aisle…AND NOW SHE’S RUSHING THE RING!!!

(Fans all cheer as Keiko Mita slides into the ring and Bloody Mary charges her.)


(Fans all pop as Bloody Mary fires away on Keiko Mita.)

Bishop: Mary firing off with those Iowa Heaven punches, and Mita backing into ropes. Mary firing away, and the ref moving in…and Mary shoves him to the mat!

(Fans boo!)

Bishop: Mary with a handful of hair and a High Knee to the midsection, and TOSSES her across the ring!

Mutt: Mary racing across the ring and Mita quick to her feet and Mary with a Clothesline….DUCKED!

Bishop: Mary spinning around with an Iowa Heaven Punch…BLOCKED by Mita! Mita batting away the punches with inside swipes, and now Mita moving in with those TIGHT Karate Chops to the face!

(Fans cheering as Bloody Mary backs off.)

Bishop: Mary backs off into the ropes, and the ref intervening. Mary holding on with a Collar and Elbow tie up and now a Side Headlock…no, an Irish Whip by Mita to the far side…

Mutt: Reversal by Mita….AND MARY PUTS ON THE BREAKS….


(Huge pop from the Dawg Pound as Mary stomps away on Keiko Mita.)

Blade: You talk about rivalries, this ain’t no contrived angle for television. These two hate each other. 2 matches with no conclusive winner.

Bishop: Mary with a pick up and high knees to the head of Mita! Now a Frontface lock and pick up…no! Mita with the leg block, and a *snapping* Karate Chop!

(Fans whistle as Bloody Mary gets weak in the knees.)

Mutt: Another CHOP! Woah! Mary backing into the near corner, and she dips through the ropes…but Mita won’t let her role out of the ring! Mita with a handful of tights and slaps on a Waistlock…


(Fans ALL cheering as Bloody Mary hits the mat.)

Mutt: Mita with a single leg pick up and a Leg Scissors. And I didn’t expect to see ANY wrestling in this match.

Blade: Mary into the ropes, and Mita is incredibly intense. She’s thrown Mary off from the opening bell, doing what Mary doesn’t expect of her.

Bishop: Mary slapping the mat as the ref demands that Mita release, but the Crippler still with that Leg Scissors synched in. The ref with the count, and Mary using the ropes for leverage…and an Eye Gouge!

Mutt: Mary with a tad more quickness now because of the drop in weight, and she’s up to her feet. Mary with a handful of hair and a pick up, and rakes Mita’s eyes against her boot!

Bishop: Mita up to her feet as she stumbles away, and Mary nailing away with HARD Iowa Heaven Punches! Mita’s 115 pound frame is getting knocked around. Mita nearly flying over the top rope, and Mary with an Irish Whip to the far side.

Mutt: Mita bouncing off and Mary CATCHING her and nailing her with a Powerslam! She’s got the leg grapevined!!!!

Ref:………1………………………2……………kick out!

(Fans pop!!!)

Bishop: Mary with a pick up and a Front Face Lock now, and Mita with a Wristlock and attempting to wind out of! Mita with a Single leg take down, extends the knee and DRILLS MARY WITH A STANDING DROPKICK!

(Fans cheering as Keiko Mita applies a Leg Drag.)

Blade: The last thing in the world Mary wants is damage to her knee. But Mary almost ended Keiko Mita’s career by shelving her for several months…

Mutt: And what about in Japan!? Mita betrayed Mary in a tag match and crippled her for an incredible period of time. Mita has no right..

Bishop: Mary twisting around and crawling into the ropes…no!!

(Fans begin chanting: MITA! MITA! As she applies a Half Crab.)

Blade: Mita looks so intense, so focused, my Lord!

Bishop: And she’s exploiting the weight drop in Mary. Mary would have usually gotten to the ropes. Mita is strong for her little size.

Mutt: the longer Mary is on the mat the more this match leans in Mita’s favor. Mary has got to get to a vertical base in order to utilize her power moves.

(Fans all cheering as the ref asks Bloody Mary the question.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 20 minute time limit. 15 remaining.

Bishop: Mita releasing the Half Crab but still with a hold of that leg. Mita with a head of steam and A FORWARD FLIP *WHIPLASSHING* the leg!!!

(Fans cheering as Keiko Mita twirls her finger and points toward the near corner.)

Mutt: Mita racing for the near corner. Mary clutching her left knee as Mita races up the turnbuckles and flying off….



(Fans boo as the ref slides into position for the cover.)

Mutt: ….1….2…..and a strong kick out! Both women up to their feet and Bloody Mary rushing forward….

Bishop: Right into a Karate Kick! And Mita with a Stiff Kick to the leg, ribs, chest, torso….AND KEIKO MITA BULLYING BLOODY MARY WITH THOSE MUY THAI LEG KICKS!!!!

(Fans ERUPT as Bloody Mary falls to the mat.)

Bishop: And Mita running for the far corner, and climbing up the turnbuckles! Mita is poised up high!

(Fans all cheering as Keiko Mita stands poised up top.)

Mutt: Mita going for another high risk maneuver! Keiko Mita Swan Diving Off the top……………..

Bishop: Flyiiiiiing Headbutt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Fans all Screaming!!!!!!)

Ref: ……………………………………………………1






(Crowd booing as Bloody Mary kicks out.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 20 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

Bishop:  Mita with a pick up and slaps Mary in the face!

(Fans whistle and cheer!)

Mutt: The arrogance!

Blade: Mita with a *snapping* Karate Chop! Oh my! Now an Irish Whip to the far ropes as Mita backs into the near ropes. Mary bouncing off….and Mita with a Leg Lariat!

(Fans all cheering as Bloody Mary clutches her head while rolling to the outside.)

Mutt: Mary out on the ring apron, and Keiko Mita quick to her feet and charging Bloody Mary. Mita leaping up and…..!

Bishop: And Bloody Mary driving into her with a Shoulder! Right into the gut of Mita and…Oh no!

(The Dawg Pound ROARS as Bloody Mary slaps her hand around Mita’s throat.)

Blade: What’s she gonna do? Mita is inside of the ring while Mary is out on the ring apron. What?

Bishop: Mary with eyes watering as she lifts Mita up…..

Mutt: …and over the Top Ring Rope…..!!!!


(Fans screaming as both women lay on the floor!)

Blade: OH my God!

(Dawg Pound barks: WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! )

Bishop: But at what cost? Mary clutching her knee as she rolls around the floor. Mita hasn’t moved. Mita is down!

Mutt: What the hell did you expect? She lifted up Mita from the neck, out of the ring and Chokeslammed the Japanese Superstar onto the floor. I don’t think Mita will be attending those aerobic classes any time soon.

Ref: ………………………………………….2………..

Bishop: A very liberal count from the referee as Mary gets up to her knees. Mary now, up to her feet and hobbling over to the ringside seats…and shoves a fan aside!

Blade: Mary has a chair! Mita hasn’t even moved, and the ref is hopping through the ropes to the outside.

(Fans cheer as the ref gets between Mary and Mita.)

Mutt: What the hell is that?

Blade: Mita is just now beginning to move, and Mary tossing the chair to the floor. Mary with a handful of hair and a pick up. Mary winding up….TORNADO PUNCH!

(Fans boo as Keiko Mita hits the floor.)

Bishop: Mary now, with a pick up & slings Mita across her shoulder. The ref chastising Mary, and Mary arguing with the referee. Mita’s belly is hanging over Bloody Mary’s shoulder. Mary is about to kill her!

Mutt: The ref threatening Mary…and Mary running toward the steel barrier…..


(Fans pop as Keiko Mita slides behind Bloody Mary’s back…)


Mutt: She goes flying into and over the guard railing! Oh my!!!

(The Dawg Pound cheers as Bloody Mary flies into the ringside seats.)

Bishop: Oh my!

(Fans all cheering as both women lay on the floor.)

Blade: That’s the break Mita needed! And she still isn’t really coherent. She may have a concussion. She looks dazed, Sam & Allen.

Bishop: Hold on, Mita gathering up her strength! The 115 pound Giant is stumbling over to the guard railing. She’s climbing into the crowd.

Mutt: Where’s the count? Ain’t this still a ‘wrestling’ match?

(Fans scream and pat Keiko Mita on the back as she stumbles over the safety rail.)

Bishop: Mita with a Single leg pick up, and draping Mary’s knee across the steel railing….

(Fans all screaming as Mita rams it across the steel.)

Mutt: Mita climbing back to the ringside area, out of the seats, as the ref warns Mita and…Oh no!

Bishop: Mita measuring that knee as she jumps up and….

Blade: D R O P K I C K S Mary’s knee AGAINST THE STEEL RAILING!!!!!!

(Hardcores ERUPT as Bloody Mary reaches for her knee and screams out in pain.)

Mutt: The ref physically shoving Mita into the ring. Oh no! This is too much. Mary writhing, her leg is hanging from the guardrailing. She’s upside down with that left knee exposed. OH my!

(Fans all cheering as Keiko Mita holds herself up against the ring ropes.)

Spud: 15 minutes have gone by in the 20 minute time limit. 5 remain!

Bishop: Bloody Mary is being helped over the guard railing as she leans against the referee. Oh wait…Keiko Mita running for the far ropes as Mary nears the ring and…

Blade: S U I C I D E   P L A N C H A   D I V E !!!


Mutt: What the hell is wrong with her? What the hell has gotten into Mita? Does she think she’s Lady Tiger?

Bishop: Mary threw the referee in front of her! Mary stomping away on Mita, and now a pick up and a…

Blade: Mita with a Spinning Back Fist and a Judo Flip onto the floor!

(Fans chant: MITA! MITA! MITA! MITA! MITA!)

Bishop: Mita is going up again! Mita climbing up to the ring apron and Mary is down. Mary is down!

Blade: Mita into the ring as Mary gets up to her feet. Keiko Mita with a running start and leaps over the ropes….

Mutt: But Mary ducks….

Bishop: but Mita lands on the ring apron instead! Mary back up and Mita with a boot to the head, jumps up and….

Blade: Springboarding off the middle rope with a moonsault!!!!

(Fans all screaming as Keiko Mita climbs back into the ring.)

Mutt: A second referee running down the aisle as Mita climbs the turnbuckles.

Bishop: Keiko Mita poised as Mary is laid out on the floor. OH my! Mita Flying off the top….

Blade: FLYING TOPE!!!!

(Huge crowd pop as Keiko Mita nails away with hard right hands to the head!)

Mutt: Mita with a pick up, and rolling Mary into the ring. Mita is about to end this. Mita climbing the stairs and entering the ring. Mita going for it all! Mita slapping Mary’s head between her legs, and slapping on a Waistlock. She hoists up Mary into a Crucifix position….

Blade: ….But Mary fighting back! Mary so strong, reaching around Mita’s neck, and…CONNECTS WITH A RUDE AWAKENING!!!!

(Dawg Pound ***POPS*** as both women lay on the mat.)

Ref: 1……………………2…………………..3…………

Mutt: Both women are down! And after this one, somebody is going to the hospital!

Bishop: Mary is first to move. Mary rolling over Mita and drapes her arm over for the cover!!!!




(Fans cheer as Mita taps her foot on the bottom rope.)

Blade: Mary is straining. She’s hurting real back. Mary clutching her back as she hobbles up to her feet…..

Bishop: Mary with a pick up, and slaps on a Bearhug!!!!!!!

(Mixed Cheers as Keiko Mita strains in pain!)

Mutt: That’s the most intelligent move of the night. A Power wrestler’s greatest strength is that of her back. Mary is protecting her back and her knee by slapping on a rest hold. A submission hold of this nature could end the match at this juncture.

(Fans all stomping their feet and chanting: MITA! MITA! MITA! MITA!)

Bishop: Mita clawing at nothing as Mary leans into the Bearhug. Mary attempting to either get a pinfall, or put in so much of her weight on her that Mita’s back snaps. Mita nearly to the mat as the ref reaches for Mita’s hand….



Spud: 60 seconds left! 60 seconds remain!!!

(Fans all screaming as Mary screams out in Pain!)

Blade: It’s over! It’s over! Ring the Bell!!!!!

Mutt: Nobody can endure this!

Bishop: Mary’s back is complete mush. Mary is crumbling, with just one leg to stand on!!!!

Mutt: The ref is checking!!! The ref is checking!!!

(Fans all screaming as Keiko Mita squeezes for all that she’s worth.)

Spud: 35 Seconds left!

Blade: This is impossible!!!! Mary is still fighting it.

Bishop: Mary is just about to fall to the canvas. If she falls to the mat she’s finished. Mary….

Mutt: B L O O D Y  M A R Y  S L A P S  ON   THE  CLAW!

(Hardcores pop as Keiko Mita wails out frantically!!!!!)

Mutt: Mita with desperate Karate Chops to the head, and Mary is shaking them off.

(Dawg Pound all screaming as fans get to their feet!!!!)

Bishop: Mary falling forward RIGHT ON TOP OF MITA!!!

Blade: Mary may not be conscious!!!!

Mutt: The ref is checking!!!! The ref is checking!!!!!


(Mixed cheers as the ref pulls Bloody Mary off of Keiko Mita.)

Bishop: What’s the ruling? Did Mita give?

Mutt: Bloody Mary is not moving. Mita is down and out. The ref is calling on stretchers. The ref is calling on stretchers.

Blade: Spud entering the ring and looks incredibly worried.

Spud: Er….um, Wrestling Fans. We have…..

(Fans all screaming as Mita and Mary lay motionless in the ring.)

Blade: Spud McKenzie double checking with the referee. I don’t see any way these two can compete in the Royal Rumble.

Spud: At 19 minutes 15 seconds…your winner via submission is BLOODY MARY!!!!

(Fans boo as the referee raises Bloody Mary’s limp hand.)

Mutt: They are out of their mind. These two are nuts…is it over now? Is this the feud ender?

Blade: The stretchers are being pulled out as ringside attendants cart Mary and Mita away. My lord. This was ugly.

Bishop: Well, they have at least 60 minutes until the Royal Rumble. We have another Ironwoman match up next.

Blade: And this one shall be rather interesting. We have Lady Tiger who has zero points in this tournament who MUST NOT lose in order to remain competitive. But then you have Medusa Rage who has not wrestled tonight…

Mutt: And Tiger looked VERY VERY good against the World Champ. She’s got a vigor that just won’t die. Medusa has mocked the highflying style of Tiger, and we’ll see what Tiger can do tonight.

Bishop: Fans, before Spud takes it away, Medusa Rage is back stage right now with our own Melanda Hartley. Here’s Medusa with a few words….

Melanda Hartley

[GDWA reporter Melanda Hartley stands at the interview stage with Medusa Rage. Medusa has Serpentine curled around her neck. She towers over little Ms. Hartley.]

Melanda: Medusa, you’re going out there against the always dangerous Lady Tiger. What are we going to see out there?

Medusa: (inhaling slowly) What are we going to see? What are we going to see? We’re going to see a little lesson in heroism out there. We’re going to see a little lesson in exactly how a so called ‘fan favorite’ should comport herself in a wrestling ring. Lady Tiger, I look at you and I wonder if you shouldn’t be called little Miss Kitty instead. Girl, you’ve got no claws. You’ve got no courage. You prefer to cry instead of getting revenge on Andrea Chandler for stealing your mask. In fact, no one’s seemed your face since then. I don’t respect that. Lady Tiger, if you’re going to cry over a mask, then you’re really going to bawl when I take you and crush every last ounce of dignity from your body. I’m going to expose as the week fraud that you are. Lady Tiger, all that flash and all that razzle dazzle won’t work against me. You’re going to learn that when the Tiger collides with the Snake just like in that atrocious movie Anaconda I’m going to crush the life out of you.

[Medusa strides out towards the ring, leaving Melanda to throw it back to the announcers.]

Melanda: There you have it. Medusa Rage is out to teach Lady Tiger a lesson. But will Lady Tiger be able to teach her a trick or two of her own? We’ll see.

[Fade out]

Blade: Lady Tiger is no push over, but I can understand how a brawler like Medusa could take issue with Tiger’s style…

Bishop: As well as the way Lady Tiger dealt with Andrea Chandler.  In a match the industry was greatly looking forward to, the ‘Ritch Bitch’ stole Lady Tiger’s mask after slapping on the Dividend Scorpion Death Lock.

Mutt: Oh yeah! And without a doubt, Medusa Rage’s hypocritical ass is gonna get a taste of tiger power tonight!

Blade: Well, that’s an awfully tall order for either woman. Medusa has been hearing the cheers lately, but I’m sure the fans will be leaning towards the pristine Frenchwoman Lady Tiger.

Bishop: Let’s find out now!

Medusa Rage vs. Lady Tiger

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit! It is our 2nd Ironwoman Square Dance matchup..

(Mixed cheers as ‘Symphony 9: From the New World, 3rd Movement’ plays!)

Spud: First, Given birth in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, given spirit in New York, New York and given soul in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada…


Spud: She is 6 feet tall, weighing in at 160 pounds, here is…. MEDUSA RAGE!

[The crowd in Toronto pops with anticipation. The crescendo swells and just as it bursts into the theme, the curtains are thrown apart. Medusa Rage sweeps out, arms held high to the crowd. Serpentine is coiled around her shoulders. She is clad in a shiny purple rubber cat suit. She wears hard black knee-length boots and hard knee guards.  She wears one elbow-length black glove on her right hand. The crowd pops madly for her as she walks the aisle. Her locks are tied up into an erect ponytail, showing the closely-shaven sides of her skull. She takes the ring, handing Serpentine to a leery attendant on the ringsteps. She smiles and she’s wearing her gold fangs.  They glitter in the light as she unties her hair. She pauses to blow a kiss to her fans and sends her family hisses before she climbs into the ring, ready to compete.]

Mutt: Medusa needs this win in order to establish her dominance in the tournament. Lady T is the most inexperienced of all the wrestlers, and this is a MUST for the so called ‘most dangerous woman in pro wrestling.’

Blade: Sam, Allen, as I see Medusa enter the ring, I think back to the changes she claims to have gone through. The spiritual awakening and her vision of what this fed needs….I want to believe her. Really. But when those competitive juices get going, can she hold to those values?

Bishop: And here come the announcements for the Daredevil young star of the GDWA….

Spud: And her opponent, led down the aisle by her HALL OF FAME manager Charlotte La Mancha…


Spud: Hailing from Bordeaux, France. She is 5 feet 6 inches, 127 pounds. Here is “La Belle Tiger” Lady Tiger!!!!

(Fans pop as Lady Tiger heads down the aisle in a one piece red and orange cat suit. She wears a dark tiger mask over her face as Charlotte La Mancha follows behind wearing a blue suit and high heels.)

Bishop: Tiger heading down the aisle slowly as Medusa Rage looks on.  This is what it’s all about! Tiger climbing the steps and entering the ring as…Lady Tiger walks right up to Medusa and we have a stair down!!!

(Fans all cheering as Lady Tiger pushes the 160 pound Medusa Rage.)


(Dawg Pound barks as most fans give mixed cheers.)

Bishop: The Dawg Pound is definitely behind Medusa, but most fans love this charismatic….

Mutt: One dimensional athlete. You know Bishop, Lady Tiger is a good wrestler, but she doesn’t “kick ass” to quote Lanny Manson. I give the devil her do…the only similarity Medusa Rage has with Andrea Chandler is that they are both dominating in their own way. Lady Tiger?

(Fans continue to cheer as Lady Tiger climbs the turnbuckles and soaks up the cheers. Charlotte La Mancha is talking things over with the ref.)

Blade: For the record, I think it is important for Tiger to establish that Medusa will NOT intimidate her. Tiger is a pleasant spirit, but don’t confuse her kindness for weakness.

Bishop: Lady Tiger jumping down and offering her hand now for Medusa to shake…

(Mixed cheers as Medusa looks around the arena….)

Blade: And shakes it.


Bishop: Both Lady Tiger and Medusa are real timid. Woah, I didn’t expect this. Both women encircling, waiting for some sort of opening. Medusa is NO rushing anything, and Charlotte looking on quizzically.

Blade: Lady Tiger moving in, and now a Collar and Elbow tie up…? NO! Tiger with a Bodyscissors….


(Dawg Pound barks: WooF, There it is!! WooF, there it is!! )

Bishop: Lady Tiger rolling into the ropes, and this is nothing like I’d thought. The ref cautioning Medusa, and Medusa IS NOT moving in? What’s going on!

Blade: Charlotte whispering in Tiger’s ear. It seems Charlotte is just as befuddled as Tiger…

Mutt: Befuddled, that’s a big word Blade.

(Fans cheering as Lady Tiger clutches her chest, and rises up to her feet!)

Bishop: Lady Tiger moving back in, wearily, as Medusa waits on patiently. Collar and Elbow tie up, and Tiger immediately repositioning and working it into a Hammerlock! Medusa reversing out of it…

Mutt: Only to have Lady Tiger counter with a Headscissors Takedown and coupled with a great Armdrag. Medusa out quickened by this little Tiger.

Blade: Medusa is still calm as she gets up to her feet, but Lady Tiger forward rolling, jumping up and CONNECTING with a Dropkick….!!

Bishop: And forward rolls for an Armbar on the mat!

(Dawg Pound booing while Medusa Rage crawls into the ropes.)

Bishop: But Tiger will not relent. Tiger quick to her knees, pulling herself up with the top ring rope and DROPPING HER SHINS OVER THAT RIGHT ARM OF MEDUSA’S!

Blade: Medusa flinching and Lady Tiger driving downward again!  Now a pick up and an Armdrag, pulling Medusa into her….FOR A MONKEY FLIP!!!

Bishop: And she moves right back in for an Arm Scissors.

(Dawg Pound booing while the REST OF THE ARENA CHEERS!!!)

Mutt: This is crap! Neither woman doing what we come to expect of them. And Tiger, the aggressor, so damn unorthodox tonight…damn it!

Blade: But this is what is working for Tiger. Charlotte has done her job. Tiger taking away the European Uppercut and much of Medusa’s arsenal by attacking her right arm.

Bishop: Medusa, with that strength differential, moving into the ropes easily. Medusa the heavyweight versus Tiger the Cruiserweight calls for drastic measures. Tiger can’t afford for Medusa to start out well.

(Fans *pop* as Lady Tiger screams: TIGER POWER!)

Blade: And Medusa quick to her feet as she charges into Lady Tiger, but Tiger ducking out of the way and running for the near ropes.  Medusa running for the side rope as Lady Tiger comes flying off….

Bishop: And Medusa dives under the High Cross Body!

Mutt: But Lady Tiger catching the top rope, Slingshotting herself to the top rope, and COMES FLYING OFF WITH A Flying Elbowdrop!!!

(Fans cheer as Lady Tiger grapevines the leg.)

REF: 1………………………………….2…………………WOAH!

(Dawg Pound cheers as Medusa Rage kicks out STRONGLY and Lady Tiger flies over the ref and rolls to the outside.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Blade: WoW!

(Dawg Pound cheers as rest of the fans chant: TIGER! TIGER! TIGER!)

Bishop: Medusa quick through the ropes to taunt Lady Tiger…and Tiger sliding back into the ring. Medusa backing into the near corner as Tiger nails away with right hand jabs…AND A DROPKICK….


(Huge crowd pop from the Dawg Pound!)

Blade: oh no! Medusa slipping through the ropes and is out on the floor. Medusa has split legged Tiger! Tiger’s legs between the ring post as the ref warns Medusa….AND MEDUSA PULLS LADY TIGER INTO THE POST!

(Mixed cheers as Medusa grabs Lady Tiger’s left leg!)


(Fans all GROAN as Lady Tiger clutches her left, lower side.)

Ref: …………………….4………………………..5…………

Mutt: Remember, Medusa is a Power wrestler, brawler. This is the kind of match that Medusa lives for. And Tiger suffering the repercussions of Ms. Rage’s good scouting.

Bishop: Medusa now, climbing up to the ring apron, but Lady Tiger dragging herself away. Medusa entering the ring, and Charlotte shouting some words of encouragement.

Blade: Lady Tiger in the near corner, and Medusa stomping away on the midsection. Now Medusa with a Single Leg pick up, and dragging Tiger out.

