Previews the upcoming Saturday Night Special with comments from Ma Porter, Daisy Butterfly, Staci X, Radhi Ananda and more.

(The scene is one of Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance studios located in Tacoma, Washington. Two men are sitting behind a desk. They are wearing a blue blazer with the GDWA logo on the right side. A woman sits between them with a red and brown suit jacket and skirt. The lights start to come up, and “Atomic Dog” by Parliament–the GDWA theme music–begins to play.)

Dunbar: Wrestling fans, I’m Paul Laurence Dunbar with Allen Bishop and Sonya Blade bringing you the Friday Night Tease. We’ve had a hell of a week! So much drama involving the World Title match up from last Saturday, a new INTERNET Champion, and even a brand new Monday Night MVP!

Bishop: That has got to be one of the more exciting weeks we’ve had.

Dunbar: Before we get to this confusing World title situation, let’s ponder upon that mysterious woman from last week’s card.

Blade: The card itself was INCREDIBLE! A perfect lead into the FOUNDER’S DAY TRADITION pay per view…perhaps the biggest Saturday Nite Special we’ve ever had.

Bishop: I personally was caught off guard. The show was over, and Sam Mutt and I were packing up to leave!

Dunbar: Fans, in case you missed it, let’s take a look….


Bishop: Andrea has passed out right here on the Announcer’s table. The Kingpin and Andrea helping her up the aisle. Fans, security has pulled Nikita Marx off of Medusa Rage. There’s blood all over that Russian chain! Security is clearing things up. Fans, we’ll get back to you on the Friday Night Tease….


 (The Satellite feed is still up as fans begin leaving the arena. Suddenly, the lights go dim, and a figure stands in the middle of the ring, alone!)

Bishop: Hey…what the hell? The cameras aren’t rolling…who the hell?

Mutt: Ah damn!

Bishop: It’s a woman from what I can see on the monitor…and she has the house microphone now!

(Fans hurry back to their seats as the woman looks about the arena. This person is of average height, and weight is unable to be determined, due to the bulky nature of the robe. The voice is female, but modified.)

The woman: “Do you know me?”

(Fans are confused as they await something!)


(The Dawg Pound barks: Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! )

Mutt: She’s about to show us who she is!!!

(The woman throws back the hood. She’s wearing a mask hiding everything except her green eyes. She will then exits the ring, climbs over the guard railing, and heads out with other fans through the exits. Satellite transmission over!)

Bishop: Wow! It still feels eerie just watching that. Who could it be?

Blade: I don’t know. I’m back?! This place is in the winds of change.

Bishop: Speaking of change, congratulations to Staci X for winning the INTERNET Title! I’m impressed with her, as this was something she’s dreamed of.

Dunbar: Well, let’s move on to the WORLD’S CHAMPIONSHIP. We may or may not have a challenger for Andrea’s title at FOUNDER’S DAY TRADITION! Bloody Mary has declined the title shot…and Dementia Praecox may or may not accept the shot.

Bishop: Well…

Blade: Who declines a WORLD TITLE SHOT?! And why is Andrea Challenging anybody but Rage and Porter?

Dunbar: Controversy abounds in Grand Dragon. Ma Porter had some comments. Let’s listen in…


Fade in on the image of Ma Porter and Tony Angelo in front of a video wall featuring Ma Porter’s mug shot.

Ma: Well, Chandler, don’t you think it’s time you realized who’s gonna be whuppin’ your ass at the PPV. Bloody Mary declined, the Demented one will never get her act together…Why are youse duckin me? Could it be that you know youse couldn’t beat Ma Porter on your best day. It’s understandable that you’re scared of me, I mean, who ain’t? But as the champ, I would think youse could just swallow your fear and climb into that ring with Big Ma. Your time here in the GDWA is drawing to an end, and I think both youse, and that mouse you call a manager know it.

Tony: Some things are inevitable, Chandler. All your money, all the money in the world ain’t gonna save your ass this time, sweetheart. So, in typical gangland fashion, Ma is callin’ you out. Accept her challenge for the title at the PPV, or be labeled a sniveling coward for the rest of your days here at GDWA. It’s time that you knew that the GDWA belongs to the women who built it with their blood and sweat, and that means Porter. See you in the ring, Chandler.

