The GDWA Championship is on the line as Andrea Chandler defends against Dementia Praecox.

Scene opens up on a jammed packed Municipal Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio. There are 48,063 screaming fans in attendance. “Atomic Dog” by Parliament starts blaring through the speakers. The fans erupt with a standing ovation, the camera zooms in on the east side of the ring, where a whole section of fans are wearing dog masks and barking at the camera as it passes them by. This section is known as “THE DAWG POUND” and this is…….. 


Founder’s Day Tradition 

(Bottle rockets and fireworks explode as the lights flicker in the arena. Fans at one end of the arena chant: ICW! ICW! ICW! On the south end fans in the cheaper seats, begin chants of DPW! DPW! DPW! 

At the broadcast booth two men and a woman are seated. Allen Bishop–a Caucasian of 30 years, with brown hair and a mustache–is in a white tuxedo with the GDWA logo on his vest. Sonya Blade–a Caucasian woman of about 19 years, with blond hair tied back–is in a red blouse and matching crimson skirt. Sam Mutt–a balding 40-year-old Creole, heavy set man with an athlete’s build–is in a Steve Young San Francisco 49ers football jersey and jeans.)                                  Bishop: The B*I*G*G*e*s*T of them all!!! Founder’s Day Tradition is FINALLY here! We are here live with the most spectacular pay per view in history. Along by my side is the color man Sam Mutt and the incomparable Sonya Blade!!! 

(Fans chanting against each other: ICW! ICW! ICW! & DPW! DPW! DPW!) 

Mutt: (chugging down a Coors) Man, I’ve been partying all weekend. The weekend has been real good to me. I’ve had some barbecue, Jambalaya, shrimp cocktails and all kinds of stuff. And the women at MISTER Furious Styles’ house were…. 

Blade: And Allen, I’ve had a hell of a time. Daisy Butterfly, Officer Order, Wendy Marshall…even Bloody Mary all on hand for photographs and autograph signings, fantasy wrestling and chat room discussions and a whole lot more! 

Bishop: We’ll have the results of the Prodigy chat forum in just a bit. Fans, the wrestling tonight is high caliber and ultra-intense. Let’s talk about titles!! The WESTERN HERITAGE TITLE on the line as ‘Double O’ Officer Order challenges ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda. A return bout from 1996 that could be match of the night. We have the World Tag Team titles up for grabs as the Suicide Blondes go up against Medusa Rage’s unbeatable MISFITS! 

(Fans chanting against each other: ICW! ICW! ICW! & DPW! DPW! DPW!) 

Blade: Then you have the 2 biggest matches of the night. The winner of the #1 contenders match between Daisy Butterfly and Micki Duran faces Dementia Praecox for the Internet title. Then, in our main event, Dementia Praecox faces Andrea Chandler for the World Title. And….. 

(Fans point and gaps as a crow is shown on the huge monitors.) 

Mutt: What the hell is going on? What, is Chandler in the building? 

Blade: LOOK! 

(The crow is seen flying around the arena and then it lands on the announcing table. The crow lets out a big “craw”.) 

Bishop: Okay, real funny! I…. 

(All of a sudden, the lights in the building go out and the song “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath plays over the PA system. When the lights come back on, the fans spot a figure up in the rafters. 

Bishop: Hey! What the hell?! You see that? Get, get the cameras on that. Up there in the rafters! Get a spotlight or something! 

(A spotlight is shinned on the figure. The figure is dressed in an all-black outfit with, a black gi with a black hood. On the back of the gi is the Japanese kanji for the word death in white. The hood only has an eye slit and an opening around the mouth area. The figure can also be seen holding a Katana. The figure then takes the katana and does some amazing sword exercises. Once finished the figure bows to the crowd and the lights once again go out. When the lights are once again turned on, the mysterious figure and the crow are both gone?) 

Bishop: Uh, um… 

Blade: Hey, guys. Sam? Allen? Fans, we’re having technical difficulties. While Sam and Allen get their composure, we’re gonna take you to that exclusive prodigy chat session with GDWA West Coast Region promoter Lawrence Davis from this past weekend. Yeah, role the clip. Role the clip. 

SYSTEM Greeter you are now in Auditorium “Lawrence Davis”. You have READ/WRITE access. You may ask up to 5 questions, until this auditorium reaches its maximum of 50 questions. 

Moderator (Paul Laurence Dunbar) Welcome everyone, tonight we are joined live by GDWA’s founder and regional promoter Lawrence Davis. Thanks for coming Lawrence, and glad to have another Laurence here. Okay, please send in your allotted questions now. 

Lawrence Davis (Speaker) Before you guys jump in, want to say that it is a pleasure to be here, and let me add that Grand Dragon has always been receptive to fan input. So guys and gals, take it away. 

NeutronSTAR (Prodigy Member) Thanks for joining us Lawrence . . . how do you feel about Grand Dragon’s first year? 

Lawrence Davis (Speaker) In one word: proud. We’ve had a hell of a year and this will go down as one of the biggest years in ALL of Women’s and Men’s professional wrestling. 

Maniac Joe (Prodigy Member) Mr. Davis, I hear rumors that the GDWA might be recruiting Crystal “The Crippler” Lewis. Any truth to the rumor? 

Lawrence Davis (Speaker) As it stands now, it’s not in our plans. Our plethora of new GDWA entrants, and the return of some old ones, makes it inconvenient to court Ms. Lewis at this time. We may negotiate something in the near future pending my relationship, as well as Pres. Vessey’s relationship, with the Syndicate….if a good opportunity presents itself, and we feel comfortable negotiating a contract with her that would advantageous to all parties, it is a STRONG possibility. 

Shoemaker(Prodigy Member) What is the relationship between the GDWA’s top brass and the Syndicate. 

Lawrence Davis (Speaker) My personal relationship is a good one as long as they bring in the dough 😉 The Syndicate has a lot of lovers and haters across the country, and those GDWA’ers spend a lot of money at the concession stands on Syndicate paraphernalia. Though they are the only stable in Grand Dragon, realistically speaking, even President Vessey won’t do much to stunt their activity as long as they bring in the money. 

MyTSteve (Prodigy Member) Would you consider doing a joint card with the OWA? And what about the LEWA? 

Lawrence Davis (Speaker) We are in negotiations with the On-line Wrestling Alliance though we haven’t got anything written in stone. I think it is safe to say that Pres. Vessey’s policy regarding violence and physical aggression of men against women would be problematic to the OWA. Though we wouldn’t mind a few exhibition matches on a card or pay per view of theirs. In terms of a promotion strictly consisting of women, President Vessey has attempted negotiating some cards with the LEWA. At this moment, I’m not at liberty to discuss those talks. 

Crane (Prodigy Member) What sort of working arrangement do you have with the CCW? 

Lawrence Davis (Speaker) ‘Sexy’ Sally McClane is the only ‘crossover’ wrestler to come to the GDWA from Classic Championship Wrestling. We currently have no plans to work cards with them, at least not in the territories I’m responsible for. Though we may have an exhibition match at one of their upcoming pay per views. 

Moderator (Paul Laurence Dunbar) What territories do you oversee Mr. Davis? 

Lawrence Davis (Speaker) All of the West Coast is mine. When Mr. Vessey and I moved the base of operations from Ohio to Washington State, I quickly seized the opportunity to usurp the region as my own. 

NeutronSTAR (Prodigy Member) What was Denmark Vessey’s relationship with you when you and he decided to form the GDWA? 

Lawrence Davis (Speaker) Originally we were a little distant. I’m a hard guy to get along with as some would say. He’s actually from the old school of business where you make deals with a handshake and a pat on the back…Now I’d say we’re like the same person 🙂 He’s a serious man and open to new ideas. Conservative at the same time though. I’m more willing to take a chance and give wrestlers a chance to express themselves. And I’m sure the ladies of the GDWA will express themselves to no end, live on PPV, Monday Night, March 17 at 9pm Eastern Time…and yes, that was a shameless plug for our show. 

FabulousKen (Prodigy Member) Lawrence, I think you made a mistake putting the matches that you did together for FDT. I mean, Dementia Praecox vs. Andrea Chandler doesn’t impress anyone. Why didn’t you and other GDWA bookers and promoters push for better matches like Ma Porter vs. Andrea Chandler, Medusa Rage vs. Nikita Marx? Hyena Queens vs. Strike or MISFITS vs. Browne Girls? That would’ve made much more sense. 

Lawrence Davis (Speaker) What we offer at Founder’s Day will be some of the best wrestling all year round. Now, not considering the fact that Medusa Rage is hurt and Ma Porter was vetoed by Andrea Chandler (AS IS HER RIGHT!), Praecox is a logical opponent. Praecox has earned her Internet title as well as the number 1 contendership spot. Plus, Ms. Praecox has history with the Syndicate and Andrea Chandler. And in light of the events recently I think there is incredible heat for this match. 

Lawrence Davis (Speaker) In so far as other matches…who doesn’t want to see Officer Order vs. Radhi Ananda? Or Micki Duran vs. Daisy Butterfly? We had to fit what we wanted to present to the viewing audience within the constraints of contracts, injuries, buy rate and just what made sense. This wasn’t about giving away or even exposing all that is GDWA. We will have other pay per views this year 😉 

Maniac Joe (Prodigy Member) Your fight with Mark Straczek when the GDWA split from the ICW was not made very public. Do you have any comments regarding it? 

Lawrence Davis (Speaker) YES….that is a rumor that is t*o*t*a*l*l*y unfounded. Mark and I speak even to this day and we have a good relationship. He’s doing well, and as a matter of fact, he’s starting up another men’s promotion. It is based in Japan. For all those interested, the SJPW website is: http// 

Lawrence Davis (Speaker) When we tour Japan once again, I hope to make a stop and convince Alison to sign some exhibition matches on a SJPW card. 

fearfactoryfan(Prodigy Member) How do you feel about the change in the fed from old school to new school as I’ve heard Ma Porter comment on? 

Lawrence Davis (Speaker) As many GDWA loyalists know, we started out with just 4 wrestlers. At that time we were under DPW. Now, with time and the increased number of signings, competition will accrue. If anything, old schoolers are having to pick it up a notch. Crimson nearly defeated Officer Order a few months ago. These youngsters are hungry and want titles. Sometimes older wrestlers are complacent. You can’t just tread water here….you either sink or swim in the GDWA.

Radhifan (Prodigy Member) It seems like the technical wrestlers have taken a back seat to the brawlers and more extreme in the GDWA. What opinion do you have on this? 

Lawrence Davis (Speaker) Daisy Butterfly, Nikita Marx, Micki Duran, and other TOP technical wrestlers will have their day again. These things come in cycles. Those fans of traditional mat wrestling will have their way once the technicians use their clout. The fans overall have to demand it as well. For now, the brawlers and extreme wrestlers have thrown their weight around. The Dawg Pounds across the country are having their day I’m sure…but don’t be surprised to see the technicians running things in a few days. Founder’s Day is just around the corner (Shameless plug #2) 

8sian (Prodigy Member) Does the GDWA have any plans to travel to other countries, like they did last year when they went to Japan (I think it was Japan)? 

Lawrence Davis (Speaker) Oh, we’d love to go back to Japan…and are always looking for different avenues to accomplish that goal. I was talking to Alison the other day about the possibility. She’s still responsible for international negotiations. Japan was good to us and was good to many a rule breaker who was appreciated for their ability and not their reputation. Remember the applause Bloody Mary and Micki Duran received? And of course you have the Daisy Butterfly’s of the sport who are international superstars. 

Radhifan (Prodigy Member) Can you confirm or deny the reports in the Observer a few months ago that Officer Order makes $300,000 per year from her GDWA commitments? 

Lawrence Davis (Speaker) I wouldn’t confirm or deny if it was reported that May earned $1 a match or $1,000,000 a match. If May cares to talk on the record about her finances, that’s her business…but I feel it would be a breach of ethics to discuss a woman’s compensation in public. It’s nobody’s business but May’s. If she chooses to make it public…good for her. If she chooses to keep it private, I happen to agree with that stance. 

potatocouch (Prodigy Member) If you could book any dream match, what would that be? 

Lawrence Davis (Speaker) That’s a good question. Let me run these by you: Officer Order vs. Daisy Butterfly. Demonica vs. Ma Porter. Another Sachie Yokoyama vs. Officer Order match. I really miss her…and think another Daisy/Charlotte vs Sachie match would be Main Event material anywhere. FabulousKen (Prodigy Member) Lawrence, the GDWA is my favorite fed bar none. How do you feel about the WESTERN HERITAGE TITLE and the success Radhi Ananda has had with it. 

Lawrence Davis (Speaker) I would have never dreamed. 5 months? That belt was designed to be held by various wrestlers. Defended twice a month, she should have lost that belt several times over. The promoters can hardly remember back to when Sachie held the belt. 

DmndXpress (Prodigy Member) And can you get any better than Andrea Chandler? 🙂 

Lawrence Davis (Speaker) Andrea Chandler had pissed off not only wrestlers but a lot of GDWA’s top brass. She’s arrogant, part of the Syndicate…but in my opinion phenomenal. IMHO she’s the only World’s Champ we’ve ever had. The other’s only held it for a couple months. 2 and a half at the most. No offense to Lanny Manson or Zaranna, but the ‘Ritch Bitch’ is running the fed. Andrea has made the World title the most precious in our fed. I’m impressed, especially considering she was just voted by GDWA fans and competitors as Wrestler of the Month for the second time in a row.

Moderator (Speaker) The Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance (GDWA) makes its blockbuster PPV %%%Founder’s Day Tradition%%% on March 17, 9pm Eastern. 

C Xyminez (Prodigy Member) What was your reaction to the performance on the Saturday House SHOW a few weeks back. 

Lawrence Davis (Speaker) Are you referring to the February card with the Internet Title Royal Rumble and Medusa/Andrea World title match? 

C Xyminez (Prodigy Member) Yeah, the wild card. 

Lawrence Davis (Speaker) You would want to discuss this with Pres. Vessey and Vice President Alison De La Cruz. But promoters and publicists held mixed reactions. Some felt it was too extreme while others were crazed over the crowd reaction and the increased ratings. I personally am an advocate of athletic competition and don’t look forward to too many wild, extreme matches like we saw. Though I do appreciate the great action, I hope not to see as much of that behavior from our athletes on Monday, March 17th on pay per view. (Shameless plug #3) 

SPORTS 5 (Prodigy Member) Lawrence- Do you ever plan on bringing the GDWA ladies to New York? We here are dying to see the GDWA live. There are some facilities that would be great for GDWA. 

Lawrence Davis (Speaker) Yes, as a matter of fact, Alex Marvez, who is a newspaper reporter who now lives in Ohio, has been dogging me about dragging my feet when it comes to breaking into the New York market. While we’ve made tours of Asia and the West Coast, even the greater United States, we haven’t focused our efforts on the East Coast. Considering Ma Porter and Andrea Chandler are from that area, I’m sure it would be rather lucrative market for the company. 

Moderator (Paul Laurence Dunbar) GDWA makes its blockbuster PPV nationwide on March 17, 9pm Eastern with %%%Founder’s Day Tradition%%% 

Lawrence Davis (Speaker) Thanks for the opportunity to talk to Prodigy fans. I’ve enjoyed it, and hope to do it again soon….and don’t forget about all those shameless plugs

(Scene opens back up with an overhead shot of the stadium. Cars are blocked up on all sides of the stadium as scalpers can be seen on the outside, surrounded by desperate fans, making thousands of dollars.) 

Bishop: Okay fans, we’ve got things back to normal! SO much happening tonight at the BIGGEST, BADDEST and BEST pay per view of all time….the ONE and ONLY %%%FOUNDER’S DAY TRADITION%%% 

Blade: You know, in most feds the top brass don’t take that much time out to talk with the fans. Promoter Davis has always been a fan advocate in the board room while negotiations are going on. We’ll see much of his influence tonight during all the action… 

Mutt: And here tonight aside from all the action, we have a woman who suffered an injury in the CCW, Classic Championship Wrestling, a couple weeks ago and since she can’t wrestle for a while she’s doing some commentary… 

Blade: Oh no! It’s bad enough we got ‘Congo’ Paul Roberts commentating for the Tag Team action. Who the hell is sharing the booth…? 

Mutt: ….here is the one, the only…”SEXY” Sally McClane!! 

(Golddust Woman by HOLE plays as she comes down the ramp dressed in a short black leather skirt and a tight, white shirt, with the GDWA logo on it. She makes her way over to the announce position as the crowd semi cheers and semi boos. It is then visible that her arm is in a sling and her shoulder appears to be taped) 

Sally: Hello…it’s just soooo great to be out here!!!! (Laughs) Yeah right!! I should be in that ring, not the little whining bitches that the GDWA has to offer at the moment! 

Bishop: Hold on, wha… 

Sally: This fed’s full of whiners, like Officer Order, and Eleanor Royal, and Lady Tiger. The type of women who cry when they break nails! I don’t even see what I saw in this federation! But I guess it’ll be easy pickens for someone of my expertise! 

Blade: But you don’t have hardly any ring experience! What gives you…? 

Sally: Just shut up!! Don’t we have some matches to get to! 

Blade: Look, you better keep your seat!! I’m not above hitting… 

Bishop: Ladies please! Behave yourselves!!! 

Sally: Yeah, yeah whatever!! 

(Fans pop big time as Fireworks go off around the ring!) 

Mutt: This crowd has been ready. Styles did a good job of prepping them earlier on tonight. Now, we get ready to run this thing! 

(Fans cheer as Spud McKenzie runs down the ramp and heads into the ring.) 

Bishop: Spud is in the ring, and we are just about underway. Fans, this pay per view spectacular just may be the biggest of all time. Spud is ready, and without any more delays….here we go! 

(Spud McKenzie is a short Caucasian male with no hair down the middle of his head. He has a red bow tie and matching red suit. He stands firmly still in the middle of the ring as he looks about the arena. 

Spud: The Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance would like to thank the various athletic commissions, the state of Ohio….AND ALL OF YOU GLORIOUS FANS WHO HAVE WELCOMED US BACK HOME!!!!!! 

(Fans pop big time as Spud McKenzie stands poised in the ring.) 

Spud: Before we begin tonight’s festivities, we have some men and women in attendance tonight that need addressing. First, in the box seats up top, the President of the GRAND DRAGON WRESTLING ALLIANCE….Mr. Denmark Vessey. 

(The monitors show a clean shaven, rather handsome Black man dressed in an elegant white tuxedo with a black bow tie. Moderate applause as he stands up and waves to the fans.) 

Spud: Another great dignitary in the building is the Grandfather of the GDWA. The founder of Internet Championship Wrestling & the ~original~ Dawg Pound Wrestling…now the CEO of SUPER JAPAN PRO WRESTLING…..Mark Straczek!!!! 

(Huge crowd pop as a ’20 something’ looking Caucasian in a Toronto Blue Jays baseball cap and Starter jacket looks around in utter shock. Mark, seated beside Denmark Vessey, stands shyly and lets out a “WOOF!” for the fans. The crowd immediately begins barking, and erupts into chants of: ICW! ICW! And DPW! DPW!) 

Mutt: Ha! Denmark Vessey looks pissed off! I love it! He jealous of all the attention Mark is getting. 

Bishop: These fans love their former president. And on a personal note, I can attest to the fact that he’s a good guy. Mark Straczek a good friend of mine. As a matter of fact we’re neighbors in my home country of Canada… 

Blade: Mark is a hell of a guy, and as a matter of fact, was instrumental in getting me into wrestling. 

Sally: (grumbling) What’s up with all this brown nosing? F*ck the guy! 

Blade: (Laughing) Anyway, let’s move on to our Wrestler of the Month ceremony. WE all know who’s receiving the award, so let’s just get on with it. 

Bishop: Paul Laurence Dunbar in the ring to present the award. This should be interesting. 

(GDWA administrator and FRIDAY NIGHT TEASE commentator Paul Laurence Dunbar stands poised in the middle of the ring. He’s a tall African American male wearing a kente cloth and a dark brown tuxedo with GDWA logo on the jacket.) 

Dunbar: Wrestling fans, every 2 months we present an award to a wrestler who has competed at the highest of athletic ability. For the months of January and February, a woman has risen to do the unthinkable. The unprecedented! Wrestling fans, our award winner is now the back to back Wrestler of the Month recipient…your GDWA World Heavyweight Champion….Andrea Chandler! 

Wrestler of the Month: Andrea Chandler

(Fans boo as they hear ‘Cold Blood’ by Kix!) 

(An explosion of golden sparks erupts from the entryway, followed by a shower of glitter as Andrea and the Syndicate stroll into the arena and walk down the aisle toward the ring. They ascend the apron, and Andrea takes the opportunity to face the jeering masses with a smug smile. She blows them a kiss, then slips into the ring.) 

Dunbar: Andrea, I must admit this is rather impressive. Here’s your plaque, it is well deserved. 

(Andrea takes the mic, and offers a big smile for the fans.) 

Andrea: You know, I seem to be doing a lot of things that no one else in the GDWA has managed to do thus far. Winning the world’s title so soon upon entry…having such a stellar won/loss percentage…making Officer Order submit in ring center…and now, winning Wrestler of the Month twice in a row…amazing, isn’t it? I mean, have you ever seen anything like it? Of course you haven’t. After all, before the Syndicate arrived, you were stuck with losers like Daisy Butterfly, Medusa Rage, Dementia Praecox, Ma Porter…the list goes on. But suddenly, the Kingpin arrives, and Grand Dragon improves in quality twenty times over. He introduces Micki and me, and later adds the inimitable Tiffany Chandler, and the baddest dog in the pound, Crystal “The Crippler” Lewis…. 

(Fans boo as Andrea looks around…) 

Andrea: …..and we dominate like no one else ever has. Kingpin, I have to ask…was Grand Dragon that bad, or are we just that good? 

(He takes the mic, and smiles as the crowd rains boos down upon them. He motions for them to raise the volume, and they oblige.) 

Kingpin: Yeah, baby….boo me! C’mon, little bitches, I can’t hear you…. 

(The crowd boos even louder.) 

Kingpin: Ahh….sweet music to my ears. Andrea, honey, the Grand Dragon ain’t that bad. Some of these kids actually know how to wrestle, like Daisy, but she spends a little too much time kissing fan ass to be any good, you know? That’s why we’re SO superior. To hell with these minimum wage earning Taco Bell workers, you know? Make my burrito supreme and shut up. Micki, Crystal, Tiff, and Andrea…we *OWN* this damned league. Age of Rage my ass. This is the Syndicate’s house! 