Bishop: Medusa stomping away on the knee of Tiger, and Tiger trying to squirm away. Medusa with a pick up and a Gutwrench pick up…

(Fans all cheering as Lady Tiger flips out of it.)


Blade: But Lady Tiger ducking and hooking the leg for an inside cradle!!!!

Ref: 1………………………………2………………no!

(Fans cheer!)

Spud: 10 minutes gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5 remaining.

(Dawg Pound barking as Medusa begins to get to her feet.)

Bishop: And Lady Tiger hopping up on one leg and leaping up for a Headscissors into a Sleeper Hold!

(Fans POP as Medusa backpedals…)

Blade: And Lady Tiger hopping up to the top rope, what balance! Tiger jumping off onto Medusa’s shoulders for a VICTORY ROLL!

Ref: 1……………………………….2……………………1/2!

Bishop: Both women back up and Tiger with a Swinging Neckbreaker!!!

(Fans screaming as Medusa Rage slowly gets to her feet!)

Blade: And Lady Tiger cringing as she slaps on a Waistlock for a Side Suplex!!! And now Tiger going up top!

Bishop: Hold on! Medusa is getting up. It’s a race!

(Fans all on their feet as Lady Tiger climbs the turnbuckles.)

Bishop: And Medusa Rage charging the corner. Lady Tiger flying off the top with a Headscissors…BUT MEDUSA BRACING HERSELF WITH THE ROPES…

Blade: And Medusa running up the turnbuckles…What the hell?!

(Fans scream as Medusa races to the top turnbuckle.)

Mutt: OH SHIT! Medusa scooping up Lady Tiger and…

Blade: OH my God!

(Medusa Rage leaps daringly, flying off the top turnbuckle!)

Blade:  N o ! ! ! ! !

(FANS SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

 Bishop:      R












                 M            !              !              !

(Even the Dawg Pound *! screams!* as they watch Medusa Rage powerslam her off the top turnbuckle!!!!)

Blade: OH my God! Ring the bell! Tiger is down!

Bishop: The ref counting? Charlotte charging the ring, and she wants this match stopped! The ref threatening maybe, say something loud and belligerent…oh my!

Mutt: Medusa on the floor, clutching her knee…and Tiger hasn’t moved.

Bishop: Oh my God! The ref is NOT stopping this one. OH no!

Mutt: And he forces Charlotte to the outside. I think if Charlotte stays away, we have a double count out. She may have undermined her own attempts to stop this.

(The Dawg Pound barks as Medusa Rage rolls Lady Tiger into the ring.)

Bishop: Lady Tiger hasn’t moved! Medusa pointing at the Dawg Pound as she picks up Tiger’s limp body….oh no!

Mutt: Medusa, you’ve come back to me!….Thank you.

Blade: (groaning) Oh no! Tiger….oh no.

Bishop: Charlotte La Mancha running back into the ring as….

Mutt: Medusa with a Waistlock pick up, and raises Lady Tiger up high into the air………….


Ref: …………………………………………………….1









(Hardcores cheer as Medusa Rage gets up from the canvas.)

Spud: Ladies and Gentlemen, at 13 minutes flat, your winner via pinfall and gaining 20 points in the Ironwoman Square Dance tournament…

(The Dawg Pound is bowing before the winner and chants: ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa!)


Bishop: Medusa looking down at Lady Tiger, and is in shock. Medusa calling on the ref to check on her, and Charlotte running to the back for a stretcher. OH no!

Mutt: Medusa got her competitive juices going. I can’t believe what we just saw. Tiger is NOT moving. She has not moved for a while…Medusa Rage countering the Longbow Frankensteiner by grabbing the top ring ropes beside her. And using that great strength of hers, running up to the top, but I never would have thought.

Blade: Oh my God! The stretcher is down here with paramedics, and they undoing the ring ropes. The medic is checking on Tiger, and she isn’t even conscious.

Bishop: Medusa struck, and struck hard. Medusa looks incredibly concerned. I don’t think Medusa did this maliciously. It was just instinct taking over.

(Fans all screaming as a gurney is slid under Lady Tiger, and she is dragged out of the ring ever so carefully.)

Blade: Medusa talking things over with Charlotte, and both women heading to the back with the medics. Oh no!

(The arena is quiet as Lady Tiger is carried out of the arena.)

Bishop: Oh my. How do we move on from here…oh my.

Mutt: Let’s go to a clip or something. Do we have a clip? Here we go with Big Ma Porter and some words for Medusa Rage….

Big Ma Porter

(Fade in on an exterior shot of Toronto’s CN Tower. The shot    starts at the tower’s massive base and pans up to an almost 90    degree angle to see the top. Cross-fade to a shot of Ma Porter    and Tony Angelo, dressed in civvies, on the inside. The camera    follows them as they walk past a huge line for the elevator,    shove their way in front, just as the elevator doors open.    They board the elevator and Ma blocks the entrance with her    massive frame. As the doors close, she says “See you at the top,    chumps!” to a shocked crowd. Cross-fade to a shot of Ma standing    on a glass floor with the SkyDome far below her. She grabs a    hapless tour guide by his lapels)      Ma: Hey pinhead! Are youse sure this floor’ll hold? I sure as    hell ain’t no lightweight!      Guide: The glass floor can hold up to 3 African elephants.     

Ma: (Releasing him) Well, that’s good. (Chuckles) Wouldn’t want    to land on Roger Clemens or nuthin’.   (pause)   Well, GDWA’s fixture, Ma Porter, has decided to return to a    fixture of Toronto ta say a few woids about my partners-in-crime.    Ain’t all a youse lucky? Foist of all, that Survivor Series match    made a lotta things clear ta me. Yukon Jane, I can’t find any    fault wit’ your performance and I got a reputation as a pretty    harsh judge. Sally McClane. What can I say? I’m so glad we were    able ta get past all the name-callin’ and bickerin’. Ya know,    McClane, you ain’t so bad. ‘Bout time ya realized OC is where    it’s at, and ditched the crappy Syndicate. McClane, if you was my    daughter, I’d be proud of youse. Nikita, dahling, once again    youse have made me proud. Daisy goddam Butterfly could never cut    it against youse. Finally, we get ta Medusa. You backstabbing,    scummy piece of gutter trash. I am personally gonna see to it    that you regret startin’ up with me. I can’t even think why you’d    want ta double-cross me. I’m sure it’s jealousy. I outclass youse    at every turn. I can outwrestle you, I can out-think you. You    ain’t fit ta carry my spit bucket. Bring your whole nauseating    family wherever ya go, Rage, cause when I get my hands on you, I’m    gonna mess up that ugly dreadlocked head of yours and squash you like    the bug you are. Get this straight. Toronto is my town! No room for a    snake like you. I own you just like I own Toronto. And anybody who    thinks otherwise might just be ripe for a gangland execution,    Organized Crime-style!!!

(Fade out)

Mutt: Big Ma is up next against the Yukon Jane. And I gotta say I’m looking forward to it. 2 of my favorites squaring off.

Bishop: I hope Lady Tiger is alright.

Mutt: Stop crying about Lady Tiger, she’ll be fine!

Blade: Tiger is a tough little warrior. Don’t worry too much Allen.

Bishop: Well, how do you two look at this match up? A bodyslam match between two heavyweights.

Mutt: Porter is the biggest woman in Grand Dragon. She definitely can match power with Jane, and it may be the first time Jane has ever been overpowered by an opponent.

Blade: Jane needs to utilize the uncanny attributes of hers. That speed and daring. If it is a power game, she falls right into Porter’s hands.

Mutt: And I’d add that this is JANE’S match in her country. The pressure is all on her. Porter is a veteran and her talents are really going unexploited as part of an undercard. She’s a main event caliber wrestler.

Bishop: With that said, let’s go to the ring.

Body Slam Challenge: Yukon Jane vs. Big Ma Porter

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is scheduled for one fall with a 20 minute time limit! It has a special match stipulation that pinfall is only obtainable by bodyslamming your opponent!

(Fans begin cheering as “Bad Moon Risin” blares through the speakers!)

Spud: First, hailing from the Yukon!!!

(Crowd cheers!)

Spud: Accompanied to the ring by her manager “Ranger” Robin…she is 6 feet tall, weighing in at 175 pounds…here is Yukon Jane!!!

(Crowd cheers Jane and Robin head through the ring curtain carrying a table. Jane heads down the aisle wearing blue one piece with the words CANADA written on her pants leg.)

Bishop: This home town crowd really loving Jane. These Canadians are loyal to their countrywomen and men…I should know.

Mutt: You damn Canadians think you know a thing or two about wrestling? Ha!…anyway, Jane positioning the table near ringside, and she has some definite plans for big Ma.

Bishop: Jane in the ring now and Robin on the ring apron offering words of advice. This is gonna be a heck of a match…

Blade: And this could make Jane’s career. Jane is a new comer to Grand Dragon, and a victory over the legendary Ma Porter might catapult her into title contention.

Spud: And her opponent….

(FANS ALL BOO as they hear “I Shot the Sheriff” by Bob Marley!)

Spud: First, led down the aisle by her manager Tony Angelo…representing Organized Crime!

(Continuous boos as Ma Porter comes through the ring curtain, and puts her hands on her hips, just chuckling to herself.)

Spud:  From Queens, New York! She is 6 feet tall, Weighing 225 pounds, here is….Big Ma Porter!!!

(Ma Porter swipes away at hands as she heads down the aisle. Porter is wearing a green and white one piece with the flag of Italy on her hip.)

Blade: Big Ma has her swagger on tonight. Porter is taking on a young lady who has got to have the nerves right now.

Blade: Porter staying outside of the ring, and listen to these fans.


Bishop: Ma Porter with a dead woman’s stare as she enters the ring.  The laughing is over. Porter in the far corner, and rolling her neck around her shoulders.

Mutt: Jane is mouthing off already. I don’t think she’s intimidated.

Blade: These fans cheering on Jane, and Ma Porter stepping through the ropes and saying something in Italian…

(Fans all boo as Ma Porter flips off the crowd.)  Bishop: Yukon Jane nearing Porter, ready to tie up…and Porter exiting the ring. Porter on the ring apron, and the ref having to hold Jane back.  (Fans all jeer as Ma Porter cups her ear and howls.)

Bishop: And here comes Yukon Jane!!!!

(Fans pop as Jane shoves Porter off of the ring apron.)


Bishop: Porter on the floor, and now backing off from the ring. Porter chuckling a little as she converses with Tony Angelo.

Mutt: Porter is calling Jane’s bluff. Porter walking around ringside, and Jane wants her in the ring…hey you know, falls count anywhere.  Porter doesn’t even have to wrestle this inside the ring.

Bishop: The ref backing off Jane, and Porter entering the ring. And here we go. Jane locking up with Porter, and Porter bullying Jane up against the ropes. Porter with the size advantage as she backs Jane up into the far ropes. The ref wants a break and….

Blade: Porter with a hard forearm shot to the chest! And another!

Mutt: ….but Jane fighting back with HARD right hands rocking Big Ma! Porter is dazed as Jane nails away with incredible rock solid fists! Now a boot to the midsection, and JANE GOING FOR A SCOOP…..

(Fans pop in anticipation!!!)

Bishop: ….and Porter grabbing Jane’s leg. Jane driving hard forearms to the lower back of Porter, and Porter WITH A BACK BODY DROP!

Mutt: Jane quick to her feet and Porter backing off. Jane with a boot to the midsection, and now nailing away with European Uppercuts. Porter hasn’t felt anything like this since wrestling Zaranna last year at the Fall Moonsault ’96.

Blade: Porter slumped up against the ropes. Jane is pounding into the Mafioso of the GDWA. Now a Side Headlock, and Porter pushing her off into the far ropes.

Bishop: Jane bouncing off and Porter with a Shoulder Tackle…

(Fans cheering as Yukon Jane stays on her feet.)

Blade: Porter with a smile as she runs for the side ropes. Porter bouncing off and Jane charging her….GIANT LARIAT!!!!

(Huge crowd pop as Ma Porter falls to the canvas.)

Mutt: Jane is just so quick, my lord!

(Fans cheering as Jane picks up Porter.)

Bishop: Jane firing away with jabs to the midsection, and now a Euro- Uppercut knocking Porter into the ropes. And now Jane with a head of steam….AND PORTER WITH A BOOT THE HEAD. Oh my!

Blade: Jane backpedaling and Porter with a head of steam…and Jane ducking the Clothesline. Now Porter running for the far ropes as Jane runs for the near ropes.

Bishop: Both women off the ropes and PORTER WITH A FLYING CLOTHESLINE!!!

(Fans boo as Ma Porter gets up to her knees.)

Mutt: This tempo is Yukon Jane’s. Porter is nowhere near as quick as Jane, but Porter out smarting Jane. Porter kneeling over Jane and nailing away with wild right hands!

Bishop: Porter with a choke, and the ref warning her. This is gonna get very physical tonight. Porter with a pick up, and now a BIG KNEE to the midsection! Jane doubles over….and now a Headbutt!!!

(Dawg Pound cheering as Ma Porter Irish Whips Jane to the ropes.)

Blade: Ma Porter measuring Jane as she comes flying off the ropes and… Jane with a Clothesline…no! Porter with a Belly to Belly Suplex!!!

(Fans boo as Yukon Jane hits the canvas.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 20 minute time limit. 15 remaining.

Blade: Porter getting to her feet, and now a Stand Legdrop…missed!

(Fans cheering!)

Bishop: Porter shaking it off as Jane rolls out of reach. Now both women back up to a vertical base, and Porter rushing Jane…and Yukon Jane with a rake to the eyes, and now a European Uppercut!

Mutt: Porter in trouble, but holds on with a Collar and Elbow tie up.  Porter muscling her into the corner, and this is a tough match for Porter. She’s not used to dishing out more than usual amount of damage. Jane is the first real heavyweight she’s faced in a long time.

Blade: Jane trying to break free, and Porter is being warned by the ref to break. Porter breaking & nailing away with a right hand…BLOCKED!

(Fans pop as Yukon Jane nails away with hard right hands.)

Bishop: Porter is dazed as Jane switches over to European Uppercuts. Now Jane with a handful of hair, and rams Porter’s head into the near corner. Tonya Angelo calling for Porter. He’s worried.

(Fans chanting: 1……2…..3……..4…..5……6….7…8..9…10)

Blade:  Porter leaning up against the ropes, and Jane Irish Whipping the 200+ pounder to the FAR CORNER AND PORTER HITS HARD!

Bishop: Jane with a full head of steam &…MA PORTER WITH A PORTERLINE!

(Only the Dawg Pound cheers as Yukon Jane’s head bounces off the mat.)

Mutt: Oh my!! You talk about a BIG HIT!

(Dawg Pound is still cheering as Ma Porter leans against the near ropes to brace herself.)

Mutt:  Porter hit Jane at full speed. That Porterline is a clubbing Lariat unparalleled in the sport. She used Jane’s speed against her.  Porter has always been one of the smartest women in wrestling.

Blade: Porter with a pick up and a Waistlock. She walks Jane into the near corner, and rams her shoulder into the Jane’s midsection! Porter backing away, and drives another shoulder into the midsection!

Bishop: Jane is doubled over, and now Porter with a handful of hair and a HEADBUTT! Jane is dazed, and Porter with another Headbutt.

(Fans all booing as Ma Porter hoists Jane up on the top turnbuckle.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5 remaining.  Bishop: Oh boy, Porter climbing up the turnbuckles, and Jane is dazed. Porter trying to get a frontface lock, but Jane firing away with a hard right hand!….and another!….and another!

(Fans chanting: YU-KON! YU-KON! YU-KON! YU-KON! YU-KON! YU-KON! )

Bishop: Ma Porter losing her balance, and falling back to the mat. Jane rising to her feet, and turning around. Jane BACKLIPPING OFF THE TOP…


Blade: and misses the Moonsault! Porter easily rolling out of the way.

(Fans all booing as Ma Porter sits up, and points to her head.)

Mutt: Big Ma is getting outwrestled, yet she’s dominating this match up. Jane clutching her ribs as Porter gets up to her knees. Porter just too intelligent for this buffoon.

Bishop: Porter with a frontface lock and a handful of tights…oh my. Ma Porter…HOISTS JANE UP INTO THE AIR……VERTICAL SUPLEX!!!

(Fans boo as Yukon Jane spits up into the air as she hits the mat!)

Spud: 15 minutes have gone by in the 20 minute time limit. 5 left. 5 minutes remaining.

Bishop: Porter back up to her feet, and with a pick up now. She Irish Whips Jane to the far ropes, and Jane bounces off…DUCKING the Lariat. Jane running for the far side as Porter runs after her….

Blade: And Jane with a Flying shoulder Tackle!

(Fans cheer as Jane picks up Porter.)

Bishop: Jane Irish Whipping Porter into the near ropes. Porter hitting the ropes as Jane jumps up and….*misses* the Frankensteiner!

Mutt: Porter held onto the ropes. Jane just too big and clumsy to pull that off on a wrestler as mature and savvy as Porter. Porter now capitalizing as she applies a Double Leg Pick up, and FLIPS YUKON JANE OVER FOR A BOSTON CRAB!

(The Dawg Pound shoots out of their seats cheering as Porter looks out to Tony Angelo, smiling!)

Bishop: Jane so strong, not giving an inch. Not giving at all. She’s cringing as Porter sinks into the hold…oh my!

(Fans all cheering as Ranger Robin grabs a chair.)

Mutt: OH yeah! Robin entering the ring, and Angelo waving to the back. Robin sneaking up on Porter…and nails her with a chair shot! Porter releasing, and Robin with *another* chairshot!

(MAJOR boos as Nikita Marx rushes down the aisle.)

Mutt: Here comes the cavalry. Marx sliding into the ring, and nails Robin with a Double Axe Handle from behind and….

(Fans cheer as an Asian woman in jeans & a tank top runs down the aisle.)

Bishop: Porter and Marx stomping away on Yukon Jane and…Who is this? ‘Burning Cherry Blossom’ Rekka Sakura!

(Fans pop as she hits the ring.)

Blade: Rekka sliding into the ring, and nailing away with punches to Nikita Marx. Nikita nailing away with Elbow Smashes, and Rekka tackling Nikita to the mat. And here comes Porter. Porter stomping away on Rekka and….

(General fans & Hardcores pop hard as Radhi Ananda sprints down the aisle.)

Blade: Radhi Ananda! The native of Bombay, India storming the ring, and NAILING AWAY ON YUKON JANE! JANE UP TO HER KNESS, AND RADHI IS POUNDING AWAY!

Mutt: These girls are nuts!

Bishop: Porter slapping on a Full Nelson on Rekka, and Nikita nailing away with jabs. Jungle turning around…hesitating…and Radhi with a head of steam….DROPKICK TO THE BACK OF PORTER’S HEAD!!!!

(Major pop as Rekka and Porter hit the mat!)


(Fans pop!)

Bishop: The ref warning Radhi….AND JUNGLE TOSSES HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE.

(BIG POP as the ref hits the ring floor.)

Mutt: Jane on the mat, as….

(Fans boo as a woman in a black and white ninja suit sprints down the aisle and enters the ring.)

Bishop: Miko Azai! The Tokyo Thriller Miko Azai hitting the ring, and nailing away on Radhi Ananda. OH my.

Mutt: This might as well be the Western Heritage Royal Rumble.

(MAJOR pop as Radhi Ananda nails away with punches.)

Blade: Miko Azai with Karate Chops to the chest of Jungle, and Jungle backed into the near corner. Miko nailing away again, and Jungle is stunned. Miko now, with a pick up and planting Jungle on the top ring rope.

Mutt: Meanwhile, Rekka up on one knee as Nikita moves in on her and…

(Fans pop as Ranger Robin nails Nikita Marx with a chairshot.)

Blade: Robin rolling back to the outside, and now attempting to rile up the referee. Hold on! Miko Azai climbing up the turnbuckles, and she slaps on a Frontface lock. She’s going for that Superplex of hers. Miko with a handful of tights and…Jungle blocking.

(Fans cheer!)

Bishop: Miko climbing up to the top rope for leverage, and she hoists Jungle again, and Jungle with another block…hold on! Jungle with a handful of tights of her own…

Mutt: She’s stronger than Miko Azai you know. Hey, if she….

Blade: Jungle hoisting up Miko Azai and SUPERPLEXES HER TO THE….


Rougeau: OH my God!!!!!!!!

(BIGGGEST POP OF THE NIGHT!!!! Camera men scramble and GDWA technicians scramble as Radhi and Miko come crashing between Sam Mutt and Allen Bishop on the floor.)

Rougeau: OH my God!!!!!!!!


Rougeau: It almost serves the Americans right. All the times they’ve abused the Mexican announcer’s.

De Lucas: But Allen is Canadian, he didn’t deserve it…fans, if you are getting this in the states and are just joining us, the American broadcast team is…unable to broadcast at the moment. As you can see, they will have to relocate.

Rougeau: Back to the action, Big Ma Porter took that Dropkick pretty good to the back of the head. She’s just now getting to her feet. Goodness, she’s dazed.

De Lucas: Well, it doesn’t help that Robin chairshot Porter in the back of the head. Rekka Sakura with a little history with Nikita Marx since the Survivor Series card in Seattle, Washington and…Hold on! Rekka up to her feet, and nailing away at Nikita with hard right hands.

Rougeau: And Nikita firing back. Nikita much bigger than Rekka, Rekka will not back off though. Rekka with a boot to the midsection…and Nikita with a rake to the eyes, and now an Elbow smash to the head.

(Fans boo as Rekka Sakura hits the mat.)

De Lucas: Now Nikita stomping away on Rekka and….


(MAJOR POP as Nikita Marx twirls around in the air before crashing to the canvas.)

De Lucas: Yukon Jane stomping away on Nikita Marx, and Rekka Sakura up to her feet…hold on! Ma Porter heading over to Rekka, and nailing her with a Headbutt to the back of the head…zounds!

Rougeau: Porter easily Military Pressing Rekka Sakura, running for the near ropes and…

(Hardcores E^R^U^P^T!!!!!!!!!! )


(Dawg Pound salutes as Ma Porter launches a lugey in Reka’s direction.)

Rougeau: How vulgar!

De Lucas: Jane with a pick up, and Irish Whipping Nikita Marx….RIGHT INTO BIG MA PORTER!!!!

(Fans POP as both women fall to the mat.)

Rougeau: Ranger Robin tossing Yukon Jane the steel chair. This chaos…

De Lucas: Jane climbing up the turnbuckles in the near corner. Porter slow to her feet, and now we have a foot race. Jane up top as Porter charges and….



De Lucas: That Russian Nikita Marx slow to her feet and….

Rougeau: Jane SMASHES her over the top rope with the steel chair!!!

(Fans all cheering as Yukon Jane cockily swaggers over to Ma Porter.)

De Lucas: Jane with a pick up, and scoops up Ma Porter!!!!!

(Fans all screaming as Yukon Jane walks around the ring with her.)

Rougeau: Jane with a head of steam……………P O W E R S L A M!!!!!

De Lucas: And here come those damn Suicide Blondes. Monroe hitting the ring, and Yukon Jane with a Clothesline! Ross hitting the ring, and Jane with a Clothesline! The Canadian hero has cleared the ring!!!

(Fans all cheering: YU-KON! YU-KON! YU-KON! YU-KON! YU-KON! )

Rougeau: Jane is just livid!!! And….

(Fans boo as Ma Porter clips the leg from behind.)

De Lucas: Porter with a single leg pick up, and a Legdrop! That dirty American Dog up again, and ANOTHER Legdrop! Now Porter up to her feet, and slaps Jane’s head between her legs…oh my lord.

(Fans scream as Ma Porter slaps on a Waistlock…)

Rougeau: POWERBOMB!!!!!!

(Thunderous boos as Yukon Jane is laid out on the canvas.)

De Lucas: Another referee is running down the aisle, and Ma Porter arrogantly picking up Jane, and scooping her up….MILITARY PRESSING THE 175 POUND YUKON JANE….


(Fans gasp in awe as Ma Porter walks around with Jane.)