Fade out

Bishop: Porter adamant about that title shot.

Dunbar: WE have even HARSHER words from ‘the Franchise’ Daisy Butterfly…..


(SCENE: DAISY BUTTERFLY stands before a GDWA backdrop, wearing a red warm-up suit. She looks…disappointed…)

Daisy: Chandler, you don’t seem to understand what Founder’s Day means to some of us who have been around the block the a few times. The biggest PPV of the YEAR, in celebration of the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the GREATEST PROMOTION IN THE WORLD. You, unfortunately, as champion, pretty much gets to control whether or not the whole thing is a success. And right now, girl, you’ve made a mockery of the whole thing.

Bloody Mary? Andrea, don’t be stupid. You always seem to want to settle little feuds and never tackle the top challengers. Not lately, anyway. You called out a broadcast journalist for Christ’s sakes!! All because she called you a bitch. Well, girlfriend, I’m calling you a bitch AND a coward. Bloody Mary has probably gotten much better from when I faced her, but she’s not Main Event material–not on this card, anyway. Hell, my match with your crony Duran isn’t even the top match. You’re very much afraid of one woman here in the GDWA. You’ll do anything to avoid facing her. And I can’t say I blame you.

Big Ma Porter. There was a time a few months back where she brutalized both the Syndicate and the Dragon Trio. She has RIGHTFULLY EARNED a title shot, yet you want to give it to some non-contender just because she banged up your friend. Some fighting champion you are, Chandler. You don’t deserve to wear that belt and you sure as hell don’t deserve to grace the same ring with the founders. You know just what Big Ma will do to you, girl. So you run. And by trying to save your own hide, you lose whatever respect fellow wrestlers had for you. You become the laughingstock of the fans. And you’re exposed as nothing more than the Rich Bitch, hiding behind her friends and family. Keep running, Andrea. ‘Cause when the REAL competition catches hold of you, you’re dead.

Dunbar: That is about as bold as I’ve ever heard Daisy speak. Question for the both of you…are Porter and Daisy, who usually DO NOT get along, right about this? Should Porter get the title shot?

Bishop: Andrea Chandler is acting cowardly. Look, this is FOUNDER’S DAY TRADITION! Bloody Mary, as good as she is becoming, is not Main Event stuff for a pay per view. Andrea is ducking Ma Porter because she’s the biggest threat to her title right now.

Blade: Porter is only the biggest threat in terms of size. Look, Ma would have an easier time selling her point if she was around more often. When was the last time Porter was in the ring? The tag team with Order at the last PPV? With all the newbies in the fed I thought that Porter would be busting heads left and right. For the Record, as a fan of the GDWA, and a former wrestler, Porter vs Chandler would be the kind of match I’d watch a PPV for.

Bishop: What?! YOU are sticking up for Andrea Chandler?! Look, Bloody Mary, she just doesn’t have the history needed to sell that kind of match, alone. THIS IS THE BIGGEST PAY PER VIEW OF THE YEAR!

Dunbar: Well, enough about Bloody Mary, she’s already pulled out…

Bishop: Okay fine…I would think that Dementia was the likely candidate, but if Mary wants a match AS WELL, she could hold Chandler to the Challenge. After All she challenged Bloody Mary to a match, and then She Challenged Praecox to a match. I say give President Vessey give Andrea what she asked for, back to back matches. Let Bloody Mary go first, as she was challenged first THEN let Praecox take on Andrea. If anyone can figure out a way to win in such a situation, Andrea can.

Dunbar: Let me also say that all of the top contenders have faced Andrea…Dementia in the Quarterfinals of the World Title tourney, Daisy, Order, Medusa….all of ’em except the Legend.

Blade: And other than Porter, who do you have to wrestle left? Bloody Mary who has been kicking ass as of late, and I must add, drew the first slot in the Royal Rumble and exited 7th! And of course, the woman who won the 3 Way dance at DPN, she defeated Medusa Rage 2 weeks ago, and is the Number 1 contender to both the INTERNET TITLE and the WORLD TITLE!

Bishop: Look Sonya, Andrea KNOWS Ma Porter is owed that tile shot! She’s using a cowardly loop hole to avoid this match until March…and I for one don’t feel Andrea should do so. Get it over with and wrestle the GDWA’s Mafiosi at FOUNDER’S DAY TRADITION!