(The crowd erupts into boos again as the Kingpin throws his head back and laughs.) 

Kingpin: Hey Micki, aren’t you due to start Butterfly hunting in a second here? 

Micki: Yeah, well, I like Daisy and all…good kid….got some of that old fire back, you know? I’m glad she’s not gonna half-ass this match like she’s been doing all year. Hell, I may even shake the kid’s hand when she hits the ring…with all due props, she’s the second best mat wrestler in the game. But second best is still just second best, and I’m gonna beat her like a rented mule. 

Crystal: Honey, they’re gonna have to call you BUS DRIVER, because you’re gonna take Daisy to SCHOOL!

Micki: Daisy, get out your dancing shoes, because it’s time to go to the prom. 

Tiffany: Once in a generation, a talent comes along that far exceeds the norm, putting all others to shame. Look around you.. There’s not only one, but the entirety of the Syndicate that far outshines all others. There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that the Syndicate far surpasses the norm of the GDWA, and that Andrea was selected as “Wrestler of the Month” for two straight months, proves that fact. 

[She gives Andrea a hug] 

Tiffany: Now, just do us proud tonight and put Dementia in her place. 

Kingpin: (Singing) Oh, Lord, it’s hard to be humble…when you’re perfect in every way….Andrea, Micki, Tiff, Crystal…it’s time to warm up. We’ve got history to make. 

Andrea: I guess that’s all for now. Dementia, I’m gonna twist you like a pipe cleaner, you worthless hag. Ta ta! (She hands the mic back to Paul Laurence Dunbar and the Syndicate exits the ring.) 

Blade: Andrea sounds ready for tonight and… 


(Dawg Pound barks as Ma Porter comes sauntering through the curtain in the entrance way, and stands firmly on the rampway platform. She’s dressed in New York gangster attire–3 piece suit with gold rings across all of her fingers–with her greying hair slicked back.) 

Porter: (amid thunderous boos, and the odd cheer from the Dawg Pound) Shut the hell up, you stupid hicks. Rich Bitch! You think youse can duck Ma Porter, do ya? I don’t care if this nutcase Praecox rends your nauseating hide limb from limb. I’m here to issue a warning and deliver on a promise! 

(A few moments of silence) 

Porter: Chandler, you walked into the GDWA, which me and a few others *built*, and promptly claimed that you took over. No freakin’ way. Come hell or high water, Syndicate, Organized Crime is runnin’ your skimpy asses outta here, for us, and for all the old schoolers who lost a lotta blood and sweat for this fed. That goes for you too, Age of Rage. We’re runnin’ your skimpy asses outta here!!!!! 

(Fans all boo as Ma Porter disappears through the curtain. The Syndicate curse and spit, daring her into the ring.) 

Bishop: WoW! Ma Porter and Andrea Chandler on a collision course! 

Sally: Ma Porter, is just sooo fat!!! My god, I could introduce her to a wonderful liposuctions if she’d want!! I mean, no woman deserves love handles like those!! 

Bishop: Are you for real?!? 

Sally: What? Of course!! I’m just watching out for my fellow women!! (Laughs) 

Blade: Laugh all you want, but Porter might just stomp you into the ground if you don’t watch yourself. 

Mutt: Man, something big is gonna go down tonight. This is gonna get ugly. Porter was just TOO smug, too confident on the screen. 

Bishop: I’m sure we’ll have more to discuss on that subject later on tonight. Fans, let’s move on to that Tag Team grudge match… 

Wendy Marshall/Eleanor Royal vs. Nomad/Princess Nelli

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next match is a tag team contest scheduled for one fall with a 20 minute time limit! 

(Fans cheer as they hear ‘Real American’ blast through the pa.) 

Spud: At a total combined weight of 255 pounds…first, from Honolulu, Hawaii! 6 feet tall, weighing 135 pounds, here is ‘Supermodel’ Eleanor Royal! 

(Fans cheer as Eleanor Royal heads toward the guardrailing beside the rampway, and embraces the fans.) 

Spud: And her tag team partner, from Malibu Beach, California! 5 feet 5 inches, 120 pounds of ‘Wildchild’ Wendy Marshall!!! 

(Wendy Marshall heads down the rampway waving the American Flag and pointing to all the fans in the arena. Fans all cheering as Royal and Marshall high five each other, then proceed to slapping hands with ringside fans.) 

Bishop: These two new comers have taken to the fans rather well. Marshall with more matches under her belt has found an able ally in the Supermodel. 

Sally: What?! Where was that ‘able ally’ when Nomad attacked and left the Supermodel laying on a stretcher. 

Mutt: (Laughing!) I gotta agree with you Sexy Sally. These two dimwits need someone more dependable than themselves to find protection. Hell, their teamwork sure as hell didn’t aid them in the Internet Championship Battle Royal! 

Blade: We’ll see about that! 

Bishop: Nomad and Princess Nelli attacked Eleanor Royal a little over a month ago, and was caught in a Boston Crab for almost a minute. She was hospitalized and has been recuperating EVER since then. 

Blade: The Wildchild and the Supermodel are top notch athletes. But I’m worried about this mystery partner we don’t know about. I mean, it could be anybody. 

(The two women enter the ring, pointing out to ringside fans as they climb the turnbuckles. Wendy Marshall is wears red, white, and blue cut off shirt along with blue jean shorts. Eleanor Royal has shoulder length brown hair, and wears a crop top with white biker shorts.) 

Mutt: Well, Nomad has pounded the hell into both of these ladies. Now, it’s Christmas come early as she beats the hell out of both women simultaneously. 

Bishop: Let’s hear the intro’s for the Nomad… 

(Crowd begins booing as they hear the Iraqi National anthem.) 

Spud: And their opponents…. 

Mutt: Hold on, what’s going on? 

(Princess Nelli comes down the aisle with Nomad behind her. She’s a 30 something Arab woman wearing wrestling 2 piece and a GDWA ring jacket. Nomad is wearing a 1 piece black singlet with Arabic on the back.) 

Bishop: Princess Nelli entering the ring…AND ROYAL AND MARSHALL POUND AWAY ON HER!!! Irish Whip to the far ropes as they spring across the ring…DOUBLE DROPKICK!!!! 

Blade: Nomad running into the ring, and Marshall and Royal with ANOTHER Double Dropkick! Nomad back up and an Irish Whip to the far ropes. Nomad bouncing off…DOUBLE HIGH BACK BODY DROP!!! 

(Huge crowd pops as the 2 Iraqi’s role out of the ring and onto the ring floor.) 


Bishop: And they aren’t wasting any time! Royal climbing up the turnbuckles as Princess Nelli gets her bearings on the floor. Nelli turning around…FLYING DOUBLE AXE HANDLE TO THE HEAD! 

(Big pop!) 

Blade: Looks like that back is fine to me. 

Bishop: This is turning into a straight up brawl! Royal pounding away on Princess Nelli who’s laid out on the floor. Royal with a pick up and….IRISH WHIPPING NELLI INTO THE STEEL BARRIER!!!! 

(Fans cheering wildly! 

Blade: Nomad running over to help her manager…and Wendy Marshall rolls to the outside. The All American and the Iraqi trading punches!!! This needs to be in a Steel Cage! No holds barred. 

Mutt: Where the hell is Nomad’s tag partner? What…. 

Blade: Wendy Marshall taking Nomad by surprise, and grabbing a handful of hair. Wendy running across the floor with Nomad and RAMS her head into the ring post! 

(Fans all cheering as the Dawg Pound chants: We Want Blood! We Want Blood!) 

Bishop: Nomad is dazed, and now Wendy Marshall grabbing the Nomad by the hair again…and RAMS her head into the ring apron. 

Mutt: Where’s the count by the referee? What happened to TAGGING your partner…and WHERE is Nomad’s partner?! 

Bishop: The referee getting in between Wendy Marshall and Nomad, and he’s restoring order to this one. Nomad rolling into the ring, and Wendy Marshall climbing the ring stairs quickly right after her. 

Blade: Nomad up to her feet, and Wendy is on her! Wendy with wild swings to the head, and now a Spinwheel kick! Nomad is down, and Wendy Marshall with a pick up. She Irish Whips Nomad to the far corner as Wendy picks up a head of steam….HANDSPRING SPLASH!!! 

(Fans all cheering as Nomad stumbles out of the corner and crumbles to the mat.) 

Bishop: And now Wendy Marshall heading into her corner with a tag. Eleanor Royal climbing up the turnbuckles…and now climbing up on Wendy Marshall’s shoulders, balancing herself. Oh my!!! Eleanor Royal, up top high, she jumps………. 


(Dawg Pound cheers as Nomad clutches her midsection!) 

Mutt: No cover though, and that is the mistake of a rookie. Royal pounding away into the head of Nomad like no tomorrow. Now a pick up, Royal winding up and NAILING her with a Discus Punch! Nomad trying to shake it off as she gets to her feet… 

Bishop: …and Eleanor Royal with a Standing Dropkick! Princess Nelli rushing into the ring and ANOTHER Dropkick! Wendy Marshall rushing into the ring and Connects with a Running Clothesline! Nomad is down! 

(Dawg Pound barks as both women pick up Nomad.) 

Blade: Wendy and Eleanor with a Double Front Face lock as they double Drape Nomad’s arms… 

Mutt: This is blatant double team cheating and…. 


(Fans all cheering as Royal makes the cover, but the referee waves it off.) 

Bishop: Princess Nelli stomping away on Eleanor Royal..and oh boy! Wendy Marshall grabbing the Iraqi manager. She looks out to the fans for approval as she draws back her fist… 

(Fans all cheering as Wendy Marshall looks out for approval.) 

Bishop: HARD RIGHT HAND! Princess Nelli is down, and Wendy Marshall picking up Nomad and an Irish Whipping her to the far side. Nomad off the ropes and a Spinebuster! 

(Dawg Pound barking as Nomad lays lifeless on the mat.) 

Blade: Eleanor Royal pounding away on Nomad as the referee forces Wendy Marshall out of the ring. Princess Nelli wearily up to her feet, and Eleanor Royal charging her… nailing away with jabs to the head. 

Sally: This isn’t a wrestling match, this is a fight. Look at those illegal right hands. 

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 20 minute time limit. 10 remaining. 

Mutt: Don’t tell me Princess Nelli is the Tag Team partner. Oh no. Don’t tell me these two are THAT stupid. 

(Fans all screaming as Nomad sneaks up behind Eleanor Royal.) 

Bishop: Princess Nelli backed into the corner, as Eleanor Royal pounds away….and Nomad with a Forearm to the back of the head. 

(Fans boo.) 

Bishop: Now a Full Nelson as Princess Nelli pounds away with punches. The ref forcing a break and forcing Nelli to the ring apron. 

Blade: Nomad pounding away with awkward punches to the head. Nomad now, scooping up Eleanor Royal and a Bodyslam! Nomad with a pick up now, and an Irish Whip to the ropes. Eleanor bouncing off and a POWERSLAM! WHAT POWER!!! 

(Dawg Pound barking: WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! ) 

Mutt: Nomad stomping away on Royal, and this is the strategy she’s got to use. Nomad is winded and dazed. Eleanor has been in the ring the longest, and the Iraqi’s must focus their efforts on her. 

Blade: Nomad with a pickup and a tag, and Princess Nelli entering the ring and nailing Royal with a bodyblow. Now a hard right hand, and Royal down on one knee. The Iraqi stomping away, and Royal with a Double Leg takedown and POUNDING AWAY ON PRINCESS NELLI!!!! 

(Fans all screaming as Nomad enters the ring and nails Eleanor Royal.) 

Bishop: Wendy Marshall entering the ring, and the referee pushing her back out as he berates Nomad. 

Sally: Marshall is stupid. 

Blade: Nelli with a pick up, and an Irish Whip to the far ropes. Royal back off and a Running Clothesline! Nelli is down! Royal a little dazed as she crawls for her corner….and makes the tag! 

(Fans all cheer as Wendy Marshall storms the ring.) 

Bishop: Princess Nelli back up and Wendy with all American right hands! Now an Irish Whip into the corner and Nelli hits hard. Marshall pointing as she sprints across the ring and CONNECTS with a vicious Leg Lariat!!!! 

(Fans all cheering as Princess Nelli falls to the mat.) 

Blade: Nomad entering the ring and Eleanor Royal rushing into the ring too. Wendy and Eleanor pounding away on Nomad, and now a Double Irish Whip to the ropes. Nomad off the ropes…. 


(Fans erupt as Wendy Marshall calls for it all.) 

Blade: Princess Nelli up to her feet, and Eleanor Royal pounding away on her. Wendy with another pick up and Irish Whipping the Nomad to the near ropes. Nomad off the ropes and WENDY MARSHALL WITH A BELLY TO BELLY OVERHEAD SUPLEX!!!!! 

(Fans erupt as Eleanor Royal slaps her five.) 

Bishop: Eleanor Royal wanting a shot now. Wendy with a pick up and Royal with a boot to the midsection. Now Royal snatching Nomad by the back of her hair as she slaps her into her armpit…INVERTED DDT!!! 

(Fans all cheering as Eleanor Royal makes the lateral press.) 

Ref: 1…………………….2…………………………..3!!!! 


Mutt: Oh no! 

(Fans erupt into cheers as ‘Real American’ blasts through the speakers.) 

Spud: At 13 minutes and 55 seconds, your winners via pinfall are the team of ‘Supermodel’ Eleanor Royal and Wendy ‘Wildchild’ Marshall!!! 

(Big crowd pop as Eleanor Royal pounds away at the head of the fallen Nomad.) 

Mutt: Oh no! 

Blade: The two Iraqi’s rolling out of the ring, and Wendy Marshall having to hold Eleanor Royal. Royal screaming out to Nomad to get back into the ring. She’s calling Nomad a coward and saying it was too easy. 

Bishop: And it was! Nomad choosing her MANAGER as her tag team partner? Royal and Marshall pounded on Nomad for 10 minutes, then proceeded to get even with Princess Nelli. 

Mutt: Oh no! No! Not like that! 

(Fans chant: USA! USA! USA! as the 2 Iraqi’s limp up the rampway.) 

Bishop: Wendy Marshall and Eleanor Royal climbing up the turnbuckles and calling out the Iraqi’s. They want some more fight! Eleanor Royal exacting revenge on the Nomad and Princess Nelli in timely fashion. I would have NEVER thought… 

Mutt: Oh no! No! 

Blade: YES! And don’t say anything about the officiating. IT was wild from start to finish. The ref was fair for both sides. 

Mutt: NO! Not like that! Nomad….Nelli…no! 

Bishop: While Sam is getting his composure back, let’s hear late breaking news out of the GDWA ivory towers from Vice President Alison De La Cruz. Via Satellite, here’s Alison…

(LIVE FEED: Scene opens up to administrative offices in Walnut Creek, California. Alison De La Cruz is a very tall Filipino woman with long black hair and a rosy smile that fills up the camera. She’s wearing a long silk suit and skirt with blood red high heels to commemorate the occasion.) 

De La Cruz: Thanks Allen. Hello this is Alison De La Cruz, international representative and Vice President of the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance…..and YES, I have received a promotion! 

(She smiles into the camera.) 

In speaking with Sonya Blade, former Grand Dragon competitor, the GDWA international and national committee as well as our honorable President Denmark Vessey, I’ve pushed for an idea revolutionary to our promotion. 

I have proposed to the championship committee that we instate a CRUISERWEIGHT title as part of GDWA’s major titles. The champion would be decided via a tournament much like the World Title. 

The Cruiserweight Division is a combination of a light-heavyweight division and a junior division title. It is on the same par as the Western Heritage title, but the champion IS *NOT* considered the number 1 contender to the WH belt or any other GDWA title. 

This division is in part a reaction to the dominance of brawling and power wrestling tactics in the Heavyweight division, as well as the need to allow younger competitors a chance at a title. 

The Cruiserweights will be restricted merely by weight: 130 pounds or lighter. Because this is a hybrid division, the C-weights will continue to compete for the other heavyweight titles and in some cases the Tag titles while competition for the C-belt. HEAVYWEIGHTS, or those wrestlers over 130lbs, WILL BE PROHIBITED from challenging or holding this title. 

Current titlists–meaning Western Heritage, Internet Heavyweight, or World Heavyweight–who meet the weight requirement may ALSO compete in the Cruiserweight tournament and contend for the Cruiserweight title. 

The quality of these matches is hoped to be most scientific, high flying, and competitive in terms of athleticism and ability. At times, power has ruled the GDWA. This division will hopefully be something that offers an alternative to those women with less bulk but more ‘ability’. 

1) The C-titlist will defend the belt on a schedule of every 5 weeks. This allows her to contend for other titles and even defend those titles if she were still C-champion. 

2) The C-titlist will defend AT EVERY pay per view! 

3) The C-titlist may defend the title as often as she desires, but *must* adhere to the demands of *ANY* Cruiserweight challenger every 5 weeks who has a win/loss ratio of .500 or greater! 

Also, rest assured this in no way would reduce the value of the WORLD, Internet, or Western Heritage titles. They still are the premiere belts in Grand Dragon in the aforementioned order. 

Realizing there are some superstars a few pounds over the weight limit who would love to compete in this division, we will allow current GDWA competitors to drop weight in order to qualify. We realize that some of you have been doing so as rumors hit the wind about our new division. 

If you are a wrestler interested in entering the Cruiserweight title tournament, please e-mail promoter Lawrence Davis with the heading: *Cruiserweight Division* 

!!!Remember, entrance to the tournament is first come, first entered. The first few to respond will be put in bracket A, and those who procrastinated will be in Bracket B, and will have to wrestle more matches to get to the finals!!! 

Thank you for your time, and please, enjoy the rest of the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance’s %%%Founder’s Day Tradition%%%

Blade: Wow! A Cruiserweight Division? This is HUGE news, and I told you guys through the rumor mill that this could be a go. 

Bishop: Yes, and GDWA competitors who wish to be involved themselves had better contact promoter Davis ASAP. 

Sally: Could I compete in that division? 

Blade: Only if you cut out some of those beer nuts. 

Mutt: Our second match of the night, and it turns into an all-out brawl…oh man! Nomad, girl why did you pick your manager?! Why not Nikita Marx? She’s a foreigner? Why not Tiffany Chandler? Hell, all the Chandlers kick ass. Momma Chandler, Poppa Chandler…. 

Blade: Anyway, our next match is a POSSIBLE Cruiserweight match up. Billed as the Battle of the Japanese Superstars, this should be awesome. And we’ll see a little of everything in this. 

Rekka Sakura vs. Keiko Mita

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is scheduled for one fall with a 20 minute time limit. 

Bishop: If this is the kind of match the GDWA championship committee expects to see out of Cruiserweights….these rookies have a great load on their shoulders. 

(Crowd begins cheering as they hear ‘Cruel Angel’s Thesis’ by Ryokoo Takahashi!) 

Spud: Coming down the aisle…from Tokyo, Japan! She is 5 feet 6 inches, 125lbs! Here is “Burning Cherry Blossom” Rekka Sakura!!!!!! 

(Rekka Sakura heads down the aisle, slapping hands with ringside fans. She enters the ring wearing a red and yellow singlet with cherry blossoms with a flame motif!) 

Bishop: Rekka Sakura a little heated over her loss to Radhi Ananda. She’s a fiery sort alright. Reminiscent of the late Sachie Yokoyama. 

Mutt: And if she keeps up that attitude, it’ll take her pretty far in Grand Dragon…but should she be picking fights with the wild Indian? 

Blade: Unfortunately, that is how you get noticed. Focus your efforts on a big star like the WESTERN HERITAGE CHAMPION Radhi Ananda and you yourself can become a star. 

(Crowd begins cheering as they hear the sound of Japanese Drums.) 

Spud: And her opponent, Hailing from Kyoto, Japan…Five feet 4, 115 pounds of the ‘Kyoto Crippler’ Keiko Mita!!!!! 

(Keiko Mita has a very grim look on her face as she heads down ringside.) 

Blade: Keiko Mita billed as the Crippler. And from what I can see… 

(Fans scream as Tiffany Chandler runs down the rampway.) 

Bishop: Tiffany Chandler sprinting down ringside, and attacking Keiko Mita! Mita getting nailed with hard right hands, and she’s down on the ring floor….!!! 

Blade: Chandler with a pick up, slapping Mita’s head between her legs…PILEDRIVER!!! 

(Fans boo as Keiko Mita grabs her head while on the floor.) 

Mutt: YES! The Syndicate has struck! 

(Fans all cheering as ‘Burning Cherry Blossom’ Rekka Sakura climbs through the ring ropes and runs up the rampway.) 

Blade: Rekka Sakura sprinting up the rampway, and Tiffany Chandler warning her not to mess with her. Oh my! Sakura checking on Keiko Mita, and the referee running up the rampway. Oh my God! 

(Fans all booing as Tiffany Chandler and the Kingpin leave the rampway, bowing before a chorus of boos.) 

Mutt: The Syndicate has struck. 

Spud: Wrestling fans, due to the physical inability of Keiko Mita to compete, this match will be postponed until later on tonight. 

(Fans boo while Rekka Sakura and the referee help Keiko Mita to the locker room.) 

Mutt: I told you and….what the hell is that?! Get a Spotlight! 

(The figure in black is seen up in the rafters, looking down at the assault. The figure seems unsettled, perhaps displeased at what is seen. The crow is settled on the figures shoulders as the figure walk off.) 

Bishop: The GDWA phantom! I swear…. 

Sally: I’m getting out of here to go powder my nose. You guys go ahead and have fun with all these spooks and things. 

Bishop: I didn’t think the Syndicate would strike, no pun intended, until later on tonight maybe. Keiko Mita taking a real hit. 

Mutt: And the incredible thing is, Tiffany Chandler isn’t even competing tonight. Obviously she just wants to get Mita’s attention…you think she did? Why don’t we ask Congo! 

Allan: Ladies and gentleman, we now come to tag team division action here at the Founder’s Day Pay Per View. Joining us for color commentary, as usual, is Congo Paul Roberts 

Congo: (sitting down, adjusting headset) Well, Bishop, you don’t spare the praise when you make an introduction. Maybe you should speak with Spud Mackenzie, he could offer you a few pointers. 