(Thunderous boos as Ma Porter points down at Yukon Jane.)

Rougeau: Porter backing into the near ropes, bouncing off….


(Fans all booing as the ref calls for the bell.)


Rougeau: That’s it! That damn….

De Lucas: GDWA officials are clearing out ringside as Ma Porter stands over Yukon Jane. Nikita Marx is down on the floor applauding. The Blondes are in a feisty mood, but they are steering clear of Jane.

Rougeau: The cowards.

(Fans still booing as the ref forces Ma Porter out of the ring.)

Rougeau: He’s calling for Spud McKenzie, here’s the call.

Spud: Wrestling fans, the time had expired, but the match continued with no official to rule over. So, at 35 minutes and 16 seconds, the winner of this bout….YUKON JANE!

(FANS POP as “Bad Moon Risin'” Blasts through the speakers.)

De Lucas: Yes!

Rougeau: Ma Porter is livid. She was completely dominated from the opening bell, yet Porter feels like she should have been victorious.

(Fans still cheering as Organized Crime leaves ringside. Jane smiles as the referee raises her hand in victory.)

De Lucas: Well, Porter is an arrogant sort, ever since breaking into the sport.

Bishop: Are we….are we on?

Rougeau: Allen, good to have you back.

Bishop: Yes, we have set up a broadcast booth near the ring entrance. Misty, Barbara, thank you for taking care of our American audience.

De Lucas: Not a problem. You are very welcome.

Rougeau: Think nothing of it.

Bishop: Fans, we were totally unprepared for that pier 6 brawl as you saw. My lord….

Blade: Porter losing even though she dominated the entire bout. And the ironic thing is that the hardcore aspect of this bout is what earned Jane the win.

Mutt: Yeah, Jane was completely dominated from the opening bell, yet somehow she’s victorious. Hey, wasn’t it funny when ya saw Rekka Sakura flying through the air with the greatest of ease?

Bishop: Enough Sam. I’m in no mood for jokes. My lip is busted and I have a bruises on my leg from the monitor.

Blade: I got lucky I suppose.

Bishop: Porter with the win, oh boy. Let’s move on to the next House of Styles. There’s a tad bit of disarray at ringside.

House of Styles: Burning Rain

[Fans are still cheering as MISTER Furious Styles pops his head through the ring curtain. “Boogie Wonderland” by Earth Wind and Fire blasts through the p.a. as Styles struts out wearing a white silk suit, top hat, sunglasses, red shoes and a red handkerchief sticking out of his suit pocket.]

Styles: Yeeeeeeeeeeah, boy! You just can’t get rid of me Canada!

(Fans still cheering as MISTER Styles enters the ring.)

Styles: This is a treat for all of you who purchased this on pay per view or are seeing this live. The HOUSE of STYLES will be going on hiatus for a while, and this is your last chance to get a good look at my fine self! Now…..

(Styles prances around the ring and twirls his mic in his hand.)

Styles: My guests at this time have not won any matches for some time, but they nearly had the distinction of being the only team in GDWA history to get a world title shot by LOSING a qualifying match. Now they apparently can’t stand each other, but that’s fine, I can’t stand them either. Ladies and Gentlemen, Burning Rain!

[Some cheers from the crowd as a younger Hispanic woman walks out, wearing a black sweat suit with fiery letters that spell out ‘Burning Rain’. Much to Maria’s obvious annoyance, the cheers grow louder as a large, powerfully built Japanese woman followers her out, wearing a matching sweat suit, her short curly hair dyed green.]

Styles: So, what’s the deal? You going to break up, or make us all even happier and beat each other up in the ring?


[Pop from the crowd as Styles backs away in surprise]

Gojira: At least we agree on something, Maria. But where the hell have you been lately? Missing training sessions. Missing interviews. We’re supposed to be a team.

Maria: So quit treating me like a kid! You’re not my mom and I’m way too old for a baby sitter! Team means we’re equals, but you always want to be the one in charge!

[Gojira’s eyes narrow and she starts to look angry as Maria pokes her finger into the big woman’s chest.]

Maria: Interview at 10! Training at 6 every morning! You lay out everything like we are still rookies in Japan, but we’re not and I’m not taking it anymore! I need to get some time to play now and then. To go out and have fun.

Gojira: When we get into the ring, we’re facing teams like the Hyena Queens and the Misfits. If we are anything less than 100% prepared, we may as well not even be out there because we’ll lose. We owe it to our fans and to ourselves to do our best.

Maria: And I won’t do MY best burned out after days of nothing but training. Come on, I’m not saying let me slack off, just trust me a little more.

[Gojira puts her hands on her hips, glaring down at the smaller woman.]

Gojira: Ok, you’ve had your say, now I get mine. I need a partner I can rely on totally. We go out there against some dangerous people I need to know my partner will always be there to watch my back. I’ve been treating you like a child because you ACT like a child. You have been ducking responsibility, skipping training, just like a kid. You want to be treated like an adult, then ACT like one! Show up for matches and training. Be ready for interviews. I tell you what.  Let’s give this another try. I promise to relax a little and not be so controlling. You promise to be responsible about your training and our matches. But you better be sure this is what you want when you agree because if you let us down there’ll be hell to pay.

[Gojira sticks out her hand, watching Maria.]

Maria: RELAX…relax…all I’ve ever wanted is a chance. This is just as important to me as it is to you, and I’m sure we have what it takes to win the GDWA titles, as long as we stick together.

[Maria shakes Gojira’s hand as Styles looks on with a disgusted look on his face.]

Styles (Sarcastically): Oh, isn’t this sweet. I mean…


[Maria and Gojira grins at each other then turn to the fans, raising each other’s hands as the fans cheer.]

Styles: Yeah, we’ll see how long that lasts. Sam, Sonya and Allen, back to ya’ll. I’m done for the night!

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit! It is the 3rd of 6 Ironwoman Square Dance matches…

(Fans cheer as Charlotte La Mancha comes running down the aisle.)

Bishop: Charlotte in the ring, and I don’t think this is good news in regards to Lady Tiger.

Mutt: Not at all. Too bad, cause I would have enjoyed watching Andrea Chandler destroy her with the Dividend.

Blade: Hold on, here comes Spud.

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next match up was to feature Lady Tiger against Andrea Chandler. Because of injuries incurred during an earlier match up, Ms. Tiger will be unable to compete. By default, your winner, earning 20 points, is….’Ritch Bitch’ Andrea Chandler!

(Fans all boo while Charlotte La Mancha leaves ringside.)

Blade: Those injuries must be pretty serious if Tiger can’t tough them out.

Bishop: I don’t know I….hey! What’s going on? Mike Whalen you…what? GO_GO_GO!

(The camera zooms over to Mike Whalen racing around the arena. He’s panting as he tells the camera man to run up ahead, past him.)

(Camera cuts back to the locker-room, where members of Organized Crime are beating on “Fire Angel” Maria Uriquidez! Ma Porter, Tony Angelo and Uncle Bob laugh as they hold back security, forming a semi-circle where Nikita Marx and Taylor Monroe beat on Maria. Blood covers her face, Nikita’s chain wrapped around her knees as the duo stomp mercilessly on her legs. Baby Jane Ross paces around in the circle, microphone in hand…)

Baby Jane Ross: How’s that, pretty girl? Huh? How you doing, pretty baby?!

(Ross kicks Maria in the back of the head as she feebly tries to protect herself. Monroe tightens the chains as Nikita stomps on Maria’s knee, Ma Porter laughing loudly as Maria shrieks in pain!)

Baby Jane Ross: (inches from Maria’s face) Your fat friend might want you back, but we want NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU!! You, girlfriend, are gone like Ricky Valen’s frequent flyer miles! Arriba, sweetie!

(The ‘Blondes do a mock Mexican Hat Dance around Maria, stomping and kicking her as they dance. Porter, Angelo and Uncle Bob all clap along in rhythm as Nikita continues to attack Maria’s knees)

Baby Jane Ross: You know what, amigo? I wish Godzilla was here right now, or that garden snake Medusa Rage…

(A loud yell is heard in the back, followed by a thrown garbage can slamming into the security behind Organized Crime! The camera focuses in on a rushing, angry Gojira Takeshma; Organized Crime scattering before Gojira can get to them)

Bishop: That damn Organized Crime! Someone has got to stop these stables. Medusa Rage, if you, with the help of Daisy Butterfly and Double O can do it, be my guest!

Mutt: Ha! So much for Burning Rain.

Blade: We’ll see about that! Tony Angelo and Uncle Bob of Organized Crime are so devious.

Bishop: Before we go back to Spud, we have comments from Medusa Rage…

Medusa Rage

[Fade in:

Medusa Rage holds Serpentine’s head up to the camera. The python’s head fills the screen, its tongue flickering at the fans. As the camera pulls back Melanda Hartley is shown completely embraced by the snake. She is stiff, terrified as Medusa brings the snake’s face to her lips.]

Melanda: (voice shaking) Medusa, you’re facing the GDWA World Champion now. What does this match … mean … to you?

Medusa: (leaning on Melanda’s shoulder) What do you think it means?  Officer Order is the champion.  I beat her. I get a championship match. I’ve beaten her once. You think I can’t beat her twice? This goes back all the way to Madison Square Gardens when she embarrassed me in front of all my fans and my friends in the city. I can’t let that pass. That’s what this business is. All of us are strong, determined women and none of us are pushovers. But if you get a score on me well I owe it to myself to go out there and even it. And even it I will.  Promise. May Order, check your calendar, this is the year of the Snake.

[Medusa moves to leave for the ring as her entrance music begins.]

Melanda: Uh … dusa … Medusa … Ms. Rage? Haven’t you forgotten something?

Medusa: [She laughs as she unwinds Serpentine and wraps her around her shoulders.] She just wanted to give you a hug.

[Medusa disappears leaving a visibly shaken Melanda.]

Melanda: She’s crazy. Somebody’s got to take that snake away from her.

Medusa Rage vs. Officer Order

Spud: Our next contest is the 4th of 6 Ironwoman Square Dance match ups. It is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit.

(Mixed cheers as ‘Symphony 9: From the New World, 3rd Movement’ plays!)

Spud: First, Given birth in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, given spirit in New York, New York and given soul in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada…


Spud: She is 6 feet tall, weighing in at 160 pounds, here is…. MEDUSA RAGE!

[Dvorak’s “Symphony 9: From the New World, 3rd Movement” gets the crowd popping as Medusa marches through the curtains, striding purposefully towards the ring.  Serpentine is draped around her shoulders and she trails a long cape of purple kente cloth behind her. Her head is wrapped in a high purple turban gale. She wears her standard black cat suit and boots, her arms are oiled and shine in the light, reflecting every ripple of muscle as she approaches the ring. She sheds her ring gear outside the squared circle then steps over the top rope into the ring. Her locks are loose, the faintest hint of the closely-shaven sides showing through the shoulder-length locks.]

Bishop: In her one and only meeting with May Order, Order earns the win in front of a shocked Madison Square Garden Crowd.

Mutt: And she’s in a different home of sorts. Medusa with so much to prove, she’s always had big chips on her shoulder. I don’t know if either one of these ladies really impress me though. Medusa, sure, she devastated Lady Tiger, but can she do this to the WORLD CHAMPION?

Blade: Well, you can say that Double O beat Tiger, but it was really Tiger who put it all on the line against Order. Both women enter this with 20 points, a win could catapult them in an ideal situation.


(ALL FANS CHEER as they hear ‘Bad Boys’ by Inner Circle.)

Spud: Accompanied to the ring by her partner, by her manager Martial Law! From San Francisco, California! She is 5 feet tall, weighing 120 pounds! She is the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION….


Spud: ‘Double O’ Officer May Order!!!!!!!

(Fans continue to cheer as Double O heads down the aisle. She slaps hands with the fans as Martial Law looks about ringside cautiously.  Officer Order enters the ring wearing a Black SWAT jumpsuit, Spit Shined Combat Boots, and a black “SFPD” baseball cap. The GDWA World Title shines prominently over her shoulder.)

Bishop: Double O always seems to tie with Daisy Butterfly as the most popular superstar in Women’s sports today. The World Champ had earned the respect of the entire industry…

Mutt: And tonight, she can make her place in the books if she can win the Ironwoman tournament.

Bishop: The ref going over the rules for both…and there’s the bell!


Bishop: There’s the bell, and Medusa has backed into the far corner. Medusa trying to make Order come to her. Medusa egging her on, and the World Champ rather slow.

Blade: Both women with so much to lose. They both have 20 points coming in. The winner would stand a great chance in this tourney.

Mutt: Order moving in, cautiously…tapping hands with Medusa. And now Double O backing off…

(Fans cheer as May Order smiles at Medusa.)

Mutt: You know, there’s a lot of animosity between these two. Order defeating Medusa in the Garden didn’t sit well with the snake…and May doesn’t trust this sudden shift in attitude of Ms. Rage.

Blade: Medusa moving into the center of the ring…and now a tie up… AND MEDUDSA RAGE SHOVES HER TO THE MAT!

(Fans cheer as Office Order roles into the ropes.)

Bishop: Martial Law with some words of advice, and now she’s back to her feet. Another Collar and Elbow, and Order with an Armdrag! ‘Dusa up to her feet, slapping her arm, and a high knee to the midsection!

(Fans cheer as Order hits the mat.)

Mutt: Order with a quick Kip Up and Medusa with a European Uppercut… ducked! And Order reaching up and connecting with Karate Chops! There’s a 1 foot height difference between the two….

Blade: And Medusa resisting the instinct to move away, and she drives into Order and rakes the eyes. Medusa now with a Snap mare take over and a Chinlock.

Bishop: Order fidgeting on the mat. This is *not* Daisy Butterfly who has all the technical ability in the world. But Order does have some limited skills. Order slipping around and slapping on a Side Headlock!

(Fans cheering!)

Bishop: Medusa so big, so strong, working her way up to her feet… and slaps on a Waistlock for a Waistlock Suplex!

(The Dawg Pond cheers as Medusa jumps up to her feet.)

Mutt: Medusa with a quick pick up and slaps on a side headlock. ‘Dusa with a quick turn around and connects with a Neckbreaker!!!

Ref: 1………………………………..2……….kick out!

Bishop: Both women back up and Medusa with a European Uppercut! And Order nearly taken off of her feet as Medusa connects with another. Order backing into the ropes, and now Medusa Whipping her to the side corner….

Mutt: AND CRASHING HARD! Order stumbling out and….

Blade: Medusa Rage with a Running Bulldog Lariat!!!

(Mixed cheers as Officer Order clutches her neck.)

Mutt: This match means a whole lot to every GDWA Big 5th contender. A win guarantees you a World title shot. If Medusa gets a win here, she is promised a World title shot in 30 days by the GDWA championship committee.

Bishop: Medusa with a Side Headlock now, and notice Double O is not immediately into the ropes. A weakness on the part of the champ.

Mutt: And notice the tempo of this match is much slower. Rage is dictating the do’s and don’ts of this match up.

Blade: Medusa tightening the headlock, and the champ waving away the referee. Order getting up to her feet wearily under so much power… JUMPING UP TO THE SECOND ROPE AND BACKFLIPPING OFF…

(Fans all pop as Order lands on her feet & Medusa Rage turns around…)

Bishop: And a Karate Kick to the head! Medusa staggers and Order with a Leg Sweep. Medusa rolling into the ropes, and the World Champ with a Single leg pick up and dragging her toward the middle of the ring…

(Fans all cheering!!!!)

Bishop:  Double O still with that left leg…and now driving stiff kicks to the back of Medusa! Medusa twirling around, and now Order giving up the leg for the left arm and a Wristlock.

(Fans begin chants of: ORDER! ORDER! ORDER! ORDER!)

Blade: Medusa reversing out of it, and now driving her shoulder into Order’s chest! Order nearly crumbling as Medusa powers into the 5 foot 120 pound San Franciscan. Order feeling the pain so to speak.

Bishop: Medusa using that height and weight advantage as she slaps on a frontface lock. Order slapping Medusa’s back, trying to maintain circulation.

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

Bishop: Order digging deep to get out of it, and Medusa really has it locked in. Now Rage with BIG FOREARM SHOTS to Order’s lower back!  Double O dropping to her knees, and Medusa with a handful of tights…

 Blade: HOISTS HER UP AND EXECUTES a 180 degree Vertical Suplex!!!!

(The Dawg Pound stands for applause as most fans groan.)

Ref: 1………………………2……………………kick out!

(Fans cheer as Officer Order kicks out.)

Mutt: Medusa with a pick up, and you’ve got to wonder if Order didn’t overlook Rage for Andrea Chandler. It was Chandler Order wanted to prove her worth to tonight.

Bishop: Medusa with European Uppercuts, and Order flying into the corner from the momentum. Order is dazed, and Medusa now with hard boots to the midsection.

Blade: Order slumped in the corner, and Medusa with a pick up and…


Ref: 1…………………………..2……………………no!

(Fans cheer.)

Bishop: Both women up and Double O moving into Medusa and snatching the wrist…and uses leverage for a Judo Flip take over. And now Order holding onto the arm, jumping up, and a Legdrop across the neck!

Ref: 1………………………………..2……………KICK OUT!

Mutt: Order using an inside game to throw Medusa off…and remember, Medusa had little trouble taking out Lady Tiger. Order on the other hand wrestled a hard 15 minutes against Tiger. She’s more winded than ‘Dusa.

Bishop: Order with a pick up, and now a Karate Chop!

(Fans all pop as Medusa shakes her head no.)

Blade: And now Medusa with a hard right hand! Order backing off and Medusa moving in with another right hand. Order slipping through the ropes to the outside, and Medusa waits patiently.

(Fans begin cheering as Order talks things over with Martial Law.)

Blade: This is a mistake on Medusa’s part. You don’t give wrestlers time in a match of this sort. 15 minutes is not a lot of time when you are up against superstars of this caliber. Bad move on Ms. Rage’s part.

Mutt: I totally disagree. Order depends on action and speed. She is more at disadvantage with this slower pace. Give the copper her little time out. Make *her* respond to the amount of time being soaked up.

Bishop: The champ returning to the ring, and Medusa waiting calmly. We are approaching the 10 minute mark, and Order seems oblivious to the time. Both women encircling…and now a tie up.

Blade: But Order allowing Medusa’s weight to push her down and she slides around Rage and applies a Hammerlock. Law slapping the mat as Order nails away with Nerve Strikes to the Trapezius area.

Bishop: The ref asking the question, and Medusa simply saying no. Rage up to her feet, and backing Order into the near corner…

Blade: But Order forward rolling over Medusa’s back, giving up the Hammerlock for a frontface lock….D D T!

(Major pop as Medusa Rage clutches her neck!)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5 remaining.

Bishop: Order with a handful of hair as she lifts Medusa up to her knees….AND DOUBLE O WITH KARATE CHOPS TO THE CHEST! THE WORLD CHAMP EXPLODING INTO MEDUSA RAGE AND RAGE IS HURTING!


Mutt: Order with a pick up and A MULE KICK TO THE HEAD!

(Fans pop as Medusa flies into the corner.)

Bishop: Order with an Irish Whip to the far corner as she picks up a head of steam…AND JUMPS UP FOR A FLYING HEAD SCISSORS OUT OF THE CORNER!!!

(Major pop as Officer Order gets to her feet, and heads for the near corner.)

Bishop: Order up high, all the way to the top as Medusa is slow to her feet. Order jumping off….

(Fans all on cheering…)

Blade: F L Y I N G  S I D E K I C K TO THE H E A D!

(Fans all pop as Order cradles Medusa.)

Ref: ………………………………………………………1 ……………………………………………………………2 …………………………………………………………!

Mutt: Order taking advantage of the sluggish Rage. She seems slower than usual.

Blade: Order with a pick up and an Irish Whip to the far ropes.  Medusa bouncing off and Order with a KARATE CHOP!

(Fans pop as Medusa doubles over.)

Bishop: And now a Scissors Kick to the back of the head!

(Fans pop as Officer Order points out to the arena.)

Mutt: Double O with a Double leg pick up and a forward roll into a pin!

(Fans all cheering as Officer Order bridges for the pin.)

Ref: 1……………………2…………………….no!

(Fans gasp as kicks out.)

Bishop: Order with a pick up, re-positioning herself as she measures Medusa and….

Mutt: MISSES the Enzuiguri Kick! Medusa ducking down, and now clutching her throat as she twirls around….

Blade: But Order with a Leg Sweep! Medusa back up and Order with another Leg Sweep. Medusa not getting up this time and applies a Drop Toe Hold….

Bishop: and Order slapping on a side headlock into a Frontface lock and Medusa slapping the mat in frustration. Order with her back to the ropes as Medusa gets up to her feet…

(Fans scream: WOAH!)

Mutt: Medusa spewed some sort of black goo, and Order ducked!

(Fans pop as Double O fires into Medusa Rage with Karate Chops.)

Bishop: Order now with an Irish Whip to the side ropes as Medusa comes flying off…TOMAHAWK CHOP!!!!

Ref: 1…………………2………………kick out!

Mutt: Medusa with the kick out, and you’ve got to wonder what the hell is going through Medusa’s head. Order had Sachie spew some sort of Japanese poison at her last year at the Moonsault. She was well aware of the possibilities this year.

Bishop: Order with a pick up and a Standing Dropkick!

(Fans all pop as Medusa hits the mat!)

Blade: I’ve never seen Officer Order this upset. Order heading for the near corner, and climbing up the turnbuckles. Medusa quick to her feet, and scrambling for the corner…

(Fans all cheer as Officer Order braces herself on the top turnbuckle.)

Bishop: Order with a flying Headscissors, but can’t take Medusa over. Medusa with a firm hand on the top ring rope. Order sitting up and slapping Medusa in the face.

Blade: The ref wants a break, and Medusa with a Waistlock…..

(Fans all cheering in expectation!!!!!)

Mutt: And Order with a hand on the top ring rope and…


(Fans all cheering as both women hit the floor.)

Bishop: Martial Law slapping the mat for Order to get up, and the ref warning him to stay away.

Spud: 1 minute remaining! 60 seconds left.

(Fans all cheering as both women get up to their feet.)

Ref: ………………………..3……………………………4.

Bishop: Medusa holding her back, and Order with Karate Chops to the chest! Medusa moving in, and nailing away with hard right hands.

Mutt: Medusa trying to position herself to sneak into the ring, but Order still fighting with her.

Ref: ……………………6…………………………….7…

Bishop: Medusa can’t get away. And Order is incensed. Medusa raking the eyes…AND ORDER WITH A WILD KARATE CHOP!

(Fans pop as Order splits Medusa’s lip.)

Ref: …………………………………….8………………..

Blade: Medusa backing off, and running around to another side, and Order with a handful of tights…BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX!

(Fans cheering as Medusa clutches her back!)

Mutt: Medusa can’t believe it. Medusa up to her feet, and Order diving for the ring steps, and Medusa shoving her down to the floor.


Bishop: Medusa Rage cursing at Order, she cost her a win.

Spud: Wrestling Fans, at 14 minutes 35 seconds…as a result of a Count Out, this is a DRAW! Both wrestlers earn 5 points.

(Fans boo as Order and Medusa argue.)

Bishop: Both women now have 25 points. Order shoving Medusa, and Medusa shoving her to the floor!

Blade: Martial Law stepping in, and pulling the World Champ away.

Mutt: Order better watch herself, cause Medusa is a big chick. I always knew she was a coward. Order took the count out on purpose…

Bishop: NO she didn’t!

(Fans pop as Order holds up the World title while walking back to the locker room.)

Bishop: Well, let’s look at the standings. Officer Order pins Lady Tiger in a hard fought match up to earn 20 points. Medusa Rage defeats Lady Tiger and cripples her to earn 20 points. Because of that injury, Andrea Chandler earns 20 points automatically since Tiger can’t compete. Now, we are halfway through the tourney. Who is gonna win this?

Mutt: The woman who wins this tournament will have to contend with Andrea Chandler. Hey, even though Medusa and Order have 25 points, Andrea is a fresh leg. She face wrestlers who’ve competed already.