Dunbar: Well, moving on. Tomorrow nights card is the last one before FOUNDER’S DAY TRADITION! Fans, let’s look at the card for tomorrow nights Saturday Nite Special…

1) Dementia Praecox vs. Staci X (Internet Title match!)

2) ‘Brilliant’ Tiffany Chandler vs. ‘Kyoto Crippler’ Keiko Mita

3) Suicide Blondes vs. Burning Rain

 Dunbar: Fans, we have a big match tomorrow night. Staci X, the newly crowned INTERNET titlist takes on Dementia Praecox in what should be a TRUE heavyweight match up. With comments, let’s hear from Staci….


(The scene opens up in a small store, with only about 5 to 6 people inside of it. The shelves are full of items which aren’t recognizable to many people. As the camera pans through the store, it stops on Staci X, looking through a rack full of shirts. She is wearing a pair of blue jeans and a grey Slayer sweatshirt. She looks up at the camera, smiles, and addresses it.)

Staci X: Hello, can you say Internet Champion? I thought you could. I hope so, because I’ve got the belt, so that must mean that I’m the champion. You know, that’s kind of scary, because I was never really one to go for belts, but I do like this one. So, I plan to hold on to it for a while. Most people want this and other belts, so they can show off that they are the best, and brag about how much better they are than everyone else. Call me a nut, but I look at it a little differently. It probably won’t change too much about me. Maybe now there will be a few more people looking to jump me, but I got pretty darned used to that after a few months in the GDWA, so that’s nothing new to me. It might, however, make me just a little more intensified in my matches. Not just everyone around here deserves a title, and they’ll be facing a little extra in their matches.

Which brings me to Dementia. Dementia Praecox, I know how mean and nasty you can be. I’ve seen it. I also know you managed to win the three way dance, which gave you an automatic shot at this title. But, I still don’t think you have what it takes to hold this belt. Physically, I’m sure you do, but mentally, now that’s another story. I’d rather not have to explain it, because it’s pretty obvious. This is the first time I’ve defended this title, but, make no mistake, it won’t be the last. If you think there is any chance that I’m going to give it up the week after I win it, you’re farther out there than I thought. I’ll just be blunt, how’s that? There is no way in hell you’re going to pin me. This belt is mine, and you can’t have it. Period. If you are to be the example as to my ability to defend this title, then so be it, but you’re opening a can of worms that’s better left sealed.

Oh, and I’ve just thought of one more thing. I know that I’ve been referred to as the ‘other headbanger’ for a while here now, but that can come to an end, too. Not trying to show any disrespect for Lanny Manson, but she’s not here at the moment. When and if she comes back, then we’ll worry about the labeling, but as for now, I am the headbanger here, and

Dementia, you’ll soon know that. You’ll know it real well.

(Scene fades to black)

Bishop: Wow! Staci X with a BIG match tomorrow night. WE haven’t heard from Praecox since the Monday Night MVP, but I’d assume she’s gearing up for the BIG night.

Blade: Staci and Praecox are both women who have been due for belts. Staci has ALWAYS been in the Top 10 of contention and is FINALLY rewarded for her efforts. Praecox had been protecting the belt for Demonica for so many months, I just assumed she didn’t have title aspirations despite her high ranking. This is an important match for both women.

Dunbar: Speaking of champions, we have some HARSH words from WESTERN HERITAGE Champion ‘Jungle’ Radhi Ananda…


(SCENE: “JUNGLE” RADHI ANANDA, squatting before a pond. Floating on the surface in front of her is a blossom…)

Radhi: Sakura…simply put, you are an idiot. Worry more about EARNING a title shot than DEMANDING one. You saw but one quiet gust of wind from the Eighth Wonder–imagine yourself when enveloped within the hurricane. The hurricane that Bloody Mary took in full force, leaving her now with respect for the Black Mother and the Western Heritage kingdom. The hurricane that Officer Order found herself lost in and now reluctantly approaches again. The hurricane that whipped the Syndicate out to sea, forever fleeing from this one.

Andrea Chandler, don’t threaten me with talk of your “Legend.” She runs scared, a yellow streak nearly as long and wide as the Ganges down her spine. Let her try and “take apart” this one. Let any in your Syndicate try. And let you, Rekka Sakura, try again.