Allan: (Ahem) Perhaps. Anyway, here’s Spud with the call 

Burning Rain vs. Double Otanashis

SPUD: LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, THE FOLLOWING TAG TEAM MATCH IS SCHEDULED FOR ONE FALL WITH A 15 MINUTE TIME LIMIT! FIRST, COMING DOWN THE AISLE AND HAILING RESPECTIVELY FROM TIJUANA, MEXICO AND NAGANO, JAPAN, HERE ARE MARIA URQUIDEZ AND GOJIRA TAKESHIMA, BURNING RAIN!!!! (Crowd cheers as 1999 by Prince plays over the loudspeaker. Maria slaps hands with fans at ringside while Gojira walks slowly and solemnly and carries a large sword down to ringside. The fans chant Go-ji-ra! Go-ji-ra! 

Congo: The fans are really taken with this big woman, but again I Ask: Why the sword? This is a wrestling match, not a role-playing game! 

Allan: I believe it has some cultural significance. And if you like that, you’ll love how the Gladiatrixes, GDWA’s newest team, come to ringside. 

Congo: I’ve heard about that! My word, this federation is going ancient! 


(Mixed reaction from crowd as ‘A Hurricane Tonight” plays over the loudspeaker. Kasumi gets real friendly with the fans, but Kurumi just slaps their hands away) 

Congo: What the hell is wrong with these double mint twins! You’d think they’d either recognize the fans or not, but apparently Kasumi does and Kurumi doesn’t. Or do I have that backwards. Life must be real confusing in that family. 

Allan: I would imagine it’s no worse than being in the Chandler family. 

Congo: Oh, sure, who wouldn’t prefer the lap of luxury to the rice-harvesting poverty of these Double Jobbers? 


Allan: You promised you’d be nice. Anyhow, it looks like the Fire Angel, Maria Uriquidez will be starting this one off, along with Kasumi Otanashi of The Double Otanashis. The two women are circling each other, looking for an opening. This is the debut of the Otanashis. Congo: Yes, indeed. Maria, offering to shake hands with Otanashi, and Kasumi accepting. 

Allan: That’s great sportsmanship! 

Congo: It’s a pathetic waste of time. I bet the other Otanashi wouldn’t have shaken hands. What was her name? Kablooie Otanashi? 

Allan: That’s Kasumi! Anyway, the two women locking up, and Uriquidez with a side headlock. 

Congo: Otanashi pushing her into those ropes, and a chop to the midsection. Maria being pulled to her feet, and a bodyslam by Kabuki. 

Allan: I told you, that’s Kasumi! Maria, climbing to her knees, and a headbutt to the stomach of the Otanashi. That was unexpected. 

Congo: Uriquidez, now, softening up those legs with chops to the knee…and a Russian leg sweep takes Cartoony down! 

Allan: (sigh) that’s Kas… Oh, what’s the point? Kasumi, being worked over with a series of lightning quick legdrops. And Uriquidez, dragging the prone Otanashi into her corner and makes the tag. Look out. 

Congo: You can hear the crowd build up energy as the monster Gojira enters the ring. Gojira with an elbowsmash…and another. And a *VICIOUS* chop to the chest. 

Allan: She’s backing up now, what’s this gonna be? Charging in for an avalanche… 

Congo: But the Otanashi able to duck out of the way! And now Takeshima is being stomped in her own corner. And Kurumi hitting Uriquidez with a thumb to the throat, Fire Angel, on the outside, gasping for breath as Otanashi climbs to the second rope. A high risk maneuver for Kahlua. 

Allan: What? Anyway, Kurumi crashes into Gojira’s stomach with her knee. Kurumi, obviously trying to knock the wind out of the big woman. It may have worked. Gojira, slow to get up, and Kurumi tags out. 

Congo: And here comes Tsunami! Allan: This is going to be a long night. Kasumi, dragging the big woman into the center of the ring…snapmare. 

Congo: And now a chinlock by the Double Otanashi…I guess if she’s in there by herself, she’s a single Otanashi. 

Allan: Paul Roberts, dazzling us with his math skills. Anyway, Maria is back up on the ring apron now, and she rushes into the ring to break up the chinlock. The ref getting in her way, but she sidesteps him and delivers a kick to the back of Kasumi. 

Congo: The referee, cautioning Maria into her own corner, but she did her job. Big Gojira slowly gets to her feet…A dropkick attempt by Chewbacca. Allan: But Gojira brushing it off and delivering a double ax-handle smash. Did you say Chewbacca?!? 


Congo: Takeshima with a couple more smashes. Now she’s straddling Otanashi, who’s on all fours. And Gojira just drops! Splat! 

(Crowd pops!!) 

Congo: Gojira looking triumphant after that highly damaging move, but finding it difficult to get to her feet. Waitaminute! The other Otanashi rushes into the ring and clips the big woman! Knee problems have dogged Gojira all her career, and it looks like even Carlito knows it! Allan: Kurumi, being warned off by the ref. It’s gonna be a race to see who can get up first…looks like it’s going to be….Kasumi. 

Congo: But instead of attacking the fallen Gojira, she returns to her corner to make the…wait. 

Allan: Kasumi not making the tag, but arguing with her partner. She must disapprove of Kurumi’s actions in clipping Gojira. 

Congo: This could be a problem for the Otanashis. As Gojira limps into her corner and tags out to Maria Uriquidez. The Otanashis too busy fighting to notice! 

Allan: And Fire Angel dropkicks Kurumi off the ring Apron 

(Crowd pops LOUD!!!) 

Allan: Now she goes to work on Kasumi, ramming her head into that top turnbuckle. 

(Fans count along 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10..! 

Allan: The Fire Angel, generating some HEAT! She climbs up to the top rope while Kasumi staggers….****MOONSAULT****!! That was a thing of beauty! 

(Crowd gives an even BIGGER pop!!!) 

Congo: I don’t understand what it is with this Burning Rain team. When they fought the Suicide Blondes, Maria Uriquidez might as well have not been there, for all the good she did. Now, it looks like Maria’s carrying the team. If these to ever got their act together and came to the ring when they’re both at the top of their game, they could be serious contenders to the tag titles. 

Allan: Maria, hooking the leg for the pin! 

****1***** . . . . ****2***** . . . . . Allan: Just a two count there. Kurumi, rushes into the ring, and starts clubbing Maria. She’s not the legal woman! A blatant disregard of the rules! 

Congo: But here comes Gojira! She barrels into Cornholio with a shoulder tackle! Now she chokeslams her up and OUT of the ring!!!! 

Allan: The ref, trying to regain some control in this one as he warns Gojira back into her corner. Not an easy job when you’re smaller than the combatants you’re meant to be refereeing! 

Congo: Forget that, between Takeshima and the Otanashis, it’s amazing that the ref is able to communicate at all. Does he carry Japanese dictionary with him? 

Allan: Now, the Fire Angel is laying into Kasumi with a side armbar. You know, these two teams are exact opposites. Burning Rain has a high-flyer and an enforcer, two radically different styles that complement each other in tag wrestling, and the Otanashis are so similar in size, shape and skill. It would be like wrestling clones, if not for Kurumi’s attitude problem! 

Congo: Wrestling clowns is more like it. Maria Uriquidez, still laying into that armbar, and Kasumi looking for an escape. She reaches the ropes on the far side, and the ref forces the break. 

Allan: Kasumi, taking his opportunity to conference with her partner…Meantime, the Fire Angel is really playing up to these fans! And she’s getting them out of their seats with her theatrics. 

Congo: But wait! Kerplunky being tagged in, and she blindsides Uriquidez!! I saw that coming! 

Allan: For the last time, Paul! It’s Kurumi! Kurumi, Kurumi Kurumi!!!!

Congo: Gezundheit! You really ought to take better care of those allergies, Bishop. In any case, the Otanashi is choking Uriquidez with her boot, applying the pressure. I can’t wait to see Gojira and the bad Otanashi mix it up! 

Allan: Now it’s “the bad Otanashi”?, Kurumi, draping the head and shoulders of Maria across that bottom rope…backs up and lands on the prone Uriquidez. A pick up and a swinging neckbreaker! Finally, some wrestling being displayed by Kurumi. The pin! 1………… 




…………and 1/2!!!! 

Allan: The Otanashis, coming so close to upsetting Burning Rain! Kurumi, now, picking up Maria by the hair and delivering a standing dropkick. Now it’s Kurumi on Uriquidez with a reverse chinlock. The ref better get in there to make sure it’s not a choke! SPUD: 10 MINUTES HAVE ELAPSED! 5 MINUTE REMAIN!!!!! 

Allan: This match is winding down, and both teams look pretty fatigued. 

Congo: Kurumi lays in that chinlock. Uriquidez gets to her knees and…An elbow to the midsection! Another, and Kurumi releases the hold! She scrambles under Kurumi’s legs and makes the tag!! Here comes Godzilla!! 

Allan: This time I won’t correct you, because it’s almost the truth! 

(Crowd chants GO-JI-RA! GO-JI-RA!) 

Allan: These two are flailing away at each other, and Kurumi’s getting the worst of it. Obviously. 

Congo: Gojira ending the melee with a *wicked* slap to the face! And another. And a kneelift. Takeshima, really punishing Kentucky! 

Allan: Oh brother! Now it’s Gojira with a hip toss! She must have flung Kurumi about 10 feet! 

Congo: And a BIG elbowdrop by the behemoth! Burning Rain are working much more closely with each other this week. Gojira, now, with the pickup and…Atomic drop! And Otanashi goes flying to the outside! 

Allan: And Gojira is taking this opportunity to rest her knee. She’s slumping in a corner. That knee has taken an absolute beating here lately. 

Congo: Wait a minute!!!! OH NO!!!!! Kurumi has got Gojira’s sword on the outside. She’s not gonna…OH MY GOD, SHE IS!!!!! She’s trying to enter the ring with that sword!! Kasumi, getting in front of her. Look, she’s pleading with her partner not to do anything with that sword. Allan: Gojira, now, sees what’s going on…how will she react to this? She wisely bails out of the ring. Big or small, she’s not gonna get involved in a swordfight! 

Congo: Why not? This big dumb lug was stupid enough to bring that sword out here in the first place. At least one of these Otanashis has a little common sense. Do you think the Misfits would hesitate to use a foreign object? Or the Suicide Blondes? 

Allan: The ref finally disarms Kurumi of that sword, but a lot of time wasted. 


Allan: Kurumi’s actions serving no good purpose. These teams are going to have to lay it on the line if either of them wants to earn a win. Congo: Each team makes a switch and now it’s Uriquidez against Kasumi. Collar-elbow tie up. Headlock by Kasumi. Maria goes for an atomic drop…Kasumi goes 360 degrees! Now she has the Fire Angel in a reverse waistlock. Pushes her into the ropes…here comes a pinning combo. 

Allan: No! Uriquidez hangs on, and we have a minute to go! 

Congo: Maria delivers a few stomps to the midsection. She goes into her corner. This is it! This move will mean the match for the Rain. She climbs to that top rope…. 

(Fans all screaming!) 

Congo: S*E*N*T*O*N* SPLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Allan: BUT KASUMI BRINGS UP THE KNEES!!! Maria went for the move too early, and now she’s in a world of hurt!! 

(Crowd gasps!) 

Congo: Otanashi drapes her arm over the Fire Angel. The ref slides into position… 

*****DING****** *******DING******* ********DING********* 

Congo: What happened, did the ref stop the fight? 


(Crowd boos thunderously, but cheers a little as Gojira helps Maria to her feet) 

Congo: Well, there’s fifteen minutes of my life that I’d like to have back! What a screwjob ending! Are these Otanashis stupid or what? If that one Otanashi hadn’t played games with the sword, the other Otanashi might have had the pin just there! 

Allan: And the Double Otanashis having words about that. I hope they’ll be able to see this outing as a success, they went toe to toe with a tough Burning Rain team. 

Congo: Hey, as far as I’m concerned, I’ll be happy if I never see Koparski and Kamoofree again! 

Allan: I think I need a new partner… 

(Sam Mutt returns from the concession stand with another beer along with Sonya Blade.) 

Mutt: I missed Congo? Damn. Hey, you know it makes me wonder just WHO is gonna attack Andrea Chandler tonight. 

Bishop: What do you mean attack? 

Mutt: Excuse me for not being a complete idiot! Hey, do you actually think this thing is gonna do down peacefully. Andrea Chandler and the Syndicate have been talking big and bad. And if you think for a minute that Medusa Rage, Ma Porter and the rest of heel’ville ain’t gonna take their pot shots.. 

Rekka Sakura vs. Keiko Mita

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is scheduled for one fall with a 20 minute time limit. 

(Crowd begins cheering as they hear ‘Cruel Angel’s Thesis’ by Ryokoo Takahashi!) 

Bishop: I know I should be excited that Rekka Sakura is coming to wrestle against Keiko Mita in the Battle of the Japanese Superstars, but poor Mita. She CAN’T be 100% now. 

Spud: Coming down the aisle…from Tokyo, Japan! She is 5 feet 6 inches, 125lbs! Here is “Burning Cherry Blossom” Rekka Sakura!!!!!!!! 

(Rekka Sakura heads down the aisle, slapping hands with ringside fans. She enters the ring wearing a red and yellow singlet with cherry blossoms with a flame motif!) 

Blade: The Crippler will have to pull out all the stops early if she wants to have a chance. Sakura may have had a little sympathy for her countrywoman earlier, but once that bell ring it is all over. 

Mutt: But if Keiko Mita would juts cheat…. 

Blade: Is that the answer to everything for you Sam Mutt? 

Mutt: Taxes…..women….yeah I’d say so! 

(Crowd begins cheering as they hear the sound of Japanese Drums.) 

Spud: And her opponent, Hailing from Kyoto, Japan…Five feet 4, 115 pounds of the ‘Kyoto Crippler’ Keiko Mita!!!!! 

(Keiko Mita heads down the aisle wearing a singlet–red on top, black on the bottom–with cut offs at the legs and her head with still wet from the ice bag. She looks focused yet infuriated.) 

Blade: Rekka Sakura looking on with compassion as Keiko Mita enters the ring…and Mita is pissed off! 

Mutt: Mita charging Sakura, and nailing away with Karate chops!!! 

(Huge crowd pop as Rekka Sakura is backed into the near corner.) 


Blade: Sakura stuck in the corner, and Mita with SNAPPING Karate chops to the chest! Now nailing away at the head of with those tight Karate shots to the face!!! 

Bishop: Sakura falling into the ropes, and she’s stunned. The ref calling off the Martial Artist, and Mita waiting in the far corner patiently. 

Mutt: Sakura is tough, I’ll say that much, but she looks like someone just mugged her and stole the smile off her face as well. 

Bishop: The resuming the match, and a Collar and Elbow tie up, and a Side Headlock by Sakura. Mita pushing off and Sakura sent flying into the near ropes. 

Blade: Sakura bouncing off and a forward roll as Mita Leapfrogs over! 

Bishop: Both women bouncing off the ropes and now running right at each other AND KEIKO MITA WITH A FLYING HEADBUTT!!!! 

(Crowd all on their feet CHEERING as Keiko Mita heads for the near corner. She climbs up the turnbuckles with cat like quickness as she points to all the fans…..) Mutt: Mita up high! She jumps….and *misses* the Guillotine Legdrop!!! Rekka Sakura quickly rolling away, and now a Double Leg pick up. 

Blade: Sakura looking out to the Dawg Pound….Catapults Mita up into the air AND TWIRLS HER AROUND FOR A TIGER DRIVER!!!! My goodness! (Dawg Pound cheers in admiration as Rekka Sakura hooks the leg.) 

Ref: 1………………..2………………kick out! 

Mutt: Look at the viciousness. Rekka Sakura DOES have some Sachie Yokoyama in her. 

Bishop: Sakura with a pickup and a slapping on a Frontface lock. Mita with bodyblows trying to get out of it, as she forces Sakura into the side ropes…and pushes off! 

(Fans cheer as Keiko Mita follows her to the far ropes.) 

Blade: Sakura bouncing off and getting NAILED with that Spinning backfist! And Mita not stopping there as she rams into the ropes, backflips and CONNECTS with a Missile elbowdrop! 

Mutt: That move rather prominent in Asia…. 

Bishop: Mita sucking up her pain, obviously disoriented. Mita with a pick up, and now STRIKING with those Muy Thai Leg Kicks! Sakura falling forward and backward like a billiard until she hits the mat, but a Drop toe hold by the Burning Cherry Blossom! 

Blade: Sakura with a Legbar, and Mita with strong kicks to the head to get her away. Sakura rolling away, and both women to their feet. Collar and Elbow tie up and Sakura with an Overhead Wristlock…. 


(Fans Cheering as Rekka Sakura doubles over.) 

Mutt: Rekka Sakura buckling over and Keiko Mita with a Crossface… GERMANS SUPLEX COMBINATION!!!! 

Ref: 1……………………..2…………………..kick out! 

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 20 minute time limit. 10 remaining. 

Bishop: Mita with a pickup and a Waistlock, trying to get her up. Sakura shifting her weight and…Reaching through her legs with a Single Leg Take down!?! 

(Fans gasp in amazement!) 


(Fans all cheering as Keiko Mita rolls around the mat, clutching her hip.) 

Blade: GREAT WRESTLING! And that is what I expect from Duran and Daisy later on tonight!! Rekka Sakura heading for the far corner, as Keiko Mita gets up to her knees. 

Mutt: Sakura climbing the ropes as fast as she can… 

(Fans all screaming as Keiko Mita scampers across the ring and quickly climbs the ring ropes….) 

Bishop: It’s a race to the top! Sakura up on the top turnbuckle, but Mita up on the top rope beside her!!! 

(Fans all cheering!) 

Blade: Mita FIRING off with those TIGHT Karate chops to the head of Sakura!!! Sakura losing her balance and….jumps up into the slapping on a headscissors………FRANKENSTEINER!!!!! 

(Huge crowd pop as both women lay still on the mat!) 

Mutt: Keiko Mita looks out! That head injury getting the best of her, as Rekka Sakura catches her with a Frankensteiner from up top! 

Bishop: Rekka Sakura, her face etched with red imprints, stumbling over to the far corner. She climbs up high as Keiko Mita lays on her back… 

Blade: She’s climbing up high, facing the crowd perhaps going for a Moonsault…. 

Mutt: She should have gone for the pin! 

Blade: She jumps………and a ……SKY TWISTER PRESS!!!!!!! 

Ref: …………………………………………………….1 







(Huge crowd pop as Keiko Mita gets the shoulder up.) 

Mutt: She’s got guts, I’ll tell you that much. 

Bishop: Rekka Sakura with pick up, and a Side headlock take down. Mita twirling around to get to her knees, pounding away with punches. Sakura up to her feet, and now a HIGH KNEE to the jaw! 

Blade: Mita still doubled over….and Rekka Sakura slapping on a Frontface lock AND HOISTING HER UP FOR A FISHERMANS SUPLEX!!!! 

Mutt: That’s a PERFECT PLEX! 

Bishop: Perfect Bridge…1…………….2………………….3! 


Spud: Wrestling Fans, (Fans cheer as Rekka Sakura helps Keiko Mita up to her feet.) 

Bishop: Hard fought battle by the Kyoto Crippler, but she already had that attack against her. 

Spud: Wrestling fans, at 16 minutes 33 seconds! Your winner via pinfall…………….’Burning Cherry Blossom’ Rekka Sakura! 

(Fans cheering as the referee raises Rekka Sakura’s hand in victory.) 

Blade: Keiko Mita turning her back on Rekka Sakura as she walks into the corner. I know she’s greatly disappointed. 

Bishop: I can only imagine. 

Mutt: Keiko Mita falling prey to a superior technical wrestler, great timing and an attack by the Syndicate’s very own Tiffany Chandler and…Oh shit! 

(Fans scream as the woman in black flies downward into the ring via a cable.) 

Bishop: Keiko Mita and Rekka Sakura on guard, as that phantom looks them square in the eyes. Get the cameras on him or her or… 

(The eyes are a deep brown, looking as if they were at one time soft, but hardened by….) 

Blade: She’s taking off the hood! And it DEFINITELY is a woman. She’s wearing white and green face paint with Oriental caricatures all over it. She saying something in Japanese to the two women… 

(Fans all cheering as the phantom coerces the two to shake hands in STIFF language unintelligible to English speaking audiences.) 

Blade: The phantom taking out her sword…and HANDING it to the two of them…almost as if to share it. And… 

(Just as suddenly the arena goes black as golden lights fill up the ring. The phantom is lifted back up into the rafters as the 2 Japanese Superstars look on.) 

Blade: Keiko Mita and Rekka Sakura leaving the ring together, and I must say, this has been a strange night of wrestling. 

Blade: Those two almost looking amicable toward one another as they leave ringside… 

Mutt: Enough of the jobbers! We’ve got the fat of the card coming up! The 4 set of championship matches along with the Battle of the Mat Technicians! The ‘Legend’ Micki Duran going up against the ‘Franchise’ Daisy Butterfly! 

Sally: I’ve never heard of Daisy Butterfly. IS that a new brand of toilet tissue? 

Blade: Daisy Butterfly just happens to be the VERY BEST mat technician in Grand Dragon. She’s also one of the most popular wrestlers in professional sports today. 

Bishop: And FINALLY, these two colliding. The only two who opted out of the INTERNET Championship Royal Rumble to get a chance at the title on the BIGGEST night of professional wrestling! 

Mutt: Let’s hear from our ring announcer Spud Mackenzie… 

Micki Duran vs. Daisy Butterfly

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is set for one fall, with a 30 minute time limit. It is a SPECIAL contender’s match for an INTERNET Heavyweight Championship title shot!! 

(Fans boo as they hear ‘All I Really Want’ by Alanis Morissette) 

Spud: First, led down the aisle by ‘the Crippler’ Crystal Lewis and her manager the Kingpin! Representing the Syndicate… 

(Fans boo as Micki Duran steps out through the ring curtain and absorbs the boos.) 

Spud: Hailing from Lake Ponchatrain, Louisiana. She is 5 feet 8 inches, 124 pounds! Here is the #2 Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship…..’The Legend’ Micki Duran! 

(She comes walking down the aisle wearing a white singlet, with matching boots, wrist band and headband. The name LEGEND is written on her back.) 

Mutt: Look at her! In all her regality, the ONE and ONLY Legend of professional wrestling. The fans are gonna get a treat tonight! Daisy Butterfly on a platter (Laughs!) 

Bishop: The Legend has been waiting for a run at the INTERNET title for so long…she failed twice against Charlotte La Mancha, and then was denied a third title shot. Despite dominating Radhi Ananda at DPN, she was unable to rest the Western Heritage title from her. Now she gets 1 more shot at championship gold. 