Blade: Andrea has to be careful though. After that emotional appeal by Lanny Manson and that last match up we have just seen, Order and Medusa are emotionally charged. This could get ugly.

Bishop: Before we get to our next Ironwoman contest fans, let’s listen in on a few GDWA superstars and their predictions of who will be the 1997-98 Ironwoman…

Burning Rain

[Scene opens up showing a busy looking gym, weight lifting equipment, punching bags and a wrestling ring in the background. A large banner above the ring reads ‘Victory Through Pain’. By the heavy bag a younger Japanese girl is practicing karate kicks as an older Japanese woman watches, now and then correcting her, sometimes adding a whack from her rattan cane for emphasis. In the foreground sits a heavy set Japanese woman with short curly green dyed hair. She’s dressed in a black sweat suit with fiery letters spelling out ‘Burning Rain’.]

Gojira: Hello GDWA. Maria and I are taking a little time away from each other to relax, then at Fall Moonsault we’ll be meeting again to work out this lack of communication we’ve had recently. So to relax I’m visiting Japan again, seeing some of my old favorite haunts like Sake Edo’s wrestling school here. Burning Rain will be back for Fall Moonsault, never fear. But for now….who’s going to win the Iron Woman Tournament?

Now that’s a tough question. Lady Tiger has not looked sharp lately and has been fairly inactive. Officer Order also has to defend the World Title. Andrea Chandler has also been fairly inactive lately.  To me the choice is clear. Medusa Rage has proved she can be violent and vicious. Now she’s showing she has some character as well.  Standing up to the Syndicate. I think this is going to be her time. Medusa Rage has yet to win a title in the GDWA, but I think this new attitude will carry her to the Iron Woman title.

[Gojira raises her fists in a sighting pose as the scene fades.]

Blade: And now the 8th Wonder of the World….

Radhi Ananda

(SCENE: A scowling RADHI ANANDA, eyes transfixed on the camera. She stands in front of a GDWA Fall Moonsault 1997 banner…)

Off-screen Voice: Radhi, who do you think will win the GDWA Ironwoman Tournament?

(Radhi doesn’t even blink or flinch as she remains scowling into the camera)

Off-screen Voice: Radhi?

(Like an angry deer in headlights, Radhi still doesn’t move. After a few brief seconds, the camera fades to black…)

Mutt: I agree with Radhi Ananda…Andrea Chandler will win.

Bishop: Will you stop that! Now let’s hear from the Suicide Blondes..

Mutt: They aren’t scheduled to be on the card…

Bishop: SO what? They are in the tag division.

Mutt: We have a tag division?

Blade: It’s being re-instated after the Moonsault.

Mutt: Nobody consulted me on this! I didn’t get a memo…

Suicide Blondes

(SCENE: The SUICIDE BLONDES, standing in front of a GDWA Fall Moonsault 1997 banner…)

Baby Jane Ross: Now dear, the important question…

Taylor Monroe: What’s that? Are we discussing the bridesmaids’ dresses?

Baby Jane Ross: No, sweetie. We’re supposed to say who we think will win the Ironwoman tournament!

(Taylor Monroe laughs)

Taylor Monroe: Nikita Marx. She’ll take it all. Shouldn’t she be Ironwoman anyway after destroying Daisy Butterfly?

Baby Jane Ross: No…I think that would make her an etymologist.

(Taylor cringes)

Taylor Monroe: I don’t think I want to know what that is. Nikita, babe, I love you anyway. You can get help for that, and we’ll be here for you the whole time!

Baby Jane Ross: I’ll say Mommy Dearest. Big Ma will take it all.  Three matches in one night is a perfect scenario for Ma. She’s used to having a lot on her plate…

(Taylor elbows Baby Jane in the ribs)

Baby Jane Ross: (sputters)…With the wedding and all. Planning, plotting, all that. And that belt she’s got now. What is that? The ESPN TV champ? RSPW TV champ?

Taylor Monroe: It doesn’t even matter, girlfriend. It’s gold in the bank. All of you Ironwoman better pay special attention. It doesn’t matter what happens in the tourney, you’re facing a load of RANK AMATEURS. When you sweethearts get enough of a spine to face some TRUE champions– Organized Crime–you can talk yourselves up all you want.  As it stands, we’re not impressed. Sorry.

Bishop: Members of Organized Crime ladies and gentlemen…you fill in the blanks.

Andrea Chandler vs. Officer Order

Spud: Our next contest is the 5th of 6 Ironwoman Square Dance match ups tonight. It is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit.

(Fans ALL booing as they hear “Back in Black” by AC/DC!)

Spud: First, accompanied to the ring by her manager, the Kingpin…. representing the Syndicate…


Spud: She is 5 feet 7 inches, weighing in at 142 pounds, here is the 1996-1997 Wrestler of the Year….’Ritch Bitch’ Andrea Chandler!!!

(Fans all booing as Andrea Chandler heads down the aisle with a big smile on her face. She enters the ring wearing a revealing black bodybuilder’s bikini, trimmed with rhinestones, and Ray Ban sunglasses.)

Bishop: This may be the single most important match of the night. A former World Champ, Andrea Chandler has been laying claim to the GDWA World title for months now. Now, Order and Andrea part II is just moments away.

Mutt: And I for one am glad to see it! Who the hell does Double O think she is anyway? Andrea is right. Double O is only a paper champ as long as she doesn’t face Andrea. The #1 contender to the World title MUST be beaten tonight to disprove any and all doubts.

Blade: Order has to be careful though. A win here solidifies her chance at the Ironwoman title…but a loss after that Count Out will boot her out of the tournament.


(ALL FANS CHEER as they hear ‘Bad Boys’ by Inner Circle.)

Spud: Accompanied to the ring by her manager Martial Law! From San Francisco, California! She is 5 feet tall, weighing 120 pounds! She is the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION….


Spud: ‘Double O’ Officer May Order!!!!!!!

(Fans continue to cheer as Double O heads down the aisle. She slaps hands with the fans as Martial Law looks about ringside cautiously.  Officer Order enters the ring wearing a Black SWAT jumpsuit, Spit Shined Combat Boots, and the GDWA World Title shining prominently over her shoulder.)

Bishop: Double O stopping dead in her tracks, and glaring over at Andrea Chandler. Andrea handing her shades to the Kingpin, and drawing her hands across her waist.

Mutt: We know what that means. Andrea and Order are red hot! And you haven’t got anyone going to the john right now.

(Fans all standing as Order glares over at Andrea Chandler. Andrea blows a kiss and poses a double bicep shot.)



(Fans all cheering as Double O and Andrea Chandler nail away with punches.)

Blade: Order and Chandler in an exchange!!! And now both women down on the mat! They are rolling around the ring, and the ref trying to break them apart!

(Fans all popping as the ref pulls the smaller Officer Order away.)

Mutt: The World Champion is pissed off…and she’s only had about a 5 or 10 minute breaks from her last bout with Medusa Rage. She’s irate! That adrenalin is pumping through the veins a tad too much.

Bishop: Andrea is all riled up as she backs up against the ropes. The Kingpin rising up to the ring apron and offering advice as the ref picks up the World title belt and hands it to a ringside attendant.

(Fans all cheering as Andrea and Order encircle each other.)

Mutt: This is worth the price of the ticket. Order and Andrea II…. but with only 15 minutes to spare, we won’t be seeing them at their strategic best.

Blade: Andrea very careful as she ties up with Order. And Order with an Armdrag. Order now with a Wristlock added to it, and Andrea slapping her triceps, moving toward the ropes…

Bishop: And Officer Order with stiff kicks to the legs and midsection. And now Order with a Karate shot to the bicep area, and Andrea is down on one knee.


(Fans all pop!!!)

Bishop: Andrea rolling for the ropes, and Order with a pick up and Irish Whipping Chandler to the far ropes. Order with a head of steam and…

Mutt: MISSES the Dropkick!

(Fans cheer as Order hits the mat.)

Mutt: Andrea holding onto the ropes, and now Andrea running over and stomping on Order. Order up to her feet, and Andrea nailing away with right hands, and now tossing Order into the corner.

Bishop: Andrea with a head of steam…

Blade: And Order with a boot to the head! Order climbing up to the middle buckle as Andrea backs off…FLYING CLOTHESLINE!

Ref: 1………………………2………………..KICK OUT!

Bishop: Order with a pick up and a Karate Chop! And another! Andrea raking the eyes, and backing off now. She’s felt those chops before, and they are perhaps second only to Keiko Mita.

(Fans cheering as Andrea Chandler takes a rest on the ring apron.)

Bishop: Andrea back in the ring, and another tie up. Order with a Drop toe hold, and back to the arm but Andrea into the ropes. Order breaking cleanly and nailing away with Karate chops! Andrea is stunned.  Blade: And now an Irish whip!

(Fans all cheering as Andrea Chandler reverses the whip.)

Mutt: Order bouncing off and Andrea Chandler catches her with a MILITARY PRESS……..INTO A GORRILLA PRESS SLAM!!!!

(The Dawg Pond cheers as Officer Order clutches her back.)

Bishop: Andrea moving in with a pick up and slaps on a front face lock…VERTICAL SUPLEX!…and rolls through it for the cover.

Ref: 1………………………2……………….kick out!

Mutt: Order showing fatigue as Andrea picks her up. When Andrea was World Champion and Order was the #1 contender, Order wrestled in a tag match earlier in the night. Andrea with the advantage of wrestling Order when she’s not 100% once again.

Blade: Andrea with a pick up and a hard right hand, and now a Snapmare take over. Andrea backs into the ropes, bouncing off and HITS the Kneedrop across the chest.

(Fans all boo as Officer Order clutches her chest.)

Mutt: Andrea with a pick up and a Hip Toss to the middle of the ring. And you can see the former champ trying to slow this down.

Bishop: Andrea with a pick up and drapes Order over her shoulder. Order with a head of steam…POWERSLAM!

Ref: 1…………………………..2………………kick out.

Mutt: Andrea with a pick up, and now a Chinlock, and you can see the similar approaches that Medusa and Andrea have taken toward the World champion.

Blade: Order tapping the rope with her foot, and Andrea releasing. And now Andrea mouthing off to Order about the belt. That’s not necessary, come on.

(Fans all booing as Andrea Chandler chokes Order.)

Ref: 1…………………………2……………….3……

Bishop: Andrea breaking and picking up Order. Andrea with a front face lock…no! Order with a Karate chop! And another!

Mutt: But Andrea with a rake to the eyes, and you can see the steam has left the World Champion.

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

Bishop: Andrea with another Neckmare takeover, backing into the ropes and ANOTHER Kneedrop across the chest! Now Andrea kicking into high gear as she Irish Whips Order to the ropes…..

Blade: Order Springboarding off and NAILS A FLYING FOREARM!!!!

(Fans all cheering as both women lay on the mat.)

Bishop: Andrea is stunned, but Order can’t capitalize.

Mutt: That was a famous maneuver of the “Fear Factory” Lanny Manson. Order slow to roll over Chandler…and drapes the arm!

Ref: 1………………………2……………………kick out!

(Fans cheer as Officer Order picks up Andrea.)

Blade: Order with a boot to the midsection, and now an Axe kick to the shoulder. Andrea hurting, and now Order with an Armdrag, running for the near ropes, jumps up….


(Fans all pop as Order tugs back on the top ring rope.)


Ref: 1…………………………..2……………………no!

(Fans cheer as Andrea Chandler strongly kicks out.)

Bishop: Both women up and Double O Irish Whipping Andrea to the far side. Andrea bounces off as Order runs to the middle of the ring and….TAMAHAWK CHOP!

(Fans all pop as she cracks Chandler in the forehead.)

Mutt: Order jumping up and nailing a legdrop across the chest. Order up again and a second one. But she’s slowing down. She’s in need of relief.

Bishop: Order with a single arm pick up, and now a Short Arm Scissors! Daisy Butterfly probably taught her that move!

(Fans all pop as Andrea Chandler slaps the mat in pain.)

Blade: The ref moving in and checking, and Andrea shaking her head no. Notice how she’s got her legs clamped around near the elbow. May Order is an expert at the Scissors holds.

(Fans begin cheering as Andrea Chandler fights up to her feet.)

Blade: Andrea is up! Order holding on for all that she’s worth. Andrea with 120 pounds on her left arm as she scrambles for the side ropes and tags them.

(Fans boo as the ref forces the break.)

Mutt: Andrea’s big python means nothing if they are incapacitated. Order smart to attack the arms. She’s got the arms and chest in bad shape now.

Bishop: The champ with a pick up and ANOTHER Karate Chop!

(Fans all pop as Andrea Chandler slumps in the corner.)

Blade: Order with an Irish Whip to the far side, but Andrea reverses…

(Fans pop as Officer Order bounds out of the corner…)

Bishop: And a running Double Axe Handle to the midsection, and the champ is going up top!

(Major pop as Officer Order scampers up the turnbuckles.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5 remaining.

Bishop: Order up top, and Chandler moving into the corner. The Champ walking along the ropes and….


(Fans all booing as Officer Order is crotched on the top ring rope!)

Mutt: Andrea with a frontface lock and a handful of tights…hoists up Officer Order and EXECUTES a *SUPER*BACKBREAKER!!!!

(Fans ALL booing as Andrea holds Order across her thigh.)

Bishop: Andrea picking her back up and another Backbreaker…and Andrea holding on as she picks up Order for a third time and executes another Backbreaker….!!!

Blade: And Andrea Chandler hoisting up Officer Order and Gorilla Press Slamming her to the canvas…oh my! The World Champion is in trouble.

(Fans all on booing as Andrea Chandler calls out to the Kingpin.)

Blade: Andrea walking over, and with a casual lateral press.

Ref: ………………………………………………………1 ……………………………………………………………2 …………………………………………………………!

(Fans pop as Officer Order strongly kicks out.)

Blade: Andrea with a pick up and slaps on a Neckbreaker. Now Andrea up to her feet and backing up into the ropes. Andrea bouncing off and CONNECTS with a Kneedrop!

 Ref: ………………………………………………………1 ……………………………………………………………2 …………………………………………………………!

(Fans chant: ORDER! ORDER! as she kicks out.)

Bishop: Andrea complaining about the count, and now a pick up. Andrea with a Waistlock pick up and a Kneebreaker. Order on the mat, clutching her knee as Andrea applies a Single Leg pick up…

Mutt: And Order with a Drop toe hold, and she roles into the ropes. Order slow to her feet, and Andrea is up quick. Order backing off and the former champ, the Wrestler of the Year moving in.

(Fans all cheering as Officer Order backpedals.)

Bishop: Andrea tying up with Order, and Order slipping through her legs! Andrea spinning around and Double O standing Headscissors Takedown!

(Fans pop as both women get to their feet.)

Blade: Officer Order, is out of breath as she runs up on Andrea Chandler going for a Crescent Kick….but Andrea Chandler driving forward and clipping the leg!

(Fans boo as Order clutches her left knee.)

Bishop: Andrea Chandler with a pick up, and Order pelting the Ritch Bitch with punches to the midsection. Andrea with a hard right hand sending the champion into the near ropes.

Blade: Andrea with a quick frontface lock, and hoisting up Order into a Vertical Suplex position. She slingshots Order off the top ring rope…and drops her between her legs for a Piledriver…

Mutt: That’s the Diamond Drill!!!!!

(Fans all screaming as Andrea Chandler hooks the leg.)

Ref:        1……………………………………………………..















Bishop: No!

(Fans all booing as “Back in Black” by AC/DC blares through the arena.)

Mutt: She’s done it! Order is out of here!

(Fans all booing as the referee raises Andrea Chandler’s hand in victory.)

Spud: Wrestling Fans, at 13 minutes 55 seconds…as a result of pinfall, your winner, earning 20 points, is Andrea Chandler!

(Fans boo as Andrea Chandler poses for the International press.)

Bishop: Andrea sliding out of the ring as Martial Law checks on Officer Order….damn.

Blade: Andrea with a masterful, methodical performance. This won’t sit well Monday morning with Officer Order, that’s for sure.

(Fans continue to boo as Martial Law helps Officer Order to her feet.)

Mutt: IT’s down to Medusa and Andrea now…destiny takes its course.

Bishop: Fans, this really is gonna be a hell of a tournament. Medusa with 25 points, Andrea with 40 points. It will really be a tourney of Ironwoman…

Blade: Much like the endeavor Sierra Browne will go through. She defends her Cruiserweight title against ‘Jumping’ Jennifer Grier next and then she defends her Internet title against Daisy Butterfly and Micki Duran.

Mutt: Browne don’t get enough credit. She could walk out of here overshadowing the Ironwoman if she pulls off this feet.

Bishop: With comments regarding Jennifer Grier, here is the Bi-titled champion ‘Golden Girl’ Sierra Browne….

Sierra Browne

[Fade in:

A golden ray of sunshine slants down from a tropical sky amidst the gently rustling palm trees and bathes Sierra Browne in its warm, almost liquid heat. Sierra stretches out in a graceful dancer’s pose, her eyes closed, her nearly-shaven scalp glistening as the fine, short waves shimmer like the ocean washing in the distance. Sierra is barefoot in the sand, stretching and posing, the fine white powder contrasting sharply with her dark skin. She wears a black bikini, two heavy gold bracelets around her wrists and two fine chains around her ankles. She runs through the movements of Tai Chi, stretching, moving slowly, the sinewy muscles of her long, lean legs and arms rippling.  Not an ounce of Sierra is spare. There is no trace of injury or stiffness in her. She works through the routine, each move perfect, each move slow and elongated, stretching and working every muscle as she brings her leg up behind her ear, balanced perfectly on the ball of her left foot, twisting on that formerly injured ankle. Each move is calm and serene. Sierra finishes her routine, stretching out her neck and shrugging her shoulders, hugging herself to loosen the muscles of her back and shoulders. Indigo brings her a warm, wet towel, rubbing her down, keeping her warm. Fade out. Fade in: Sierra Browne, standing in the sand, no music. She looks serene, but intense.  There’s a restrained ferocity inside her, reminiscent of a noble warrior.

Sierra: Jennifer Grier, (shaking her head and wagging her finger at the camera) I know you think I’ve forgotten you. And I know you think just because you’ve grown some new muscles that you can open your mouth and start spewing trash to the rest of the folks who are doing it, too. I know you want my Cruiserweight belt. That’s fine. And I know, for whatever reason, Dalbello wants to manage us both. That’s fine too. I can’t control any of that. But, little girl, don’t ever get yourself confused. You’re fast and out of place right now telling me to shut up and quit whining. Girl, this is grown folk’s business and you have no place in it. You just train and concentrate on your match. Get your style down right because I’m gonna make an example out of you now. I’m sick and tired of people trying to tell me what I feel and tell me what I think. Grier, you like to fancy that I’m underestimating you by now wasting my words on you. I haven’t underestimated anybody or anything. Yes, I say the Cruiserweight title is disgraced, yes I think there’s racism alive and well in the GDWA participants. Yes I think the Japanese are out to get me because I’m not Asian. These are my words and my feelings. Don’t ever try to appropriate them again.

[Sierra pauses for a moment, chewing her lip and drawing in a slow, deep breath. She shakes her head, a rueful smile across her lips.]

Sierra: Grier, you’re not seeing any gimmicks when you deal with me. I know the whole GDWA is out there right now jibber jabbering about how unfair it is that I won three belts. I know Daisy Butterfly is crying and getting all wild that she had to face me. See, the trouble is everybody in the GDWA expects to have things handed to them. They expect to get it all on a silver platter. I have fought and struggled for everything I’ve ever had here. And it all began with the Cruiserweight title. So, if you think I’m just going to forget about you and let you waltz in there and take the title from me, you’re dead wrong, girl. You’re dead wrong. I worked out, I dieted, I reshaped my body to make weight to qualify for the Cruiserweight tournament. You didn’t make that effort.

I watched every inch of tape ever made about Officer Order to learn her moves and yes, when I saw the opportunity, I superkicked her right into the steel post and advanced. The Cruiserweight title I wear was that important to me. Even when I won the Great Western Heritage title, I still competed. I didn’t let up. I defeated Lady Tiger, that formerly hot little French number. And I put it all on the line against Keiko Mita. I could have walked out of there with nothing. Great Western Heritage title, Cruiserweight title. I put it all up for grabs.  Either I was going to be somebody or I was going to be nothing. And I won that belt regardless of means. I deserved that belt. And you and your kind booed me.

They didn’t ever say ‘It’s amazing Sierra how you came from so far back in the pack, from such a poor start and worked all the way up to the top.”

Maybe things would have been different if they had. But it all started with my desire to win the Cruiserweight title. Grier, why am I explaining this to you? Because I want you to know that you’re in for the fight of your life for this belt.

[The camera starts to zoom in for a close-up]

Sierra: All the people, all the doubters, all the naysayers who choke on the words “The first tri-titled champion of the GDWA” and especially, just watch this match and you’ll see exactly why I am Cruiserweight champion. Why I will be Cruiserweight champion and you’ll be just a jumped up little wannabe now and forever.

[The camera stops on a tight head shot.]

Sierra: Because I shook up the world. *I* shook up the world.

[Fade out]

GDWA Transnational Cruiserweight Championship: Jennifer Grier vs. Sierra Browne

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is set for one fall with a 30 minute time limit! It shall be refereed by officials Kasi Toyoto and Dwight Yamazaki.  This is our first of 3 championship matches tonight, and it is for the GDWA Transnational Cruiserweight Championship….

(Minor cheers as fans hear “Jump” by Van Halen.)

Spud: The challenger, led down the aisle by her manager Rob Tucker. From Geneseo, Illinois, she is 5 feet 7 inches, 125 pounds, here is “Jumping” Jennifer Grier!

(Grier heads down the aisle pensively, wearing Daisy Dukes, a red button down sleeveless shirt with the bottom tied, and cute pink wrestling boots.)

Bishop: Fans, Grier looks serious.

Mutt: NO doubt. She’s probably the most underrated wrestler in the GDWA. And that’s _me_ saying that.

Blade: This is Grier’s break. A win here supports what all the critics have boasted about her. A loss could leave her forgotten in the shuffle.

Spud: And her opponent!

(Fans ALL boo as “Browne Girl” blasts through the speakers.)

Spud: Accompanied to the ring by her manager, Dalbello Rage….

(Minor cheers.)

Spud: Hailing from Port of Spain, Trinidad! She is 5 feet 10 inches, 130 pounds. Here is the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance Transnational Cruiserweight CHAMPION….’Golden Girl’ Sierra Browne!

(The arena gets dark and gold sprinkles down around ringside. Dalbello begins heading down the aisle.)

Bishop: and here comes Tiffany Chandler! Chandler nailing away on Dalbello Rage, and Rage nailing away!

(Fans all cheer!)

Mutt: Hey, is that the Phantom?

Blade: No, it’s Browne!

[Sierra Browne drops down from the sky in a gold unitard and matching ankle-high, heavy boots. Her powerful thighs shine a dark brown against the spandex material. Her short finger waved hair is highlighted with gold streaks. She wears the Great Western Heritage title around her waist. The Cruiserweight championship is nowhere to be seen.]

Bishop: Dwight wants the Cruiserweight title, and Sierra just acting dumb. The match won’t begin until he has that belt!

(Mixed cheers as Dalbello Rage heads down to the ring, ruffed up a bit from her exchange.)

Mutt: Dalbello has the belt, I can see it poking from under her suit jacket. Notice, Browne and Rage predicted some sort of run in, and once Tiff realized Sierra was nowhere to be found, she departed.

Blade: This will surely turn out to be a strange night.

Bishop: Dalbello entering the ring, and the two referees ready for action. Dwight checking Sierra for foreign objects, and the same for Jennifer.

(Sierra Browne takes off her Western Heritage title and glares at Grier. Grier paces the ring, returning the sneer.)

Blade: Fans, as you all know, the rules for the Cruiserweight division are a tad different. A 20 count coupled with 2 referees keeps this division athletic. A title can be WON via disqualification, and a DQ serves as leverage for a rematch.

Mutt: Grier not her usual countrified self! Where are the smiles, the hugs, the kisses, the tits, the ass….

Bishop: Dwight calling these girls in the middle of the ring and going over the rules. Browne and Grier nearly eye to eye. Oh my, is it hot in here?!