(Radhi produces a burning candle from off screen. With it, she ignites the floating blossom; which lights easily and burns slow and methodical)

Radhi: Regardless of the results of Founder’s Day, I invite you to take a trip through the Jungle with me the next card afterwards. A trip through the steel jungle; the throne of my kingdom. You wish to wrestle with abandon against me? Within a steel cage, then…

(Radhi smiles widely and menacingly, slowly cupping a handful of water and dumping it on the burning blossom. Instantly, the fire is snuffed and nothing but small cinders float atop the surface)

Radhi: One burning blossom against The Force of Nature. Still believe that you can win? Still believe that you can even SURVIVE? The cage, Sakura. It isn’t always peaceful in the heart of the hurricane…

Bishop: The WH champion walking into Founder’s Day against Order, but she sounds taken aback by Rekka Sakura’s comments.

Dunbar: I’d say the last thing Sakura wants to do is get in a cage against Jungle. Yet, the challenge is there, we’ll see if she accepts.

Blade: Speaking of champions, Micki Duran goes up against Daisy Butterfly at FOUNDER’S DAY TRADITION! She’s been silent as of late, but now we here words from the self-professed legend…

Dunbar: Let’s hear what the founding Syndicate member has to say…


(Camera comes up on typical flash background, red with a white “Syndicate” scrawled across the top. Micki Duran and Crystal Lewis stand almost back to back.)

[Micki] Well, doesn’t everyone just want to get into the act? Bloody Mary wants to jump me. Radhi Ananda wants to jump me. Those two Japanese chicks want to jump me. All of this over little old me? I’m flattered. You little scabs are pathetic. Do you really think you’re gonna jump me and take me out? Forget it. I’ve been stalked by the best, kiddies, and I’ll be DAMNED if I’m going out to a bunch of punk-ass rookies. Keep trying to sneak me, girlies. You know none of you could ever do the job in the ring.

(Crystal laughs.)

[Micki] Now then, Daisy Butterfly, honey, you and I have a lot of history between us, but you know what? I respect you. I’m actually looking forward to wrestling you. Just know this—You’re standing between me and Staci X and my belt, and I’m not going down in this match. Not at all. You’re the wrong girl at the wrong time, and you’re going to be very sorry you got into the ring with me.

[Crystal] See you at Caged Fury, sweetheart.

[Micki] Internet title, here I come…

Dunbar: Micki rather confident in her ability…

Bishop: And we’ll see if Daisy has a rebuttal on the HOUSE of STYLES this week.

Dunbar: Fans, we have another situation brewing between ‘Brilliant’ Tiffany Chandler and the Kyoto Crippler. Not only in the Rumble, but during the Medusa Rage/Andrea Chandler match, we had tension! Let’s hear from the Kyoto Crippler first…


[Scene opens on Keiko walking around the ring in the Key Arena in Seattle. Keiko is dressed in her wrestling gear, the arena empty except for her. She pauses in a corner and leans down, her fingers brushing over spots of blood on the canvas there. Then she looks up at the camera.]

Bloody Mary…there are times I can almost respect you. You battled fiercely in the Rumble. You accepted my challenge. But for everything you do that I can respect there is always something more that shows honor is an exception with you, not the rule. You avoiding me. You attacking me from behind. Your change of heart about facing me.

Did you accept, then suddenly get cold feet, thinking how dangerous it would be to face me in the ring? Did you suddenly remember our meeting here at the Special, when I left you laying here, bloody and beaten? We’ll meet soon enough, Mary. You can’t avoid it, not forever.

How ironic that instead of you, Mary, I’ll now be facing Tiffany Chandler, the girl you saved from me. Tiffany, don’t think I’m looking past you. You agreed to face me and I can respect that. You are very strong and you are from a family that knows how to win. But you have never faced anyone like the Kyoto Crippler before. Prepare to be stretched like never before.

[Keiko stares at the camera for a minute, her eyes cold and hard, then the scene fades out.]

Blade: ‘The Kyoto Crippler’ Kyoto Mita is a serious competitor. This weekend we’ll see if Chandler can handle this wondrous newcomer.