Blade: And what is truly amazing is that Daisy Butterfly is in similar circumstances. 2 title shots at the WORLD Championship, and no Gold! She gets a shot at Radhi Ananda, and despite showing Daisy showing her what technical wrestling is all about, unable to arrest the belt. I must say, Radhi Ananda seems UNBEATABLE! 

Sally: I can beat her. Just give me 5 minutes with the Indian tramp and she’ll be callin’ for Buddha or whatever God will have mercy on her! 

Mutt: The Kingpin parts the ropes for Duran, and the Legend entering the ring with a chorus of boos. Let’s hear the intro’s for GDWA’s most prolific jobber…. 

Spud: And her opponent…. 

(Fireworks shoot out of the entrance way as the arena darkens.) 

Spud: Haling from San Francisco, California! She is 5 feet 7 inches, 130 pounds! Here is ‘the Franchise’ Daisy Butterfly!!! 

(An *ERUPTION* of cheers as Daisy Butterfly peeks her head through the ring curtain and a smile traces her lips! She walks through the curtain as flames light up the monitor overhead. She’s wearing a red hooded boxer’s robe and stands on the rampway with her arms crossed…) 

Spud: And accompanying her down ringside is….MC LYTE! 

(Fans all cheering as MC LYTE comes walking through the curtain performing “Cold Rock A Party”. Daisy Butterfly is ahead of her as she high fives ringside fans.) 

Bishop: This place has gone crazy! The fans in love with Daisy Butterfly as she heads down to ringside. Micki Duran just shaking her head, not believing what she’s seeing. 

Blade: Daisy Butterfly climbing the ring steps, and throwing off the boxing robe. But she’s not entering the ring. She leading the fans in cheers as MC LYTE walks about ringside. 

(Fans still cheering while Daisy Butterfly points at Micki Duran and nods her head. Daisy enters the ring, slowly, wearing an electric blue and black spandex two piece shorts. The words IRONWOMAN running across her butt in gold lettering.) 

Bishop: Duran can’t believe this crowd reaction. Daisy in the far corner, jogging in place as the fans scream in appreciation of our 1996 Ironwoman of the GDWA. 

Blade: MC LYTE leaving ringside, and the Legend calling Daisy into the middle of the ring. Daisy walking cautiously toward Micki Duran, and Duran extending her hand? 

Mutt: A sign of good sportsmanship! 

(Fans scream: NO! as Daisy Butterfly looks around the arena.) 

Bishop: ….and Daisy slapping Duran’s hand away, yet bowing respectfully. 

Blade: Smart move, you can’t trust the Syndicate. And I must add that this will be a MASTER confrontation of two technical wrestlers. Both women are in need of a title shot, and this is their chance. 



Bishop: Collar and Elbow tie up and Duran with the advantage, a lot stronger than Daisy. Daisy backpedaling a bit, and Duran shoving her down to the mat! WoW! 

(Fans all booing as Daisy Butterfly twirls around to her feet.) 

Blade: Duran with some real power. 

Bishop: Another tie up, and Daisy trying to impress her weight upon Duran, but again, Duran with the strength advantage….BUT DAISY WITH A QUICK WAISTLOCK RUNNING HER HANDS DOWN TO DURAN’S LEG AND *HOISTING* UP DURAN AND EXECUTING A DOUBLE LEG TAKEDOWN! 

(Fans all cheering as Micki Duran rolls into the ropes.) 

Mutt: Both women cautious, and this is strange on both their parts. I’m wondering what their focuses will be. I’d assume Daisy is for the arms and Duran for the neck. 

Bishop: Another tie up, and Daisy with a Front face lock into a Side headlock. Duran slipping out and slapping on a Hammerlock. Daisy with a head of steam and tripping up Duran with a Drop toe hold and slapping on her own Hammerlock! 

Blade: Now, driving quick knee drops to the Hammerlocked left arm of Duran. Duran into the ropes, and this is gonna be a tough one for each woman. Both have an uncanny awareness of the ring. 

Mutt: Duran up and Daisy with a Dropkick! Duran back up and Daisy with Open Hand Slaps to the chest….AND ANOTHER DROPKICK! Micki Duran rolling to the outside as the Kingpin comes over to console her. 

(The entire stadium breaks into chants of: Daisy! Daisy! Daisy!) 

Bishop: NO split stadium here. A clear fan favorite and a clear heel in regards to Micki Duran. Daisy Butterfly egging on Duran, and that look in Daisy’s eyes tells me she hasn’t forgotten about the Syndicate’s chicanery over the last 5 or 6 months. 

Blade: Or when they carted her out on a stretcher after attacking her in her dressing room on one of the House Shows. 

(Fans stomping their feet as Micki Duran re-enters the ring.) 

Bishop: Micki Duran back in the ring and another Collar and Elbow tie up. Duran grabbing Daisy by the back of her hair and tossing her down to the mat. 

(Fans cheering as Daisy Butterfly does a kip up!) 

Bishop: Duran with another handful of hair as the ref chastises her and throwing Daisy to the mat. 

(Fans cheering as Daisy Butterfly does another kip up!) 

Blade: And Daisy Butterfly with a handful of hair and tossing DURAN to the mat! 

(Fans all cheer then boo as Micki Duran applies a Drop toe hold.) 

Mutt: Micki Duran needs to utilize her strength some more. Technical wrestling is an equalizer between these two! 

Bishop: Micki Duran slapping on a Legbar, and Daisy Butterfly slapping the mat. Daisy a little cockier in this match than we’ve see in the past. 

Blade: Daisy twirling around, sliding into the ropes, and Duran stomping away on the left leg of Daisy. Duran with a pick up and Daisy driving into Duran and connecting with a Waistlock takedown. 

Mutt: ….and IMMEDIATELY into an Armbar. Duran slapping on a Headscissors, and Daisy twirling around to her feet and splitting Duran’s legs!!!! OH no! Daisy flipping her over…. 


(Fans all screaming as Micki Duran slaps the mat and shakes her head no.) 

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 20 minute time limit. 

Mutt: Daisy A LOT quicker than Duran, taking advantage of a situation. That came out of nowhere. 

Blade: Duran with that upper body strength, pushing up out of the Crab, taking away the pressure. Daisy hasn’t weakened the back enough…and Duran is crawling toward the ropes….! 

Bishop: …and Daisy Butterfly twirling Duran’s body around, and twirling around for a Figure 4 Leglock…but Duran with an Inside Cradle!!!! 

Ref: 1……………………………………2………..kick out! 

Mutt: Both women twirling around to their feet and Duran slamming into Daisy….and connects with a Belly to Belly Suplex! 

(Fans all booing as Micki Duran gets to her feet and drops an Elbow to Daisy’s back.) 

Bishop: Daisy in trouble as Duran drops down to the mat and slaps on a Leg Scissors. Daisy slapping the mat, looking for a reversal, and you’ve got to say that both women wrestling RATHER unlike themselves. 

Blade: Daisy crawling into the ropes, and the ref calling for a break. Duran up to her feet, Irish Whipping Daisy. No! Reversal! Duran to the far ropes, bouncing off and Daisy nails her with a High Back Body Drop! 

(Fans cheer!) 

Bishop: A little bit more freestyle as Daisy calls in Duran. Duran in a rage, charging Daisy as she backpedals away from the oncoming Duran, but hammering her with Open Hand Slaps in the process!!! 

Blade: Duran getting overcome with Open Hand slaps as Daisy slaps on an Armdrag Takedown! Duran back up and a Dropkick! Duran back up and Daisy rolling into an Armdrag Takedown and grapevining the leg for the cover! 

Bishop: WoW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE! 

Ref: 1………………………….2……………..kick out. 

(Fans cheering as Daisy Butterfly picks up Micki Duran.) 

Blade: Daisy Irish Whipping the Legend to the side ropes, Duran bouncing off and Daisy with a Frankensteiner….no! 

(Fans booing as Micki Duran catches her with a Waistlock….!) 


(Fans all screaming as Daisy Butterfly slaps the mat in pain.) 

Mutt: Daisy didn’t even have time to recover from the Powerbomb. EXCELLENT scouting by the legend!! 

Blade: Daisy calling on the fans, as she screams out in pain. They’re in the middle of the ring, and it’s only a matter of time… 

(Dawg Pound chanting: Daisy! Daisy! Daisy! Daisy!) 

Bishop: Daisy Butterfly trying to shift her weight, and Micki Duran really rocking in on it….hold on! Daisy shifting her weight, and she’s trying to reverse it…. 

(Fans all on their feet as Daisy Butterfly twists Duran half way over.) 

Blade: And she REVERSES the Figure 4!!! 

(Fans all cheering as Micki Duran reaches for the ropes.) 

Spud: 20 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit. 10 remaining. 10 minutes left. 

Mutt: Both women up to their feet, and another Collar and Elbow tie up. Daisy with a SNAPPING Armwringer, and Duran down on one knee, countering with a Fireman’s Carry Takeover….. 


Bishop: Duran up to her feet and running into the ropes, bouncing off and Daisy MISSING the Superkick and Duran with a Handstand Headscissors Takedown!!! Blade: Both women back up and Duran creeping behind Daisy and slapping on a Belly to back Suplex! Now quick to her feet, twirling around for a Single Leg pick up and falling back on the leg for an Elbow smash to Daisy’s face! 

(Fans boo as Micki Duran sucks wind with a grim smile on her face.) 

Bishop: Duran with a quick pick up, and a Side Suplex! The cover… 

Ref: ……………………………………………………1 





(Thunderous cheers as Daisy Butterfly kicks out strongly!) 

Mutt: Duran with a Reverse chinlock, and she’s pissed off! But this is a great pissed off hold right here. Chinlocks wear people down pretty well. 

Blade: Daisy panting for air, as Duran drives a knee into Daisy’s back to make it more effective. Daisy waving her hands around in the air and the ref checking…but Daisy says she’s fine. 

Bishop: Daisy sliding around and really into the ropes. Duran waiting on the ‘Franchise’ as she rises up to her feet…AND CHARGES INTO HER FOR A CLOTHES…. 

Blade: NO! Daisy ducking down, and driving a shoulder into the midsection of Duran. Duran backing off and Daisy slingshotting herself into the ring as Duran doubles over…SUNSET FLIP!!! 

Ref: ……………………………………………………….1 







…………………………………………………….kick out! 

(Big Crowd pop as both women twirl around to their feet!) 

Bishop: Daisy with Open Hand slaps to the chest of Duran, and she looks to be changing her strategy a bit. Daisy, with Dropkick as Duran flies into the near corner. Daisy with High knees to the midsection, and Duran is stunned! 

Bishop: Daisy with an Armdrag, and jumping up into the air, springing her legs off of the top ring rope AND NAILS MICKI DURAN WITH a HEADSCISSORS Takeover!!!!…. 

Mutt: …..BUT MICKI DURAN COUNTERS by HOOKING the leg for an inside cradle….1……2…….Shoulder up! 

(Fans cheer as Micki Duran complains about the slow count.) 

Bishop: Both women back up and Duran with a DROPKICK!!! Daisy is down, and Duran with a quick pick up. She slaps Daisy’s head between her legs…PILEDRIVER!!! 

(Fans boo as Micki Duran cradles Daisy Butterfly for the cover.) 

Ref: ………………………………………………..1 





…………………………………………………KICK OUT! 

(Fans all cheering as Micki Duran slaps the mat.) 

Mutt: The Legend with a pickup and a Backbreaker. Nice snap. Now Duran picking up both arms of Daisy and … SETTING HER UP FOR A CAMEL CLUTCH!!!! 

Bishop: Daisy calling out to fans. She’s hurt in a bad way as Duran pulls back on the chin. 

(Fans chanting: DAISY! DAISY! DAISY! DAISY!) 

Blade: Hold on! Daisy, mustering up all her strength, rising up to her knees. Daisy up to her feet! And Micki Duran with a look of surprise on her face. Duran riding on Daisy’s back, with a sloppy chinlock….and Daisy with an Elbow shot! 

(Fans pop!) 

Blade: And another! 

(Another pop!) 

Blade: And now Duran on her feet, and Daisy with Open Hand Slaps to the chest. Daisy, with big boots to the midsection backing up the Legend. The Kingpin warning Duran, as Daisy Irish whips her to the far ropes. 

(Fans all cheering as Daisy Butterfly sets up in the middle of the ring.) 

Bishop: Duran bouncing off……TILT A WHIRL BACKBREAKER!!!! 

(Fans all cheering as Daisy Butterfly falls on top of her and cradles the leg.) 

Ref: ……………………1……………………………….. 










(Fans all screaming as Micki Duran gets the shoulder up.) 

Spud: 29 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit. 1 minute left. 

Bishop: Daisy with a pick up, and pointing to Zaranna in the Dawg Pound! Zaranna standing up outraged as Daisy slaps Duran’s head between her legs! Daisy with a waistlock pick up………POWERBOMB!!!! 

(Fans cheering on Daisy Butterfly as Micki Duran writhes around the mat.) 

Mutt: And here comes Zaranna! Zaranna heading down the arena stairs and showing security her pass. She climbs over the guard railing and barking at Daisy Butterfly. 

Bishop: Duran is hurt, and Daisy enraged as she picks up Duran…..AND CONNECTS WITH A SHORT ARM CLOTHESLINE….NO!…Duran ducking under and slaps on a Northern Lights Suplex!!!! 

Ref: 1…………………………………………………….. 







(Fans cheering as both women fall to the mat. Chants rise of around the arena of: Daisy! Daisy! Daisy! Daisy!) 

Ref: 1…………………………2…………………..3…… 

Mutt: Duran unable to hold that bridge for the Norther Lights Suplex after that Powerbomb. Oh my! This is gonna be close! 

(Fans all chanting: Daisy! Daisy! Daisy! Daisy!) 

Spud: 30 seconds remaining. 30 seconds! 

Bishop: Zaranna lurking out at ringside, and I’m not very comfortable with her out there. Daisy with a pick up, and a Double Arm Underhook….BUTTERFLY SUPLEX!!!! 

Ref: 1…………………….2…………………FOOT on the Rope! 

Mutt: …They’re running out of time! 

(Dawg Pound chanting: Daisy! Daisy! Daisy! Daisy!) 

Mutt: The Kingpin up to the ring apron as the ref wards him off. Daisy up to her feet, and a hoisting Duran up for a Vertical Suplex….. 

Bishop: but Duran leg hooking the ropes and falling on top of Daisy!!!! 

Spud: 10 seconds! 

Mutt: The ref sliding into position, checks the shoulders and here we go for the count!!! 

Ref: ………………………………………………………1 







Bishop: Daisy with a Foot on the rope…..but ZARANNA *KNOCKING IT OFF!* and holding onto it for dear life!!!! 





Mutt: The Legend wins it! Incredible match. The Legend is getting a shot at Dementia Praecox’s INTERNET HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! 

Bishop: It was a set up!!! Zaranna charging the ring. Daisy Butterfly shouting at the referee, and now SHE’S POUNDING AWAY ON THE UNSUSPECTING MICKI DURAN!!!!! 

(Huge crowd pop as Daisy Butterfly kneels over Micki Duran and pounds away on her.) 

Bishop: Zaranna hitting the ring, and Daisy jumping up and NAILING her with Open Hand slaps!!! 

(Fans boo as Andrea and Tiffany Chandler run down the rampway.) 

Mutt: Andrea won’t have Daisy beating on her best friend. Daisy nailing away on Andrea Chandler, but Tiffany with hard right hands to the back of the head. And now it is 3 on 1 and… 

(Huge crowd pop as Officer Order and Lady Tiger sprint down to ringside.) 

Blade: Order with Karate chops to Andrea Chandler, and now Zaranna. Lady Tiger pounding away on Tiffany Chandler, but Micki Duran up to her feet….AND NAILS Lady Tiger from behind! Crystal Lewis climbing through the ropes now, and stomping away on Lady Tiger. 


Blade: Officer Order nailing away on the Legend with hard Karate chops to the chest now! Trying to help out Lady Tiger. 

Bishop: Meanwhile, Andrea Chandler pounding life out of Daisy Butterfly. The 140+ pound body builder scooping her up…and MILITARY PRESSING Daisy Butterfly…and tossing her over the top rope to the outside!!! 

(Fans all screaming as Daisy Butterfly hits the floor hard.) 

Blade: Now Andrea Chandler pounding away on Officer Order, and it’s 2 on one. Daisy down on the floor, trying to get back in but Zaranna pounding way on her on the ring apron. Daisy draped over the ropes and Zaranna SNAPPING Daisy’s neck up against the ropes!!!! 

Bishop: Crystal Lewis pounding on Lady Tiger….things have gotten out of hand in Grand Dragon. Who can help now!?!?! Oh no…. 

(Fans cheer as they hear a guitar riff. ‘Replica’ by Fear Factory blasts through the pa as a woman–with dyed black hair and dark makeup–rides down the rampway on a motorcycle!) 

Blade: It’s!!! It’s!!!!! 

(Huge crowd pop as Lanny Manson hops off her bike.) 

Bishop & Mutt: “FEAR FACTORY” LANNY MANSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

(Incredible pop as Lanny Manson storms the ring wearing cutoff jeans, leather black boots and a Metallica t-shirt.) 


Blade: Tiffany is down! Lewis is down! And Lanny Manson pointing to Andrea Chandler….. 

(Huge crowd pop as she charges Andrea Chandler from behind.) 

Bishop: Andrea Chandler turning around….AND A HARD RIGHT HAND! 


Blade: And another! 


Bishop: And another!!! 


Bishop: Lanny Manson with Fists of Fury on Andrea Chandler, and here comes Zaranna from behind with a right hand jab… 

(Huge crowd pop as Lanny Manson turns around decks her!) 


Bishop: Zaranna getting backed up by Lanny Manson, and we have all World Champs in the ring going at it at once. Lanny, nailing Zaranna, now Andrea! Now Zaranna! Zaranna is down! Andrea backing off, into the ropes, and Lanny Manson twirling around…..T*o*r*n*a*d*o* P*u*n*c*h!!!! 

(Fans go: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! as Andrea Chandler flies over the top rope!!!) 

Mutt: Micki Duran nailing away on Officer Order in the corner…but here comes Daisy Butterfly. Daisy with a chair, and climbing through the ropes. Duran rolling to the outside, but Zaranna is caught! 

(Fans all cheering as Daisy Butterfly points to Zaranna….) 


(Huge crowd pop as Zaranna hits the mat. The Kingpin roles Zaranna out of the ring as the Syndicate leaves ringside.) 

Blade: Daisy Butterfly, hugging Lanny Manson as Officer Order sits dazed in the corner. Lady Tiger up on the turnbuckles cursing out the Syndicate. 

Spud: Wrestling fans! You winner, and advancing to the INTERNET Heavyweight Championship title match later tonight….’the Legend’ Micki Duran!!! 

(Fans boo as Micki Duran walks up the aisle, pointing at the women in the ring.) 

Bishop: Duran with the cheap victory. Zaranna cursing out her arch nemesis Lanny Manson. WoW! Lanny Manson in the ring now, and raising Daisy Butterfly’s hand in victory! 

(Huge Crowd pop as Daisy Butterfly points to Lanny Manson!) 

Mutt: What the hell is SHE doing here! Lanny Manson the ULTIMATE sore loser. Every time something bad happens she abandons wrestling. And what’s with the change? 

Blade: Lanny Manson saving the day. If it weren’t for her, it might have been a dark day. 

Sally: Can I say something?! Damn. I believe all is for not. Micki Duran goes on to Face Dementia Praecox. End of story. 

Bishop: I must admit, that is disappointing. In the ring, Daisy tossing the chair in frustration as she and these Good Girls climb through the ropes and up the rampway. 

(Fans give a standing ovation as the 4 women head up the aisle.) 

Blade: Finally, these fan favorites standing up and making a united front in Grand Dragon. 

Mutt: Makes me sick! Who does this jobber think she is?! Andrea has beat her to get where she is today. Zaranna pinned that pathetic loser to become a World’s champ! 

Bishop: She saved the day! And Grand Dragon may be seeing a new era in wrestling. 

(Sonya Blade is suddenly listening to her headset intensely as she nods.) 

Blade: Fans, unfortunately for those of you watching this via pay per view, the tag team contest pitting the Suicide Blondes versus the MISFITS for the WORLD TAG BELTS will be blacked out. It will be re-broadcast on ‘free’ TV at a later date. 

Bishop: And why is this? 

Blade: The athletic commission worries about the superfluous exhibition of violence that will be involved in that match up and the negative portrayal it will have upon the city. 

Mutt: Yeah right! MISFITS and Medusa Rage are up to something. 

Bishop: Fans, we hate to put you in this sort of predicament. Let’s go on to the WESTERN HERITAGE title match! 

Bishop: Okay fans, we are about to begin the first of 4 championship matches tonight on Founder’s Day. And can we say this will be *IT*! Blade: Marcie De La Cruz who is a wrestling sheet as well as Kevin Page both predict this to be the match of the night…and I may just have to agree with that. Order and Jungle is gonna blow the roof down. 

Mutt: You know it’s funny Bishop and Sonya. Both women had feuds with Sachie Yokoyama over this WESTERN HERITAGE title. I believe there is a lot of respect between these two, but that this belt is the focal point of bad blood. First Sachie and Order feud for nearly 4 months regarding the Western Heritage title. Then, Sachie and Jungle get into the mix for a month or 2 over the belt. Now, we get the 2 participants who’ve made this belt what it is today. 

Blade: Let’s add a little complexity to all of this. Radhi Ananda has held this belt since late September. That is unquestionably the most impressive title reign in GDWA history. Unlike Andrea Chandler, she hasn’t won every match, but she must defend 2ce a month. That is unheard of. 5 or 6 month title holder? She’s defended it about 12 times that means. 

Mutt: Yeah, and what makes Order’s job that much harder is that Jungle is not above cheating. She has this predatory attitude as of late that is unlike any champ that I’ve seen. 

Blade: Okay, on the flip side of this, let’s look at Double O! A hard fought tag match against Sachie and Charlotte La Mancha at DPN. She loses to Andrea Chandler via submission in the main event for the World Title that same night. Nearly 2 months later, she nearly loses to rookie newcomer Crimson in a rather sloppy match. The woman had rust!! Can she defeat Radhi Ananda? 

Mutt: Oh yeah, chalk up a loss to the jobber. Order’s days are over. She’s just like all these other GDWA stars who think they can ride into town and be heralded as a great superstar. Look, this ain’t WCW. You gotta wrestle to get your props around here. 