(Fans pop as the referee holds up the Cruiserweight belt for all to see. Fans cheer as the international reporters snap photos.)

Bishop: The ref handing the title to a ringside attendant, and the Kasi calls for the bell!


Bishop: Both women encircling each other, and now a Collar and Elbow tie up. Browne with the leverage and weight advantage as she bullies Grier down.

Mutt: Grier crouching, and slaps on a Bodyscissors and backrolls….

Blade: And cradling Sierra Browne for a Small Package!!!!!

Ref: ………………………………………………………1 …………………………………………………………..2 ……………………………………………………..3…No!

(Fans cheer as both women scramble to their feet.)

Bishop: Both women up to the neutral position and Browne with a *snapping* Japanese Arm Drag Takedown. Grier rolling off and quick to her feet, running to the side ropes.

Blade: Browne charging the challenger and MISSING the Clothesline!

Mutt: Grier ducking at the last minute, and running for the far ropes. Grier bouncing off Sierra with a High Back Body Drop….!

Bishop: And Grier landing on her feet, but Browne expected it and Swings around with a Superkick!

(Fans boo as Grier hits the mat.)

Mutt: Browne with a start and dives at Grier for a Double Leg pick up into a forward roll!!!!

Ref: 1………………………..2…………..kick out!!

(Fans cheer.)

Blade: Both women back up and Browne with a quick boot to the middle and an Irish Whip to the far ropes. Grier bouncing off and a quick dive through the legs of Browne. Browne backpedaling as Grier bounces off the ropes…

Bishop: AND SIERRA BROWNE WITH A SWINGING WAISTLOCK SUPLEX! A MODIFIED SALTO. WoW! And now Browne moving up to her feet, and look how methodically the champion studies Grier.

Blade: Browne with a pick up and a Collar and Elbow into an Armdrag Takedown….

Mutt: Grier quick to her feet and charging in and Browne with an INCREDIBLE Monkey Flip!! Oh great Jahosephat!!!

(Major pop as Jennifer Grier lands on her feet.)

Blade: Grier running for the near ropes and Sierra Browne quick to her feet. Grier bouncing off and…

Bishop: ….and Sierra Browne with a Rolling Chopblock to the knees! Now Browne stomping away on the fallen challenger. Browne with a pick up, and now the onslaught of European Uppercuts!!!!

(Dawg Pound erupts as Jennifer Grier nearly crumbles to the mat.)

Mutt: Rob Tucker shouting at Grier, and she backs into the ropes…

(The Dawg Pound boos as the ref forces the clean break.)

Mutt: Grier rolling to the outside, and I’m really surprised. I thought the jobber would at least put up a fight.

Blade: Grier is slow. I didn’t even realize how much until Browne started picking up the tempo. Grier looks frustrated, and Rob trying to console her.

Toyota: 2……………………………3………………………

Bishop: We do have a 20 count, so Grier is in good shape. And I must say, this is pleasant to see a match with no screwjobs or run INS. Just two competitors giving there all.

Mutt: You sound like one of those Cherry Bomb Pro Wrestling announcers. You haven’t been moonlighting have you Bishop?

Bishop: Oh boy. Grier back into the ring, and Browne once again with an aggressive start. Grier into the ropes…AND SIERRA BROWNE WITH THOSE European Uppercuts!

(Fans all booing as the ref chastises Sierra Browne.)

Blade: And here comes Grier! Grier moving in and nailing away with hard right hands! Browne backing off, and now Grier with an Irish Whip to the far ropes, no, reversal!

Mutt: Grier Springboarding off the ropes and CONNECTING with a Missile Dropkick! Right in the jaw of the champion! Browne up and Grier with a Drop toe hold.

Blade: Browne back up and Grier with a Single Leg pick up into a Fireman’s Carry….INTO A SAMOAN DROP…!……AND GRIER HOOKS THE LEG!

Ref: 1………………………….2…………………kick out!

(Fans ALL POP while Dalbello Rage watches stoically on the outside.)

Blade: GREAT WRESTLING! GREAT SCOUTING by Grier! Browne taken aback by Grier’s mat wrestling.

Mutt: Both women back up and Browne with a Collar and Elbow tie up.  NO! Grier with a Standing Switch into a Hammerlock. Browne backs into the near ropes, and Grier jumps up to the middle rope….

Bishop: …flying over the head of Browne, hooking the neck, right into a Snapmare Takeover! Now a Chinlock as Browne slaps the mat in anger.

Mutt: And that’s the first rest hold so far with all of this fast paced action.

Blade: Sierra Browne bouncing, twirling around to her feet, but Grier with a Side Headlock into a Frontface lock. Browne backs into the ropes, and the ref forces the break…


(Fans pop!)

Blade: Grier with an Irish Whip, no, reversal! Grier off the ropes and nails a Football Tackle. Now Grier with a pick up and slaps on a Front Face lock, but Browne with hard right hands of her own.

Bishop: …and hoists up Grier for a Vertical Suplex!

(Fans all booing while Browne is quick to her feet.)

Mutt: Browne is dominating the pace. And now a single leg pick up, and the Golden Girl stomping away on the hamstring. Grier easily into the ropes….

Blade: Grier always seems to know where the ropes are. Browne with a pick up and slaps on an Armwringer RIGHT INTO A SUPERKICK!

(Fans boo as Sierra Browne twirls around in self adulation.)

Bishop: Browne with a Single leg pick up, and stomping away while Grier gets into the ropes. Dwight forcing Browne away, and Sierra complaining. Browne with a pick up and slapping on a Waistlock.

Mutt: Browne with Grier’s knee as she lifts up the challenger…


Blade: Grier backflipping out of the hold!

Bishop: Grier into the ropes as Sierra Browne twirls around and Jennifer Grier putting on the breaks….


Mutt: …but Grier with a High Back Body over the top!!!!!

(Fans all cheering as the Dawg Pound stands up!!)

Bishop:  Jennifer Grier running up to the second turnbuckle, jumps up and onto the top turnbuckle as Browne gets to her feet…..

Blade: Mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonsault!!!!

(Fans all cheering as both women lay on the floor.)

Ref: ……………………1………………………..2………..

Mutt: Browne even tried diving out of the way, but Grier compensated for that. My lord, what athleticism!

Bishop: Grier slow to her feet, and slaps on a Front Face lock…. SNAP SUPLEX!!

(Fans pop big time as Sierra Browne clutches her lower back.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit. 20 remaining.

Blade: Grier up to her feet, & now a pick up…Browne rakes the eyes.

Ref: 4……………………………………5……………….

Bishop:  Sierra Browne with a boot to the midsection, and now those European Uppercuts! Grier is stunned, and now Browne whips Jennifer to the ringsteps, no reversal….!


(Fans all boo as Sierra Browne gets to her feet.)

Mutt: Now Sierra is about to get hardcore! Notice how the more physical the match up, the worse it is for Grier.

Ref: 7………………………………….8………………

Bishop: Sierra with a Double Leg Pick up, and she looks out to the fans at ringside…and Catapults Jennifer Grier into the guard railing! Grier clutching her throat now, and Browne running up to the ring apron, leaping off and….


(MAJOR crowd pop as Sierra Browne crashes off of the guard railing.)

Mutt: The champion with her arrogance. She already had Grier in trouble, she wanted too much. Roll Grier into the ring and finish her off, stupid.

(Some commotion in the stands as the fans turn their heads.)


Bishop: Jennifer Grier up on one knee, and Big Rob helping her into the ring. And here comes Dalbello, and she roles Browne into the ring.

Ref: 1……………………………..2……………………

Bishop: Both women down, but Sierra with a sudden burst. The champ with great determination, getting to her feet and looking over at Grier…

(Fans all screaming as Sierra Browne climbs the turnbuckles!)

Bishop: She’s going for the High Sierra! Grier is knocked out. And I think this is it. Browne facing the fans as she backflips…..

(Fans all screaming!!!!!!!)

Mutt: …and Jennifer Grier _easily_ rolling out of the way!

(Big pop!)  Bishop: Jennifer Grier picking up the champion and slapping on a Waistlock….GERMAN SUPLEX!!!!!

Ref: 1………………………………2…………………no!

(Fans cheering as Jennifer Grier picks up Browne!)

Mutt: The fatigue factor is catching up with both women as Grier nails away with hard right hands. Browne with a European Uppercuts…

Bishop: DUCKED! And Grier with an Enzuiguri Kick!!!!!

(Fans all screaming as ‘Jumping’ Jennifer Grier heads for the near corner.)

Bishop: Grier climbing the turnbuckles wearily. Browne up to her knees, trying to get to her feet. Grier up top, and leaps off….

Blade: SLIP KNOT FLYING HEADSCISSORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bishop: YES!

Ref: ……………………………………………………….1









(Fans all screaming as Sierra Browne gets the shoulder up.)

Bishop: What?

Blade: Browne kicking out. And now Grier with a pick up and a Belly to Belly Suplex! Now Grier with a Single leg pick up, and slaps on a Leg Scissors!!!!

(Minor cheers as Savannah Charles climbs through the crowd and heads over the guard rail.)


(Major crowd pop as Dalbello screams out in pain.)

Mutt: The second referee warning her, and that is a great call!

Blade: Meanwhile, Browne in serious pain, but can’t reach the ropes. Grier with incredible positioning. Grier breaking now and extends that left leg….DROPKICK!!!!

(Fans pop!)

Bishop: Now a Lateral Press!!

Ref: 1……………………..2………………….kick out!

(Mixed cheers as Sierra Browne kicks out.)

Spud: 20 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit.  10 remaining.

Bishop: I thought we’d be seeing the pinfall here, but Browne with just enough left. Grier with a pick up, and now an Irish Whip to the far ropes. Browne bouncing off and Grier with a Frankensteiner….


Bishop: With the tights!!!!

 Ref: 1………………………..2…………………….3!


(Fans all boo, then begin to cheer as the ref waves it off!)

Blade: Excellent officiating. Browne complaining, and now a pick up by the champion and a Double Arm Underhook….PEDIGREE!!!

Ref: 1……………………….2……………………….no!

(Fans all cheer as Grier gets her foot on the rope.)

Bishop: Sierra getting in Grier’s face and cackling! The nerve. Browne now, with a pick up and an Irish Whip to the far ropes. Grier Springboarding off and NAILING A HIGH CROSS BODY!!!!!

Ref: 1………………………2………………………….no!

Bishop: Grier with a pick up, and an Irish Whip to the far corner…

Blade: NO…………REVERSAL!!!!

Mutt: Grier hitting hard, and Sierra Browne with a head of steam and dropping down for a Handspring…..


Bishop: incredible!

(Fans ALL POP!)

Bishop: A Handspring Frankensteiner. My lord, you don’t see that every day. Both women down, and Grier looks out of gas.

(Fans all cheering as Sierra Browne gets up to her knees.)

Bishop: Sierra Browne crawling for the near corner. Grier on the canvas, completely winded. Browne climbing the buckles now…

(Fans all cheer as Sierra Browne stands poised on the top!)

Bishop: Sierra Browne facing the fans, and pointing out to the arena. Browne backflipping and………..

(Fans all screaming!)

Bishop: she *hits* the HIGH SIERRA!!!!!

(Fans gasp as Sierra Browne hooks the leg!)

Mutt: YES!

((((Crowd Counts:           1              –              2              –              3              !!!))))


Bishop: Sierra Browne has done it…and cleanly. Browne limping off her opponent, and calling for her belt. Grier laid out, and Big Rob sliding into the ring. Grier with the breath knocked out of her with that big elbow.

Mutt: Sierra looking to the outside, and Dalbello is down. Browne limping to the outside, and checking on Dalbello. OH my!

Bishop: Browne looking around cautiously, and calling for her belt. This is a marked woman. Oh my.

Mutt: Grier in the ring, and Big Rob trying to help her off, and she screams at him! Ha! Poor loser. Grier up to her feet, and she looks like she’s had an epiphany.

Blade: Well, now we know the Tri-titled champion will have at least one belt when she walks out of here tonight. But she must surrender the Western Heritage championship and later on tonight she defends against Daisy and Duran.

Bishop: Well, with the rumble up next, let’s talk about the ramifications of it.

Blade: This is gonna be a blast. It just may well be the most competitive Western Heritage title Royal Rumble to date.

Mutt: Sure, especially with a former champion in ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda, and several athletes that have been contenders for the Internet and Cruiserweight title.

Blade: This is such an odd match. A lot of the preparation has to do with what you DON’T do in a Battle Royal as opposed to what you should do. And then you have the element of luck that throws strategy right out of the window.

Bishop: As they prepare the ring, I can only think that everyone is anticipating who are the all-important first two wrestlers to enter.

Mutt: That’s not that important to me. The question is what COMBINATIONS walk through those ropes. If you have a whole lot of folks that don’t like each other…look out!

Bishop: Fans, we have a few comments from GDWA superstars. First, let’s hear from Princess Kallista….

Princess Kallista

(Fade in: The scene is a richly furnished living room. An exquisite Persian carpet covers the floor, golden candelabras hang from the ceiling and a red silk couch is located in one corner of the room in front of a fireplace and a television set. Princess Kallista and her friend and stablemate from the ESWP, “The Ice Queen” Jezra Wagner are sitting on the couch. It seems to be late at night as both women are in their nightgowns, Kallista in a blue silk nightdress and Jezra in a thin white blouse and spandex shorts. Both women are barefoot, and Jezra’s hair is wet and held together by a towel. On the screen clips from various matches play, showing GDWA superstars such as “Jungle” Radhi Ananda, Keiko Mita, and Chelsea Vanderbilt)

Jezra: “Okay, let’s go through this again, Kal. Who’ve we got in here… this Jungle savate, what was her name?”

Kallista: “Radhi Ananda. I’ve seen some past footage of her. She can be quite dangerous and goes to the extreme, plus she has held that title before.”

Jezra: “Yeah, but look at her. She’s an untamed beast. This is a battle royal, you need at least something in your brain to survive in there. She’s probably going to mindlessly charge someone and tumble over the top rope on her own. Let’s see… who else do we have in here…”

Kallista: “Chelsea Vanderbilt.”

Jezra: “Of course. How could I forget? You know, in the ESWP we always called her the Golden Beagle.”

Kallista: “How come?”

Jezra: “Because whenever there’s gold to get she follows Ellis like a young puppy. No wonder she’s in that rumble!”

(Both women start to laugh before Jezra presses a button on the remote, switching the television off. She then gets up from the couch and stretches)

Kallista: “Why that?”

Jezra: “Just look at the list. I’m getting sick while just looking at the names in there! Plus, there isn’t anyone in there who can threaten a Princess in a battle royal. Hey, what’s more royal then a Princess herself?”

Kallista: “So you’re going to bed now?”

(All of the sudden Jezra turns around and superkicks the surprised Kallista, her bare right foot hitting Kallista’s unprotected jaw right on the mark. The impact causes Kallista to fall over the couch, landing hard behind it)

Jezra (smirking): “Caught you off guard, didn’t I? Nah, Kal, we’ve still got a lot of work to do if you fall over that couch so easily they will have no problems tossing you over the top rope. Let’s go and…-ugh!”

(Kallista has jumped up like a wildcat, a fiery look in her deep blue eyes as she launches herself at Jezra, knocking her down. Both women are rolling around on the carpet, each women half playfully half seriously trying to subdue the other, their girlish laughter the last thing being heard as the scene fades out)

Blade: She’s got the right attitude. A little humor in a dead serious contest. Heck, this match tests skills they don’t train you for at the Power Plant. Kallista…

Mutt: That lil’ Princess better know what she’s talking about! Her little ass will get squashed under the likes of Bloody Mary, Yukon Jane and Medusa Rage. Now, a *real* woman who can get it on with the best of them is Tiffany Chandler.

Bishop: Let’s hear from her…

Tiffany Chandler

[Tiffany Chandler is sitting behind her desk, speaking on the phone with someone.] [Tiff] You’re in… That’s what I said… you’ve been accepted into the GDWA. Of /course/ we want you… but we want you to just be patient… we’ve got a lot of things going on and a specific plan in mind… but, don’t worry.. We definitely want you. That’s right. There’s a ticket waiting for you at the airport. *soft groan* Well.. I suppose if you have to bring him. He’s… he’s such a pig… Oh… alright, I suppose. Okay, we’ll see you soon. Hugs.

[She hangs up the phone and turns back to the camera] [Tiff] GDWA. This Sunday, I will finally make my mark. I will toss 9 other so-called wrestlers over the top rope and walk out as the new Western Heritage Champion. You see, it’s my destiny and I’ve made sure that this happens. It’s time for the Syndicate to reclaim some gold and we’ll be starting with the Western Heritage Championship… then Micki will take the Internet Championship from that overrated pompous ass known as Sierra Browne… and then Andrea Chandler will win the Ironwoman challenge and will regain her GDWA Championship.

It’s all very simple. So simple, that you will look back on this event and wish you could have saw it coming. The Syndicate is heading back to the top. You may not like us, but you better damn sure respect us.

And remember… it’s nothing personal… it’s just… business.

[Tiffany grins and turns her back on the camera as it fades.]

Bishop: The ever arrogant Tiffany Chandler predicting success for her Syndicate comrades. We’ll just see about that. Fans, let’s go to Spud.

GDWA Western Heritage Championship: Royal Rumble

Spud: This contest is scheduled for one fall, and is a special Royal Rumble for the Western Heritage championship!

(Big Crowd pop!)

Spud: A new wrestler will enter every two minutes until all ten have been drawn. Selections have been made at random! The only way to eliminate an opponent is to toss them over the top rope! Here are our first two contestants!

(Fans pop as ‘Symphony 9: From the New World, 3rd Movement’ plays!)

Spud: First, Given birth in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, given spirit in New York, New York and given soul in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada…


Spud: She is 6 feet tall, weighing in at 160 pounds, here is…. MEDUSA RAGE!

(Fans all cheering as Medusa Rage heads down the aisle, and slowly enters the ring.)

Spud: And her first opponent…

(Fans boo as they hear the Russian national anthem.)

Spud: From Moscow, Russia. She is 6 feet tall, 150 pounds, here is ‘La Femmme Nikita’ Nikita Marx!

Bishop: And Nikita sprinting down the aisle, and sliding into the ring….

Blade: You know how Medusa isn’t getting along with Organized Crime. And I’m surprised ‘Dusa didn’t join the brawl during the Porter/Jane match earlier.

(Fans pop as Nikita slides into the ring and Medusa charges.)

Mutt: Oh yeah, if she’s in there for any long period of time, the small women have had it.


Bishop: Nikita immediately charging Medusa, and Medusa backing off for….but Nikita with a double leg takedown! Nikita pounding away on Rage, and I didn’t know she’d take this vendetta so seriously.

Blade: Marx has never been this emotional before. But remember, Medusa cracked her over the head with her own briefcase during a no holds barred match up a year ago. Nikita was sidelined for some time. She definitely holds a grudge.

Mutt: Nikita with a pick up, and Elbow Smashes to the head. Medusa is somewhat stunned, and now Marx big forearms to the chest, and now an Irish Whip…no reversal!

Bishop: Nikita hitting the ropes and bouncing off…and Medusa with a Belly to Belly Suplex! OH my!

(Fans stunned by Medusa’s viciousness power!)

Mutt: Medusa never even left her feet.

Bishop: Nikita back up and Medusa with a Clothesline…no! Nikita ducking and a Drop Toe hold by the technician, and now rabid punches to the back of the head. Nikita with a pick up and a Frontface lock for a Swinging Neckbreaker!

Blade: Nikita back up to her feet, and drops an Elbow Smash to Medusa’s head. Fatigue may be setting in for Medusa. She’s wrestled twice tonight already.

Bishop: Nikita with another pick up and Irish Whips her to the ropes. Medusa bouncing off and Nikita with the Russian Sickle…but Medusa counters with the Running Bulldog Lariat

(Fans cheering as both women hit the mat.)

Mutt: This is not a Royal Rumble here, and it is throwing Medusa’s game plan off. Hey, you notice how calm Medusa was when she heard who was announced. Medusa must have gotten on Nikita’s last nerve.

Bishop: Both women showing signs of movement. Medusa has a busted lip as we all can see. And she crawling toward the near corner. Nikita up now, and staggering over to ‘Dusa.

Spud: 30 seconds!

Mutt: 30 seconds till the next entrant. Nikita moving in on Medusa with hate in her eyes, and Medusa comes firing out with a European Uppercut!

(Fans cheer!)

Bishop: And another! Nikita dazed, and Medusa with a quick instep, Frontface lock turn around and an INVERTED NECKBREAKER!

(Fans cheering as Medusa quickly gets to her feet.)

Bishop: Medusa stomping away on Nikita Marx, and Medusa with a pick up and…slaps Nikita’s head between her legs. Oh no, Medusa….

Mutt: But Nikita RISING UP TO HER FEET! WoW! We forget how strong this technician is. Nikita up to her feet and Medusa is high up in the air. Medusa lunging forward for a Victory Roll and…


(Fans cheering as Medusa Rage springs off the ropes and hits the mat.)

Blade: And here we go with our next entrant.

(Crowd chanting: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!)

Bishop: There’s the horn!

(Crowd cheering as ‘The Second Waltz’ blares through speakers.)

Bishop: Here comes the Princess, the Cruiserweight star from the ESWP! And she’s taking her time coming down the aisle.

Blade: And she’s smart.

(Kallista heads ringside wearing a night blue silken dress, cut open on various places as not to hinder her wrestling, soft leather boots, black silk sleeves, and a lot of golden jewelry around her neck and wrists. She hands this jewelry to a ring attendant as the referees push for her to enter the ring. Kallista climbs up to the ring apron and bows majestically to the fans.)

Bishop: In the ring, Nikita Marx with a Single Leg pick up, and an Elbow Drop to the knee. Nikita with another pick up, and a Spinning Toe Hold….

(Fans all booing as Medusa Rage slaps the mat in pain.)

Mutt: FIGURE FOUR! And notice how she took her time, first applying the Spinning Toe Hold, juicing it for all she had, and then falling back and simultaneously hooking the leg. Oh boy! Medusa slapping the mat in pain and…

(Fans popping hard as Princess Kallista points at Nikita, and climbs the turnbuckles!)

Bishop: Wait….the Princess climbing to the top. Kallista up top as Nikita rocks into that Figure 4 and…COMES OFF THE TOP WITH A ELBOW DROP!!!!

(Dawg Pound barking: Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!)

Mutt: Nikita breaking, and Kallista with a pick up and….nailing Nikita with a Superkick! She may have just saved Medusa. Nikita is dazed and Kallista with a Side Headlock…

Blade: But Nikita with a Waistlock for a Side Suplex. Nikita clutches her chest, still feeling the effects of that Elbow drop…and Medusa is up!

(Fans all cheering as Medusa shakes her head, and walks into the far corner.)

Mutt: What?

Bishop: Medusa obviously pissed, but not deviating from her strategy. Nikita with a pick up, and an Elbow smash. Now Nikita with a Front face lock, draping Kallista’s arm over her shoulder…

Blade: And Kallista with a D D T!!!!


Spud: 30 seconds!

Mutt: Time is a wasting. Kallista with a pick up and a Side Headlock. Kallista with a Head of steam…BULLDOGG!!!

(The Dawg Pound! yipes! as Princess Kallista points to the floor.)

Blade: Medusa still resting in the corner, and the princess with a handful of tights, and is trying to hoist Nikita over the ropes. Marx holding on, and this is where the weight and strength advantage comes in.

Bishop: Marx’s is halfway out of the ring. Her head is hanging over, and Kallista is pushing for all that she’s worth. And here comes Medusa!

(Fans cheer as Medusa grabs hold of Nikita’s legs.)

Mutt: Nikita is frantic. She’s just hoping to make it to the next interval. Kallista and Medusa really putting their backs into it!

(Crowd chanting: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!)

Bishop: There’s the horn!

(Fans all booing as they hear “Higher Learning” by Brand New Heavies.)

Mutt: Here comes the Brilliant Bitch! ‘Brilliant’ Tiffany Chandler heading down the aisle, and it’ll be interesting to see whose side she takes.