Bishop: Chandler better watch out for those Martial Arts! Officer Order, look out! A new kid on the block.

Dunbar: Well, speaking of Tiffany Chandler, let’s hear what she had to say…


[It’s a lovely day in down town Major City, USA. and Tiffany Chandler is taking a stroll through a very lovely park. The river runs alongside her. And on the other side, you can see the bustle of the city… however, on this side of the river… it’s nice and peaceful.] [Tiffany] As you can see… the Chandler name brings promptness from the man in charge of the GDWA, and the match I demanded is now signed for this weekend. Keiko Mita, the self-professed ‘Kyoto Crippler’, you interjected yourself into a situation that you had no business getting involved in. The Syndicate. And now at my hands, you will pay. You see…

[Tiffany’s cell phone rings – – She quickly flips it open, turning her back to the camera and talking if muffled but understandable voice.] What do you want? Yes, I’m busy…. He did what? Dammit. That’s the second time in 6 months… get rid of him. What do you mean, what do I mean? I mean, fire him. 4 kids? Fine. Add a hundred bucks to his severance and get him out of there. Do it, or when I get back, you’ll join him.

[She closes the phone and turns back to the camera] Ms. Mita, tomorrow night, prepare to pay the consequences of your actions. The Syndicate will not tolerate your interference in our business, and now you are our business. I’ll start with you, and then turn by attention back to that misfit, Eleanor Royal.

[A limo pulls up and the door is opened, Tiffany moves into the limo and it rolls off.]

Bishop: Tiffany and the Kyoto Crippler getting it on this weekend. Wow! Can we say vendetta?

Blade: No, just arrogance…and the Kyoto Crippler better be careful. I know how the Syndicate works.

Dunbar: Arrogance is not unique the Syndicate. We’ve got comments from the Suicide Blondes who’ve been on a tear as of late. Let’s hear from them regarding the WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS THE MISFITS….


(SCENE: Through a hand-held video camera, we see the bumbling old man introduced last week as Poppy Rage, the “patriarch of the Rage family.” He stands on a street corner in the distance, seemingly unaware that he is being taped. Off-screen, we hear the voices of the Suicide Blondes…)

Baby Jane Ross: Would you check him out? What is he doing over there?

Taylor Monroe: I could be mistaken, but I think we’re watching the king of the jungle on the prowl.

Baby Jane Ross: As if! Lorne Green would roll over in his grave is this was Wild Kingdom!

Taylor Monroe: Shhhhh! Look at him!!

(The Blondes remain silent as they watch a woman walk towards Poppy. Poppy moves and looks as if he’s talking to her as she blows by him without thinking twice. He turns back as if nothing ever happened, unfazed by the apparent rejection. Both Blondes begin laughing their heads off.)

Taylor Monroe: Oh dear…he really must of lost his charm over the centuries.

Baby Jane Ross: Or…

Taylor Monroe: Or what, sweetie?

Baby Jane Ross: Or he cut his cloth from a rank stock. Village idiots, freaks, gypsies…

Taylor Monroe: That WOULD explain the “Misfits” moniker. What do you think about this challenge? Awfully timely, wouldn’t you say?

Baby Jane Ross: For real, sweetie. These two “fighting champions” offer us a title shot only AFTER Dalbello Rage plants her saggy butt on the pine. Only AFTER we sign to wrestle Burning Rain. Hoped that President Vessey would over-rule and get you out of the match after we signed? As if, girls. You fall in shit, you come up smelling like it too. Dalbello, you better not be anywhere NEAR the ring Saturday night or so help me, I’ll file to get you banned PERMANENTLY from the GDWA.

Taylor Monroe: And forget about it, Medusa. Forget about your little army of juiced Funkettes. If you or ANY ONE of those buff bimbos touches Jane or I, you can put yourself behind a black ball; not a snake. The Suicide Blondes are BUSINESS WOMEN. We learn the subtleties of the table before we break. We came ONLY to wrestle the Misfits. NOT Medusa Rage. NOT the Browne Girls. NOT any other scag you can dig up in the back.

Baby Jane Ross: It’s sad that you didn’t think this out. Godiva Rage, an awful lot is riding on your head Saturday. You alone have to shoulder two belts. You alone get the deluxe tour. You, baby; we’re gonna make you a star.