Blade: The speculation will be over in a few minutes, but let me add this….I’ve faced Order! When pressure is at its greatest the woman comes up big!! That’s how she dethroned Sachie Yokoyama the first time for the belt. She took a near 2 month hiatus, and in her first match back pinned the ‘Dangerous Queen’ for the belt. If ANYONE can beat Radhi Ananda, it is Double O. 

Sally: What’s the big deal? Heck, *I* could be Radhi Ananda… 

Blade: Will you shut up!? 

Sally: (considering) no. 

Blade: Girl…I’m gonna… 

Bishop: Come on ladies! Anyway, I believe Jungle knows Order is the biggest threat to her title too. Officer Order is one of the most popular wrestler in Grand Dragon next to Daisy Butterfly. Radhi Ananda has a VERY SPECIFIC fan base that has supported her through her attitude change into fan favoritism. But Order has been loved since she ENTERED Grand Dragon. And she just recently won alongside Daisy Butterfly the Lanny Manson fan favorite award. 

Blade: Well, the talk is over. Fans, Spud is ready in the ring 

Sally: He is? Where? 

Blade: (Sneering) Fans, let’s hook ’em up! 

(Fans all cheering as Spud McKenzie stands poised in the ring! The arena begins chants of: Order! Order! Order! Order!) 

GDWA Western Heritage Championship: Radhi Ananda vs. Officer Order

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is one of 4 Championship matches tonight! It is scheduled for one fall, with a 30 minute time limit, and it is for the WESTERN HERITAGE CHAMPIONSHIP! 

(Dawg Pound erupting and fans cheer as they hear ‘Bad Boys’ by Inner Circle.) 

Spud: First, the challenger! Accompanied to the ring by her manager, Martial Law! 

(Dawg Pound pops and the rest of the arena chants: Order! Order!) 

Spud: From San Francisco, California! She is 5 feet tall, weighing 120 pounds…..’Double O’ Officer May Order!!!!!!! 

(Huge crowd pop as Officer Order heads down the aisle slapping hands with the fans. Fans pat her on the back as she goes all around the ring to sign autographs for some fans and hug small children.) 

Bishop: These fans LOVE Double O. But she faces a woman who doesn’t need cheers and isn’t afraid to get dirty. Order and Radhi Ananda getting it on FINALLY! 

Blade: But if you are Officer Order, you’ve got to be worried. Bloody Mary, Sachie Yokoyama, Micki Duran, Daisy Butterfly and the list goes one. How many women have tried and failed to unseat the Indian from Bombay? 

Mutt: And how many times has Radhi Ananda been pinned in all the time she’s been in Grand Dragon? Once. Lady Starr pinned her in Radhi’s debut in Grand Dragon… 

Bishop: WoW. 

(Double O enters the ring dressed in black pants and a dark blue uniform shirt with a gold badge over the heart. She stands in the middle of the ring and points to all the fans at ringside as a sudden burst of red & blue lights flash all over the arena and Fireworks explode over the ring!!!) 

Bishop: Order tugging on the ropes now, and now climbing up the turnbuckles pointing at the fans. 

(Fans all cheering!) 

Mutt: Well, she better get all that crap out of the way now. Cause Jungle don’t play that crap. She’ll clip Order in the back of the legs and get the pin without worry of sullying her reputation. 

Spud: ….And her opponent! 

(Fans bark: WooF! WooF! WooF! As they hear ‘Paint it Black’ by the Rolling Stones. The Dawg Pound erupts as Radhi Ananda heads down the rampway with the Western Heritage title slung across her shoulders.) 

Spud: From Bombay, India! She is 5 feet 5 inches tall, weighing 135 pounds! She is the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance WESTERN HERITAGE CHAMPION…..’Jungle’ Radhi Ananda!!!!!!! 

(Fans cheer as Radhi Ananda peers into the woman in the ring with a dead man’s stare. Her blood shot red eyes match her tiger print garments. She enters the ring barefoot as Spud McKenzie quickly exits.) 

Bishop: Martial Law now, giving some last minute comments to Order as Jungle stands in the middle of the ring just glaring at Order. 

Blade: We’re talking about a major psyche job going on here. Radhi is letting Order know just how serious she is taking this match. 

(Fans still roaring as Officer Order walks up to Radhi Ananda and stares her in the eye. Radhi Ananda backs away, slowly and tugs on the top ring ropes in quick, jerking fashion.) 

Mutt: I can’t even hear myself think! The fans are already on the edge of their seats. 

Sally: Officer Order really has no skill!! I don’t see how she made it as far as she did!! Neither does this other loser in the ring! Yaaawwwnnn!!! I’m so bored right now!! Where’s Andrea Chandler at?!? >From what I see, she’s the only one in the federation with any skill!!! 

Blade: I’ve had it! 

(Sonya Blade gets on the phone, and a security guard comes down to ‘relieve’ Sexy Sally from her commentator duties.) 

Sally: (Screaming!) You can’t do this to me… 

Blade: I just did. Adios, bitch! 

Bishop: Oh boy. Anyway, back to the action. Fans, this match has been long in coming. Can you feel the intensity? 

Mutt: I want to know what strategy Order will employ to counter the high flying wildness of Radhi Ananda? 

(Officer Order nodding her head, as the referee goes over the rules with the two combatants.) 

Bishop: Radhi Ananda walking back toward the middle of the ring as the ref asks for the belt. Radhi STILL hasn’t taken her eyes off of Order. Radhi handing the belt over to the ref and… 

(Crowd cheering louder as ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda extends her hand to Officer Order.) 

Bishop: Order looking about the arena, almost as if she doesn’t know what to do….and she shakes her hand! 

(Fans applaud while the Dawg Pound chants: Radhi! Radhi! Radhi!) 

Mutt: Order better not get to comfortable with this show of sportsmanship. Radhi Ananda goes for the jugular. 

Bishop: Well, now it’s time to lock ’em up. Both wrestlers circling one another in the middle of the ring…and here we go! 


Bishop: There’s the bell…AND BOTH WOMEN ON THE ATTACK!!! 

(Fans all cheering as Radhi Ananda and Officer Order slug into each other!) 

Blade: Jungle with hard right hands, but Order with Karate Chops! Jungle getting the worse of it, and now an Irish Whip to the far ropes! 

Bishop: Jungle bouncing off and Order dropping down to the mat and Jungle hopping over. Order back up and into the side ropes as Jungle runs and bounces off the near ropes….AND OFFICER ORDER WITH A RUNNING LEAPFROG! 

Mutt: Both women running for the ropes, and now at opposite ends of the ring heading toward one another…. 


(Dawg Pound cheers!) 

Blade: Order quickly back up absorbing the blow, and Officer Order with a Leg Sweep. Jungle back up and now Order with Strong Kicks to the kidney area of the champion. Jungle backing into the ropes and Order waiting on her. Jungle is gonna slow this down! 

(Fans all cheering as the two combatants glare at each other.) 

Blade: Jungle rather cautious, that may have been a feeling out of sorts by the champion. Jungle walking into Order and now a Collar and Elbow tie up. Jungle muscling Order around the ring now. Order backed into the ropes, and the ref wants a break, but nothing doing! 

Bishop: Jungle with hard right hands to the head, but Order firing back with those *snapping* Karate Chops to the chest, fighting her way off the ropes! 

(Fans all cheering as they chant: Order! Order! Order!) 

Mutt: Jungle stunned, and now moving into Order for another tie up. Order quick with a Side headlock, and showing some of her limited amateur background. Jungle with NO technical wrestling ability, bearing down trying to get out of it…. 

Bishop: Hold on! Jungle with a handful of tights as she lifts up Officer Order by the waist, and now a head of steam…. 

(Fans cheering as Radhi Ananda sprints toward the near ropes.) 

Blade: …and tosses Officer Order over the top rope to the outside!! 

(Fans roaring with cheers as Officer Order hits the ring floor!) 

Bishop: MY LORD! Radhi Ananda using her weight and strength advantage over Officer Order…and I must say, this is an example of what Order has to contend with. This is not a Japanese trained wrestler like Sachie Yokoyama. This is the raw fury of ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda. 

Ref: ……3…….4…….5……. 

Blade: Jungle climbing through the ropes, and on the ring apron now. Oh boy, here we go! 

(Fans cheering wildly as Officer Order gets to her feet!) 

Bishop: Jungle with a start and a Double Axe handle to the head of Order. And now Jungle with forearm shots to the back of the head of the humbled challenger. 

Blade: Jungle with a handful of hair and RAMMING Order’s head into the guardrailing! 

(Ringside fans cheer as Radhi Ananda reaches for the bell.) 

Mutt: The referee quickly to the outside, and warning Jungle off. If she’d a smacked Order with the bell…. 

Bishop: Jungle tossing the ref aside, and nailing away with hard right hands to the head of Order. Order fighting back with Karate Chops, and Jungle backing into the ring announcer’s table. Spud McKenzie trapped behind Radhi Ananda as Officer Order backs her away with Karate Chops! 

Blade: Jungle doubling over as Radhi Ananda spins around…. 


(Dawg Pound barks as Spud McKenzie is laid out on the floor.) 

Mutt: Jungle set up Spud! Jungle diving out of the way at the last minute, just daring Order to take the chance. Order enraged as Jungle charges Double O, but Order spinning around NAILING a Karate Kick to the solar plexus. 

Blade: Jungle dropping down to one knee as Officer Order heads back into the ring. 

Mutt: Jungle re-entering the ring, as Order stumbles around trying to get her senses. She’s still a little stunned from getting rammed into the guar railing. 

Bishop: Hold on! Jungle sprinting across the ring and NAILING a Dropkick to the back of the head. 

(Fans screaming as the Dawg Pound cheers.) 

Bishop: Order is down, and Jungle stomping away at the upper shoulders of Order. She’s already preparing for the Dragon Suplex. 

Blade: Jungle with a pickup and a rake to the eyes, and now she’s biting Order’s nose, and we can see that Jungle wants a very grounded match. She’s determined to keep this on the ground. 

Bishop: Jungle now with jabs to the head of the challenger, as Order backs into the near corner. The ref wants a break, and Jungle shoving him aside. Jungle charging into the corner… 

Blade: AND OFFICER ORDER WITH A FORWARD ROLL OUT OF THE CORNER. Jungle turning around and a Mule Kick! Order now, Irish Whipping Jungle right into a high to the midsection. Jungle back up and Order with a Leg Sweep… 

Mutt: NO! Jungle with a backflip and now a Running Clothesline! 

(Dawg Pound cheering as Jungle stomps away on Officer Order.) 

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by. 10 minutes. 

Bishop: Jungle with a quick pick up, and a Gutwrench pick up and a head of steam, slapping Order gut first onto the top ring rope…oh no! Jungle running to the far ropes, bouncing off and….!!!! 

Mutt: Order flipping into the ring at the last minute…. 

Blade: But Jungle catching the top rope at the last second. She back flips into the ring and charging Order from behind….ORDER WITH A CRESCENT KICK! 

(Fans cheering as Radhi Ananda hits the mat.) 

Mutt: These two wrestling MUCH TOO conservatively for their styles. Neither taking the risk at high flying action. 

Bishop: Order with a pickup and a Frontface lock. She hoists up Jungle and plants her into the mat with a Vertical Suplex. Order back up and connects with ANOTHER Karate Chop to the chest. Jungle doubling over, and Order with Nerve Strikes to the lower back of Jungle… 

(Crowd cheering as Jungle walks into the ropes!) 

Blade: Order with Karate Kicks to the ribs as Jungle is in the ropes, the ref calls for a break…AND JUNGLE charging ORDER! 

Mutt: But Order with an Aikido Throw! Jungle back up and charging Order and another Aikido Throw. Jungle charging again and Order with a High back body drop over the top rope… 

(Fans gasp as Radhi Ananda holds onto the top rope and lands on the ring apron.) 

Bishop: Order not aware, as she points out to the fans. Jungle catapulting herself onto the top rope as Officer Order turns around…and SPRINGBOARDS OFF WITH A MOOOOOOOOOONSAULT!!!!! 

(Dawg Pound barking: WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! ) 

Ref: 1…………..2…………….kick out! 

Mutt: Both women back up and Jungle with a Dropkick! Order scrambling to get back to her feet….AND ‘JUNGLE’ RADHI ANANDA WITH A HEART PUNCH!!!! 

(Fans cheering as Officer Order falls to the mat.) 

Bishop: Order trying to get to her knees, and Jungle with a Bodyscissors from behind! Now slapping on a Chinlock, and this is rather uncharacteristic of the champion. 

Mutt: I say it is a mistake. Usually Jungle goes for her Guillotine Leg Drop or some high risk maneuver after the Heart Punch. She’s wrestling too damn conservatively. 

Blade: Double O is flailing around on the mat, trying to squirm out of this. Jungle really bearing into the challenger. 

(Martial Law begins slapping the mat as the arena erupts in chants of: ORDER! ORDER! ORDER! ORDER!) 

Ref: Raising the hand the first time……………………DROPPED! 


Raising the hand the second time……………………….DROPPED! 



(Fans chanting: ORDER! ORDER! ORDER! ORDER!) 



Raising the hand the final time……………….DROPPED…….NO! 

(Fans erupt as Officer Order keeps her arm raised and twirls into the ring ropes.) 

Mutt: Poor ring positioning by Radhi Ananda. Order had the presence of mind to find the ropes. 

Bishop: Jungle with a pick up, and Irish Whipping Order to the near ropes. Order back off and Jungle with a DROPKICK TO THE MIDSECTION!!! 

(Fans all screaming as Officer Order plummets to the mat.) 

Mutt: Jungle stomping away on Order, and I believe Jungle is wrestling on a siege mentality. She’s seeing who has the most wind, the most endurance to withstand pain and punishment. Jungle with a pick up and an Abdominal Stretch? 

(Dawg Pound erupts as they chant: Radhi! Radhi! Radhi!) 

Blade: Order in SERIOUS trouble. She’s gasping for air as Jungle locks into this maneuver really well. Radhi really surprising me tonight. This match might be over quicker than I thought. 


(Fans groan as Radhi Ananda drops for the Lateral Press!) 

Ref: 1……………………………..2………………….1/2! 

(Fans scream and cheer as Officer Order gets the shoulder up.) 

Blade: Jungle with a pick up, and now resorting to her usual tactics as she Irish Whips Order to the far ropes. Jungle with a head of steam as Order comes off the ropes, LEAPFROG! 

(Fans cheer!) 

Bishop: Fans going crazy as both wrestlers fly off opposing ropes and Jungle with a Running Dropkick…but Order with a Monkey Flip!!!! 

(Fans all cheering as both women spin up to their feet.) 

Mutt: Order with Karate Chops, and Jungle shaking them off!!! My God, Jungle Irish Whipping the challenger into the near ropes as she sets up for a High Back Body Drop… 


Bishop: It’s Oooooooooooooooooooooover! 

Ref: 1! 











Kick Out?! 

(Fans gasp and the Dawg Pound stands on their feet as Radhi Ananda gets to her feet!!!) 

Spud: 20 minutes have elapsed. 20 minutes have gone by! 



(Roaring cheers from the Hardcores as Officer Order fires into Radhi Ananda with Karate chops, and Jungle fires back with kicks.) 

Blade: Officer Order clutching her midsection, winded, and in shock as ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda howls into the night! Jungle with stiff kicks to the midsection of Order, and now grabbing Order by the back of her head. 

Mutt: Jungle throwing Order into the near ropes, no! Order Springboarding off the ropes for a Flying Clothesline…. 


(Fans all screaming as the ref falls to the mat.) 

Mutt: Jungle with a pick up, and nailing away with punches to the head. Order looks out of it. Jungle with a Side Headlock and sprinting across the ring….jumps up and over the top rope FOR THAT BULLDOG STUN GUN!!!!! 

(Roaring cheers as Radhi Ananda lands on her feet on the outside and Officer Order lays motionless on the mat.) 

Bishop: Oh no, here comes Rekka Sakura. 

(Fans cheer as she steps through the ring curtain.) 

Blade: And alongside her is her Bodyguard ‘Brass knuckles’ Lily Krakow!! Jungle pointing at her, daring her to come down ringside. Sakura storming down the rampway, and Jungle not even hesitating. 

Mutt: She’s an idiot. Radhi Ananda, get in the ring and finish off Officer Order. 

Blade: Rekka Sakura wants respect from Radhi Ananda, but this isn’t the way to go about it. Hold on, Daisy Butterfly and Lady Tiger coming out now, and holding back the Japanese duo. 

(Dawg Pound barks as Radhi Ananda cockily flips off Rekka Sakura.) 

Blade: Daisy and Tiger forcing ‘Burning Cherry Blossom’ Rekka Sakura back into the locker room. My lord, Rekka Sakura was serious about getting back at Radhi Ananda. 

Mutt: Back to the action. Order in the ring, still clutching her head. Did you see her skull spring off the ropes and slap into the canvas? Radhi Ananda going wild tonight. She’s dictated this entire match, and forced the wind all out of Order. And now…. 

(Fans scream as Andrea Chandler rushes down ringside in her street clothes.) 

Bishop: Jungle heading back into the ring, and Chandler tackling Jungle to the floor!!! Chandler stomping away on Jungle, and now she’s climbing over the guar railing, and Zaranna hands her a chair! 

(Fans screaming as Andrea Chandler heads toward Radhi Ananda.) 

Blade: Jungle up to her feet….CHAIRSHOT!!! Andrea Chandler stomping away at Jungle, and asking her WHO the champ is. Andrea with ANOTHER chairshot! OH no! Jungle is down. At look at those dents in the chair. 

(Fans cheer as Daisy Butterfly rushes down ringside.) 

Blade: The ref just now beginning to stir, though he’s still dazed. BUT HERE COMES DAISY! DAISY TO THE RESCUE!!! 

(Big crowd pop as Daisy Butterfly rushes into Chandler from behind. The chair falls to the floor as Daisy nails into her with Open Hand slaps.) 

Bishop: Daisy and Chandler firing into each other with hard right hands. Security down at ringside, and separating these two. The Syndicate waiting on the rampway, and their congratulating Andrea. 

(Fans booing as Radhi Ananda cringes on the floor, clutching her back.) 

Ref: 1……………2…………….3……….4……….. 

Blade: Back in the ring, Order slow to her feet, heading for the far ropes. Jungle slowly to her feet, still cringing in pain from those chair shots… 

Bishop: …and Order bouncing off the ropes, sprinting across the ring *NAILING* JUNGLE WITH A BASEBALL SLIDE!!! 

(Fans cheer as Radhi Ananda flies into the guardrailing.) 

Bishop: Her back hit hard! Order on the outside now, and a VISCIOUS Karate Chop! 

(Hardcores pop hard as the Dawg Pound chants: Order! Order! Order!) 

Blade: Order grabbing Radhi and rolling her into the ring. She’s holding her neck, and it’s obvious Order is all softened up. 

Mutt: Martial Law slapping the mat as Officer climbs up the turnbuckles from the outside. Jungle slow to her feet as Order is perched up high….FLYING SIDE KICK TO THE JAW OR RADHI ANANDA!!! 

(Huge crowd pop as Order slumps on top of Radhi Ananda for the cover.) 

Ref: 1……………………2…………………..KICK OUT!? 

Bishop: Officer Order with a pick up, and nailing a vicious Karate chop! Now an Axe Kick to the shoulder and Jungle backing into the ropes. Jungle is hurt in a bad way! Order now, with an Irish Whip, no, reversal! Order flying into the ropes and bouncing off… 

Blade: POWERSLAM!!!!!! 

(Fans roar as Radhi Ananda and Officer Order lay motionless on the mat.) 

Mutt: Desperation move by the champion! Jungle clutching her back, and Order just down and out. 

Ref: 1……………………2………………3……………..4… 

Blade: Jungle slow to her feet, and she’s stumbling for the near corner!!! She’s going for that Guillotine Legdrop I bet!!! 

Mutt: If she hits it is over! 

(Fans all screaming as Radhi Ananda stumbles along the ropes and into the corner.) 

Bishop: Order cryptically up to her feet, on instinct, as Radhi Ananda climbs the turnbuckles. She’s incoherent. Radhi Ananda’s eyes looked glazed over. 

Blade: Jungle up high as Officer Order stumbles toward the corner. Jungle sees her now! Jungle jumping OFF WITH A FLYING CLOTHESLINE…. 

(Fans all screaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) 

Bishop: …..and Officer Order JUMPING UP snatching Jungle out of the air with a Headscissors INTO A…. 


Ref: 1……………………………………………………. 










3 ………………………………………………..!!!!!! 


(The place explodes as ‘Bad Boys’ by Inner Circle blasts through the arena.) 

Bishop: Radhi Ananda clutching her back, as she rises to her knees. She’s shaking her head, can’t believe it! It’s over!!! 

Spud: Ladies and gentlemen, at 38 minutes 45 seconds. Your winner… 

Mutt: Radhi Ananda rising to her feet, glaring at Officer Order in rage. She can hardly stand straight, as Radhi Ananda shakes her head in disbelief. 

(Fireworks go off as ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda leaves the ring and staggers up the rampway.) 

Spud: and for the 2nd time…….the Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew! Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance Western Heritage Champion……’Double O’ Officer May Order!!!!! 

(Fans all cheering and rushing toward the ringside railing as security holds them back. Officer Order clutches her midsection as the referee hands her the belt!) 

Bishop: She’s done it for a second time, but I think Jungle blames Andrea Chandler. Oh my, the title has changed hands! 

(Minor interference as sounds of broken glass and wood are heard crashing in the background.) 

Whalen: Guys…..can you hear……Radhi…..oh no! 

Bishop: What’s going on? Mike, we’re getting some interference. We’ll have to get back to him. 

Blade: Let me just say this…Radhi Ananda flying off the top turnbuckle with what would have been the match ending Flying Clothesline. But Order with incredible athleticism jumping up and catching Jungle in midair with that Hurricanrana. Rey Mysterio Jr. has never done it better. 

Mutt: Poor judgement call by the dim witted Indian. But anytime you take a chance, these things can happen. 

Bishop: Hold on, Order calling for the mic. 

(Officer Order stand in the middle of the ring, soaking wet, stumbling and eventually falling into the near ropes. Her voice is hoarse as she speaks.) 

ORDER: I just want to thank all of you fans all around the world. It’s because of you that … I keep coming out here. 