Bishop: Tiffany in the ring…and the Brilliant one just watching. Medusa really heaving, and Nikita doesn’t want to go, she’s never held a title before! This is her chance. They’ve got her going and… She’s over by loops back through the middle rope.

Blade: Kallista with a pickup, a kick to the midsection and a Side headlock….KALLISTA WITH A HEAD OF STEAM AND A BULLDOG!!!!!!

(Fans cheering as Nikita Marx clutches her neck.)

Bishop: Notice that both Medusa and Tiffany Chandler have the same strategy. They are waiting for opportunity to strike. Medusa in the middle of the ring, and Tiffany in the opposing corner. Tiffany bad mouthing Rage, and we all know about the animosity between those two.

Blade: Does Medusa get along with anyone?

Mutt: I guess I’ll do the damn play by play. Kallista with a pick up, but Marx with a rake to the eyes. Hold on! Marx with a quick side headlock of her own and a Standing Leg Grapevine…Side Russian Leg Sweep.

Bishop: Nikita with a pick up, and…Hold on! Marx with kick to the midsection, and slaps Kallista’s head between her legs.

(Hardcores popping hard as Marx mocks Medusa Rage.)

Mutt: Nikita with a Waistlock and hoists up the Princess…BUT KALLISTA WITH A HEADSCISSORS WITH A FRANKENSTEINTER!!!!!

(Fans CHEER!)

Bishop: The arrogance of Nikita Marx catching up with her. Kallista with a pick up, and Irish Whipping Marx to the near ropes. Kallista with a head of steam…but Marx holds onto the ropes, and NAILS a boot to the head….



(Hardcores chanting: ‘DUSA! ‘DUSA! ‘DUSA! ‘DUSA!)

Mutt: Medusa was all but forgotten about, and the rookie mistake by Kallista turned into an opportunity for Rage. Nikita out on the floor and she’s cursing at Medusa. She’s was kicking that no good fork tonged Trinidadian-Canadian-New Yorker’s azz!!

(Fans still cheering as Medusa Rage points to the Dawg Pound.)

Bishop: Hold on, Kallista pointing over at Tiffany Chandler, and look at the smile on Medusa’s face.

(Tiffany shakes her head no as she keeps her back to the near corner.)

Spud: 30 seconds

Mutt: Princess moving in and quick with boots to the midsection.  Tiffany doubling over, and the Princess Irish Whipping Tiffany to the far ropes…!

Blade: No! Tiffany chucking her right into the near corner. Tiffany is the strongest woman in the ring at only 138 pounds. Kallista is dazed as Tiffany walks up on Medusa. She wants a rematch!

Bishop: She must figure that if she’s gotta fight, let’s get it on, one on one.

(Crowd chanting: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!)

Bishop: There’s the horn!

(Crowd cheers as ‘Rage Doll’ by Aerosmith comes through the pa.)

Mutt: ESWP former Copperweight Champion!

Bishop: Will you stop that?

Blade: Chelsea racing down the aisle, and sliding into the ring! Tiff turning around, and Chelsea slapping on a Waistlock for an OVER HEAD Belly to Belly!!!

(Fans pop!)

Mutt: Chelsea up and charging Medusa Rage, but Medusa with a Hip Toss! Great counter. Chelsea quick to her feet, and Medusa backing off, but Chelsea charging her again. That’s insane!

(Fans all cheering as Medusa lights into her with European Uppercuts.)

Bishop: Chelsea Vandervilt is dazed. Medusa with a Waistlock, but Chelsea fighting out of it, a standing switch into a Full Nelson… DRAGON SUPLEX!!!

Blade: Tiffany Chandler charging her from behind, but Chelsea with a Dropkick! Now a pick up and nailing away with hard right hands.  Chelsea moving Tiffany into the near corner and…hoists Tiff up on the top turnbuckle with a Waistlock. Oh boy…..

(Fans all cheering as Chelsea points to the far corner.)

Mutt: Double Arm Underhook….BUTTERFLY SUPLEX OFF THE TOP!!!!

(Fans ALL cheering as Tiffany Chandler flies half way across the ring.)

Mutt: Vandervilt up to her feet, and it seems like she’s incapacitated everyone….

Blade: ..and Princess Kallista with a burst of speed and clotheslines her from behind!

Bishop: Kallista brining her ESWP feud with Vandervilt to the GDWA!

Blade: Vandervilt was completely blindsided. Kallista with a pick up and a *nasty* Standing Dropkick! We have now got pandemonium. Chelsea is still dazed as Kallista strangles her with one of her sleeves.

Bishop: Medusa Rage is up, and heading away from the action, and Tiffany Chandler keeping a sharp eye on Rage. Hold on. Kallista with an Irish Whip, no a reversal as Kallista flies into the far ropes.

Mutt: Kallista bouncing off and CHELSEA WITH A HIGH KNEE TO THE HEAD!!!

(Hardcores pop big time!)

Mutt: Vandervilt has had enough! Chelsea with a pick up and a Cross Face…oh boy….CROSS FACE OVER THE TOP SUPLEX!!!!

(Fans cheering as Princess Kallista lands on her chest.)

Bishop: Chelsea with a pick up and boot to the midsection and Kallista is against the ropes. Vandervilt measuring her, and now hooks the legs and tosses her over….

(Fans cheer as Princess Kallista holds onto the middle rope.)

Blade: Look at that.

Mutt: The Princess up to the ring apron, and climbing the turnbuckles from the outside. Vandervilt immediately moving onto Tiffany Chandler who is hiding in the corner. Tiffany and Chelsea trading blows.

Bishop: Kallista up high, and Medusa ready to pounce. Tiffany fighting out of the corner and…KALLISTA FLYING OFF THE TOP WITH A CORKSCREW PLANCHA DIVE!!! TIFF AND CHELSEA GO DOWN!

(Fans cheer!)

Spud: 30 seconds!

Bishop: And here comes Medusa. Medusa stomping away on Tiffany, and now a pick up. Medusa with a barrage of European Uppercuts on the unsuspecting Chandler. Tiff is dazed as she backs into the near corner. ‘Dusa now, stomping away on the knee of Chandler, and Chandler with a rake in the eyes.

Mutt: Kallista is up, and Vandervilt is slow to her feet as Kallista rakes the eyes…that’s become a patented finisher you know.

(Crowd chanting: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!)

Bishop: There’s the horn!

(Dawg Pound cheers as most fans boo upon hearing “Midnight Rider” by the Allman Brothers.)

Bishop: Mary limping down ringside, and the ref’s don’t think she should compete. Mary won’t have any of it. Mary insisting as she hobbles up the ring steps.

Mutt: We’ve reached the halfway point, and I can’t say that I see any clear cut winner. Right now, I’d count on either Medusa or Tiff.

Bishop: Kallista pounding away on Chelsea, and now a boot to the midsection. Kallista pushing Chelsea into the near corner…AND CHELSEA WITH A *HARD* RIGHT HAND!

(Fans cheering as Princess Kallista hits the mat.)

Mutt: Chelsea with a pick up and slaps on a front face lock…Snap Suplex! And now Bloody Mary in the ring, and she’s stomping away on Kallista. Double Team action here.

Blade: Mary stomping away, and she must sense Kallista has a chance to be eliminated here.

Bishop: Back to Tiffany, Tiff with a Scoop and a Bodyslam. Now measures Medusa for a Standing Elbowdrop! Now the technician with a pick up and an Irish Whip to the far ropes. Medusa bouncing off and Tiffany with a….

Blade: Medusa with a Dropkick?!?!?

(Fans all cheering!)

Bishop: Medusa slow to her feet, and Irish Whipping Tiffany to the far ropes, and a LONG armed reversal to the near ropes.

Mutt: Medusa bouncing off…TILT A WHIRL…SUPLEX!!!!

(Fans cheering wildly as Bloody Mary Double Axe Handles Tiffany!)

Mutt: Mary may have just saved Medusa from elimination.

Bishop: Mary nailing Tiffany from behind. Tiff clutching her back, and Mary clipping the leg, and stomping away. Mary is down in weight as we know, it has added some quickness. Mary with a pick up and nailing away with Iowa Heaven Punches.

Blade:  Medusa crawling toward the near ropes to help her to her feet. Mary measuring Tiff….TORNADO PUNCH!!! Tiff is down!

(Fans all cheering!)

Mutt: Meanwhile, Vandervilt with a pick up and a boot to the midsection of the Princess. Vandervilt with a Gutwrench pick up….

Bishop: and Kallista flipping out of it! Kallista with a Gutwrench Pickup INTO A PILEDRIVER!!! Kallista with a Double Leg pick up, spins around and CATAPULTS Chelsea Vandervilt over the top!!!!

(Crowd chanting: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!)

Bishop: There’s the horn!

(Fans ***POP*** as “Pain it Black” by the Rolling Stones blares through the speakers.)

Bishop: AND the JUNGLE IS HERE!!!!

(Dawg Pound erupts as ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda comes running down the aisle.)

Mutt: Here comes the Indian from Bombay! Jungle sliding into the ring, and pounding away on Bloody Mary. Jungle with a handful of hair, and running for the near corner, Jumps up…and SMASHES Mary’s head into the turnbuckle!!!!

(Fans pop as Mary stumbles backwards!)

Bishop: Jungle with a head of steam and DOUBLE CLOTHESLINES MARY AND KALISTA!

(Fans *pop*)

Mutt: This is not a defensive wrestler. And she’s throwing everyone else off.

Blade: Jungle running for Tiffany Chandler, and nailing away with hard right hands, and now an Eye Gouge. Jungle Irish Whipping Tiffany into the near corner and Jungle with a head of steam…and a Dropkick!

(Fans cheering as Tiffany Chandler’s head bounces off the turnbuckle.)

 Bishop: Bloody Mary charging Jungle and Jungle with a Double Leg Pick up…RIGHT INTO A SPINEBUSTER!!!!!

(Fans cheering as Radhi Ananda climbs up the turnbuckles.)

Bishop: Bloody Mary is down, and Jungle diving off the top…. GUILOTINE LEG DROP!!!! YES! YES! YES!

(The Dawg Pound begins screaming as Medusa Rage and Radhi Ananda see eye to eye.)

Mutt: Oh damn!

Bishop: The Dawg Pound match up of the **century**!!!!!!!!!

(Fans all whistling as the 2 Dawg Pound favorites stalk each other.)

Blade: Radhi Ananda driving into Medusa Rage, and Rage nailing away with European Uppercuts. Jungle flying off of her feet, and Medusa now with boots to the midsection.

Spud: 30 seconds!

Mutt: Medusa with a handful of hair, and running Jungle over to the near corner, and Jungle sprinting toward the near corner, backflipping off the middle turnbuckle…?

Bishop: Medusa turning around and JUNGLE WITH A HEART PUNCH!!!

(Fans cheering as Medusa Rage drops down to one knee.)

Mutt: Tiffany Chandler rolling to the outside, as she looks out of it Sonya!

Blade: The ref warning her, and she’s clutching the back of her head.

Bishop: Jungle with a pick and an Irish Whip to the far side. Jungle with a run to the side ropes as Medusa bounces off…AND JUNGLE WITH A HIGH KNEE…AND MEDUSA WITH A Clothesline!


Mutt: Jungle gets nailed to the mat! She wasn’t expecting that at all! Medusa is a tough cookie.

(Crowd chanting: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!)

Bishop: There’s the horn!

(Fans POP as they hear ‘Bad Moon Risin’)

Mutt: Yukon Jane couldn’t have come at a better time.

Bishop: Medusa with a pick up, and a Military Press!!!

(Fans cheering wildly as she heads for the near ropes.)

Mutt: Jungle holding on by a dreadlock…and oh no! Jungle dropping down to Medusa’s shoulder’s and LOWERS HER WEIGHT STUN GUNNING Medusa!

(Fans cheer as Radhi Ananda climbs back into the ring.)

Blade: I am really surprised. Yukon Jane taking all of the allowable time on the outside. The ref’s are forcing her into the ring.

(Fans all stand as Jane enters the ring!)

Bishop: Jane up, and just surveying the ring. Tiffany Chandler climbs back into the ring, and staying well away from Jane.

Mutt: Meanwhile, Kallista pointing toward Jane. She’s trying to mobilize the other wrestlers against her. Jane slow to move in, and Radhi Ananda charges!

Bishop: Jungle and Jane trading punches, and Jane getting the better of the wild one! Jungle backing off and Jane with European Uppercuts. She’s taming the Jungle!!!

(Fans boo as Tiffany Chandler clips the leg from behind.)  Mutt:  Jane is down, and Tiff with a single leg pick up and a boot to the hamstring. Now extending the knee, and…


Mutt: What the hell?

(Big crowd pop as Radhi Ananda picks up Tiffany Chandler.)

Mutt: Tiffany was disposing of Jane. That’s excellent strategy. What the hell is wrong?

Bishop: Kallista with the same sentiment, and heading over to Jungle to complain and…Jungle with a handful of hair…


(Hardcores pop and the Dawg Pound barks: WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF!)

Bishop: WoW! Both women down, and now Jungle nailing away on Jane. Jungle removing the turnbuckle padding, and now a pick up. Jungle with a handful of hair and NAILS Jane in the corner!

(Dawg Pound cheers as Jungle nails her repeatedly.)

Mutt: Jane is dazed, BUT nailing away with hard right hands. Now a European Uppercut, and Jungle is dazed. Jane is enraged as blood runs down her face. Jane has been busted open!

Spud: 30 Seconds!

Bishop: Jane with a Side Headlock, and grinding down on Jungle. Jungle trying to push off, and Jane pounding away with hard right hand to the head. Tiffany Chandler up to her feet, and tossing Jungle to the mat and….


(Fans POP!!!)

Bishop: Jane with a pick up, and slaps Tiffany’s head between her legs. Kallista running to the far ropes, Springboarding off and right onto Yukon Jane’s shoulders…

(Fans pop as Jane disregards Kallista and slaps a Waistlock on Tiff.)

Bishop: Tiffany is in trouble, as Jane hoists her up…POWERBOMB!!!!

(Fans all on their feet!!!!1)

Bishop: And…Oh no. Jane snatching both of Kallista’s ankles as she pounds away on Jane’s head. Jane sneering and….REVERSE POWERBOMB!!!

Bishop: OH MY!!!!

(Loudest pop thus far!!)

Mutt: She slammed Kallista’s head into the mat by her ankles. That reverse Powerbomb has rendered Kallista motionless.

(Crowd chanting: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!)

Bishop: There’s the horn!

(Crowd boos as ‘Pump Pump’ by Snoop Doggy Dogg blares through the speakers.)

Mutt: Oh boy! That’s Miko Azai. Is she that lucky? My lord, this one is over in another 1:50 seconds!!!!

Bishop: Radhi Ananda isn’t done yet. Jungle climbing up the ropes and Jane turning around….and catches her!

Mutt: OH boy!


(Fans whistle and cheer as Yukon gets up to her knees.)

Mutt: Bloody Mary charging Jane, nailing away with those Iowa Heaven Punches! Jane is dazed, and this may be the only woman in Pro Wrestling that can match the inside game of Jane.

Bishop: Jane is dazed, and Mary Irish Whipping her to the side ropes. Jane bouncing off and Mary slapping a hand around Jane’s throat…

Blade: and Radhi Ananda clips the leg! What the hell is wrong with her?

(Fans pop as Radhi Ananda pounds away on Bloody Mary.)

Bishop: Jungle with a pick up, and a Short Arm Clothesline! Mary is down, and Jungle with a double leg pick up, and a Giant Swing Across the ring!

(Fans pop!)

Mutt: Mary up to her feet, and Jungle with a head of steam and a Double Forearm shot! Mary is dazed, and Jungle with a Waistlock, and hoists Mary high up into the air….A T O M I C D R O P!!!

(Fans all cheering as Bloody Mary flies over the top rope!)

Mutt: Mary is out of here.

Bishop: Miko Azai lurking on the outside, looking for a way to enter the ring. Miko climbing through the ropes, and Jane picking up Tiffany Chandler…and Chandler with an Eye Rake. Kallista and Tiffany now, nailing away with right hand jabs.

(Huge crowd pop as they Double Irish Whip Jane.)



Bishop: Now a Double Irish Whip to the near ropes, and both women hitting the ropes, Kallista holding on as Tiffany bounces off and…

Blade: Jane with a High Back Body Drop into a Military Press…AND TOSSES HER TO THE OUTSIDE!

(The Dawg Pound shoots up to their feet and do the W A V E !!!!)

Bishop: The fans are going off, and Radhi Ananda running up behind Jane and slapping on a Side Headlock! Jungle with a head of steam and she….

Mutt: JANE PUSHES OFF! Jungle flying over the top, and the biggest threat to her is gone. She was going for that Bulldog Stun Gun, and Jane just eliminated her.

(Fans cheering as Miko Azai sneaks up behind her.)

Mutt: Jane turning around and…Miko Azai with a Spinwheel Kick!

Bishop: And here comes Medusa Rage. Rage with a pick up, and nailing away with European Uppercuts. Jane is dazed, and Miko Azai firing in with Karate Chops! Jane backing off, and Medusa calling the shots.

Spud: 30 seconds!

Bishop: Mita drawing the last spot. But it’s anyone’s belt right now as Medusa slaps on a Waistlock for a Kneebreaker! And now Miko Azai with a Double Leg pick up, trying to flip Jane over…

(Crowd chanting: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!)

Bishop: There’s the horn!

(Fans pop at the thunder of Japanese Drums.)

Mutt: Keiko Mita slow to the ring, she is definitely in no shape to be wrestling.

Blade: And notice the team work going on right now. You have the unlikely duo of Medusa Rage and “Tokyo Thriller” Miko Azai teaming against Jane. This sort of teamwork wasn’t practical with a wild woman like Jungle in the ring.

Bishop: In the ring, Medusa has backed off, and Kallista moving in… Medusa turns on her!

Mutt: SO much for Sonya Blade’s theory.

Bishop: Medusa blindsiding the Princess with European Uppercuts. Kallista is dazed, and Medusa with an Inverted Neckbreaker!

(Hardcores barking: Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!)

Bishop: Miko still trying to get Jane over, but Yukon just so strong. Jane twirling around, and knocks Miko off of her feet!! Both women back up, and Miko nailing away with Karate Chops. Miko with an Irish Whip to the near ropes, no, reversal!

Blade: Miko comes flying off & YUKON JANE SCOOPS HER….POWEEEERSLAM!

(The arena explodes as the Dawg Pound erupts with barks!)


(Fans all cheering as Yukon Jane applies a double leg pick up.)

Mutt: Jane is gonna kill her. Jane flipping Miko over, and applies a Boston Crab! Jane so strong, my lord, you’d think she hadn’t wrestled tonight.

Bishop: Hold on! Keiko Mita in the ring. Mita watching as Medusa picks up Princess Kallista, & grabs a handful of tights…BACKBREAKER!

(Fans all cheering as Kallista winces in pain.)

Mutt: It has come down to these 5 women. Medusa drew #1, and Kallista #3. Medusa with a pick up, and a Scoop! Medusa running for the near ropes, and Kallista holding on!

Bishop: But Mita sneaking up behind…and scooping up Medusa Rage!

(Fans jump to their feet in anticipation!!!!!!!!!!!)

Bishop: Rage flailing her legs, and Mita…….DUMPS HER OVER!

(Fans all cheering as Kallista hits the floor!)

Bishop: Medusa so savvy, grabbing the bottom rope and hitting the ring apron.

Blade: Now Mita sneaking up behind Yukon Jane. Miko Azai screaming for the refs. She’s hurt, and Jane isn’t letting go. Mita with a head of steam and…DROPKICKS JANE IN THE back of the HEAD!

(Mixed cheers as Jane slams into the mat.)

Mutt: Medusa in the ring, and Mita with her back turned. Medusa is hesitant…but she runs up behind Mita and CONNECTS with a Lariat!

(Fans all cheering as Medusa picks up Mita.)

Bishop: Medusa, punching away at Mita’s head. She knows Mita may have a concussion. Mita already falling to the mat, and Medusa with a pick up, and a high knee to the midsection. WoW!

Mutt: Medusa with a handful of tights and a quick burst of speed as she hoists Mita over the top…

(Fans cheering as Keiko Mita skins the cat back into the ring.)

Bishop: Mita up on the top rope, & Medusa spinning around…too late!

(Big pop as Mita comes flying off the top!)

Mutt: Mita with a Springboard and a Mooooooooonsault!

(Crowd pops in amazement!)

Mutt: Both women down.

Bishop: Meanwhile, Miko Azai is crawling for the near ropes as Jane gets up to her knees. Azai climbing up the turnbuckles, and Jane pointing toward Miko!

Mutt: Jane has had it in for her ever since Miko Azai interfered in that street fight Jane had with Radhi Ananda. Bad blood everywhere.

Bishop: Jane charging and Miko Azai with a Flying Forearm shot!

(Fans booing as Jane hits the mat.)

Mutt: And Miko clutching her back.

Bishop: Miko slow to her feet, and now stomping away on that cut of Jane’s. Miko with a pick up and a karate chop! Now a Double Axe Handle and Jane doubles over…DDT!

(Fans boo as Miko Azai points down at Yukon Jane.)

Bishop: Medusa Rage up to her knees, and Mita is still down. She shouldn’t be wrestling. Hold on, Miko Azai moving in and a Karate Chop!

Blade: Miko’s back is in terrible shape, and I believe…

Mutt: Medusa fires back with a European Uppercut! Miko baking off, and Medusa with another! And another! Medusa with an Irish Whip to the far side as she keeps her back to the near corner. Miko bouncing off and ….GOES FOR A FRANKENSTEINER….

Blade: But can’t get Medusa over.

(Fans cheer.)

Mutt: Medusa with a Double Leg Lock, and FALLING Backwards for a Stun Gun! Medusa now, with a knee and a handful of tights and…


(Dawg pound barking as Miko Azai hits the floor!)

Mutt: OH damn!

(Fans on their feet cheering!)

Bishop: Yukon Jane, with blood pouring down her face, pointing at Medusa.  Medusa pointing down at Keiko Mita, and Jane stalking Medusa.

(Fans screaming as the two heavyweights encircle each other.)

Mutt: Collar and Elbow tie up, and JANE SHOVES MEDUSA TO THE MAT!

(Dawg Pound chanting: ‘DUSA! ‘DUSA! ‘DUSA! ‘DUSA! ‘DUSA! )

Bishop: Medusa back up and Jane moving in. Medusa with an eye rake, and now drawing back for a Headbutt. Jane dazed, and Medusa with European Uppercuts. Jane backing off, and Medusa with a Front face lock and Vertical Suplex…

(DAWG POUND *POPS* as Yukon Jane sits right back up!)

Blade: Oh damn.

Bishop: What?!

Mutt: Jane is up? Medusa slow to her feet as she turns around…and Jane with HARD right hands! Jane is rocking Medusa. Medusa losing ground, and Jane nailing away with jabs right to the head!

Blade: Medusa firing back with punches, and Jane shrugging them off?

Bishop: Jane with a handful of hair, and now rapid high knee shots to the head. Medusa hooking the leg though and…POWERSLAMMING JANE!!

(Fans all cheering while Keiko Mita gets to her feet.)

Bishop: Medusa can’t capitalize. Medusa up on her knees, and she is dazed. Jane slow to her feet, and Keiko Mita running up and nailing with stiff kicks to the leg, ribs, back to the legs and ribs again! Muy Thai Leg Kicks have Jane rocking, and she’s down!

(Mixed cheers as Mita jostles Medusa Rage.)

Blade: Rage and Mita working in tandem now. Medusa with a handful of hair, and she’s pointing out to the floor. Mita with a Hammerlock on Jane, and they run toward the far ropes and….



Bishop: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh My!!!!!

(Fans pop as Medusa Rage slaps the ring apron in anger.)

Mutt: Mita, that Japanese snake. You can’t trust them damn foreign…

Bishop: Ahem, YOU are a foreigner Sam Mutt. This is Canada.

Mutt: oh.