Taylor Monroe: A martyr for your “Age of Rage.” I guess daddy didn’t impart INTELLIGENCE to any of his girls before he croaked.

(Another woman walks past Poppy; a beautiful well-endowed woman in a short white dress. Poppy looks at her feet and follows her with his eyes as she walks right past him.)

Baby Jane Ross: That must be what they mean by “dead.” Can’t even look her in the eye…poor thing…

(Both Blondes peel in laughter again at the old man’s expense)

Taylor Monroe: Too late to change the contracts or re-write the rules. Misfits, Godiva; “ducks”–you’re screwed…

Bishop: Unfortunately, the GDWA championship committee overruled this match. Dalbello Rage is suspended until FOUNDER’S DAY TRADITION…but what were the MISFITS thinking?

Blade: That could have been disastrous. Godiva would be defending the title WITHOUT Dalbello.

Dunbar: Indeed. Fans, have another tag team of sorts. Eleanor Royal out with a back injury at the hands of Nomad. She and Wendy Marshall face Nomad and a mystery partner at Founder’s Day Tradition. With comments, let’s hear from the ‘Wildchild’ and the ‘Supermodel’…


[The scene opens up with Wendy Marshall looking very angry and concerned. She’s sitting on a chair in the waiting room of a hospital.]

Wendy: “Nomad, what you did to Eleanor Royal was both disgraceful and cowardly. She may be out of action now but I guarantee you that she will be ready for our Founders Day match. She’s getting examined now and after a couple of weeks of rehab, she’ll be ready.”

[Eleanor Royal is wheeled out on a wheelchair.]

Eleanor: Nomad, Nelli, go ahead and laugh now while you can but my injury is nothing serious. I will be ready for Founders Day! After Wendy and I beat you and your mystery partner, Nelli, you’ll be next.”

[The scene fades]

Blade: Unfortunate for the duo that neither was able to get revenge on Nomad. Thank goodness for Staci X for coming to the rescue.

Bishop: Speaking of rescue, who is gonna rescue Burning Rain from the Suicide Blondes? They are so sweet. I’d hate to see them get crushed by that fierce duo.

Dunbar: My sentiments exactly. Burning Rain make their debut in the ring against the Suicide Blondes tomorrow night. With comments, here is the Rain….


[Scene opens showing Gojira and Maria, both dressed in street clothes, watching the end of the Suicide Blondes match against the High Flying Dolls. After the end of the match both turn to face the camera, Gojira once again in her green face paint.]

Maria: Suicide Blondes

Gojira: Rough, Tough

Maria: Socially unacceptable.

Gojira: You outbrawled the High Flying Dolls

Maria: You even held your own against the Browne Girls

Gojira: YOU didn’t beat them though.

Maria: It took outside interference from the Misfits to do that.

Gojira: Now you’re getting all confused talking about us.

Maria: First you call Gojira ‘fatty’

Gojira: BIG mistake

Maria: Then you tell me wrestling is not a beauty contest?

Gojira: You are right!

Maria: It’s a wrestling contest.

Gojira: And that is how we will beat you.

Maria: Wrestling.

Gojira: Not brawling.

Maria: Not cheating.

Gojira: Wrestling.

Maria: Bottle Blondes!

Gojira: You think you are on the fast track to the title?

Maria: Prepare to be derailed!

[Both holds up their fists, striking a fighting pose as the scene fades.]

Bishop: I wish them luck, but I don’t know….

Blade: Hey, don’t count them out entirely. Lady Tiger earned a big win against Nomad during her debut…at DPN no less!

Dunbar: Speaking of debut’s, our final word of the night will go to Bloody Mary. And can you believe she is managing her own tag team? Let’s hear the comments…


Then scene is in a rural setting near a barn in southwest Iowa on an unseasonably warm sunny day in Feb. Two women in unusual leather clad outfits are cutting wood near a barn. Three other women are watching. The camera moves in to reveal Bloody Mary & The High Flying Dolls. The women cutting wood stop & turn to the camera with Mary getting behind them & The Dolls standing aside.

Bloody Mary with her arms around each of the women: I’m so excited and delighted to introduce to you at GDWA, officials, fellow wrestlers & fans the NEWEST members of Wild West Management, THE GLADIATRIXES, TAWNY & RUSLA! Ladies the camera’s yours.