(Fans cheer as they chant: ORDER! ORDER! ORDER! ORDER!) 

ORDER: I also want to dedicate this match and the title to the memory of Sachie Yokoyama. The Dangerous Queen was a one of the greatest wrestlers I’ve ever faced in the ring, and <TEARS WELL UP> we all miss her. 

(As Order slings the belt across her shoulder, the GDWA phantom can be seen up in the rafters. Fans point as the crow lands on the phantom’s shoulder. She simply stares down at Officer Order as she heads up the rampway.) 

Blade: You….you don’t think that is… 

Bishop: I don’t know… 

Mutt: Whatever the case…hey! Whalen, what’s going on, I’m getting some sort of feedback. 

Whalen: Radhi Ananda is being escorted out of the arena by GDWA security. She was wandering through the hallways looking for the Syndicate. My lord, she’s upset. She’s calling on Chandler. She’s been screaming for Chandler. 

Mutt: The Syndicate has struck again. And I tell ya, controversy all over the ring. We had a knocked out referee, a time expiration that was never ruled, and Andrea Chandler denting up GDWA property with Radhi Ananda’s head. 

(Fans still chanting: ORDER! ORDER! ORDER! ORDER!) 

Blade: The Syndicate doesn’t know how to make friends. But I can tell you that is payback from a month ago. Radhi Ananda attacked Andrea Chandler, then claimed that HER Western Heritage title was more prestigious than Andrea’s World title. 

Bishop: OH my! The World Title match tonight is gonna be something. 

Blade: And Dementia Praecox has a chance to make history. 

Bishop: Fans, we are into the Praecox part of the night. She’s in the next match against Micki Duran, and later on in the Main Event. 

Blade: And what I want to know is, “Does Praecox run the risk of making the mistake of Officer Order who tried to wrestle on two fronts?” At DPN, she wrestled in a tag match AS WELL as against Andrea Chandler… 

Mutt: Oh give me a break! You wanna know why Officer Order got beat by Andrea Chandler? It’s because she screamed UNCLE so loud her mamma begged the referee to end it! (Laughing!) 

Blade: Anyway, Praecox has the opportunity to become our FIRST bi-titled champion, but I don’t see it happening. 

Bishop: I’ll say that the OPPORTUNITY has never been better. Past INTERNET champions never got shots at a World Champion. Demonica, Charlotte La Mancha, and Staci X never were given the chance to claim the World Title while holding the Internet Title. 

Blade: Praecox will have to heed the advice of Madame Hecate, and not allow her emotions to overwhelm her. Micki Duran has wrestled already tonight, and is a little bit winded in comparison to the champion. All Praecox has to do is last through this match, and then on to Chandler in after about a 45 minute wait. 

Mutt: Yeah, and on the flip side? Duran has GOT to counter Praecox’s high flying maneuvers and POWER wrestling…I know Duran is a STRONG woman herself, but Praecox is a stockier build. Hell, there is a near 30 pound weight differential between the two. 

Bishop: Fans, Spud looks ready in the ring. Duran vs. Praecox for the INTERNET title… 

GDWA Internet Championship: Dementia Praecox vs. Micki Duran

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is scheduled for one fall with a 30 minute time limit….and it is for the GDWA INTERNET HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! 

(Fans boo as they hear “All I Really Want” by Alanis Morissette) 

Spud: First, the challenger, led down the aisle by FORMER World Heavyweight Champion Zaranna, ‘The Crippler’ Crystal Lewis and her manager the Kingpin….Representing the Syndicate! 

(Thunderous boos as the Kingpin and Crystal Lewis head down the rampway. Zaranna trails behind them looking around cautiously.) 

Spud: Hailing from Lake Ponchatrain, Louisiana! 5 feet 8 inches, Weighing 124 pounds, the #1 contender to the Internet Heavyweight title….’The Legend’ Micki Duran!!!! 

Blade: Hold on a minute, where is Micki Duran? 

Bishop: The demented one facing one of the best mat technicians… 

Mutt: ONE of the best? Didn’t she just beat Daisy Butterfly? 

Bishop: She cheated! And you saw…. 

(Mixed cheering as ‘Insane in the Membrane’ by Cypress Hill plays!) 

Spud: And her opponent! 

(Dementia Praecox walks through the curtain with her hair in disarray and wearing torn cutoff jeans and a one piece top underneath a torn t-shirt.) 

Spud: Accompanied down the aisle by her manager Madame Hecate….Hailing from Parts Unknown! 5 feet five, Weighing 141 pounds, here is, the Grand DRAGON Wrestling Alliance INTERNET Heavyweight Champion….Dementia Praecox!!!! 


(Fans near the rampway scream as Micki Duran and Andrea Chandler sprint down the ramp. 


(Micki Duran dives toward the floor and clips Dementia Praecox’s leg from behind.) 

Bishop: OH NO! 

Mutt: Oh yeah! Duran stomping away on the left leg of Praecox. Duran with a quick pick up and an Inverted Facelock as she picks up a head of steam…..’END’ Diamond Cutter!!!!! 

(Fans boo as Micki Duran gets up to her feet, and strips the Internet title belt from Praecox’s waist.) 

Bishop: Andrea pointing toward the ring as Micki tosses her the belt. Now Duran picking up Praecox and dragging her toward the ring. 


Blade: That’s the bell, and Duran rolling Praecox into the ring. Praecox is down, and Duran cradling the leg, but Praecox clutching the ropes like death. 

Bishop: Duran with a pick up and hard right hands to the head of Praecox. Praecox in serious trouble. She’s got a minor cut above her right eye already. Duran backing Praecox into the near corner, and now a Snapmare Takeover. 

Blade: Duran climbing up to the second turnbuckle as Praecox sits up. Duran jumping off….NAILING DEMENTIA PRAECOX WITH A DROP KICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! 

(Fans boo as Dementia Praecox crashes into the mat.) 

Mutt: Duran quick to her feet and with a single leg pick up, rolling into Praecox for the cover…. 

Ref: 1…………………….2……………………..kick out! 

(Fans cheer as Dementia Praecox kicks out feebly.) 

Bishop: Duran with a pick up, and a front face lock. She hoist up Praecox….who slips down Duran’s back and runs into the side ropes. Duran turning around and *catches* PRAECOX off the ropes with a Powerslam………..1……………….2…………..kick out! 

(Fans groan and gaps in shock as Praecox kicks out!) 

Bishop: Duran with a pickup and a Frontface lock….Praecox immediately backing into the ropes. Duran countering with a Side Headlock takedown, and now a Side headlock. WoW! 

Blade: Duran grinding down on her, and the Legend is on course to upset the champion. 

Mutt: What we’ve seen tonight is FANTASTIC wrestling! The number 1 and number 2 contenders to the World Title going at it here, and we’re about to see a Syndicate take over. 

(Fans in the Dawg Pound cheer as Madame Hecate slowly gets to her feet, and head down ringside.) 

Bishop: Andrea Chandler with the Internet Title in her hands as she berates the cagey manager of Dementia Praecox. Praecox really hurting, and Hecate up on the ring apron now. The ref up to his feet and warning her. 

Blade: Praecox powering her way to her feet as Hecate gives direction. Duran with a quick turnaround for a Frontface lock, and Praecox using her weight advantage and bullying Duran into the near corner. 

Mutt: It helps to have a manager at ringside when you are down and out. The ref wants a break, and Praecox is release from the frontface lock…and Gouges the eyes of the Legend! 

(Dawg Pound cheers as Dementia Praecox backs out of the corner.) 

Bishop: Duran charges the champion and Praecox with a HIGH back Body Drop! Duran back up to her feet, and Praecox with a Crescent Kick! 

(Hardcores pop as Micki Duran’s jaw snaps and she falls to the mat.) 

Mutt: But no cover. Praecox holding her neck, and backing into the corner now. She’s hurting. NOBODY can take the End and get up from it. And Duran hit Praecox with it on the floor. 

Bishop: Can you believe Micki Duran is up first? Duran moving in on the champion, and stomping on that left leg of hers… 

Mutt: THAT’S a MISTAKE! She should be focusing on that neck. 

Bishop: Praecox slumped in the corner, and Duran with a Single Leg pick up….LEG DRAG TAKE DOWN OUT OF THE CORNER! Praecox slow to her feet, and Duran with a pick up. Praecox backing into the far corner and Duran slapping her hand around Praecox’s throat…..? 

Blade: Micki Duran is going for a Chokeslam?!?!?! 

(Fans cheering as Dementia Praecox holds onto the ropes, and slaps her hand around MICKI DURAN’S THROAT!) 

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit. 20 remaining. 

Bishop: Praecox hoisting up Duran…and slapping her down on the top turnbuckle? 

Blade: Dementia Praecox firing off with hard right hands to the midsection of the Legend as she climbs up the turnbuckles…oh no! I’ve seen this before. Praecox slapping her hand around Micki Duran’s throat…. 

(Fans all screaming as the Kingpin looks on in horror.) 


(Dawg Pound explodes in cheers!) 

Mutt: But no cover. Praecox is hurt. Duran is down, clutching her back, her neck, and anything else connected to her body. 

Blade: Praecox slow to her feet, as Duran writhes on the mat. The champion picking up the challenger and running her over to the near corner…AND REPEATED HEAD BASHES INTO THE TURNBUCKLE…. 

(Fans cheer and count: 1….2….3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10!) 

Bishop: Duran stumbling around the ring incoherently as Praecox rushes out of the corner and connects with a Dropkick! 

(Dawg Pound barks: WooF WooF! WooF! As Praecox makes the cover.) 

Ref: 1……………………2……………….STRONG KICK OUT! 

Mutt: Great conditioning from the challenger in order to kick out of that one. 

Blade: Madame Hecate on the outside barking orders as Praecox picks up Duran. Praecox squealing like a pig, as she draws into Duran from behind AND SLAPS ON THE LITHIUM… 

Bishop: NO! Duran with an Inverted Facelock and Drops down for the ‘End’…. 

(Huge crowd pop as Dementia Praecox slaps on a Waistlock!) 

Mutt: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatomic Droooooooooooooooooooooooop! 

(Fans all on their feet cheering as Micki Duran falls forward flat on her face.) 

Mutt: Great counter by the champ. She was gonna slap on the Lithium Lullaby Sleeper Hold, and Duran instinctively going for the ‘End’ Diamond Cutter…but Praecox countering with an Atomic Drop. Great counter wrestling from both women. 

Blade: Duran with INCREDIBLE conditioning as she scrambles to her feet, and Praecox charging Duran…AND DURAN SCOOPING HER UP INTO A FIREMAN’S CARRY TAKEOVER. Great counter. 

(Fans cheering!) 

Bishop: Duran stumbling around and the Kingpin slapping the mat in frustration. Praecox up to her feet, and Duran with HARD right hands. Praecox with a wild right hand, but Duran slipping under her and EXECTUING a BEAUTIFUL Belly to Belly Suplex! 

Mutt: Duran fatigued. She’s gotta handle this now! 

Bishop: Duran with a Single Leg pick up and dragging Praecox toward the near ropes. She places the left leg onto the middle ropes as Duran rises up and butt drops that left leg! 

(Fans booing as Micki Duran taunts Dementia Praecox.) 

Mutt: Duran the technician taking her apart. And *ANYTIME* the pace is methodical, it favors a mat technician. It’s a thinking woman’s wrestling match when things get slowed down. Not a brawlers. 

Blade: Duran with a single leg pick up, going for a Spinning Toe hold but Praecox kicking away! Hecate screaming as Duran is slowly rising back to her feet! 

Bishop: Praecox up slowly as Duran stutter steps up to the champion…THRUST KICK TO THE HEAD! 

(Fans booing loudly as Dementia Praecox falls into the ropes.) 

Bishop: She caught her in the throat! The referee pushing Duran away as she chides her and….hold on! Madame Hecate up on the ring apron handing something to Praecox. Duran into the champion now and…. 


(Dawg Pound all on their feet as Praecox points to the near corner.) 

Bishop: Crystal Lewis VERY pissed off as she charges Madame Hecate. Hecate warning the bully…and she *maces* the Crippler! Crystal Lewis falling to the floor, blinded, and Madame Hecate on top of her spraying her to death! 

(Fans cheering while Andrea Chandler grabs a chair and desperately runs over.) 

Spud: 20 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit. 10 remaining. 

Bishop: Praecox climbing up the turnbuckles as the referee checks on Micki Duran. This is it! Duran rolling around holding her head as Praecox is poised up high…. 

Mutt: Hold on! Praecox steadying herself as Andrea Chandler climbs up to the ring apron….CHAIRSHOT! 

(Fans groan!) 

Bishop: OH my God! Praecox dropping down atop the top turnbuckle, helpless! 

(Hardcores cheer as Andrea Chandler slaps on her sunglasses, and unfolds the chair to sit in it.) 

Ref: ……….3……………4……………5…………….. 

Bishop: The referee making the count as Madame Hecate on the far side slaps the mat! She’s trying to motivate her champion, but Andrea Chandler is guarding that side of the ring with that weapon. 

Mutt: It’s just a chair. 

Ref: ……..6………………..7……………….8……….. 

Blade: (angrily.) Damn it, Andrea Chandler! 

Bishop: It’s over!!!!!!!!!! 

Ref: …………………………9………………… 

Mutt: And Duran is up! 

(Fans screaming as Micki Duran reaches for the ropes and pulls herself up.) 

Mutt: Micki Duran steadying herself along the ropes as she walks into the near corner. Praecox trying to do something as she’s straddled up top along the ropes. Duran is setting her up! 

Blade: Micki Duran walking into the turnbuckles, she’s dazed guys. She can hardly stand! She slaps on an Inverted Facelock and…. 


(Huge crowd pop as both women lay motionless on the mat!) 

Ref: ……….2…………………3………………….4….. 

Mutt: Dementia Praecox is down! She just got nailed with 2 Diamond Cutters in one night. 1 on the ring floor, and now one from the Top Turnbuckle…and I believe that one is called a Diamond DEATH Cutter. 

Ref: …………5……………….6………………….7……. 

Bishop: Blood is everywhere as Micki Duran’s injury has really sapped her strength. These two rulebreakers REALLY going at each other. Bad blood is NOT a pun here. 

(Dawg Pound chants: DEMON! DEMON! DEMON! DEMON! DEMON!) 

Mutt: These fans want Demonica, and I don’t blame them. Madame Hecate slapping the mat with both hands frantically to get her woman up. But can ANYONE get up from that kind of maneuver! 

Ref: …………8……………….9…………………. 

Blade: And Micki Duran with some movement, rolling over the champion!!! She drapes the arm for a weak cover!!!! 

(Fans all screaming as the referee slides into position for the cover!) 

Ref: 1……………………………………………………… 













(Fans all booing as the referee calls for the belt.) 

Mutt: IT’s OVER! 

Blade: Madame Hecate climbing through the ropes and checking on Dementia Praecox. Zaranna looking down at Praecox as the referee hands the belt to the Legend. 

Spud: Ladies and Gentlemen, at 26 minutes 44 seconds, your winner via pinfall and Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew GRAND DRAGON WRESTLING ALLIANCE Internet Heavyweight Champion…….’the Legend’ Micki Duran!!!!!! 

(Fans boo as ‘All I Really Want’ by Alani Morissette blares through the pa.) 

Mutt: Yes! Duran with the win!!! 

Bishop: Madame Hecate rolling Dementia Praecox out of the ring as she cusses out the Syndicate. Micki Duran finally coherent as she gets to her knees. 

(Blood drips down onto the INTERNET title as Micki Duran kisses the belt, and hugs it.) 

Mutt: The WORLD Champion climbing up the turnbuckles in the ring, and DARING anyone to take them on. The Syndicate is collecting gold in Grand Dragon. 

(Fans boo even more as ‘Brilliant’ Tiffany Chandler heads down ringside, and enters the ring. She helps Duran to her feet, and hugs the new champion.) 

Bishop: Micki Duran strapping the INTERNET title around her waist…and she’s calling for the microphone! 

(A ring attendant slides the mic into the ring as the Kingpin snatches it up and hands it to the Legend.) 

Duran: (Shouting.) Daisy…you’re the first title shot, kid. Great match tonight…Oh, and Medusa! Here’s looking at you, kid! 

(Fans boo as Micki Duran breaks out into laughter. The Syndicate leave the ring to a chorus of boos. Ringside fans begin chants of: WE Want DAISY! WE Want DAISY! WE Want DAISY! WE Want DAISY!) 

Bishop: Well, let’s move on. We’ve got the special FOUNDER’S DAY TRADITION House of Styles up next and… 

(The arena darks suddenly, then lights blare from the ring posts, and shoot out across the arena. Fireworks shoot into the air as random spotlights move across the crowd as fans cheer.) 

Mutt: Here comes Styles! 

(Sexy Sally heads back toward the announcing booth and places on her headset.) 

Sally: I miss anything? 

Blade: What, do you have a cocaine habit!? It doesn’t take that long to powder your nose. 

Sally: There was a line, and then I had to reapply my makeup and then… 

Styles: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, boy! 

(Fans all cheer as an African American man in his mid-20’s is carried out to ringside sitting on a throne. He’s wearing a Red zoot suit with black stripes along with a top, and sunglasses.) 

Styles: WE are LiiiiiiiiiiiVE at Founder’s Day Tradition, baby! 

(Fans cheer as “the Roof is On Fire” by Rock Master Scott & the Dynamic Three blast through the pa.) 

Styles: (Shouting!) The RooF! The Roof! The Roof is on fire…. 

(Crowd screams: We don’t need no water, let the motha fucker burn!) 

Styles: (Shouting!) What?! 

(Crowd screams: Burn Motherfucka! Burn!) 

Styles: (Shouting!) I said the RooF, The Roof, the Roof is on fire….!!!! 

(Crowd screams: We don’t need no water, let the motha fucker burn!) 

Styles: (Shouting!) What?! 

(Crowd screams: Burn Motherfucka! Burn!) 

Styles: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, boy! 

(Red lights flicker over the ring, giving it the appearance of red carpet. MISTER Furious Styles struts around the ring and points to the Dawg Pound!) 

Styles: Are we having fun yet?! 

(Fireworks shoot out of the announcer’s booth as the crowd pops big time. Allen Bishop hops out of his seat in surprise as MISTER Furious Styles laughs.) 

Styles: Who is running this thing?! Whose House is it, baby?!?!?!! 

(Dawg Pound barks as fans cheer!) 

Styles: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, boy! Founder’s Day Tradition is in da House! Now, I got 1 Superstar here tonight! ONLY 1 guest worthy of MISTER Furious Styles’ time! Dawg Pound, who do you want?! 

(Dawg Pound chants: ‘Dusa! .’Dusa! .’Dusa! .’Dusa! .’Dusa! .) 

House of Styles: Medusa Rage and The Misfits

Styles: Comin’ to you LiiiiiiVE AND DiiiiiiiiiiRECT from FOUNDER’S DAY!!! Yeah boy, the place where it all began! The birthday of the GDWA!!! All right, my guests here tonight, ladies and gentlemen, are very good friends of mine. Why, they’re the finest honeys in wrestling no word of a lie and they can always be counted on to come by and add some spice to whatever little melodrama people got rolling in the GDWA. So, ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together and help me welcome the AGE OF THE RAGE!!!! 

[“Symphony 9: The New World” by Dvorak cues the crowd to start booing as Medusa Rage slides through the curtains. The Misfits march out behind her. Some wolf whistles and cheers greet the Misfits. Medusa is wrapped in a red cat suit and Serpentine, the giant python. The snake coils around her shoulders, twisting and writhing. Medusa’s face is exotically made up, the angular planes of her features made even sharper and more alluring. Her eyes are done Cleopatra-style, to highlight the hazel which is lighter than her dark skin. Her hair is a crown of sculpted dreadlocks. She looks marvelous. The Misfits look equally striking. Dalbello is dressed in her wrestling gear, her light brown skin shining golden brown. Her hair is gelled into wet-looking waves. She too has Cleopatra eyes. Godiva is draped in a thick white mink, her tawny blonde hair styled in similar wet-looking waves as if she just got out of the shower. She is tanned, a healthy brown under her caramel skin. She blows kisses to the crowd, holding the GDWA tag-team belt over her shoulder. She strokes it affectionately.] 

Styles: Ladies, welcome to the set! I knew you wouldn’t let me down! I knew I’d get the privilege of basking in your glory! 

Medusa: Of that we are well aware, Furious. Remember the days when I used to say things like 9 out of 10 Black men prefer Medusa. Remember when I used to be quick with the quip and laugh and do all sorts of crazy things? 

[The fans begin to buzz and Furious Styles nods agreeably.] 

Medusa: That was before the GDWA conspired against me. That was before I was forced into wars with Nikita Marx, Dementia Praecox, Andrea Chandler and now even Staci X. That was before my soul went cold and I had to take all these damn painkillers. You’ve noticed that I’ve been a little glassy eyed, a little too lackadaisical. This snake here, my favorite pet, got into my head. She spoke to me through the haze of tranquilizers and painkillers and I started believing her message. But what came through to the fore was that’s not what Medusa really is, is it? Then came the ultimate tragedy. Sierra and Indigo decided to part ways with me. And I’ve been sitting back and thinking about new directions. New challenges. I’ve been wondering what will become of me in the coming months. 

Styles: Well, you’re really at a crossroads, having failed to take two of three GDWA titles. I understand that your relationship with Radhi Ananda and Bloody Mary also seems to have come to an end. What about the Kyoto Crippler? Is she still loyal? 

Medusa: Loyalty is the key, isn’t it? Keiko Mita is still loyal. She knows better than to disappoint me. And I have my family here with me. And we’re about to ruin some Blondes’ ambitions. 

[The trio share a wicked laugh.] 

Styles: But you’re not wrestling on Founder’s Day! You’ll be missed! Many people thought it would be you against Andrea right now! That’d probably be the biggest, baddest match in GDWA history. But the champion didn’t show the guts to come back and face you. 

Medusa: And she wouldn’t. Not when I’m healthy. See, she tried to put me on the shelf, but I’m still here, aren’t I? Live and in the flesh. And I’m still the baddest woman in the GDWA. Andrea, we’ve been dancing around for so long now I’ve forgotten when the song started and what the tune is. But it’s time to cut the music, isn’t it? You, Andrea, are a coward. You thought you could finish me when I was hurt. You thought you were tougher than me. You hired goons to hurt me, didn’t you? Well, let me tell you. I’M STILL HERE, DAMMIT!!! 