Bishop: Jane on the mat, and Mita just lying in weight. Medusa slaps the canvas in anger again, and Mita not even acknowledging her. Jane is up, and Mita with a Karate kick to the ribs! Jane doubles over, and Mita with a Karate Chop…

(Fans go: Whooooooooooooooooo!)

Bishop: Jane is hurt, but CLUBS Mita with a random right hand. Mita is down. Medusa lurking on the outside as the refs attempt to get her away. Jane with a pick up, and a WILD right hand!

(Fans all on their feet as Jane points down at Mita.)

Mutt: Mita crawling into the ropes, but Jane with a Waistlock pick up and attempts to toss Mita, but Mita with a Side Headlock into a headscissors? Mita with hold on the top ring rope and….

Bishop: FLIPS YUKON JANE OVER THE TOP RING ROPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(Huge crowd pop as the momentum flies Keiko Mita through the ropes and she lands on the floor!!!)


(Fans stand on their feet and applaud as Keiko Mita lays motionless on the floor.)

Mutt: Well, Medusa and Jane fought long and hard. I was just about to call Jane the new champion.

Blade: I thought this was MEDUSA’s night. Medusa drew the number 1 spot, and if Mita doesn’t eliminate her, I think she makes history.

Mutt: nah, it was Jane’s night. It took 2 women, hell!, it took everyone in the Royal Rumble just to wear her down. This gal has a future ahead of her.

Bishop: But what about the champion? Mita comes in injured, Karate Chopping and Moonsaulting all over the ring. Mita won this match with the intellect. She truly gave her all.

Spud: Ladies and gentlemen, at 38 minutes 50 seconds. Your winner, and Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeew Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance Western Heritage Champion is……”Kyoto Crippler” Keiko Mita!!!!!

(Fans all cheering as GDWA officials head down the aisle. Mita climbs into the ring wearily as Dalbello leads the officials into the ring.)

Bishop: GDWA Vice President Alison De La Cruz and others presenting the Crippler with the trophy. Mita can hardly stand as she holds the trophy above her head.

(Fans still cheering, the ringside fans chant: MITA! MITA! MITA!)

Mutt: And Dalbello holding the belt in her hand….

Sierra: Hold up! Hold up! Hold up!

[Sierra Browne comes down the runway, eyeing the passage, expecting to get jumped at any time. Dalbello Rage holds the title belt back as Sierra walks up to her and takes it. She eyes the belt.]

Bishop: The nerve!

(Fans are ALL booing as Sierra looks Mita up and down.)

Sierra: I won this belt with my blood sweat and tears and nobody ever honored me for it. All I got was jealousy, sadness and bitterness.  They didn’t ever accept me as the Great Western Heritage champion.  Officer Order cried, the rest of the league pooh-poohed. Mita, you have a responsibility with this belt to wear it well and display yourself proudly. You are now among the elite in the GDWA and I tell you right now, if you don’t represent like a champion should, then the suits up there in the ivory towers will eat you up and spit you out. So, wear this belt well. And just remember that you’re wearing this because of the legacy I left, because of the achievement I strove for. So, I tell you know. This is the championship of the busiest wrestler in the GDWA. And I swear to you, if you don’t sweat blood while you’re wearing this belt, I’ll kick your ass and take it right back from you.

[Sierra sneers at the fans as they start to boo.]

Sierra: You know, this is usually the time in the GDWA when people get jumped. But there ain’t no way I’m gonna play it like that. I’m not gonna disgrace you or my championship. Dalbello, hand over the belt and let’s get the hell out of here. These people make me sick.

[Dalbello takes the belt, polishing it with her fingers one last time and hands it over.]

Dalbello: Listen, if you ever need management, you know who to call.

[Dalbello and Sierra back away to a safe distance and then walk away.]

Mutt: Ha! Ha!

Bishop: How dare she? Always trying to steal the spotlight!!!

Mutt: Mita strapping the belt around her waist as she holds herself up with the ring rope.

(Fans pop as fireworks shoot out of the ring posts and fans with foam katanas wave them throughout the arena.)

Bishop: Mita follows in the tradition of Sierra Browne, Officer Order, Radhi Ananda and Sachie Yokoyama…

Mutt: And we’ll see how long she can hold onto that belt. Heck, she got lucky she drew #10. But luck won’t be involved when she’s gotta defend that belt. Savannah Charles is the #1 contender and she’s got Bloody Mary and other contenders breathing down her neck. Oh, we’ll see how long she holds on.

Blade: Congratulations Mita. Not the Syndicate, not Sierra Browne, not even Bloody Mary could keep you away from this. You are the champion.

(Fans chant: MITA! MITA! MITA! As the Crippler points out to the ringside fans in acknowledgement.)

Bishop: Mita being helped out of the ring, and our pay per view is coming to a close. The Internet title bout is next along with Medusa vs. Andrea to decide WHO is Ironwoman.

[Scene opens showing a furiously looking Gojira Takeshima confronting a man in a dark suit, in a back hallway of the arena.]

Gojira: WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?! I thought there was SECURITY in this place??

[The man says something, then points past her at the camera. Gojira turns to glare back in the direction of the camera.]

Gojira: WHAT?! Ok, WHERE is that camera?

[Gojira approaches the camera, pointing at it.]

Gojira: Let me tell you something! And you better play this because I’ve never been more serious in my life! You tell Pres. Paul Vessey! You tell Organized Crime! But most of all, you tell the Suicide Blondes, that what happened tonight IS GOING TO BE THE ENTIRE END OF THE SUICIDE BLONDES CAREERS!

[Gojira yells something in guttural Japanese and kicks the wall next to a door.]

Gojira: BABY JANE! TAYLOR! That’s MY best friend in the whole world.  My PARTNER laying in there! And if you hurt my friend, my partner, SOMEONE IS GOING TERMINAL! What you have done here is just the beginning! If you think you are going to do the same to me, then YOU JUST TRY IT! Because what you are dealing with now is something you have NEVER SEEN IN YOUR ENTIRE LIVES! You think this is done? You’ll carry that thought to your graves!

[Gojira snarls then opens the door and walks inside, slamming the door behind her.]

Bishop: Gojira looking for blood, and I don’t blame her. My lord, someone has to stop Organized Crime.

Mutt: Well, we have what could be the Main Event tonight. Daisy Jobberfly…

Blade: That’s Butterfly!

Bishop: Daisy Butterfly, Sierra Browne and Micki Duran in a 3 Way Dance for the INTERNET Heavyweight title. And I for one do not envy Sierra Browne.

Mutt: OH yeah. But look at it this way. Daisy don’t get along with the Syndicate. We could just see an all-out blood bath in Canada.

[Devil Inside by INXS starts to play and Black Lotus comes out, strolling casually down to the announcers table. She wears a tight leather body suit that covers her body totally except for her face, which is painted in white, with elaborate black around her eyes and mouth. Leathers straps connected by shiny metal buckles draw the suit even tighter than normally possible.]

Mutt: Hey, it’s my girl.

Bishop: GDWA rookie Black Lotus coming down to ringside fans. And this is a reminder that the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance is the premier source for the best in women’s wrestling. We’re always looking for new and exceptional talent.

[Black Lotus slithers over the table to slide into Bishop’s lap.]

Black Lotus (purring): Hello pets. Two of the top three pure mat wrestlers are wrestling tonight, you didn’t think the third could miss this match. Sierra Browne, ex-protégé of Medusa Rage, now going far beyond her mentor. Micki Duran, the ‘Legend’ of the Syndicate. And Daisy Butterfly, the goodest of the good girls of the GDWA. It should be a deliciously interesting match.

Blade: Yes Lotus, we were just discussing that.

Mutt: Enough of the yack-yack. Who’s your pick Lotus?

Black Lotus: Mmm…not an easy question to answer. But I love to surprise people and Daisy Butterfly is my favorite.

Bishop: Daisy Butterfly??

Mutt: What?!

Black Lotus: Yes. She’s the best submissions wrestler in the GDWA short of my own sweet self. Sierra Browne is resourceful but it’s hard to pull out a surprise in a threesome match. Micki Duran would need to put ‘The End’ Diamond Cutter on both of them to get a fast pin. But when you have broken down someone’s body to the point they simply can’t take it anymore….well. A pin takes three long seconds. A submission takes just one ‘I quit’.

Blade: I must confess, I definitely agree. But what I’m interested in seeing are the double team match ups that are inevitable in a 3 Way Dance….

Bishop: Fans, let’s clarify some of this wrestling verbiage for you. A Triple Threat Match has 3 opponents going at one another. In that contest, one of the opponents is out on the ring apron while the other two are in the ring. Any of the ring in ring competitors can tag in for a respite…or even a double team…

Mutt: But what makes this so sweet is that in a 3 Way Dance, there is not retreat, and no surrender. You got the Internet title up for grabs because all 3 women are in the ring at once. May the best GDWA’er win!

Black Lotus: That’s yet to be seen.

Blade: That’s my line…and who invited you down here anyway?!

(Fans begin to cheer as Spud McKenzie climbs the ring steps into the ring. Fans jump to attention and chants of: DAISY! DAISY! can be heard throughout the arena.)

GDWA Internet Championship: Daisy Butterfly vs. Micki Duran vs. Sierra Browne

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is a SPECIAL 3 Way Dance for the Internet Heavyweight Championship! All managerial staff and GDWA athletes have been banned from ringside for this contest. It is scheduled for one fall with a 30 minute time limit….

(FANS ALL POP & HOOT as they hear “Let me Clear my Throat” by DJ KOOL.)

Spud: First, hailing from San Francisco, California! She is 5 feet 7 inches, 130 pounds! Here is the “FRANCHISE”…..your FORMER GDWA Internet Champion………………….Daisy Butterfly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Daisy walks briskly to the ring, with focus in her eyes as she glares directly into the ring. She enters the ring wearing a black sleeveless bodysuit with white boots and kneepads. Her face is painted in a Kabuki-style, white with black and red stripes across her face.  Fireworks shoot across the top of the arena as fans are all on their feet.)

Bishop: Last year, Daisy did the impossible! She defeated Lanny Manson and Zaranna to become the very first Ironwoman of Grand Dragon. And now, as Medusa Rage and Andrea Chandler prepare to decide who will bare that torch for the next year, we see if Daisy can beat the odds for a second year and become the first 2 time Internet Champion.

Blade: Daisy in the ring now, and she’s heading directly for the near corner and sitting in it. You’ve got to wonder if she’s taking Medusa’s strategy of caged fury. Medusa knows how to hone and focus her anger now with her spiritual rebirth. Daisy has got to remain focused.

Spud: And her opponent, representing the Syndicate…

(Fans all boo as they hear “All I Really Want” by Alanis Morissette.)

Spud: Hailing from Lake Ponchatrain, Louisiana! She is 5 feet 8 inches, 124 pounds, here is ‘the Legend’ Micki Duran!

Mutt: Hey, you think Organized Crime is watching this? I mean, they somehow lured ‘Sexy’ Sally McClane away from the Syndicate. It was one of the biggest embarrassments for that organization…you don’t think Ma Porter is trying to put them out of business?

Blade: I wouldn’t put anything past Big Ma. Porter has said before there is only room for one stable in Grand Dragon.

(Duran heads down the aisle ignoring the fans, and enters the ring wearing a white singlet with the word ‘legend’ written across the back, with matching boots, wrist tape and a headband. A red heart is painted over her eye.)

Bishop: The crowd really getting into this one. The bi-titled champion is on the hit list of the Syndicate, but they equally can’t stand the vanity and arrogance of Browne. We know who the fans are rooting for in this one.

Spud: And THEIR opponent…

(Fans all boo as they hear ‘Brown Girl’ blast through the speakers.)

Spud: Hailing from Port of Spain, Trinidad. She is 5 feet 10 inches, 130 even pounds, the Bi-titled champion and defending her Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance Internet Heavyweight Championship….

(Fans all boo as the arena goes black and golden sprinkles shower down from above. Continuous boos can be heard as Sierra Browne steps through the ring curtain, and twirls around embracing the jeers.)

Spud: ‘Golden Girl’…..Sierrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrra Brrrrrrrrrrrowne!

(MAJOR booing as Sierra Browne heads down the aisle, veering away from fans. She wears a gold unitard and matching ankle-high, heavy boots. Her powerful thighs shine a dark brown against the spandex material.  Her short finger waved hair is highlighted with gold streaks. She carries the Internet Heavyweight Championship in her arms as she sneers at her opponents.)

Bishop: Browne may be even more despised here in Canada than in America. Duran pointing fingers at the belt, and now cussing out Daisy Butterfly. Daisy simply glaring, almost pensively, as she keeps wary of both women.

Blade: Browne entering the ring, and the referee has the belt. The ref going over the rules. Fans, this is it!

(Fans all cheering as the three women glare at each other. Daisy comes out of the corner while Sierra crouches down, with her back to the ropes.)

Bishop: Let’s hook ’em up!


Bishop:  Duran immediately on Browne, but Browne with those European Uppercuts, knocking all hell out of Duran. Daisy just looking on, and Browne with a boot to the midsection, and a High Knee Lift!

Blade: Browne back up and….A RUNNING DROPKICK ON DAISY!

(Fans booing as Daisy Butterfly is stunned in the corner.)

Blade: Browne running over and nailing Daisy with European Uppercuts! Another Uppercut, and Daisy looks stunned. Browne now, Irish Whipping Daisy, no! She held on to the ropes. Now Daisy nailing away with those Open Hand Slaps! More open Hand Slaps to the chest…and she

Bishop: and she Irish Whips Browne to the far corner. Daisy running to the middle of the ring as Browne bounces out….and a High Back Body Drop!!!

(Mixed cheering as Sierra Browne lands on her feet.)

Bishop: Micki Duran moving in, but Browne backing into the near corner. Duran with a Collar and Elbow, and Browne with a low blow! Duran doubling over.

(Fans all cheering as Daisy cautiously moves in on the two.)

Bishop: Daisy moving in and Browne forward rolling over Duran’s back, and the two lock up! Duran looks sloppy guys.

Mutt: Collar and Elbow, and Daisy with a Front Chancery, and Browne immediately dropping down to the mat. A Chancery is similar to a Front Face lock, except you are able to drive the chest against the forehead, adding pressure to the neck. Browne using the most conventional means of escape.

Blade: Daisy with a slight leverage advantage, and Browne moving back into the ropes. Great awareness by the champ. Both women back up as the ref forces the break, and Daisy with a VISCIOUS Open Hand slap!

(Fans pop!)

Bishop: Browne with a desperate another European Uppercut, and now a Side Headlock! Daisy powering out of it and applying a Hammerlock!  Browne backing into the ropes, and Duran moving in WITH A CLOTHESLINE!

Mutt: Both Daisy and Browne go over the top!

(Fans boo as Browne and Daisy lay on the floor, momentarily stunned.)

Blade: Both women up, and Browne moving away from Daisy. Browne doing VERY well. I’m impressed how she’s kept these two off.

Bishop: Back in the ring, Browne and Duran locking up and Duran with an Overhead Wristlock. Duran so strong, Browne with right hands to the midsection, and now Daisy in the ring, and a boot to the middle!

Blade: And now Daisy applying an Overhead Wristlock! Both women attempting to force Browne down…the champion crouching and a forward flip?!

Mutt: Browne on her feet and FORWARD FLIPS FOR A DOUBLE ARM DRAG TAKEDOWN!!!!!

(The Rage family in the Dawg Pound cheer as both challengers hit the canvas.)

Mutt: I expect to see a lot more Freestyle wrestling in the next few minutes.

Bishop: Indeed. Browne running for the far ropes, bouncing off and Daisy drops back down to the mat as Browne swings a Double Axe Handle..

Blade: And Duran DUCKS and hooking the arm as Sierra Browne swings on buy…slapping on a Full Nelson…


(Fans cheering as Daisy drops to the mat and grapevines the leg!)

Blade: ……1……2…..shoulder up! Browne trying to get to her feet, but Duran with a Drop toe hold as Daisy jumps up and heads for the ropes. Daisy bouncing off…AND A SINGLE LEG PICK UP AND TAKEOVER!

(Fans POP!!!)

Bishop: Daisy with a Single Leg Pick up, and Duran with a Single Leg Pick up. The two women look at each other quizzically…AND APPLY A DOUBLE FALLAWAY LEGSNAP!

(Fans pop as Sierra Browne’s legs are split!)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit. 20 remaining.

Blade: Duran pointing down at Browne, and Daisy pointing down. They seem to be working in cooperation for now.

Bishop: Duran with a pick up and slapping on a Waistlock…Belly to Back Suplex….AND DAISY WITH A HEAD OF STEAM AND A LEGDROP TO THE UPPERBODY!

(Dawg Pound cheering as Daisy picks up Browne.)

Bishop: Browne is in trouble! Daisy with a hand about the waist as she slaps a hand around Browne’s ankle, hoists her up….and Browne with a Headscissors!!!

Mutt: Duran rushing in, and Sierra Browne slapping on a Side Headlock.

(Mixed cheers as Sierra Browne twirls both women to the mat.)

Bishop: WoW!

Blade: …..Hold on! Duran and Daisy slow to their feet as Browne nails away with Roundhouse Kicks to the head of Daisy! Daisy is stunned, and Browne with a spurt and quick headlock…. D D T!!!

Bishop: But Duran moving in, and Sierra with a Legsweep!

(Fans cheering!)

Mutt: She borrowed that from Officer Order.

Blade: Browne up to her feet and with a pick up. Daisy getting to her feet as Browne slaps Duran’s head between her legs and double Underhooks the arms….


(Fans cheering.)

Blade: Hold on! Duran with a Double Leg pick up, hoisting Browne up in the air and MILITARY PRESSING HER!!! DURAN WITH A LUNGE & *TOSSES* BROWNE HALFWAY ACROSS THE RING.

(Mixed cheers!)

Black Lotus: THAT is what makes Micki Duran such a dangerous opponent. For a sexy lady standing 5’8″ and 125 pounds or so, she’s amazingly strong. I’d love to match my technique against her power and skill. Daisy proved a real submission wrestler can take the Legend. And if I took her, I might keep her.

Bishop: Daisy moving into the near corner and picking up Browne.  Daisy now, with Irish Whip to Duran WHO *connects* with a Superkick!

(Fans groan as Sierra Browne hits the canvas.)

Mutt: Damn.

Blade: Hey….

Bishop: Duran with a pick up, and Belly to Belly Suplex! Now Daisy with a pick up and slaps Sierra’s head between her legs. Daisy slaps on a Waistlock and hoists up Browne….AND MICKI DURAN WITH AN INVERTED FRONT FACE LOCK….

Mutt: E N D  D I A M O N D  C U T T E R ! ! ! !

(Fans all cheering! Ringside fans chant: Let’s Go Daisy!)

Blade: Daisy really being cheering from the crowd. But it’s Duran who picks up Sierra Browne and CONNECTS WITH ANOTHER DIAMOND CUTTER!!!

(Hardcores cheer as Sierra Browne’s head bounces off the mat.)

Blade: What the hell?

Black Lotus: I think they would make a great team. Both are great great wrestlers. And Micki could only be a good influence on Daisy Butterfly. Daisy has been way to nice in the past and it’s cost her. With a better attitude, Daisy and Micki could make a serious run at the tag titles.

Mutt: You’re telling me.

(Fans all scream as Micki Duran makes the cover…)

 Ref: 1…………………………….2……………………no!

(Fans cheer as Daisy Butterfly pulls Duran off of Sierra Browne.)

Bishop: Daisy with a pick up and a WAISTLOCK TOSS across the ring!

(Fans all cheering!)

Mutt: Browne is hurt. Her leg was bothering her earlier tonight, and that Flying Headscissors by Jennifer Grier doesn’t help any.  Daisy with a Tilt a Whirl pick up into a Backbreaker!!!!

Blade: Daisy with a pick up and a Dragon Screw Legwhip! Browne weakly clutching her knee, and Daisy with a Single Leg pick up, twirls around to her knees and applies an Ankle Submission Lock!

(Fans all cheering as Sierra Browne crumbles slaps the mat in pain.)

Spud: 20 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit. 10 remaining.

Bishop: Duran is fuming up against the ropes as Daisy works on the submission win. Browne slapping the mat in agony. That left ankle of Browne has been an old enemy of hers.

Blade: Browne into the ropes, and Daisy not letting go. She’s going for the kill.

Black Lotus: You know, I’d simply adore getting Daisy in the ring.  She’s the second best submission wrestler in the GDWA and that is such an intriguing challenge. She’s beaten so many great wrestlers with that Butterfly Deathlock. But I *am* the Submission Queen and it would be such sweet music to hear that soft little Butterfly give in to my darkness.

Mutt: Hey, Daisy is showing you what *not* to do against her. And I’d love to see you whoop the snot out of the Buzzard Fly.

Ref: …………………….3……………………4………….

Blade: Daisy breaking, and now rapping Browne’s leg in the middle ropes. Daisy jumping up and a butt drop to the knee! Browne may have to call it quits before something serious…

(Fans all boo as Micki Duran shoves Daisy out of the way!)

Blade: No cover! No cover! Duran with a pick up and a slaps Browne’s face between her legs. She hoists Browne up to a Vertical base and Daisy with a hold of Browne’s legs….SPIKE PILEDRIVER!!!

(Fans scream as Sierra Browne lays motionless on the mat.)

Bishop: The COVER!









(Fans shocked as Micki Duran pulls up!)

Blade: Micki Duran with a Single Leg pick up, and points to the Dawg Pound. Duran with a Spinning Toe Hold right into a Figure Four!!!

(Dawg Pound barking: WooF! WooF!  WooF! WooF! WooF!)

Bishop: The ref about to ring the bell, and Daisy shoves him! Daisy quick to the near corner, climbs up the buckles and is up top! Daisy measuring and jumps……LEGDROP TO THE HEAD OF BROWNE!!!!

(Fans screaming as Sierra Browne lays motionless.)

Blade: Daisy showing her vicious side. This is too much though. The ref needs to stop this.

Bishop: Duran breaking the Figure Four, & Daisy and she with a double pick up. Daisy Butterfly and Micki Duran with a Double Side Headlock. Browne is not even standing, she’s being held up as….

Mutt: Double Side Russian Leg Sweep!!!!

(Mixed cheers as both women get up to their feet.)

Bishop: Duran stomping on the ankle, and now a Double Leg pick up. Daisy with a double leg pick-up. Daisy falling back for a slingshot, AND Micki Duran with a VISCIOUS Lariat on Sierra Browne!!!!!

(Many Boos and Mixed cheers as Sierra Browne plummets to the mat.)

Bishop: And now Micki Duran with a Single Leg pick up into a Spinning Toe Hold FOR A FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK!!!!

(Fans cheer as Daisy Butterfly applies a Single Arm Pick up.)

Blade: Daisy with a Step Over Armbar…..& APPLIES THE BUTTERFLY DEATHLOCK!!!!

(Huge crowd pop as both women rock into their holds.)

Spud: 1 minute remaining! 60 seconds!

Blade: The ref is ready to call the match…and Daisy releasing?


Bishop: Sierra is gone! And Duran won’t release! Daisy walking away into the near corner, and Duran still working on that Figure Four!! The ref throwing out warnings….

Ref: 1………………………..2……………..3…………..

Bishop: Daisy sitting in the near corner, and Duran won’t release!

Ref: 4………………………………….5…………………


(Fans all cheering as Daisy Butterfly raises her fists in the air.)

Blade: Duran won’t release, and the ref forcing the break, getting physical with Duran. The ref has called for a stretcher! Paramedics running down the aisle.

Bishop: Duran sliding out of the ring, and grabbing the Internet title. I smell trouble.

(Fans all cheering as Officer Order raises Daisy Butterfly’s hand in victory!)

Spud: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner via Disqualification! And the Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew Internet Heavyweight Champion….

(MAJOR Cheers as fireworks shoot into the air and “Nutcracker Suite” blasts through the speakers!!!!)

Spud: “The Franchiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiise”……Daisy Butterfly!!!!!!!!!!

(Fans cheer as Nutcracker Suite blares through the speakers with incredible intensity! Micki Duran enters the ring with the Internet title.)