Tawny: (A tall thin well-tanned beauty with green eyes & wild curly medium length red hair dressed in Xena like black/brown leather outfit with metal trimmings & high skirt & black knee high leather boots) Thank you, Mary, Dolls, Hello all! We’re The Gladiatrixes. Thanks to Mary & The Dolls we’ve steered our wrestling careers to the best arena we could find, The GDWA! Let us introduce ourselves first. I’m Tawny this is Rusla. I’ve been a veteran grappler in various promotions for over 12 years. I met my friend Rusla here training in the gym Mary & The Dolls own last fall. We floundered in small promotions throughout the country & finally get the chance to wrestle bigtime. We decided on our ring persona after visiting Italy last year & was in awe of the Colosseum. We named ourselves after past women warriors. Imagine 2 warriors enter 1 leaves, how exciting. That’s the kind of challenge we want in the GDWA, 2 teams enter….1 leaves (she hisses).

Rusla: (A light black haired young woman with hair tied back in a ponytail, light complexion with large blue eyes & cherubic face wearing same type of costume except for brown lace-up boots that only to her calves, pulls out a sword from a sheath) It is so exciting. We’ve heard so much, seen so much of the GDWA on tape & a time or 2 in the audience. Unlike Tawny, I’m considered a novice only being active as a pro wrestler for about 2 years. Mostly a jobber wrestler bantering about in the sorry state of womens wrestling in this country it was Carpe Diem when I got the chance to join Tawny & form this tag team. We can hardly wait to get started, after we hash out a few problems with management.

Tawny: It seems that they are worried about our “accessories”. I assured them these are just props & won’t EVER be in the ring with us. (Rusla drops a paper on her sword slicing it easily) (Tawny looks around slyly at the rest) Also we’ve been told to remove all the metal trimmings from our costumes. They’re also worried about our armbands over our forearms, just leather, nothing else. We don’t need to load anything. (They make fists) O.K. we’ll remove all that stuff… There’s also some concern about my high boots, they say it’s easy to hide objects in there or load them with shin guards. I draw the line there, unless they absolutely force me, I assure you these boots are no more harmful than anybody else’s.

Rusla: You mean like mine? (She pulls a small dagger out of her boot) I wonder how many others are this harmless. I’m just making a point, I wouldn’t carry this into the ring. I’m a hungry young lioness in this sport but not that desperate! Also they’re concerned about our leather costumes even without the trimmings, say they could be overly padded. Well, I’m not giving mine up & I’m not having some horny ref feel me up you’re just going to have to trust us.

Tawny: That’s right! Lastly, we’re here to join forces with Mary & The Dolls in a united front. The only time we will fight the Dolls is in an exhibition match, we’ve already sparred many times. We also are ready to protect the backs of Mary & the Dolls & they us, not that we’ll need too much. But Suicide Blondes, Misfits, beware, we don’t forgive & forget too well. That goes double for any of you wanting to attack Mary. Everybody that enters the ring calls themselves gladiators, we’re the one & only Gladiatrixes but unlike those of antiquity when we address For We Who Are About To Die We Salute You, won’t be aimed at any ruler…or audience it’ll be our opponents, we salute. (Tawny swings sword into log splitting it)

Bloody Mary: Welcome to the family girls, they tell me at the GDWA I have to limit my managerial duties or it’s a conflict….Medusa we have to talk. Anyway I’ll guide you to the ring a few times but I’m confident you’ll do fine without much help from me or The Dolls. But we’re always there if you do. See you soon, GDWA, from Bloody Mary, High Flying Dolls & now The Gladiatrixes…..A UNITED FRONT! (All pose in a fighting stance.)

Blade: Bloody Mary was just a rookie herself a few months ago. Is she qualified to manage?

Dunbar: I believe she’ll simply be in an advisory position for a few matches…..

Blade: As good as Mary is getting, perhaps she should leave the advice to Tonya Angelo or Princess Nelli…maybe even Madame Hecate.

Dunbar: We’ll just have to see how it all goes down. Fans, that’s it for the Friday Night Tease. Until the Tuesday Night MVP, for all of us here tonight I’m Paul Laurence Dunbar saying see ya at ringside!

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