[The crowd begins to rumble positively.] 

Medusa: That’s right. I’m out of that daze. I’m out of that medication-induced haze and I’m back to the Medusa of OLD! So, you see, you’re in a bind now. I’m 6 feet, 160lbs. little blonde girl, you’re like a twig. I’ll snap you in half and hand you your head. 


But I probably won’t even have to if Dementia does her job. And I’ve coached her well in your foibles. It’ll take more than you relying on your knee drop to convince me that you’re developing as a wrestler. I know your weaknesses, I know your ins and outs. I know everything there is to know about you. I’ve been watching your matches. I’ve been analyzing them, breaking them down. You won’t ever beat me, Andrea. But tonight. Tonight I start my war against you. You think you can keep me out of the main event? No, I don’t think so. See, the Dawg Pound paid to see me. And see me they shall. So Andrea, I promise you, tonight I set it off and start the war! 

Dalbello: And speaking of wars! You know, there’s a little skirmish we’ve been having with the girls of the Hollywood freak scene. Those girls who call themselves the Suicide Blondes. We gave them the title shot tonight and we’re going to run right through them. And you know what. You’re going to find yourselves using a Shaq soundtrack — “You can’t stop the reign.” We’re going to teach you exactly what it is to wrestle and exactly what it is to fight. And then, in the end, we’re going to show you what it’s like to lose. Girls, this isn’t a wrestling match. It’s a fight. 

[The Dawg Pound begins to woof.] 

Godiva: Lady D’s ruddy well right. They ain’t seen violence like us yet! Remember when we acted up so bad they changed the ruddy tag-team rules? Well, be prepared for a return to those Misfits. We’re the Misfits that beat everybody bloody. We’re the Misfits that didn’t pin anybody to win. We just ruined, conquered and destroyed. And we’re unbeaten, too. You think we’re going to alter that record in our first pay-per-view. You must be right out of your skulls. We’re gonna embarrass you, but good, girls. And Dawg Pound, we’ll give ya their bones to chew on! 

Medusa: Dawg Pound Nights was supposed to be our coming out party. Well tonight, we make our late bloom. I want all of you to know that Medusa is the real force behind the GDWA and you’ll see. I control everything. Keep your eyes peeled, Furious. 

Styles: Well, that’s quite a promise, isn’t it? What about President Vessey, what about the champion? 

[Medusa yanks Furious in close and plants a passionate kiss on him. Furious begins to get weak in the knees. He begins to waver and swoon when Medusa finally releases him.] 

Medusa: Who’s the woman? 


Medusa: (pointing to the Dawg Pound) Who’s the woman? 

Dawg Pound: Dusa! Dusa! Dusa! Dusa! Dusa! Dusa! 

Dalbello: And who is it? Dawg Pound: The Misfits are it! The Misfits are it! The Misfits are it! 

Godiva: Hugs and hisses, darlings! 

Voice on the PA: My………..ass!!! 

(Andrea’s face appears on the video wall behind the crowd, bearing her usual smug smile.) 

Andrea: Medusa, I’m amazed these good people had the patience to sit through that pathetic exercise in self-aggrandizement. Do you honestly think I’m just going to let you sully my good name without SOME kind of response? 

(The Dawg Pound rises in volume a bit.) 

Andrea: ‘dusa, you are SO full of it, your eyes are turning even browner. You think that by not challenging you for Founder’s Day, I’m dodging you? Far from it! I proved to everyone that I can beat you, and WOULD have beaten you. As those of lower class might say, I don’t sweat you one damned BIT. No, Medusa, I chose Dementia for two reasons: first, she just HAPPENS to be the NUMBER ONE CONTENDER for my title. I thought it only fitting to extend a title match to the most deserving wrestler in Grand Dragon, not some spastic loudmouth with a penchant for delusion. 

(The crowd begins to rumble positively.) 

Andrea: Second, you were HURT, Medusa. And you are STILL under doctor’s orders not to wrestle. I knew that if I’d wrestled you, and inevitably beaten you, you’d have generated all the usual excuses. You’re very good at rationalizing your shortcomings, do you realize that? So I decided to save you for after Founder’s Day, when you’re completely healthy, so there would be no lame justifications after I BEAT you. 

Andrea: Another thing I’m beginning to tire of are these constant insinuations that I’m a coward, and that I needed help to take care of you last time. More lies. I’ll face you anytime, anywhere, Medusa, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. And MY help didn’t arrive until after your ARMY of jobbers came out. That includes Dementia, whom you tapped to ensure that you didn’t have to scream your submission while locked into the Dividend. The tape speaks for itself! I had you BEATEN!!! 

(Dawg Pound: WOOF! WOOF! WOOF!) 

Andrea: So SPARE me your lies, your cryptic threats, your empty warnings. I’ve shown you I’m stronger. I’ve shown you I’m smarter. I’ve shown you and EVERYONE that I am the BEST WRESTLER THIS STINKING FED HAS EVER SEEN!!! And I promise you that I will break you into pieces and DESTROY you! It’s not about the belt anymore. It’s not about PRIDE anymore. It’s about ERADICATING you, Medusa Rage! And I AM GOING TO DO IT!!!!!! 

Dawg Pound shouts: CHAN-dler! CHAN-dler! CHAN-dler!!! 

Andrea: (Regaining her composure, and assuming her smile.) Oh, and Mr. Styles…a word of advice. You KNOW the “woman” isn’t that hirsute THING in the ring with you presently. After all, would you rather have a snake…(she winks)…or a DIAMOND? 

(Dawg Pound barks as Medusa Rage and the MISFITS sneer at the wall.) 

Bishop: The AGE of RAGE leaving ringside, and we’ve got time now for a minor intermission. 

Blade: Two World Titles on the line next, one for the Tag Belts and one for the Singles belt…and I can truly say this has been a night of surprises. 

Mutt: You know, what surprised me in that last match was the attack by Micki Duran, and the STRENGTH of Micki Duran. She’s really underestimated in the power department. You put some pounds on her and she could be another Medusa Rage. 

Sally: YUCK! Would she REALLY want to do that? I admire the Syndicate and think they are the ONLY group of people that could hang out with Sexy Sally…. 

Blade: (annoyed) Anyway! I must commend Dementia Praecox for sticking with the match as long as she was able. Duran with the pre match attack, then dominating the champion in the early going. Madame Hecate has a lot to do with Praecox’s success. 

Bishop: But I don’t know if I like the change in Praecox’s style. It left her susceptible to Micki Duran’s mat attack. IF Duran hadn’t a got cocky and attempted a Chokeslam on the extreme behemoth…that match ends earlier than it did. 

Bishop: Are we ready? Okay, we’re back folks, and it is WORLD TITLE time. We’ve got things under control, and let’s break this down. Can ANYONE defeat Andrea Chandler? 

Blade: Sure, I would love to see Lanny Manson get a crack at her. Even the Officer Order we saw tonight… 

Mutt: I’m talkin’ about Dementia Praecox. I’ll be honest. I never saw Praecox as a World titlist. Western Heritage titlist or Internet Titlist, but World title material? 

Blade: Praecox has the quickness and great agility to tear away at Chandler layer by layer of muscle. And she’s just strong enough to match blow to blow. 

Bishop: I don’t know if ANYONE can match power with Chandler short of Ma Porter. Chandler has Praecox beaten with her ringmanship and her ability to seemingly come back and dominate a match. She scouts opponents like no other wrestler in the GDWA. 

Blade: Mike Whalen is backstage, and he’s got the feel of the locker room. Mike, you got anything to add. 

Whalen: It has been tense all day Allen. The rulebreakers ARE NOT getting along. We’ve had a few flare ups and arguments. Folks are all anticipating this match up tonight. 

Blade: Hey Mike, are there any other factors you can think of that could make a difference in the Main Event? 

Whalen: I foresee a HUGE one…the difference in managerial styles. Madame Hecate has managed a killing machine in Demonica who was an indestructible force in Grand Dragon before getting expelled. She has shown she can harness that raw energy. Dementia Praecox is wrestling unconscious as of late and I owe it to the managerial capabilities of Madame Hecate. And on the other side, Kingpin is the manager of champions. He has a great awareness of what should be going on in the ring. Andrea Chandler has been training for this one match for a month. Her game plan is as solid as I’d expect from the champ. 

Mutt: Well, as far as I’m concerned the presence of violent elements in the GDWA is a HUGE weight on both challenger and champion. We may not even SEE a winner. We might get some kind of screwjob. More than any other champion, Andrea Chandler has been hunted and taunted by opponents and enemies. Praecox as well as Chandler should be worried. 

Whalen: Also, 24 hours ago this following clip was released to all of our GDWA affiliates! In one word: foreboding! Watch it, and tell me if Andrea Chandler, the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, sounds serious to you. Violence is in the air Allen Bishop…. 

———————————————————————— [THE FOLLOWING IS A PAID ADVERTISEMENT FROM *THE SYNDICATE*] ———————————————————— 

(The scene is Andrea’s gymnasium, where ordinarily the sights and sounds of iron-pumping and wrestling are taking place; instead, we see Andrea standing before the ring, her hair pulled back into a ponytail, wearing a sleeveless black half-tee and matching baseball cap over her usual posing bikini. She holds a shiny black aluminum baseball bat in her right hand. On the cap, shirt, and bat, in white block letters, is the word “SYNDICATE”.) 

Andrea: Well, GDWA, it’s almost time for the biggest pay-per-view in our history. Am I ready? (She holds the bat up for the camera, then lowers it.) Is there ANY doubt? It’s like this: things have degenerated into total chaos in Grand Dragon. The whole petty, jealous, insipid LOT of you can’t bear the success of the Syndicate, can’t STAND the way we’ve crushed our competition and taken what we please. So, you’ve begun cheating, scheming, backstabbing, everything you can think of to keep us off-guard. Well guess what? IT HASN’T WORKED! And you’re finding out the HARD way just what happens to those who get in our way. 

Just ask Miss Keiko Mita, the one so “honorable” that she tried her little kamikaze stunt on us at MY match. She who so brazenly crashed OUR party has the gall to accuse US of malfeasance? You little hypocrite! Your best bet is to HOPE we forget about you after we’ve thrashed everyone else on our list! Then there’s Bloody Mary, guilty of the same transgressions, accusing me of playing “mind games” with her and others. Mary, given the dim bulbs I’m surrounded with here in Grand Dragon, if I were really trying to play with you, you’d be in much greater distress than you are right now. 

In the pack, of course, there’s Big Ma Porter, Miss Mediocrity herself, so convinced that she’s been cheated of a title shot she in no way deserves. Ma, you are a poor excuse for a wrestler, something I’ll VIVIDLY demonstrate to you in due time. And of course, we have the scaly one herself, Medusa Rage, issuing the same old idle threats and cryptic nonsense that we’ve come to know and love. I have a message for all of you, and for anyone else who plans to involve herself in our business: 

(She broadens her stance, then takes a home run cut, the wind whistling as she swings. Straightening, she smiles and says,) 

By all means, give it your best shot! You see, we’re coming prepared from now on. Armed. Alert. Ready for business. And as we’ll merely be defending ourselves, what better way to eliminate our competition without fear of reprisal? So please, I beg you, come on! You’ll be that hanging curveball that we send downtown! 

As for Dementia…you addled freak, I have only this to say: after Micki crushes Daisy Butterfly, you have the misfortune of facing her. And girlfriend, between The Legend and The Diamond Express…there won’t be enough left of you to smear on a postcard. (She laughs. Exhaling, she says,) Oh, I just can’t WAIT for Founder’s Day! I’m SO look forward to taking my cuts! 

(Andrea takes a final swing, and the scene fades….)

Bishop: Thanks Mike! Sam, Sonya, Spud McKenzie is ready in the ring. It is World Title time at %%%FOUNDER’S DAY TRADITION%%%…… 

GDWA Championship: Andrea Chandler vs. Dementia Praecox

Spud McKenzie: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, with a 1 hour time limit. It is our Main Event, and is for the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship of the World!!! 

(Fans cheering and horns go off as Spud McKenzie stands poised in the ring!) 

Bishop: This is it! This is the big one! We’ve waited a month for this battle! 

Mutt: Madame Hecate has a chance to manage a World champion. And the Kingpin? To walk out of here with mud in Ma Porter’s face! 

Spud: First, the challenger! 

(Fans boo as they hear ‘Insane in the Membrane’ by Cypress Hill. The Dawg Pound cheers in anticipation.) 

Spud: Led down the aisle by her manager, Madame Hecate! From Parts Unknown…She is 5 feet 5 inches, 150 pounds, this is Dementia Praecox! 

(Fans all booing as Dementia Praecox twitches nervously as Madame Hecate leads her down the rampway. Praecox is wearing torn, shredded clothing and black boots with her grayed hair wildly flailing about. She fidgets with a headless Barbie doll with the words ‘Andrea’ scribbled in red crayon over the body.) 

Bishop: The psychopath from Parts Unknown…. 

Blade: We all know where she is from. And that is the looney bin. 

Mutt: Knock her all you like, but she’s the #1 contender to the World Title. And despite losing to Micki Duran earlier, she just may be the hottest woman in wrestling beside Radhi Ananda. 

Bishop: Praecox in the ring and Madame Hecate beside her keeping her calm. Hecate has managed 2 Internet Champions and hopes to add a world title to the list. The only problem is that Praecox faces the most dominant World titlist in GDWA history! 

Spud: And her opponent…. 

(Fans boo as they hear ‘Back in Black’ by AC/DC.) 

Mutt: Yeah! New theme music from the champ! 

Spud: Accompanied down ringside by FORMER World Champion, Zaranna, the INTERNET Heavyweight Champion ‘the Legend’ Micki Duran, ‘Brilliant’ Tiffany Chandler, and her manager the Kingpin….Representing the SYNDICATE! 

(Fans boo as Andrea Chandler steps out through the curtain and looks up at the monitor, watching past matches and ‘big hits’ on the likes of Daisy Butterfly, Officer Order and Staci X. She slaps on her sunglasses and a wide grin spreads across her face.) 

Spud: From Long Island, New York! She is 5 feet 7 inches, Weighing in at 145lbs, here is the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION……Andrea Chandler! 

(The arena darkens except for gold spectral lights flashing across the entrance way. The Crowd continues booing as Andrea walks down the ramp wearing a revealing black body builder’s bikini with outlined in gold and rhinestones.) 

Bishop: They look like a damn army! 

Mutt: And they’ve got to be to counter all this ‘gang warfare’ going on lately in Grand Dragon. 

(The Syndicate–Micki Duran, Tiffany Chandler, and the Kingpin–are all wearing black t-shirts, baseball caps, and jeans with the SYNDICATE insignia scrawled across them. They carry aluminum baseball bats to the ring as Andrea Chandler heads down the rampway. The gold World Title belt glitters in the arena lights.) 

Bishop: Andrea Chandler climbing through the ropes as the Syndicate is stationed outside of the ring! This is something. Have things gotten this bad? 

Blade: Allen, you guessed it! Andrea prior to the Founder’s Day has been seen practicing her swing. I thought she was relieving some stress…obviously she was preparing for any uninvited guests. 

(Fans from the arena begin chanting: We Want Daisy! We Want Daisy!) 

Spud: This contest is for the single most coveted trophy in professional sports today, the GRAND DRAGON WRESLTING ALLIANCE World Heavyweight Championship. This World Title contest shall be regulated by referee Dawn Lee. Overseen by GDWA President Denmark Vessey and the Ohio State Athletic commission. Now then…. 

(Fans cheer as Spud McKenzie nods at both Andrea Chandler and Dementia Praecox.) 

Spud: To all the fans here at the Municipal Stadium. Ladies and gentlemen, wrestling fans from all around the world……. 

(Crowd cheers while chants of: We want Daisy! We Want Daisy! persist.) 

Spud: …………..Let’s Get Rrrrrrrrready to Rrrrrrrumble!!!!!!! 

(Horns go off and the crowd cheers as the two combatants begin to glare at one another in expectation.) 

Spud: Our first combatant hails from Parts Unknown. This woman has in the last few months escalated to the very top of the business. With a lengthy stay in Grand Dragon, this is the apex of her career…but can she seize the moment? Victories over the wrestler formerly known as Lady Starr, Medusa Rage and Staci X, have earned her the #1 contendership to the World title. Known for her extreme wrestling and high flying style, she is one of the most erratic and feared superstars in the sport! Demented! Unrestrained and ever Psychopathic!!! The FORMER Internet Heavyweight Champion….Dementia Praecox!!!!!! 

(Fans boo but the Dawg Pound cheers as Dementia Praecox rams her head into the turnbuckle in the near corner and riles herself up in anticipation.) 

Spud: But her opponent is even more impressive. The Diamond Express found her way to the GDWA and took root like no other competitor. Upon winning the championship, she has ruled with title defenses against Daisy Butterfly, Officer Order and Medusa Rage. 

(Fans chant: Daisy! Daisy! Daisy! Daisy! Daisy!) 

Spud: Firmly establishing herself as one of the best the sport has to offer, she has become possibly the most dominant champion in wrestling history. …..5 feet 7 inches, 142 pounds! The Back 2 Back Wrestler of the Month Award Winner!!! Representing the Syndicate….The Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World…..’Rich Bitch’ Aaaaaaaaandrea Chaaaaaaaaaandler!!!!! 

(Huge chorus of boos as Andrea Chandler poses for the crowd and flexes for Dementia Praecox!) 

Bishop: The lunatic against the Diamond Express. This has been long in coming. 

Blade: Whatever brain Praecox has in her head remembers rather well the way Andrea Chandler attacked her during the GDWA World Title tournament last fall. Praecox was made to look a fool in front of millions of people. You think she isn’t looking for pay back here? 

Mutt: And Andrea ain’t too happy either. Praecox interfered in her match up against Medusa Rage a month ago. This match is to settle the score! 

Bishop: Praecox not at 100% The ‘End’ Diamond Death Cutter has left Praecox supped up with Pain Killers. And Chandler? Healed rather well after her excruciating match up with Medusa Rage 4 weeks ago. Chandler at the top of her game, but so is Praecox. She 

(Fans cheer as referee Ming Lee calls the two combatants together in the middle of the ring and talks over the rules.) 

Mutt: This is gonna be great. The Dividend Scorpion Deathlock against the Lithium Lullaby sleeper hold. 

Bishop: Andrea unstrapping the belt, and now polishing it. How arrogant! She hands the ref the World title belt, and she shows it to both Andrea Chandler and Dementia Praecox. This is what it is all about! Praecox crouching down as Andrea takes her time pulling off her gloves and disrobing. 

(Fans cheer as referee Dawn Lee holds the GDWA World Title above her head for all to see.) 


Blade: There’s the bell! 

Bishop: Praecox charging Andrea but Andrea’s ready for her. Collar and Elbow tie up, and Andrea muscling Praecox into the near corner, and tossing her down into the second turnbuckle! 

(Fans boo and whistle as Andrea Chandler flexes in front of Praecox.) 

Mutt: Hecate screaming orders to Praecox. Reminding her of the game plan. Praecox unusually calm right now. 

Blade: Another Collar and Elbow tie up, and Andrea with a high knee to the midsection. Now hard right hands, and a Waistlock….no! Praecox breaking out of it and raking the eyes! Too soon for Andrea to hit that sort of high impact maneuver. 

Bishop: Praecox nailing away with Double Axehandle swings to the upper back of Chandler. Chandler walking it off, and here we go! Praecox Irish Whipping Chandler to the far corner and she sprints after her. 

(Fans all cheering as Andrea Chandler hits the corner.) 


(Fans cheer as Dementia Praecox ducks under and runs for the side ropes.) 

Bishop: Praecox bouncing off and hits Chandler with a shoulder tackle….and nobody budges. 

(Dawg Pound barks as Andrea Chandler flexes, showing off her strength.) 

Mutt: Andrea feeling real good right now. Praecox has been gaining weight over the last two months to the point that she’s a solid 150 pounds…But even with her added weight, she’s unable to bully the champion around! 

Bishop: Another tie up and Andrea forcing Praecox into the ropes. Ref Dawn Lee calling for a break…and the arrogant Chandler slapping Praecox in the face…. 


(Fans cheer as Andrea Chandler stumbles back toward the middle of the ring.) 

Mutt: Now THIS is the Dementia Praecox that I remember. 

Bishop: Andrea clutching the back of her neck as Praecox shoves her into the far ropes, now an Irish Whip to the other side! Andrea off the ropes and Praecox LEAPFROGGING the Champion! 

(Fans gasp as Andrea Chandler runs to the far ropes.) 

Bishop: Andrea off the ropes and Praecox charging her and nailing a flying Head Scissors! Chandler easily into the ropes, and Praecox will have to work on cornering Chandler in more secure places in the ring. Much too close to the ropes. 

Blade: Praecox with a pickup and a High Knee to the head, and now a Hammerlock. Chandler down to one knee as Praecox nail away with Headbutts to the left shoulder. This isn’t like the challenger at all, I don’t understand. 

Mutt: Madame Hecate clapping, motivating Praecox as the Kingpin slaps the mat. And notice, the entire Syndicate is on edge. 

Bishop: Hold on! Chandler with a hard elbow to the back of the head, and Praecox stumbles backwards…AND ANDREA CHANDLER SPINNING AROUND AND CLOTHESLINING DEMENTIA PRAECOX OVER THE TOP ROPE! 

(Dawg Pound barks as Andrea Chandler parts the ropes and taunts Dementia Praecox!) 

Mutt: Madame Hecate checking on Praecox down on the floor, and I’m beginning to think she is out of gas. Maybe she’s wrestling like this cause she’s out of energy. 

Ref: ……3………4………5…. 

Bishop: Praecox running over grabbing a chair, and Madame Hecate warning her about the title. Praecox slapping it against the guard railing and tosses it into the crowd. Last words of advice from Hecate, and Praecox re-entering the ring……. 

(Fans cheering as Praecox and Chandler tie up again.) 

Mutt: Chandler with a Greco Roman knuckle lock and forcing Praecox down. This slow methodical wrestling has got to be favoring the champion! 

Bishop: Praecox crouching down as Chandler really puts some muscle into it…and Praecox with a Bodyscissors! Chandler caught in the middle of the ring as Dementia Praecox chokes the life out of her ribs! 

(Crowd cheers as Andrea Chandler reaches out in pain!) 

Mutt: Chandler swinging, trying to connect with a punch, but Praecox rocking into the hold. Andrea with a hard right hand finally breaking the hold. Both women up to their feet but Praecox first. She’s heading into the ropes….! 