Mutt: Oh yeah! Duran is gonna belt the Franchise…and I’m not talking in a dignified way.

Bishop: OH my God! Sierra Browne is being carted out of the ring, and here come the Syndicate!!! Andrea Chandler, Tiffany Chandler and the Kingpin running down the aisle and entering the ring.

(Fans all on their feet as Daisy Butterfly walks out of the corner and exchanges words with the Kingpin.)

Blade: Duran circling Daisy….Daisy’s muscles are tight. In just a moment we are gonna have….

Bishop: Duran standing behind Daisy Butterfly…and straps on the belt.

(Fans stand watching as Micki Duran buckles the straps.)

Bishop: Daisy is motionless as the ref cautiously raises her hand around the Syndicate. Andrea Chandler walking up to Daisy as Micki Duran backs off and…….

(Fans at ringside mumble confusedly as Andrea hugs Daisy Butterfly.)

Bishop: I don’t understand.

(Tiffany Chandler walks up to Daisy and slaps her on the back and embraces Daisy Butterfly.)

Bishop: What?

(The Kingpin walks up to Daisy and stares her in the eye. Daisy stands stoically as the Kingpin extends his hand.)

Bishop: What? I don’t….what?

(Daisy reaches for him and shakes his hand as fans around the arena scream. Ringsiders shake their head and children begin to cry. Adults spit and curse expletives. Noses run and the various faces of ringsiders either turn red or turn away. Micki Duran throws her arm around the shoulders of Daisy and points to the new Internet Champion.)

Bishop: no….no, not….no……no….

(Allen Bishop lays the headset upon the broadcast table and heads back to the locker room area.)

Blade: Oh my God! NO, not Daisy! NO… (Tears well down her face as she looks on.) No Daisy, not you! Not *you* Daisy…

Mutt: ………….

(Fans continue screaming as Keiko Mita storms through the ring curtains wearing jeans a tank top, and a wrap around her head. She hobbles halfway down ringside before Officer Order bursts through the curtain.)

Blade: (sniffing) Order is here! Order grabbing Mita, and Mita shoving her away! Order running past her and positioning herself in front of Keiko Mita. Mita pointing into the ring and screaming! Mita screaming just one word. Just one word for Daisy Butterfly…._WHY_! Why Daisy?

(Fans continue to boo as Micki Duran calls for the microphone.)

Blade: I can’t blame Bishop for leaving, this is…this is *not* sports entertainment. This is not why I’m here. This isn’t why I was hired to be a broadcaster.

Mutt: ………….

Black Lotus: Why’s not? I’m not surprised by what happened? Not truly. Daisy Butterfly has been in the light so long, she had created an imbalance. To correct that, well, the goodest of the good girls might just have to be the baddest of the bad now. Now that Daisy has embraced the darkness in her, she might finally find the success that has eluded her. If I’m Officer Order, I’d be worried right now. Well, pets. Time for me to take my leave…

[Black Lotus grins, then slithers over the table to leave. Fans ignore her as they look into the ring and shake their heads. Programs for the Fall Moonsault sail through the air and cups of water and soda fly into the ring as the Syndicate looks on.]

Mutt: Andrea Chandler calling Mita and Order into the ring. Tiffany looking on and leans through the ropes, pointing at Keiko Mita. Mita with red as she spits toward the ring. Order with a placid look on her face as she pushes Mita back toward the locker-room.

Blade: Duran has the mic, but this crowd nearly up in arms. Duran can’t get a word in edge wise….is this what competition has come to in Grand Dragon? That wasn’t even a match….my lord, Browne was bamboozled, inveigled, hoodwinked…that wasn’t a match we saw. It was a massacre. They butchered the Golden Girl.

(Debris clutters the ring as the referee demands that the Syndicate leave. Micki Duran points toward the ring curtain and laughs heartily while Daisy Butterfly glances around the stands. Fans tear their signs and children’s tears smear off their Daisy Butterfly make up. The Dawg Pound is silent as they look on at the new champion.)

Duran: THIS is the Syndicate! When we do things, we do ’em right. Sierra’s GDWA career is over. The faster they rise, the quicker they burn out…

(Fans continue to jeer and curse until “Symphony 9: From the New World 3rd Movement” by Dvorak begins its crescendo, the ominous cellos swelling to the bursting point. The curtains part and Medusa is borne through the parted curtains on a sedan. Ten powerful, oiled and shaven Black men in kente cloth wraps bear her towards the ring.  Medusa reclines in her throne, Serpentine coiled around her. Medusa’s eyes are locked on the ring, focused and unwavering. She is wrapped in a red kente cloth and her head is tied up in a matching wrapped turban gale. Her throat is wrapped with hammered gold necklaces and her right hand drips with big ankh-shaped gold rings.  The sedan stops 10 feet from the ring and gets lowered to the ground. Medusa steps down, shedding her cloth and gale to reveal a red rubber cat suit with the hard black boots and knee guards. She removes her rings and her necklaces. She releases Serpentine to the care of her porters.  Medusa regards the crowd and raises her fist.]

Blade: Medusa Rage storming the ring, and the Syndicate easily leaving ringside. Andrea Chandler at ringside, and Medusa looking on.

Mutt: Medusa looks intense, but not furious. Maybe she doesn’t know. Maybe she doesn’t know what they did to Sierra.

Blade: Hold on, I think Whalen has a video for us.

Medusa Rage

[Fade in: Medusa sits cross-legged on the floor, gospel music playing as she sings along with it, totally at ease, totally relaxed.   Melanda Hartley just scratches her head as she approaches. Medusa jumps to her feet, grabbing Melanda’s hand and continues to sing the prayers, catching the spirit.]

Medusa: Let it shine! Let it shine! Let it shine! Oh Lord!

Melanda: This is perhaps the most unusual preparation for a match I’ve ever seen. You’re going out there to face Andrea Chandler, the most feared wrestler in the squared circle today and you’re SINGING?

Medusa: (throwing an arm around Melanda) My dear, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Andrea Chandler doesn’t and never will scare me. Yes, she’s strong. Yes, she’s methodical. Yes, she’s a brilliant strategist and scout. I don’t doubt any of that for a moment. But let’s figure one thing out. I’m all those things, too. This is the match that should have taken place between us at Founder’s Day Tradition last year. Only Andrea wouldn’t sign the match. We’re friends, true. But this is wrestling. This is competition. Two women fighting to determine who’s better. I know it’s me. And Andrea believes it’s her. One of us has to go forth in all our beliefs and prove that I was not wrong in mine.

Melanda: Huh?

Medusa: Let me put it more simply. I’m gonna kick the Ritch Bitch’s ass.

[Medusa bursts into a beatific smile as she goes back to singing even as she leaves for the ring. Melanda stares after her, scratching her head.]

Melanda: I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Medusa many times, but this has to be the strangest side of her I’ve ever seen. If I didn’t know better I’d say she wasn’t scared at all!

Mutt: Medusa has been heard saying she has little to no respect for Syndicate any more. What the hell will she think of Andrea Chandler and her Syndicate once she finds out about poor Sierra Browne?

(Spud McKenzie hustles into the ring and points at Medusa.)

Medusa Rage vs. Andrea Chandler

Spud: Wrestling fans, our final bout of the night is the 6th of 6 Ironwoman Square Dance match ups. It is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit…..(ahem) already in the ring….given birth in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, given spirit in New York, New York and given soul in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada…

(MAJOR POP as the arena chant: ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa!)

Spud: She is 6 feet tall, weighing in at 160 pounds, here is…. MEDUSA RAGE!

Blade: These fans have one hope tonight, and that is in Medusa Rage. Andrea Chandler is at ringside, standing near the Canadian announcer’s table. My lord, I never thought I’d be rooting for Medusa Rage so ardently.

Mutt: …………

Spud: And her opponent, representing the Syndicate!

(MAJOR boos as Andrea Chandler points at Medusa Rage and talks things over with the Kingpin.)

Spud: Hailing from….

(FANS POP as Medusa Rage runs toward the near ropes…….)


(Fans all cheering as Medusa Rage pulls Andrea Chandler up to the ring apron.)

Blade: Medusa with one handful of tights and lugs her over the top rope into the ring!


Mutt: There’s the bell, and Andrea is getting stomped by Medusa.  Andrea down on the mat, and Medusa stomping a hole into Andrea’s middle. The dreadlocked one with a pick up and Andrea immediately backpedals toward the ropes…

Blade: And Medusa clutching her wrist and whipping her to the ropes. Andrea bouncing off and Medusa with a High Back Body…no! Medusa with a Sidewalk Slam!!!

(Huge pop as Medusa becomes incensed.)

Blade: Medusa pounding away with hard right hands, and Andrea is dazed. Medusa with a pick up and a high knee to the midsection….

Mutt: …but Andrea with an Armpit Face lock…INVERTED DDT!

(Fans groan as Andrea Chandler grapevine’s Medusa’s leg.)

Ref: 1………………………..kick out!

(Fans cheering as Medusa Rage kicks out at the 1 count.)

Mutt: Andrea is stunned. Medusa should be out of breath from those earlier matches tonight. Somehow, she’s reaching down deep for the Ironwoman title.

Blade: Andrea with a side headlock, and Medusa is grounded. It’s been such an amazing night. Medusa Rage entering this contest with 25 points. She MUST get a pinfall or submission to win. A Countout will earn her a total of 40 points for a draw, and they’ll have to wrestle off for the title…

Mutt: And Medusa does not have the energy to go for another 15 minutes after this contest. Andrea tightening the headlock, but Medusa getting up to her feet, and backing into the ropes…whipping the Ritch Bitch to the far side.

Blade: Andrea off the ropes and Medusa with a Drop toe hold into a Side headlock of her own!

(Fans cheering as Andrea Chandler fights to get to the ropes…)

Mutt: Neither woman really knows a damn thing about technical wrestling. Andrea is a Power wrestler and dominates that way. Medusa relies on power, but she’s a thug. She’s a brawler that grapples a tad bit. Andrea in the ropes, and one must take into consideration that Andrea has won ALL of her matches tonight. The only way she can lose is if she LOSES!

Blade: The ref wants a break, and Medusa releasing. Both women quick to the middle of the ring, and we have a stare down…

(Fans all whistling as Andrea Chandler and Medusa Rage encircle.)

Mutt: Neither woman encroaching. They know each other so well. In their first match up, the match was basically thrown out as Medusa took the brawl to the outside. In the second match up, we also have an indecision…

Blade: Collar and Elbow tie up, and these two fighting for supremacy. Andrea slowly muscling Medusa into the near ropes, but Medusa with that leverage advantage, muscling Andrea around to the near corner.

Mutt: Andrea so strong though, forcing Medusa into the adjacent corner, and now the ref wants a break. The ref warning the both of them as he gets in between….

Blade: And Medusa with a HARD right hand!


Blade: Medusa shoving the ref aside, and now Rage nailing away with European Uppercuts….WoW! Andrea pushing into Medusa, and Medusa with right hands into the ribs of Andrea…and now MORE European Uppercuts!  

Mutt: Andrea can’t get out of the corner. Medusa peppering her good as the Kingpin complains to the ref. Andrea is pinned in the corner!

(Fans all cheering as Andrea Chandler begins to weaken in the legs.)

Blade: Medusa wailing away like a maniac, and Andrea is dropping in the corner! Medusa towering over Chandler, and now Medusa stomping away at the midsection of the 1996 Wrestler of the Year.

Mutt: Andrea down to the bottom buckle, and Medusa stomping away at the face and upper body! The ref getting in front, and demanding a break.

(Fans all on their feet cheering while the ref walks Medusa away.)

Blade: Andrea up to her knees, and she’s really pushing herself.  Andrea is truly shaken up. She’s never been assaulted like this… straight on and meeting power for power.

Mutt: Medusa moving in and now with a pick up, and nailing away with punches, and a quick high knee to the midsection! Now a handful of hair, and Medusa with a Headbutt.

Blade: Andrea is dazed, and Medusa now with an Armdrag and hard boots to the midsection, and an Irish Whip…..

Mutt: …no, reversal by Chandler, no double reversal! Andrea off the ropes as Medusa charges with the RUNNING BULLDOG LARIAT…!

Blade: …..but Andrea ducking under, hooking the arm and twirling around Medusa…..SHORT ARM CLOTHESLINE!!!

(The Dawg Pound cheers as Andrea Chandler sits on one knee.)

Mutt: Andrea with a pick up and a front face lock, quick back to back into a Neckbreaker! And Andrea is hurt. Andrea sitting on the mat as Medusa clutches her head.

(Fans begin whistling as both women move toward the ropes.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 10 remain.

Blade: Andrea up first, though painfully so, and a High Knee to Medusa’s midsection. Now a Frontface lock, and Andrea squeezing the life out of Medusa….and a quick Snap Suplex!

Ref: 1………………………..2…………………….no!

Mutt: Kick out by Medusa, and Andrea holding her neck as she gets up to her knees. Andrea slapping on a quick chinlock, and Medusa snarling as she flails her legs around.

(Fans all stomping their feet in support of Medusa as she fights to remain conscious.)

Mutt: Notice the difference in attack. Andrea keeping this match slow while Medusa is keeping it rather high paced.

Blade: We all said that this match would set the stage for the rest of the tournament…but I didn’t think this would be the deciding match up. Medusa up to one knee as fans cheer on, and now up to her feet.

Mutt: Medusa with a HARD elbow shot to the ribs! And another! And another! Andrea weakening as Medusa Rage Irish Whips Andrea….

Blade: …no!…Andrea reversing the whip, hooking the arm, swinging her around while applying a standing leg grapevine….

Mutt: And slapping on an Abdominal Stretch!

(Fans cheering while the referee asks Medusa the question!)

Mutt: That’s what makes Andrea Chandler a former World Champion!  Dusa using that weight advantage and pushing into the ropes, and Andrea falling in between…hold on! Medusa unhooking Andrea’s arm….


(Fans all cheering as Andrea Chandler flails her arms.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit. 5 remaining.

Blade: But they are into the ropes. The ref forcing the immediate break, and Medusa with an Irish Whip, no, reversal by Chandler. Medusa off the ropes and Andrea getting down low….

Mutt: 360 degree Powerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Slam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Fans cheering as Andrea Chandler hooks the leg and curses the ref.)

Ref: …………………………………………………….. 1



………………………………………………………….. 2


………………………………………………………… No!

(Fans all pop as Medusa gets the shoulder up.)

Bishop: Andrea up to her feet and picking up Medusa. Andrea with a quick scoop and a Backbreaker…and *still* holding onto Medusa as she hoists up Rage again….BACKBREAKER…

Mutt: …and Andrea *still* has Medusa as she scoops up Medusa and CONNECTS WITH ANOTHER BACKBREAKER!!!!

(Fans groan as Andrea Chandler slowly gets to her feet.)

Mutt: Andrea with a smile as she backs into the near ropes, bounces off and measures Medusa’s head for a Kneedrop….!


(Fans all cheering as Andrea Chandler lays on the canvas.)

Mutt: Medusa may have her number tonight. Notice how Andrea is on top at the moment, but she isn’t “dominating” the match. Medusa is dictating. I think Medusa may just have her ticket in this one.

Ref: ….3……………………………..4………5………….

Blade: Both women moving, and Medusa first on the move. Medusa grabbing the middle rope, and pulling herself up. Andrea up now, and Medusa walking about the ropes. Andrea moving in…

Mutt: And Medusa nailing away with a European Uppercut! And another! And another! Andrea trying to move into the near ropes, but Medusa with an eye gouge and slaps on a Waistlock….BELLY TO BELLY!!!

(Fans all cheering as Medusa grapevines the leg.)

Ref: 1………………………..2…………………!

Mutt:  Medusa with a pick up, and Andrea with a rake to the eyes. The Ritch Bitch needs a breather, but she NAILS Medusa with her own European Uppercut.

Blade: Medusa stunned and Andrea with a boot to the midsection, and slaps on a Waistlock and hoists Medusa up high into the air….


Ref: ………………………………………………………..1 …………………………………………………………….2 ……………………………………………………..Kick out!

(Fans groan as Medusa Rage kicks out wearily.)

Mutt: Andrea slow to her feet as she picks up Medusa. Andrea with an Irish Whip to the near ropes as she races across the ring. Medusa off the ropes and Andrea slapping on a Waistlock for a Tilt-a-Whirl Slam!

 (Fans boo as she cradles Medusa Rage for the cover!)

 Ref:                                                       1!









(Fans all cheering as Medusa Rage gets shoulder up!

Ref: 60 seconds remain! 1 minute left.

Blade: This is it! Oh my, Andrea frustrated as she picks up Medusa. Andrea wants this more than anything. Andrea with a Frontface lock, draping the arm and hooks the leg….

(Fans all screaming as Medusa pelts the ribs of Andrea.)

Mutt: Andrea losing her grip…and now it is Medusa who has the tights and HOISTS UP ANDREA CHANDLER…..VERTICAL SUPLEX!!!!!

(Fans all pop as Andrea Chandler clutches her back.)

Blade: Medusa slapping the mat, and Andrea Chandler crawling into the near corner. Medusa heading over, and now a pick up. Medusa nailing away with a European Uppercuts.

Mutt: Medusa with an Irish Whip out of the corner, no reversal…


(Fans all cheering as Medusa snatches the tights….)

Mutt: ….and rolls her up for a small package!!!!!















(Fans all screaming as the referee holds up 2 fingers!)

Spud: 30 Seconds left!

Mutt: Medusa now, with a quick pick up, and driving shoulders into the midsection of Andrea Chandler! Andrea is getting all the breath knocked out of her. Another shoulder shot, and Andrea doubling over…

(Fans all screaming as Medusa Rage slaps Andrea’s head between her legs.)

Blade: Medusa looking around the arena, and slaps on a Waistlock…


(Fans ALL SCREAMING AS Andrea Chandler Applies a Double Leg Grapevine!)


(Fans all on their feet!!!)

Mutt: Andrea backing off, and Medusa Rage with a boot to the middle, and Andrea doubling over. Medusa scoops her up and…oh my!!!

(Fans all pop as Medusa Rage weakly Military Presses Andrea.)

Blade: Medusa tossing her up into the air….and drops her gut first over her knee!!!! Andrea clutching her midsection as she rolls over on the mat and…

Mutt: Medusa Rage with a Step Over Toe hold, dropping onto Andrea’s back and….SLAPS ON A SLEEPER!!!! THAT’S THE CONSTRICTOR!!!!!!

 (((((!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Fans ALL SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))))))

Blade: Andrea is going to sleep!!!! Andrea is going to sleep!!!!

Mutt: Oh damn!

Blade: Andrea is out?!


Mutt: IT”S OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blade: Andrea Chandler is semi-conscious on the mat. She’s been put to sleep. Medusa with some sort of modified STF Submission hold for the victory.

(Fans screaming and Dawg Pound chants: ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa!)

Blade: Medusa Rage has done the impossible!!!

(Fans all pop as they hear Dvorak’s “Symphony 9 from the New World!”)

Blade: The ref raising Medusa’s arm in victory! Medusa Rage is the 1997-1998 Ironwoman!!!!

Mutt: Medusa diffused that Kneedrop…that’s what killed it for the former World Champ. Couldn’t knock the wind out of her sails. I don’t know how, but even after the brutal match with Officer Order and the Royal Rumble, Medusa has done it.

Blade: Spud McKenzie sliding into the ring, and talking to the referee, and here we go!

Spud: Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has expired! So at 15 minutes flat, THIS MATCH IS RULED A DRAW……

(Fans boo and shout in disappointment as Medusa Rage kneels in the middle of the ring, with her hands on top of her head. The referee raises Andrea Chandler’s weary hand and walks over to Medusa to explain.)

Spud: Wrestling fans, earning an aggregate of 45 points, and your 1997–1998 Ironwoman of the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance…

(Fans all boo as the Syndicate enters the ring cheering and pointing at Andrea Chandler. Andrea pulls out her sunglasses to a chorus of boos as she steps through the ropes and flexes for the Dawg Pound.)

Spud: ‘Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch’ Andrea Chandler!

Blade: No!

Mutt: Medusa rolling out of the ring as the Syndicate celebrates, and she’s looking at Daisy Butterfly in utter disbelief. Daisy with a placid look on her face. Medusa walking back to the locker room now…

(Fans all boo while Andrea Chandler calls immediately for the microphone. Fans are leaving the stands as others are shouting and cursing out the Syndicate.)

Blade: Oh damn. Do we really have to hear this?

(Andrea stands in the ring, exhausted and sweaty, stooped over slightly as she catches her breath. The rest of the Syndicate stands composed around her, smiling and egging the masses on. Steadying herself, she takes the mic and looks out to the crowd.)

Andrea: Officer Order? Couldn’t do it. (Crowd boos a bit louder as she smiles.)

Lady Tiger? Never should have been here in the first place.

(More boos as she drinks in the reaction.)

Medusa Rage? (Andrea shakes her head.) She’s nearly my equal…but not nearly enough.

(Andrea throws her head back, laughing uproariously, then gazes out at the crowd.)

Why did we even have this thing? You knew what would transpire! You ALL knew! Why must you fool yourselves into thinking that there is a single wrestler here capable of overcoming me? I am, simply put, the hands-down best wrestler not only in Grand Dragon — but in the WORLD, you beer-swilling, slack-jawed troglodytes! (The boos rain down, and she smiles broadly.) That’s right, jeer me! Express your displeasure! Your two-digit IQ’s haven’t comprehended the fact that I LIKE IT!!! It shows me that I’m doing things right, that the unwashed masses disapprove of their betters! Einstein once noted that great men will always be opposed by weak minds, and let me tell you, I’m staring out at the weakest minds on the planet! Face it, cretins — the whole truck-driving, burger-eating, dog-loving, MTV-infatuated lot of you are nothing! And you’ll always be nothing, because all of you put together don’t have one whit the greatness that I have, that the Syndicate has!

And if you don’t like it, then you can all just bow down, pucker up, and kiss my perfectly-sculpted ass!!!

(Some debris starts to land in the ring as she incites the crowd to new levels of loathing.)

Week after week, a parade of nobodies tries to sell you on the idea that they have anything like the talent present in the Syndicate. Let me disabuse you of that notion. I have some advice for the rest of you wanna-bes, and you’d do well to listen. It doesn’t matter how strong you think you are. We’re stronger. It doesn’t matter how fast you think you are. We’re faster. It doesn’t matter how beautiful you think you are. (She walks over to the other ladies of the Syndicate, briefly stroking the cheek of each.) We make you look like hags by comparison. It doesn’t matter how focused you are, or how well-dressed, or how angry–are you reading me? It is HOPELESS, you idiots! We are the SYNDICATE!!! We don’t do things in halves! We come, we see, and we conquer like no one ever has! And if you think this is where it stops, think again! Tiffany Chandler WILL take the Western Heritage Championship from that goofy twit, Keiko Mita! Micki Duran will strip what’s left of Sierra Browne of her Cruiserweight belt AND beat the hell out of anybody that tries to take the Internet strap from around Daisy’s waist.

Daisy Butterfly–(Andrea stops, and looks her up and down admiringly.) — Well, she’s gonna do whatever the hell she pleases! And I WILL regain my World’s title, by ANY means necessary!

(She stops and nods as the remaining fans rise from their seats, cursing them out.)

Oh, and one final thing. If you think things are getting warm now… I promise that in the very near future, things are going to get hotter than you can handle. And the GDWA will NEVER be the same! Ta ta!

(Andrea and the Syndicate file out of the ring to the ringing boos of the crowd.)

Blade: Fans, this has been a tragic night, but it’s finally over. Our new Western Heritage Champion is Keiko Mita the “Kyoto Crippler”. Our new Internet Champion is the sellout Daisy Butterfly. ‘Golden Girl’ Sierra Browne retains the Cruiserweight title, but I don’t know what condition she’s in…

Mutt: And Andrea Chandler in a masterful performance goes unbeaten in the Ironwoman Square Dance tournament to become our New Ironwoman. Do I hear title shot?

Blade: That’s it for me and Sam Mutt. See ya next week in California for the GDWA Saturday Nite Special.

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