Blade: Andrea setting up as Praecox bounces off and catches the demented one with a Gorilla Press!!!! 

(Crowd cheering in amazement as Andrea Chandler Gorilla Presses the 150+ pound Dementia Praecox!) 

Mutt: She’s got her up high…and slams her down hard! That took some strength! 

Bishop: WoW! Praecox favoring her back, and Chandler stomping away now on the challenger. Now, we’ll see if Praecox is up to task. Chandler backing into the ropes, and bouncing off with a Kneedrop to the back of Praecox. She falls to the mat. 

Mutt: Andrea Chandler with another Kneedrop, and now a pick up with a scoop…and Praecox slips behind her back?! 

(Fans cheering and screaming as Dementia Praecox slaps on a Full Nelson.) 

Mutt: Great desperation hold by the #1 contender. And let me say for the record that Andrea Chandler usually is bearing down on her opponent by now. This is a VERY even match up thus far though. 

(Fans in the Dawg Pound barking as Praecox swings Andrea Chandler around in the Full Nelson.) 

Blade: This IS NOT the Praecox Chandler wrestled in September of last year in the World Title tourney! Andrea trying to muscle out of this, and this match is getting interesting as the minutes wear on. 

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 60 minute time limit. 10 minutes. 

Bishop: Andrea with incredible strength…muscling out of the Full Nelson!…..AND DEMENTIA PRAECOX BREAKS THE HOLD BUT SLAPS ON A BODY SCISSORS WITH A BACKWARD ROLL UP!!!!! THE COVER!!!!! 

Ref: ………………………………………………..1 






…………………………………………….KICK OUT!!! 

(Fans gasp as Andrea Chandler kicks out.) 

Bishop: Chandler up and Praecox with a Dropkick! Chandler back up and Praecox with a standing choke hold. 

Mutt: Get in there ref! 

Ref: 1……….2……..3…….4…… 

Bishop: A break, and Chandler with a thumb to the eye. Praecox backing off, and WE ARE NOT seeing any high flying moves from the challenger. 

Mutt: Hey, this is great strategy. Praecox has thrown the wild stuff out of the agenda. Chandler is having to regroup because it is like she’s wrestling another woman. 

Blade: Madame Hecate with an INGENIOUS strategy. Chandler scouts the best in Grand Dragon, so Praecox wrestling a conservative rough housing styles, similar to when she wrestled in the Tag Team ranks. 

Bishop: Chandler trash talking as Dementia Praecox simply giggles away. Sam, Sonya, I may have to agree with you two. Praecox has disarmed some of her own firepower, but in doing so she just may have disarmed Chandler as well. 

Mutt: Another tie up and Chandler with a Frontface lock. Praecox trying to muscle out of it, but the champion just too strong. Bodybuilding is her hobby, and she’s just ripped from neck to knees! 

Blade: Great thinking by the champ to buy some time. Praecox now, with an elbow to desperately get out of this wear down hold…AND CHANDLER SNATCHING UP SOME TIGHTS AND HOISTING UP DEMENTIA PRAECOX FOR A SIDE SALTO!!! 

(Fans boo as Andrea Chandler sits back up and poses for the camera.) 

Mutt: Chandler back up and backing into the ropes for a Kneedrop. Right across the upper chest of Praecox. Now if she hits it a little higher she can crush the larynx…. 

Bishop: Anyway, Chandler backing into the ropes again, AND MADAME HECATE PULLS DOWN THE ROPES! 

(Fans boo as Andrea Chandler hits the floor!) 

Blade: The Syndicate on the attack…and here comes Medusa Rage and the Serpentines! 

(Fans chant: ‘Dusa! ‘Dusa! as she comes down ringside with her 10 bodyguards.) 

Bishop: We’ve got a war on our hands. Zaranna, Tiffany Chandler and Micki Duran heading up the aisle and on the attack. GDWA security marching out and it’s like a slaughter. Medusa backing off as the Syndicate lays into her bodyguards with aluminum bats! 

Ref: 1…………………………………………….2…… 

Mutt: Micki Duran with wild swings, taking down one body guard! Cracking into her skull, and now going for an Eagle and she slaps her head with the butt of the bat! Tiffany Chandler the switch hitter barreling into the ribs of another Serpentine! 

(Hardcores cheer as the melee moves up the rampway.) 

Mutt: The stretchers are already coming, and there are women laid out on the rampway with cracked ribs! Busted noses and blackened eyes! And security is trying to put a stop to this. 

Blade: That’s right. We can’t as an organization set a precedent allowing stables to bring weapons down ringside. 

Ref: …….4………..5………6…….. 

Blade: Back to the ring, Madame Hecate motioning Praecox to stay in the ring, and Andrea has been given a breather. Hold on, Praecox shoving the ref and she’s warning her….AND MADAME HECATE running over and THROWING WHITE POWDER INTO THE CHAMPION’S EYES! 

(Dawg Pound cheers as Andrea Chandler swings about blindly.) 

Bishop: Praecox running for the near ropes, Springboards to the outside and nails Andrea Chandler with a Moonsault to the outside! Oh my! 

(Dawg Pound barks: WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF!) 

Referee: 1………….2………..3……………4……. 

Bishop: Praecox with a handful of hair and ramming Chandler into the guard railing. Now another handful of hair and ramming the champion into the ring post. Shoulder first! This is what we expected from Praecox…but she’s reentering the ring. 

(Crowd booing as the referee chides Dementia Praecox.) 

Mutt: The Kingpin back down ringside and heading over to the champ. He’s shouting at the ref as he aides Andrea back into the ring. Hecate got something up her sleeve, but I don’t understand what it is. Praecox is a streak wrestler. She’s wrestling much too slow for her style right now. 

Bishop: Andrea into the ring and Praecox with a Gutwrench pick up, and slinging Andrea over her shoulder. Praecox with a head of steam….AND RAMS ANDREA CHANDLER UPSIDE DOWN GUT FIRST INTO THE NEAR CORER!!!! WoW!!!! 

(Fans cheer as Andrea Chandler clutches her midsection while rolling around the mat.) 

Mutt: Andrea slow to her feet, and Dementia charging Chandler and NAILING her in the back of the head with a Scissors kick! And now she’s going for the corner. 

(Crowd booing as security begins taking the bats away from the Syndicate. Ring attendants with stretchers are carrying away the Serpentines as Medusa Rage scrambles toward the ring curtain.) 

Bishop: Praecox facing the crowd as she climbs up the turnbuckles. She’s going for *another* Moonsault! Praecox backflips….AND ANDREA CHANDLER ROLLING OUT OF THE WAY. 

Blade: But Praecox landing on her feet?! Praecox with a Double Leg Pick up as she spins around to have her back facing the corner…AND CATAPULTS ANDREA CHANDLER INTO THE NEAR CORNER! 

Bishop: Chandler stumbling out of the corner, and Praecox with a Belly to Back Suplex and a cover…….. 

(Crowd cheering as the referee checks on Andrea Chandler shoulders.) 

Ref: 1…………………………..2………………kick out! 

Mutt: Praecox measuring Chandler and a Standing Headbutt drop to the upper shoulders of the champion. Oh yeah, she’s weakening the upper body for the Lithium Lullaby. 

Blade: But in the process, that idiot is weakening her own neck. All the pain killers in the world can’t undo the damage Micki Duran has done!! 

Bishop: Andrea Chandler crawling for the ropes, and rolls to the outside onto the ramp. And the Kingpin kneeling down by her in consultation. 

Ref: …3……….4……..5….. 

(Fans cheering as Medusa Rage storms down the rampway.) 

Mutt: The Syndicate are on the attack. Security has left with their bats, but they are pummeling Medusa Rage, and…..! 

(Dawg Pound explodes as Ma Porter jogs through the ring curtain.) 

Mutt: And here comes the one woman army! And now behind her is Bloody Mary and Tony Angelo. We gonna get it on now! ‘Brilliant’ Tiffany Chandler trying to hold off Porter, and she nails Chandler with a Porterline! Micki Duran into her now, and Zaranna running back down to ringside to protect Andrea. 

Bishop: Bloody Mary getting tripped up by Tiffany Chandler, and they are getting it on. Tony Angelo sprinting down ringside and the Kingpin and he are getting it on! 

(Fans cheering as the men grapple on the rampway.) 

Bishop: Andrea Chandler with great composure, re-entering the ring. Praecox on her, and another tie up. Chandler shoving Praecox down to the mat. Praecox back up and Chandler with a High Knee! 

Blade: Praecox shaking it off but Chandler with a Rude Awakening. Now she’s in the near corner, waiting on Praecox. I don’t…! 

Bishop: Praecox up and Chandler with a Running Clothesline! A cover….1………2…….STRONG KICK OUT! And the added weight a bonified plus for the challenger. Chandler with a pickup and a Backbreaker. 

Spud: 30 minutes have elapsed! 30 minutes. 

Mutt: Great no nonsense wrestling from the champ. She got in trouble and got consultation from the manager of champions. Praecox likes a lot of action in the ring, multiple maneuverings and high impact wrestling. Chandler is a one hit wonder. She hits you and you hit the mat! 

Bishop: Andrea with a pickup and a Front Facelock, but Praecox forcing her into the ropes, and an Irish Whip…but Chandler with a reversal. Praecox off the ropes…. 

Blade: and Andrea Chandler with a Tilt A Whirl Sl..!!! No! Praecox with a Headscissors flying off the champs shoulders …AND CHANDLER SNARING PRAECOX AROUND THE NECK AND NAILS AN INVERTED DDT! 

Ref: 1…………………….2…………………….kick out! 

(Crowd cheering on Praecox as she weakly kicks out.) 

Mutt: Andrea with a GREAT presence of mind to connect! Andrea up to her knees, and looking out at the melee just shaking her head. Zaranna slapping the mat telling her to get on Praecox. Andrea looks dazed. 

(Crowd booing as Andrea Chandler poses over Dementia Praecox.) 

Bishop: The arrogance of Andrea Chandler. Andrea with a pick up, and a Knee to the midsection. A quick frontface lock and hoists up Praecox….5 seconds…..10 seconds and a SPINNING Brainbuster!!!!! 

(Fans boo as Andrea Chandler gets to her feet and applies a Double Leg Pick up.) 

Bishop: Praecox immediately into the ropes, because she knew what was coming next! 

Mutt: She’s submitted to it before. She don’t wanna get caught up in the submission game again. 

Bishop: Praecox still in the ropes, and Chandler stomping away at the shoulder. The ref wants a break, and Chandler ignoring her. Madame Hecate complaining and the ref is in there. 

(Fans boo while the referee threatens disqualification.) 

Mutt: Andrea with a pick up and scooping up Praecox over her shoulder. Andrea with a head of steam and a Running Powerslam. Now a quick single leg pick up, points to the Dawg Pound as she twirls around, and slaps on the Figure 4 Leglock!!! 

(Fans all on their feet as Dementia Praecox screams out.) 

Bishop: Zaranna slapping the mat, and Praecox in a lot of pain. Her SHOULDERS ARE DOWN….1…..2….back up! 

(Fans screaming as Dementia Praecox is checked on by the referee.) 

Mutt: Praecox looks like an old hag in that ring next to Andrea. It must be all those years in the asylum. And she just might go back there in a minute. 

Bishop: Hecate on the ring apron….and scratching at Andrea’s eyes! Oh my! 

(Most fans booing as Andrea Chandler breaks the hold!) 

Spud: 40 minutes have elapsed! 40 minutes. 

Mutt: Ma Porter nearly fell out, as it looked like Praecox was ready to submit. Medusa Rage down on the floor, Angelo and the Kingpin slugging it out, thank God…. 

Bishop: Chandler with a pickup and a Front Face lock….Vertical Suplex!!!! Lateral press….1…..2…and shoulder up! 

Blade: Chandler with a pickup and a Short Arm Clothesline! This is it. Chandler with a pick up, and Irish Whipping Praecox to the ropes. Praecox back off and SLIDING THROUGH Chandler’s legs. 

Mutt: Praecox up to her feet as Andrea Chandler turns around and… …………….ENZIGURI KICK!!!!!!!!!! 

(BIG POP as Andrea Chandler falls to the mat.) 

Mutt: Praecox dropping on top of Andrea for the cover….no count! Zaranna with the distraction. Zaranna up on the ring apron as the ref comes over to set her down. 

Bishop: What? Is she acting as manager now?! 

Mutt: The Kingpin is a little busy as you can see. (Laughs) 

Blade: Praecox with a pick up, and Irish Whipping the champ to the ropes. Praecox slamming into the side ropes and comes off with a Flying Headbutt…. 


(Hardcores cheer as Dementia Praecox’s head snaps off the canvas.) 


Bishop: BUT NO COVER! 

Blade: Both women down on the mat. 

(Fans all cheering on the excitement as the ref puts the count to both women.) 

Mutt: Incredible counter! She applied the Diamond Cutter in midair as Praecox flew at her. And Madame Hecate furious at Dementia Praecox deviating from the game plan. But what does she expect from a lunatic? 

Ref: 4………….5………………6……………. 

Blade: Chandler is down, trying to collect her thoughts. That is the 3rd Diamond Cutter Praecox has received tonight… 

Mutt: She’s down, and ain’t moving. Fatigue has her by the…by the *THE*! (Blushing) Anyway, the champ made the counter of the night! 

Bishop: Chandler sitting up now, her shoulders and whole backside obviously hurting as she is flipping over Praecox for the lateral press. 

Ref: …………………………………………………….1 







………………………………………………..shoulder up! 

(Fans cheer as Andrea Chandler slaps the mat, frustrated.) 

Bishop: Chandler going back to basics, with a pickup and a High Knee. Ma Porter really trying to get down ringside, and Micki Duran with a chair…but here comes Medusa Rage. Rage with a ringside seat, and GDWA security storming down the rampway. 

Mutt: They definitely don’t have control of this. 

Blade: Chandler with another High Knee, no! Praecox with a Fireman’s Carry pick up as a counter, but Chandler raking the eyes! Both women down. 

Spud: Fans, 50 minutes have gone by in the 60 minute time limit. 10 minutes remaining. 

Bishop: Praecox clutching her face as Zaranna gets up on the ring apron. Chandler is hurting, she needs to end this. 

Blade: Chandler backing into the ropes, and bouncing off nailing the kneedrop to the forehead. The champ is calling for it all!!!! 

(Fans all screaming as Andrea Chandler points out to Medusa Rage and Ma Porter.) 

Mutt: Madame Hecate up on the ring apron, and the ref has had enough of her. She heading over and throwing her out of the match. 

(Fans all screaming as Andrea Chandler double grapevines the leg!!!!!) 

Bishop: Andrea Chandler, too close to the ropes, but she’s taking a chance as she bends into Praecox to flip her over…. 


(Big crowd pop!) 

Bishop: Oh MY God! THE BIG DOUBLE CROSS!!!!!! 

Mutt: Madame Hecate looking across the ring, and distracting the referee. Ref Dawn Lee is sending her away from ringside, but Dawn needs to turn around! 

(Huge pop from the Dawg Pound as Zaranna points to Andrea Chandler.) 

Mutt: Zaranna with a pick up…..Z-BLASTER DDT! 

(Dawg Pound barking WooF! WooF! WooF! As Zaranna slips back through the ropes.) 

Bishop: Praecox slow to her feet, and Zaranna pointing to the prone Andrea Chandler. Praecox heading toward the near corner now and climbing up the turnbuckles. Zaranna is going hysterical as Praecox points down at Andrea Chandler. 

Blade: Praecox standing wearily. She’s up high! Zaranna running up the rampway, and attacks Tiffany Chandler. Bloody Mary and Zaranna double teaming Chandler. 

Bishop: Praecox up high, still dazed from that Diamond Cutter. Oh my! She steadies herself……………………….and jumps!!!! 

(Fans all screaming as Dementia Praecox Swan Dives through the air…) 

Mutt: Senton Splaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaash! 

(Fans all on their feet as Dementia Praecox hooks the leg.) 

Ref: …………………………………………………((1)) 

















Mutt: I can’t believe it! 

(The place erupts in cheers as the Dawg Pound chants: DDT! DDT! DDT!) 

Bishop: Tonya Angelo calling off Ma Porter as they head up the rampway. Chandler is still down, as the Kingpin enters the ring. He’s screaming at the referee as she shoves him away. Madame Hecate returning to ringside and enters the ring as the Kingpin barks at the ref. Ref Dawn Lee has got the belt and….hands it to Madame Hecate! 

(Mixed cheers as ‘Insane in the Membrane’ blasts through the speakers.) 

Mutt: She did the impossible! Dementia Praecox stole the World title at the center of this chaos. Bloody Mary, Ma Porter, Medusa, and surprisingly Zaranna joining in on the bash! 

Spud: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, via pinfall! At 53 minutes and 13 seconds….. 

(Dawg Pound screaming their heads off as fireworks go off in the building.) 

Spud: …and the Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew GRAND DRAGON WRESTLING ALLIANCE World Heavyweight Champion!!!!!!!………Dementia Praecox! 

(Fans pop hard as Praecox climbs up the turnbuckles in the near corner and laughs maniacally.) 

Blade: Dementia Praecox has the WORLD around her shoulders. Revenge has come 6 months late, but she’s smelling the roses right about now. 

Mutt: I hate to see the Dynasty end like this, but we must at least give some credit to Praecox. She wrestled a GREAT match with the soundest strategy I’ve ever seen Madame Hecate come up with. Andrea is deserving of a rematch though. 

Blade: Hey, as far as I’m concerned this is the chickens coming home to roost. Andrea Chandler and the Syndicate have ruled by hook and by crook for half a year. If they want the belt back, they are gonna have to challenge like everybody else. 

Bishop: Ma Porter has complicated things here tonight. My God, would Praecox have beaten Chandler? Chandler was so close to the ropes, Praecox may have been able to break the Dividend. 

(Fireworks go off as Dementia Praecox straps the World Title around her waist and cries out for Mama!) 

Bishop: Madame Hecate leading her out of the ring as Andrea Chandler is calling for heads to be knocked around. The Syndicate entering the ring, and Andrea Chandler shoving Micki Duran away. Tiffany Chandler in Andrea’s face, and Andrea shoving her away. She’s not even coherent as she staggers around. She’s screaming for her belt. Praecox laughing and slapping the gold around her waist. 

Mutt: I can’t believe this. That match was so even… 

Blade: What’s done is done. This is just an example of reaping what you sow. The chickens coming home to roost. And.. 

(Fans boo as Ma Porter heads over to the announcing booth with Tony Angelo and Zaranna.) 

Mutt: Hey, let’s hear what the lovely ladies have to say. What’s up Big Ma? 

(Ma Porter crying and laughing as she slaps her sweaty palm around the mic.) 

Porter: Our actions tonight were just a warning, and just a sample of what’s in store for the Syndicate…. and that brings me to my promise. (Fans start screaming as Andrea Chandler points over to the announcer’s booth.) 

Porter: A while ago, Tony promised that Organized Crime was gonna expand. That day is now. Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to introduce my newest, and oldest protégé….ZARANNA!!!!! 

(Dawg Pound barks as Zaranna hugs Ma Porter and kisses Tony Angelo. Adorable Dana comes out through the ring curtain and greets Tony and Ma Porter.) 

Zaranna: (Looking out to the arena, and shouting) I’m Baaaaaaaack!!! 

(Mixed cheers as Zaranna looks about the arena.) Zaranna: “And at last the alliance that was meant to be since my arrival here, is now consummated. The Syndicate was always strong, now it is even stronger. Between Ma and I, the world title is only a match away. I’ve been away a long time. I’ve been on a sort of walk-about. Since my brother’s murder, I’ve been looking for meaning in life. Nothing, even the World’s Title was worth the effort. I traveled so much that I finally met myself. I realized that life did have meaning, and that my brother’s memory would be best served by winning in his name. 

(She looks around as the Dawg Pound chants: DDT! DDT! DDT!) 

Zaranna: The World Title? Not now, but that’s okay. I want a shot at any title out there. As Andrea saw, nobody is safe. I’ve proven my championship material time and again. And I will rise to the top again. World, Internet, WH, Tag, it doesn’t matter. 

(Fans screaming as the Syndicate marches up the Rampway!) 

Zaranna: …but let me say one more thing, Andrea Chandler….I was never pinned for the World Title!!!” 

(Fans bark as GDWA security holds back the Syndicate from the announcer’s booth. Ma Porter dares them to attack. Suddenly, the arena darkens and a spotlight hits the ring as ‘Cops’ by Inner Circle blasts through the speakers.) 

Mutt: What’s going on!? 

Bishop: It’s Officer Order! 

(Fans cheer their heads off as GDWA security lines up near the exits. Officer Order marches down the arena steps from within the crowd, and climbs over the guardrailing. Fans are still cheering as Daisy Butterfly and Lady Tiger escort her into the ring.) 

Blade: Tell it like it is May!!! 

(Officer Order is dressed in her blue police uniform with her hair tied back in a ponytail. She has the WESTERN HERITAGE title over her shoulder as she points out to Organized Crime and the Syndicate…) ORDER: I’VE HAD IT UP TO HERE! 

(Dawg Pound barks as Officer Order glares out at the 2 stables.) 

Order: Now everyone knows that here in the GDWA, we don’t play that! Wrestling is about what happens in the ring, not how many people you know. It’s not how your stable is, it’s how good you are RIGHT HERE! Let me tell you girls something! The time for planning is OVER! I’ve got my posse to back me up, so perpetrators and imitators beware! From this moment forward, if you step out of line you’re gonna get severed. Its play by the rules or else! From now on, we’re going to be watching every match. Someone crosses the line, and we’re going to be right there! From now on, we’re going to be KICKING ASS and TAKING NAMES! 

(She tosses down the microphone as Fans cheer. Security separates the Syndicate and Organized Crime to clear the rampway.) 

Bishop: Fans that is the conclusion of Founder’s Day Tradition. Title changes, guest appearances and the possible return of Lanny Manson to the squared circle. This has truly been one of the most memorable nights in wrestling. 

Blade: I’ll never forget it, and was glad to be a part of it. So many surprises, I don’t even know how to take it all in. The ramifications are unsettling. 

Bishop: That’s all for the Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance’s %%%FOUNDER’S DAY TRADITION%%% Check us out in one weeks as we resume wrestling action on the Saturday Nite Special. For Sam Mutt, Sonya Blade, Mike Whalen and all of us at Grand Dragon, so long everybody. 

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